Silvatein ~ Episodes 18-22 Review


Finally caught up with the last five episodes of Silvatein and all I can say is WOW!!! What the heck happened to the story I fell in love with way back when? What was once a beautifully nuanced story has now turned into the much hackneyed two-sister formula. Even though Natasha has some occasional fleeting shades of grey, the now annoying refrain of Zaib juice pee lo and ghar Bilal ke naam kar do makes her look so dark that black looks white. On the other hand, Zaib with her placid smile and her beyond believable tendency to protect her younger sister makes me want to strangle her. What’s up with these two sisters? Seems like one is ready to be dispatched to the hottest corners of Hell and the other is a saint waiting for the Pope to canonize her… aargh!! Can we please move on? At this point Silvatein is spinning around so much its making me dizzy. If ever there was a stalled story in need of some serious dhaka, Silvatein is it! 

When I had left off at episode 17, both sisters and their spouses had returned to Pakistan and the boys’ mother had just passed away, with more than a little help from both, Natasha and Zaib. Yes, I’m not blaming Natasha alone. Zaib too is an adult and should have gathered by now that her sister was not a two year old who needed to be told where to go and whom to talk to when… last time I checked Zaib was her older sister not Natasha’s keeper. But ever since Zaib turned a corner in her life, she’s made it her life’s mission to micro manage Natasha’s life as well. Much as I abhor Natasha, I have to say the last 5-6 episodes have cemented my dislike of Zaib as well. She is not only ms. goody-two shoes, but also annoyingly patronizing. Rayaan has it right, Zaib should quit meddling in her younger sister’s life and try to focus on what’s important in her own life… namely him. At his point I fail to see what attracts Rayaan to Zaib.. what does he see in this now boring woman? Zaib is unnaturally demure and sickeningly sweet with him – yes, Rayaan is right in questioning whether Zaib is happy in her marriage, not once has he seen her open up and laugh as freely as she does with Mikaal and her coworkers. I have yet to see them talk about something other than Natasha and Bilal. Zaib, my friend, if you cannot be bothered to be interested in your very hot hubby, then  please buy a pet, or go find a hobby… at least then you’ll have something else to discuss with your husband. If not, then I’m sure there are tons of other women willing to take him off your hands, leaving you free to think about Natasha 24/7.

From Zaib to Natasha, man!! these two sisters redefine the word obsessed. The older one cannot see beyond her younger sister, and the younger sister has a blinkers-on approach to ruining her sister’s life. Yes, I get it that she has issues with her sibling and Zaib is no farishta either, but still!!! Girlfriend, you have a husband, lame duck as he might be, you have a daughter, and are expecting a second child…how in the world do you find time to go on all these jaunts to all these deras? For me the whole peerni and taveez track just does not work; it is almost as bad as the Lyari track in the beginning. There are times, like when Natasha thought Zaib was having a heart attack, when there is some fleeting concern, but other than those ephemeral moments, so far this child (I’m sorry I cannot call her a woman because she does not behave any different than a 5 year old stomping her foot) has not shown any growth in how the many ever years that have passed since the serial began.

Married to Nasty Natasha is the Clueless Chotukiya aadmi hai yeh bhi?! Chotu had my sympathies in the beginning, but now I’m washing my hands off him as well … no matter how cute and adorable he might be, Chotu sahab if you refuse to man up and stand for yourself then you deserve to be treated like dirt by your beloved wife. Forget about your wife, if you continue this way, even your daughter will walk all over you the minute she learns to mouth off. Come on yaar, how can you actually believe all the nonsense Natasha feeds you about the taveez? Seriously Chotu, did you fall and hit your head hard when you were a child?? Actually, you know what, on second thought, you and Natasha deserve each other – both are like children, refusing to grow up.

Speaking of children, uff! Farhan and Dardana need a huge round of applause for ably demonstrating why their daughters are the losers that they are. The way they turned on Zaib the minute Natasha said something to them, or how they pointed guns at Rayaan when they heard about Zaib’s hospitalization, speaks volumes about how bad parenting can seriously impact children’s lives, the impact of which can be felt long after they’ve left home.

And, finally Rayaan, the only voice of sanity in this insane family drama.. my only question to him: Why? Why are you still wasting your time with these idiotic sisters? By now you should know that your sister-in-law is insanity personified, and your saintly wife is like a kutte ki dum, no matter how much you try to straighten it, it will curl up again and again. Why don’t you cut your losses and move on .. go back to the US please, don’t forget you still have a child who deserves a sane father!

Despite my problems with the characters and the pace of the story, I continue to follow Silvatein because of the fabulous acting. Shehrazade might have lost her grip on the narrative, but she has managed to extract good performances from her actors. I love watching Adeel and Aamina together, I just wish they had livelier characters to work with. Mira Sethi is very good as Natasha, again with her too, I wish her role had allowed her more margin than just play the evil annoying sister. Daniyal is another one who is really good and believable as Chotu, just wish his character would have been a bit more believable, and shown some growth. Maheen Rizvi is also good as Muneeze.

Annoyed and disappointed as I am with Silvatein, even as I am writing this very quick synopsis, on one level Samira’s story continues to make sense. It’s just that all vitality has been sapped out of it by the way it has been needlessly stretched and turned into a drag fest, making the shortcomings stand out all the more starkly. And, its not the just that, as I was catching up with the last few episodes back to back, I realized how bland Silvatein looked visually as well. Most of the narrative takes place indoors, in three/four rooms, and so the settings get monotonous very quickly. That most of the action, inaction actually, takes place with the characters seated, either on beds, couches or around the kitchen table, gives the feeling that the story is literally at a standstill. How I wish that Shehrazade and her DOP had shown some creativity in framing the scenes and added some movement, and that Six Sigma had loosened their purse strings a bit more and added some outdoor locations, moving the narrative beyond the confines of the four walls, bringing in a much needed breath of fresh air to a now claustrophobic story.

At this point, given its lethargic pace, I’m not sure how many more episodes are left for the story to come to a satisfying end, but here’s to hoping that it happens sooner rather than later!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Finally 😀 was waiting for this review since a long time and as always top-notch review, last 5 episodes summed up brilliantly 🙂 I agree with you that the pace of the drama is really slow now, it’s getting annoying and frustrating but don’t know why I can’t stop watching it =P “chotu, did you fall off and hit your head hard?” I couldn’t stop laughing on this 😀 seriously when will chotu grow up? And this drama is now turning into same old sisters rivalry! I hope it ends soon. I don’t want it to be dragged like other dramas aur phir aakhir main sub acha aur sahi ho jaata hai, sick of happy endings! :/


    • @Abeer: Hey! Sorry yaar! Those 5 episodes were so dragging ke it took me a while to catch up! So true about the ending … I hope Samira and Shehrazade come through with an ending that justifies the story, not just a meaningless sappy ending where one day Natasha wakes up and decides to turn over a new life, apologizes, and they all live happily ever after .. Fingers crossed ke ab agle ek do eps are better than the past few ones!


  2. Finally the review I have been waiting for! 😀 This is the only drama that I’ve been following and its turning out to be a drag. Since when did the dramas become longer then 22 episodes. Agree with you on many points here as usual, specially the monotonous indoor scenes. I never understood how,when and why did Rayaan decided to stay in Pakistan and who is taking care of his business in America. Been watching it for Aamina Sheikh and Adeel Hussain, but its not the drama that I fell in love with. Became quite serious and sort of cliche too. I hope to see the story falling back into its place. I think it will mainly be about how Natasha learns her lesson. Lets see whats next. 🙂


    • @Anon: Hey! honestly yaar, kitna dhoka diya is dramey ne 😦 😦 And yes completely agree about the cliches and the inconsistencies, re: Rayaan running his business in the US while sitting in PK, one could argue he was telecommuting, magar usko time hi kahan hai .. saara din tau he’s busy trying to manage the ghar ka jhagras and trying to keep peace b/w Natasha and his wife. Bas ab it needs to end…


  3. hey SZ,youve summed it up so well,annoying indeed !!!
    the juice peelo and ghar kis ke naam is getting so irritating !!!
    chotu is a wuss , im surprised he got natasha pregnant,not once but twice ! didnt think he was capable of anything!!lol


  4. I am just going to repeat evegryone here and say please kahaani ko kuch to forward karo………. Ghar ka issue kuch samajh nahi aaya and same with the whole peer ka issue. I mean pichle 3 episode se yahi dikha rahe hain.performance wise amina is the stanout star. Meera is good but there is nothing new for her to do. Bilal sahab ke to kya kehne…….. Humein bhi batayein aisa shauhar kaun si factory mein milta hai hai? Hum bhi khareed lenge……


  5. WOW and that was a full justice to sum up last five episodes. 🙂
    Had to agree with you on each and every word..Episode 14 was the last episode that actually made me felt good afterwards it was like, at the end of each instalment i used to seriously get bored! some day i was laughing on my tweet which said “silvatein is best thing happened in 2013” LOL

    property issues has been dragged like anything…and more to it is that taawez thingy going on,which frustrates so much.. i seriously hope they end it logically 🙂

    Zaib was one character that i loved so much, and seeing it butchered literally makes me go mad.. this much self pity.. seems like i can never see back that old zaib back.. Rayaan ko pata nh kya acha laga is me.. na sahi he acknowledge karti he na share karti he.. she had became a dumbo 😦 No progress in our chotuu..doosra bacha aane wala hai but ye tatuu ka tatauu rahega… and SZ you have written so brilliantly he must have fell and hit hard on head ROFL 😉

    Natasha is getting evil day by day.. no more bewakuf girl for me.. thought Rayan theek kardega but vo bhaisahab bhi cheeni kum hain natasha ke saamne 😛

    no matter how much i say its being dragged but every thursday silvatein is must watch for me.. wonder why..?? may be because of stellar performances of all leads, sizzling chemistry between Adeel/Aamina, sanity of rayaan or cool outfits of zaib and natasha (well mostly) 😀


    • Talking about cool outfits, i thinks the actors are wearing their own wardrobe on the show. I saw amina repeat three dresses from her interviews on the show. Besides bilal’s stewie pyjamas were distinctly personal.


  6. you hit the nail on the head. It’s def. turned into one claustrophobic neurotic senseless story now. They need to bring an editor on board and go CHOP CHOP. oh wait it’s Ramadan so we’ll have to wait after iftaar for anything to happen. yes this one is a lost case.


  7. Absolutely right SZ…am watching Silv coz I want to see what finally happens but it has gotten totally ridiculous & spiralling out of control……v disappointing!


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