Silvatein ~ Episode 17 Review


One reason, among many others, that I like Silvatein is that it is not just the story of the main lead/s, with the others characters just hovering around the peripheries.  Rather, what we get here is a well-knit story where each and every character has a their own well-defined graph (well, ok, all except abba, because he never says anything). This episode, for instance, revolved around Rayaan’s and Bilal’s mother’s rapidly deteriorating health. We’ve not seen much of Shamim Hilali so far here, but wow! did she come into her own this week. The grace and dignity with which this character bears her pain, the sagacious advice she hands to her daughter, the way she holds back tears when talking to her beloved Chotu and her emotional response to his depression, her concern for Shamroz’s well-being, and finally her painful breakdown on hearing Natasha’s bakwas – a whole range of emotions, so brilliantly executed – excellent job by Samira and Shehrazade, and Shamim Hilali, you truly are a superstar!

What was really annoying in this episode was that even as Shamim Hilali’s performance moved me to tears I could not cry dil khol ke because that idiot Natasha kept messing me up. Every single time I felt a tear start to roll down my face, Natasha would come on, my blood pressure would shoot up, and I would end up gnashing my teeth. Yaar, yeh kiya larki hai?! Since Zaib has gone from being an interestingly mixed up girl, to a nauseatingly over-protective sister, and Bilal looks like he’s on the verge of committing suicide, and their mother is living in la-la land, where she thinks both sisters are living happily-ever after, I guess its now up to either Muneeze or Rayaan to find a gun and shoot that twit Natasha the next time she opens her mouth – bas bibi bohot ho gaya… hammari bardasht ne jawab de diya hai! 

Yes, this was another riveting episode. Shamim Hilali’s performance showed us what a fabulous actor can do with a relatively small role. Daniyal Raheal was another one who stood out for his portrayal of a very subdued Bilaal. Much as I felt for him, I can’t really say that I’m sorry for him; Natasha’s attitude, towards him and his family, is something he’s watched and allowed to grow out of control. Now that she’s clearly overstepped her limits, its high time he reads her the riot act and shuts her up for good. Otherwise, I’ve already suggested the point and shoot option. Mira Sethi continues to impress as Natasha.

Along with Bilal, Zaib is another one who made it possible for Natasha to have crossed her limits in such a manner. If Zaib thinks covering up for her badzubaan, badtameez sister is going to win her brownie points and somehow make up for her past behavioral lapses, then she needs to rethink this strategy, because her atrocious sister and her qainchi ki tarah chalti huyi zubaan is now pretty much responsible for hastening Auntyji’s death.

While I was thoroughly engaged throughout this episode, I think we really need a break from Natasha’s stupidities – I cannot call her evil because I still think she is immature and so caught in her petty games of one-upmanship that she is missing the forest for the trees. I hope we see some nuance brought into her and Zaib’s characters sooner rather than later, otherwise this very interesting story will turn into yet one more of those formulaic good sister vs bad sister sagas. Samira and Shehrazade, please assure us this one ain’t going that route!

While the two sisters kept on with their usual antics, Rayaan was once again the hero of the moment. Adeel Husain is really owning Rayaan here. I enjoyed the way he told off Natasha, and more than him, I have to say I loved it when Muneeze called out Bilal – great performance by Maheen Khalid here. Indeed, why can’t Bilal man up to the task and shut his wife up. I am not promoting spousal abuse or some such, magar ab tau Bilal sahab ko kuch sakht qadam uthana hi parega. Now my fingers are crossed for the next episode – Chotu you’d better not disappoint me!!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Is it really cold of me say i can’t wait when chhotu divorces dimwit Natasha! Wow, that’s a silver lining! Loved the episode. Especially the last scene because every actor stood out. Furious Rayaan, frustrated Muneeze, biwi ka ghulam Bilal, peacemaker Zaib and the really hurt Shamim Hilali and the really selfish Natasha. Can’t wait for next episode.
    On a side note, i have been looking up this actor Adeel Hussain on internet but there is hardly any information about him. He is seriously underrated as an actor. Has he given any interviews that i can see?

    • @Ume azhaan: As you’ve already found out Adeel Husain does not do too many interviews, tv appearances etc.. Whatever little info there is, it can be found on his FB page .. its regularly updated and AH usually posts links to all his print interviews etc. His last TV appearance was on Good Morning Pakistan, that I can remember, was for promoting Silvatein, and that can be seen on DOL, if you search their archives going back 17 weeks. He was on that show with Maheen Khalid and Mira Sethi.

    • Highly intense last scene it was.. all 5 coming face to face!!
      @Ume azhaan: liked ur description on last scene about every one 🙂

  2. and you did not write any thing about Meekal .lol I like Wasay chaudhry in this role,His confused expressions when Natasha called and invited him,I hope in the next episode Billal finally will stand to shut his wife up.Its already enough and I agree with ume azhan last scene was brillianty done by all actors.

    • Mikaals character is just being dragged for no reason i think. He has no significance.
      And woh dhin kabhi nahi aayega , jab Bilal will finally open his mouth!

  3. @Ruba: Opps!! I guess Natasha had me so agitated ke Vasay Ch completely slipped my mind as I was writing ..yes, it was great to see ke has not just been randomly sidelined, but infact very well-knit within the story line.
    And yes, agree with both you ladies … the last scene was indeed memorable!

  4. Sorieee for not comentin….. was busy… my cusion is gettin married yesterday was haldi…. ill comnt later n mainey episode bhe nahi dekhi bt culdnt control myself frm readin ur review…. i’ll talk with u all later…. take care….!!

  5. SZ , u r so right , Natasha should be shot or someone should give her a zordar chaanta!
    I don’t understand why Zaib admitted to sending the text to mikaal when she didnt ???

  6. @ Deeba: Zaib did not deny Natasha cuz she didnt want to create drama in front of her parents and Mikaal. aur phir uska mikaal ko phone karna itna bara shock nahi tha unke liay jitna bara shock Natasha ka itna ghatya ilzaam tha. she is not only protecting her sister also her parents.

    • @ samira fazal , thanks for the clarification 🙂
      Zaib is really being very mature and protective in sharp contrast to Natasha who is getting worse .

    • @ Samira, I completely got that she was protecting her sister. But I disagree that she should have taken such a sangeen ilzaam (ok, I’m exaggerating, but Zaib’s reaction to Mikaal showing her the text was shock and she herself thought it was inappropriate) on herself.

      Anytime a woman’s character is called in question, it’s a serious issue, not a light one. And then her father’s reprimand showed how distasteful and inappropriate he thought the SMS was. By claiming that she wrote that message, she is painting herself in a corner and I can’t help but think it will come back to bite her. It’s hard enough for a woman to refute an ilzaam by a third person, but when she herself is saying she did it, it is no longer an accusation but an accepted fact.

      This might be a plot point to further the story, but I am having trouble accepting it.

  7. Your review was exactly how I felt!! Especially your second last paragrah!
    Good vs bad sister again…please nooooooo!
    Zaib is way too nice now and Natasha ….ufffff! Is ko sharam nahin aatee?? Point and shoot is exactly what she needs!bak bak does not stop!
    Bilal do something!!
    But in real life men like that end up just being doormats their whole life with the wives just doing all the talking and making decisions and they become complexed that they really are worthless …so I think samira fazal really has shown true to life characters even though Natasha seems way out there!
    I hope for us viewers we do get the satisfaction of her retribution though….eagerly waiting!
    Everyone is doing a fab job though making it so real:)

    • @SK: agree with you on Bilal being a sad representative of that breed of doormat husband who never make their presence felt …mazloom shohar to the tee!

  8. @SZ: Fully on the Silvatein train now that ZGH has come to a painful end 🙂 I am so enjoying this one – and am glad to see your reviews! Just as with ZGH, aap ne meri mann ke baat keh di 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Natasha does next! Kitni ajeeb si ladki hai…she is so over the top, I don’t understand how people tolerate her at all….now that would be something…show that little something in Natasha’s character that someone other than a mother (or Bilal) could love!

    • @BSK: hello stranger! Where did you disappear? Missed you on the Zgh finale!
      glad to see you onboard for this one 🙂 ji bilkul apni Natasha ek alag hi sample hai and so totally makes dimagh ki dahi as @rehmat so aptly put it! I think from next episode on, Natasha will start getting a reality check, at least from Rayaan..

    • @BSK: Like SZ, missed you too! I was waiting to read your take, I think we both started watching and reading SZ’s blog around the same time! It’s like a little drama family we have here on DRR.

      @ SZ: I have read so many other review sites, but SZ’s is the best – the most intellectual and reflective. I enjoy the comments as much as the reviews.

      • @Nur: awww … thank you, we indeed are like a little drama family here 🙂 I think the reviews and the comments go hand in hand in making this a fun place tome hang out and chit chat about stuff that perhaps nobody in our “real” lives is interested in talking about 🙂

  9. Damn the day this stupid Natasha was born! I mean how annoying can someone possibly get and how freaking stupid is her husband and Zaib as well.

    I get that Zaib is tryna be nice and make peace with her arse of a sister but seriously she shouldn’t take blame for stuff Natasha is pulling bc she’s just giving her an opportunity to act up even more then she already is!
    So glad that Rayaan gives her a reality check every time she thinks its okay to blow up on everyone!

    I wonder how Natasha got preggers, her husband clearly has no balls to be taking all that crap from her. I mean i was in shock when she actually said they can go to Pak to meet his dying mother.

    It really sucked that the mother had to hear all that on her death bed and that may have been the very reason she might have died. (I still have a feeling she may be still alive)

  10. @SZ: Hit the nail on the head again. Bang on review!

    You said everything I was thinking. The only thing I would add is that as much as I wouldn’t put anything past Natasha, having developed an early dislike to her, I was yet propelled to higher levels of disdain and shock after this last episode.

    I am usually really good with predictions and picking up on trends/foreshadowing, but not in my wildest imagination did I expect her to be the cause of Bilal’s mother’s rather painful (physical and emotional) demise (as I suspect from how things ended). As Muneezeh, Rayyaan or Bilal (though I hardly think spineless Chhotu will make the connection), I can’t possibly see any forgiveness for Natasha.

    With her wisdom and uncommonly practical insight into relationships, Shamim Hilali’s character was such a breath of fresh air. Her sage advice and unconventional take on very traditional relationships were like a grounding mechanism to the whole story, so I never thought we would see her life end with such grief. I thought since she protected everyone else, she in turn would be spared sorrow and disappointment.

    Mujhay bilkul bhi andaaza nahin hua kay woh itnaa baraa gham dil pay laykay marengee. Quite tragic…

    As much as I appreciate Rayyaan’s version of a desi shohar, I still can’t buy his professions of love for Zaib – I honestly don’t think they interacted enough for him to know the hasmukh/khush Zaib. I can completely accept that he fell in love with the reformed Zaib who is trying her darndest to mend fences and build relationships, which in commendable in itself, but ‘that’ Zaib was never allowed to be joyful and happy, she was walking on eggshells from the moment her plane landed in the US.

    I must say though I loved the scene when Zaib is sitting on the flower-laden bed, dressed up and Rayyaan says he would have had her dress up as a dulhan every day if he had known she would look this happy – definitely an awwwww moment.

    • @Nur: Indeed the mom’s painful end was unexpected, we knew she was going to die, but to go like this was really tragic.. great twist by Samira.. now I hope there is some good that comes out of it and everybody around, particularly Zaib and Bilal can open their eyes and see Natasha for the idiot she is …
      Also agree that I too found it weird when Rayaan referred to Zaib in those terms .. when did he ever see her like that?

      On an aside, have you seen Mora Piya? Its a on the slow side, but wit hsome fast fwding, its totally worth a watch b/c of Aamina and Adeel.

      • @SZ: I haven’t seen Mora Piya – thanks for the recommendation!!! Believe it or not I just watched Humsafar last week – ZGH was my first drama in at least 15 years.

        So even though this is not the right forum – I finally get the immense following of Humsafar – loved it all – especially pacing and narrative. Made the ZGH ending even more disappointing – all the thoughts of what could have been.

        Anyhow, I just mention that because in the last few weeks, i’ve watched Daastaan, KPKP, AAsghari, Zindagi Dhoop, Humsafar.

        Also, just watched Armaan and Anjuman (which I surprisingly liked) and am waiting for Behadd.

        I definitely need more recommendations until Numm starts. I am thinking of starting Daam. How is Maat?

        • @Nur: Daam is a must watch drama 🙂 Maat was one of the depressing dramas, but well some of the loyals fans did like that ;).. rest SZ can tell you more properly 😀

        • Daam is very good .
          Also Doraha,Mera Naseeb , Kaafir, Uraan , Jalpari , Sanjha , Talkhiyaan.
          All the above are worth watching and my favourites .

          • @ Deeba: Thank you for the list – I don’t want to ‘waste’ my time so the recommendations are very helpful. I remember hearing positive things about Jalpari.

            Talkhiyan is also on my list to watch in the next week or two. I will look at the others too!

            • @nur, u r welcome !
              Actually SZ had recommended all these and
              I am grateful to her for all the suggestions .
              She’s the drama connoisseur!

          • @SZ: Thanks!!! You have no idea what kind of withdrawal I was suffering from as I was watching the drama and couldn’t share my thoughts or read others’ opinions (especially the DRR gang).

            I quickly browsed through the comments, but will post when I have some fursat.

            Would it be wrong to have an FK appreciation thread where we could discuss all of his roles from different dramas…ok, I’m beginning to sound obsessed 😉

  11. Amazing review SZ~
    Star of this episode had to be our coolest mamaa… Shamim Hilali was fanta-bulous in each scene of hers… right from talking to chotu.. the way she controlled her emotions was classic, the siblings in their mom’s room and talking to her… was such a treat to sight scene, rayaan and his mom last conversation, very deep and beautiful. The way she asks her maid and muneezae the make her look good with makeup and accessories was simply brilliant..moved me to tears! She is first Real ami i have seen on television 🙂

    Its actually high time to shup up Natasha now, enough of her chik chik…dimag ki dahee kar deti hai.. really hats off to those 4 people there who were trying their best to stop her in anyway… she is such a fasaad ki jar’r, turning Bilal to ahsaas-e-kamtari ka shikaar, reason for such tragic accident of mother in law, have made Zaib a totally zip it girl 😦 just Rayaan and Muneezae are hope to make natasha fix.. lol 😀

    cute moments between Rayaan and Zaib are so much needed in high intense drama going on these days 🙂 love them!!

  12. It was a heart breaking ep for me… God forbid if the mom dies- then the next one will be even more painful 😥

  13. Loving the complex and real characters once again. Brilliant job all around. I still can’t believe this is Mira’s first acting stint – jitna farr Farr yeh ladki bolti hai uff either they did 20 retakes of that last scene where everyone so fabulously perfectly timed or they are just that good 😉 Completely agree with you Shamim Hilali was the star this week. I felt AWFUL for her when she realized how Chotu was completely devastated and suicidal and how she was so sad to hear when Chotu told her he wasn’t coming 😦 aww loved the tender moment between her and Rayyan fabulously acted and no mushkil dialogues either thank you Samiraji!
    Ok so a part of me wishes that FK had done Rayyan’s role teehee 🙂

    • I actually forced myself not to think that very thought – as much as I would love FK to play all the male leads, our talented actor needs a break! And overexposure isn’t good either.

      I couldn’t help it though, because although Adeel is doing alright, his acting looks like acting. I’m not complaining, but he doesn’t have that something special, that FK something special 😉 The thing about FK, is that his acting looks effortless – he owns every character and draws you in.

      • Lol ladies.
        I definitely don’t want FK doing most of the male lead roles out there I was thinking more from the perspective that this would be a slightly different role for him than the Hum tv shohar he has become of late.

        • This would be a good role for him! different from the other ones he’s been doing. He def needs to venture out and try dif things.

          • I would love for him to do a role, where it’s not about winning/keeping the girl. I want to see him in a role, where his relationship (healthy) is part of the subtext, and in fact the story revolves around his career/an event/whatever.

            Seeing him next to Vasay in Armaan and play against MZ in KPKP were very enjoyable relationships.

            @ Samira: maybe you can write a role for him: I’d love to see him as a ruthless, at-all-costs businessman/executive that bends the rules to get to the top until something unconscionable happens and he has to re-evaluate his morals/attitude and make amends or then suffer the consequences of his actions.

            One of my favorite classic Bollywood movies is Trishul with Amitabh, and the story is how he exacts revenge on his father for abandoning his mother, leading to his illegitimate birth and a life of shame for his mother.

            • Agreed Nur! A more “male centric” storyline would not hurt at all. I hate losing good male actors to woman dominated story lines. That has somewhat happened to Faysal Qureshi and I would hate to see FK go down the same route. Every year we have the same wish – that producers start experimenting a bit more so we can see our actors in memorable roles like an Appoji (from Talkhiyan) for instance. At least we have a few non-digesty writers willing to go above and beyond their call of duty to save the mazloom aurat 😉

    • @Annie: as much as i am enjoying AH as Rayan, even FK would have been a treat on eyes seeing as R… this character is so different and daring yet so loving and flirt in its own way… only powerful actor can do justice to this character 🙂

      • Agreed Rehmat! I don’t mind Adeel Hussain as Rayyan. Just thinking from the perspective of the character and how well Samira has written it that it would have been a good one for FK to delve into.

  14. Hellooooo this is a silent reader, i dont know bout u guys but i have come across women like natasha…meri taai aami is soo like her n hum sab unko sirf aur sirf iss liye jhaltey hain becsuse unhain chotey barrey ki tameez nahi, vo mery dada n dadi ka bhe lihaaz nahi kartien… unki waja se hum joint system mein reh ker bhe alag alag khaana banatey hain, anyways yeh baat krney ka maksad yeh hai ke people like bilal actual mein puri zindagi ghulaam ban ke guzartey hain n my taya abu is a jeeta jaagta saboot… situation tab he control hogi when bilal will take a stand otherwise baki ghar waaley can not do anything.

    • @unknown: Hello, silent reader, lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience with a a real life Natasha with all of us…. bari himmat hai aap sab ki! So what does your taai ami think of Natasha.. does she notice a resemblance? 😉 I sincerely hope that by the end of the serial Bilal steps up to the plate and Natasha also wisens up …waisey I do wonder what role Zaib’s mysteious ailment wil play in all of this ….

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