Aunn-Zara ~ Episode 1 Review


Aunn Zara or The Anatomy of a Beeba Baccha’s Life is ROFL funny – thoroughly enjoyed the opener! Writer Faiza Iftikhar and director Haissam Hussain are back again with what promises to be yet another winner from this talented duo. I was giggling throughout as I watched this novel twist on our gharelu masley masai’l waley dramey.

Bucking the norm, where stories typically revolve around a female protagonist, and a mazloom one at that, Aunn Zara is unique in that here the story revolves around the male lead, Aunn. What makes Aunn thora hatke is that he is no ordinary hero, rather, what we have here is a poster boy for a mummy-daddy type of a beeba baccha – BB from hereon. AZ3 An interesting enough premise on its own, Faiza and Haissam take it up a notch when they actually give voice to what a BB feels and thinks, and this where the fun and contradictions begin. Even as the beleaguered Aunn complains about being nazar utaro-ed and the khaaney ka tiffin and mommy dearest driving him to work (and helping him cross the road!), our hero sahab still picks up the phone to call mummy jaani when he needs a ride home. Minus the kaajal (thank you!!) Osman Khalid Butt was very convincing as the khandan ka laadla Aunn.

While watching Aun as the BB is funny on it own, the ladies of his khandaan are even funnier, and each deserves to star in their own serial. AZ2Leading the family is the matriarch, the besotted with her pota daadi ji, superbly played by the ever so fabulous Nasreen Qureshi. Hina Bayat plays a mummy jaani with a difference, and a Sabreen Hisbani is the sadqey waari going phupo. Though each of these ladies have their own funda going, what unites them, and perhaps holds this family together, is their unquestionable love (read obsession) for the khandaan ka eklauta chashm-o chiragh, the ghabru jawan Aunn.

These ladies, along with the two adorable girls, phuppo’s daughters, are so caught up in their adoration that cannot see how they are suffocating Aunn with their affections. Looking to his friend for help, ably played by Mukarram Kaleem, Aunn is now frustrated and looking for ways to breathe freely. Enter Zara.

Loved Zara and Aunn’s first takraa and also enjoyed the shaadi song. AZMore filmy than all the Tarang remakes put together, after watching this one I would love to see the next wave of telefilms be originals, allowing our supremely talented writers and directors to spread their wings and innovate, rather than trying to adapt older stories to meet contemporary expectations. 

Back to Zara, Maya Ali looked beautiful in her entry scene. Zara’s interaction with Aunn sets up the premise of many a fireworks between the two and I am eagerly looking forward to all that is yet to come. Also looking forward to seeing how Adnan Jaffar, fabulously different from his Jaanu Baba avatar, and Irfan Khoosat’s characters fare against the ladies of Aunn’s khandaan.

As a first episode, this was a lot of fun, laying out the premise beautifully. Aunn Zara is billed as a rom-com, and the opener did hold out the promise for many more laughs, but I don’t think that’s all there is to it. Going by Faiza’s previous work, I’m sure we’ll see a number of social issues being addressed in a very light-hearted manner – a perfect recipe for a Saturday drama. Above and beyond all this is Haissam’s show and he is in complete charge here – everything gelled really well in the first episode. Two thumbs up for a great new serial!

Written by SZ~

Aunn Zara ~ First Episode on YouTube


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  1. I had stitches in my stomach from the first scene ! Daadi and Ammi’s punjabi/Urdu taakra is the highlight ! Loved loved Nasreen Quraushee’s one liners in Punjabi and then Hina’s BAA MUHAVRAA Urdu !! Thumbs up to the writer and director ! Phuppo and Chachi were equally fun . The good thing which I picked was that the leads are totally new to me , I just came across there names from your review , and this is what I call a good director who doesn’t rely on the FK’s or Imran Abbas or Ehsan etc etc .. Each character did exactly which the scene demanded from them . So looking forward to the story to move !
    Enjoyed reading your review ! Agree with you completely . I just saw the name of the director and that was enough for me . Now this is DIRECTION 🙂

    • @Faiza Iftikhar: Faiza ji! Welcome! Lovely to hear from you – thank you so much taking the time to read and comment – thrilled to hear from you! Hoping that you will continue following the reviews and sharing your thoughts as we enjoy this fun ride 🙂

  2. Thankyou SZ for welcoming Aunn Zara 🙂 We all love Haissam not just because he paints a great picture but because he extracts the best from his actors to fill in the colours of emotion penned by the writer – here he employs the magic of Faiza’s pen and Ilyas’s lens. The love this family shares grew on the set and continues to grow (we got together to watch the first episode over a home-cooked meal) and I hope it will bring the love of its viewers into its fold too. Happy viewing 🙂

    • @ Hina Bayat; loved reading your comment. I loved your look as Bano Aunty & I’m loving you in AZ as the simple Husna as well.
      Please let us know who was there at your place for dinner. I really really want to know. Was OKB there? Did he know he looked adorable? Was he happy with performance?

    • Thank you for sharing the inside scoop as always Hina! I think I’ll be improving my Urdu after watching this one 🙂

    • @Hina: Thanks as always for the heads up .. thoroughly enjoyed the opener and your Urdu ka takra with daadi jaan’s punjabi .. looking forward to more this Friday!
      PS. Couldn’t and didn’t comment on Ilyas’ camerawork because watched a low quality print 😦 Could we please get A-Plus to post HQ links???

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review SZ. It was such a funny episode. I loved every bit of it.
    I’m a big fan of OKB. I had watched ANC also & loved his performance there as well. He was very good as a desi Mr Darcy, but this role Aunn is tailor made for him. I’ve read Faiza’s novel, Hisar e Muhabat, on which it is based & in the novel Aunn is really good looking as well & being the only male child in the family he is spoilt by the females of the household.
    When you called Aunn BB, it reminded me of the post you had done for DP, when you were there. I remember over there it was a tie between Mansoor & Asher.
    If we were to do that post again, Aunn would top the list.

  4. Total Fun!!!! Loved it despite the punjabi scare at the beginning which had me doing AA and BK flashbacks! Thank goodness I didn’t need subtitles here!
    One of OKB’s shirt said. ‘Jo kehta hai wohi hota hai’ we just totally ROTFL’ed on that one!
    Thank you for making our Saturdsys gulzar Haissam and team!

    • …and I still don’t get Daadi jaan’s humor :/ .wish I knew punjabi to get the essence of Nasreen Q dialogues in the given situation….She looks so funny!! I’m so glad Hina Bayat’s there in the house of Aunn to keep a check on her saas sahiba’s complex linguistic structures ….otherwise, just like akbari and asghari I had to fast forward most of the scenes.

      • @Saima: Aww .. perhaps we can all help you out.. mention the parts where you get stuck and I’m sure together we can help u figure it all out 🙂

        • I think that’s a good idea SZ maybe if the Punjabi meter goes up in the next epi we would need some help.
          @Saima – hey I just really sort of figured out via the context clues otherwise like you I was lost during AA and BK as well

  5. Thanks SZ for reviewing Aunn Zara. The first episode was fun to watch. Both the script and direction looks picture perfect. I hope it carries the same momentum throughout. One word for OB as Aunn…”Anokha Ladala” 😛

  6. I’ve been disappointed way too many times by Faiza iftikhar to watch this. Bilqees kaur, aik nature cinderella and akbari asghari all started so well. Such intelligent scripts!! But she ended up ruining them all.

  7. Great review SZ…..what a fun opening this was. I especially love nasreen qureshi’s brand of punjabi (a’la Akbari Asghari) so really looking forward to more.

  8. LOVED the first episode and hoping it just gets better from here!
    The punjabi vs urdu scenes are such fun, although the urdu is a bit too difficult but thats okay, bc it doesn’t take away from the humor!

    Lets see if Aunn’s way out (marriage) will do him any good.

    Looking forward to Saturdays and your reviews! 🙂

  9. First episode gave me laughing fits literally… Dadi’s pure punjabi was treat to ears.. LOL and she got best lines too 😉 Hina Bayat and Sabreen Hasbani were too good in their respective characters…our beba bacha was actually very cute to be overly pampered… Osman Khalid Butt was excellent as Aunn.. this character is really made for him.. Zara is equally adorable as Maya… so looking forward to see her as 4th or 5th lady in that mad house…:D

    Exciting Saturdays are back with your awesome reviews 🙂

  10. @All: thanks all for sharing your thoughts and comments about the first episode .. fingers crossed that this one doesn’t disappoint and Saturday nights remains gulzar! 😀

  11. I finally found some time to watch this one and it was totally worth every minute. I’m completely loving how different it is from the usual ‘right woman wrong man’ shows.

    I didnt get many scenes as neither my punjabi nor my urdu is very good but I’m going to see if I can find subtitles somewhere for this.

    Loved all the characters, really happy to see dadi here after Dastaan.

    And the hero is so ROFL worthy!I LOLed really hard when mommy helped him cross the road!! 🙂 And the poor cousins who have to pray for him..LOLOLOL
    Dont know who the lead actress is but my oh my, she is so pretty!! Perfect for our pampered laadla!!

    Very well written review SZ!! 🙂

    • @Aish: Yay! Glad to know you’re in for the ride on this one as well 🙂
      Re: the Urdu and Punjabi, yeah I can imagine it would be hard to follow the chaste Urdu of the bahu vs the hard core Punjabi of the saas, but hey we’re all here and can help you out with the harder to understand stuff!
      This lead pair was also featured in the recently completed Aik Nayee Cindrella, from the same writer/director combo and many of the same actors.
      And did you recognize the hero from the oh-so-famous Humsafar parody, if you haven’t seen it yet its a MUST watch!

      • The humsafar parody had me in splits!! ” ammi yeh aap kya keh rahe hain” lololol…It took a few minutes but I could finally place him . For some reason I thought he was British Pakistani. I had no idea he was an aspiring actor too!!

        Thanks, I will definitely tell you!! I’m sure a lot of you here understand everything 🙂

        Should I check out aik nayee cindrella?

        • @Aish; do check out ANC. It is the closest our tv will ever be to Disney. All the characters in it are like cartoon characters. The age & era of innocence has been portrayed to perfection in it, I felt. Anyways I loved that show, so I would recommend it.
          As for OKB’s other work, you can find his channel on you tube called the living production.

          • Hey Mona!! Thanks for letting me know !! I will definitely watch!! You have made it sound very intriguing !!:)

  12. Aish, OKB and friends who made the parody are all local kids from Islamabad…He was known to a select circle in Isl (you’ll find his works on youtube) but only became super popular after the parody- followed by the offer to act (first seen in Dur-e-Shahwar). I think his mom’s French but he’s as desi as desi comes. His sis used to be in my school and I used to envy her cute hairstyle every morning (side pe kar ke braid banana which is so popular now, my daughter wants to me to make it for her often 🙂 Excuse the ramblings…!

    • Rofl Afia! Thanks for the info about OKB! Re hair: I have terrible hair ! So I envy almost every other person !! 🙂 and I pray that if I have ever have a daughter she won’t get my hair genes ! My son does! Poor kid!!

  13. @ALL: For those who were waiting on the second episode of Aunn-Zara, the latest update is that A-Plus, the channel where the serial is being aired, has decided to pull out the bells n whistles and “re-launch” the serial after two weeks….

  14. Episode 2 finally aired!! Hope you all saw it despite the unfortunate break. Await your comments – they mean so much to us (the entire team of AZ) 🙂

    • Loved epi 2 , so funny ! All the ladies in Auns household are amazing in their own wacky ways !!Bt
      Where’s Aun’s Dad ?

      • @Deeba: Hey! Agree with you .. the second ep was hilarious! I will IA review both the 2nd and 3 rd eps together tomorrow… and we can all share our thoughts on this delightful series…

        Re: Aunn’s dad, as the grandmother mentions, he’s abroad and remarried there and hasn’t come back in ages…

  15. loved the episode 😀 thumbs up to all the actors especially OKB 😉 I love him in the mummy daddy look ;P and to the duo of Faiza Iftikhar and Haisam Hussain! fantastic work 🙂

  16. OMG!! this is just too funny!!!.. Im in stitches!.. @SZ saw ur todays post re Aunn Zara.. read first line and thought ‘id better stop reading right there and watch this before I ruin the story for myself. And mann I’m glad I did!!.. Just watched 2 episodes back to back and I’m in love!!
    I had seen still ad/pics on youtube. (never actually saw any promos/videos).. Dunno why I always thought this would be another haveli type mystery story, but this was such a pleasant surprise.
    I know I’m 19 weeks too late here but I just had to stop, read ur review..and add my 2 pence.. Hina is looking lovely in kurta pajama, armed with her bamahawra urdu vs Nasreen great with her panjabi lukmas..Aunn to bas kia hi kehnain..I was impressed by him in Aik nayee Cinderella but this is just way up there!!! Direction seems superb! and script to speaks for itself! Guys, two thumbs up for this!

    btw Aik Nayee Cinderella – Disney Drama… spot on! I loved that one too but I could never put that in words.. but there u go u’ve just summed it up in two words! thats why I just love ur reviews and the discussions!
    btw can anyone give the link for the humsafar parody? that sounds hillarious!

    I’m moving on to my episode 3!!

    • @FA: Lol @ thinking of AZ as another haveli serial — too funny! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rest of the serial as well … do keep commenting .. it’ll be fun enjoying this ride with you again!

      Here’s the link!

  17. Btw before I move on can’t stop comparing Aunn to our mr Wali.. both being ghar ka akhri chashmo chiragh.. what a contrast! lol

    • hahahaha .. I must say there are merits to watching a serial after its done airing .. so many more comparisons to make! Please do continue with the comments 🙂 Will wait to hear your comments on the OKB parody… btw, this is what got him into mainstream dramas as this parody came to Hum TV’s attention .. they mentioned this on the Humsafar after the finale show …

      • Just saw it @SZ.. OMG! just saw his page. After Aunn Zara ill be watching his parodies.. Guy is just too funny! meri lines hin nahin hain script mein..! lol
        And oh yes he must do parodies of ANC and AZ.. Can u imagine how funny will a parody of a rom com & a disney drama will b! Just the thought is making me laugh!

        Yay! That will be fun watching it together.. I won’t feel like the only mad person commenting on 4 months old thread lol

  18. Team Der Aye Durust Aye reporting for duty! 😉

    I started watching this show just yesterday on SZ’s rec, and so far, I just love it. What a fun concept! I also like that the entire family is in focus and not just the two leads, because each of Aunn’s family members adds so much color and identity to the show.

    I had trouble understanding Dadi’s Punjabi at first, but I think she must have toned it down after the first few minutes because by the end of Episode 1, it wasn’t really an issue.

    Looking forward to watching the rest, especially with these great DRNR reviews to keep me company. (It’s lonely watching a show years after everyone else, lol).

    • @RK aka Team DADA!! I love it! Knew you would be a perfect fit here!!
      Aww! Don’t be lonely .. I’m here – ok, almost here (before @VZ hits me on the head for messing up my new year’s resolution so fast 😳!).
      So glad you’re enjoying this one – thanks for taking up one of my recs 👍
      Haina! So true abt the novelty of the spotlight being trained on the entire khandan rather than just the main leads… it gets better and you will literally die ROFLing when dadi gets going 😂
      As you watch and read side by side don’t miss out on comments by some of the cast members .. and yes, shameless plug alert, don’t miss my ghatiya third class poetry as well.. needless to say I had a really good time watching and reviewing this one.
      Re: the Punjabi, it’s easy to get the gist of it, bit if you get really stuck or feel the need to know the exact meaning feel free to ask .. i/drnr gang will try our best to help you .. I’ve not been reviewing actively hence the silence on the blog .. things will pick up once I get my act together again ..
      Also, to respond to your previous comment: glad you’re picking up Urdu& Hindi through these dramas and movies ..many among us are in the same boat and so please don’t ever hesitate to ask for clarifications etc ..

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