Silvatein ~ Episode 16 Review

Silvatein 2

Dear All: Before we go any further, lets put our hands together and give it up for Rayaan!!! FINALLY! Shukar Alhamdulillah koi to kuch bola is larki ko! Kab se patar patar boley hi jaa rahi thi, no periods, no commas, no left no right, bas full speed ahead apni hi haanke jaa rahi thi – so glad ke for once she got a real daant and was rendered speechless. Shabash! Way to go Rayaan! Now if only Bilal too could take a leaf out of your playbook and stand up to his wife, tau bas phir tau Zindagi gulzar hi gulzar hai.

But since this is not Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Bilal is still to grow a spine, I am thrilled with Rayaan stepping up to the plate and boldly going where no man has gone before …. yes a shameless Star Trek analogy, but so apt! Finding the wherewithal to stand up to Natasha and put the brakes on her motor mouth, for even a minute is no mean feat, and one that requires nerves of steel – heck even her parents failed at getting Natasha to heed anything they said. Just absolutely loved the way Rayaan shut her up not once, but twice – the second time around he let loose throwing all her past behavior in her face – doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani kar daiya aur Chotu ki madam Jaanu ki tabiyat saaf kar dii!

Rayaan’s is a character quite different that what is now the norm for a majority of our TV serials, where the men are always so busy sorting out gharelu saazish-es and their maa n biwi problems ke they barely have time to make their presence felt as entities in their own right. Forget about standing up and flexing his muscle on others’ behalf, our desi drama hero tau can barely stand up for his own rights; he is too busy either abusing the women in his household or sits and sheds tears at being played by either the wife or the mother, and therefore has no time to think about anything else. In sharp contrast, Rayaan is not only an impressive husband, but also a caring son and brother, one who cannot stand to see his loved ones in pain. It was not surprising, therefore, to see Rayaan finally lose his cool and dish it out to the twit Natasha. Thank you Samira for bringing us a male character who is truly a hero, not just because he happens to be the male lead, but because he is truly deserving of the title. Do I even need to say that Adeel Husain rocks as Rayaan?!

While Rayaan is a hero in the true sense, apna bechara Bilal tau bas maara hi gaya. Actually, you know what, why blame Natasha for henpecking her husband, why not let Chotu shoulder the blame for letting his marriage drift along to this point where his wife is not only running rings around him, but is also responsible for the rift between Muneeze and her brothers, and is mouthing off like an idiot to her much older brother-in-law. Yes, we all know Natasha has issues, but what kind of a man allows his wife to decide if he can go visit his terminally ill mother – uff! At this point, it is an insult to the jellyfish to compare Bilal to that spineless sea creature – at least the jellyfish can claim it was born that way, wonder what is Chotu sahab’s excuse?? Daniyal plays Bilal with a languorous ease that is so much fun to watch, and Mira Sethi is fabulous as a woman with a permanent foot-in-the-mouth problem.

As compared to her mouthy and more annoying than a macchar sister, Zaib is so much more mature, and now that she’s reformed so much more pleasant as well. However, even as she is concerned about her sister and trying to help her see things without the me-myself-I filter, she is losing track of the priorities in her life. As Rayaan points out to her, she really needs to take stock and decide which relationship deserves more of her attention. What Rayaan does not get is that these are siblings with a twist. While Natasha may shout out her hate for Zaib to all and sundry, it is Zaib she seeks out at every point in her life. It will be interesting to see when the metaphorical light bulb switches on for Natasha. For now, our Mrs. Chotu is busy using her khush khabri to spin a few more yarns.

As is now usual for Natasha, she just blurts out things without stopping to think for  even a millisecond about the consequences. Her bald pronouncement, that Zaib and Rayaan could not have children, seems to have struck a raw nerve with Zaib. Her breakdown in the bathroom was beautifully done. Actually Aamina crying in the bathroom with the water running, while Adeel banged on door reminded me of a very similar sequence in Mora Piya. Apart from this one deja vu moment this was quite a happening episode and it appears that the ride is not over yet. Seems like there is a lot more to come and many a silvat that remain to be straightened. For now Rayaan and Zaib are off to Pakistan to join Muneeze and help care for their dying mother.

Thanks to ever so annoying promos most of next week’s twists have already been revealed, but it is to Shehrazade and her team’s credit that I eagerly look forward to the next chapter – bring it on!

Written by SZ~

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  1. kya cheez hai yeh natasha !!!
    and look at the mother,how tactless she was. she could have explained nicely that natasha needs to be active during pregnancy instead of rattling off about someones miscarriage.


  2. LOVED Rayaan…. perfect review!
    Zaib looked so fragile in that bathroom scene-her pain was palpable. You have covered Bilal and Nuts so well I have nothing to add. For once the mother was giving good advice and suddenly we have a still birth – at least we know where Nuts inherited some of her ‘unique’ traits from 🙂

    BTW guys, do check out Mira’s Student commencement speech at Wellesley if you haven’t’s on YT.,,,love this girl!


  3. I have yet to see the next episode promos for Silvatein. I’ve searched on YouTube to no avail. Where are you guys watching them?


    • @Nur: Check out DOL, it is the best non-yt site in terms of video quality and the speed with which they upload..
      PakTV is another good site .. they usually have the YT links as well:


      • @Nur: oops, just re-read your comment – you were asking for the promos rather than the episode – sorry!
        The promos I was referring to are the ones that were released before Silvatein even started .. you can find those on YT if you search for Silvatein promos .. .


  4. Silvatein in my opinion is brilliant in terms of showing true sibliving rivalry and not going over the top with it unlike many of the recent dramas on sibling rivalry. Atleast no one’s trying to snatch one another’s husbands over here. People like Natasha tend to easily exist somewhere or the other in our families. They may not be completely the same but are definitely similar. I love how the drama shows two different extremes. On one hand there’s Rayaan who’s trying his best to maintain that family bond and is willing to make sacrifices to save the relationships from collapsing. I really really salute him for putting Natasha in her place. That woman is an actual psychotic case. You can see the helplessness of Zaib trying to fix her beyond damaged relationship with Natasha. She seems to be so ashamed of her previous behaviour but Natasha just won’t listen won’t she. She has absolute zero respect for her elder sibling unlike the other family, where Bilal, Rayaan and Muneeze despite all their issues still respect one another and try to sort out their problems to stay as a family. And Rayaan is definitely a different male character, and yes thank-you Samira for writing one like him. The way he interacts with Zaib, or Bilal and even the way he’s handled Natasha previously and now, he really is the hero. Bilal on the other hand really needs to grow a spine. I mean is he actually not going to visit his ailing mother who’s going to pass away in a few days? What’s the point of sitting there and crying. He should’ve put Natasha in her place right there instead of going on with her senseless ideas. I’d say he’s an equal culprit in all this along with Natasha. And poor Muneeze man. The girl get’s stuck in the middle of all this psychotic mess without really doing much. I also couldn’t help but laugh at Natasha trying to show herself as the innocent victim in everything, crying to Bilal. I mean seriously? May Allah provide her with some sense. Zaib and Rayaan’s relationship is definitely going to be a rocky track now because of Natasha, since Zaib can’t exactly set her priorities straight. And plus Zaib’s illness. I wonder why there was absolutely no reference to this previously. It’s strange. I think with Silvatein each and every member of the cast has given a fabulous performance. Adeel Hussain and Mira Sethi are so wonderful as Rayaan and Natasha. Aamina we’ve seen give splendid performances before but after Silvatein I hope Adeel definitely gets to act out some great scripts. Daniyal, Maheen and Shameem Hilali are all equally wonderful. Overall a wonderful ensemble cast, with great direction by Shehrzade and Samira’s amazing script that portrays human emotions and nature so wonderfully. Just a question. This is Shehrzade’s debut direction right?


  5. I felt like crying at Natasha’s comment about children to Zaib 😦 poor Zaib, I doubt she’s done anything THAT bad to deserve this much hatred from her. Natasha just has issues – she’s one of those people that loves playing the victim and thinks the whole world owes her something. Plus she has a spineless husband who seems to worship the ground she walks on. Whilst I could see a reason for her behavior sometimes in the past, I think she’s stooped too low this time. Can’t wait for her to be put in her place!

    Watching Zaib during this episode was fantastic, Aamina Sheikh is such a brilliant actress, her emotional scenes are so moving and yet subtle at the same time. Adeel was awesome as Rayaan too – loved him putting Natasha in her place and I completely understand his point, he has no reason to tiptoe around Natasha, she lives in his house and he has put up with enough.

    Loving this drama but desperately want to see some karma for Natasha.. I wouldn’t be able to bear another episode of her nakhre and horrible behaviour towards Zaib & Rayaan.

    Looking forward to seeing Zaib and Rayaan back in Pakistan, must say loving the role of Muneezeh and the mother too.

    Everyone is doing such a fantastic job with their characters, hats off to them. Thank you Silvatein for giving me something so good to look forward to each week 🙂


  6. Fantastic review.I loved Adeel Hussain as Rayyan.Finally he stood up and took the matter in his own hands but then its Natahsa on the other hand.As Rayyan said”tumhari behan k ser mein ulta demagh fit hai”lol I agree.Kia cheez hai yeh natasha her baat ko negative le jaati hai.I enjoyed her point she raised about “Jaidad kay hissay”. and earlier when she told Bilal “Rayyan bhai se kaho na zaib ko talaq de dain”Mira sethi is superb.I never expected this performance from a new comer but Meera Sethi and Dainyal Raheel they both have matched Adeel and Aamina Perfectly.I had a falshback of that “mora piya”scene.It was then done perfectly by AAmina and it was now executed and performed really well.I hope this time Bilaly pays no heed and goes to Pakistan to visit his ailing mother.Eagerly waiting for next episode.


  7. Brilliant review SZ…
    this episode made me emotional for very first time in 16 weeks… all thanks to flawless acting by Aamina… the way she portrayed her inner turmoil was outclass.. specially the washroom scene was v.well done and like SZ said.. i too thought of Mora Piya.. wanted the hug as well 😦

    Rayan with his straight and to the face attitude is just awesome, be it his showing love and care for Zeb, protective love for bilal and most beautiful was his happiness for bilal and natasha’s baby… and the way he said k beti ho.. hayee natasha how could you even think something negative on such sweetest thing 🙂

    Second time when Rayyan showed mirror to Natasha… i had such huge smile.. this way she can be tackled.. way to go! Adeel Hussain have owned this character.. i liked how he said just because mahjabeen did badtameezi with muneezae… they got separated.. this how relationships matter to him.. please Bilal… seekho seekho kuch toh seekh he lena mere bhaiii :@

    Natasha is loosing all herself…she is extremely frustrated and its acceptable.. she really cant handle zeb’s importance all over again.. and guse me indeed you dont even realize whom ur talking to.. i can relate to this… Bewaqaoofi and Gusa.. two things that will ever haunt you.. Mira Sethi … only you can be the crazy Natasha 🙂

    and this is worse thing i had to see.. cool mother in law in such condition :'(… Shamim Hilali was at her best.. loved her character and sad to see character going to end next week…..

    last scene was just beautiful… aisi kya majboori bilal… i could so feel for him..younger children are always more treasured and loved and he not going… Daniyal Raheel stole in that scene…

    Silvatien .. you are deeply loved!


  8. Brilliant episode! Loved the review! Yes Congrats Rayyan and thank you!,,, He at least did what bilal couldn’t…too bad Natasha is still a b**** ugh!
    Aamina was fab today, breakdown was superb! I wonder what that was about? Loving the story unfolding…with twists at the right time!
    Rayyan was so right about her priorities being wrong! I feel zaib may know something we don’t, why is she being so ultra patient? Is it really just coz she thinks she was mean to her growing up? I feel there might be some other Natasha may be adopted?
    Im also glad it s finally about a guys perspective and what a lovely personality.. rayyan is a true hero…agree SZ!
    Looking forward to next week..was so engrossed the whole episode!


  9. oh man I am loving this drama! Your review is equally funny! isn’t it great when some dramas bring out the best in us. Silvatein is one of those. I am absolutely in love with these complex characters because if you put yourself in any of their shoes, you can relate to a certain extent with them and how they are feeling. No matter how looney Natasha is, I can still see where she’s coming from. She’s lived with a deceptive sister all her life, I too would have a hard time believing someone like Zeb has ‘sudhrofied’ if I lived with her for 20+ years. It would be similar to some Pakistani politician claiming that he’s become a born-again good Samaritan. We would all laugh it off.
    Chotu ke upaar ghussa bohat aata hai wish I could just go shake him and slap him a few times and say wake up soldier – be a man! Heck go play some crazy X-box game so you can let out all that frustration that’s building up inside you because sooner or later it will come out. And I hope it doesn’t come out in the form of a suicide. Because at certain points in the epi today he seemed suicidal. I wish he had run away somewhere last week but he’s too weak to even do that. Natasha ki tow sahee ki hawa nikli thi when she learned that Chotu was MIA 😉
    Aamina and Adeel are doing a fab job! And you are so right it is so good to see a hero like this who is not some despicable momma’s boy or holding wife’s palloo around. Adeel telling all of Natasha’s secrets was AWESOME! II wish the woman hadn’t gotten pregnant and how rude of her to say I want a boy bleh bleh OMG! great dialogues btw Samira ji – and Mira is the perfect demented Natasha.
    The other great thing about this drama is that 16 episodes have passed but it doesn’t feel that way 🙂 What an accomplishment. Because by this time I am going “khatam kaa ho ga?”


    • @Annie: love ur comment and yes ur so right 16 episodes have passed by and we are so hooked that it doesn’t seems like… rather waiting for Thursdays to come quickly to know more about our fantastic 4 😉


  10. Finally saw this ep and read the review ‘n comments- totally agree with all of you, mazaydar show but oh, if only I could strangle Natasha!!! She’s getting bad to worse and the sad part is I actually know a person who reminds me of N so dekhte waqt kuch extra uljhan hoti hai 😦
    Anyway, my question is- do we know what Natasha says about Zaib that has everyone shocked/embarrassed? Or will that be revealed later? Call me dunce but I didn’t get that….
    And what is Muneeze’s status viz a viz marriage? Separated or what? Where are her kids?
    So sorry to see cool saas so sick 😦 First phupo leaves, now her…


  11. top notch review once again 🙂 I’m in love with this serial! hats off to everyone and especially Samira Fazal for giving us a totally different story. too bored of the typical “aik larka do larkiyon wale” dramas 😛


  12. No 😦 one still left which was to be held tomorrow but postponed till Friday 😦 now I won’t be able to enjoy silvatein 😥


    • @Abeer: Aww! Goodluck! IA, you’ll do really well, and we’ll have you back with us in no time 🙂
      Silvatein ka repeat dekh lena 😉


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