Tarang Housefull ~ Armaan Telefilm Review

armaan collage2Of all the Tarang Houseful Telefilms this one has to be my favoritest one so far.  Aesthetically sound, well-directed, a tightly knit narrative, the story a lovely blend of romance, humor and melodrama, fabulous acting by all, and well produced to boot, this one ensured that I was thoroughly entertained throughout. Loved it! 

First of, like all good masala films this one too had a very predictable beginning, middle and end, so no surprises, nothing out of the box there. What gave it the extra edge though was the tarka of what is now fast becoming recognizable as the Vasay Chaudhry brand of dry humor. Witty one-liners and intelligent repartee set this one apart from the other two, Dil Mera Dharkan Teri and Anjuman, and in the same class as the first film in this series of remakes – Abhi Tau Main Jawan Hoon. While that was an out and out comedy, and an enjoyable one at that, Armaan now leads the list of my favorites because of the way humor was blended in with romance, giving an age old love story a fresh contemporary appeal.

As far as the mass-appeal of the movie goes, we need to look no further than Fawad Khan. He was the reason why this was the most anticipated movie in this series of remakes, and to his credit Fawad did carry the movie across the finish line. Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 12.31.00 AMTo begin with, he looked fantastic and acted superbly, a much appreciated departure from his now overdone HUM TV shohar avatar, as he took to this very fun character with great relish. Having watched this right after yet another aggravatingly drawn out episode of ZGH, I was fully expecting Fawad’s Armaan to be yet another clone of Ashar and Zaroon, but thankfully we were spared that. Full marks to the stylists Maram and Aabroo for giving Fawad a very different look – loved the ode to Waheed Murad, with the longer hair and lock across the forehead. What I couldn’t get though was the strange lighting setup, wherein both Fawad and Aamina looked gorgeous but ghoulish on several occasions. At Cecil’s wedding for instance, both looked stunning and I’m sure were saying important things, but it was hard to focus on words when their chalky faces were so distracting.

After seeing Fawad play Armaan with such relish, Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 12.43.01 AMone can only be saddened that such a fabulous actor is being wasted in one sappy story after another, where the only thing his characters do is get married and suffer through one form of marital hell or the other – please, please can we see more creative story lines, where it is not just about psycho biwis and/or shuki shohars and who is crazier. Here, I loved Fawad’s chemistry with Vasay – now there’s a new jori in town if someone is thinking in terms of pushing the envelope and looking for out of the box plot lines to fully utilize our supremely talented actors.

Aamina Sheikh is another very talented actress and here too she did not disappoint as the lovely, understated Zarnab. Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 12.30.54 AMLoved her full on filmy heroine bit in the Ko Korina song. Whether consciously or unconsciously, all the movies we’ve seen so far have picked up on one filmy standby or the other – we’ve already seen nods to the double staircases, large open entryways, big chandeliers – and here we saw Anjum Shahzad paying tribute to the standard trope of the piano playing heroine. Following in the tradition of all the great heroines of yesteryears, Aamina too happily strummed away on the piano; loved her in the Akele Na Jaana song.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Aamina’s performance as Zarnab, as a romantic pair Armaan and Zarnab did nothing for me. From the get-go, while the screenplay was prepped to set the screen on fire – he is enamored by her but she outsmarts him making him swear revenge and they eventually fall in love – there was no heat between the lead pair. Fawad and Aamina’s chemistry was more akin to that shared by old hangout buddies rather than the sultry sparks set off by new lovers. Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 8.20.29 PMThe getting wet in the rain and sharing the umbrella should’ve been a memorable moment but fell flat; all I could think about was how cold Fawad looked in that scene.

Among other actors, Vasay was a standout as Danny, and if I may say so actually outshone Fawad in quite a few places. The Zartab- Salman pair was okay, though Mahnoor did look very pretty throughout. Among the seniors, its always a delight to see Lubna Aslam, and Manzoor Queshi was his usual impeccable self, the perfect indulgent dadaji. 

Like any other self-respecting commercial film, Armaan too had its share of the song and dance routines. Among these, the two versions of Akele Na Jaana were the best in terms of effective placement and utilization. Shreya Ghoshal’s version was beautifully used to highlight the increasing closeness between Armaan and Zartab, while the male version was a good device to highlight the drama of the moment, as Armaan frantically searched for his MIA lady love. Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 2.47.12 AMThe classic Ko Ko Korina song had been a huge disappointment when I first heard it and while it sounded a little better once I saw the picturization, the original still wins hands down. That said the song was choreograped well, and Aamina and Mahnoor aced it. As for Fawad, after having seen him perform various dance routines in ads, I am just glad that he did not do any more than he did. As for his yellow-green outfit, the less said the better.

In the final analysis, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole package. Anjum Shahzad’s direction was spot on, be it the humorous bits, the drama, or the romance, the evenly paced narrative flowed smoothly without any hiccups. The overall production was beautifully designed, and the outdoor locations were well-chosen. The styling of the lead actors was great, and Aamina and Mahnoor’s wardrobe was fabulous. I just wish some money had also been spent on buying Fawad a few more winter clothes and boots. Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.33.47 PMThe poor guy was literally shivering in a few places and looked like he was freezing to death in the choti-e aashqan scene.

While the overall look and feel of the final product was very slick and appealing, full marks to the producers for that, the one thing that struck a very jarring note were the wrong spellings of names of people integral to this project. Fawad’s name was spelt wrong in the opening credits, and fixed later at some places in the end credits, which is ironic considering that he is a co-producer here and  also shares credit for the screenplay. Similarly Vasay’s name was spelt in at least two different ways. Perhaps someone could fix these before the DVD versions are shipped out?

Written by SZ~

YouTube Link for the complete movie – enjoy!!


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  1. I missed it yesterday because of my preps for exams but thank you so much for this detailed review. I caught a few scenes and out of which the ‘akeley na Jana song’ stood out for me! I loved, loved and loved it! Amina looked sizzling hot!

    Will come and share my views on Armaan, after I watch it 🙂 till my exams end I will have tasali because at least I have read your review;)

    p.S Fawad Khan has been styled to perfection(MA ) by these two very talented ladies. Their praise-worthy work really shone in this telefilm:D

  2. Hey, just got off watching Armaan now! Thanks for the review SZ….finally!! You have covered everything so beautifully 🙂 Yes, from the acting, to cinematography to direction to the songs… everything is perfect in Armaan!! FK’s perfect but I’m simply in love is Vasy Ch. talents. He is not only a brilliant writer but an equally wonderful actor!!

    One missing element from the film though is the ‘romantic chemistry’… wasn’t expecting anything cheesy but still…is it me or FK’s policy is ‘hands only’….sigh* ….oh and my favorite song has to be “jab pyar mein do dil”….I always loved Salman Rushdi’s original version but Shaan’s too good!!

    • @Saima: I hope I’m forgiven, just a bit, for the delay in the earlier movies 🙂 Will do a combined overview for the other ones… just been preoccupied with work related stuff so am still not totally caught up 😦

      • Armaan’s review rocks hence you are forgiven!! No,seriously, I completely understand how it is like trying to be on top of everything :/ I think you are doing absolute justice to your blog despite being under work pressure. I know ,at times it must have been a daunting task to reviews episode after episode with same enthusiasm. I salute your talent and hard-work!

    • LOL we’ll let auto-correct take the blame for it 😉
      Whole heatedly agree with your comments Vasay is fast becoming my favorite this year from Booby D to Mekaal to hUmAwards to writing this and ATMJH this guy has talents galore! Love it!! Hope to see more of him

      • Good to know Vassay Chaudary fan following here!!! ….Armaan screenplay was good but missed the “romance” of a romantic film…..VC should have penned at least one breathtaking romantic scene between Fawad and Amina….*sigh….Dil ke armaan ansoo mein beh gae :*(

  3. Loved ur review and the movie…. I dnt know y bt I actually liked Fawad n Amina scenes and thought they shared good chemistry…. Maybe it’s because I had zero expectations from this pair in that regard initially… Bt I liked it. Amina looked stunning!!!! Akele na jana sequence was beautiful and tht was the song I loved the most. The other songs were nice too with the exception of ko ko korina… Tbh in my opinion it was way tooooo colourful and the choreography was nt up to the mark…. The main dancers at many points were completely out of sync n some steps were nt as graceful as I wud ve liked them to b… It was kinda clumsy I think. n since when did managers of good firms become equivalent to servants?… Tht sequence brought a lot of humour bt it seemed kinda forced . The overall execution despite the minor flaws was top notch and I am glad I watched. Loved Armaan ❤

    • @Laiba: Indeed Aamina looked stunning, particularly in that song, and she and Fawad did look good together, but after having seen her chemistry with Adeel in Silvatein on Thursday, the romance part seemed a bit thanda here.. but overall loved the movie 🙂

    • hey i loved this telefilm…i guess since everyone is talking about the chemistry i guess with the setting, mood and feel of the movie the chemistry was spot on,,,u cant have sizzling fireworks every time and if it was to be shown that way in this telefilm then the movie wud loosed its softness and innocence…fawad and aamina’s chemistry was that of innocent, pure, old school feel to it…Woh kehte hain na mohabbat woh ho jo paani ki tarah bahe… that’s exactly what happened between them…things just kept unfolding for them…i am really satisfied with their chemistry and its innocence..so glad that they didnt turn into steaming or extra flirtatious.

      it was perfect according to the mood the the film…first love, and its innocence or should i say THE FIRST INNOCENT DESIRE(Armaan).

      • @Zainab: Hey! Glad we’re all on the same page in that we all thoroughly enjoyed this film.. so glad we got something fresh and fun to enjoy and also Fawad in a completely diff role! Re: chemistry, I guess its personal preference, I personally really like Aamina and Adeel in Silvatein… but apart from that,I absolutely agree about the lighthearted approach to romance and the deliberate old school feel .. really liked that change .. dont think I could have taken one more scene with the Humsafar brand of romance, ZGH is more than enough!
        Looking forward to hearing more from you on other threads 🙂

  4. How relieved I am that I can easily say “I thoroughly enjoyed Armaan”- after FK’s recent outings, bohat dar lag raha tha ke yahan kya marqa marain ge…But marqa toh Vasah ch. and Anjum Shahzad ne mar hi diya! Thank you so much for a great movie- my kids and I loved it and even my husband admitted to enjoying it 😉
    Vasay ch is super popular in our family (Bobby D lives!) and this only cemented his position further. Great script, well directed, well acted, flowed smoothly- aur kya chahiye?

    Aamina looked lovely (though she and even FK looked quite a few shades fairer?), dressed well (step mom was not so mean after all) and acted well, toh kya hua agar FK had better chemistry with Vasay than her? Do more work together guys!
    I loved Fawad’s maroon/burgundy sweater- good to see FK’s favourite wardrobe pieces all in one movie- the brown jacket from many-a-concerts, black coat from Ashk, the black jacket with (velvet?) piping from many-an-event…

    And it was great to see Brightlands – the hotel in Murree- have spent many a family vacation there, so great to see it after so many years…Murree looked beautiful!
    Thanks for the review SZ, really enjoyed it. Agreed that Ko ko korina could have been much better. I liked the other two male songs but was disappointed that Akele na jana was not shown in full 😦

    The ending could have done with another couple of scenes. I especially wanted to know what Danny’s reaction would be to the twist. Infact I thought AS would be on her way to Islamabad to catch a flight to Kar and Danny would help Armaan get to Isl on time- the predictable mad rush to the airport etc but AS toh abhi Murree hi main ghoom rahi thee :\
    Best tarang movie so far…2nd would be Abhi toh main jawan hoon. (Vasay, good job there too!)

    • Yes why was Aamina still roaming the streets of Muree when she had left the night before or morning of the wedding.

      • @ Annie, remember she was going to Karachi and the nearest airport to Muree is in Islamabad!!! Time tu lage ga na to get into another city. Simple jee 😛

      • Ummm I think she was intending to go to karachi, but she stopped off to remininsce and then changedto plan b- jump off the cliff and commit suicide as she realized she couldnt get over armaan ( can you blame her???) And yes fK in the sherwani saves the day…filmi but so so good!

        • @SK: totally agree!! No girl in her right mind would want to jump off the cliff and die when FK’s ‘dulha mian’ to the rescue….that too in a “shirwani” to kill 😛

    • @Afia: So true abt step-mom not being mean as far as clothes were concerned – Aamina looked fab in all her outfits … funnily enough, even though she was supposed to be an orphan, and did the dishes and fixed meals etc, Zarnab had a more extensive and season appropriate wardrobe than our rich playboy Kunwar Armaan 😉

  5. The sour taste which ZGH and the Dil Mera dhadkan Teri left on my Paksitani drama and Sanam loving taste bud was reduced enormously after watching Arman! Agree with your review fully, it was a typical story but because it was very well executed didn’t give any chance of skipping it or changing the Chanel ! Danny,s character was the best and his one liners were done so naturally that it didn’t feel like typical over doze of situational comedy ! And I fully agree with you that Vassay surpassed FK in many scenes. Amma looked stunning , and songs were done tastefully. I would give full marks to the director for making a typical love story very interesting and giving it a new flavour.

    • @Sheema: Agreed, Anjum Shahzad did a fabulous job overall – like you I too was glued.. not one ffwd moment – great job by the entire team!

  6. Armaan was definitely the best product from all of the Tarang Housefull telefilms so far. The screenplay, the cinematography, the dialogues; it all blended together well. I personally just wish Aamina Sheikh could’ve been replaced with another actress, because she was simply just not completely fit for the part. Her performance was just a notch above average, especially considering how talented she is and keeping in mind the amazing performances she has delivered in the past. Her acting was rehearsed and awkward, in many portions. She did manage to look gorgeous though, just a bit too white though, but great effort by Maram and Aabroo. Coming to the chemistry. Wow, there was no heat, no sizzle, nothing. No offense to any fans out there but I found the chemistry to be very dull and dry, the rain scene resulting in the biggest disappointment. There was like no passion in Aamina’s eyes… it all looked, well, acted and not natural at all. I agree how Aamina and him looked more like buddies instead of lovers, especially prior to the interval. There was so many dream like sequences and romance, that one would love to see on-screen, like the holding mouth and pushing against wall scene, but no sparks. Fawad Khan on the other hand was simply brilliant. In each and every scene. He executes this effortless charm and managed to carry the film well. There couldn’t have been anyone better suited for this role than him. And Vasay as Danny was equally brilliant. Their bromance was much better than Armaan and Zarnaab’s scenes. This was a different role for Fawad and he was so successful at it. I’m so tired of seeing every drama or telefilm being led by female characters, so glad to see a refreshing change! Wish to see him be offered roles like this more often. Especially consdiering how big of a disappointment Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been lately and how every drama we watch is shown by the female leads perspective, the males mostly being sidelined. The girl who played Zartaab was painful to watch though. Everything about her was just weird, her acting especially. The one thing I did not like at all was the entire Ko Ko Korina bit. Badly directed and edited. Hope to see more dramas or telefilms like this gracing our television screens. Loved this Tarang telefilm!
    P.S I would’ve loved to see Mahirah Khan or Sarwat Gillani as Zarnaab. There would be many sparks created there. Sizzling chemistry! and I wish Fawad and Vasay do a romantic comedy together. Vasay should write the script.

    • Agree about Vasay writing the script and FK and VC acting – male oriented and Haissam directing it . I am so sick and tired of the “all males are weak and horrible human beings” rhetoric that we are being fed constantly.

        • @Palerose: I am with you and Annie … Vasay Ch if you’re reading this, please make note of our farmaishi program! We’re all fed up with the teen auratain teen kahaniyan scene…

        • Ugh yes SZ hated Kankar’s promo it’s an extended version of DeS I think I fell a sleep while watching the promo itself

          • @Annie: Didn’t Fahad M’s styling and mannerisms remind you of Zaroon? Also the Mac and their “thoughts”…. Im passing on this one!

            • Only cared for Fahad M in MAQH – didn’t even notice him here honestly because all I could think of was another “biwi achi ; bura maard” story. Had to go back and re-watch the promos – lol @ the same Mac, cashmere sweaters, and white shalwar qameez. I am sure FK is honored 😉

  7. Spot on review SZ! Anjum and Haissam are two guys that have the aesthetic sense to make a movie and Anjum took full liberty of that here! Absolutely loved the credits at the beginning with the piano playing and the papers turning! Although seeing Fawad’s name spelled with 2 W’s made me think that he’s started consulting some numerologist! ugh
    Hats off to Vasay for a great script here and in AtmjH – the line about the picnic would stay w.me for a long time adhay din ki picnic per Gaya tow pyaar ho Gaya puray din jata tow bachon ka aqiqa ho raha hota lol 😉
    Koko korina was good for the kids ; my daughter loved it and watched it twice. Thanks to MaramAabroo’s styling she didn’t recognize Asher right away 😉
    Amina was looking gorgeous in her chooridaars and winter outfits.
    Oh when will Sadaf bhabhi take Fawad Bhai shopping !

  8. Really enjoyed this movie! I think Aamina Sheikh and Fawad Khan look really cute together!
    Fawad Khan looked soso hot!! so glad to see him in a different role. I really hope he ventures out and picks up different projects! Great job to the stylist.
    I’d rather watch this every Friday instead of ZGH!

    Fawad Khan and Vasay Chaudry – another great duo! I have seen about 2 other movies, DMDT and ATMJH. I was looking forward to DMDT but unfortunately that was not too great, Armaan was really good throughout. Not a single boring scene.

    Just one thing, Zartaaj had left the house in the morning then by the end of the night how was she still in Murri hanging out by the trees in that freezing weather!!

    Loved your review! 🙂

    • Yaar she detoured to jump off the cliff!!!. Phir dekh lo lol she was testing out the scarf and tree theory..no seriously didn’t you see her walking towards edge and then hero saab stops her??

  9. i just have finished the second watch of the movie because of it being no doubtedly fab.loved the couple yet flaws were quiet there.pak has to improve its dance moves anyway,ko ko korina looked better in the teasers but was a disappointemnt in the movie.zarnaab’s acting literally was pathetic someone else should have replaced her,amina’s facial expressions should have gone way ahead,much more intensity could be poured in.fawad as usual stunned throughout the show.At a moment in the movie it felt like fawad khan tried to copy SRK(sorry to those who disagree:P),the way he carried the romance.At the end of the day,i conclude with calling the movie a complete filmi with nothing new.vasay ch deserves the full admiration on his standout job,hilarious delivery,n that when he said”uff allaa ye chaey kitni tasty hai aap kay haath main tou kafi taste hai”:Dsharfoo baba is another must mention :Dloved the ”teenday scene” like a crazy.and yes,graphical quality must get an improvement.FK! please throw away that famous brown jacket,it just has lived its life:D

    • @Romeesa: So true!! I totally forgot abt Sharfoo baba!! He was fabulous – that teenda and batisi scene was too funny!! And the Vasay Ch line was hilarious as well – I think I spent the first half just literally laughing out loud .. Fawad might have been the hero but I think Vasay had the best lines 😀

      • He really did! The funny ones toh chalo Vasay ki theen hi, even amongst the serious ones I think Vasay got the best : “Dost ki khushi mein shareeq hone ka wadah kiya tha, muhabbat ke jinaze pe nahin”!
        Wah! – love that 🙂

      • yea vasay just rocked me throughout it,man he has got the humor,quill drivers like him still exist,was outta my expectation,this talented people were being neglected for many a times n now is the time to get them into the feild, then can be there the sure upgrading of our industry:)asiding from all the very prominent n glittering flaws of it:P,i hat off to the whole team with the hope of their pondering over what other marvels could be fetched in:)i suggest them not putting a salman like this elsewhere atleast my nerves feel a real sorry accepting such a fool in shows like this 😛

  10. Like everyone above have already said, this was definitely the best so far amongst all the tarang telefim series.
    very nicely directed , acted and great writing by vasay chaudhary, i really enjoyed the humour in the film, which is so rare on television as most of the people go towards being lame then humorous.
    absolutely loved fawad khan acting skills here, he played it to perfection, and oh those flocks of hair were like styled, haha, i was like whats wrong with fawad here, thou the look gave him a very cute and younger look,still it was a little off.and oh yes the chalky white faces, for a second in that wedding scene i thought i was watching something from twilight series 😛 , and yes i have to agree with you all.
    the chemistry, the sparks were hugely missing in the lead pair, although i totally loved the fawad and vasay ch, bromance, it was the highlight of the whole telefilm.
    vasay one liner were too epic, haha, specially the one * appendix da shapendix hogyaa hai* , it was too good,
    and oh the scene in which amina has gun in her hand pointing towards fawad and she fires it , haha, the facial expressions of fawad were brilliant. the man acted amazingly !
    As for the songs, i think only the female version of akele na jana was bearable. and man, koko korena. it was horrible for me, i mean even people of our generation know ko ko korena, it was too bad, and as the reviewer pointed out, the less said about fawad”s ORANGE suit, the better 😀

    • @Saraah: Seems like we’re all basically tired of all the social message waley serials and loved the intelligent humor here .. I really hope the channels etc realize this and we get to see a change in the themes of our serials .. I would like to see more of stuff like the Baraat series, or TNS, or other stuff along similar lines, and of course a bromance would be awesome if it had Vasay Ch and Fawad K…

  11. Yes Agreed with everyone! The best so far…really enjoyed it a lot! Lovely writing by vasay and the best chemistry was between fk and vc lol but I still think fawad and aamina looked cute together …maybe not sizzling but still cute:)
    Great acting by all and lovedthe funny scenes, very well written! The songs were great too, akeley na jana both versions were really good.! The bgs was especially nice!
    Oh and great review SZ…Fk ka film finally agaya!.really loved his different look but yeah he did look a little too fair at times!
    Aamina sheikh looked beautiful throughout, loved her style!
    I hope we can see more such films soon IA. This was a great effort:)

    • @SK: Yes 🙂 🙂 Finally, we saw it!! Kiya hua if we had to lose a night’s sleep – it was all worth it in the end!! Ab lets see how our other fave Sarmad’s movie turns out!

  12. another thing which i felt weird was the tarang milk packs which were being highlighted at intervals throughout,no?:Dn i just broke into laughing when i heard danny mumbling that tarang song:Dn salman after making a breakup with zartaab,watching the tarang ad, added another odd to the show,he should have preferred watchin ”ZGH mega breakup epi” of all times:Dforgot to mention my loving this review:)

  13. First of all i want to say.
    Well beautiful movie efficient work bu vasay the great fawad the beauty and amina yhe sizzling and anjum for being spot on though there are some weaknesses but please i think they deserve more appreciation than critics it is really really hard to remake and preserve the taste of a movie which was acted by filmi personnels made by filmi personnels and the persons acting last night they were new to this format their is a huge diffrence in creating a magic in 3 hours than 25 episodes obviously bromance was on the top and vasay ch ny apny dil bharas ji bhar k nikali hy And under my ranking Abhi tau jawan hoon was better may be because i love comedies than romantics

  14. A great review as always 🙂 just watched a few scenes of armaan, didn’t get time but thank you for the review! I will definitely watch it after I get over with exams and I agree about farad khans styling, it was superbly done and about script Vasay chaudhry has nailed it!

  15. Your reviews are really lovely to read.. and this one was fabulous and agree with you! 🙂
    2 hours and 15 mins passed so quickly with laughing fits.. amazing telefilm it was.. kept me hooked through out..Vasay Choudry is one excellent writer.. loved his writing in ATMJH.. and this one too was equally awesome… His comic timing with Fawad Khan was terrific.. made me remember FK’s briliiant chemistry with Mikaal Zulifqar in KPKP…
    Ko-Ko Korina was way painful from audio to visuals… so much bright colors like i used to say in my language ‘chitha rang’…. poor costumes from aamina’s shocking pink sharara to fawad’s ewww orange suit… even choreography was not up to mark..rest all songs were excellent balance of this one bad song. Akele Na jaana i more liked male version as it was more close to original.. female version was shot beautifully.. Aamina looked stunning not only in that sequence but in whole movie..

    Fawad Khan was seen in different character and loved his effortless acting, his expressions, hot gazes.. all too good! but chemistry with Aamina was zero.. aamina’s acting gave look like more rehearsed and not naturally… so couldn’t felt the sparks specially in Cecil’s wedding..like SZ said.. more like buddies than lovers..

    But this one was actually a worth waiting telefilm.. from writing to direction to acting to songs to music to opening credits.. all was superb!
    p.s loved that piano tune which aamina played in her class and fawad listens from road 😉

  16. I must say this. ..SZ… I have been following your comments at different sites,
    You have a very intellectual and refined way of thinking…. Usually one doesn’t read logic and sensibility in blogs or reviews….. Thank you!

    My 2 cents are……Yes we need to see more of Vasay Chaudhry… Very intelligent and talented writer and actor… I am a bigger fan of Vasay!!!

    Amina sheikh is very talented… She may not have captured the screen with her acting on Armaan …but she had very little to work with… Whatever was given to her she did it marvelously .
    Of course Mr. khan is a great actor…. But needs to diversify.
    My last but not least wish is that Mr. khan remains …sincere to Pakistani industry and
    doesn’t accept offers from our neighbors….he will lose fans…

    Finally .. Great write SZ!

    • @Momal: Lovely to hear from a new friend and thank you for all your very kind words .. not sure where you’ve read my comments, but thank again 🙂
      Hahaha if you’re a fan of Vasay Ch’s then I’m sure you’ll find yourself in very good company here – plenty of us around so couldn’t agree more with you 🙂
      Also yes!! FK needs to move away from the same old same old and Im not sure if you’ve checked out the promos of his new telefilm Numm, here it seems like he’s thankfully moving away from the stereotyped hero roles .. looking forward to watching this one!
      And ab that you’re here, I hope you will join us in our weekly discussions on the various threads 🙂

  17. Hi SZ!! Loved your review as usual!! Esp the “martial hell” reference..lol!

    I am going to be a buzzkill, so I apologize for that :P. I wasnt really bowled over by this movie like most of you were. I felt the story was really weak. I’m all for masala movies but even then I felt the second half was really really weak. And there was very little romance and the ending was a big WTH moment for me.

    All the TV dramas have such beautiful OSTs that I was not very impressed with the songs either.

    But like all of you here I loved Vassay, thought he was brilliant with both cliche and non cliche scenes, the bromance was very enjoyable! Loved the scene where he is knocking on the TV while FK is knocking on the window outside. His expression is so so funny!! He was excellent was fake Armaan. I really liked the first half, laughed a lot and swooned too over FK. But the second half was like i said very weak. I hated the super cliche over heard conversation bit. I wish he had discovered the truth in some other manner.

    ok I will scoot before all you throw your chappals at me 😛

    • Lol Aish everyone has the right to their opinion. This movie was not earth shatteringly awesome by any means but of all the other remakes so far this was the most enjoyable.

    • @sara: When I had watched it live the words where there, either the uploaders or the tv bosses later decided to mute those words …. not quite sure what purpose that served because one can easily make out the words and the meaning is as clear as daylight…

  18. I just got around to watching Armaan. My overall reaction: ok, not spellbinding, but then I have no point of reference for Pakistani movies at all. Growing up it was mostly bollywood and quite frankly in the last 15 years I could count the total on one hand.

    @ SZ: I happen to agree with most of your review.

    I liked the cinematography, I enjoyed the outdoor locations, though Fawad did look like he was freezing in most of the outdoor scenes.

    I also don’t think there was any chemistry between Fawad and Aamina. The shy, longing gazes looked tinny – no spark at all. I think Aamina looked best when she sang “Akailay na jaana”, but there was no Fawad in that scene. The only other time she really connected was when she was walking away from her stepmom, crying, after she agreed to convince Zartaab to marry Armaan. I found the rest of her performance very flat, even the final scene when he stops her at the edge of the cliff.

    Actually what’s interesting is that although the Koko Korina song was painful on the eyes, of all the performers she was the only one who looked like she was into it and could remotely dance. Fawad looked so cheesy (the forced batteesi smile during the song ) and unskilled as a dancer .

    Getting to Fawad – LOVED the way he looked – loved his hair. And the look was such a departure from Zaroon, Ashar, Mujju et al. I avoid the word HOT like the plague, I find it overused and often incorrectly used. So let me just say Fawad was stunning/dashing/charming/incredibly handsome! And I am not one to gush! I have always appreciated his looks, but only because he is also a great actor. Loved his expressions, especially in the last few scenes when he had that intense glare in his eyes. He was also convincing as the flirtatious player, I loved his scenes when he went to Zarnaab’s school both times.

    And I agree that I thoroughly enjoyed his interaction with Vasay. They played off each other so well. It was nice to see the guy interaction/bromance. I enjoyed seeing a non-romantic dimension to FK.

  19. @Nur: Hey! As always thoroughly enjoyed reading your detailed comment 🙂 Indeed, all the problems you mentioned did indeed irk, but LOL if you would have watched it after Devar Bhabhi, the telefilm that aired the week before this one, boy oh boy, you would’ve LOVED this one 😉 That one is a must watch if you’re looking to experience Lollywod in all its glory!

  20. Loved the article but then I had all these comments to read. That was tough but I managed.

    Coming back to your article, really enjoyed.

    I wasn’t sure whether to watch this Pakistani film or not, but your article made me a fan even before I have watched it.

    Where can I find this movie on the internet? I’ve found a website (vidpk) but the movie isn’t there. Any alternatives?

    Is it on YouTube?

    Let me know if you can find a HD link to watch this film online.

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