Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 25 Review

I don’t know how many more episodes Kashaf needs to complete her journey from shikwa to shukar, but I know that my journey from shukar (yay the serial finally started) to shikwa (can it end already??) ended quite a few episodes ago. After sitting through yet another painful episode, despite amazing performances, I am at an absolute loss to understand the point of this drag-fest.

This latest episode revolved around yet another contrived situation, which with any other couple would’ve been sorted out and dealt with within a span of 15 or so minutes. Instead what we got was a weird scenario of yet another drawn out argument which ended with Kashaf storming out of Zaroon’s house in Islamabad and landing up at Rafia’s house in Karachi. Earlier we saw bechara Zaroon trying to get Kashaf to open up to him for the umpteenth time. I’m not sure what reserves of patience this guy is drawing on, but more power to him – I’m beyond fed up. Can we pass around a hat and collect funds to pay for a good psychologist for our girl Kashaf?!?! 

I get that Zaroon is not doodh ka dhula hua either; we know the guy is deeply flawed and has his own share of issues, but still in comparison to Kashaf he seems to be the epitome of maturity. His very thoughtful suggestion of inviting Rafia to move in with them was very rudely shot down by his beloved wife. Later, when he was trying to explain about Asmara, Kashaf refused to listen to him. Then, when he was big enough to admit ke he had been stupid about Osama,  she refused to relent – arrey bibi us ki baat tau sun lo! Once upon a time I used to like and even empathize with Kashaf, but now this girl has made it impossible to feel anything but aggravation for her. I could not believe that she was going through drawers and looking behind books… what did she think she was going to find? Kuch sookhe huey gulab aur khushboo waley khat?? Aargh!!

Interwoven with this couple’s story was the Murtaza-Rafia-Nigar triangle. I know there are many who feel for Rafia, I did too, for the first three or four episodes, but now that we are in week 25, I’m sorry but I really don’t care whether Murtaza used to be a nafees man, how unhappy he is with Nigar, and how Rafia has been wronged – enough already!!! We’ve heard the same story in so many ways throughout the last six months that at this point all these scenes, again despite fabulous performances, carry no meaning at all, at least not for me.

To wrap up a non-review of a non-episode we are basically where we were two weeks ago. Kashaf is still pregnant, she and Zaroon are still fighting, Rafia is still crying, Murtaza is still the ass he always was, Shehnila is still unmarried, Hammad is still not sudhroed, his two sisters are still MIA… There was a time when I used to get genuinely upset with all the incoherence, the loose ends and timeline bloopers, but those were days when I cared, when I took Zindagi Gulzar Hai seriously. Ab, my only interest in ZGH: yeh kab khatam hoga?? 

Written by SZ~


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  1. i think it’s fallen with a thud… i watched it, but most part was fast forwarding. Had not imagined will be FF Fawad khan serial. But all in all, the intese scene and performance between the couple was a testament of the great talent that exists, and unfortunately it was not maximized the way it should have been .

    • @Ashram: Totally agree with you.. the scenes were fabulously done, but great moments randomly strung together do not make for a coherent overall story … I wonder how it will all be wrapped up next week…

  2. awww SZ thoda thaandi paani (tarang doodh maybe ;)) pi lo.
    It is what it is yaar. There is no point in getting upset about it 🙂 At this point take it as face value – it has become a good money making vehicle for Hum. Remember they extended Humsafar’s episodes by 2 or 3 as well to get as much out of the advertising. Yahan per tow established product (FK) hai so we’ll keep on churning it out till the cows come home.
    Anyways to the episode – much much better than the past 2 or so. I have a weird feeling that they made Umera go back and write some of these epis (the past few) because they wanted to extend the drama. AND it could be quite possible that our stars went back and shot for those extra episodes after they wrapped up the shooting last year. (Just a hunch going by how Sanam’s skin goes from perfect to acned in the past few epis) So continuing with my hunch then this was more Umera’s style today (again) then it has been off and on for the past few weeks. I enjoyed that the battle of egos was BACK after a long time. Z and K behaved just like you would expect them to behave – hot headed and not thinking logically. And I really liked the Rafia-Sanam scene although it could have been shortened a bit.

    So yes I also feel it is way too drawn out and can they please finish it already because I don’t care anymore, but let’s give credit where it’s due – great episode today and if it had been put at around epi 20, it would have worked like a charm. Right now all I could think of was chalo bachay paida karo aur khatam karo yeh khel lol what an opportunity lost.

    • @Annie: Considering that this was the second last episode the leisurely style of story-telling is really incomprehensible .. this pace, with kids yet to be born and grow up for happy family portraits, would have made sense at the midway point .. but now its really pointless… yes Humafar was extended true, but not like this where kids are yet to be born…
      LOL@ Tarang doodh!!

  3. SZ, you have written down everything that was said in my living room today:p Seriously, they need to move on! Nevertheless, you have still managed to (like always) write a wonderful review out of NOTHING!

    The promo killed my last hope that zindagi would become gulzar..There’s nothing more I have got to say:( sadly though!

    • @Heela: Yaar, yaad hai tum ko hamari excitement when we all went crazy over the first look and the launch show etc … when did we ever think ke it would turn out like this 😦
      Missed you the past couple of weeks… kidhar ghaib?

  4. I agree with your review completely. I was really mad with Kashaf today….When she said “zaroon mein bewakoof nahin hoon” I could only roll my eyes and think to myself that she is, and more than anything I am such a bewakoof for sticking it out. I really felt bad for Zaroon today. Kashaf can be really dense sometimes. You think a lady with twins on the way, who loves her husband, that her nightmare or whatever had her crying , would care to listen to him. But no she was just incredibly rude the whole time. I was so mad at her. All her rules about privacy went out the door in a jiffy. Why should he tell her he meets Asmara if you say you are happy when he doesnt talk about everything that happens in his life?? That bedroom scene…WTH????? How could she say that to him?

    The rest of the episode…I dont care…I just FFed through it all. Rafia please just go on a pilgrimage now. I dont want to hear no more.

  5. SZ, I am glad I am not the only one who is totally tired of this sleepfest- never thought I’d be saying this about the much awaited ZGH but there it is. Agreed with your review entirely. Infact this show doesn’t deserve a ‘dekho’ – I do it for FK alone.

    The most disappointed I am is with Umera Ahmad- isn’t she supposed to be this great writer that Pak tv has discovered (I liked QeTanhai). Phir kya hogaya? I am sure when she is watching zgh, even she’d be getting the dejavu feel. How can she write the same dialogues (e.g. rafia’s) for each episode- aap bore nahin ho jateen likhte likhte? Or did someone force you to lengthen the show? Plz don’t listen to them next time!
    Also disappointed with (what I’d heard was the great) Sultana Siddiqui 😦 less said the better…
    and Momina Duraid- now you are intelligent, young, all-there, how come you let this pass? Didn’t you have a look at the edits? the screen play that drags and repeats and repeats and yawn- people fight over silly things, numerous bedroom scenes (theek hai, the show has FK but must we see nth scenes of FK in bed, FK romancing, FK being cute- kaafi hogaya).

    Truthfully speaking- I enjoyed 2.5 hrs of Armaan much more than all of ZGH put together!
    Fawad – have asked you this before- Please make a 180 degree turn and do something completely different from the usual romance. Till then I’ll go and see Akbari Asghari again…. 🙂

    • Afia, Umera Ahmed’s scripts usually have these long-winded repetitve dialogues. She is a great writer but her scripts need an equally excellent director and editor to ensure that the sparks fly on the screen. I am not sure what has gone wrong here – I think we viewers were taken totally for granted, along with a combo of terrible editing and formulaic scenes. This should have been a crisp 15 to 18 episode serial and instead we are over 25 and the end is nowhere in sight. I am terribly disappointed….

      • Thanks for replying DB…you’re so right…. Excellent director se mujhe yaad aaya that I was also a fan of Shehr-e-Zaat; now that was well handled….

        • you guys are right! Too bad UA is not getting the hint! How many times can one repeat the same dialogues. I dont understand how the actors agreed to this,
          i mean come on already SP!

  6. I am seriously getting tired of all of this “drama” that is taking place like come on! It’s like now they are pulling on loose threads to make this serial last longer…and personally I think that Kashaf should have opened up about her personal issues by now…

  7. Perfect Review of this “non-episode”. Agree with every single word of yours.
    Disappointing story, disappointing direction, and painfully slow pace.
    HUM tv has taken us all for a ride.

  8. Review parhna chordo, Dramay ki Boring khatam hojayegi, mai ne 15 episodes daikhi to ZGH interesting jaraha tha leki phir hub mai ne review parhnay shoru kiyay to drama boring lagnay lag gaya, Review me hazar mun hazar batain , jub 23 episode hogayein to kahnay lagay 25 episosde is the last episode, drama bore honay lag gaya hai aub wrap up karain, why why why ? , or oper se Review par comments sonay par sohaga, SZ agar aap ko Dramay me itnay he flaws lagtain hain to na daikha na review likhain, abe kuch comments me kaha k 28 episode last episode hai mujhay ye samajh nahe araha k Dramay ko kiun END karwana chahtay ho kin itni jaldi hai, abe to wo Haqiqat dekharahay hain k Shadi k baad cheezoun ko face karna parta hai , shadi se pahlay to sub khuwab daikh rahay hotay hain. Don’T rEAD THE Reviews, Enjoy the Drama.

    • All I can say is that I agree with you mate. There was hardly any episode of ZGH which was not declared gulzaar at this site. I feel that ZGH should run for a few more weeks.

    • I wish there was a like option here too so that I could like your comment infinite times.I hundred percent agree with you…Wonder what makes all these SO CALLED reviewers to waste their energies,time and intellect on writing reviews for a drama they don’t want to see..
      Bhai jakar kuch aur dhang ka kaam karlia karo!!
      Drama dekhna bhi hai aur us ki buraayian bhi karni hai…

      • Hasan , Thanks. yaar itna nice Drama Outstanding Story Outstanding Direction, k Aankhoun me aansu ajatay hain,

      • @ Hassan Umer, dear sir, instead of lashing out at us, innocent viewers, why don’t u give a sincere advice to your Madam UA, that next time she gives her scripts to intelligent directors & not spoil them with average direction. She should learn after the fiasco of ZGH & MUU.

        • Miss Afsheen

          First of all I am not addressing the VIEWERS…I am addressing these SO CALLED critics..
          If they find these dramas annoying,irritating and never ending why are they still wasting their Precious time and Energy writing reviews to these over rated dramas??
          Kuch dhang ka kaam karlo na aap Reviewers (Khwateen aur Hazraat) or are you guys getting paid to defame/praise any project??I think latter is the case as no sane person will waste his/her time just for the SAKE OF REVIVAL OF DRAMA INDUSTRY by writing reviews and that too Honorarily…

          I would like to thanks these reviewers for one thing..Their bad reviews made Maat a superhit(check the ratings of dramas of that season from TV Channels) and they are doing the same for ZGH and MUU.
          So in a way your Bad reviews are a good luck charm for the writer and the concerned director/producer.
          So please continue writing bad reviews…


          • If the reviews are so annoying, please do follow your advice of not wasting precious time and find reviews that are more in line with your wavelength of positive thought. If there is positive there has to be negative and thats what this is. And its good since its good luck charm there is no problem obviously.

            • There is a major difference in between Criticism and Humiliating any Director,Writer,Producer.
              Learn the difference and learn how to Criticize in a civilized manner.

            • And thanks for your advice…I hardly follow any of these SO CALLED reviews…I just came across this review as a friend of mine recommended this..And yes I will regret the waste of time and energy by reading this review…

          • @Hasan: Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment despite your utter dislike of my so-called review .. your critique this time around is as much appreciated as your praise for my so-called reviews during SeZ…

            • @Hasan In the writer’s defense, I have been following this site for a while now and have always seen fair and honest reviews. For you to malign the writer and imply that people reading/reviewing ZGH or any other serial for that matter are getting paid to defame a certain project is not only immature but also very much in bad taste.

              Most of us here have been watching ZGH since the beginning and enjoyed it until about 3 weeks ago where it completely lost the plot. Are you telling me that after 22 odd weeks of avidly watching a serial, we as viewers don’t even have the right to comment or question what went haywire? Does the fact that so many people feel the same way not make you even for once think that there could be some honesty in the common sentiment? Do you really think people are that faarigh that they will complain about ZGH for fun?

              Most of the commentators here are articulate, thinking people. If they are actually taking the time to comment on ZGH, whether positive or negative, the team should take it as a compliment. The feedback is there as constructive criticism and perhaps should be viewed as such rather than drawing dramatic conclusions out of every word written. Please don’t forget, your viewers are not sheep, they are human.

  9. Ufhh itnee narazgii SZ 🙂 !! Calm down my friend. .. 🙂

    They did the same thing with Shehr e Zaat too …. hum tv needs to refresh their policies !! Unnecessary dragging spoils the show and message as well.

    Only reason I am watching it now is powerful performance by Sanam Saeed. She is outstanding in her first urdu theatre play … versatility at its peak honestly, & I guess Fawad Khan too needs a break !! Baray he eik jaise roles ho gaye hain.

  10. I so agree with you on the last line “kab khatam hoga yeh?” 😦 they are dragging it for no reason, and there was no point of showing kashaf ka divorce wala khuwab! Just another way to drag the episode

  11. This show is sanam saeed’s show she is brilliant amazing acting with emotions brilliant expression in yesterday episode Fawad as usual side acting kashaf doing rite bcz this show convey this message k her baat apne family ki husband se share mat karo specially financial prbs ek time ata hai k yehi husband taunt kerta hai taney deta hai d grade kertey hain aurat ko strong hona chaye in future fawad need to change his acting style same as dastaan humsafar kabhi to lagta hai k ek he drama dekh rahe hain fawad doing something change

    • I SO agree with you !!! I am with Kashaf in this matter. You SHARE everything and have to SHARE the pain and taunt later !!! From personal experience I can easily say that it’s always better to let husband think that you don’t have any problems or any family issues. My life is Gulzar just by following this rule ” hur baat batanay wali nahi hoti ” …. Just before people get WRONG ideas …ha ha ha all my AFFAIRS were neat and clean and did not involve LOUVE !!!

  12. Sorry and also agree on Sanam !! Ohhhh I just love this girl ! She has put jaan in this drama , I fail to notice FF so many times Kay he is there ( I am neither for or against him , I see him as an actor) She has done this role with so much conviction that you end up loving and hating Kashaf so easily as she looks so real .

  13. This drama should be renamed Zindagi borefest hai. There is absolutely nothing intriguing about it. I feel like Umera recycled all of her other dramas dialogues and just added them here. All we see is repetition and pathetic characters in the form of Kashaf and Zaroon who are both being so unreasonable and dumb. This drama is now literally only there for Hum to make money off of. The direction has fallen. So has the writing. The acting is the only saving grace barring Sanam’s fluctuating dialogue delivery which is excellent at one point and then is a disappointment during another. I wish it would get off of our TV screens already. Please!

  14. Though I almost agree with all of your reviews but ZGH i never did.but this time i do I never liked this show.Somehow I feel this strory has dragggged too much for the reasons we all know

  15. I guess the Channels always tries to milk UA”s popularity as much as they can, we have mirat ul uroos having same problem of drag fast and repetition of dialogues and scenes again and again and again and again.

    I will just say

    Dear ZGH,

    and kashaf baji thori halki hojaein, you are very annoying now .

  17. @ SZ, I know 😦 Our wait for months. The first looks and the initial episodes’ excitement. All has gone down the drain leaving us wanting for more achey dramas. That day I was pondering over Humsafar AGAIN and realized along with it, there were tons of other wonderful dramas airing on all channels. We just could not choose where to stop and the remote-control really had a lot of work to do…ab tou 😦

    Yes, I missed you blog and discussions too, Have been studying:(. will join the routine discussions very soon iA:D

  18. despite of the fact that the whole thing is now dragged out n it must get a wind up,i feel like getting so down when it comes about fkay’s show ending up:(kashaf’s bigotry irritating yet a helping out in extending one such show,so my thumbs here go up to kashaf’s unmoving style of the all time(an applaud to her:P),wishing her stay like this forever n zaroon’s struggles of getting the both ends meet one way or other,ignoring it be eccentric this way:D hope my fridays not go abandoned with the wind up or someone encheer me with a perhaps news of another show of him if it were lol:D feelin like m in deep waters:(:(:(

  19. The problem with this serial is it is always about Kashaf and Zaroon – it is time to dilute this with other characters a bit because beating around the same bush is awfully boring. What about Sara and her married life, the sister in the US and her struggles, what about Asmara and her feelings for her marriage vs Zaroon. So many loose threads ! However interesting the main characters are there is a fatigue which sets in when you keep rehashing the same stuff !

  20. If you guys think ZGH is bad, try watching Mirat ul Uroos. That is even worse. Are these 2 soap operas? They are never ending.

  21. Read someone stating this about your review on another site.

    This site nitpicks all the time with ZGH, never have I seen them praise anything about this show. They find it hard to even praise Sanam Saeed, let alone the show as a whole.

    The performances of this show have been top notch throughout and even yesterday the argument scene was brilliantly portrayed by Sanam & Fawad and this person who writes these non-reviews, as aptly as she put it herself..failed to mention the best part about the episode. Thus, don’t find them professional enough to be typing up reviews.

    Dragging is one thing but to nitpick thoroughly is another. And some of this sites “favorite” shows have dragged and yet they couldn’t stop praising those shows. Biased/favoritism much? I’ve stopped taking this review site seriously now. Every show has some flaws, but to always nitpick about the smallest of details is silly. And, this site has been doing this since the first few episodes.

  22. Thank you so much Fazfar! Love the looong ost/promo/poetry of Numm- really looking forward to it. Hope it’s different from the ZGH types. I like Sania Saeed so this should be a good ride (fingers crossed).
    Btw I loved the ‘baal rung liye’ wala dialogue. Cool reaction from FK. My guess is SS might FK’s step mom in this, who he fals for 😉

    • Lol good guessing @Afia! This indeed looks pretty good! Dark and different for sure!
      FK in a very different role (feudal)! But if she’s the stepmom why is she not living with the father. Oh wait I think that’s the grandfather. So whose that young girl? She likes him but he falls for her mother?
      Well something to look forward to!! 🙂

  23. @Ash, I think the father is dead and the younger girl gets married to FK (check the bed with ‘genday ke haar’ on it.

  24. Here are the YouTube links for the new drama serial promos, NUMM featuring our very own FAWAD Khan and Sania Saeed! Enjoy! :).

    Promo 1:

    Promo 2:

      • Thanks for the links Ash and Fazfar!! very much appreciated!!

        @Afia, was there a mention of a harem? My Urdu is really bad (Rehmat, help please?:P) I thought she is one of the women from the harem?I could so so wrong here!!

        Has this been adapted from a novel? man I’m dying of excitement already..when this going on air?

        • @Aish: She did mean the harem you understood it to be ..From the promos it is evident that FK’s character Wali is married to the older lady, Sania Saeed an absolutely brilliant actress btw, who is given over to his family in exchange for forgiving a murder… he was ten when he was married to her according to the feudal custom of Wani. Now his father’s (?) decided that this guy needs to get married to a “suitable” girl hence the second marriage, and her saying why do you guys need a harem, wasn’t one enough.. and the ensuing tensions … don’t think its adapted, but could well be .. yes promos look promising and it is soo good to see FK in a non Ashar/Zaroon type of role .. now if only he could lose the Zaroon/Muju/Rohail/EP rockstar’s clothes that would be fab .. here it looks like hes walked out straight from the sets of Armaan onto this one :/

          • SZ!!! big hugs to you!! thanks for the explanation! I did not understand most of it. I thought he married the younger girl but loves the older woman..now it looks like he has two wives but loves only the older wife although he initially loved the younger wife and she loves him too? Wow!! This is really something out of the box! Why does he slap the younger girl? This two wife thing is going to be a little difficult to swallow for sure..at least for me :)..anyway cant wait!!

            Yes, I agree fully with you 🙂 He has most likely shot for Armaan and this together. Hasnt he lost some weight? I feel he looks more lean here compared to ZGH.

            Also, have been holding off on commenting on Armaan because I didnt want to be a buzzkill. But now the excitement has slowed down a bit so will comment there!!

            • @Aish: I think he is attracted to both in very diff ways .. lets see.. yes, hes way too skinny here ..
              LOL@ being a buzzkill on the Armaan thread!! Bas tum sirf likho and all of us Armaan lovers will come and beat you up for daring to diss our choice!! 😉

            • SZ, that makes way more sense! Attracted to both in different ways is better than what I imagined!! Anyway I’m really excited for this one..cant wait!!

          • Thanks SZ for clearing that up 🙂 I didn’t hear the harem part at all- must have missed it while putting the vol up. Sound interesting yaar- I love the leads!

          • @SZ: thankyou for explaining.. i clearly missed that important scene of mahjabeen being wani 🙂 now story is making sense…wish it could come as early as possible

            • Thanks for sharing links everyone! I had no idea this was even in the works. Anyone know which network is airing this? And when is it expected to air?

  25. Late again. It’s the finale this Friday. Like most of the posters here, I have no idea how they can possibly wrap up all the loose ends in a 40 minute episode. The Hum FB page said that they considered the Murtaza/Rafia, Hammad, Sidra, Sara, Ghazala story resolved last week in the first of a 2-part finale, which implies that we shouldn’t see much of them on Friday. I do expect to see Rafia with Kashaf though.

    I didn’t mind the episode last week. I see all the problems with timing, dragging out, inconsistensies and poor editing, but I have been watching this for the last few weeks without paying heed to those things. I was hooked in the beginning because of the Kashaf-Zaroon story and I am seeing this through for that. They make magic on screen, whether it is their coy romance or their all-out fights. I think Sanam Saeed has matched Fawad Khan on screen. I know there were various moments that had me swallow a lump in my throat and others when I was really paying attention.

    The fight scene was very good, the dialogues, the acting, loved how Sanam swayed back and forth with her hands on her hips – as if trying to somehow control her anger – that’s where I think an actor who really owns their character makes a difference. It just feels very real. Fawad was great as he walked in, noticed the suitcase and tried to act casual as he was trying to sort out this scene in front of him.

    I liked the scene when Kashaf asked Rafia to stay with her. At the end of the day, there is only one person Kashaf totally trusts and its her mother. Her mother has never let her down. And Kashaf only drops her guard for her mother. She really believes she has to be sang-e-marmar infront of everybody else. Until she learns that it’s ok to be vulnerable and open around her husband, they will continue to have these misunderstandings.

    Zaroon was completely correct in stating that she has never trusted him and never let him in her inner circle. That is Kashaf’s issue, not Zaroon. But then again, that is the whole point, Kashaf is still fighting her inner demons. And quite frankly, it has to be something big that makes her face it. An impending divorce – the thought of losing Zaroon frightened her, made her realize that she can’t imagine life without him. I think it will be the catalyst for change.

    Kashaf is far from perfect, and in the last few weeks, her issues/baggage have really come to the forefront. They were meant to be exposed – her lack of trust in her husband, her choice to keep secrets (the loan) are flaws. Kashaf, keeps everyone at arm’s length; makes weak attempts to trust her husband and is the first to backtrack when something negative happens (a lot of which Zaroon brings on himself); she won’t share her problems; she has trouble taking compliments and won’t reciprocate her husband’s affections. She is pathologically distrusting and closed-off. The pathology resting with her father.

    It’s irritating to see Kashaf’s behavior sometimes (bedroom scene when Zaroon wants to talk to her – and yes I found her response very rude and Zaroon should have retorted). But perhaps the naashukrapan that she needs to get over. Kashaf wasn’t built in a day, she is the product of 20+ years of struggle, rejection, abandonment. Is it fair to expect that a year of marriage to Zaroon would reverse her thinking? And that too, a year frought with misunderstandings, and unrelenting egos. In the big scheme of things, and as a real life observation, it’;s not outside the norm for a couple (especially in an arranged marriage setting) to take a year or more to figure things out and learn how to navigate their new relationship. And Kashaf and Zaroon had to get past their college days, their class differences, and their own childhood issues.

    Zaroon is a hypocrite and cannot justify hiding his interaction with Asmara on any level. Maybe the first contact could have been ignored, but as soon as he allowed himself to have coffee with her and then continue this friendship, Kashaf had every right to know. And he did lie about meeting her that day, if we are to believe her text stating that she was waiting and the fact that he wasn’t in his office.

    I am looking forward to this Friday to see how this ends – they’ve already spoiled the happy ending on their own website, but I think most people knew that any way. I am holding out for a final conversation – a lengthy one where they bare their souls – that’s the only thing that could truly satisfy me. Anything less and it will be the ultimate death blow to this drama that could have been so much more. I don’t need longing gazes and cheesy romance, I want them to sit down and exorcise their demons, understand who they are and what they need from each other.

    • @Nur: yaar, you’re expecting too much! 🙂 just look at all the stuff in the precap, plus the birth of their babies, and then the final family portrait with the older girls .. kahan time hai sab dil ki batein kehne ka .. and that is precisely the cause of my annoyance .. this pace of storytelling is fine if this still had three-four eps to go .. but after having spent so many of the earlier eps on so many other issues, the marital relationship part is getting a short shrift ..
      As for the Z-K scenes, yes I agree, completely fantastic… but again wish we had gotten to this point earlier 😦

      Btw. there will be a live after show transmission, celebrating ZGH.. would be great to hear the director and the cast’s thoughts and opinions..

      • @SZ: I know I am expecting too much and will probably be let down – {sigh!!}. After all the university fighting, the wooing, the proposal, the wedding night, the moonlit nights, the only thing I truly crave is them sitting down and telling each other what they feel and what they need. @ ZGH TEAM: IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR ?!?!?!

        While the “nazron mein nazrein daalkay romance” is entertaining, nothing is more satisfying then when two people declare their love and commitment to each other in a rational, mature way. I want them to admit they can’t live without each other, but because they and the life they built means so much to them.

        I wish I could write this final episode – I wouldn’t waste time on the “woh mujhay manaey-main nahin manaoonga”. They would meet, and hash it out once and for all.

        The ZGH admin on FB seemed to imply that Zaroon might read her diary – although that wasn’t part of the novel, in our rushed finale, it might give great context to a discussion between them. If he knows where she stood this entire time and how she felt, then it eliminates 50% of the discussion and they can focus on their present issues/needs.

        Since it is the last episode, I think the family portraits will be a photo montage like the engagement.

        We’ll see tomorrow…

    • Well, I’ve skimmed through most of the comments here, and have to say, I’m pretty much in full agreement with you Nur, *thumbs up* but I am afraid our opinion on this epi may put on in the minority, oh well!

      To each his own 🙂

      • @Twinks… I’m happy to read that you agreed with my take (or at least some of it). I have had concerns with the drama and it has definitely been on a decline since episode 20 or so, but I look at the big picture, and I have really enjoyed the acting and chemistry between FK and SS.

        And for lack of a better phrase to express it, I am Team Kashaf, flaws and all. I haven’t agreed with everything she’s done, but she is definitely the most consistent character and her actions have never really contradicted her beliefs or character. I hate the fact that she didn’t tell Zaroon about the loan – I would never do that – but knowing Kashaf’s khuddaari, her feeling insulted by Ghazala’s comment, her past self-reliance, her class differences she felt she couldn’t tell Zaroon. She has always had to fix her own problems and like Zaroon said, she is always trying to maintain this image of being strong and not needing anyone. I think she was struggling with her decision and that’s why she couldn’t fall asleep.

        • Hey Nur!
          I agree with everything you said 🙂 Like you pointed out, I totally see why K didn’t tell Z about the loan. I mean, for all she knows, MIL may still be filling Z’s head about “larkiyian aise situations key advantage lathey hein kabhe.” I mean, how does she know Z won’t go back and tell MIL if K does confide in him about loan, and then what will G say to that? Same with if Rafia moves in with them?

          I have been team K all the way from start to finish for all the reasons you listed, and then some, which would take me too long to list, ha! ha! I absolutely do see that she is not an angel, but I completely understand her behavior and find Zaroon’s words/actions insensitive, not malicious, but insensitive. It doesn’t really seem as though he really considers how his actions/words make people feel, throughout the entire series. Do you remember how he treated Asmara during their engagement and how she called him out on it when she broke up with him? He never comes out and acknowledges how his behavior can be hurtful. Well, I don’t want to engage in a great debate with team Zaroon-ers, ha! ha! I know there are many of you out there, on several sites who are vocal in your support. So like I said earlier, to each his own 🙂

          I do wish that the audience would get to see Z acknowledge/figure out/understand why K is so scared of trusting people given her history with her father. I think that is important for the sake of completion of the main story arch. Oh well! Who am I to have an opinion but a mere viewer 🙂

  26. i expected so much from this series but left watchiing midway until kashaf and zaroon got married, then i expected again too much from this series, now tht its last episode is on friday i feel like i wasted my time watching a dud series, there was practically nothing in it at all! and story bhi kuch nahi this, kuch achay scenes ate hai ate mein namak ke barabar but thst it,

    im watching silvatein now and its really picked up and keeps me surprised whats gna happen next as relationships are realistics and relationships are volatile as well and outcomes depending on situation, seems like someone smart who knows human nature wrote script for that series. so i would recommend that to everyone if they are done with ZGH.

    i expected so much, maybe they could have stopped at episode 21 and gone for a season 2 it would have been better for zgh, never been more utterly dissapointed, cant believe last episode is froday ko hai and itna potential tha story mein and cast itni achi thi but sab effort waste kardiya. hum tv is loosing its touch. dureshahwar was better than zgh in terms of story.

  27. Hmmmmmmm… Okay, the 26 episode safar of shikwa to shukr has concluded. Like the last few episodes, some poignant scenes interspersed with unnecessary, repetitive silent scenes. We’ll discuss more when our dear SZ posts her eagerly anticipated review.

  28. @Nur, very well written review. I agree a hundred percent with you. There has to be some place where K climbs down fro her self-righteousness. Why on earth should everyone but her pay for her ego-ridden world vision? Rememebr Z and K are classmates and thus very close in age. Men mature a little later and do need a lot more reassurance than women. But here it is always Z whose enthusiaitc romance and need for love gets snubbed mercilessly. Very sure, if it was any other director, this would have been a story of the psycho wife who disillusions her husband and drives him away. I think the writer is eminently confused about how real life works. Neurosis is not the best prescription for love

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