Silvatein ~ Episode 15 Review


Seems like Aunty Romana’s ghaibana dholkis did the trick and yes-no-maybe couple finally decided to take the plunge – mubarak ho ji aap sab ko, aakhir kaar Zaib and Rayaan ki shaadi khair khairiyat se ho hi gayi! 

If this were any other serial, we would’ve seen a fancy shaadi, designer joras, perhaps a wedding night convo or two, kuch shikwey shikayat, may be some chaand taaron ki baatein, but remember this is Silvatein, where nothing is like anything else. We not only rushed through a quick no-frills nikaah, but also watched the newly married couple go through the shaadi ke ba’d pehli baar khana pakana, sharing a meal routine, enjoyed their pehli larai, pehla sorry and pehla make-up, pehli shopping trip as a couple, and last but not the least the first serious showdown between the newly-wed bhai and bhabhi and the not-so-newlywed Mr and Mrs Chotu- wow!! These people clearly don’t believe in taking it slow and easy!

Another week and another action packed episode. I love how Shehrazade’s narration is keeping pace with Samira’s script on steroids. Even as so much happened, it was so smoothly done that it seemed like the episode had barely gotten underway when it came time for it to end. Along with the perfect pacing, the intertwining of the two couples’ stories, with Muneeze and the saas -in-abstentia thrown in for a good measure, has been done so well that both tracks are on equal footing, and we see all characters growing alongside, learning from and about each other.

Perhaps for the first time ever in her life Zaib has taken stock of her relationship with Natasha. Not liking what she’s seeing, she’s decided to get proactive and fix things between them. In doing so, at times she gets so carried away that she forgets that she has just entered into a new relationship, one that requires a lot of nurturing. Rayaan on the other hand, is much more pragmatic; having learnt from past mistakes, he’s decided to prioritize his relationship with Zaib rather than trying to fix his younger brother’s life. Its this maturity that wins the day for Rayaan as he and Zaib start their marriage on a solid footing. Yes, it not about leading and being led, but about the journey, of walking together into the sunset.

In sharp contrast, Bilal and Natasha are immaturity re-defined. Both still have a lot of growing up to do, both as individuals and as a couple. Both are like children; Bilal thinks marital life is like a Bollywood film, where his madam jaanu of a wife will melt every time he sends a lovely smile her way. Natasha on the other hand is still living in a world filled with mirrors, every reflection she sees is her own. Hence everything anybody says or does touches her personally and pricks her over-inflated sense of self. Needless to say this polarity in Bilal and Natasha’s approach to marriage is now beginning to make itself felt. Hence even as Rayaan and Zaib are taking their first steps together as a couple, our younger couple seem to drift just a little more apart.

What I am thoroughly appreciating here at the nuggets of wisdom and advice Samira has exquisitely woven into the narrative. Rather than dwelling on the causes of marital tiffs and spats, and then spending time detailing every day of their jhagra, what we are getting here are the all important solutions. For once we have a mother-in-law advising her daughter to stay out of her brothers’ problems. Yes, Muneeze’s been wronged, but amma ji ne bhi apne baal dhoop main sufaid nahin kiye. Trust me Muneeze, heed your amma, you’re better off with your husband, forgot your whacky bhais and bhabhis.

As for the bhais and bhabhis in question, we saw Zaib letting go of her ego and apologizing to Rayaan. Yes, she realized that she’d made a mistake with Mikaal, but to her credit she’s learnt her lesson and is trying not to repeat past errors. On his part Rayaan too owned up to past mistakes and shouldered his part of the blame in the breakup of his past marriage. It is fabulous to see the maturity displayed by this married couple. The other couple though is the complete opposite and would be the hands down winner of the most idiotic couple of the year award – take a bow Natasha and Bilal, yeh inaam aap ka hua!

Adeel Husain, Aamina Sheikh, Daniyal Raheal, Mira Sethi, and Maheen Rizvi are all doing a great job and so much fun to watch. Adeel and Aamina are sizzling together, loved all their scenes together. In a welcome change from all his previous very serious characters, it great to see Adeel smiling here – who knew the man could actually do that?! Daniyal is excellent as the very laid back Chotu, a perfect foil to the over hyper Natasha. Mira is doing a great job with her very complicated character. Its very easy to hate Natasha, but then every now and again we get glimpses of a young girl yearning to be loved for her own sake, a very sensitive girl who gets easily hurt very easily, sadly though all the softness is hidden so well under her very tough exterior. Loved how concerned she got when she heard Bilal was missing, but her turnaround later and her bakwas with Rayaan, about her aala zarfi, was pretty amazing to say the least. 

While Bilal is nowhere near ready to have an out and out showdown with Natasha, his “gone for a walk” excuse, lame as it was, did evidence that he was nearing the end of his tether. It will be interesting to see how far he is willing to put up with Natasha’s beyond-badtameezis. For your sake, and ours, Chotu please find your spine ASAP!

Written by SZ~

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  1. awwwwwwww zaib n rayaan were shoooo cute…..
    Poooooor bilal n hate natasha :@ she is a bi***…..
    if i get a hubby like bilal in future, i’ll consider myself more than just lucky !!!


    • @Pooja: Hai na! So right, magar Natasha ne tau bilkul qadar nahin ki us becharey ki, and in turn has made him look like a complete buddhoo! Natasha, sudhro plz!!!


      • @SZ i agree… natasha should change her behaviour…. oh n please tell me is zaib married ( in real life ) ???? n rayaan also ???


  2. Bhayee humari writer sahiba ne hie tareef kardi ap ke review ki.. tou hum aage kya kahen 🙂 just that i second her!!

    This was such beautiful episode in terms of not only showing the problems of our bewaqoof si Natasha but right there solutions as well…:)
    Aur haan khair mubarak, mun mitha jaldi karwaiye ga 😉

    I literally loved the maturity of newly wedded couple and this how couples should talk with complete trust on each other, without any cheesy stuff or waiede shaide…. the way Rayan expressed his love to Zaib was so genuine, not to lead nor to follow, just walk beside and together… Amazing!! any hardcore girl can melt phir ye to apni Zaib thi 🙂 Breakfast scene was one of the aesthetically done romantic scene; i have seen. I might sound ‘ Luchie’ over here but i had real goosebumps watching that..Adeel Hussain and Aamina Shaikh share some phenomenal chemistry… the shopping scene was more fun because of Natasha’s spy genes.. LOL

    Bilal..why he is like that.. ok understood he is afraid to make his marriage suffer like Rayan’s but still man..thora tou gusa dikhao and cheery on cake.. ghar chor ke chal gaya… rotluu kahen ka 😀 Natasha is taking full on advantage of this thing.. and jo mun me araha he bole jarahi he.. somewhere its also understandable of Natasha’s such image.. and i am so glad that bare bhai behn are there to make things ok 🙂 Daniyal Raheel and Mira Sethi are awesome!

    Scene that stood out for me was, Muneezae and her mum conversation.. it was damn realistic.. the way mommy said ‘ karna tou tumhe wahi hai jo tum karna chahti ho,meri tou tum mano gi nahin’ made me recall my amaa… she says the exact same line in same tone :D.. and the advice she was giving to muneezae was so spot on…

    so looking forward for thursdays already 🙂


    • @Rehmat: Yes, that mall scene was great! Loved Mira’s hasrat bhari/angry expressions there.. she hated them but even then could’nt stop following them.. too good!


  3. You managed to sum up the whole review in single line “Silvatein where nothing is like evrything else”:)Adeel and Amina they are simply outstanding their eyes convey the messages who need dialogues then 🙂


  4. Brilliant script and your reviews are amazing! Hats off to the director and actors as well 🙂 rayaan and zaibs scene were too good but our chotu, one word for him “joruu ka ghulam” =P seriously he should grow up and Natasha ko tou qadar karni chahiye uss ki but she’s just too busy in making others lives miserable!


    • @Abeer: Hey! Welcome – great to hear from you and thank you 🙂 So true abt Chotu being joru ka ghulam and needing to grow up – like right NOW!! Lets see what happens this week, Will be looking forward to your comments 🙂


  5. How I’ve missed Silvatein this last week ! So much so that I streamed the episode and “heard” it at work because I couldn’t wait to get home and watch it ! Adeel and Aamina were amazing 🙂 What brilliant chemistry these two have – pretty evident from Mora Piya these but even more sizzling in Silvatein.

    Chotu and Natasha – sigh kya hoga in dono ka? For a second I thought Bilal’s gumshudgee had triggered the beginning of a turnaround for Natasha but alas I was wrong….love how Meera Sethi plays Natasha’s insecurities to perfection…. well done !
    But the winning trophy this week goes to the newly wed couple – Aamina and Adeel for their very grounded and effective portrayals 🙂

    Zabardast review for a zabardast episode !


    • @Sabeen: Hey! So true about them being so different here than in Mora Piya – another one of my faves.. I remember when that was starting there were many who thought that this pair would not fly because they had been so good as brother and sister in Daam, but Mora Piya proved everybody wrong – they were fabulous there and now equally good here.
      Btw, did you get around to watching Armaan?


  6. @SZ i agree… natasha should change her behaviour…. oh n please tell me is zaib married ( in real life ) ???? n rayaan also ???


    • @Pooja: Aamina Sheikh is indeed happily married to a fellow actor Mohib Mirza .. you can catch him in Shab-e Arzo Ka Aalam these days .. he was also in Shehr-e Zaat, if you watched that .. If you like Aamina and Fawad Khan you should definitely check out the telefilm Armaan that just aired this past Friday .. I have the review up here and FYI.. Aamina looked fabulous there and very different from Zaib…
      Rayaan aka Adeel Husain is not married .. and his older dramas include Daaam, Mata-e Jaan and Mera Naseeb. Oh and he was paired with Aamina in Mora Piya before this one.. he has one other drama Jiya Nahin Jaye on air these days ..,


  7. I’m on episode 6 now! I really like this show and I could not help myself. I did peak ahead. Its such a breath of fresh air. I wasted so much time on ZGH! I hope catch up with the rest of you soon!

    I dont get Natasha. WTH !!!


    • @Aish: Hey girl!! Welcome to a so much more fun drama .. so glad you took the plunge and decided to watch this one, and gladder yet that you are enjoying it!! Haan ji bas ab apni Natasha ko kiya kahen.. she’s just cut from a whole diff cloth! What did you think of the three guys?? Sab ek se barh kar ek .. all keepers 🙂

      Also, if you havent yet done so check out the telefilm Armaan .. that’s another fun one . I’ve uploaded a yt video for that one ..


  8. Hey SZ!! I’m really glad I’m watching it too!!
    So far, I really like Mikaal and the older brother is very intriguing. I’m not sure about Bilaal yet 🙂

    Will definitely get back to you on Armaan, thanks 🙂 I see that Mikaal is in Armaan too!!And FK in your collage….haiyeeeee maar daala 😛


  9. im loving this drama so much, it was a sleeper hit, and im glad that others have started taking notice that this drama is so nicely made and its realistic. loving it,i can relate to it completely! and adeel and amina give awesome performance waisey adeel has beautiful eyes taubaa who can resist them 😛 lol 😛


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