Silvatein ~ Episode 14 Review


After last’s week’s dhamaka I had expected this one to be a mellower episode, much like the calm that follows a storm, but silly, silly me – I had totally forgotten about our very own ghanchakar – Natasha. Na tau us larki ko khud koi chain hai, na woh doosron ko chain se baitha dekh sakti hai!

Seriously speaking, for the sake of her own mental health and ours, Natasha needs to take it down a notch or two… at this rate even the Energizer bunny would cry uncle and bow out of the race to keep pace with which this woman/girl/infant’s brain works. For her own sake, and Bilal’s, and everybody else’ perhaps Natasha should sign up for some yoga classes, not just one or two, but one every hour on the hour… umeed tau nahin hai, but maybe just maybe a few deep breaths will help calm her down. I get that she’s had a traumatized childhood, magar bibi, ab aisa bhi ki kya trauma ke you make everybody else’ life azaab? Aur sab to ko tau choro, ab you’ve gone and given Chotu sahab his marching orders?! How? Why? Wow! This girl is on some serious crack! 

Samira and Shehrazade and the talented cast deserve a round of applause for succeeding in carrying over the momentum from last week. While in terms of the story not much new happened, everybody, including Rayaan himself, were still trying to wrap their heads around the shocking proposal, the draw of the episode lay in the manner with which the similarities between siblings were juxtaposed against their differences. In as much as they are different personalities, there is so much that is alike between the two brothers. Like moths attracted to a flame, they know they will get singed but still there is something about these sisters that is inherently attractive to them. It was so much fun to watch Rayaan courting Zaib. All their scenes, in the kitchen as the pair argued, but unconsciously worked in tandem, Rayaan bringing Zaib her dinner, Zaib admitting he is a suitable match for her, their argument towards the end of the episode, where Rayaan very smartly plays Zaib’s guilt, towards her sister, against her and convinces her about the efficacy of his proposal, were all superbly executed. Adeel hits just the right note with his very well-written character and his scenes with the fabulous Aamina are worth watching again n again.

On the other hand, the two sisters, though ostensibly as alike as chalk and cheese are quite alike when it comes to not sparing a single thought to polite niceties. Loved the way Zaib refused to pander to Rayaan’s ego and contradict Mahjabeen’s opinion about him. Not saying that she’s exactly like her cuckoo younger sister, but one can see the similar mun phat genetics at work here. Also, much as they are different and profess to hate each other, it is interesting to see how well  theyknow and understand each other. Even as everybody is in denial as to the real reason behind Rayaan’s proposal, Natasha is perhaps the only one who sees the writing on the wall, and calls it like she sees it – yes, that was no fight between bhai and bhabhi to be, that my clueless Chotu sahab friend was Romance 101.

Speaking of Chotu, methinks Aunty ji watched one too many saas bahu sagas when she was expecting Bilal, and now he thinks he’s playing a starring role in a mazloom shohar serial. Bhai sahab, snap out of it! Much like those silly mazloom heroines you too need a reality check. Yes, you are indeed khandaani, shareef, izzatdaar, love your wife and all that jazz, but arrey ab aisa bhi kiya ke banda bas sunta hi rahey aur kuch bolay bhi na?! How could you let your beloved wife mouth off like that?? Bilal, I was giving you a free pass just because you are such a sweetheart,  but now I think I’m done trying to rationalize your behavior. Grow up and be a MAN! Quit with the madam jaanus and take a leaf out of your brother playbook and woo back your wife.

In sharp contrast to Bilal, who still needs to learn how outgrow his mazloomiyat, Mikaal learnt his lesson in just one go. Even though he loves Zaib, he refuses to allow her to suck him into her problems and her world. Again much like her sister, Zaib cannot see beyond her me, myself and I myopia and keeps turning to Mikaal, without sparing a single thought for his feelings. Mikaal, dude, you seriously lucked out. Instead of sitting in a darkened room 24/7, you should be out celebrating your rehaai – jaan bachi so laakhon paaye!

And on Mikaal and Zaib, what the heck is wrong with Durdana Aunty? Is she inhaling what Natasha’s smoking? The alacrity with which she and Uncle ji rushed to deliver mithai to the now double samdhan, and hurriedly arranged ghaibana dholkis was truly amazing. Add to that her delusion about how good it was that her two daughters would now be together forever and one can see the apples have not fallen very far from the tree. Sigh!!! Muneeze, in larkiyon se milne se pehle you should’ve taken the mom out for a one-on-one lunch and checked Auntyji out!

Episode 14 was another crazy fun-filled ride with the Silvatein gang. Samira’s script is sharp and lines meaningful and witty. Kudos to Shehrazade for maintaining the pace and keeping it engaging, even though it is shot in a very confined space with the same four people coming and going out of different doors. The actors are all doing justice to their very complex characters, making them come alive so vividly that I can hardly wait to see what happens next week. Are we being served Rayaan and Zaib ke nikaah ke chuharey next week?

Written by SZ~

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  1. One word for this episode : Aaaawwwwweeeesssuuummmm
    Loved it loved it loved it!!!! And ur review is spot on SZ. Bilal seriously needs to grow a spine n Natasha too needs to grow up. The way they were listening to zaib n rayaan’s convo showed exactly how babyish they r. But they add a great flavour to the show so I m nt complaining at all. My fav part had to b the convos between Zaib n Rayaan… Ufff Rayaan is soooooooo cute . Whn Natasha said Rayaan Bhai ko Tu romance ka r bhi nhi ata… Total Rofl moment . Tbh I like this show so much more than ZGH. It’s like a breath of fresh air… N the characters r total opposites to the stereotypes we get to see. N the dialogues… Simply amazing . Samira Fazal thank you soooo much for giving us this show. U rock =D


  2. I am a silent reader of these reviews and must say that i love silvatein. Its like a breath of fresh air. Every scene is so meaningful. There are very few dramas where i watch each and every scene and silvatein is one of them. And i completely agree with laiba that it is better than ZGH which has actually many loop holes. The story is not completely tight which is weird considering its umaira ahmed.
    Anyways, loved the zaib and Rayyan scenes. The more zaib gets angry, the more Rayyan gets attracted to her and it seems whenever he sees zaib, he cant control his romantic feelings. And very clever of Rayyan to play the sister card with zaib to make her agree.
    Was it me or everyone noticed the sudden sparkle in Rayyans eyes when zaib said ‘ aap mere qabil hain’ hehe


    • @Muna: Lovely to hear from a silent reader – so glad that Silvatein made you decide to take a plunge and comment – welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks 🙂
      Yes, Adeel is really good as Rayaan! I too really enjoyed that moment … loving Aamina and Adeel together again after Mora Piya.


  3. The onlyreason i started to watch this show is amina sheikh and adeel hussain together. And man am i happy. I don’t know which pair has more chemistry. Sanam saeed and fawad or adeel and amina??? I also agree with borh of above cmmnts that for the last two weeks i am liking silvatein more than ZGH. Natasha ke baare mein kuch bhi kehna bekaar hai. I hope uski Bilal se divorce ho jaaye. Aur Bilal saheb ko Natasha kya mili aisa lagta hai cleopatra mil gayi. Matlab Bilal ke liye ab sirf Natasha ke paon dabane ki kasar reh gayi hai. And talking about Durdana aunty, now we know where thesse girls get their crazy genes from. And on sn unrelated topic, can’t wait to see amina and fawad together.


  4. Silvatein is my favourite drama right now! Have never felt let down by any of the episodes, it has consistently engaged my attention with high calibre direction,script and superlative performances by the impressively talented cast..unlike ZGH which was outstanding and excelled in few episodes and has been quite unfathomable in others!!I think it is Sherezaade’s impeccable directorial skills and Samira Fazals witty,ingenious script which tilts the scale in Silvateins favour?I think Sultana Siddiqui could not do justice to ZGH despite excellent performances and dialogues?

    Silvatein’s cast have tailor made roles and fit like a glove into their characters, can’t imagine anyone else other than Aamina and Mira doing fabulous justice to such complex , idiosyncratic characters…they seem to breathe life and so also Rayan, Mikaal and Bilal …the male protagonists are immensely likeable … the story with its uniqueness is so unlike most run of the mill mediocrity in current dramas……the skilled execution of the script, seamless screenplay,editing and highly realistic and relatable scenarios……the two sisters perplexing and confounding demeanours the sensible,romantic Rayaan and his palpable chemistry with strong willed and unpredictable Zeb, sincere Mikaal’s genuine friendship and rationality ,Natasha’s despicable , abhorrent deportment clouded by cynicism and immaturity, Bilals incredible tolerance and naïveté to Durdana , Pupho , Mezabeen and her mothers wonderful portrayals, Silvatein is a class apart….an epic drama which needs to be applauded if not for anything but for its uniqueness which truly distinguishes it from the rest! Take a bow team Silvatein…yours is an award winning effort.


    • @Laiba @Ume azhaan @Muna and @zara: So agree with you all .. Silvatein is indeed different from the routine run of the mill stuff out there, and with its intelligent script and superb direction this serial does shine like a beacon when compared to the haphazard ZGH …


  5. Cool review! Yes, this is a roller coaster ride for sure. Loved the interaction between Rayan and Zaib- Samira Fazal’s writing is lajwaab. Most surprising was the mom and dad’s reaction in pak- seedhe hi meethai le kar saas ke chale, na beti se baat ki, na kuch- bit unbelievable…but what a cool saas Shamim Hilali makes, doesn’t flutter an eyebrow at the news! Bravo! Loving this!


  6. Such a ‘Laugh-out-loud’ review…thoroughly enjoyed!

    I am simply loving Samira Fazal’s crisp script and Shehrazade Shaikh’s top notch direction.. v.well done both of you…. women power all the way 😀

    this was yet one more enjoyable episode, right from freaking awesome zaib and rayyan’s interactions… it was good to see someone at zaib’s level… only this guy can handle her with his strong convincing ability and humari larki ka crush tou vo start se tha 😉 but felt bad for her caring friend too… chalo no worries Meekal.. tumhe tumari type ki cute and sweet si larki bohat asaani and jald miljaeegi 🙂

    Natasha.. is now officially an antagonist.. lol 😀 khudhi he phone kar ke batao Pakistan me aur phir gusa bhi nikalo zaib per… i liked her fakeness with Bilal for just a while and our chotu how happy he became…awww 😀 Itne phatooo na bano bilal.. and like SZ said.. Mard bano.. Be a Man. i hope these 3 people or rather 4.. make Natasha really get well soon 😉

    and coolest mother in law gave no surprises in accepting such dhachke wali news so easily and open heart 🙂 and durdana aunty app ka kya kehna… gaibana dholki be rakh li… LOL..

    Now i so want marriage in next episode 😀


    • @Rehmat: Durdana bhi ek alag hi sample hai … and then she wonders why her daughters are the way they are … loved the notion of a ghaibana dholki… an inspired thought by @Samira Fazal.. sp perfectly apt for Durdana Aunty!


  7. finally i have watched it…! amazing amazing and amazing episode what else can i say ??? Yaar l wanted to throw something on natash esp when she treats bilal like a doormat uffff!!!
    RaIb scenes were the best and their chemistry was just perfect or should l say electrifying !!!
    lastly @SZ what is meant by Chuharey ??? i know ke nikha Kya hota hai but chuhary ??? confused !!


    • @pooja – a chuhara Is a dry date. It’s usually in the nikkah favors bag given to the guests after the nikkah ceremony! Hope that helps! 🙂


  8. zaib: “mujhe mazak mein bhe romance acha nahi lagta”

    Rayaan :”u mean agar mein seriously romance karun toh koe problem nahi hai ???”

    Zaib (shyyyyy o.O


  9. Natasha, Natasha, Natasha… you are burning bridges left and right and will find yourself very alone, more than you could ever imagine. She is intolerably rude to her husband – who really needs to get his act together. Not to call the kettle black, but Bilal is her biggest enabler and the facilitator. She continually disrespects him and insults him in front of other people and he doesn’t even speak up.

    Shareef aur khandaani honay ka matlab yay to nahin hai kay biwi kay hathon apni zillat saho – grow up Chhotu!!!!

    I am enjoying the back and forth between Zaib and Rayyaan – it’s a really interesting dynamic. Sometimes he seems so sure of himself as the successful, intellectual older brother and other times he looks like a hopeless romantic trying to woo a girl he has a crush on. The whole cooking dinner for Zaib and then delivering it to her room was quite funny and cute, but it was a little inconsistent with the other aloof/stiff Rayyaan we know.

    Again, I like Zaib… she speaks her mind but thank goodness she does it with tameez. I like her conflicting emotions reagarding her sister – she doesn’t like Natasha’s behavior, but she sees why she is this way and at the end she doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her sister’s life. Of course Natasha makes no effort to understand her sister or her husband and is absolutely rude to her brother-in-law.

    Durdana… nonsensical, dumb, childish! Hmmm, I wonder where Natasha gets it from. I am really surprised that her husband went along with it though, I thought he was smarter than that.

    I hope Mikaal is finally done with Zaib – Zaib say koi umeed nahin rakhni chahiyay, ussay khud hi nahin pataa ussay kyaa chahiyay.

    Let’s see where next week takes us…. I am expecting the OST-spoiled nuptials, but like other scenes from the OST, I don’t think there’s going to be a long honeymoon phase, I think they are marrying to help their younger sibs.


    • @Nur: LOL! Loved reading your take – so agree with you, but I do think there’s more than just altruism lurking behind Rayaan’s proposal and Zaib’s acceptance .. let’s see how it plays out ..RE: the short honeymoon, I think you are spot on,no hand holdings, walks on the beach or chand gol hai type discussions here 😉


      • Yay, someone replied!! 😉

        @SZ: it’s definitely getting interesting!! And I agree with you this marriage isn’t entirely altruistic, Rayyaan is intrigued by Zaib and drawn to her. I think he subconsciously compares her to Maahjabeen and Natasha and likes their contrasting characteristics. He is a successful businessman but I think he appreciates her social work and her perspective on life. So, he isn’t proposing for a marriage of convenience/necessity, but I think in order to convince Zaib he does dangle the carrot that says they can come together and then help their sibs. At the end of the day, both Natasha and Bilal are immature in their handling of their relationship and their extended family. Zaib and Rayyaan’s maturity, example and direction will probably help save NnB’s marriage.

        What is refreshing is that none of the characters are perfect. Zaib is definitely the most relatable/likeable right now, but we saw what she overcame in her own personality to have this new perspective. She was selfish, manipulative, careless, and spoke before she thought. Some life events have changed that attitude, to give us a more reflective, considerate, ‘door andaish’ character, who in her transformation hasn’t become sanctimonious as some born-agains have a tendency of becoming.

        @SZ: although I feel guilty saying as I suspect you are probably busy, but I eagerly await your ZGH review! 🙂


        • @Nur: My apologies .. just been a crazy couple of weeks, and last week was really bad .. but yes fingers crossed we will discuss ZGH tomorrow … hopefully tomorrow’s ep will make for a relatively more gul-o gulzar discussion 🙂
          And looking fwd to reading your thoughts on this latest ep of Silvatein and Rayaan and Zaib’s shaadi – now here’s one couple who’s life is unquestionably gulzar at the moment! 🙂


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