Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 23 Review

Growing up, Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite books. The concept of a fantasy world – where nothing was what it seemed, time had little or no value, each characters lived in reality of their own making, people grew and shrunk randomly, what made sense was nonsense, and 2+2 equaled everything but four – held a lot of fascination for me. Every time after I read this Lewis Carroll classic I would spend hours daydreaming about what such a world would look like – what would those fantastical characters be like, how would they live and behave in a world which lay outside of time, a place where disorder was the order of the day. Needless to say I never found answers to any of my questions.

447px-Alicesadventuresinwonderland1898Its taken a while, but I think I got answers to all those long ago questions today. The world of Zindagi Gulzar Hai is no less mesmerizing than that of Alice in Wonderland. I feel as lost here as I did there. This episode in particular was truly remarkable for its similarity to my favoritest story. As confused as I had felt then, throughout this latest installment too I kept trying to figure out answers to a whole range of problems….

How did Rafia know about Kashaf’s pregnancy last week, when Kashaf herself found out this week? And if it was Sidra who was expecting last week, then was this a case of immaculate conception or did time fly exclusively for Sidra, whereby she was able to go to the US and return back pregnant? And if it was Sidra, then where were she and her baby this week?

How long have Kashaf and Zaroon been married? Sara said something about an imminent wedding anniversary… so give or take a few months, does this mean our lovebirds have been fighting for months?

image_19Why hasn’t Shehnila finished her engineering program and why is Hammad still “studying”? Yes, Hammad is a bad student and a loser, but then we all knew that. Why then are his parents getting so upset about his non-performance now? Why is Murtaza blaming his wife? Isn’t he equally complicit in his son’s poor upbringing. At his point Murtaza and Junaid are sounding eerily similar – khud ko na dekho, sirf biwi par ilzaam dharey jao. Echoing his brother-in-arms Murtaza, Junaid too had his by now familiar tum dono ki tarbiyat main kami reh gayi hai moment today. 

image (2)Asmara, why was she back again? After Zaroon had a complete amnesia about his meeting with her the week before, why is she back again?  Isn’t she married? Didn’t she send him to hell a while ago? Wasn’t she the one who broke up their engagement centuries ago? If all this is not a figment of my imagination then why this periodic interest in Zaroon? If there is a larger purpose to her presence in the story then perhaps the makers should have spent a little more time weaving her in to the narrative.

And as for apney Zaroon sahab, I have yet to see a more confused character. After spending about an episode and a half on a basically baseless narazgi, forget about us, even he’s forgotten what was it that he was upset about! Last week he told Kashaf he was upset because she did not confide in him about Osama’s proposal. Today he told his father he was upset that his wife had been proposed to by others as well. At the very end, after Kashaf’s pregnancy resulted in an instant patch-up (anybody surprised?!), he told her that he had been upset because she had confided in a third person about their marital problems. Forget about the fact that Zaroon too had discussed his issues with his father, I love how the reasons for his narazgi changed as whimsically as everything else does in this gul-o-gulzar world. Overall I thought the issue of ego-clashes was very relatable and true to life, but the way its dealt with here makes the Mad Hatter seem ever so sane when compared to apne hero sahab.

Putting aside the Alice in Wonderland deja vu moments, I enjoyed the way Zaroon and Kashaf’s naraazgi was shown as a photo montage of Sara’s wedding – now this creativity and out of the box thinking I really enjoyed. Ayesha Omar looked lovely; seems like Sara’s caught quite a hunk in Ghufran, who looked so much more interesting than how he was described last week. image (2)I loved all the warm moments between Kashaf and her in-laws, and have to say that no matter how much we are told that Ghazala is bad, she keeps proving it otherwise. There are not too many mother-in-laws around who would acknowledge that despite objections their son chose a good wife, and then to top it off even thank the said bahu for helping out with a family function – many if not all, would simply expect this as a given. Full marks here to Ghazala Aunty – now if only she could buy your bahu a few more clothes. That unflattering yellow jora, from the day after her wedding, was back again today – someone please help her!

Image (1)Apart from all the going ons in Kashaf’s household, this was also the episode where finally Rafia received her due acknowledgment from Murtaza. This was her moment of triumph, and indeed well deserved one, loved that she finally got to say her part.

Samina Peerzada was very good here and Waseem Abbas equally so. Much as I harangue about Zaroon and Kashaf, the way Fawad and Sanam enacted their characters and Fawad’s expressions at hearing Kashaf’s pregnancy news were fantastic. Ayesha Omar, Hina Bayat, Javed Sheikh all are doing a great job, its the incoherence in the screenplay and the editing that leaves a lot to be desired. Honestly, I would enjoy this one so much more, if I spent less time after trying to piece the various parts of the puzzle together.

Twenty three episodes in, and Zaroon has not yet faced up to his hypocrisies, Kashaf has yet to give birth to her twin girls, who then have to grow up and pose for the happy family portrait, Zaroon still needs to understand Kashaf’s issues with her impending motherhood, and there is yet be some kind of a resolution of Kashaf’s insecurities vis a vis her abba in particular and men in general. Any guesses as to how many episodes more?

Written by SZ~

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    • @Mano: Thanks! We’ve heard so many numbers thrown around ke hard to know what to expect! I guess we can only wait and see.. or perhaps starts a betting pool? 😉


  1. Brilliant critique to a confusing episode. I have given up on time line as well as rationale behind “narazgies”. That’s the only way to enjoy this drama. I’ve to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed your review. It’s absolutely brilliant.


  2. I was so looking forward to your review of this episode! Great observations, again. Yes, I really wish Kashaf would just sit down and discuss her daddy issues with her husband. I was about to write her off (again) over her utter ingratitude, towards pretty much everything (again) until we got the journal voice-over detailing her fears about motherhood, being a parent, Zaroon’s role in parenting. I absolutely sympathize with her fears. But what I cannot fathom is why she is not confiding in this man who seemingly loves her so completely. You, and others I’m sure, saw Zaroon waffling over his narazgi, changing his mind about the underlying reason, but I think the true underlying reason for Zaroon’s confusion is Kashaf’s stubborn refusal to accept happiness, her perpetually frowning face. Zaroon has no clue what to make of it. What more can he do to win her trust? Next week is going to be another one where we see him taking the higher road, making all the effort, when they talk about their respective looks. And, no, I don’t think he’ll ease her fear and insecurities just for the sake of the babies. He’s always gone the extra mile for her. He’ll meet up with Asmara (for no reason at all) and that’s supposed to make things even I suppose, make him look bad for a bit. But the fact remains Zaroon loves Kashaf and he always has. I fear it will all end with her not really deserving one iota of his love.
    This drama was written not just by a woman but by a perpetually, compulsively, pathologically insecure woman. Fine, if it serves to show women that there are men out there who DO think about their wives and want to be good husbands and good fathers, then I guess it’s done a service to Pakistani men and to our culture. But, sheesh, when will women just expect such treatment as a given and believe that they actually deserve it and just be happy when they have it for crying out loud.


  3. @SZ: Thanks for your review. As always, your writing is brilliant. My frustration with ZGH now has more to do with the fact that I don’t think that issues are going to be brought to closure prior to the end. There just isn’t enough time! The icing on the ZGH cake (at least for me) would be that Zaroon gets to truly understand his wife – her secrets, her insecurities, etc. This is just not happening. I thought we were getting closer when they were having the conversation regarding regretting marrying each other. K replied that Z would never understand her. I was waiting for Z to say something to effect of “No one could understand you – you don’t let anyone in and give them a chance to understand you” – instead, he says “No one can understand you kyun ke tum galat ho” – what? This was the perfect opportunity to open up some discussion – and poof! it disappeared.

    As for the foolishness of the argument they have been having – I am less mad at this – and I will tell you why. As frustrating and childish as this argument seems, this happens in real life. You have a fight with your spouse, you argue, you don’t speak, and sometimes, when it gets out of hand, you forget why exactly you were angry – it’s not right, it’s not sensible, but it happens to the best of us (like FK did with his wife, I’m sharing a piece of my husband with you 🙂

    This episode does answer some time questions…so almost a year has passed – so Sidra has been gone long enough to have had a baby – I buy that. I still agree that Rafia’s conversation from last week was confusing though.

    I hope, hope, hope that K and Z can have some closure – that some intimate thoughts can be shared, and that their understanding of each other can strengthen.

    K internal struggle about becoming a mom was played brilliiantly by SS. Her own insecurities about having a daughter, not liking herself for having those insecurities, the whole inner battle, was touching. It is small moments like this that make the serial worth all the stupid stuff.

    K needs to admit her love for Z, and also give him some background into her insecurities. This may help to keep him from acting like a complete imbecile every other day.


    • @BSK: I absolutely agree with you on the issue of closure and the fear that we are now rushing to the finish line, but again one can only sigh at those first 15 or so eps, which had very little to do with the issues at hand now ..
      Re: Z and K’s argument, I agree, its the little things that become so big and take on lives of their own that one loses track, but again how much time has passed? even if we say that Sidra was preggo in the last ep and is now a mom, that still implies an “argument” spread over nine months, and just as we are barely trying to wrap our heads around Sidra’s pregnancy and the new baby, we get news that K is expecting?! Errr.. haven’t they been arguing since the last ep?
      Apart from timeline issues, SS was brilliant .. all her emotional stuff has been really good!! And yes, enough yaar Kashaf, ab tau you are running out of time – how much is Z gonna beg you – enough already!!!

      Oh and LOL @Im sharing a part of my husband with you – wah!! good one! 😉


  4. Have to give it to you…that’s one creative review!! Lol Alice in wonderland!!
    Yes one does get lost , you made some very valid points… 9 month ka jagra Kyun ke sidra was pregnant and she had a baby and now k is pregnant…Yeh kaisa naarazgi hai:p
    The timeline probably has been the major problem if this drama so now I just ignore and yes the story has flaws. Byt to tell you honestly like @BSK said.some awesome moments make me sometimes overlook the before and after.
    The kashaf monologues were so beautiful and heart touching. Her and Zaroon just seem to make me forget what else is going on, yes I did used to get frustrated but now Im not so bothered. It was never so great, and we always had issues with it so I just see it as an average drama with some great performances and some great beautiful heart touching scenes
    I could totally relate to the ego issue as I have experienced it many a time , the little arguments that go on and on and become literally stupid by the end of it. I think that’s how Zaroon felt, but you really do forget why you for upset in the first place.
    Although I am still thinking asmaras little phonecall and meeting is going to become full circle and will probably become an issue for them about his double standards. So I don’t think the problems are over yet.
    Like @ BSK Said I also wanted them to go deeper into her insecurities and daddy issues, well he has started wondring so maybe there’s hope, but so little time left, will it all be revealed?
    Oh and Saint Rafia really did sunao murtaza …good for her finally but why oh why did she agree to Hammad staying with her..Now I can overlook a lot of things but isney to had kardee! I was so annoyed!!


    • @SK: LOL! Breathe in, breathe out .. just relax! Rafia does have endless reserves of sabar, no wonder Murtaza keeps dumping on her!
      RE: Asmara, agreed, the lady could be and logically should be the next problem (maybe sandwiched into the pregnancy period, causing K to go into premature labor thus cutting out some more time), magar ab how much can they resolve in the next two three episodes… pampers, bacchon ki looks, K’s daddy issues, K’s motherhood anxieties, Hammad, Shehnila ki shaadi,.. exhausting to even think about…Like @ BSK, I’m afraid this one’s cutting it too close to the finish line, unless of course they decide to extend it for another 5-6 episodes ….


      • If they make Asmara the cliched scheming ex girlfriend turned vamp I’m going to be mighty annoyed. Please just dont go there for the love of all that is good and holy.
        I’m tired of the innumerable secondary plot lines here that go absolutely nowhere

        ok enough ranting from me 🙂


  5. SZ, love the review and the reference to Alice in wonderland.:)

    About the show I really dont have much to say, I’m lost and frustrated at how a show with so much potential can end up harnessing almost nothing of that? (you just include inane side characters actually :P)

    They had so many opportunities today to talk it out today, esp the last chai wala (BTW Zaroon, a pregnant lady has to watch her caffeine intake) where there really was an opportunity to discuss their differences but no it became a lie and he just brushed away all her worries with a ‘confused’..and she let him do that too….WTH????? 23 episodes and we are still in the same place. Timelines…Im not even going there.

    I loved her monologue about her insecurities regarding girl babies. that was wonderful. Everybody has problems, everyone fights for stupid reasons etc…but there is some growth as we progress through a marriage. Thats what I was waiting for today.But it all just got buried under baby drama, Why make them fight then? Zaroon at least go the cliched route and read her diary please.

    Like everyone else here I’m waiting for closure too. Its probably the only thing that can salvage anything for me now.

    Other than the monologue I liked his “itni bhi acchi nahi lag rahii thi.:P That was a LOL moment for me even though it was childish and a little rude.

    PS: If Kashaf can bond with Ghazala why cant her kids do the same?


    • Good point re Kashaf bonding with Ghazala, albeit, Kashaf is already grown and doesn’t need any “mothering” from Ghazala and is in fact just making friends with her as Rafia advised her to do. The bigger question is if Kashaf can bond with Ghazala, why not with her Zaroon? 🙂 I LOLed at the ” itni bi achi nahi” too. 🙂


      • Zarqa…Hi 🙂

        I would say that because with Zaroon, there is the need to be loved, to have your love returned, its a more complex relationship. With Ghazala there is no such pressure, no expectation, no judgement. Just a willingness to try. Much easier to deal with especially so when you know that rejection will not hurt as much as rejection from Zaroon would….but more power to both the ladies for making it work.


    • @Aish agreed that if they have been married for almost a year and apparently making some babies, why hasn’t Zaroon tried to figure Kashaf out yet – this seriously cannot be love!


      • @Annie: In Z’s defense, being the “typical shohar”, he thinks he DOES have her figured out. He doesn’t realize (well maybe now after the whole sobbing scene post-pregnancy news) that maybe she has other issues.


  6. I was wondering how you would make sense out of this incoherent epi and you did it again – great reference with Alice in Wonderland HaHa! Loved reading it. Let me mention the part that I liked – the last diary entry of Kashaf and her apprehensiveness at becoming a mother and having girls. Brilliantly written and acted by SS. We were flipping thru the other day and caught some drama called Menu ka susral and it was so badly written that it made ZGH look like a masterpiece. That’s when I realized that probably 90% of the content being shown totally sucks and it makes even badly edited dramas like ZGH look like a work of a genius!


  7. Absolutely loved your review SZ 🙂

    Indeed a lot of confusion in this episode……ohhhhh why can’t K n Z just think out loud for once !!!! ….they should have gotten married to their respective dairies instead…..bohaat he koi wired hain donon….I thought they’ll discuss K’s daddy issues over the baby news to at least give this story a proper conclusion.

    So Sarah’s married to Ghufaraan…wow…that was one ‘conservative’ shaadi 😛 ……aahhh….that freaking timeline…but really, sidra’s got a baby even before K n Z first wedding anniversary….now that is one hairat-angeez blooper. No?


    • Lol at the conservative shadi 😉 if K and Z can have babies while they are not on speaking and touching terms and think marriage was a fazool idea then Sidra can find the nearest in-vitro clinic in KHI 😉 no?


  8. Love your review!! honestly there is nothing more to add.
    Never have i seen such a confused characters se bhara hua drama.
    Zaroon is pissed off at Kashaf months later so he can have a happy go lucky chat with Asmara???
    Wtheck was that even about.. why is she still around… unless she’s also in hell after sending Zaroon there.?.. they are all in hell apparently making one hell of a drama…

    and of course the news of the pregnancy had to be their way of patching up.

    Wish they both smiled at the wedding and took some nice pics.. Zaroon is a woman on his period… his period never ends..how can they be fighting for months? He is such a sissy.. He’s lucky he’s cute, cause aint anything else working in his favor..

    whoever said every character would make their way back slowly but surely was right on the money.. Its like we are watching the beginning of the drama all over again..

    Somebody air the last episode so we can be done with this…


  9. Your review is hysterical, and dead on!!! When it comes to these characters, you’ve summed them up pretty well, great job!

    I think we are all in agreement that the timeline and editing of the drama needs MAJOR help! A big disappointment given all the hype of SS’s return as a director.

    I am seriously awaiting a completion of the major storyline of K’s daddy issues, and Z figuring this all out. I think it would be out of character for K to spill her guts about this, and given that Z already knows that’s K’s dad has a second wife, it shouldn’t be hard for him to figure this one out. I mean, why does he think Murtaza got wife #2? Z’s bright enough, but has the thought never occurred to him as to what may have played a role into why Murtaza did what he did?

    @BSK: with regards to
    ” K replied that Z would never understand her. I was waiting for Z to say something to effect of “No one could understand you – you don’t let anyone in and give them a chance to understand you” – instead, he says “No one can understand you kyun ke tum galat ho” – what? This was the perfect opportunity to open up some discussion – and poof! it disappeared”
    I was thinking the exact same thing! What a golden opportunity lost!

    As for how this show will end, well, I think SS said there were 3 points of the story, two of which she stated and we have already seen unfold (#1 the whole ‘nashukrapan and being shukargazar’ and #2. the need and importance of educating girls and for fathers to provide their daughters with self-esteem). The third element she said was a surprise and we would have to see the show.

    About Murtaza acknowledging his mistakes to Rafia, I can’t help but think it really was self-serving. I mean, he wants Rafia to take in Hammad, there is an ulterior motive to all of this. Who knows if Murtaza would even come to acknowledge his poor behavior if he didn’t want something from Rafia? I mean, he certainly hasn’t apologized to his daughters.

    Looking forward to remaining epis, though I am a bit disappointed with how things have been in the last few ones. Here’s to hoping for a great wrap up though:)


    • @TM: I like your optimism! Iskay siva baaki bhi kya raha? Let’s hope that they can wrap this up well. In any case, we’ll always have episodes 19-22!


  10. Count me too guys with your confusions, frustrations and not able to think about senseless timeline.. Lol

    I mean now what’s kind of ego is that, our beloved couple is not talking properly from say 9 to 10 months…might be i am still not getting the basic plot of drama.. Sighhh

    And this time too Rafia n Murtaza were such a headache…Im so now done with them…these two oldies were not enough to increase the ache and thus two younger siblings were there to do the honours .:D

    I loved the last scene.. N Sanam Saeed portrays the crying kashaf beautifully… But why to wear her terrible clothes… Itni achi post pai he yaar.. Aisa tou na karain…

    Just two more..Wow.. So happily looking forward to coming Fridays 😉


  11. The reviewer has missed the point of both the classic Alice in wonderland and the story of Zindagi Gulzar hai. Alice in wonderland is anything but a fantasy tale…

    About the time lines of the show which has been a talking point for many weeks, a large section of the viewers have just ‘assumed’ that time is passing rather gradually on the screen of ZGH… it has been quiet obvious that except for the first visit of Kashaf to her mother’s house immediately after the wedding, other visits have been spaced out with Zaroon and Kashaf being posted in Islamabad and Badeen respectively, and have been visiting Karachi in the meanwhile.
    Similarly it is obvious that Kashaf’s transfer to Islamabad did not happen immediately after she joins work post the marriage; Months have passed, this was evident when in the last visit to Rafia’s home (when Zaroon also stays the night) he mentions to Rafia “main kashaf ka tabadla Islamabaad karane ka soch raha hoon, kaafi masle ho jate hain”. Also his talk with his mother about his budget going haywire after marriage could not have happened within weeks of getting married; Sara’s birthday, Kashaf’s visit (without Zaroon) to his mother, Sara meeting Gufran and then agreeing to marry him; all this only indicate that enough time has passed since the wedding.

    There are a lot of points that I disagree with in the general analysis of Zaroon’s characterisation and the theme of the story as is being popularly assumed, but I am not going into all of those. There is however one point that I want to make :

    Has anyone ever wondered that what we are all happy to term as Zaroon’s chauvinism, narrow minded thinking, hypocracy, etc etc is actually an insecurity that he has been nursing for a very long time, may be his entire life…..
    While Kashaf’s insecurities and the reasons for those are very evident and displayed openly in the script, Zaroon’s have been nuanced and hidden…

    This story is being told from Kashaf’s point of view, and on a broader scale from a woman’s point of view; that is why we see Zaroon (or rather are being shown through the script and the screenplay) the way Kashaf sees him… Zaroon the charmer, the happy-go-lucky Zaroon, the priviledged Zaroon, a Zaroon who has had an easy life, a life without a care in the world, with money overflowing (unlike Rafia’s limited means), Zaroon who has the attention and admiration of every girl, a Zaroon who has grown up in a complete family (unlike Kashaf’s broken), indulgent parents who acknowledge and appreciate his capabilities and thus help him build a strong self esteem (unlike Kashaf who craves for her father’s attention and approval); Zaroon’s zindagi is considered to be gulzar…but is there any chaman (garden) without khaar (thorn)?

    Food for thought. Think about this…
    There is always more than that meets the eyes…

    “Zahir Ki Ankh Se Na Tamasha Kare Koi
    Ho Dekhna To Didah-e-Dil Wa Kare Koi “


    • @Saman: Thanks for your detailed comment and appreciate your sharing your point of view ..
      Just to clarify, I began my review by writing that as a child I was fascinated by what I then saw as a fantasy world :p As for the rest, just like any other creative endeavor, ZGH is open to any number of interpretations 🙂


    • Have to say I agree: talking about timelines and minor discrepancies takes away from the theme and the “bigger picture” of the drama and doesn’t really add anything of critical value. Those who do see Zaroon as chauvinist certainly aren’t watching the same drama I am. He’s not a mind-reader. The vast majority of men are not mind readers. He is not in the wrong when it comes to Kashaf not being able to just talk to him, not just about her sorted insecurities, but simply about anything at all…she’s given him short spurts of one-word answers since day one and what really pushes the boundary of believability is how Zaroon has put up with it for so long. Boggles the mind how these two managed to procreate.
      Lots of folks are up in arms about how this drama is putting the burden and responsibilty of raising children solely on the mother’s shoulders re. Ghazala being seen as a ‘bad mother’ and Rafia as a ‘good mother’. But the bigger point this drama is making is the crucial role that fathers play in raising children. It’s saying: Fathers! Be good to your daughters! Or else they’ll end up as messed up and riddled with insecurities as Kashaf Murtaza.
      Maybe it needs to be more obvious. Maybe Murtaza needs to be dealt some kind of blow so we see “justice” done. It is much easier, after all, when the bad guy is made the center of the drama and we get the vicarious thrill of seeing him punished. Instead, what we are getting is the very subtle, very quiet telling of how Zaroon goes from spoiled rich brat to mature honest sensitive responsible man and father. We are being shown what a man can be. My biggest fear and dread is that we’ll end with Kashaf having learned nothing at all. My hope, though, is that we see her transform as well, let go of the resentment and pain and finally understand what love is.


  12. Loved loved loved and laughed laughed laughed at every word you wrote !!! ( Bowing down to you ) clap clap clap. !! You said everything which majority of us were thinking ! And the way you compared it to Alice in wonderland just shows your intelligence and great sense of humour with Asli ghee tadka of sarcasm !
    I would be devastated if they would deal woth all the unanswered questions and issues which you have mentioned before ending it ! If it wasn’t for this time line issue for me ZGH was better then Humsafar ( I said FOR ME as I enjoyed more reading Humsafar and enjoyed more watching ZGH ) technically it failed … But thank God to the brilliant actors that they are making it possible for us to ignore these obvious flaws which I would have not tolerated if it wasn’t for them . My love and respect for Sanam and Samjna is growing day by day ! Fawad was good too !


    • @Sheema: 🙂 I agree that ZGH if executed properly had the potential to have left Humsafar far behind … but chalo dekh lete hain ab how it winds up .. nahin to bhi Silvatein to hai hi … are you watching that one?


    • @Sheema: interesting comparing it to Humsafar. I only recently watched HS for the first time, and just loved it! But honestly, I started thinking that ZGH could have surpassed Humsafar, but like you I completely agree ZGH has been a technical failure. I thought perhaps I was the only one comparing the two shows because I only just saw HS, but I guess others out there are making the comparison, like SZ.

      To me, Humsafar is really an all time best not because of the storyline, because let’s face it, the sas-bahou thing is really old. But the dialogue, acting, music, overall production including editing and cinematography were top notch. Plus the show didn’t really introduce random plot points and the “bad” guys paid a price for their actions. That show was the package deal and that is why for me, it surpasses ZGH because it is a superior drama in a comprehensive sense, with details carefully cleaned up and executed well. ZGH dialogue and acting have been pretty top notch too, but the storyline loopholes, introduction of unnecessary plot points, lack of time frame, no just desserts delivered to Murtaza, and now what will have to be an abrupt closure to so many distinct story points, this show really failed to deliver the comprehensive package.

      I do wonder though, will we ever learn who told sir Ibrar about the fight in the library? I would guess Asmara given her random phone call and stuff she wants to talk about, but then again, maybe not. What would she have gained by telling Sir Ibrar? Unless she was hoping to get K kicked out of school by making it sound like she was the one responsible for the fight?


  13. Sighhhh SZ, SZ, SZ, Aapka review baja hai par I enjoyed this episode – seriously I did! I’ve found a recipe for watching ZGH,…throw all logic, reasoning, timeline, characterization, asmara sightings out the window and just let FK do his magic (and yes, SS at times too…) Bus dekho kitna maza aata hai 😉
    FK reacting to the pregnancy (SS was super cute too), FK lounging on the chair with his ‘apple’, FK bickering with wife in bed (loved the spat), FK SS mirror scene…enjoyed them all…bus damagh par ziyada zor na dain toh behter hai..


    • Lol I also tought it was better than last week for sure! Loved the bed spat too and mirror scene…haha true about not putting too much zor on brain, I started doing that too!


  14. Has anyone notice the positive significance of ‘full moon’ in K n Z relationship? First: the post engagement phone call; 2nd: that “haat to haat” romance on the swing and latest one is the tea scene where they are discussing pregnancy news and patching up 🙂


  15. Watched this latest episode of ZGH tonight and including all the bloopers what caught my attention is Mr. conservative aka gufran/kufran. If i am not wrong then this mr.gufran is one of the team members of ZGH’s technicals. Acc to my memory i saw him in the shooting pics of ZGH and Dil e muzter.


    • @Aish: Hey!! And here I was waiting for your comment on either Talkhiyan or Silvatein! 😉 No but seriously, everything’s good – just been crazy busy and then to be perfectly honest this week’s ZGh was just so blah! I started writing but seemed like there was nothing new to add to all that I’ve been complaining about since almost ep 1 – repitition and randomness. This latest episode would have been fine f it were the fourth or fifth ep in a serial about Kashaf and Zaroon’s married life, but to come up with such a random episode in week 24 is beyond my comprehension ….I have yet to see a more incoherent storyline. I dont know what Sultana Siddiqui and Umera were thinking and trying to convey through this serial, but jo bhi tha kam az kam it flew right over my head… At this point rather than being about Kashaf’s journey from shikwa to shukrana, ZGH is more about my journey from shukrana (yay ZGH finally started) to shikwa (yeh dragfest kab khatam hoga)!!
      If you and/or anybody else understood what this week was all about please do explain! :p


      • @SZ: I was worried about you too when I didn’t see the ZGH review for episode 24 come up! Mujhe bahut khushi hui yeh jaan kar, ke sab khariyat hai!

        I too felt very blah about this episode – Zaroon’s character continues to make no sense to me – ab tak mujhe yeh pata nahin ke yeh banda kis baat pe naaraz hoga, aur kis baat pe nahin. Chhoti chhoti baaton pe itna naaraz hota hai aur phir baaz dafa pe us baaton pe jisko usay naraaz hona chaaiye – voh do-teen minute mein chor dayta hai! He was so angry about Osama/Sir Abrar – magar loan ki baat pe itna calm, cool, and collected tha…huh?

        Let’s see if this week is any different!


        • @BSK: Awww ..thank you for the concern .. really very touched!

          I agree completely with you .. I think in of my very early reviews, maybe for ep 4 or 5, I had called Zaroon one of the most half baked characters I have seen in recent times and I have not seen anything since to convince me otherwise … I would love to be proved wrong but sadly I dont have much hope for the last two episodes since there are so any loose ends, and the precaps indicate the same leisurely pace for the next ep… Zindagi is not gulzar 😦


  16. Hi SZ!! Glad to know you are ok and its just a terrible episode and nothing else 😛

    Agree with you and BSK completely. This show has been such a let down save for a couple of good episodes and some really good monologues.

    Their dining table conversation did nothing for me. Its so bland, so incomplete and so late.

    I have no idea how Kashaf justified hiding the loan from him, if nothing else she should know by now that Zaroons family doesnt care for money. On the one hand Ghazala thinks she has this awesome bahu and on the other Kashaf still harbors those same bitter feelings and hurt. The lady just cant let go. common this level of bitterness is not justified at all. Bus loads of people have difficult lives.

    Zaroon….jeez the less said the better. I dont know what to say. He takes one step forward and two steps back. I dont know why he thinks not telling Kashaf would be ok at the same time I cannot understand how Kashaf overreacts like that. Isnt she the one who talked about privacy? (which was another pointless conversation, you ask for privacy only if you have something to hide, which is ok- not ok,, either way is fine but….sigh..another whatever moment)

    Ghazala….what is she feeling bad about? In my mind her family is crazy, she need not feel guilty. Junaid goes to his study. How convenient.

    Zaroon says I miss you ma, then talks about her absence to Kashaf…huhuhuh???? what did I miss???

    Im not looking forward to next week actually. I really cannot stand hearing Kashaf saying “maine faisla kar liya hain” ..so dumb…no benefit of doubt for anyone? Her low self esteem makes her think Zaroon is too good for me..I knew it..he would cheat…so easy for her to believe that. its sad actually.


    • ICAM! What a pointless rollercoaster this last epi was. The few sweet moments at the beginning, finally seeing them getting along and her smile for ONCE, and then, bam. She holds on to her pain as both a shield and a weapon. She’s hell bent on destroying things. He’s got plenty of flaws too for sure, but, he had the wherewithal to apologize for looking at her phone and letter, both to her and to himself as he beat himself up later over doing it in the first place. His flaws have always been easier for me to swallow than hers (mostly b/c he has a mature handle on his flaws). Hers obviously run way way deeper and I do understand where she’s coming from, but, sheesh, like you said, plenty of people have it far worse than she did. Shikwa to shukran may happen with the nice family portrait at the end, but it won’t be convincing in the least because we haven’t at all seen her realize what she should be grateful for. Her one-time smiles mean nothing, b/c this drama has failed miserably at showing her transformation. It should have started with her tears over Zaroon giving her money and she should have gotten softer and more open from then on. Instead we see a millisecond of her softening and then back to bitch mode, epi after epi after epi. Gah, enough.


      • I think they are both equally likely to blow things out of proportion. Neither of them has it as bad as they imagine. And Zaroon is no prize either. But I’m frustrated because both of them failed to transform. No one shows any growth in character. I cant say I’m happy either with Kashaf’s journey or with Zaroon’s. This is a show where they spend so much time writing out their thoughts but you really do not any growth in character, there is no “journey” to speak of. Its all so random.

        And Kashaf reacting like that to Asmara I felt was so out of character. She is so calm and collected usually.

        I fail to sympathise with either of them now. I used to be firmly on team Kashaf and Rafia and then Kashaf-Zaroon…now I’m on team this is a train-wreck 😛

        The only person I have any feeelings for now is Ghazala. And that shocks me 🙂


        • Ohhh my u are so right! Ive been following this drama from the UK as my cousins in pakistan told me that it was like amazing and yeah i did like the begining episodes but now its getting too much!! Like please GROW up u too!!!!!


          • And zarqa i so agree with u too like their behaviour is so alien. Like kashaf just doesnt let go. Like i dont think that u can be so alien to one anothers thought when apparently u are having babies!! intimacy does develop. epi 25 was just soooo stupid…fights fights and fights!!! for godsakes just divorce and leave us alone 😉


  17. ZGH itna badqismat hai ke SZ ne usko “Not-a-review” ke qabil bhi nahin samjha…..Is lihaaz se toh yeh Ashk ka bhi baap nikla!


  18. A superb review.

    I gave up on the drama 3 episodes back but do come here to check on the reviews… confirming my abandon… lol

    Shame they’ve made a mess of the script and story after a brilliant start… and me thinking they would follow original story of the book in its essential!!!


    • @Maimoona: Thank you 🙂 I wish I too had stopped a while ago *sigh*
      Agree with you completely all the hopes we had at the beginning of this serial all dashed so cruelly!
      I hope now you wont be a stranger and we will hear more from you — always fabulous to have new friends join in – the more the merrier! 🙂


  19. To be honest ive seen better things than this extremely BORING love story, like no passion and very pheeka! Im just tired of the endless fights and misunderstandings between the two, like come on move on you boring love birds. The drama is more based on social things like all the ‘mard’ wala issues and stuff. Like we get it niw can we have some masala between the two, no i just things more and MORE stupid fights!! Dissapointingggggggg


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