Silvatein ~ Episode 13 Review


Every story has twists and turns, some predictable some unexpected, sometimes these work and sometimes not so much. Whether they succeed or not, we as viewers are now attuned to expect something mazedaar in every episode, making the job of the writer and director that much harder. They not only have to come up with new stories, but also keep it coherent and interesting enough to keep jaded audiences engaged, ensuring that they tune in week after week. Difficult enough as this is, their work is made that much more complicated by over zealous promo editors, who in their effort to reel in the audiences give away a little too much. If after all this, despite all the spoilers, behind-the-scenes pictures, promos and precaps, there is a “whoa what was that and where did that come from,” kind of a reaction from the admittedly cynical viewers, then the writer, director and their team of actors deserve a huge round of applause for playing it just right. Samira, Shehrazade, Adeel, Aamina, Daniyal and Mira, all take a bow – Rayaan’s impromptu proposal and the sudden hush that followed was beautifully handled! There was nothing in this episode, or previous ones for that matter, that had even hinted at this happening. Even though the teasers had already told us what was to eventually occur, that it would happen in this episode, here and now and how, was a complete surprise – loved it!!!

For me, this latest episode was the best we’ve seen so far. So many of our lingering questions – why is Natasha the way she is, why is there so much rivalry between the sisters, why did Natasha marry Bilal – were answered today. I loved how both Zaib and Natasha came clean about their sibling rivalry. Zaib freely accepted her responsibility for many of Natasha’s insecurities, and on her part, Natasha admitted that she had married Bilal because she sought escape from the long, dark shadows cast by Zaib’s popularity within the family. That she could be wrong and her childish approach to dealing with issues could possibly backfire was a thought that never entered Natasha’s gnat-like brain. The way she was shedding those crocodile tears and going on about her woe-to-me tales was really funny. Agreed, the poor thing had it rough growing up while her parents remained blissfully clueless, but she lost my vote with her convoluted logic, about Zaib’s motivations at getting Rayaan to propose to her, and her OTT bhain bhain – woman grow up! Much as you would like it to be, its not all about you!! Wonder why Bilal doesn’t just muzzle her?? On principle I’m against all kinds of abuse, verbal, physical or emotional, but this woman makes me want to do her some serious harm! 

Unlike her stuck-in-the-mud sister, Zaib showed so much more maturity in facing up to her past mistakes, ably demonstrating that her turnaround was not just a flash in the pan. This is indeed a reformed Zaib. Much like Muneeze, I too was having a hard time accepting this new and improved Zaib at face value. Like Muneeze, I also wanted Zaib to walk the walk rather than talk the talk, and I’m happy to say that along with her, I too was persuaded by this newly introspective Zaib. Girl, you are so much more appealing when you are less like your sister and more like the rest of us out there – kuch ghalat kuch sahi, kuch acchi kuch buri. Clearly, it is not about winning Ms Popularity contests, it is about being real. It is her warmth and her genuineness that despite all her other flaws attracts people to her, just ask Mikaal and/or Rayaan.

As Samira had promised us last week, the text mystery was solved today. Turned out that Mikaal was just being Mikaal, read sweet, genuine, caring, all things nice, and continuing to lend his shoulder to Zaib. Mikaal Sahab (Sorry, I refuse to call him bhai!), if you are not too exhausted from caring about Zaib, could I borrow your other shoulder to lean on?! And, as if one hunk was not enough for her, Zaib is blessed to have attracted Rayaan’s attention as well. Even if we leave aside the brilliant proposal moment, the rest of their interactions too were HOT for the lack of a better word. Theirs is not the burn your screen down kind of heat, but a more latent one, which is not dependent on roses and rings, but just every day conversations, about all the important and not-so-important matters in life. Listening, sharing, understanding, accepting shortcomings, all things that make for a long-lasting honest relationship, no wonder Rayaan just blurted it all out. He and Zaib might not have figured it out as yet, but once they do it will be a fun ride. I am already looking forward to seeing how bhai’s measured aap janaabs will measure up against Chotu’s madam jaanus… we’re definitely in for a treat!

Yes, thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Usually there are a couple of yawn worthy moments her and there, but today I was riveted. Be it Rayaan, Muneeze, Bilal, Natasha, Zaib or Mikaal, each character had so much going on, and so much was conveyed so simply – excellent writing and execution. From Bilal’s bewilderment to his frustration to his now usual capitulation Daniyal essayed all shades of his complex character really well. Adeel, despite his very distracting lipstick, was very good as the understated and the now-thoroughly confused Rayaan – pehle kaha tha na, ke hoshiyar, khabardar, these sisters are going to be a danger to your peace of mind! Aamina and Mira are great fun, Maheen Rizvi is playing Muneeze well, and Vasay continues to leave his mark despite his guest appearance. As a final thought, I must commend the judicious use of background music – thank you!!

Written by SZ~

P.S. For this who missed it, here’s Samira Fazal receiving her award for Dastaan!

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.46.56 PM

45 replies

  1. Ohh boy…. i was waitin for ur review for more thn an hour….. two words for todays epi ” MIND BLASTING !!!!”
    and yes one more thing Zaib n Rayaan scenes were a ” WORTH WATCH” esp the way he stoped her from leaving the house was fabulous…
    Guys but ek prob hai mujhay tou bilal inteligent lagta tha… i mean vo natasha ki stupid baton mein kesy aa gaya ????? for natasha only one word ” KAMEENI “…

    Guys i have also made actually formulated a name for zaib n rayaan what about “ZaiYaan” i mean
    Zaib + raYaan = ZaiYaan

    I am just loving this serial n what a FANTASTIC review yaar… agree with u…<3


  2. and ofcourse the way munize treated natasha was one of my fav scenes of this serial n yes this epi is actually the best so far….
    i am eagerly looking forwad to the next episode… EXCITED for zaib n rayaan already pata nahi next thursday kab ayega ???????


  3. Today’s episode, just like you said, was absolutely brilliant! It was such a treat to have such a gradual show of the way Muneezay and Rayaan changed towards Zaib. FINALLY, ZaibRayaan, and all their scenes today! ❤ Adeel, as the confused Rayaan, was probably the highlight of the episode for me. And LOL, the proposal and Zaib's reactions! AaminahAdeel have fantastic chemistry, which is enhanced so much more by some beautiful lines! Silvatein, in my opinion, is one of the better written dramas currently being aired, in terms of character outlines and story development! Absolutely hooked!
    As for Chotu and Natasha, UFF! As much as I appreciated Natasha's side of the story, it doesn't justify her lack of respect towards anyone in her sasuraal. For Natasha, all the bhain bhain, like you said, really did seem very OTT. Poor chotu, though, I can already see him growing weary! But as for the show, wow! Totally didn't see all of this coming! 😀

    Eagerly waiting for next Thursday, now! Let the games begin!


    • Rayaan and Zaib are indeed a perfect couple. The proposal was so perfectly timed and now Natasha is totally gonna freak out. She just pisses me off with her stupidity and butting into everyones business. Ziyada hi chalak banti hai.. Ab mazay aayega.
      Wish her husband would wake up and smack some sense into her.


  4. Natashaaa……………. God i’ve never met a more twisted person like her. Meera sethi was brilliant today……… Loved her crying scene. She was so obviously shedding crocodile tears. Amina and adeel are my favourite on screen couple. They bring out the best in each other right from mora piya. Love muneeze’s reaction when natasha was trying to make zaib the villain in her life….. Am


  5. LOL at on principle I am against any abuse but this woman makes me want to harm her! You crack me up SZ 🙂 this is why I love this drama the script and dialogues are so crisp and the delivery beyond awesome! Talk about “manjhay Huey actors” really hats off to the cast and crew. If people are still not watching this crazy drama they are totally missing out on one of the best! Fantastic job editing! Bilal’s comment about Munezee being adopted because she doesn’t look like them and his last shot just cracked me up. The heart to heart between Rayan and Zeb was also very well done and very sweet. These crazy sisters are something else , when Zeb says she doesn’t want to be rejected twice I couldn’t help but laugh! Oh man what an awesome epi and a great review SZ thanks!


    • @Annie – people are too busy watching dramas like ZGH and missing out on the more real dramas! Ones we can actually related to.
      I really enjoy watching this drama. Wanting to throw my remote control at both Bilal n Natasha is a whole dif story but nonetheless love the drama! Thank God Muneeze decided to give her a reality check but knowing Natasha it prolly went right over her head..
      She and Majhabeen can be best friends! They’d really hit it off


  6. I loved the episode, review and Samira Fazal!!! She always puts a great twist in her dramas… Was not expecting that at all!!!
    Adeel and Aamina were fab..great convos they had!
    @Annie also loved the rejection dialogue…hilarious!!!

    And yes SZ…i so want to harm Natasha…but idiot Bilal is the one who needs a walloping too,kuch to kahein apnee batameez biwi ko!
    Oh and loved muneeza today, so glad she did Natasha ki bezati…fully deserved!


  7. Oh darn it!!! This episode got me so riled up ke I forgot I was gonna add in a pic of Samira Fazal at the Hum TV awards .. hold on, let me do it right now!!


  8. Thia was really a mind blowing episode. .. 🙂 you said everything SZ … nice review! ! Most hilarious scene, when rayyan’s ex-waife was like ” bilaal tum nay isse mil kay baat cheet kar kay tu sshaadi kare the na” lols..!


  9. This is such a fabulous show…I have been writing from the very first episode that Silvatein is one of the most extraordinary scripts and my favorite dramas on air..It truly deserves more accolades and appreciation than all the other mediocre hyped up dramas!!! I am an ardent admirer of Aamina Sheikhs acting abilities…she is fantabulous…her super realistic acting backed by the super chemistry she shares with Adeel and Mikaal makes Silvatein such a treat to watch!,I just loved Mikaals character and Wasay Choudhry is marvelous…I love him, his comic timing , his genuine warmth, , sincerity towards Zaib…he is such a darling : ) I loved his act at the Hum Tv Awards…he was so funny and adorable..I was so angry with Fawad Khan for being such a bad bad sport 😦 didn’t expect him to be like that ( I am diehard FK fan)Hats off to all the actors , Mira,danyal,Adeel ,Maheen r all so brilliant …this show is indeed riveting and so intriguing..can’t wait till next Thursday…I just hope gets high TRP’s it surely deserves …A super brilliant effort Samira Fazal and the director …


  10. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! This was…. well amazing! Loved every single minute 🙂 You captured the genesis of Amina and Adeel’s chemistry perfectly , its sizzling yet latent…can’t wait for more…

    Still feeling sorry for chotu…he is adorable…


  11. Great review SZ! I will admit that I cheated and read your review before watching, so I spoiled it for myself, but oh well, the way the proposal went down was still a surprise.

    I was thinking about the fact that I didn’t really have to comment on the plot, which at first I didn’t get, but after reflecting on it I realized that Samira Fazal’s script was so tightly and well written there were no anomalies, questions or WTH moments. The entire episode was well edited and flowed so as a viewer I could focus on the characters and performances.

    I still think I like Zaib the best. Rayyaan is intriguing but we still don’t know much about him – I’m expecting to find out more as his relationship with Zaib grows. I haven’t quite clicked with Adeel, but I don’t have any negative feelings either, I’m expecting to like him as the story develops. I liked the scene with Muneezeh after the proposal. I liked the conflicting emotions he was feeling – so true!! We think we all know what we feel, until you find yourself in a situation like this, where you are confronted with life’s uncertainties, and you have to face your own inability to understand what you want.

    Still love Mikaal, but I love him for him and I think he deserves better than Zaib, and that is not a direct knock on her – she obviously can’t reciprocate his romantic feelings. I just wish she would leave him alone. I get that he’s her best friend and she needs him as her voice of reason, which perhaps is a role no one else can fill, but Zaib, we don’t always get everything we want in life. As difficult as it is, sometimes we have to let go, even when we realize we have something to lose. They went from being platonic friends to being engaged, I personally don’t think you can flip the switch and simply go back to being friends – too much water under bridge.

    I get Vasay is a supporting actor, but it amazes me how much I am enjoying his performance and his character – he may not be the eye candy that Adeel is, but I think I am attracted to his strength, his loyalty, and his disposition. I am always impressed when someone who doesn’t fit the traditional mold of beauty, has charisma and so much personality they draw you in.

    I think Maheen’s doing a great job with her scenes. Her delivery and her body language are realistic and the lines that come out of her mouth seem so real – like you’d expect to hear from a friend. Her reaction to Natasha was very believable, I’m happy she ignored her phone call and then threw the jealous sister line back in her face. Again very human. Some drama writers would have had her take the higher, moral road, but let’s face it, most of us would have reacted the same as her. I’m happy she tells her brothers how she feels instead of the typical “khamoshi say ghuTti rahay” female.

    I intentionally left out Natasha and Bilal. Still trying to get on board, but I can’t. Although, given her myriad of complaints about Zaib, I can see how she would be livid about her becoming her jaithaani – it would be the ultimate act of one-upmanship – especially since she already resents that Bilal baray bhai kay tukron pay palrahaa hai.


    • @Nur: Agree with you on Mikaal. Girl, sounds like you’re also looking for a piece of Mikaal’s shoulder LOL! Did you ever see Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat? Vasay Ch played the rapper Bobby D in it.. as different from Mikaal was you can get … he’s really good, but as he said in his comment on one of the previous episode threads, he is very selective.. so we dont get to se too much of him.. but he will be in Armaan next as FK’s friend.


  12. I was on the fence about this drama. Even skipped a few episodes in the middle, but this episode was completely mindblowing. So much happened in this episode but it didn’t feel rushed. Even with the last scene i was like wahhhh no no no please let there be more. As for Natasha and bilal, they are both equally annoying. He needs to grow a spine already! LaH-OOSER! hated him in that breakfast scene when they try to throw Zaib out.

    Loved the exchange between zain and rayyan after the proposal debaucle. Love how she says that she doesn’t want to be rejected again when she didn’t even accept.

    I’ve never cared for Samira Fazal but hats off to her for this story


  13. loved the review, and I have to say, Amina Sheikh does it like no one can. and although Natasha is an unlikable, twisted character-the girl’s acting is commendable.


  14. Hola ladies!!

    I’m really intrigued by what Nur wrote and by what Annie said last week on ZGH review page?

    Is this show where all the characters are not all good and not all bad? If so I would love to watch it. I really love characters where its hard to label them as good or bad. Or those that are not stereotypes. I know Talkhiyan is one…is this another one?

    I’m trying to keep away from the reviews and not spoilt it for myself and hence the somewhat inane questions 🙂


    • Aish you have to watch this!
      Another drama, which is not getting it fair share of viewers is Siskiyan on ARY. Really enjoy that…


      • Afia and Annie thanks for the input!! Now I will watch!

        Afia, I have noted down the other shows name too!Hopefully will be able to get to them all! 🙂


    • @Aish: Ab tau so many ppl have told you – give it a shot 🙂 I think your brain will thank you for not making it work over time figuring out the kyon kaise kab 😉 Will wait to hear back from you on this thread now 🙂


      • SZ, lol I will! I am seriously fed up with stereotypes so I’m really looking forward to this one and Talkhiyan!! will sit down to watch from next Friday!! 🙂


  15. I loved this episode- just loved it! The proposal was fantastic- everything was perfect- ab aur kya kahoon- you’ve said it all in your super review….And yes, despite knowing what was to happen, one still was caught unawares. Loved the way N was trying to be oh-so-cool but it all back fired badly 😉
    Bilal being dragged here and there by Natasha was just pathetic. Samira Fazal- you’re a magician! many thanks!


  16. As much as this episode was full of pleasant happenings, your review is no less than that… jee khush hogaya 😀

    And the moment of drama so far ” ab ye mera bhi ma’mala hai natasha; kyn ke me aj zaib ko propose karaha hoon ” and i am joining the club for saying WHAT was that…an excellent surprise with follow up of some hilarious dialogues and some with deeper meanings… loved it 🙂

    Aamina-Adeel..they can’t get more awesome with their rocking chemistry… how gradually have zaib transformed with that sarcastic lingo to this polite and humble interactions.. and more than that admitting her mistakes, this requires a big heart.. she is indeed one genuine being.. that’s why our intellectual rayyan so wants zaib to stay back…awwwww 😉

    I am so liking Zaib and Mekaal’s friendship… just because he was her ex-fiancee, she can’t stop talking to most loyal friend of hers… and this step of hers will surely over come that tiny bit of weirdness ( if there is any) between them..

    Natasha-Bilal… most kiddo couple ever.. LOL… ab tou in dono pe gusa bhi nahin aata… i just laugh at natasha’s stupidity and bilal’s je-huzoori… talking about my lol’s Mahjabeen is one great addition in throwing hilarious sarcasms.. Muneezae is such a biased lady but i love her bonding with brothers..

    So thrilled to see how story progresses now…


    • So true Rehmat about Natasha and Chotu being the most kiddo couple ever! They crack me up too with their completely off the wall comments and schemes. I love it when Rayan’s ex tells It like it is to N every time she meets her!!


      • Hahahahaa yeah she was awesome and that too, tum zalim nhn ho tau bachana mere bete ko…and Natasha’s expressions were epic..
        Totally light hearted drama:)


        • LOL I can only imagine that Rayaan was like Chotu when he married Mahjabeen and totally “jaanu’ed” her around because I do see some similarities between her and Natasha.


      • Totally agree! I love how when in a previous episode (I think..) when Natasha was having one of her fake breakdowns, Bilaal asks her is she is pregnant! LOL!


  17. Lol @ Adeels distracting lipstick !
    Natasha , get a life , Who would get impressed with your clothes ad shandaar ghar on skype ? Certainly not Zaib !
    Stupid woma.n , as if she’s living in Beverly hills
    I’m so glad muneezeh gave her a hard time .


  18. Just caught up on the episode and had to come and read your review as always! SPOT ON. I loved loved loved this episode. Everyone was brilliant. I have loved Zain since episode 1 (huge Amina Sheikh fan lol), despite her craziness. But this side to her is just amazing – finally we can see her growing up and seeing things from other people’s perspectives. Absolutely loved her dialogue with Mikaal, about how she wanted to turn things around and become friends with her sister. It’s not an easy thing to say after so many years of rivalry, as petty as that rivalry may seem. If only more people were REAL like that. So yeah, if you hadn’t guessed already, I do love Zaib/Amina (I don’t think Zaib would be Zaib if it wasn’t for the way Amina is playing her haha).

    Natasha is one crazy crazy woman, still plenty of growing up to do. She really surprised me in this episode – first turning up at Muneezeh’s house and then going to see Rayaan’s ex-wife. Is there a limit to her madness?! Lol..

    And the main bit – the proposal ❤ awesome! LOL, I loved it, loved Rayaan's confusion at the whole thing despite being the one proposing, loved Zaib's reaction, Muneezeh as well.. oh boy, these sisters have such an effect on people, everyone has gone crazy haha. I do love the way there is something subtle growing between Rayaan and Zaib – very nicely played by both.

    I liked Muneezeh and Zaib's scenes too – nice to see a genuine friendship growing between these two.

    I have just realised how sad I am going to be when this ends! It is the one drama I have genuinely LOVED in a long time.. everyone is so fabulous, the characters are so real and lovable (well minus our crazy madam for the moment. oh and Mahjabeen lol).. but honestly, Silvatein is just amazing. ❤ And so is Rayaan ❤ (couldn't resist).

    Keep the reviews coming btw, loving them 😀


  19. @SZ: I have jumped over from the ZGH board to this one! I watched all 13 episodes this weekend! What fun! I was on the fence about these two sisters, and couldn’t tell where the storyline was going…(hadn’t been following all the promos and stuff), but now, at episode 13 – I am loving it! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    Also, watching Silvatein gives me a chance to blog some more with my wonderful on line friends! Love that Samira Fazal comments too!

    Next block of free time, plan to watch Talkhiyan 🙂


    • @BSK: Excellent – the more the merrier! This is such a fun one to watch, review, comment, discuss. The fact that none of us know the story and Samira will not give us any hints makes this that much more interesting to watch. Already waiting for Thursday and looking forward to Natasha busting a vein or two when she finds out the wedding is on for real!


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