Fawad Khan at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center ~ A Video Report


Last Saturday, 20 April, Fawad Khan was invited as a chief guest at a gala dinner held at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center in Lahore. This event was organized to raise funds for a second Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center to be built in Peshawar. Fawad Khan and Friends of Shaukat Khanum were able to raise funds of 20 Million that night. Kudos to Fawad Khan for being so socially responsible, using his celebrity status to support and promote such applause worthy causes.

Afia Qazi, one of our dear friends here, was privileged to attend this event. While there, she was kind enough to record the proceedings, including an interview with Fawad Khan, which she shared with us. Thanks Afia!

Written by SZ~

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You Tube Links

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Dailymotion Links

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:


36 replies

  1. I am so proud that these new celebrities are a takin a lot of interest in social work and… It had really put me off when some celebrities had demanded money just for being featured in a few campaigns during 2010 Floods. Not all but some had really proved themselves as penny-punchers! Kudos to the newer lot for making a change!
    @Afia, thanks a lot for the videos…will be waiting for the rest:D

  2. Oh wow Mafia thanks so much for recording the program for us! So extremely generous of you to do this for us 🙂 hope you got to meet Fawad for more than a minute during the event 🙂

  3. lol @Mafia- par hota rehta hai!
    glad you all enjoyed….I loved putting it together. Yes, met FK for a bit, told him that we wanted to see him in something totally different..,(hope he takes the hint), he put his hand on his heart (!) and kept on thanking etc…wonderful evening! There’ll be one last part (4th) coming up.

    • Lol sorry about that and here I thought to myself thank goodness the comment didn’t get posted with the dern auto-correct but ah nevamind 🙂

  4. Thank you so much afia for recording this event! I have watched it on youtube couple of days ago!
    Glad that these videos been uploaded here :))
    FK is truly is a humble, funny and charismatic person, it shows in every interview of his! I do like the varieties of roles that FK has been doing for past several years which is quite unique!
    Thank YOU again!

  5. Oh wow Afia thanks so much for recording the program for us! So extremely generous of you to do this for us 🙂 hope you got to meet Fawad for more than a minute during the event 🙂

  6. new to FK and P-dramas really, but stumbled upon your site. Wanted to say thanks for the vid clips; seems like a nice guy with a nice wife, wish them the best! BTW, has anyone seen FK in his recent US fundraising tour for ICR? I would love to see any clips from those, living vicariously through everyone else, LOL!

    • @TM: Hey! Lovely to hear from you – Glad you found us and I hope you will continue dropping in to share your thoughts. Re: these videos, I’m sure @Afia will be glad to know you enjoyed the clips.
      Re: Fk and his wife being nice guys, I dont know if you read my post on my experience with his SFK brand of pret wear, if you haven’t then do check it out… we did hear from Mrs FK on that thread, and she was fab!:)
      I have seen a lot of pics floating around from FK’s current trip but havent come across any videos. If any of our readers or visitors happen to meet FK or have a video of any of his appearances, please do share 🙂

      • Hey Sz! Pics of recent US trip? where the heck have I been? I haven’t seen any, lol!

        Ok, guess I must do some googling 🙂

        I will take a look at your link regarding Mrs.K, Dying to hear what she’s like in real life.

        And @Afia, thanks a million for sharing the vids!

          • Well, I finally came across some pics of the US fundraising tour with Mr. K, looks like folks were really impressed with him, no surprises there 🙂 But doesn’t seem like Mrs. K was with him 😦

            • @Afia: wow, he really must spend quite of bit of time away from his family between shooting on location and now fundraising stuff away from home. Hope it doesn’t cause problems down the road being apart so much *crossing fingers*

              BTW, Afia, you seem to be the go to person on all things FK, don’t know how you work your magic, but thanks for keeping us in the loop 🙂

            • TM, Lahore mein rehney ka kuch toh faida hona chahiye!
              BTW, all kids and moms in Pak are busy with exams in May and so must SFK be too 🙂
              FK doesn’t work as much as other actors do so I think he spends a reasonable amount of time at home, maybe more than other regular dads.
              Wonder if he’ll vote on the 11th? Should!

            • @Afia: Yeah, lucky ducky you in Lahore! I hear it’s the place to see in PK. I have heard that FK doesn’t work as much as other actors. Interesting as I understand that he is the “it” star of the moment. What will this mean for his career if he doesn’t take on as many projects? Although I do understand his desire to be choosey, I mean who would want to do uninteresting projects or risk being type-casted?

              As for the vote on May 11th, well, I hope everyone who is eligible to vote does. And even more importantly, I hope the elections aren’t rigged and that there is no voter fraud or tampering, which may be asking for a lot in PK 😉

      • @SZ: thanks for pointing me to your experience with Mrs. K (or should I say Mrs. Man, LOL!). Anyhow, she seems like a class act *thumbs up* Plus, after seeing the vid clips of her at the recent SKM fundraiser, she seems really down to earth. I wish the Mr. and Mrs. K all the best and much future success. It’s nice to see a couple happy and doing well. Here’s hoping they stay that way!

        Oh, and I think I like Mr. K better now because of Mrs. K. I mean, if he was smart enough to pick her for a spouse, then he has a good head on his shoulders 🙂

    • Enjoyed these Hello clips- finally saw them today …. I like the blink twice-blink thrice bit- Huzoor jaante hain ke woh kuch alag hain!

      • @ Afia… 5 year olds have exams too? And you have to prep them..Seriously? Our kids start school at 5 and before that they are in preshools which are all play based learning lol. Whatever happened to kids enjoying being kids????

        • @Afia, Mrs.K and exam preps? What the heck? I thought their kid was just 4 years old? what kind of exams do they have in PK? Must echo what SK said about kids here starting school around that age…I know we may not have the best education system but are we really that far behind compared to the rest of the world? If so, god help us, yikes!

          As for FK spending time at home, good for him 🙂 I just thought he’s jet setting around the word when he is making these shows. I have got the impression that bunches of shows are now filmed in Turkey and they try to pass it off as another country. Anyhow, hoping Mr. and Mrs. K get to do some family vacationing after preschool exams are over, ha! ha! Maybe vacationing overseas as PK can be crazy hot in the summer, and no electricity to boot! (Although on second thought, they probably have a generator :P)

        • Actually some schools are relaxed and only start tests etc after the kid is in grade 1 (age 7) but for boys in Lahore it is tougher coz most parents want their kids in Aitchison College (grade 1 and beyond). For that there are special preschools which coach the child for the Aitchison entry test (obviously I don’t know if Mr and Mrs K want that). But their parhai is pretty crazy.

          • Holy Cow!!! Entrance tests for first grade? Ok, now I know my country is waaaay behind! I mean, we have excusive schools too, but at such a young age, really, if the parents are rich enough, the kid will get in. That’s all that really matters, the parents’ pocket book. If you’ve got the money, the kid is in.

            Is Aitchison really competitive? I just thought it was for a bunch of rich kids, No offense to anyone whose kids went there.

  7. thanks so much for sharing video clips folks! Mr K seems like a nice man, and very gracious about his success and appreciative of his fan base. What a gentleman!

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