Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 22 Review

zgh collage ep 22This latest episode marked the end of the gulzar period of Zaroon and Kashaf’s zindagi – the honeymoon is well and truly over. Gone were the all-nighters, the endless hand-holding, the long gazes, and the cheesy romantic lines. Yes, the rose-colored fantasy is over. Along with Zaroon and Kashaf we too were brought back to reality with a thud. The sensitive Zaroon who bedazzled us as the taciturn Kashaf’s knight in shining armor was nowhere to be found today. Rather, what we saw here was wohi apna purana throwback-to-the-dark-ages wala Zaroon. All those sensible conversations about relationship rules, listening, trusting, accommodating, all flew out the window on the flimsiest of pretexts. 

Since the very beginning of this serial, its been hard to buy into the premise of a very simple-minded, always smiling Osama being best friends with a self assured, overconfident man like Zaroon, and now to see Zaroon getting so worked up about Osama’s revelation is so far-fetched, that I, for one, was totally unconvinced. Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.46.45 PMForget about what it says of Osama’s intellect, to blithely talk about his rejection to the said lady’s husband, but the fact that a man like Zaroon took it so seriously doesn’t jibe with how he’s been portrayed so far. Yes, he’s “conservative,” and was attracted to Kashaf because of her “spotless” character, but to now sulk because his best friend proposed first doesn’t make sense at all. I agree with Kashaf, that this so trivial a matter that for Zaroon to lose his composure over it is almost laughable. The only way it would have made sense was if Zaroon and Kashaf had had a conversation about their pasts, beyond their college days. In that case, had Kashaf neglected to mention Osama’s proposal, then Zaroon’s ire could have been somewhat justified, but coming out of the blues like this, sorry, I am not sold … And then in the next episode he talks to his father about it?? How old is this guy?? Like Kashaf, I too think baby Zaroon can sulk away to eternity.

image (18)While I agree with Kashaf’s stance on Zaroon’s immaturity, I was not impressed by how carelessly she handled her first serious spat with Zaroon. Given that she is fully aware of her husband’s inflated ego, why would a mature, and not to mention very private, girl like Kashaf confide in Sir Ibrar about what is essentially a very personal issue between a husband and a wife. This conversation went against everything we have seen so far in Kashaf’s character sketch. Here, if I were in Zaroon’s shoes, I too would be furious with my spouse. So far, Kashaf’s been happily pointing out all of Zaroon’s shortcomings, but I guess its easier to assign blame rather than looking at one’s own self. While I was not too enamored by either Zaroon or Kashaf’s characters today, Zaroon’s sulking in particular was a little too reminiscent of Ashar’s pouts in Humsafar, both Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan were excellent and breathe so much life into their characters.

Ayesha Omar is another actress who has really impressed with her acting skills here. I find Sara problematic and have had disagreements with her character from day one, but I really like how Ayesha is playing Sara. image (17)The phone conversation with Zaroon was really well done, her voice and expressions beautifully conveying her confusions and doubts. Also well done was her scene with her mother. While Sara blames Ghazala, as does Junaid, I continue to find this very problematic. Thus far, apart from a couple of contrived situations, we are provided no justification to support their accusations. From what little we have seen of her, Ghazala has been around pretty much at all meal times, and both her son and daughter, despite their protestations to the contrary, share a warm relationship with her. If the makers were that keen to depict Ghazala as a really negative character, then they should have have spent a bit more time on showing rather than talking about Ghazala and her self-centeredness. 

As I complain about lack of development of Ghazala’s character, I have the exact opposite reaction to Nigar Aunty. Why, why does this lady get so much screen time? image (16)Yes, by now we get that she is evil, has no redeeming qualities, and is matlabi to the core, then why so much time dedicated to her story? That said, I am thoroughly enjoying Shazia Afgan as the OTT Nigar Aunty. How fabulous was she with her screaming blue eyeshadow! Apart from Aunty ji’s makeup, the dark lipstick was also quite memorable, the only good thing about the scene, if I can call it that, was that we finally got to know just a tad bit more about Tanzeela and Tooba. Apparently they are quite old and one is done with her BA – wow! who’d have thunk that?! Here is my age old question again: Why were we not shown the hateful Abba’s other two daughters at all? In a serial dedicated to discussing issues related to the girl child, I find their absence incomprehensible.

And on this issue of not understanding, why is Sidra back again? Didn’t she just leave? Even though I have given up on the timeline, still I’m so lost with Sidra’s comings and goings. Also, I was thoroughly confused as to which of the two sisters was expecting? From Kashaf’s conversation it seemed like Sidra was expecting, but then Rafia thoroughly messed me up with her contradictory duas Aunty ji kabhi kuch bolti hain kabhi kuch


Considering that this was heralded as a mega project, and the serial was almost a year in the making, I wish more attention had been paid to the final product.

Overall this latest episode did not work for me. Beginning with the disconnect with the ending of the last episode, Zaroon thinking back to his broken engagement, to his OTT reaction to Osama’s proposal, to Kashaf’s conversation with Sir Ibrar, to the unnecessary Nigar scene, to beating up on Ghazala, to Rafia’s major blooper, to Sidra’s unexplained back n forth trips, all combined to make this a strangely disjointed installment, a disappointment after the relatively more coherent last few episodes. Here’s to hoping for a relatively more gulzar episode next week.

Written by SZ~

P.S. Did anybody notice this anti-establishment art in the pro-establishment Zaroon’s house?! 

image (12)


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  1. @SZ: Wow! I think I am the first to comment. As always, I agree with you. I did not like this episode at all. There are many episodes I have watched again and again (see previous posts!), but this one – ek bar kaafi hai. I too was confused about the pregnancy. Is Kashaf pregnant? Or Sidra? I think Sidra, b/c Kashaf goes to the doctor next episode (as seen in the promo?) Don’t know…

    As for telling Sir Abrar – I agree fully. Why do that? Although, she didn’t tell him about the proposal…she just said Osama had called…but whatever. I’m back to the beginning of ZGH when I thought the episodes were annoyingly slow moving.

    That having been said – I liked Sara – I also liked Kashaf and Sara interacting over the clothes. That had a sweetness to it. If this episode had been my introduction to FK, I would not be a fan (perish the thought!) – Good thing for him, I am all about second chances – and even third chances. ZGH needs all the chances it can get to get out of the dog house…for now.

    • @BSK: I agree, this was a deja vu of he first 15 eps with the loopholes and bloopers galore! Ab lets see how they wrap up things in the last 3 or so eps…
      About the pregnancy, I think she finds out in the next ep, seems like Samina P had a blooper there, but what made it hilarious was that the subtitling ppl didnt notice, and neither did the editors and it went on air just like that .. The screenshot I have up there is quite epic in terms of bloopers!

    • @BSK – yes the last scene was a sweet one for sure. I guess next week Sara will finally marry Ghazanfar. but Instead of Ghazala staring and smiling for 5 minutes she should have joined them as well! 🙂

  2. Yes, yes and yes! I agree with your take wholeheartedly! Aaj ka episode daikh kay mood kirkiraa hogayaa, and it had nothing to do with the absence of romance, instead it was the absence of any sense and logic that really put me off!

    We were anticipating the return of Mr DoubleStds/chauvinstic Zaroon, but the premise of his return was so weak. She clearly stated that Osama was just a proposal and one that she rejected so the brooding makes no sense. On top of which, his issue with her not manaa’ing him was ill-placed and illogical – considering how angry and accusatory he is being, it isn’t fathomable that he expects that she should make up with him. He hasn’t given her any indication that there is an avenue for her to make up with him.

    I was ok with her reaction and defense of her character but telling Sir Abrar was unacceptable and completely out of character for someone who always worried about others (Zaroon) finding out about her family background. He is a ghair who she holds in high esteem, why would she confide in him?

    I do wish she perhaps would take the higher road and attempt to resolve the issue – like rafia told her, sometimes the woman has to compromise. I would do it while defending my rightful position (she has nothing to be sorry for), but if she sat down with him and said that they should work to resolve the problem (like his own rule stated) perhaps they could get past it.

    Liked the Zaroon-Sara converastion too! And even the clip with nand-bhaavaj, and especially Ghazala’s contentment (?) at seeing them together. I hope Zaroon’s family sets him straight!

    Nigaar-ji a waste of time!

    Really did not like this week and I don’t think next week will make any headway either.

    • @Nur: completely agree about the “rules”. This would have been a good situation to apply the rules to both mia and biwi. This could have closed the loop on the whole “rules” issue…but instead, we are just left hanging…I hate that!

    • @BSK: I think actually the OTT makeup was the highlight of this ep for me :p And that even as she is being all things evil, she still asks Hammad for a fork and continues to enjoy her kabab – wah!

      • @SZ: I think this blue eyeshadow was worn by SS after marriage (when she wears the light blue jora) – maybe she shared with aunty-ji? 🙂

  3. I was really looking forward to read your review after watching today’s episode!
    *Sidra suppose to be leaving on the 5th, so very soon!
    *i thought Kashaf told her mom 1st over the phone tht she is pregnent thts why her mom said: “Allah ka lakh lakh sukhr hai beta ke woh aulaad jaise niyamaat se nawaz raha hai tumhe” (Correct me if i am wrong but i thought Rafia was congratulating Kashaf on her pregnancy) (pls do excuse my roman urdu as it is not my mother tongue)

    • @Smd: Hard to say, this is ZGH land! The screen shot above shows the two contradictory things Rafia said.. and from the precaps the Dr is just breaking the news to K.. so Im just as bewildered as you all are .. and hence my question.. if it took a year to produce, then why these mega blunders ..

  4. I couldn’t agree more!! Zaroon’s poutiness was totally out of left field and contrived. It would have made more sense if they had interjected some humor into his poutiness. Bizarre how serious he got!! Maybe they just wanted to show Kashaf doing the chasing for once? But they didn’t really succeed at that either….wth with her airing dirty laundry to her college professor? All she needed was to repeat Zaroon’s own words back at him…always talking, never walking away, never going to bed angry, etc. Just all around bizarre behavior on all fronts.
    I do think Nigar’s “my daughters are your daughters and your daughters are mine” nonsense is supposed to foretell something. She hasn’t totally given up trying to cop favors from Rafia’s more pari likhi daughters. Totally cheesy if they went there this late in the game, but I do kind of like her scheming ways as the counterpoint to the sweetness of the romance. After all Kashaf can’t be her own obstacle forever (and in this epi Zaroon’s zidhy behavior was the main obstacle). Perhaps Nigar will be the last obstacle that firmly and irrecoverably unites the two young lovebirds as they defeat her wicked ways?
    Oh, and I loved Sara’s convo with her bro too! Loved their relationship from day one.

  5. On the spot review SZ. Today’s episode was…well……….Aadhi se ziyada tu fast-forward mein dekhi hum ne….zzzZZZZ

    I don’t understand Zaroon Bhaeya ka problem….. this chauvinist baccha should feel lucky to be married to somebody who is not only smart and independent but also desirable!!! It is a social responsibility of girls to turn down first proposals. Simple!

    BTW, what’s up with Sara marrying a ‘conservative’ man this time?…..kya yeh hai shaadi ka successful formula?!….Agghhhh,… Ms. UA ab bus bhi keijye….

    • @Saima: Yaar, I hear you and completely agree with you.. all these carelessly applied labels/stereotypes are way too problematic..

    • Story line reflects writers misconception and bias about class difference.
      Both Osama and Zaroon couldn’t find one “shareef” girl in their class. And now Sara has decided to marry a “conservative man”
      Give us a break.

      • @anwar.suhail, totally agree. You do know the writer of ZGH is a product of Khawateen Digest, where “sharafat” is synonym to double M (i.e. Middle-class and Muslim)….phir bhi aap kehte hain Z n O ko “shareef” girls nahi milte.

        • You have summed it up so well.
          I’ll perhaps find better and more meaningful stories in Khawateen digests.
          Unfortunately, before her book is out in market, one or other channel decides to turn it into tv play. Sad state of affairs. Herd mentality this is.

  6. I thought Kasaf is pregnant….I don’t think they are talking about Sidra at all! Another blooper…in the promo scene where Kasaf is sitting in front of the doctor, the audio states Kasaf saying…Ma banna ek bahut badi Zimmedari hai…Kasaf is actually saying to the doctor…TWINS! Are you sure????
    Extremely disappointed with todays’s episode!! As said earlier by me, do not buy at all that Zaroon can get Jealous of Osama’s proposal to Kasaf! There is NO reason to get jealous….this looks like a jabardasti ka twist in the story!

    • @Shalu, if she is preggo then why does Rafia change her tune in the next sentence? Screen shot above!! And Kashaf does tell her mom that she and Zaroon will come next week to meet Sidra and the Rafia can tell her what they need to give Sidra… Lets see what the rest of the viewers think..

      • I think she is pregnant. I hope not but she most likely is. why would her doctor talk about pregnancy to her then when Sidra isnt even here?

        • @Aish: Oh that she is .. we already know there are twin girls thanks to the over zealous Hum fb pages .. but just not sure if it was K’s pregnancy R was referring to .. then why would she turn around and say what she does ..re: screenshot above! Also Sidra is here (whether she never left or left and came back is anybody’s guess!).. K does say that she and Z are coming on the weekend to meet Sidra..

    • i totally agree with u regarding “zabardasti ka twist” in the story … i knew since their marriage that problems r awaiting and that those would b mostly due to their (both kashaf and zarron’s) uncompromising nature … but the very first reason of that problem is really not convincing as far as i m concerned… really its not been ages since their marriage so it is really pointless to drag the reason for difference to this extent…. its ok that he didnt like it that he didnt know “somethng” abt kashaf’s past (given his character in the show) especially osama’s proposal … but then he showed attitude she explained him abt it and thats it ..khatam … so even if being in kashaf’s shoes i wouldnt like to be questioned like that , as a viewer i would give him some benefit of doubt …. still i think that the issue s been dragged far too much … what i ve understood is that they want to highlight the uncompromising nature of both, thats y showing all this, its all abt “pehlay kaun manaye ga”… still it irritated me. …

  7. We were all swooning over previous episodes, I am afraid this was bound to happen. The chauvinistic Zaroon was destined to spoil the show for all of us. Men! they are pigs !
    The glorious rule #1 went down the drain. The fact that she was his wife and sitting in his “pehloo” (as he once pointed out to Kashaf ) also went flying out the window. All that remained was a jalta bhunta shohar.
    I couldn’t help recalling Humsafar when Khirad was at the receiving end of Ashar’s indifference just when she found out about her pregnancy. History is repeating itself or rather HUM TV is.
    I think the writer should have adopted a different pretext for discord between the two. This was lame beyond belief.

  8. I’m actually on Zaroon’s side on this one… I, too, would be upset if I suddenly found out that my best friend had proposed to my partner in the past and neither thought it important to tell me. I know they never dated or anything, but concealing the proposal makes both of them seem untrustworthy. I don’t think Zaroon was sulking because his best friend proposed first and his wife is no longer spotless, but because such a big thing had been concealed from him.

    • @Maha: I think you might have a point there, but I think the fact that Osama was played by Shehryar Munawar, a rank newcomer, who could not essay the part effectively has a lot to do with how this character is coming across…The continuous smiling and the way he just mentioned his rejection was really weird…

      • Haha, yeah it was a strange way to find out!! Osama should have just kept his mouth shut and not assumed that Kashaf had told him… I didn’t realize that the actor who plays Osama is a newcomer. I found his acting kind of questionable in this episode.

        • @Maha: Yes, this was his first acting job, since then he’s gone to playing lthe leading man in Mere Dard ko jo Zuban Miley, Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay and most recently Kahi Unkahi… ZGH was delayed for about a year thats why easy to forget this was his firs outing.

    • Maha, last week I too thought Zaroon was right since Osama is his supposed best friend, things did become awkward and I’m sure he felt foolish for not knowing the proposal.

      However I am so disappointed in how he handled it. How does love fizzle out so easily.? I mean his glances at the dining table were full out of hatred. Anger I get, but disgust and hatred I dont. I can understand that when sometimes when you love so deeply you really do want to have them in every way mind body and soul but today was totally unacceptable. MCP is the word .

      It was totally unjustified. His past is not spotless either and he didnt ask to be honest. He assumed away about his wife.

      I would have been ok if they showed him battling his jealousy but they didnt. He thought he was right.

      • I was also disappointed in how he handled the situation… He should have calmly asked Kashaf about it as soon as he got home instead of act like a brat and disregard all of her efforts. He was the one who said that communication is key and they should never walk away from each other while one is talking, etc. These rules reply to you, too, mister!!

      • I don’t think this is an issue of jelously, though – more of anger at being kept in the dark and how this makes Kashaf and Osama appear to be untruthworthy, which is not a trait one wants in a partner. But maybe I am looking at things in a way that they’re not supposed to be looked at?!

        • @Maha: You could be entirely right 🙂 But I was just laughing out loud at the self righteousness with which Z goes up to his dad with his “issue” in the precap… what is he a six year old?? After I saw that bit I just couldn’t take Z’s anger seriously at all! And to think the man is in the foreign services – wonder how his my way or the highway attitude works over there!

          • Oh wow, I only just watched the preview for the next episode! Judging from the conversation he has with his dad, it does seem like he’s jealous that his wife is no longer spotless, rather than angry that he was kept in the dark… Really disappointed with this!! He is so childish and hypocritical. If his attitude ever gets him fired, he is lucky he has his parents’ money to fall back on…

        • I completely agree with you on Zaroon and Osama’s situation.We all know that Zaroon has got really funny sarcastic sense of humor as suppose to Osama which i found very dry sense of humor when Osama addressed Zaroon as “Narrowminded” before breaking the unsuccessful proposal news. I would also felt very insulted if my only close friend called me that. It looked like Zaroon and Kashaf really knows how to communicate with others than with each other.I wanted to remind Zaroon Rule#1: Communication. 😦

          Honestly, Z n K relationship portrays a very real normal relationship as suppose to OTT other stories. Although, coming to think of it, we only have 3 more episodes of ZGH left. I wish there were more of actual Zindagi Gulzar Hai: moments of ZnK on screen as couple than just couple more episodes.

          On a funny note, wish Osama Smiley bhaijaan were married to either Tooba or Tanzila then he would not have the spare time to brag about his unsuccessful proposal story. Hence we could have more Islamabad *chaand, sitare, Zaroon, Kashaf Cheezy Romance*

    • Although I see your point because Zaroon might have felt blindsided, I can’t imagine how that is something that is brought up in conversation. Kashaf and Zaroon were doing their own very unique brand of courting, post-marriage. When is an appropriate time to spill the beans about past proposals? Mangni say pehlay, Shaadi ki raat, honeymoon kay dauraan…? In any case, I think Zaroon would have acted just as irrationally.

      Zaroon’s shock might be justified. Even, thori dair tak moon phoolana, lekin itnay din tak ghussay ka javaaz nahin hai. How do you forget your promises and your sworn love so quickly. I can still hear his pained voice from last week over the mere thought of Kashaf leaving him “ek din chhorh kay chaleejaana mujhay”.

      I found Kashaf’s answer appropriate: “mein tumhay apnay proposals kay baaray mein bataoon aur phir tum apnay. Aisa kaun kartaa hai?” Which by the way, I thought was very well acted by SS.

      • @Nur: i think after a certain point Z’s anger had less to do with O or the proposal and more to do with the fact hat K ne manaya nahin .. at least thats how I was justifying it while watching .. but then his childishness in the precap, going to dad, just took away all justification – he’s an idiot, thats that.
        Yes, SS has been fab!

      • Personally, I think Osama should have brought it up when he found out that Zaroon and Kashaf were engaged (although, ideally, he should have kept his mouth shut completely)! But he chose to cower behind Kashaf instead… If I were Kashaf, I would have assumed that Zaroon already knew about the proposal, as he is supposed to be best friends with Osama. She should have brought it up at some point before the engagement to protect herself and start the relationship with a clean slate, but then that wouldn’t make for a very interesting drama, would it? 😛 I think at one point Kashaf thought that both boys were playing a prank on her with their random declarations of love! If only she had openly accused Zaroon of that then…

        Since the preview for the next ep implies that the reasoning for Zaroon’s anger is not due to being blindsided, but mainly because he has realised that he is no longer the only man in Kashaf’s life as he had previously thought, I agree that he still would have been childish had she told him about the proposal beforehand… I also agree that he didn’t handle the situation very well! It was very immature of him to ignore her like that after harping on about how communication is key and how he can’t live without her. You got the girl in the end, so get over it, buddy…

        I think Kashaf’s reaction to Zaroon failed to consider that he isn’t getting riled up about her connection with any old man, but to his best friend. That kind of changes things, but, again, from the preview it seems that it’s not Osama that’s the issue or the fact that this information was concealed from him, but more that Kashaf had some sort of a connection with another guy before he came along. I cannot defend his hypocritical self in that aspect.

        • @Maha: I pretty much agree with everything you said. And yes, in the interest of protecting herself/her reputation she could have implemented a full disclosure when he proposed or before the engagement, but I think usually girls feel that’s necessary only when they have something to prove or they are on the defensive. I would think that she felt her character was beyond reproach because of her actions, how she handled herself in life. Added to that, Zaroon expressed that he was marrying her for her character, so she probably never imagined that it was in question. After all, being proposed to should not sully one’s reputation.

          • Agreed!! I don’t think Kashaf felt it necessary to disclose anything pre-their engagement, due to how she has carried herself in life previously. Being proposed to is hardly a something that should put ones character/reputation into question, and Osama’s proposal probably didn’t even occur to her during her hasty engagement and marriage to Zaroon… Still, I think Zaroon’s anger is justified, but only at not being told (as this involved his best friend who he is still in touch with and not a stranger), as well as finding out about it in the way he did. Being angry at Kashaf for no longer being spotless is ridiculous, however, as was the childish way in which he dealt with it! Although I respect that he kept quiet in front of Osama, it is unfair that Kashaf is having to deal with Zaroon’s tantrum alone. It was Osama who did the proposing…

  9. @All: Thoroughly enjoyed reading the discussion from last week.. I got distracted with work so missed out on joining in the convos..
    Btw, the big debate we all had last week about Z and his money and his lifestyle and his blown budget, well seems like we got our answer: On his house!!! What a sughar talented interior designer he is!! LOL! Those furnishings, paintings and the carpets must have set him back a pretty penny! Clearly Ghazala hasn’t visited his Islamabad house, if she had then she wouldn’t be questioning his expenses!! Now for this I call Ghazala a bad mom – tsk tsk 😉

  10. Totally agree…and all my hopes were dashed in this episode!! Thinking that there would be something more substantial to Mr Zaroons temper tantrum was I guess to much to wish for.
    But really??? Zaroon the one who was making the rules for a successful marriage is now being idiot of the century!!
    Tell me most men are not like this… anyone with half a brain would not make such a big deal!!
    But yeah then I totally thought of Ashar who we totally loved but wasn’t he also the biggest jerk for a while when Khirad had absolutely given him no reason to feel jealous…all of episode 10 actually!
    One thing A and z do have in common, is they need a lot of attention and pampering. When Khirad did her sar dabao ashar was all fine again and If Kashaf had manaod Zaroon he admitted he would have been fine…I think sometimes men have the biggest egos and the wife always has to compromise more to make the marriage work, when it should be from both sides!

    Anyways like you said Kashaf also made a blunder, what a senseless thing to tell sir ibrar but then I thought maybe she thinks he’s the only one who could knock sense into him, the only thing I can think of to justify it.
    Haha nigaar and her make up…yes an OMG moment!
    Two faced slimy woman and so don’t need to know about her and her non exisistent betiyan…
    All of a sudden the ghazala track came up again…I mean haven’t we heard this all before although agree Ayesha acted very well as Sara but the evil mother is getting old as we have not seen anything really bad she’s done.
    I am hoping its more gulzar next week , was also. disappointed and your review summed it up!

    • SK, I agree Ashar and Zaroon both have no reason to be insecure but I give Ashar full points for taking back an “impure” wife. He was willing to look past her supposed affair, forgive and move on. Because he loved her and accepted her “flaws” that came with it.He was misdirected but he was ok with a wife who was not spotless.

      I doubt Zarooon will be so magnanimous. He will take back Kashaf because he is wrong and because she is still spotless. It wont be because he accepts her as she is, flaws included IMO

        • Excellent point. Asher and Khirad’s love story was the absolute strongest when he admitted to himself he just could not hate her no matter how hard he tried. I forget the actual line in Urdu, but what a fantastic line it was! He loved her despite everything, even when all evidence pointed to her having had an affair, he loved her, and he couldn’t stop. Zaroon, on the other hand, is absolutely unjustified in any way that we can understand or relate to. If it turns out as most here seem to be fearing, that Zaroon makes Kashaf sharminda and apologize until he’s happy again, for having done nothing wrong then I’ll be very diappointed in this entire drama. But, despite UA’s tendency to promote conservative values, I’ve found dramatizations of her writing to subvert those values in ways she probably doesn’t even realize. Conservative Muslims thought Sher e zaat was the ultimate story about faith….but I saw ways in which that message was subverted and transformed into a message about personal empowerment. Likewise, I don’t think we’ll see an oppressive “typical male” Zaroon make Kashaf bow down to him before he “forgives” her…..I think instead he may learn that being “sharif” and “good” is not so easily defined or open to judgement. That’s my hope for this story anyway!

          • I agree Zarqa in UA’s stories men are shown as the ones who are wrong or the weaker gender (something I am not fond of) so the same hold true here with Asher realizing his mistake and becoming a better person in 20 minutes flat!

            • @Annie: Ashar or Zaroon? Ashar took two or three episodes, and even after all that happened he had no mommy dearest issues. Z I fear will take even less than 20 mins … after all his mom is to blame for 90% of his issues ..not the poor guy’s fault at all! 😉

      • Yes that’s true! But somehow I think zaroon will be called out for this. This so obvious blatant double standard is not sitting pretty with kashaf and I’m sure he can not simply get away with this. What would be the purpose through out the whole drama of him bein accused of it but not learning anything in the end?

        • Sk, I hope you are right. because this is really petty.

          SZ, I was really excited to see a story about two flawed (because of their circumstances) coming together with some baggage. this turned out be something else 😦
          I guess I shouldnt give up so easily. MAybe next week will be better

    • @SK, re: “tell me most men are not like this.” First of all, I have yet to hear of a man as hot and intelligent and romantic as the Zaroon/FK of the prior three episodes. I think you can find some of these traits but it is a rarity to find all of them in the same guy. So if you’re prepared for that fact you won’t be disillusioned when such a specimen does a complete 180 degrees on you. I think Zaroon acted like a petulant child (just like Kashaf always says).

      Although there are many possessive, jealous and controlling men out there, they tend to possess other traits that set off all kinds of warning signs, those traits are clearly absent in Zaroon. So answering your original question, I think most men in this situation would behave much more rationally.

      • Nur…lololol..I’m laughing but youre so right!! A man like Zaroon can only be born of a woman’s imagination 🙂

        I was really hoping today they would show Zaroon having an internal monologue about how he wants to be rational but cannot because his emotions are getting the better of him. I would have happily alluded his bad behavior to mad love and childhood insecurities. But alas that was not to be

        Hoping they show all that and his remorse next week.

        • Lolol on such a man can only be born in a woman’s imagination. My ideal would have been tall, dark and handsome, have spouted Ghalib along with his own original shaairi, could have sang beautiful love songs, would be a highly successful professional and the cherry on top would be that he would have absolute adoration for me. I lucked out on the last two, but he’s no FK or Ghalib. All joking aside I adore my amreekan-born confused desi hubby.

          Your idea of an inner monologue would totally have addressed all the concerns we have and would definitely allow him a reprieve for reflecting on his behavior and actions. We could have gotten into that psyche of his and figured out some of his insecurities. Alas, we don’t write these plays, but then maybe we should.

          Could you imagine if we created a consortium of writers that developed a story that really reflected what we wanted for plot, characters, romance, dialogue…? I think between *all* of our analyses and some Urdu help from our resident experts we could do a decent job. 🙂

          • Just wanted to say this post made me giggle. I got the Ghalib sprouting successful professional who loves me always, smoldering hotness, sure, but no FK. Zaroon is truly borne of a woman, but, just not in this last epi…. lol.

  11. I am so disappointed for so many reasons but also because these couples cant reconcile without a baby being in the picture. Its almost forced.

    Going back up to read everything

    • Agreed!! For once I would love it if a baby weren’t always added to the equation. It looks like Zaroon has been doing a lot more than admiring the moon at night, though. 😛

        • hahahaha…thats what i was surprised at too. I thought they were still getting to know each other and already so much more has happened at lightening speed??? how do you go there and still have minor issues like these? But it explains why Kashaf is sooo totally fida over him..happens to most girls after that 😛

    • I agree. I resent the whole baby reunites the couple, because honestly I don’t logically see how the existence of a baby resolves anything. Couples can choose to stay together for the sake of a child, but that is a compromise that doesn’t address the underlying conflict. In a fairy tale, I guess you fantasize about this nuclear family, kiss and make up, but in real life I would think the conflicts and doubts would fester.

      How does Kashaf’s pg change his perception of her “now-not-so-pristine character”? Such a filmy/dramaaii thing to do 😦

      • @Nur: Totally agree. I hate the baby as the reason for them coming back together…(or babies, as the case may be :-), but maybe it will be handled better? Maybe Kashaf won’t tell him until he comes to his senses of his own accord? Kumasaykum kwaab to dekh saktay hai, hai na?

  12. Not pleased with story line. UA has natural limitations. That’s the best she could.
    Can’t swallow this excuse for discord between Zaroon and Kashaf. Also Sara going for a conservative family, is so stereotypical.
    UA, please give us a break.

    • Yes, I don’t see why Sara thinks she can fit into a conservative family. Granted she has learned some difficult lessons from her failed marriage, but it’ll be hard to buy that she can change herself so drastically. I could see her seeking middle ground, but not this extreme.

      • This is the dumbest thing. Going from one conservative to another…from the frying pan into the fire and then having the audacity to tell her mom about how unhappy her marriage is. chaar din ke expert …I just dont understand why Junaid is unhappy with his wife. Its ridiculous because in reality most families have two working parents..even rich ones. How can you just sit at home? Why does he need pandering? how old is he? That family makes me so mad. They are all such spoiled brats.

        Mommy you spent 4 hours and 50 minutes with me when you said 5 hours so you are a terrible mom. Learn from our awesome dad who does nothing for us *head desk*

        I’m ranting because this whole conservative wife/inattentive mom thing is getting on my nerves.

        And really what was the need to make Sir Abrar’s wife the same way? Thats the best they can come up with ?

        I’m still not done ranting but I will stop .

  13. Hum ap se poori tara mutafiq hain.. LOL ! you just wrote every one (well,hope so) ke dil ki baat! too good.

    this was again one disappointing episode but then i am not surprised at all.. past 2 to 3 episodes of lovey dovey romance were just to bring back those 1% of audience that ran away… like me 😉

    Nigar-Rafia scene was plain hilarious..all thanks to nigar’s fabulous makeup..lol what was that and actually why was that.. atleast 22nd episode tak we got the names of nigar’s daughters.. not bad haan 😉

    Zaroon gets mad on lame things one can ever think… he actually got furious on Madamara once on type of clothes she wore in college..and this time its poor Kashaf on not telling osama’s proposal…he is seriously such a baby… and how rude was that when he just cut the call of Sir Abrar,without saying any single word.. I didn’t got Z when he said to Osama k yes Kashaf have told him and he is liberal… what she have told her?? am i missing something here

    Kashaf was all justified in showing her frustration on that idiotic matter but bibi ap ne Sir ko involve karke acha nahin kya… ap tou samajhdar hain na…very wrong step taken… and it seems so senseless and illogical issue to actually have a matter of spat between them… ye umeed tou bilkul bhi nahin thi 😦

    Sara-Zaroon scene was only scene i liked the most..very beautifully shown and acted by both..

    Rafia ne tou dono betiyon ko amaa bana diya.. lol.. sabar aunty sabar.. ek week ka intezaar aur karain 😀

      • Yaar, why is there mention of Sidra’s pg?? Did I miss something? I thought Rafia was talking about Kashaf. I got the blooper – the congrats followed by the dua to become a mom, which I just took to mean she was hoping that her pg would be healthy and without incident, so that she would deliver a child and thus become a mother…but I’ll admit that I was stretching the meaning just to make sense of it.

        • @Nur: LOL! Just went back and watched that scene again, and have to say its the most convoluted convo ever .. actually makes no sense .. so at the end of it all we know that someone is preggo and Z has no clue (Ashar deja vu? jaane na jaane gul he na jaane baagh to saara jaaney hai!!!) and Sidra is in PK … which now leads to the question, how much time has passed since Z’s overnight stay at R’s house ?? Didnt Sidra say then that she was leaving soon? And agar tab gayee thi tau itni jaldi waapis kyon aa gayi???

          • Lol at jaane name jaane gul hi name jaane 🙂 and sidra’s husband has to be one of the most resourceful man of the year 😉
            But I did think of you when I heard the two daughters names I was like SZ ke dil ko thandak paad gayi hogi 😉

    • Rehmat: nice review 🙂 although Murtuza, nigar n hammad did mentioned about these two daughters name in the episode where Murtaza saab agreed to buy a new car cause of his SON’s wish. As hamaad was feeling not so kool dude dropping off his both sisters in that old Khatara type car! 😛

  14. Sz, super sccurate review as usual

    I FFed most of the episode. I was beyond annoyed by Zaroon. The only nice scenes for me were first scene in the car when he reflects on her display of concern, and precap scene on the bed where they are fighting. It took me all of 15 minutes to watch today. I understand them trying to weave in Sara and Nigar’s story into K and Z’s life and the consequences that will spill out from those but today was not the day to do that. We needed these two to resolve their first major spat, at least talk more about it.

    I felt K was ok in discussing with Sir Abrar. She really didnt have to but I think she feels like this is so minor that it was ok to talk about it. I mean she did ask him for a job or help with finding a job putting aside her pride. But they need more reasons for Z to lose his mind and this is another one.

    hugely disappointed today

    • @Aish: I agree…. a ragtag of an episode, didn’t this remind you of all our conversations in the earlier episodes? 😦 Lets hope the next three episodes manage to pull this story together!

      • Not sure how nicely things can be pulled together in about 75 minutes. Half of next week will be dedicated to sara’s wedding and the ongoing fight moving into the on again off again pregnancy news. Then the week after will bring resolution to the fight so 30 minutes dedicated to I am going to be a father so let me stop fighting and implement my rules again so I don’t have to follow them after the twins are born and I would be asked to help change diapers, wake up in the middle of the night and feed them etc. I will forget those rules again. I feel a very rushed character growth coming our way.

    • Thank you Aish. I LOVE reading everyone’s take on the episodes and our discussions.

      I look forward to SZ’s review just as much as the actual episode!!

  15. As always great review and comments. i think Sidra’s mention is an editing blooper, because a few weeks ago too, the similar convo happened between Rafia and Kashaf, about visiting to meet Sidra, before she was to leave and both Kashaf and zaroon come to say their byes to her. I think the conversation today was about Kashaf’s pregnancy.

    Hopefully this episode truly sets the tone for both Zaroon And Kashaf to appreciate their relationship in the coming episodes! Fingers crossed:-).

  16. This episode disappointed me in terms of editing.
    The extra sensitive behaviour of zaroon over osama proposal was very irritating.the only good thing ,change in people behaviour has been shown in nigar and rafia scene where nigar gives the responsibility of her 2 unknown daughter’s alliances to rafia. People behaviour change so much when one has got money and respect. Another bitter reality of our society.

  17. I can’t write about my anxiety and my wait for this review.

    I will state the reason for that, it was because of a mixed bag of feelings I had after watching this episode. Not to mention the rise in my blood pressure because of Zaroon’s continued idiocy and attitude. His acts were unnerving and depressive with a lot of flashbacks of Asher in episode 10. Zaroon really put me off today…when he said, ‘It is a man’s world’ Iwas pulling my hair already.

    Phew! One thing that I really appreciate about Kashaf is that she clarifies by thing, she doesn’t zip up and sit back….

    Aunty Ghazala was blown away by Sarah’s views today. She could not believe somebody could ever pin point anything about her ‘flawless’ personality. She never likes binding seams but now it is about time…In contrast to that I felt Junaids’s ideas were very vague. Why is a woman always blamed for her career whereas in most situations Junaid proves himself as a spineless person. Albeit Ghazala is not that great a person but she is shown to play a major part in handling everything, not Junaid. I am confused which party to back?! :p

    I am looking forward to the next episode( excluding Zaroon’s never-ending problem with his wife’s proposals:/)
    For the rest, the promo looks intriguing therefore I am eagerly waiting for the episode/your review!

    • @Heela – YES! that is what i also like about Kashaf. She does not sit back and take the heat! This is the type of girl Zaroon deserves. Jo mu tor jawab bhi de.

      Zaroon is Asher’s long lost brother for sure. The similarities drove me nuts and even the same reason Asher was so pissed is just too much to handle. Talk about being original!
      and i see you’ve said a lot of the same stuff i wrote in my comment. I am glad we are on the same page with this one!! what is wrong a career oriented woman!! It is not a man’s world Zaroon and Junaid!

  18. I absolutely agree wd u.. The episode was really all over the place.. Looking at the next ep’s glimpse i guess kashaf is expecting and as fr sidra i think she has become a mother thts why kashaf was saying to her mother to tell her wht to buy for sidra.. As i understand many months have passed by since zaroon n kashaf’s marriage although it doesnt look so but it is the case may be even a year or something n may be thts why sidra is back :).. We pardesis alwaya visit once a year 😀 only good thing from the ep was the reality check fr ghazala.. I hope she learns from it

    • I don’t think a year has passed. When Kashaf talked to Zaroon, she said “main pehli baar tumharay ghar aayee hoon”. And her transfer happened within weeks of them getting married. The timeline is skewed, but they are definitely within a few months of their marriage. I think the naaraazgi has lasted a week or two, definitely not months as of this episode.

  19. Did anyone else find Zaroon’s spat in the pre cap highly immature and ridiculous?? What intelligent man would say “main to phirsay paidaa bhi na hona chahoon” REALLY?!?!?

    • @Nur – all his pouting in this episode and from the precaps of next, its all very immature and ridic.

      He went and told his dad about it! what part of its not a big deal does Zaroon saab not understand!

    • @Nur: Yes! Who would say that? Especially, since it is his character who thinks that “zindgai gulzar hai”…agar zindgai itni gulzar thi, then why this comment? It doesn’t make sense…fine, Zaroon mia, aap ko karni hai, toh shaadi ki badnaami karsaktay ho, magar puri zindagi se badla kyun? Yeh sab baatein aapke character ke bilkul khilaaf hai!

  20. Okay, back and bitten by the disappointment bug big time. Most points covered in your review and comments that have followed. Two things stood out for me.

    A.The change in Z’s character and the sudden flip to a typical shohar with typical hangups was way too stark.
    B.Nigar Aunty’s eye shadow.

    Enough said!

    P.S Spot on review 🙂

    • @Sabeen – her eyeshadow was the exact color of her duputta.. kya perfect shade kise ne choose kya! Even Rafia could not look at her directly, the eyeshadow was blinding her.

    • @Sabeen: Enough said indeed! I think we all have spent more time thinking and analyzing the characters than the writer and director ever did…

      • @SZ – LOL true that! or maybe that’s what they wanted and now they are just laughing their hearts out reading all this commentary 😉

  21. Since i am late to comment, it looks like everyone has pretty much said it all.
    ZGH is back to being a disappointing drama where we are back to square one..

    Why was there such a disconnect between the ending of last episode and the beginning of this one. What was the point of that useless flashback.

    There is no doubt that Osama is the biggest idiot on the planet for saying what he did, If Kashaf hasn’t spoken to you since, doesn’t it make sense that you go and call her and see whats up with her.. And agar itna hi ta bataney ka, isn’t it more logical to had told him when Zaroon told him about his engagement phir he could have said ke “oh i proposed to her as well but she shot me down; maybe its because i smile too much and that annoyed her” Bohut hi idiot hai yeh insaan..

    Why is he, Nigaar, and every other random making their way back into the drama when it was finally becoming Zaroon and Kashaf’s story.

    Zaroon, a sorry excuse of a guy is so darn insecure because of a proposal, forgetting how close he was with Asmara and even engaged to her for a very long time…The nerve he has to be pissed off now is beyond me.. Is se behtar excuse nahi mila writer ko make the couple fight.
    Couples fight, have arguments, go through that entire phase and then make up, but waja bhi to koi ho na!!! What kind of loser reason was this.. Umera Ahmed so not original. picked up on Humsafar’s reason and we see Ashar part 2. The same exact reason and utna hi ghusa.. Gimme a break!!

    speaking of the writer, i cannot stand the contradictory character of Sara.. seriously i am really lost to as what the writer is trying to portray here. People who are more liberal should compromise and settle with conservative people? She is making her sound like a criminal bc her first marriage didn’t work out and because she is a liberal elite. The stuff she was saying totally pissed me off. Why should a woman have change her ways , why should she compromise and settle for less. wth does it even mean to be conservative.
    UA needs a very typical gaoon type audience jo apni beti-yon ko ye sab patiya parha te hain, because i personally cannot stand her and her stupid lectures!!
    and why is Ghazala the negative woman just because she had a career?!. She has always been there for her family, taken care of all their needs, guided them with everything, so, so what if she wanted to make sure she always had her career running parallel as well. What is wrong with that?? Konsa Islam / religion says that a woman cannot have a career? What kind of woman is UA, whose out there to hate all other women and love men like Zaroon.. I can only imagine what kind of person she is married to.

    Zaroon grow a freaking pair and move the heck on and live your life! Love Kashaf, who does not take any of his crap and says it all straight to the point. She tried so so hard and he gave her the cold shoulder so now he should sit and sulk and she should not try to “manao him”

    Lovely review as always, SZ! Agree with everything you have said! 🙂

    • Love live Ash!!! Hamare dil ke baath keh de. Somebody should go and shake the hell out of UA. Her universe is extremely dated and represents and a strange bread of digest-reading awaam. The less said the better.

    • Loved your comment Ash ,agree completely.Just hope the digest ayatollahs don’t coming gunning now!
      SZ bang on review as usual,only saw the episode yesterday so as usual am late to comment but everything I thought has been said already rather succinctly by Ash and everyone else.

      • @Fariha: LOL! Good to have you back again! I hope we will hear from you on the Silvatein thread as well this week – now that one is so much more fun 🙂

    • Agree with you on UA. Her stories are so retrogressive. There is never a message of self-reliance for women.
      Sad part is…before her novel is out, one or other tv channel buys the rights to turn it into yet another play. That is herd mentality.
      I for one always find her lectures and sermons extremely irritating. Remember what she did to Falak’s character in Shehr e Zaat.
      We surely need a break from her primitive stories.

  22. Hey All!
    Just went through the ZGH review and comments-94 (!) and also SIlvatein’s (16) and thought what a great pity it is that a much much better made drama than zgh doesn’t get half the attention as this….
    ZGH has so many loopholes that I fail to get emotionally involved in it. It is badly written and conceived, direction is strictly average and editing so bad that one feels cheated out of what could have been a good product. Haan acting achi….FK and SS are great. SZ, v apt review, agreed on all accounts….Sar patakhne ka sabab yaad aaya….

    • @Afia: So true about sar patakhne ka sabab yaad ayaa.. reminded me of all our objections about stereotypes, cliches, repetitions, timelines, editing, etc, right from get go! Remember all our excitement before it started?? Sigh!

    • you spoke my thoughts Afia. Silvatein is going great but because all the characters are flawed not many people are watching it?? Not sure what the deal is there.

  23. …and I thought actors have on their minds is ‘logistics of the scene’ no?

    ‘My wife is my favorite heroin. Honestly speaking, I’m not exaggerating, Baaz dafa inko bohat ghussa ata hai iss baat pay kay jab there is a romantic scene going on. She asks me; ‘How do you do that? Ap kar kaisay laitay ho? How do you emote like that with a stranger?’. And my answer is ‘I try to imagine you’. So jo onscreen affection aa rae hoti hai that is a part of my wife that I’m sharing with you’
    ~ Says Fawad Afzal Khan In the Gala Dinner.

    • @Saima: Credit for that 2 part video interview, which is now being cited everywhere, goes to our very own Afia!! She was lucky enough to attend the dinner and generous enough to record the event for all of us – Kiya baat hai @Afia aap ki!! Hum sab ki taraf se a huge thank you!!! She posted the links on the previous ep review thread 🙂

    • Wow, that just makes us love him even more no? Like is this guy for real? What a romantic thing to say! (Even if it sounds like mukan laga-ing…what sweet mukan it is 🙂 thank you for this quote…..must definitely go in search of this interview now!

        • Yes, just saw it! Thank you Afia! Such “real ness” is a thing of beauty. “A national treasure” indeed. (Loved how he wasn’t at all phased by the interviewer gushing all over him lol)

  24. @Ash, I love how you have put your comment. Agreed:)
    @SZ, How could I miss this video?! Wow I just saw it …thanks a lot Afia ONCE gain for this video. We are all obliged:D:D In the video, when they play Humsafar’s OST . Fawad Khan picks up his pen, tries to scribble something, then puts it back and then picks it up again…CUTE!

    • @Heela: I think many missed out on this one, so I put it up as a separate post … after all @Afia ne itni mehnat ki hai tau credit tau milna chahiye 🙂

  25. Hello dearest SZ ! I am your biggest fan … And from start to end of the episode I was thinking ” SZ ‘s review would be 100 times interesting then the episode “!
    I am highly offended after this episode for many things , firstly offended as Sultana Siddiquie’s fan , this episode was not done by her , I refuse to believe that , secondly , I got offended about the portrayal of Gazala the working woman not doing enough for her husband and children ! I totally agree with you about Gazala and then the CONSERVATIVE family bit ….. Uffff uffffff … I seriously don’t get this ,.. I am jaddi pushti ( forefathers ) conservative and proud to be one but with LIBERAL mind ! What is ACTUALLY conservative ???? The way they portrayed Mr. GUFFRAN ( Sarah perhaps liked the name rhyming with Farhan then his CONSERVATIVE khayalaat) he is similar to Farhan …
    Any ways the whole episode felt like a blooper from start to end apart from great acting and few dialogues ( best was Nikah Naamay Kay saath jo bacha mila hai .. Totally agree )
    The novel’s Zaroon as a CONSERVATIVE chauvinist was more convincing then here !
    Some one said in another review ” episode ka keema bana diya ” I guess this is the best way to put it .
    I feel they put the wrong tape to go on air where all the UNWANTED or BLOOPER scenes were kept … As a Sultana Appa fan I refuse to believe that it’s her doing and UA is going to get it from NON CONSERVATIVES and CONSERVATIVE big time now … this episode has ruined everything about ZGH not because of lack Lovy dovy stuff which @nur has put rightly so as I know not all of us are fan of ZGH for FK . Also WHY Sanam has to have TWINS back to back in 2 serials ????!!!!LOL ,.., Sanam next time charge them TWIN CHEQUE !!!! Loved her as she is giving flawless performance in each episode ,
    SZ recommend me something less please !

    • @Sheema: Thank you for your kind words and for following my reviews – much appreciated!
      You are spot on with your issues with the way problematic labels like “conservative” “liberal” etc have been bandied around, and the way cliched social stereotypes have been continually reinforced, and like you and many others here, this has been my biggest beef with this serial, right from the very first review. Even if one ignores the problematic social msgs, the cliches, the irresponsible and careless bandying about of labels like “conservative” and “liberal,” even as a story this is not well-written. If we look back, all these issues have been there throughout, this episode affirmed that this serial has gone off track pretty badly. Like everybody else, I too am bewildered as to how a veteran like Sultana S, and an experienced writer like Umera could have come up with such a garbled, incoherent narrative. The basic plot line continues to be intriguing and interesting, but the way it has been executed has left a lot to be desired. All I can say is that this is definitely not a feather in MD’s cap.

      Re: Serial recommendations, if you haven’t seen Daam then that’s a must watch – that Umera is light years better than this one! Among the more recent ones, I enjoyed Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay, Coke Kahani, Jalpari was different. Currently Silvatein is my pick of the week. I’m sure our friends here can offer many other suggestions. 🙂

      • Have to chime in here with the conservative vs. liberal discussion. While I agree that there is some confusion and misconception over what those terms imply in this drama, I think that is the very point of the drama, and of the ways in which UA’s writing is subverted (as I mentioned in another comment). I don’t read Urdu, so I had my husband (a staunch agnostic) read some of Sher-e-Zaat and ZGH to me, and he was, first, appalled at the unsophisticated writing style and at the emphasis on conservative values trumping any motions towards progress. So, I know what you and other mean about those being hallmarks of her writing for sure. But the dramatizations of her writing, to me, turn those ideas (and unsophisticated writing) completely on their head. Zaroon is bandying about the term conservative as what he desires in a woman, yet he chose Kashaf, who is more independent than any other woman he’s ever known. Despite the dupatta always on her head, she totally defies the stereotype of a conservative woman. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees that. Zaroon is attracted to that very thing about her. So it may seem that he (and the drama as a whole) are using the term ‘conservative’ inconsistently, but I think what the drama is doing is subverting and redefining the traditional concept of what is “conservative”. The demonization of Zaroon’s mother is another point of contention. Why, you and other posters are saying, should a working woman be always seen as evil and harmful to her family? The fact is, she’s “working” in name only. She goes to meetings with other women of her class about various NGO’s that interest them, and they call it work. She’s never been in the trenches of a real job. So her demonization is not because she works, it’s because she’s superficial. She’s inattentive to the needs of her family NOT b/c she’s distracted by a “job”. Instead, in her mind, being attentive to family is something that only backwards, non-educated, non-progressive women would do. And that’s her IDEA, it isn’t the fact of the drama. Rafia’s educated too and no one could say she’s a bad mother. So, the drama is not showing cliched ideas of conservatism and progressiveness at all. It’s turning those cliches on their heads. UA’s story is the plot but the ideas presented in this drama are not from her writing. UA is very good at plot and outline. But the depth and the subtext comes from elsewhere in most of the dramas based on her work. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees that?

        (the drama MAY be showing cliched ideas of class, but that’s another discussion….Remember Zaroon CHOSE Kashaf. He has no problem with lights going out and water stopping in the middle of him washing his face. His mother is incredulous that he could spend a night in such an environment, but he has crossed over (and subverted) that stereotype of class, na?)

        BTW, seconding your recommendation: Daam was EXCELLENT! Totally satisfying from start to finish. Less romance, and more about bigger themes like friendship and class and trust and betrayal. Cannot speak highly enough of it, just perfect!

        • THANK YOU!Your explanation of Conservative vs Liberal according to this drama is RIGHT on the mark! Also, how you actually saw Gazala’s character was portrayed and sending message to the viewers,which i was very impressed. Finally someone actually saw what the drama actually trying to portray. Sometimes people become very negative and caught up in just one fact then they actually miss out on the whole Big picture which leads to misunderstanding and misconception in discussion.
          Zaroon definitely caught up on the fact that Gazala has neglected her children from motherly love, affection in the name of WORKING WOMAN. Its true Gazala were there with the family at the dinner time as we saw in many episodes but she was present to just praise herself only. It was more of a formal dinner and discussion for her. Also, most of the time she was busy attending kitty parties as suppose spending some quality time with her own children. Zaroon didnt want to build same infrastructure for his future kids thats why he used to opposed nicely in any family discussion. As we saw in the last episode finally Sara confronted Ghazala that they werent brought up with any strong values. It hurt Ghazala not because she heard it for the first time, only because it came from Sara, her own daughter whom she thought was a exact copy of herself which she was very proud of. Ghazala never paid any mind when Zaroon used to complain about the samething because in her head she labeled her own son as a Chauvinist/Conservative/Dominant male figure.
          In this drama, I never thought of Zaroon being a chauvinist or conservative nor dominant for a second. Questioning your mother or your sister or fiancees for coming home 2-3 AM definitely doesnt make Zaroon a conservative person.Instead it hows that he cares about their safety. To me the real chauvinist,conservative and dominant male characters would be Mr. Murtuza and his elder brother (Sajjad’s dad). Who not only avoids taking responsibilities of their own family but also treats and looks down upon women be it :wife, sister, daughter, mother.
          Compare to Rafia’s dinner time with her daughters she actually would discussed and listened and gave opinion about any matters that her daughters were concerned.
          If we can take away the financial situation of these three Mothers: Ghazala, Rafia and Nigar aunty, and just look into their character of a Mother, then Rafia definitely wins the title of a good mother, who is strong, independent working woman. To me, even if Rafia was filthy rich and had the same marital situation, she would had acted the same responsible way as she did being a non financially well off mother. All these three ladies do have very strong character but with different values to live their lives and brought up a family. In reality, there are mothers like Rafia in any class also there are mothers like Ghazala in any class.

          • YES! Absolutely. So the overarching theme of this drama is values and what values are important to perpetuate and teach our children and to live by. Regardless of class or “conservatism”. Class and conservatism are socially derived value systems that aren’t always useful to those of us trying to live life as simply decent human beings. A personal value system, a sense of responsibility and caring for your fellow mankind, which both Zaroon and Kashaf embody in their own unique ways, is MUCH more important. That aspect they share is the sole strength of this “romance”. Thank you so much for understanding my point! 🙂
            And, yes, the real villains in all of this are Murtaza and his brother. Of course, they are the obvious villians so I’m sort of glad the drama shifted attention away from them. But there very presence in society is the crux of this drama and what leads to the confusion between conservative and liberal. Murtaza is a common Muslim man with religion and society on his side. Under religion and society his action of leaving his daughters destitute and taking on another wife for the sole purpose of having a son is totally defensible. This drama is saying, “Hell, no, that is NOT the man we want to see with all the power in our society….and, furthermore, see, having such men in power leads to permanently damaged, angry and distrustful children aka Kashaf”.

            • True! True! It was a pleasure reading your comment again!
              I am also glad that the drama shifted main attention away from those obvious villains and concentrated on the children’s lives who can actually change and build a better future for the next generation.
              I have to add that people like Murtaza and his brother do exists everywhere in the world and in any religion. They are the culprits of any society be it in the 3rd world countries or 1st world countries, as I have seen in the past.
              “This drama is saying, “Hell, no, that is NOT the man we want to see with all the power in our society….and, furthermore, see, having such men in power leads to permanently damaged, angry and distrustful children aka Kashaf”—> this is the message of this Drama. I hope everyone will be able to understand the concept.
              Honestly I think UA did an amazing job writing the script (kept Z’s character real in the drama than in the novel) dialogues are amazing and SS directing this drama, kept it very simple yet right on the point. This drama will always be one of my MOST fav drama in the list, Not because I belong to ” typical gaoon type audience” or from a pakistani background or live in a 3rd world country BUT because every character portrayed in this drama be it Zaroon, KASHAF, Rafia, Murtaza last but not least Ghazala do exists in any society and the social issue has been laid out beautifully.

        • The point in my opinion is it doesnt matter if she is going to work and doing nothing there or she works really hard. She should be allowed to do what she wants to do. Junaid probably goes to work and just pays someone to do it all for him. Does that mean he should sit at home? The fact is that entire family just keeps judging her so badly and no one lets her be. She does enough for them.
          Raafia, in reality a woman like Rafia who has to be be both man and woman of the house will actually have very little time for her family. Its more likely that her kids wont get enough time with mom.
          The thing its not about enough time, its about teaching your kids to accept people without judging with both Rafia and Ghazala’s kids fail to do.Its about teaching them that there all kinds of people in the world and everybody is a product of their circumstances. Rafia does that to some extent but K does not get it.

          Both Z and K are extremely judgmental in my opinion.

          I still fail to see what Ghazala is not doing right because I hate cooking, that doesnt mean I dont love my kid.

          For everything in life there is always a middle path but this show doesnt show that. Its swinging between extremes.

          • Saying that Ghazala should just be allowed to do what she wants is equivalent to saying that Murtaza was well within his rights to take another wife just to have a son, no? Uska haq bunta hai! They are just two sides to the same argument. Neither Ghazala nor Murtaza were willing to compromise in their relationship, neither gave an inch to their partners’ needs or the needs of their children. Of COURSE, a woman should be allowed to work outside the home, no matter what that work is. But a woman shouldn’t do so at the cost of alienating her family and making them feel like they are not a priority in her life. Murtaza deserted his family and so did Ghazala, despite her presence at the dinner table. Rafia, on the other hand, works both for her own satisfaction (a masters in chemistry can’t very well sit at home all day) and for financial need. And she constantly shows us that her children are her number one priority. It’s one of those feminist myths up for constant debate: can a woman really have it all? Rafia is the ideal of that kind of woman, maybe totally fictional, but the ideal nonetheless. Kashaf sees her mother struggling and a part of her does see her as a hero and a model for what a woman should be, but the bigger part of her harbors a bottomless anger towards her father for deserting them. It takes two parents to raise a child (another moral of this story!). Kashaf is damaged b/c of her father. And Sara was damaged (albeit less so) b/c of her mother (remember Ghazala insisting that Sara get her way in her marriage or else just leave her husband…what kind of advice is that for a good marriage? Both parties must compromise to live happily with each other….sure, in our society it’s usually the woman who compromises, but switching that around to having it JUST be the man who compromises doesn’t solve anything)

            Indeed, as you said, for everything in life there is a middle path. And that is exactly what we see in our young lovebirds. Zaroon crossed class boundaries to pursue and marry Kashaf, and Kashaf, as hardcore negative as she is, agreed to try marriage despite her deep-rooted problems with the entire institution. Both went out of their comfort zones, both are determined to do the work it takes to make a marriage. Pakistan is a society of extremes. Extreme wealth, extreme poverty, extreme religion and austerity, extreme wanton-ness and wastefulness, etc etc. This drama is showing us what can come from venturing into that gray zone, that middle ground. Z and K personify this theme. This last episode threw a wrench in this premise for sure. But I just think this epi was a cheesy way to show FK angry. The producers or whoever want us to see the full glory of a happy Zaroon AND an unhappy Zaroon. His actions and attitude in this last episode can have no other explanation for me beyond the drama pandering to the superficial needs of all us (myself included!!!) to gawk at FK.

            • First of all I dont think its fair to compare Ghazala and Murtaza at all. One completely turned his back on his family. In my opinion , without regard to the outcome, Ghazala does put in the effort. She did make sure her kids did well in school, eat, play etc. Now you may think that is superficial, I dont. And we have our reasons for it. Its hard to control the outcome of parenting because there is no set way to do it. Also maybe she is defensive about her boundaries because otherwise nobody would care in that house. Rafia on the other hand has to answer to no one. She is her own boss. She does get to make her decisions.Whereas it looks like Ghazala must have fought battles to get to where she is. When I said let her be, I meant she is entitled to a life outside family. I never implied she should turn her back on her family. She does love them in their own way, which no one pays any attention to. Is there a right way to love? Is there just one way to love? Thats open to debate.

              As far as two parents raising a child goes, that is exactly what bothers me. The entire blame is on Ghazala. It irks me to no end. Why doesnt Junaid shoulder some of the blame? If his kids were lonely where was he? He could have stepped in instead of whining about his wife. Even while looking for Sara’s second husband he tells Ghazala to do it. I think he is a terrible father. He makes it obvious to his children that he disagrees with their mother. Which is just not right in my opinion, way worse than what Ghazala does. And that has led to both kids pointing their finger at her. And like you said what kind of woman would give the advice Ghazala gives Sara regarding Farhan? Why cant they show an elite woman following the middle path. UA’s problem is that..she made her so elite and so staunch that the character has no flexibility. There is no middle. She made Sir Abrar’s wife the same too. I mean, so stereotypical. Rafia, poor, great mom. Ghazala rich, terrible mom. I dont think this show addresses the middle path much at all. Thats my problem.
              Over looking poverty and marrying someone poor is not addressing middle paths, because he wanted a ‘pure’ wife. He doesnt care about money. If he had married a not so pure wife knowing thats not what he wanted then I would say he found middle path.I feel middle path to a large extent is giving up what you want and finding a way to deal with it, not giving up what you dont care about. That anyone can do.

              If he had married Asmara without constantly judging her while he himself was doing the same things she did, I would say yes he did find a way to deal with it.He found a way to overlook the “bad” in her and see the good. But no, he just ditched that and found what he wants. Like a child that plays with only one toy. I would love Zaroon a little more if he had I broken up with Asmara because he didnt love her instead of saying she is ‘liberal’ . His love has so many conditions attached to it. I know why he is that way but it diminishes the innocence of that love greatly to me. And I wish the kids would love Ghazala the same way too. Like a mother loves her children no matter who they turn out to be.

              Like I said previously, everybody is a product of their circumstances. Right from Z, K, S, R, G, J , M whoever…they all have reasons for who they are..But this show is constantly preaching about who is right and who is not. Instead it should leave that to us. Nobody is right or wrong. They can just show us who they are.

  26. These videos showed up on my FB timeline .. very very silly but hilarious. As soon as I watched the first ad, I couldn’t help wondering ke agar apne Z and K were to put out ads for zaroorat-e rishta what would they sound like?? Or if Rafia and Ghazala had to do zaroorat-e rishta for Z and K how would they describe their children??
    Would love to hear what kinds of qualities you think apna MCP Z and our sang-e marmar ki deewar K would be looking for? Looking forward to some fun convos 😉 😉


    • “I will win her heart through stomach only” Hai, bechara! Hilarious, yes, but also very sad. Such loneliness! Okay, taking up your challenge, here’s my ad for Zaroon:

      “You may be wondering why a guy like me would be sending out an ad like this. What can I say, a man does what a man has to do. I’m looking for a girl who will talk to me, about everything under the sun. I love love and lovely things and I love to talk about them. I’m looking for a girl who needs to have love and committment and understanding in her life. And who will be home to pay attention to me when I need her to. I don’t want a girl who goes wherever she pleases whenever she pleases without first having heartfelt discussions with me about her choices. I have the resources to make a girl very happy, but she needs to know what it takes to make me happy too. If you’d like to take a spin, you know where to find me.”

      “I’ll start by saying I’m here involuntarily. For some reason my mother and sisters are worried about me and forced me to do one of these ads. The fact is: I don’t want to get married. I value friendship and trust over everything. And that’s not what I’ve seen in any marriage. I want to work, I want to contribute what I can to society. I’d like to do that without being married, especially to a man who will not allow me to do those things. There is a vast inequity and injustice in society. I do not want to emulate or perpetuate that inequality in my own home. So, fine, if you want to marry me, go right ahead. I’ll marry you and try to make a decent home for you (as much as my work allows me to), but that’s about it. Don’t expect any romance shomance. I’m not a willing participant in any of this, don’t ever forget that!”

  27. It seems there’s a limit to the number of replies…just as well, I should probably stop talking now! Just a short response to Aish:
    I don’t think Zaroon said anywhere that he wanted a “pure” wife. He wanted a wife he could trust and who would communicate with him about her decisions. Asmara went off to Dubai without so much as a call to fiancé Zaroon, His mother, packed and ready to go, says to her son when he comes by to talk to her, “Bye, I’m going to Singapore!” without telling anyone in advance. Believe me, I don’t live in a world where women ask for permission from their menfolk about every movement they make. I’m sure as heck not that kind of woman myself. But the point is communication. It’s about respect. Not cow-towing to the will of your man, just having enough respect to talk to him. Zaroon fell in love with Kashaf knowing full well about her argumentative style. “mu torkay bath kernay walli” as another commenter said so well. He wasn’t attracted to her because she would stay quiet and do as she’s told.
    You may be right that in UA’s world rich=evil, poor=good. That’s a trope that’s used the world over by a lot of writers. But, remember, Junaid, the rich dad, is the one who listens to his kids and respects their wishes. Murtaza, the “poor” dad, well, I won’t use the language I want to use to describe the kind of man he is. So, sure, UA can have a rigid understanding of morality. And her stories ARE morality tales. But who is “right” and who is “wrong” sometimes IS open to interpretation and there are subtleties in those definitions that bear noticing.

    • There weren’t any COMPATIBILITY between Zaroon and Asmara to begin with. True that Z & A are childhood buddies but still no compatibility in any form, be it academically, professionally or in any other ground. Zaroon is Today’s modern male figure who wants a life partner with whom he can have an argument based on facts and logic. Not those types of nagging fights between Z and A, where instead of resolving the problem, she said ‘sorry’ then repeat the problem again.
      K does represent today’s women; being sincere, responsible, strong personality, Extremely competitive, great values and can give anyone/guy ‘mu tor jawaab’ and who is not afraid to face the world by herself. Z was attracted to all these qualities of K. I’m sure if Asmara had these qualities in her than Z would’ve definitely fall in love with her. But A lacked these qualities. Hence Z didn’t even want to be engaged in the 1st place.
      To me, it seems like UA is telling women that get your education no matter what situation you are in and be independent ‘aapne paa paw khare ho jao’ and also don’t forget your near and dear love ones.

      • @Zarqa: Nahin yaar, no limits on no of comments all! Its just that the system is designed to allow for six nested replies, but you can always start a new comment below, aur kuch nahin.

        @All: Have to say, just read through the latest batch of comments and it was so much fun to read the various points of view, and after reading all the very persuasive, not to mention eloquently penned, pro and con arguments that I feel like I have learnt so much more about the various characters’ motivations than I ever did from the drama itself – thank you all for sharing your insights and observations!

        • Hi SZ, I am from India n a big fan of yours….what wonderful n detailed reviews!!!! Though at times I disagree with certain points, nevertheless its always fun to reads all d comments

          I completely agree with editing issues, especially the phone conversation between Kashaf n Rafia….when I had first seen this episode, I thought it was Kashaf who was pregnant n was totally confused as to why would she cry I the next episode when she already knew she was expecting

          Regarding Nigaar, I’ve always read not so flattering comments about her but honestly, I really loved the way Shazia Afghan has portrayed this character n her shocking blue eyeshadows in this episode, perfectly depicted d difference in Nigaar n Rafia’s character….

          Although this episode wasn’t anywhere near the previous 4-5 episodes, couldn’t find a fault with the acting n expressions of either Fawad or Sanam….just love this Jodi

          Waiting eagerly for the film Khoobsurat…..I hope you all enjoy it too

          PS: it feels really nice to be able to interact with you all through this forum…all of a sudden, you all seem so close….thanks SZ

          • @Samrita Kapoor: Hey! Welcome aboard – lovely to hear from another fellow drama follower from across the border 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read and comment – glad you’re enjoying the reviews and our crazy discussions – we do kinda tend to to get carried away as we discuss every muscle move and analyze every word that is spoken! Re: disagreeing with me at times, LOL! never worry abt that, difference of opinion is what makes these discussions so much fun – would be so boring if we were to all nod our heads in unison, nahin? So yeah, never hesitate in expressing your opinions, I know I never do 😉

            Re: ZGH, Im glad you found the serial relatable and enjoyed it, I think for many of us, at least here on this blog, the anticipation (almost a yr long wait) and all the pre-publicity abt the possible direction of the story kind of killed the enjoyment, and the fact that it was based on a popular novella meant that we all pretty much knew what was going to happen so that too had an impact on how we responded to the serial.

            Re: Nigar vs Rafia, I think we all were highly entertained by aunty blue-eye shadow as we fondly remember her now, but the fact that her scenes were eating up so much screen time was a huge irritant. We watched this as one ep per week, so after a week of waiting when there was no real progress it was beyond irritating. That said Shazia Afgan is a fab actress, and she has a remarkable ability to easily transform herself into the character she’s playing.

            Re: Fawad and Sanam, again its funny, but those who saw ZGH first and Humsafar later found FK and SS to be the better pair but for those of us who saw Humsafar first, I think found Ashar and Khirad to be pure magic simply un-matchable! Lucky you that you still have that to look forward to!

            I think you were asking for more drama recs, so if you liked ZGH, Maat, and other dramas of that kind, try Mata-e Jaan, Daam, Vasl, Durr-e Shehwar, Malaal, Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay (sequel to the original Tanhaiyan). If you are a Sanam S fan, then check out Mera Naseeb, Talkhiyan.

            There are also two great serials starting this week and the next… Sanam Saeed’s Firaaq this Saturday on HUM (you can watch it on yt an hour or so after it airs) and Jackson Heights (starting next Fri) starring Marina Khan (Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kinare fame) and the super hot Adeel Husain. I will be reviewing those two weekly, and would love to have you join us “real time” as it were and add your voice to the discussion as well!

            And yes, thanks to the web and these online forums we are all connected to each other in ways which would have been unthinkable only a few yrs ago. Borders, boundaries, age, nothing really matters; it is our mutual interest in dramas that brings us together and who knows it is perhaps these seemingly fun and innocuous conversations that will one day eventually lead to resolution of bigger issues – fingers crossed! 🙂

    • @Zarqa: I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I see the flaws they allude to in Ghazala, but I think that they are expecting many assumptions on our part since they don’t give us concrete evidence of her neglect – thus leading to the suppositions that UA wants us to make, perhaps because she belongs to a certain class.

      Zaroon and Sara are supposed to be flawed and UA wants us to believe it is due to their upbringing. I have no problem with this in theory, because there has to be some sort of pathology behind Zaroon and Sara’s issues/insecurities. If it is just because they are upper class children, then the premise fails as that is not enough to justify their personality flaws. If it is the result of their home environment then I think Junaid is just as complicit as Ghazala is. They are equally responsible. Yes, Junaid may have been portrayed as the parent that was perhaps more level-headed in certain conversations, but his passiveness is no excuse. He had a hand in the outcome of his childrens’ upbringing too, he should have confronted his issues with his spousal relationship when the kids were still young and he could have done something about it.

      I also can’t give Ghazala a pass, because if I take her dialogues and actions in the drama she does seem to be very self-involved and perhaps uninvolved in her kids’ lives. I do think it takes more than sitting with them at dinner time to qualify you for mother of the year. Her advice to Sara was unacceptable and her shock at Junaid’s take on their relationship was hard to swallow – you don’t live with someone for almost 30 years and really believe you have the perfect relationship, when he is clearly not happy.

      Coming back to Junaid… getting upset about the missing drycleaning hardly qualifies as communicating about your relationship or expressing your concerns. I wish UA had written a more meaningful exchange/conflict that would let us see a justifiable reason for Junaid’s displeasure.

      And yes I have a problem if UA is trying to sell Ghazala as the posterchild of an upperclass elite career woman who is neglectful of her children. I will accept her flaws in isolation as her characterization, but I will not believe that she represents all such women. I am sure among the ranks of the social-climbing upperclass elite there are many, many virtuous, compassionate, dedicated women who are raising good children and managing successful, meaningful careers. I hate generalizations because I have seen people at both spectrums in all classes.

      I think Rafia is an example of a woman who has somehow balanced her home and work life – but credit is also due to her daughters who have helped her emotionally and financially. I have no problem with her being presented as the better parent because she has been the sole provider for her daughters in a society where single women are still looked down upon. Her strength and honesty got her through it – and yes this is a drama. In contrast, in real life, those characteristics are not often recognized or rewarded.

      I don’t take Rafia’s character as the sanctification of the middle class woman, rather I think it’s the triumph of one woman who stood up against all odds (societal, familial, financial) to raise three educated and successful daughters in a corrupt, patriarchal society.

      Anyway, I was all over the place with my comments and not exactly organized with my thoughts, but I know I see flaws in Ghazala and Junaid and yet I can also see the problematic type-casting of the classes by UA.

      • Yes, any kind of type-casting can be problematic. And a big problem with us thinking of this as type-casting is that the characters themselves are often making sweeping generalizations about each other. If the writing went deeper into more subtle observations, maybe we wouldn’t be so bothered. I get the problems folks have with all the judgmental words spoken by most characters (including the saintly Rafia, who has made one or two of her own generalizations). But, in the end, this IS a drama and it’s simply employing all the obvious methods of showing flaws.
        I’m not sure I understand your point of how Ghazala’s characterization is overly (and unfairly) generalized while Rafia’s isn’t. I see Rafia as the flawless saint here, always seeing the good in everyone, never even acknowledging the lousy behavior of her husband. She’s a model for all women to follow, no? Rafia as the austere saint is just as unfair a generalization as Ghazala personifying the selfish elite. Just as Ghazala is the posterchild for the elite, Rafia is the posterchild for a woman who is triumphant against all odds. Neither character goes any deeper than that. Just as you and I are certain there are elite women who are great mothers, we can be equally sure there are middle-to-lower class mothers who are absolutely awful to their kids. There are generalizations on both sides. On all sides.
        And, of course, Junaid shouldn’t be off the hook. Zaroon called him out on his passiveness and the fact that his marriage was a compromise. So the drama HAS addressed Junaid’s flaws through this action taken by Zaroon. Zaroon saw himself becoming Junaid, and, indeed, if Asmara had not instigated the break-up, Zaroon, just out of inertia, would have gone through with the marriage and would have been the same passive husband, letting his displeasures build up and not saying a word, except for off-hand remarks about dry-cleaning.
        I don’t know, I just think a lot of folks are seeing a problem where there isn’t one. All fiction generalizes and there are always going to TYPES in fiction that only give us one tiny glimpse into reality, but never the full picture. To me, this drama has been more successful in showing multiple viewpoints than the average desi drama, where good and evil is often something more than a line drawn in the sand. 🙂

        • Yes, I didn’t mean to imply that Rafia was perfect. As you pointed out, her excuses for Murtaza were hard to digest (although she explains later that it is a necessary evil seeing as she does not have any other support). I for one would have had nothing to do with such a man after the abandonment and constant neglect. It is also hard to imagine that a woman who has struggled as much as she has would not be embittered, I think in reality most people would fall into depression/cynicism – in fact Kashaf’s trust issues are a prime example of the consequences of such abandonment. So yes, there are definitely flaws in Rafia’s character as well.

          And at the end of the day, I also excuse the inconsistencies/timeline issues/faulty characterizations because this is a fictional drama that is limited by time and storytelling. And we take what we like from the drama as viewers, in general the conservative will gravitate towards Kashaf and the liberals might empathize with Sara – to each his/her own.

          Despite the analyses and the flaws, I look forward to Friday. Kashaf and Zaroon’s relationship (despite the weak plot points) still entertains me on many levels. Seeing them get past their own baggage and come together and explore their relationship is the journey I am enjoying. I don’t mind all of Rafia’s lectures, and I can get past Ghazala’s personality too, because they still exist on the periphery. Zaroon and Kashaf will evolve on their own (perhaps with some sage advice from who knows who), but at the end they will have to overcome their own issues.

  28. Anyone else excited for the next episode? A chance for redemption? Can ZGH pull it together? Or are we in for the same old annoying nothingness? We’ll find out in 13 hours 🙂

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