Silvatein ~ Episode 12 Review


Bilal, mere bhai, yaar aap yeh kiya kar rahe ho? Yes, indeed, we women love sensitive, soft spoken, humorous, intelligent guys like you….  magar ab aisa bhi kiya chotupana ke aankhen band kar ke you sit back and think ke bas ji this is ALL that a woman would want out of a man, ab main apni love story ka hero ban gaya aur aage aaraam hi aaraam …

Chotu bhai sahab, wake up!! We women are complicated creatures… yes, we do want a man who has all the qualities listed above, BUT we also like our men to have a little more of a spine, display a bit more gumption. Easy as it may sound, it is a bit more complicated than it appears; lean a bit to the left and you are in trouble, wander over to the right and you’ll land in an an even bigger mess – in other words, being THE man is all about blending silk and steel just right. Kehney ka maqsad yeh ke Bilal bhai sahab, ab yeh chotupana choro, take a leaf out of your older brother’s playbook and start acting like a man rather than a jellyfish. Yes, Natasha is the biggest idiot around, magar ab tau jaisi bhi hai biwi hai na, woh bhi ki aap ki apni choice … you cant just be letting her run rings around you. Your wife needs the riot act read out, and don’t you think you should be the one doing the honors here? Aap ke ghar walon ke saath saath hum bhi us se bohot tang aa chuke hain. Umeed hai ke aap ko meri baat samajh aa gayi hogi – thank you!

Do I even need to say Daniyal Raheal and Mira Seth are simply fabulous as the most dysfunctional couple of the year!!

So yes, as you can guess, this latest episode revolved around Natasha’s increasingly annoying neurosis. Now that Zaib has miraculously turned over a new leaf, she’s finding it a challenge to convince others of the changes in her. Forget about her whacko sister, Mikaal, Rayaan, Bilal, and Muneeze, all have a hard time adjusting to this Zaib, who is almost a stranger. I am glad that we are being shown this resistance to the new Zaib, otherwise it would have been really hard to empathize with any of the characters involved. Thankfully we were spared having to stretch our imaginations to that extent and we saw Muneeze gradually softening up, and Rayaan being polite but distant. No surprises here that once again Bilal was the easiest one for Zaib to win over. Honestly, Samira and Shehrazade, yaar aap log is bande ko kahan se dhoond kar laaye ho?

Unlike Bilal, however, Mikaal chooses his words carefully, and subtly tells Zaib that she might feel all warm and gooey now, but she still has a long way to go. Its not that easy to change the habits of a lifetime, and we see that reflected here as well. Even as Zaib has changed and become more subdued, many of her older traits are still very much in evidence. The way she jumps in and promises Rayaan and Muneeze that she will talk to Natasha about her behavior with her in-laws, clearly essays that even as she has indeed come far, there is still a long road ahead of Zaib. Aamina Shaikh is the perfect Zaib, essaying the various shades of her character to perfection. The transformation in her tone and demeanor is something that has to be seen to be appreciated. Along with Aamina, Vasay Chaudhry continues to shine as the very mature Mikaal. I am so glad that this track was not completely cut off, rather still remains very much woven in within the larger narrative.

Rayaan’s is another character which is slowly coming into its own. He doesn’t say much, but Adeel Husain’s expressions and body language speak volumes about Rayaan’s unease around Zaib, his extreme patience with Natasha and his silent bucking up of Bilal to stand up for himself. After all, there is only so much an elder brother can do – these are Bilal’s battle and he’d better learn to stick up for himself!  That said, the chemistry between Zaib and Rayaan is already smoldering, and the late night study scene was very good. Since I watched a really dark blurry print, I  couldn’t exactly make out the specifics of Mikaal’s text and Rayaan’s response to it, but from the little I gathered, it seems like we are in for a fun ride.

With all these happenings in the US, the girls’ already clueless mother seems to have lost yet another marble or two. Can we please send her to some kind of a rehab center, where she can be injected with more than a few vials of something called a reality check?! Yaani ke had hai! Aunty ji keeps talking about sending and bringing back Zaib as if she’s gone to get candy from some nearby paan ki dukaan! Woman! Wake up and smell the roses! And here, I really cannot understand the dad either. Why does Uncle think his only job is to bharo thandi aahen,nod his head and give long suffering looks to his wife… Uncle ji aap bhi ab kuch jaag jaayen! 

Now that Zaib has chalked out her space in her younger sister’s household, her friendship with a more reflective Muneeze rekindled and Bilal in her corner, I wonder how long it will take for the once-bitten-twice-shy Rayaan to allow her to get past his defenses. More importantly, how will Natasha respond to Zaib’s invasion of her domain? Seems like we’re in for some fireworks in the coming episodes – looking forward!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Ufff Natasha kitnee kameeni hai , can’t get over her callous behaviour .
    Bilal itna mazloom hai ke ab irritate karne laga hai , khuda ke liye grow a spine !!!!!


  2. LOL your starting line made me remember ‘ mummy ye app kya kehrahi hain”
    its always fun to read ur silvatien reviews 😀

    Chote mian kya karain, ap pe tou ghusa bhi nh aata.. how come he is so lovable and caring and ignores all idiotic blabbers of natasha.. and us pe sone se suhaga he is nice even to zaib.. but still Mr. Bilal, itna phatoo na bano aur ek dafa tou jhaar do apni madam/jaan ko and trust me you will be winner all the way 😀 Daniyal Raheel have made bilal more cuteyyyy..

    I so loved Zaib today..and it was indeed nice to show gradual change in her not sudden and imaginary.. all the time when she was talking to natasha, i was feeling bad for her but yes then again how can any one just accept randomly that she has changed now.. everybody reactions were justified enough..

    I wonder why Rayyan is giving so loose hand to natasha.. jo bolti hai he is ok with it money issue or muneezae no entry in their home..dono bhaiyon ki shai pe mohtarma pagli hogayi hain… thank goodness zaib is here now 😉

    scene of the episode was mikal-zain phone talk.. very realistic and to the point! loved it.

    Btw, how many episodes are in total?


  3. As usual, completely and wholeheartedly agree with this review! Way too much of Natasha’s craziness (that is a nice way of putting it tbh, she was horrible to everyone!) in this episode. I guess it might have seemed that way because she was the ONLY one being ridiculous, whereas normally she is balanced out by Zaib lol. Poor poor Bilaal – he was so sweet to Zaib though.

    LOVED Zaib in this episode. Aamina Sheikh did a fantastic job with the character, seeing her in a completely different light was so refreshing and realistic too, not overdone at all. It was perfect!

    Glad to see Zaib rekindle her friendship with Muneezeh, seems a lot more genuinely done this time round. Oh and I cheered when Muneezeh answered Natasha’s call only to ignore her LOL.

    I also loved Rayaan in this episode. His patience with Natasha is just admirable. And I liked that he was polite to Zaib and didn’t refuse the gifts, although understandably he was slightly distant still. I think I may be a tad in ❤ with this guy if I'm honest. ;$

    Everyone is doing such a fabulous job with their characters, hats off to them. Each character is believable and well played! Can't wait for next week. 😀


  4. I love this show and this ep was sooo much fun – loved it the most! Thankyou Samira Fazal and the entire team….and great review SZ 🙂 I feel your pain!
    Scenes I enjoyed most: present na lene wala (thank you Samira for giving people some tips on how to accept a gift even if they don’t like it- I’ve told this to my girls many a times), Natasha having the cheek to ask Jhaetji for money, Mikal telling Zaib to apologize and she doing so, Muneeze’s reacton…. ab kya kya bataoon?


  5. Sometimes Bilal’s behaviour really irks me I mean kaun bardaasht krta h itna but then I am glad he took Zaib to Muneezay even learniing Natasha is against of it.Finally he is getting his strength and in the coming episodes may be we would see him arguing with natasha rather than being an “obedient husband.”
    Even i didnt get that Meekal message did any one get to read that?
    Aamina sheikh as usual was supoerb and so was Adeel this pairing is always a treat for us 🙂


    • @Ruba: Agree, Bilal is showing the beginnings of some spine, lets hope he continues to gain strength – Im totally rooting from him! Go Bilal!


  6. @Samira Fazal: Samira, agar aap parh rahi hain, could you please tell us a bit about the text msg issue .. the online print was really bad so most of us seem to have missed out on that imp detail! Thanks!! 🙂


  7. Haha loved your opening!!!. Great review:)Bilal is too cute for his own good…grow a spine indeed!!
    What does he see in Natasha…I am beyond words that he still calls her jaan and what not when she does his bezati at every oppurtunity! Can someone please explain that too me, because I haven’t seen her once being nice to him after marriage…I don’t get it, what kind of husband would keep taking that???
    Ok enough of Natasha rant, I enjoyed the episode. So Zaib has changed due to the whole dilawar escapade…well good for her. But I loved muneeza and her dialogue…its,easy to say words , you have to prove it with actions! Zaib indeed has a lot of proving to do, but people can change even though in our dramas they show that change very quickly:p
    I was loving rayaan and zaib moments, they seem to click very well
    Looking forward to the story developing!


  8. Bilal is like the epitome of patience and naivety. Wahaan hamaare Zaroon saahab hain who’s patience is already starting to wear thin aur doosri taraf Bilal hain jinke sabar ka paimana labrez hota hi nahi! Largely though, his is a sweet, lovable character – just needs to start putting his foot down so Natasha takes him more like a husband and less like a budhu.

    Loved the scenes between Rayyan and Zeb and ofcourse Zeb’s gradual but genuine turnaround is a welcome change. Amina plays it to perfection!

    The conversation between Zeb and Mikaal was very poignant while the scenes between Zeb and Muneeze were excellent self reflection.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode and looking forward to next week!

    Great review obviously 😉


    • Thank God Sabeen, you wrote that the change in Zeb is gradual warna to everyone is writing sudden hogaya.. bhaee aur kitna slow change laana chaheeay tha .. itna to dilawar ki story dekh li .. you guys wanted more of dilawar???? 🙂

      And about Natasha… come on girls dont tell me you havn’t seen any Natasha in your life 🙂


      • No I think the change in Zeb was definitely quite well written… the lead up from her realisations from Dilawar and Mikaal tracks panned in perfectly to the Zeb we see currently, not a 100% turn but enough to know she’s on the mend.

        Natasha – come to think of it, I have seen shades of her in someone I know. I can see at the heart of it all lies a lot of insecurity and low self esteem , in essence I like to believe noone’s a bad person, just driven by fallacies in their character. Ideally, I’d like to see the elder sis help Natasha turn over too 🙂


      • @Samira F: LOL! We are quite done with Dilawar, so no thank you 😉 I think he and Durdana Aunty (since she is dealing with him back home) make a perfect pair and perhaps he can take her on a field trip to his goth, invite her for chai with his mom, and talk some sense into her – in short wake her up! Kitni mazedar cheez hain yeh Aunty ji bhi; Rabia Naureen is just perfect as the extremely laid back Durdana!


  9. hi everyone….i am new here, after humsafar i wanted more of pakistani plays or dramas… a paki friend recomended this one n i am loving it because its soo realistic…. i have two sisters and we do fight on little things…. and the best part is that none of us is a sati savitri in short we all fight all the time and understand eachother more than anyone… another thing that i luvd in this play was it did not follow the other trends in usually ekta kapur’s serials ke ek behen is ideal n the other one is a bigdri hue bitch….
    and yes ur review was lovely….


    • @Pooja: Hey! Lovely to hear from you – welcome! Its not just the Indian serials, many Pakistani serials are equally complicit in pushing the two sister, one good other bad formula, and when this one began, we all feared that this was going to go down the same path, but thankfully @Samira Fazal, the writer of this really fun serial, has spared us that trauma and given us something so much more intelligent and enjoyable than the routine run of the mill stories.
      This one has to be my favorite serial of the season, so Im really glad you’re also enjoying this one, I hope we will continue hearing from you as the Zaib-Natasha-Bilal-Rayaan-Muneeze tamasha continues to unfold 🙂


  10. Finally all caught up on the silvatein gang and I am absolutely loving them! Chotu is totally adorable and I have met men similar to him. I hope he stands up for himself before it is too late. I have seen both types – the ones who don’t say a single word and turn into hen-pecked husbands and the ones who get a wake up call after a few years. Hope Chotu is the latter and can I just say he’s much better actor than his sister 🙂
    Aamina Sheikh is awesome here along with Mira Sethi. I would say Mira is def. a contender for the best newcomer award!! I love how she has become all modern now wearing deep boatnecks and all and looking down upon shalwar kameez. It reminded of the girls I know who start wearing shorts, minis, and cleavage revealing shirts a week after they land in the US.
    I have a feeling that Samira Fazal had a ball writing this script and the actors and Shehrzade have really infused it with such natural performances!! This is what KPKP could have been. Hope people in Pak are watching this one. Comedy doesn’t have to be a 17 minute slapstick sitcom folks 🙂 You can teach life’s lessons in a naturally funny way.


    • @Annie: I agree, and hope that this serial starts climbing higher on the TRP charts and is counted as a success – since thats the only yardstick by which public response is measured. Rather than continually reproducing problematic socio-economic stereotypes and the plethora of regressive messages being pushed onto a largely unsuspecting public, all in the guise of addressing social issues, I hope our producers wake up and give us more of variety in our serials ala Talkhiyan, Coke Kahani, Silvatein, Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay, KPKP, ANC, … just to name a few off the top of my head..


      • We can only dream 😉 I don’t see it being heavily promoted on FB so I have a feeling that like Talkhiyan it will only be watched by a handful and mainly thru word of mouth since you and Sadaf have taken up the task to write about it.


      • SZ
        I don’t think KPKP was a good drama. The characters were very vague and sanam baloch’s designer should be hanged just for those awful frocks/ salwar kameez and the braids. The only goid thing about the drama was the performances.


        • @Ume Azhaan: Yes, KPKP was badly executed and dogged by tons of productions issues( we all complained about these issues to death at the time) but whether one liked it or not, the story cannot be called regressive or pushing stereotypes, which was what I was referring to above. I can’t speak for others, but i know I am really fed up of the same old binaries being continually reinforced in almost every other drama.


          • I think it’s a matter of personal choice. For me, i can bear with stereotypes if the story is good but if the story is bad then even great characters start looking like idiots.


  11. @SZ yes i’ll be comenting here regularly and guys all of you please recomend me some more pakistani shows, its not that i dont like indian serials its just that now i am getting bored due to repeatition of silly romance n vulgar dialogs its hard to find something new and orignal almost everything is copied form west…!!!
    oh the other pak shows that i have watched are dil e muztr, humsafar, sher e zat,zindagi gulzr hai and tanhaiyan naye silsilay (which reminds me what is meant by silsilay in this play ???)
    Last but not least i have a huge crush on fawad khan and mikaal zulfiqar both are so cute n hot at the same time… i am just 17 by the way :p


    • Hi Pooja, You should watch Mera Naseeb and Daam, they were very good dramas.
      If you like Meekal then also watch Durreshehwar,that was pretty good.
      Well you already watched some of the best Humsafar and Sherezaat….how did you like those?


  12. Well humsafar was just rocking n i have no words to describe how amazing it was n what it did to me i simply loved it… as far as shere zat is concerned i watched it just for mahira n story was also good but more than the story i was caught by meekal zulfiqar (he was wicked but just soo hot)… i wish mein usko kisi cute se positive role mein dekhon which reminds me mikaal ke other shows konsay hain n @sk i’ll definately watch dure shawar but tell me mikaal ka character positive to ha na n dure shawar ka meaning kya hai ???


    • @Pooja: Hey! Good to have a MZ fan on board! If you like him, and have tons of patience, you should watch Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan, which also stars Fawad Khan. The biggest problem with that one was that the production quality was really bad, and the AV quality sucked big time, but if you can sit through that then you should definitely check it out. Coke Kahani is another lighthearted but well done serial.
      Durrr-e Shehwar is the name of the heroine, and MZ was good there. Dont want to give it away, but lets just say it was happy ending. Ab dekh kar batana kaise lage ..
      Looking forward to hearing more from you on Thursday! 🙂


  13. Hello ladies, joining the party a little late! I caught up with Silvatein yesterday and am more intrigued by episode 12 than the prior 11. The story is different and the dynamic between the sisters is unique.

    It seems like Mira’s performance has been well-received, but I can’t get on board. I’ve tried so hard to like her through 12 episodes, but I can’t help but feel she is one-dimensional. A flawed character like Natasha should have moments that inspire empathy, especially if we are being told that she is a product of her family’s (immediate and extended) preferential treatment of her older sister. That is a real-life problem that many people can identify with, but then you see the hurt, you see a longing for acceptance. Mira’s portrayal/Natasha’s characterization doesn’t show that. All I see is a scheming, manipulative, caustic person who hurts everyone around her. I am keeping an open mind and still waiting for that shift in her that will allow me to feel for her, but 12 episodes is a long time to not click with a character or actor.

    I like Zaib, especially after the last episode. She is probably the reason why I am interested in the serial – well, her and surprisingly Mikaal.

    I don’t know how I felt about Zaib calling Mikaal – I don’t think it’s fair to him. He was obviously more in love with her than she was with him. Often you see one person leaning on the other or needing the other but they don’t consider the impact of their actions on the other person. Mikaal is trying to get over Zaib, she should not drag him into her life, especially seeing as she is going to end up with Rayaan.

    Bilal… really…? Whoever said grow a spine was right. I love that he was accepting of Natasha even when he found out that his phone convo was with Zaib and has been nothing but a doting/loving husband. I just can’t accept being so passive and spineless. He needs to stand up for himself and his marriage and his home environment – Rayaan and Muneezeh shouldn’t have to put up with Natasha’s crap.

    I keep going back to Samira Fazal’s reference to the emotional bank account and try to analyze the characters’ actions and take stock of their current state/account balance so I am curious to see where this goes. Some of the upcoming stuff (spoiled by the OST) is predictable, but how it unfolds is where the surprises may lie.

    Thank you SZ for being “connected” and giving us a forum to communicate with actors/actresses and writers – thank you *Samira Fazal* for caring enough about your viewers to post and interact with us!


    • @Nur: Hey! glad to have you on board here as well, enjoyed reading your detailed comment, and LOL @ you also being exasperated at Bilal! Bechara! he is quite a character isn’t he?! And yes you are right in how Muneeze and Rayaan shouldn’t put with Natasha’s attitude, but I wonder how much of their attitude towards her has been shaped by Rayaan’s recent divorce. Maybe having one broken marriage in the family has made them more eager to ensure that this one works out and also out of their affection for Bilal, and therefore being cautious about their behavior towards his Jaanu madam, ’cause Bilal has made no bones about the fact that he is head over heels in love with Natasha.
      Zaib calling Mikaal yes definitely unfair I agree, but I think this is where I see her as still having a long way to go before she is totally rehabbed and is more attuned to other people’s sensitivities.
      As for your other observations, let see how the story unfolds and how Natasha’s character plays out. Vasay Ch, has indeed done wonders with Mikaal’s character, making us all empathize with him as he dealt with the crazy Natasha. Ab, lets see how Rayaan deals with Zaib… Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts after tomorrow’s episode!

      And yes, Samira Fazal is a sweetheart for reading through comments and taking the time to respond to our queries, clear up confusions and offer insights into the various character’s motivations – thanks Samira, much appreciated!


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