Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 21 Review

zgh collageAfter an overdose of chocolate-covered-cherry-moments in the past couple of episodes, this latest installment was much more down-to-earth in terms of keeping the story anchored. Yes, the I-love-yous and the sweet nothings were all still there, but lets just say that the rose-colored glasses are now off, and Zaroon and Kashaf’s married life looks a tad bit less photo-shopped.

With the proverbial honeymoon ending, and both back to their professional lives, our chaand-taarey gazing couple’s nascent relationship received its first reality check. Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 7.35.02 PMWith Zaroon in Islamabad and Kashaf in Badin, dealing with the lived reality of a long-distance relationship appeared much different than talking about it in theory. In this latest episode we got to take a closer look at the little annoyances, minor grievances that can easily be blown out of proportion when the two people concerned live in different zip codes. It requires a lot of fortitude and maturity to overcome egos and go beyond personality clashes to sort the matter out like adults.


Simply adorable as the newly-married Zaroon and Kashaf, Sanam and Fawad’s chemistry keeps getting ratcheted up with every episode and this was no different. They are simply fabulous together! Loved all their moments: the phone calls, the small jhagdas, the making up, the laying down of rules, the money clashes, all worked really well. Yes, these are immensely relatable issues as almost all  new marriages have to go through this adjustment period. Each partner having to give up a little to make space for the other.

image_14In this respect I have to say Zaroon came across as really impressive, in the way he was able to overlook Kashaf’s immaturity, suck up his ego and take the first step. Yes, Zaroon seems to have matured overnight, somewhere along the way, and I really enjoyed seeing that facet of his personality, as a responsible, loving and caring husband.

Interestingly enough, even as Zaroon is setting the bar very high for all the other hapless husbands out there, what with the way he handled his mother, dealt with Kashaf over her temper tantrum and the money issue, he falls far short in other aspects. I was shocked to hear that his father was still paying his credit card bills, not only that Zaroon still needed to ask his father to help out with overblown budget!?! What the heck is the guy doing with his entire salary??? imageNo wonder Ghazala is concerned and in a way almost right to blame Kashaf. On the other hand, I totally get Kashaf’s anger. I was thrilled to see her refuse Zaroon’s money. What is the point in him pretending to be oh so caring and loving, jab sahab apna  budget tak tau balance nahin kar saktey? Also, if he doesn’t have the money, why is he going around installing air conditioners in Kashaf’s house in Badin. Last we heard, Kashaf was at a high post, good enough to raise her in Abba’s estimation, then surely her official residence came equipped with material comforts. From the interior shots of her luxurious Badin bedroom, it certainly did not look like she needed her husband to go around updating the preexisting facilities.

Looking at things from Kashaf’s perspective, it is understandable to see her annoyed with Zaroon not responding to her calls the way she expected him to. image_2By now we are familiar with her complexes and trust issues, and the fact that she took the first step in calling him showed how far she has come along in her relationship with him. But just a couple of distracted responses from him are enough to get the older insecurities to raise their ugly heads again. Here it is to Zaroon’s credit that he gives her the space to be herself and rather than being a baby about it, as men are generally wont to be, he takes the first step in getting things back on an even keel again. Full marks to Zaroon here! And awww! how sweet was Fawad as the nazla-shuda beemar shohar! 

While I appreciated the closeup look at the stresses a young couple faces at the beginning of their married life, and realize the importance of Rafia’s useful advice to her daughter vis-a-vis her in-laws, I was really puzzled by the timing of it all. Rafia’s lectures seemed a little out of place considering that it was right after the end of her two week vacation, when she was going away to Badin. image_13Even in those two weeks Kashaf had hardly had any time to be with her in-laws. Surely nobody expects a girl to be best buddies with her in-laws in the first two weeks of marriage? And if Rafia was that concerned, then she should’ve not had Kashaf spend so much time with her, away from her in-laws. For me an effective moment was kinda spoilt by the weird timing of that scene. In contrast the other scene, between Rafia and Kashaf, where she advises her to give time for her Ghazala to know her better, was better timed and consequently left more of an impact. Sanam and Samina were great there.

And yes, talking of weird – how old are Hammad and Shehnila?! Can someone please remind me again? image_15Both step-siblings refuse to outgrow their childishness, and are in no way cute. The whole biryani sequence was beyond boring and brought back forgettable memories of earlier times, when we had to deal with Abba’s second family in every episode. Please, please spare us this track – thank you!

Another sequence which missed the mark was Zaroon’s encounter with Asmara. If  this encounter was meant to highlight why Zaroon chose Kashaf over her, so as to build up to his confrontation with Kashaf over Osama’s proposal, then this ploy did not work at all. image_18Rather, all it did was to once again drag up unpleasant memories of earlier episodes. Also, even though Zaroon had earlier told Kashaf that both he and Madamara had mutually agreed to break up, from the flashback it didn’t appear that way at all. If Kashaf were to hear about it and take issue with this meeting, then perhaps there is some justification, but even in that case Zaroon’s morose expressions and the drawn out flashback seemed pointless.

Mellower in terms of pace, this episode was a mixed bag in terms of some really great Zaroon-Kashaf moments, a very nicely done scene between Ghazala and Zaroon ( liked the way he stood up for Kashaf), some warm moments between Rafia and Kashaf, tossed together with some what-the-heck moments with the Zaroon and his overdrawn budget scenario, Shehnila-Hammad moments, and the once again awry timeline.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 7.27.17 PM

From the precap it seems that Osama is going to play the fly in the ointment here. Even with Zaroon and Kashaf now residing under one roof, seems like Osama will still manage to create a ruckus in our erstwhile couple’s lives. Most of us had already expected this, so it came as no big surprise, but honestly, looking at Osama and his bhaijan personality, it is hard to imagine a self-assured guy like Zaroon get worked up over something so trivial. But oh well! Lets see what next Friday holds in store for us!

Written by SZ~


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  1. LOL @ Osama and his Bhaijan personality!!! Seriously if Z has issues with O’s proposal, then he must be living on Mars all this time and doesn’t realize how smokin’ hot he is What an extemely lame excuse to create a fight between the couple. Totally yawn worthy for moi. I hope they don’t make the pregnancy be the patch up call because that would be even more cliched! Oh I hope I am wrong!
    And Zaroon bhai ko new suit mubarak ho. Thank you Sadaf Bhabhi 🙂

    • naya suit and naye tie! kitna cute lag raha tha!! 😀
      and yes the excuse is just ugh worthy! matlab ke, who really cares.. if anything he should be mad at Osama for not telling him when he told him he was engaged to her. ..
      Zaroon should not make such a big deal about it . and why is Sir Abrar involved

      • I think it’s just another lame reason to extend the episode count – all of a sudden they remembered all the forgotten relatives and friends – Sarah Asmara, Chunoo Munoo bhai, and Sir Abrar. Now only missing Z’s father, and K’s dad and step-mom.

        • And if your dad pays your credit card bills you’re definitely not marriage material 😉
          And did anyone else think Appoji and Bibi when the two ladies were having chai together? All I could think of was neele perlay bachay lol

          • haha i def did think of them, appo and bibi! i was gonna write that in my comment, magar tumne to mera khayal hi chori kar liya!! :O
            eh well! 😀

          • @Annie: Thank you for saying that! That whole situation was way too contrived. I get that this was yet another ply to show Ghazala in a negative light, but I think it backfired … Z came out looking pretty silly there .. and then he says main bewakoof aadmi nahin … Zaroon, Zaroon, grow up my friend!!!

            • Oh yeah .. the Talkhiyan flashback was too strong in that moment 🙂 And also on the money issue .., instead of buying air conditioners, why couldn’t Z buy his wife a new wardrobe and an ipad or a Mac or even a sasta sa PC …. Zaroon betaaaaa! Get with the program!

            • Out of interest how much do officers like z and k earn…I have no idea? Maybe his salary is not that high, and these rich kids do spend a lot… Just a thought!

        • Annie chunnoomunoo America ka khwab dekh raha hai zaroon bhai key saath isliye toh biryani ka dekh lekiaya….kya cheez hai…Mr chalakoo!!

  2. So what if Kashaf got a propasal from Osama, in the end she married Zaroon. He should be grateful and just move on, I hope we get to see more cute scenes between the pair in the next episode! excited to see how this will all turn out

    • @Sanah: Agree — the whole jealousy scenario, like the kharab budget scenario, is pretty lame … dekhen.. hopefully there’s something more to Z’s temper tantrum..

    • @Sanah: although I agree with the argument that we hear in the promos about not seeing the need to share all proposals in detail after marriage…I am not sure what to do with Osama’s proposal….she did accept the proposal, albeit too late, but still. I think there are enough shades of graynto this that arguing about it for 1 episode may be acceptable…but more than that will just be useless…

      • @BSK
        whenever they have an argument i dont feel like watching the show, it just ruins the whole atmosphere. but then they cant be happy and lovey all the time…

      • I think so too. Kashaf’s logic holds where other men are concerned. But I suppose the rules have to change a bit with regard to Osama since they are both good friends with him.

        You know what was weird, him telling Osama “I thought Kashaf would have told you” when Osama is shocked to hear about his engagement…hello? who is who’s BFF here? 🙂

      • Lost my first comment, retyping 😦

        It doesn’t surprise me, Zaroon has always been chauvinistic and possessive. He led this player-lifestyle and was surrounded by girls who were falling at his feet. Kashaf was different. He chose her for her character because he was pretty sure that she wasn’t involved with anyone else. She was unspoiled/pure/untouched and also emotionally unattached to anyone. So in his mind she belonged just to him.

        Along comes bhaijaan professing about his proposal and now all of a sudden he realizes that somebody else wanted Kashaf, was perhaps in love with her (remember Osama’s Majnu face that’s also part of the OST), thought about her in that way, proposed marriage to her.

        It’s not rational, but jealousy usually isn’t. On top of which although looking from the outside-in, we FK fans can’t see any reason to be jealous of Osmiley’s looks or personality, he was a classfellow and a friend (one who Zaroon confided in a lot, re: Asmara), so he’s not just a stranger… remember how surprised he was that they stayed in touch and Osmiley knew that she was posted in Badin.

        Her answer in that promo seems reasonable and justified – we’ll see though… it should not be blown out of proportion – but I think this will be a catalyst to addressing Zaroon’s double standards and his chauvinism. Given history, it is ironicly appropriate that the issue is in fact Kashaf’s character, because at the end of the day, that is precisely why he married her.

        We always talk about Kashaf’s insecurities, but Zaroon has plenty of his own – his unmet childhood expectations, his need for love. And then there are his own flaws, his jealousy, chauvinism, double standards.

        I don’t know how long they will drag this out – in the book, they made up pretty quickly and really did not have that many more issues. In the drama, I think they will drag this one out – not looking forward to that, because if you ask me it’s “baat ka batangar”.

  3. @SZ: Thanks for your review, yaar – en pointe as usual. Here was the much awaited interaction with the in laws….wishing Sara happy birthday and saas ke saath chai were our intro to her interaction with Zaroon’s family. Notably, SS called Ghazala “ammi” or “ma”, which I noticed because we had mentioned it earlier with repect to Zaroon calling Rafia “auntie”…

    I am with you re: Zaroon’s mature handling of his mother regarding the whole money thing…..although he apologized to Kashaf, and she accepted…I think the apology could have been a bit better than..”won tumhari saas hai…thoda bardaasht kiya karo”…but if she heard all that Ghazalamsaid, then I assume that she also heard Zaroon stick up for her, so maybe that makes it okay….

    I was happy to see Kashaf have an emotional breakdown with Rafia…I think SS did an awesome job in that scene….this goes a long way to showing that her tough exterior has softened, and she cares what her new family thinks of her…I also like the way she spoke with Sara and made Sara feel good about Zaroon…not sure if Z and K have had as many conversations about Sara and Zaroon’s childhood as K might want Sara to believe (pyaar waale cheesy lines boltay boltay itna waqt jo zaaya kartay hai:-)..but this was very benevolent on Kashaf’s part, and perhaps will go far in establishing Sara as an ally.

    Fully agree with the Asmara flashback…although I feel that I have obtained some closure since Asmara just disappeared a few weeks back…I feel this interaction was misplaced….also fully agree with the hammad-shehnila scene being extraneous…they took up screen time that could have been dedicated to Z and K!

    Things I loved…all phone conversations…they were fab! SS and FKs chemistry is almost better over the phone…lol:-). Love that K wants to shift to Islamabad. I had predicted last week ke is shift ki vajai se koi masla hoga, but I am glad to be wrong…loved seeing the happy look on Kashaf’s face when she learned she would be moving to be with Z…loved Zaroon’s maturity in this episode…it will be a stark contrast to the immaturity he looks like he is going to show in the next episode 🙂 He is going to have to learn the hard way that the “rules” apply to him too…not just Kashaf. I guess our wishes for Osama to find another show adhooray hi rehgayay 🙂

    A few of my favorite lines: (paraphrased)
    Z: Ek fiida to hua…ke tum mere na annay par upset hogi…
    Z: Mera inthezaar karna, aur khabardaar jo ainda kaha ke tum nahin karogi…

    Cant wait to hear what others have to say!

    • @BSK: hahaha loved your ” I guess our wishes for Osama to find another show adhooray hi rehgayay” so true!!! I think another more seasoned actor couldve added so much jaan to this Osama character … this was a bit too much for a rank newcomer to handle :/
      And yes, agree the phone convos b/w Z and K are the best 🙂

    • BSK, i did not like what he said to kashaf either about his mom being just a typical saas.that was so not nice . I wish he had just said something like ” let it go this one time, she will change her mind when she gets to know you” or something . Why does he emphasize to her that she shouldn’t expect much from a saas/his mom? 😦

      You make her realize that everyone sometimes is guilty of judging a book by its cover

      But I felt so bad for kashaf. That’s got to sting terribly

      • True! Z lost points there, but he did gain some for looking fab even as he was spouting off that nonsense.. and he made up some more as he was defending K in front of his mother – that was good!

        • Yes I also like the defending K to his mother. The good thing was he was very respectful and mature about it. Ghazala actually didn’t look so bad by the end as she kinda likes kashaf now I think, so its not like she was out to get her but just had misconceptions and believe me how that is so common about how inlaws think their son is giving money to wifes family…I’m glad that was brought up and also glad Zaroon stood up for K in front of her and behind her back.

        • @SZ: LOL – there is that dramatic license again for FK: jitni be fazool ki baatein kyun na karein, lekin if he looks good spouting nonsense – who cares? j/k 🙂

    • Yes I also loved the phonecall scene!! I liked the line when she said mein bhot sakoon se yahan hoon and then z says” khair itna sakoon se bhi nahin ho, merey na phone karney par tum pagal na hotee” lol
      Kaahaf was too rude in taking the cord out…. however the whole should i call or not was a very realistic scenario….so true about egos playing a big part. Sometimes you just have to let go of ego if you love someone!

  4. SZ, love the review ! you are spot on!

    I felt it was kind of a filler episode with few good scenes thrown in here and there. Took me back to old ZGH episodes when things didn’t move.

    My favorite line was Kaha lagte hain tumhara dil and him saying tum mein. Cheesy but it was nice

    I’m not sure about the rich boy thing. In most über rich families that I have seen its all everybody’s money. And no parent thinks one entry level paycheck is enough to support the lifestyle these kids are used to. It’s shocking how much money they need but I have seen that all the time. And it’s normal, those guys spend a lot but its not because they can’t budget but its because they don’t need to. And they don’t really care to think about that. It has nothing to do with pride either . It’s just what they have grown up with. Money is always around.

    I’m not sure but i think I have gotten so used to escapism that I have to remind myself that what they are showing is very realistic and to enjoy that 😦 but I agree they showed the post honeymoon phase very well.

    • @Aish – I loved that cheesy line too 🙂 Also, like how he knows she’s hiding her feelings…when he says something like “Agar mein tumhare saath hota to tumhare jhoot forren se pehle pakrajata” – he knows she’s holding back…

    • bohut himmat hai , to type comments on a phone. I try to sometimes but can’t really do it if it gets too long and uper se phir delete ho jaye, I would just get so pissed! Use your LT! 🙂

  5. Loved the review! Nothing more to add. ! 🙂

    Now that the people that were hiding are finally making their way back into the drama, only means that the drama is gonna go on for a while longer and Z and K will start facing problems. In one episode we see Asmara and then smiley Osama in the precap. .. Why does he think he’s so clever with his whole “oh i proposed to K” if anything it makes him look like a loser for having the rejection stamp on his forehead.

    Thought Zaroon was a lot smarter then he is going to behave when he hears about that proposal. Kinda like a Humsafar dejavu, jealous husband for no reason leading to misunderstandings… I hope Kashaf sets him straight and the pointless fights are not too dragged out.
    Osama and Asmara should have seriously considered marrying each other. Dono kise ke na kaam ke.

    Speaking of marrying, if only Shehnila and Hamad did not have the same father, they make the most perfect couple ever!! Pura dhin dono bait ke larte rehte. and they are both really unconvincing in their role. Well at least they look cute together! They have my blessings to get married! 😀

    Rafia’s lecture are ever so annoying. Does the woman not hear herself. Jeez if she was my mother i’d tell her to take a break sometimes..
    Although i did not agree with Ghazala’s whole “oh she probably gives money to her fam”, she did feel bad about saying that especially after she found out that Kashaf heard it all. But for to have some problems with Kashaf is totally understandable, I mean she never really was too happy about this proposal in the first place to for to accept Kashaf so fast would be very unnatural.
    After watching and enjoying HB’s portrayal of Appo in Talkhiyan, you can tell the poor woman looks so bored playing this very dry character.

    Lets see how much more of this is left to put up with. There is nothing to the story except for FK! yes I say this every time but its so true! 🙂

    • Arrey ash aaj toh I enjoyed rafias leclture…get to know your mil is much more better than khidmat se rishtey bantey hai…LOL

      • LOL @ SK and Aish – the woman just annoys me .. and can she talk any slower!! matlab ke takes her time to pronounce every single word. Totally drives me nuts! lol

  6. @SK: No idea, but considering ke his house in Islamabad, his airfare, etc is paid for by the government and Z seems to have no other real expenses I cannot help but wonder … kaprey tak to wohi pehen raha hai saalon se and apart from buying K a LV bag, and installing airconditioners he hasnt really done anything else. He even skimped out on a honeymoon – cheapo!

      • Surely his trips to Islamabad are… I guess his trips home are not … but still I’m not entirely convinced that if he fell short of money it was because of marriage and b/c he was giving money to K. He was doing all that stuff, partying, flying home on weekends, clothes, etc before he got married as well,,,, Also again as is usual here , we have no real clue of how long it has been since they got married … last two eps were abt their two week honeymoon, and so how much time passed in this ep?

        • I am sure… zaroon aurvival is not possible only on his salary. Pahlay bhhe abba he thay.. but as he is married now, and asking for more money… tu Ama jee ko issue tu chaiye na koe!! No?

          • I agree .. thats why Im so utterly confused … I think there were other ways to paint Aunty G in a negative light and bring up class issues, this just does not seem to fly 😦 Waisey if he blew the budget on that suit, then sab gunah maaf!! 😉

  7. Just wondering why so surprised with zaroon budget? Its quite normal. He is a Bigra hua bacha of businessman. Jo uska lifestyle hai, uske salary tu 2 din bhe I guess mushkil rehte hoge. :/ I mean his dressing, hang outs, cars – fuel. Long conversation on cells….. blah blah… Every thing is so luxurious. .. oper say ab biwi bhe!! No wonder his dad is paying his credits…
    They both are in government service, more specifically, in start of thr careers. They r hired as Asst to commissioner on BPS-17, although they dont have to pay thr utilities (personel cell phone kharcha not included) their salaray phirr bhe Zaroon jaise banday k liyee bhut bhut bhut kam hai. Its like in 30 to 40 K’s And the places where they werr doing dinners ….. tu wahan tu one bill he 4000 – 5000 hota hai… 🙂

  8. I was surprised how easily kashaf agreed to move to Islamabad . I was expecting a “how dare you make these decisions for me ?”

    • he had told her from before and she didn’t seem to object. Plus she felt really lonely wen she returned to umm? wherever she works, so i think she was really looking forward to this transfer! 🙂

      Now how did Asmara and Osama end up in islamabad is the real question..

    • @Aish – I know. I too was wrong about K being mad about moving to Islamabad…maybe we will be wrong about how Z handles the news of Osama’s proposal too…maybe the promos are misleading us :-0

  9. SZ, spot on review…thank you! Madam Gazala, what ever your reasons for saying what you did to Zaroon about Kashaf giving money to her family, it showed your very poor thinking….just goes to say that you may belong to a very rich urban class family, your SOCH is very low….HATZ off to the director/writer in trying to show that Kashaf even though was very upset about what she heard, she did not make a issue with her MIL, however, she made it clear to Zaroon that she would not tolerate her Baizeeti for chand rupai….
    Sultana Appa/Umera, pls pls DO NOT let Osama’s proposal be the reason of split between Z and K….for God’s sake, it will not be digested by anyone that Z can be jealous of that!

    • @Shalu Mehra: agree with your “HATZ off” comment :-)” I also liked the scene where Ghazala says that Kashaf didn’t seem upset when she left, and “achi tara se mil ke gayi thi” and Zaroon tells her that should give her idea of what a good person Kasaf is and how much K respects G….

      • At the end of the day Ghazala did feel bad for what she said, and lots of people don’t even do that, so I think thats what counts! 🙂

        • @Ash: agree with u. another part of the Z and G chat scene that i loved was when G tells Z that Kashaf heard what she heard…she can’t apologize for it now…the look that Zaroon gives her, although he doesn’t say it in words, is “why the heck not!?”

  10. A mixed bag indeed * and I am making my first comment here*

    I am truly amazed by FK’s range in this episode and Sanam’s splendid portrayal of all that Kashaf is.
    now that everyone else is coming back can we get a glimpse of the half-sisters too?

  11. @Rehmat: if you are out there, or any of my other Urdu-English dictionaries…need a translation: ana zarfi? anyone?

  12. Great review and totally agreed with you!

    All K-Z interactions this time were really nice, much like a normal couple with their egos still popping in between.. Both Kashaf and Zaroon scenes with their mommies were interesting too.

    I liked how Z dealt with maa and wife issue.. defended both the women with high maturity and that’s exactly how matters should get resolved.. K giving aunty ghazala her due respect and she realizing that.. was good to see.
    for once i liked rafia’s advice to kashaf when she was crying, indeed points to be ponder on. very well written and directed and of course acted.

    annoying scenes with no surprises obviously had to be Hammad-Shenila and Asmara scenes..what was the actual purpose of those scenes??? 😛

    Coming that ‘smiley-face’ into picture is not at all welcomed.. but oh well then how will conflicts begin… i so hope to see some logical takraar 😀

    • Hammad ko jo visa chaye Amreeka ka? Zaroon bhai ki saath Jaa kar rahega toh biryani toh lekey ayega na Zaroon ki saas ko:p

      • LOL.. haan kya pata rafia he sifarish karde.. 😛 murtaza ke bete ke liye kuch bhi..tou ye sifarish tou choti si cheez hai 😉

  13. Well, i dont know why Z was keeps on repeating paise uthalo. like its some giri hui cheez hai. naturally she will not pick…..or is it the way spoken in pakistan…could have said “lelo” instead

  14. Hi again :), I just liked to let you know that so much criticism of Rafia and Zaroon and of many good natured characters in your reviews plus comments made me feel to stop visiting this site to read them. Don’t want to spoil my good moods after reading such review. I’ve switched to another site for review where they respect good natural aspects/dialogues of characters. Always Hated asmara’s personality and dressing…I always admired/agree with Zaroon’s approach to life. Love it…love conservatism…even possessiveness of Kashaf is rightly so…not even Osama deserves to talk to her. (Personally experienced it n over years realised its good thing for husband to be possessive n not withstanding other men’s intermingling.) Can’t stand mockery of Zaroon’s character who is so good (not because he is FK). Guess this drama is for such people to open their eyes – but some people can’t see the correct principles as they dislike it too much like Asmara/Sara’s egoism…again sad 😦 but UA is striving hard for this society to make people realise no matter how much they hate the truth/right way.
    @SZ: thanks for welcoming me last time. Goodbye and wish you can focus more on positives 🙂 even I was beginning to spoil my taste for their repetition of clothes ugh I wish I hadn’t read your post :)!!

  15. I’m surprised Zaroon actually talked to Asmara in a normal sort of way considering that she texted him the “..enjoy your stay in hell” comment in an earlier episode…

    • And why was Asmara dying to see what he thought of her and have coffee seeing she had sent that text and apparently she was the one who broke it off!!!

  16. Great review. Not sure where you got the idea that Zaroon is still financially dependent on his father though. I simply heard him sharing with his mother the fact that life after marriage can be expensive. Of course, she ran with that and blamed Kashaf, but in no way did I see Zaroon actually complaining or asking his parents for financial help. In fact Zaroon in this episode did nothing but further solidify how mature and solid a man he is….somewhat unbelievably so. He’s perfect in every way. Kashaf, on the other hand, is wearing on my last nerve. Yes, she may be softening up, but her harshness and impulsive temper tantrums do nothing at all to make me sympathize with het. I get that she’s afraid and insecure, but, come on, enough with the bitchy unsmiling attitude about every little thing. Live, love, laugh, girl: before it’s too late!

    • @zarqa – hey! It’s when ghazala says that “where does your money go, your dad pays all the credit card bills” :).

      • Yes, watching it again right now and caught it this time. 🙂 well, as others have said, he’s still a spoiled rich kid who probably never had to even think about money before. So, not *perfect*, per se. But he still is pretty darn mature about a lot of things and always has a perfect response to any jab that Kashaf tries to deliver at him. Maybe she’ll realize eventually that this boy will never hurt her purposefully. Meanwhile girl’s wasting precious time being difficult and perpetually angry. Youth is SO wasted on the young. (Like, she smiles speaking to him on the phone, but has she ever smiled directly at him? If she has, I don’t remember it)

  17. I know I am too late, but I really wanted to comment so here it is:

    SZ, this is a COMPLETE /PERFECT review:D ( Like always)

    The first half of this episode was more entertaining for me, I had fun yet agreed with their new rule book, their conversations and the portrayal of Kashaf’s ego.
    I do not know why but I could not tag Kashaf as wrong when she switched off her phone and all, because Zaroon’s phone calls did bother me a lot too. Aeisa hi karna chahiye tha. Rejoice women power :p

    Haye the three people I had not liked since the begging made their entry today ( one being shown in the promo for the next) and it wasn’t pleasant. The weirdest woman of the year award should go to Ghazala aunty. Belonging to a Deep-pocketed Family, Working in an NGO, shown to have more exposure to the world, I had never expected her to even bother about her bahu’s money business. Why would/should she?!!!She forsooth is a very nosy woman…

    Second in line is Madamara, LOL @ her pained expressions hen she mentions Kashaf’s name to Zaroon. WOW! We got to see the ring’s return that had been anticipated ever since the OSt was out but I was left scratching my head, Didn’t Zaroon say he had broken the engagement or perhaps implied that when he spoke about Asmara to Kashaf, what was this then?! He looked sad remembering Asmara’s act of returning the engagement ring. Quite lost!

    The third person who annoyed me beyond measure today was Osama ( or bhaijan as you have rightly put it:p) His ever-smiling face looked evil this time. Why did he have to mention it to Zaroon, knowing his friend well for his ego and ALL! Now let’s see how Kashaf handles it, by the way, It really made me laugh when she informs Sir Abrar of Zaroon’s whereabouts. SAR KA DARD:p

    Waiting anxiously for the next episode/review:D

  18. Okay, one more thing, re: Asmara. I don’t think the flashback was meant to show any lingering sadness or regret for Zaroon, just the fact of how sensitive he is. Of course the sight of someone he was so close to marrying would bring up some pain for him. And the fact that, as the flashback showed, Asmara did the breaking up tells us that Zaroon was willing to compromise to make things work between them, and she wasn’t. It again paints him in a darn good light. He didn’t take up the offe for coffee, so I don’t think Kashaf should have a problem with this little accidental encounter. And, as for bhaijan :): I don’t think the preview is all that telling. No way in heck would Zaroon be jealous of bhaijan. He may be upset at Kashaf for not sharing the fact of the proposal…after all she knows all about his romantic history, why shouldn’t he know about hers? Not that what she had with Osama was in the least bit romantic! Anyhow, this drama is very accurately showing the little jhugDas of early marriage. Just frustrating to see how very unimportant the issues are in hindsight 🙂

    • You have a point….promo could be totly misleading! I am also wondering how will he be jealous of bhaijan!!! Love this new name.. thanks SZ!!!

      • I hope the promos are misleading…wouldn’t it be wonderful if bhaijan became the reason that Kashaf finally admitted to Zaroon, “Mein tumse mohabbat karti hoon – Osama se nahin”…aisi chand izhaar ki baatein sub masle ko hal karsakti hai – right? Chalo dekhtay hai…

  19. Excellent review 🙂

    You know how you procrastinate doing something because then you know you are getting closer to the end.. that’s almost how I feel about watching ZGH.

    After the airy fairy ,happy, feel good moments of the past couple of episodes, I liked how grounded this episode was. FK and SS , the chemistry is mindblowing, I really hope they sign up to more projects together. Loved all their scenes and such a vivid depiction of the little things that get blown out of proportion when partners are still adjusting to each other.

    Loved the mother and son scene post the money issue, Ghazala’s expression showed remorse and good on Z for sticking up for his wife. I like the fact that people can talk in a reasonable and calm manner mostly.

    The biryani scene , err I am totally ready to lose that track.

    It will be interesting to watch how these two deal when the past is dredged up next week.

    Oh and loved FK as a beemar hubby, his cuteness factor just keeps rising.

  20. Hi, Can anyone who has read the novel tell me why do Z and K separate and how do they get back together? I know that the drama is not following the novel, but just curious to know this….

    • @ Shalu Mehra: hey! they got separated because Z was receiving some anonymous letters regarding K’s character, it was mentioned that she had affair with her brother in law; ( whose once proposal came for Kashaf) .. but couldn’t married as guy’s mother liked her younger sister.

      she used to praise his brother-in-law so Z became unsecured and doubted her character, slapped her and in result K left the place..later he realized his mistake and bought her home.

        • Don’t remind me – if anyone was to slap anyone, it should have been Kashaf slapping him after she found out he was pataao’ing her as a challenge. Not that I condone violence.

          That’s why I really dislike the book – he is just portrayed as a neanderthal! I’m so happy they rewrote the screenplay!

  21. @Zarqa, I completely agree to that but in Episode 19 we saw him telling Ksahaf how no man would take such a liberal woman as his wife. This symbolised that he had broken up with her on the basis of his austere views, but at the dinner table Zaroon looked more devastated and pained… Yeh Zara samaj nahi aye:p

    @Ash, True! That makes it fun..loving the discussion above…

    • Heela totally agree….mujhe bhi Yeh baat samajh nahin ayee!!!
      Why did he look so pained? Was he actually feeling guilty for all his double standards…maybe he is reflecting on his past mistakes?

      • SK….I would elevate him to a much much higher regard if he could once sit down and reflect on his double standards in the past.

  22. Okay – here comes the part of the week when I start asking about some lines that I didn’t catch – feel free to chime in anyone!

    When Zaroon comes home, G auntie says something to the effect of “I still can’t believe you spent a night over THERE…” and then Zaroon says that this is nothing to be worried/upset over, and the G says something like, “when’s the last time you…..” and I can’t catch after than…can someone tell me what she says in urdu?


    • @ BSK: it’s hard to hear but Ghazala says: “waisay mujhay abhi bhi yaqeen nahin aaraha kay tumnay ek raat wahan guzaari hai….tum aajtak rahay ho kisi aisi jagaa par?”

  23. Another word I didn’t catch – last scene, K writing in her diary, line goes something like “cheez dekh ke haasil karti hoon”…and then a word like “badiyanti nahin” or something…what does she say there and what does it mean?

    • I think she’s trying to say she is not careless or wasteful. “cheez dekh ke haasil karti hoon”…”I watch what I buy/acquire” (haasil=acquire). The word she used was baddhiyaanati –> carelessness. Loosely interpreted, I watch what I buy and I am not careless (extrapolated to careless with money, shopping). She was insulted by the thought, and as she writes in her diary, she is probably thinking about how careful she has been all her life with money.

  24. I can completely see where Ghazala is coming from. Umera’s attempt at showing her in a negative light completely failed in this episode. As many other correctly pointed out, Z’s dad pays his CC bills so the mom has every right to be concerned if he cannot manage his finances despite getting handouts from daddy dearest. Kashaf is different but this is such a common household story that we have all seen first hand. Hubby works day and night to earn a decent living and the wife literally uraofies it by the middle of the month. My brother in law earns a normal income and his wife not only refuses to work (despite having done her MBBS) but also splurges everything he earns on crazy expensive designer outfits that even i would think twice about buying (even though me and my husband collectively earn over 10 times more than the bro-in law).

  25. I’ve been AWOL, but read the review and some of the comments. Great review SZ like always! I agree with your entire take on the episode.

    I like the episode. I think they were portrayed as a realistic newlywed couple going through their ups and downs in learning how to deal with each other. Kashaf was criticized for pulling out the phone cord but I can understand why she was upset, she did call him two times to talk to him, and he blew her off both times. It was an overreaction and showed a little lack of maturity but at the same time you see her put herself out there by calling him first. It’s funny how in relationships a lot of otherwise mature adults are demanding and immature. So far we haven’t seen Kashaf behave this way, I think she’s finally letting her emotions show and quite frankly a lot of women (and men) would react the same way. I give Kashaf a pass on that. Plus, it gave them a chance to make up (albeit on the phone), as it was said earlier, they have amazing chemistry even on the phone 🙂

  26. I was intrigued by Ghazala’s role in this epi. Yes, she has her class baggage (superiority, suspicions) but thank goodness she wasn’t one-dimensional and I think Hina Bayat was able to add nuances to some cliched setups. The fact that she admitted that she was wrong, and then telling Zaroon that Kashaf didn’t show that she was upset as she left was unexpected. Many, many mothers/mils would not be so “generous” or would omit info that made the daughter-in-law look good.

    Suspecting a dil of giving her family money is something that is common across all classes – I have heard the phrase “maika ka bharnaa” so many times. For some reason, many mils think bahus are tricking their sons – it’s an unfortunate situation – but then again there are examples of women who do take advanatage of their husbands.

    In an ideal world couples would help out their families with the consent and encouragement of their spouses and this help would be appreciated and not abused – end of story. As they say, the world is full of good and bad people.

    I think SS was great in the scene when she literally cried on Rafia’s shoulder – you see how sensitive and vulnerable she is – it was nice to see she isn’t always stoic and composed. It comes as no surprise that the money thing would hurt her so much because she is so khuddaar and ghairatmand and she and her mother have struggled so much while holding to their morals and values (no rishwat, haq-halal ki kamaai). I think Rafia’s lecture/words were spot-on and as in the past, I think Kashaf will try and implement what she says.

    • @Nur: I think I wrote something very similar above (somewhere!) – I loved that scene. SS did a wonderful job with the crying. It wasn’t just hysterical – it was poignant.

  27. Loved the conversation between Sara and Kashaf – I know it was superficial, but I thought it was a very positive interaction and Sara’s expression at the end showed that she appreciated Kashaf’s gesture. I do want Kashaf to win over Z’s family and them to see why he married her.

  28. @BSK and @sabeen, enjoyed the scenes you mentioned.

    On the romantic front, the beemaar shohar was definitely very cute, it was wonderful to see Kashaf soften immediately when she realized he was sick. Her whole demeanor changed with Zaroon and then with the people sitting in her office too. Un logon ko bhi Zaroon ka shukriya adaa karna chahiyay.

    Their conversation later in the evening also satisfied my need for KZ romance 😉 As I suspected, Zaroon does know she loves him/cares about him, but he wants to hear her say it. I loved that she admitted that she would be upset if he didn’t come to Karachi on the weekend, of course she does so in Kashaf style but hey at least she’s moving in the right direction. It was obvious how happy she was talking to him, the ice queen is finally melting!!

    I still don’t know what I will do when they are separated, how am I going to get my KZ romantic fix?? Just kidding, I truly am in this for their relationship, so I am prepared to take the good with the bad, as long as they grow and face their demons.

  29. Fawad was recently at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital Fundraiser in Lahore- well actually he was the main attraction of the gala dinner- aside from the desire to support this great Cancer Hospital which has served so many people of Pakistan….IK- total respect!
    I was lucky enough to be there 🙂 and made this rough video which fans like you might appreciate…. Here’s the link:

    This is the first part, will upload more later.
    And oh yes, we met him and he was awesome- got pics and autographs, we said the ‘fan type’ dialogues and he was ever gracious! At times the crowd was awfully quiet (Uppity Stylos ‘n begumaat :p) so I felt the need to hoot from time to time along with woohoos so bear with me. There was this one instance where he was called on stage ‘n he was walking towards it- again crowd too quiet for my liking- so I creamed out his name and he casually turned around a bit, smiled and waved at me …. haaaaiiii ab mein chayn se mar sakti hoon….

    • Lol at “haey ab chain say marsakti hoon!!”

      I’m sure I’ll never meet him, but in hearing him speak at these fundraisers and some of these talk shows he seems so genuine and compassionate. I’ve never been one to swoon or gawk over Hollywood/Bollywood/lollywood celebs, but I definitely appreciate those who use their celebrity to help others. I hope he keeps it up and inspires others (celeb or otherwise) to do the same

      • Nur, I love your composure where celebrities are concerned! I for one, can’t say the same specially where FK is concerned 🙂

        Here’s part 2 of the same:

        • Afia, FK definitely puts a smile on my face and my 12 yr old kinda rolls her eyes when I passionately compliment FK’s acting and his voice 😉 , because truly I think he’s an incredibly gifted actor (and very good looking too!!). Killer combination!!

          So my dear I am not immune to his charms, but at my age any swooning would probably look ridiculous. 🙂 God, you must think I’m ancient now. I’m just a couple years older than FK.

          Honestly, seeing FK speak so humbly and passionately at these events really, really endears him and sets him a class apart from those celebrities who simply make headlines for their exploitations and indiscretions.

          Anyway thanks for sharing your videos. I enjoyed watching them, and you know I would have been **thrilled to pieces** if FK looked back at me and waved – you’re a lucky girl!!

  30. Thanks SZ for reposting these reviews again.. Brings back alot of amazing memories and discussions… Normally i just read the review but this drama had some classic discussions.. Be it on ever famous Zaroon Kashaf chemistry and their cheesy romance, Smiley Bhaijaan (LOL). Rafia’s never endinh advices, boring track of madamara, how good or bad Ghazala as person or mother is and last but not the least the neela eyemake up of Nigaar hahaha…

    This drama for me was memorable in other possible ways.. Had blast dissecting each and everything in this dramas with lovely ppl out here. And now since drama is airing on Zee Zindagi.. Would love to love how our fellow indians are liking it 🙂

    • Hi Rehmat, I am from india….n loving every moment of ZGH….you can imagine how much we Indians loved this show as the channel had to rerun it on huge public demand…..
      Have already watched it umpteen times including all the repeat telecasts throughout the day n thrice on YouTube…just finished watching episode 21 once again
      Just love the chemistry between FK n SS….this has been my favourite drama so far
      Though loved Fawad’s other serials: Dastaan, Akbari Asghari n Kuchh Pyaar Ka Paagalpan Bhi Tha and am waiting for Humsafar to be aired soon on Zindagi channel, I still can’t imagine Fawad with anyone other than Sanam Saeed….this is exactly how some other people I’ve spoken to also feel n wish we can see them together in some future film or drama
      SZ: just love your reviews n am really happy to be a part of this forum….

      • @Samrita Kapoor: Hey Samrita:) so good to know how much you like and love Pakistani dramas… If this has been your favorite then wait for Humsafar.. Hehe 😉 FK with Mahira khan in Humsafar was such an amazing pair.. After watching ZGH.. I used to get confuse on which pair makes more sizzles Fawad Khan/ Sanam Saeed or Fawad Khan/Mahira ..

      • Samrita, to be honest I didn’t like ZGH that much…specially after Humsafar it was disappointing. But FK did his parts v well. The novel was v short and sweet, but the drama was dragged out a lot.I never liked Kashaf (sorry 🙂 Just wait till you see Mahira and Fawad together….they were to die for. FK also always gelled so well with Sanam Baloch. Such a pity that he’s not acting on tv anymore 😦
        In reply to your comment on the other thread, there are so many dramas that were good over the years….Shehr-e-zaat, Ishq-e-Gumshuda (starting on Zindagi soon was good), Dur-e-Shahwar, Qaid-e-tanhai, Meri zaat zarra-e-benishaan, haal-e-dil, dil hai chota sa, Maane na yeh dil, Marasim ended recently, etc etc
        wrote this y’day but then forgot to post it!

        • Hi Afia, thanks for replying….

          May be we were so used to these never ending daily soaps that the dramas on Zindagi channel came as a breath of fresh air for us n coz of that we never felt that these dramas dragged at all….

          Yes you may be right abt Humsafar but as ZGH came our way first so just fell in love with the lead pair…moreover, I watched 2-3 episodes of Mahira’s show “Tuc the lighter side of life” n found her to be a little too sweet to be true…but I just hope that my opinion changes after watching Humsafar coz I really really want to enjoy this show….even my 10yr old daughter has become a big fan of Fawad….

          Also, thanks for your list of dramas…I’ll definitely try to watch all these n
          Ishq Gumshuda will start from tonight…is Zindagi channel available in Pakistan?

          One thing that I have observed is that in all d serials we have watched till now (ZGH, Maat, MQMD, Aunn Zara, Kahi Unkahi, Noorpur Ki Rani), the end always seems to be quite abrupt….if you have noticed, everything is crammed in the last episode n a lot of questions remain unanswered….

          Having said all this, loving the current phase of Pakistani dramas n reliving my childhood memories when we felt quite connected to lives across d border through PTV

          • Yes Samrita, you’re right …year long soaps are a pain and ofcourse these dramas are so much more concise. And yes, many a times, one feels that the whole drama wasn’t worthy of this end. It is unfortunate. Recently a hugely popular show “Pyaray Afzal” ended v badly- for most fans. The whole country (fb country atleast) was up in arms! But that was an extreme case.

            Mahira’s interview skillz are debatable- certainly not her forte 🙂
            We all love her now for Humsafar but when it initially started, there was a lot of criticism over her acting. It was said that she underplays the role etc. Later those same critics relented that what she did was indeed the right tone to set for “Khirad”. Do tell us how you feel about her work after seeing some eps of H.

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