Silvatein ~ Episode 11 Review

SilvateinNatasha! Natasha! Natasha! Can someone hand me a gun so that I can go shoot this girl! Kiya larki hai? Bewaqoofi ki bhi koi inteha hoti hai ke nahin?! I mean seriously, koi filter hi nahin hai bibi ke dil, dimagh aur zubaan ke darmiyaan. Jo dil chaha phat se bol diya, without any worry about others’ feelings or fear of repercussions. Along with neglecting to teach her any kind of self-reflection whatsoever, her parents also forgot to sit her down and make her watch all those drama serials with the mazloom aurat stories. Agar woh sab dekha hota tau aaj apne Chotoo ki qadar karti and ghar walon ke saath aisey na karti…

In this day and age, where we have heroines crying endlessly day in and out because of adverse circumstances, here we have one who is turning the current equation on its head – kahan ki mazloom heroine aur kahan ki bechari aurat jis par har waqt shohar aur susral waley zulm karte hain  – yahan Natasha ko dekh kar tau duniya bhar ke shohar mazloom lagtey hain aur saarey susrali masoom. God save us all from the Natashas of this world – Ameen!!

Natasha is a loony toon, we knew that, and this episode sealed the deal on that issue. Taking a brilliantly written character, Shehrazade has helped the newcomer Mira Sethi bring Natasha so vividly alive; there is so much conviction in the way Mira plays Natasha that I for one had better not run into this girl, because then she’d been in big trouble. Natasha is bad enough on her own, but add in her beyond adorable, very soft spoken chotoo of a husband, and you start hating her even more. Daniyal Raheal playing the understated foil to the more flamboyant Natasha is fabulous here.

If for nothing else, Silvatein should be watched just for the positive portrayals of men. Standing out among all the physically and verbally abusive/philandering/ meek/feudal/chauvinist/mujhe beta chahiye type men we see depicted these days on TV, here we actually have three educated, charming, soft-spoken, cultured, in short, “normal” guys. Be it Rayaan, Bilal or Mikaal, all three are absolute gems. Similarly, all the girls, aside from their whackiness, are all equally empowered and relatable. Thank you Samira for writing against the current trend and giving us something positive to watch. Yes, a story can work just as well without endless rona dhona and moralizing.

Back to the episode, the story seems to have shrugged off its lethargy and picked up speed today. The dragging goth track finally ended. I am glad that we were shown that despite a filmy ending to the track, Zaib was wrong to have meddled in the whole Dilawar affair the way she did. Yes, she was the selfless good samaritan, but she really could not offer any concrete, long-term means of help to these people; the Dilawar-Zaib conversation underscored the fact that even though Zaib had found a short-term solution, a long term resolution was still very far away.

Much as I am sad to see Mikaal’s exit from the story, I am happy that he broke off with Zaib. He deserves much better. Relationships are not just based on love and respect, trust plays a huge part as well. Once that trust is gone, it is very hard to paper over cracks in relationships. Given how badly Bilal is suffering, I think rather than being melancholy, Mikaal should be overjoyed. Zaib might be saner and more mature in comparison to Natasha, but when judged on her own merit she’s pretty out there as well. Vasay Chaudhry was really good here. His chemistry with Aamina and his portrayal of the level headed, mature Mikaal added so much depth to this character, making it so much more interesting than this serious NGO guy had seemed in the beginning.

As for Zaib, this episode marked a turning point in her character. Despite her success in bringing some kind of relief in Dilawar’s situation, she was forced to face up to the reality that life was much harsher than her romantic idealism had led her to believe. Much as she would’ve like to, she was unequipped to bring in a wholesale, overnight change in Dilawar’s life. Anther huge shock was when she was jilted by Mikaal. She had taken him so much more granted, and perhaps having seen the family dynamics in her own parent’s life, she probably thought that Mikaal too would put up with her antics. Much as she talks about not wanting to play second fiddle in a marital relationship, she is the one who needs to grow up, but I guess this will be a gradual change. On a more positive note, it seems that her run-in with Dilawar has opened her eyes up to the mundane nature of her lifestyle and she has turned into a new leaf overnight. Given that this is a drama, chalo hum tau yaqeen kar lete hain ke theek hai, Zaib sudhar gayee, but I think others, including Natasha and Muneeze and even Rayaan will have a difficult time accepting this change at face value.

And yes, finally! With Mikaal out of the picture, Rayaan made his full-fledged entry into the story today – I wish he had left his glossy lipstick at home though. I had a hard time focusing on him when he was in the kitchen because his shiny lips were a tad too distracting. But, yes, it was fab to see Adeel Husain have more than two sentences to say. Now that Natasha has really stirred the pot and not only drawn the line in the sand with Rayaan, but also made an enemy out of Muneeze, and is insultingly rude to Bilal, I wonder how long Rayaan can keep matters under control. Will he able to remain just as unflappable when Zaib enters into an already messy situation?

For me, this episode was the best one so far. The pace picked up considerably and the story took a giant leap forward. The actors are all turning in fab performances, and have great chemistry with each other. I am sorry to see Vasay Chaudhry go, but am now looking forward to seeing him in Armaan. Overall, Samira and Shehrazade work really well together. Apart from the goth track, the scenarios and situations have been relevant, a lot of fun, and most importantly very innovative. Natasha’s insecurities have been shown so very creatively, love the device of depicting it through her buying and returning issues. With Zaib’s impending arrival I am keen to see the lengths to which Natasha will go to keep her bharam. I just hope that my bechara Chotoo does not get irrevocably hurt in the process. Now if he wants to maintain peace and order Rayaan bhai had better monitor the situation carefully. Despite what she has said to her mother, Natasha bibi ke iraadey kuch ziyada naik nahin lag rahe!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Great review SZ but I have to disagree on one point .I don’t think Natasha is foolish or bewaqoof . She is not a very good person , selfish and materialistic are the mildest descriptions I can find for her . Its always good to read another opinion 🙂


    • @Sadaf: That might well be the case, but even then I would still call her a bewaqoof, b/c she lacks the savvy to hide all those negative traits. Even a very selfish and materialistic person would attempt to play nice at least publicly and try to make a good impression .. particularly in the beginning. At least that’s how I see it .. would be great to hear other opinions … 🙂


    • I think Natasha is selfish, materialistic, bawaqoof, badtameez, but I don’t want to call her a bad person…coz I am hoping keh woh deeeeeep down achi hai 🙂


      • @Afia – I dont think Natasha ne koi gunaish chori hai for someone to think she is a good person. She drives the poor man nuts and phir bhi woh agay peeche ghoom tha rehta hai.


  2. Allah bachai Natasha AND Zeb jaisi larkiyon say! Holy smokes man…Natasha needs a big time reality check. I am enjoying Mira’s portrayal of Natasha very much!


  3. Great review.
    Now that’s how you turn the tables on the current drama formula and make it work. Love the way the male characters are written…as you said they come across as everyday men.
    We have an absolutely charming butter-ball and ‘Madame Jaanu’ is bending him like she is Beckham. Am I the only one who cheered out loud seeing the price tag on her Tee? Mira is indeed the underdog of the cast – giving such a convincing Natasha.
    Fantastic send off for Vasay, letting him dump her! How cute was he when he said ‘Zaaaiibbbb’ on that doomed balcony?

    The best thing Mummy-dearest has done so far is propel the story forward by packing off Zaib on a jet plane.The much disciplined… I-am-divorced-you-live-your-life-to-the-fullest Rayaan bhai will be knocked with a tonne of bricks when THE Zaib enters…. looking forward to that…loved the duo in ‘Mora Piya’ and yes, the lips…glistening,shiny, catching light from all angles was distracting BUT I am a loyal fan-girl so I will blame the over-enthusiastic make-up person 😉


    • @Tez: I was laughing as I was reading your comment – honestly this drama is bringing the best out of all of us 🙂 Loved the butterball and the Bend it like Beckham bits! 🙂 And yes, the mom is as clueless as they come, but haan waqai yeh kam us ne thiik kiya.. ab lets see what transpires in the US!


  4. My goodness , hats off to Bilals patience and bardasht , if it had been anyone else he would have sent Natasha back to Pakistan
    On a oneway tkt.
    Itnee badtameezee, ufff
    The price tag part was priceless! Lol…..
    Mikaal is better off wo zaib .


  5. My friends in America- beware! We’ve sent over two half crazy females- with love from us to you : ) Ab tum inko sumbhalo…
    But seriously you’re right about a 180 degree turn from the mazloom aurat! Fabulously done Samira…and to think such girls actually exist and exist a lot (u can see I am trying to distance myself from the lot 🙂
    OMG @ Natasha’s convo with her jhait- itni beadbi? hadh hai.
    OMG @ Natasha’s convo with hubby- itni badtameezi? dhan hai woh admi.
    Muneeze must be cursing the day she visited this family to check out Zaib or Natasha or Phupo…(I miss her).
    And yes, I am glad for Mikaal- well done but will miss you too 😦
    And finally, can’t wait for Zaib to land in the US! Oh goody 🙂


    • @Afia – yea thanks a lot. You guys couldnt handle them toh yahan bhej diya… tsk tsk…dont worry , inko sudar ke hi wapis bhejenge! 😀 . Just need Bilal to step up to the plate and wear the pants in this relationship..
      Yes i miss she can come back since both the looney tunes ( in the words of SZ) have left the house.

      Muneeze is also a really big drama queen.. Baat ko kahan se kahan le jaati hai.. Still sulking about the fact that Zeb never bother to apologized.. puhleeez!!


    • @Afia: Yaar, hum becharon ney tumhara kiya begara tha?? Ashar aur Zaroon ko wahan rakh kar Zaib aur Natasha ko yahan bhej diya… grrr!!


      • lol … kaam ki cheez Pakistan main rakh li aur do aungi bongiyan amreeka bhaij deen.. isi tarah kam az kam badla lay lain :))


        • @Samira F: LOL!!! AAp Pakistani log bari top cheez ho .. kiya khatarnaak badla liya hai aapne .. Natasha akeli hi bhaari hai .. sab hisab barabar ho gaye ab bas! Please dont send the soti-jagti amma also!! 😀 😀
          I think you can easily guess that this is my favorite serial aj kal 🙂


  6. On one hand , i literally wanted to slap so hard to Natasha…US kya aayee par nikal aaye is ke tau… One idiotic person i have ever seen… Buy branded things, show off to her mother n specially sister and return it next day…and that poor and cutoo sa Bilal who wants her to spend his whole savings.. Sighhhh Bilal itne ache na bano… And trust me she doesn’t deserves your ‘madam and jaanu’ 😦 i was cracking up so hard on that price tag thingy and interior décor.. She is waqai bewaoof.. Aqal tou ghutnoo me hai…. Wanted to impress Mahjabeen 😀 who heck gives two roots… N phir saying to Bilal tum ne bataya kyun nahin.. Aray tou bolne daugi to bole ga na… But never the less Mira Sethi portrays her character beautifully…

    And on other hand i wanted to cheer my dear Zaib.. Finally she is getting her actual sensibility….sooner or later but she did realized on taking things for granted and on cost of breaking with Meekal.. A real gem of a person… Hope this change in her is for good….she flying to US… Will be interesting to watch the ” Pentagon” 😀

    Indeed male characters in this serial are so lovable… Hayee can i ever find a jeth like Rayyan…a caring fiancé like Mekaal and loving husband like chotoo Bilal… In dono larkyon ki matti mari gaye hai… Pagal na hoon tau!!!

    I loved the scene between abaa n zaib…don’t know why but whenever i see Mohammad Ahmed sir, i feel something intellectual is coming up… Just love his dialogue delivery..

    Just a random thought came to me while looking at Montage for Silvatein that how two sisters are so cheered up and our heroes so much pareshaan… Lol :d


  7. After today the litlle sympathy I had for Natasha has totally gone! I felt like strangling her…kya cheez hai yeh?? Bilal bechara needs to stop being so mr nice now and teach her a lesson!
    Agree with everyone so glad mikaal broke it off….doesn’t deserve scheming zeb!
    So muneeza had something to do with rayaan and mahjabeen issues otherwise I was wondering what kind of brother can ban his sister so quickly from coming to his house at the saying of his new bhabhi….it’s kind of mean but I guess muneeza tends to over dramatize things so maybe it’s best but with or without muneeza Natasha toh phir bhi kuch dram karegi!,
    Mom is just clueless….so ridiculous that she is sending zeb knowing they don’t get along…I mean wake up and smell the coffee woman??

    Well SZ great review and yes glad it moved along and will be more drama now with zeb stirring the pot!
    @ Afia ab Hamara khair nahin…kyun baija yeh pagal ladkiyon ko yahan par!!


  8. Completely agree! I absolutely loved this episode… Zaib’s vulnerable side was a treat to watch, Aamina is such a fabulous actress, she really does make me love the character with all its shades. I was also happy the Mikaal-Zaib engagement broke off, which surprised me because at first I wanted it to happen. However, I definitely think the kind of woman Mikaal is looking for isn’t Zaib and vice versa.

    My most favorite scene today was the scene between Zaib and her mom. I could re-watch that one a dozen times.

    My least favorite scenes were every one of them that Natasha was in. Not sure what her problem is tbh… she was horrible to poor Bilal and shocked me with her rant about how she should have married someone in Pakistan etc… I mean is there anything this girl doesn’t come out with?!

    Sooo looking forward to next week when Zaib arrives. Can not wait.

    Also just wanted to say, I love reading your reviews and it’s the first thing I do after I’ve watched the episode 🙂 Great stuff, keep it coming!


    • Oh and just wanted to add, I agree about the male characters. THANK YOU makers of Silvatein, for giving us these normal guys as main characters in a drama. None of the over-possessive, controlling, insecure and jealous characters we typically have.


    • @Shopaholic: Hey! lovely to hear from you and glad to have another Silvatein fan join in 🙂
      So true! Aamina and Mira, infact all the actors are nailing their characters to a T. And yes, Natasha is a bit too OTT, but so much fun to watch, nahin!
      Oh, and love your username … If had to chose a new name for myself, this would’ve been it!! 😉


      • Definitely! I’d watch Natasha over the ideal-flawless-bahu type characters any day haha 😀 In fact that is what makes me love Silvatein so much, the characters are so real, they have their crazy wacky moments but we can still relate to them on a lot of levels. Agree – everyone is doing a fabulous job with each character.

        Haha, thank you 😉

        On a different note, anyone know if Phupo is returning? I hope she makes another appearance… she was too hilarious!


  9. oh man I miss the crazy Silvatein ladies and Chotu! Your review was so much fun to read! I so have to play catch up on some of these dramas in the coming weeks!


    • @Annie: Yaar you need to have a dramathon lol- not sure if you can handle the ensuing sar ka dard 😉 but yeah would love to read your thoughts on this and Talkhiyan .. missed you on the finale there 🙂


  10. Natasha, Natasha, Natasha! ( I am hearing your exasperation here SZ) Geez! What the heck are you thinking woman? Meera Sethi plays the role to absolute perfection. I am amused at how blatantly she refuses to pull her weight around the house and Bilal…bechaara Bilal. Trying his best to uthaao his beewi’s nakhras and sticking up for her around his siblings. Won’t be long before his patience begins to wear thin.
    Feel sorry for Mikaal but chalo as you said this allows for Adeel to make his proper entry into the play which I have been looking forward to all this time. It will be interesting to see the chemistry unfold between Adeel and Amina. The characters are already so well etched and so different from each other, how these two come together probably poses a challenge for the director as well as the viewers.
    My only gripe with today’s episode – If I hear ammi say ” aise nahi kehte beta , behen hai woh tumhaari ” one more time, I will go nuts! Uparse sending Zeb into Natasha’s domain , yeh kahan ki akalmandi hai…khair I know that’s the screen play so amma ji can’t be blamed…

    anywho, great review !


  11. Oh Sabeen I dont know how old are you but aise nahi kehte… is the most heard jumla of any household where 2 siblings fight… lolzzz
    and about sending zeb to natasha’s domain… its the wisest thing that so apne aap main magan mom could do..
    I notice that moms these days are so busy in family politics and their petty matters that they miss small vibes their kids are giving for each other and then as kids grow they cant do anything except telling them .. aisa nahi kehte behen/bhai hai tumara.. kia khayal hai main sahi keh rahi hoon???


    • Samira, I am actually a 34 year old mother of 2 boys and probably say that to my kids often enough. I also grew up with two other siblings so am well aware of how the average Pakistan ghar operates. I just found that particular dialogue a bit too repetitive in terms of a screenplay – 3-4 times in an episode?. At some point, no matter how magan a mother is, she needs to suck it up and actually pick up on those little vibes if she is responsible enough. I understand the perhaps the mother’s character is meant to be developed in this manner where her wishy washy lost ways manifest as the many insecurities the girls have in themselves. Just my 2 cents. I think there is a lot of learning to come from this one 


  12. God, I’ve grown up as the youngest in my family, and the “Aise nahin kehte beta, behen hai tumhari” is a line used at the best and worst of times – whether it is my fault or whether I’m far from it – but in Silvatein, this line is something else entirely! Ammi ji ko kab ehsaas hoga that there’s something entirely too messed up in the dynamics of this relationship? One can only hope it’s before Natasha ruins everyone’s life with her bewakoofi.
    What an episode in terms of character sketching! Absolutely brilliant, to be honest, and probably my favorite episode so far. Natasha in every single scene today didn’t fail to exasperate me, and I almost stopped the episode twice and ranted about it to random people, especially after he conversation with Bilal. UFF! “Ye kahan se seekha, mujhe oye mat bolo, Madam dobara mat kehna” and literally an echo of every single dialogue -_- The tag scene was excellent, though and I have a very strong feeling that Mahjabeen will be impressed with Zaib and that will piss Natasha off even more. Let’s face it, Zaib can stand her ground and be absolutely independent and capable of proving her point, unlike Natasha who bends and twirls when faced with Mahjabeen.
    It feels terrible to see Mikaal go – thank you Vasay Chaudhary for making him SO lovable – but I love the effect this is having on Zaib. She has slowly but surely began to understand the value of little things in life, and this is one thing that will incredibly help her out when she goes back to Amreeka! xD If I guess correctly, she’ll probably go and apologize to Muneezay/Rayaan subtly for everything that might’ve offended them and it’ll be a fresh start for them, which will be hilarious considering how exasperated they are upon hearing of her visit! Cannot wait for the next installment, and thank you again for a brilliant review!


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