Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

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Jaisey hi Bibi ko naukri milegi
main tumhen apne paas waapis bulaongi
Phir tum main aur Zoyee apne ghar main rahenge
with big bay windows and a badminton court and a small garden….

Magar kitne dinon mein?
Very soon……

Alas Bibi could not fulfill her promise ….

For a woman who had hoped to be both a mother and a father to her twins, had sworn to love them double, and had helped them nurture rose-colored dreams of a happy ever-after, Bibi failed to deliver. She failed her children, the very same ones for whom she had found the gumption to divorce her abusive husband, had faced down Agha ji’s withering looks, put up with Appo ji’s venom, taken on her brother’s scathing remarks, and rejected Monty’s proposal…

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.13.53 PMYet, despite all her best efforts, Bibi could not give her children the happily ever-after she had promised them. The links were broken. Zoyee and Jugnu, two parts of a whole, were mercilessly pulled apart and sent in different directions. Yes, Bibi had failed – as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, she was guilty on all counts.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow ~ Ralp Waldo Emerson

Now with the burden of the world weighing down upon her weary shoulders, a very tortured Bibi could only gaze blankly at the poster on the wall which seemed to be mocking her…. It was so easy for Emerson to talk about boundaries and pushing them …  How much more could she endure, how much more could she be pushed? She had sent her children away to protect them from the darkness of her life, but how was she expected to live without them? With her children gone, her lover dead, her family against her, and troubled by failing health, how much more was she supposed to grow? How much more would she have to endure to prove herself?

What Bibi did not live to see was that she had already proven herself. Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.29.58 PMShe had grown way beyond anybody had ever expected her to grow. Rather than wallowing in misery and playing the victim, this woman had struggled through adversity to empower herself. No, Bibi, much as I hated you and loved you and all else in between, you were never a failure. From where I am standing you were a woman stronger than many I know. You bore your burden with fortitude and passed through your trials and travails with your head held high. Yes, there were momentary lapses, and you made mistakes like the rest of us mortals, but the fact that today you have a lovely daughter, who still cries when she thinks of your unfulfilled life, and a son, who though troubled, still does not blame you and cleans your room religiously, means that your life was not in vain. Bibi, you did not break your promise. You did love them double. Just not long enough.

For me, along with being Zoya and Jugnu’s story, Talkhiyan was primarily Bibi’s story, a tale of her struggles to overcome adversities, all the curve balls that life threw in her path. Rising head and shoulders above the rest of contemporary serials which ostensibly address similar issues, Talkhiyan was in a class by itself. In a story about bitterness and pain, never once did I see glycerin induced tears, nor hear language that disgusted me. As tasteful as they come, as poetically written as could be, and as aesthetically presented as was possible, Talkhiyan is well on its way to becoming a modern day classic.

What made this one special was that rather than presenting a straightforward narrative, or telling the story entirely in flashback, we were treated to a brilliant intertwining of three temporal zones, Zoya’s present, her past and her mother’s past. We began with Zoya’s journey to Silverwood as she came to the little town that had haunted her throughout her growing up years. She had spent some of the happiest times of her life here. Here, everywhere she looked, she could see a young Zoyee happily playing with her brother. It was her twin Jugnu she had come back to find. But finding someone who did not want to be found was not an easy task. Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.28.33 PMAs she continued her search, treading along old familiar paths brought backs flashes of days gone by, fragmented memories cohering together to form a narrative compelling in its lucidity. Looking into the past through Zoya’s beautiful eyes, we became intimately familiar with the vividly etched characters of Agha ji, Mamaji, Jaanu baba, Aayee, Azad, Kamoo, Baloo, Lizzie, Margaret, and of course, last but not the least – Appo de Ville.

Appo’s was a character that will stay with me for a very long time. I find it hard to explain her away as simply evil, which she undoubtedly was, there was nonetheless a kernel of humanity about her. Not that I could even begin to understand this crazed woman,  but there was something fleetingly vulnerable about her that spoke to me. Her breakdown after Father Albert’s demise was truly telling. Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.31.10 PMThat this woman did take care of Zoya, albeit in her own crazy way, and kept in touch with her through the years, speaks volumes about a warmth that existed somewhere deep within her. Sadly though this quality was never manifested. Who can forget her ruthlessness as she planned Baloo’s exit, and the dramatics she indulged in at the police station. With her constant admiration of her pretty feet and hands, and the unending refrain of neelay peelay bacche, if Appo was memorable in her prime, she was even more unforgettable as the almost senile WWF fan. She may have lost her looks, but wow! the woman’s venomous tongue remained as lethal as ever.

Among the other residents of Silverwood, the violin wielding, present-but-absent Mamaji was astounding in the way she could change moods, rationalize Jaanu baba’s shortcomings, and compartmentalize her priorities. As hypocritical as any of the others, if not more so, Mamaji nonetheless was as benign as a Silverwood resident could be, given their pretensions to being aristocrats. And who could be a bigger aristocrat than the Comrade Jaanu baba. This Silverwood heir was not an unreasonable man, nope, not unless he was pushed to the limits. What remained unsaid in this self description was that it seemed like nobody seemed to know their limits around him. And if we thought Jaanu baba was bad, then we are forgetting the dearly departed head of the family- Agha ji. An abusive, cruel man, he was happy lording it out over those weaker than him, but the day he was faced with the first real challenge to his authority, he threw in the towel and took the easy way out.

Two men stood out in Zoya’s memories, 199859_4712872859703_261189656_ntwo who had been kind to her and Jugnu, treating them like they mattered. Monty was the first one. Bibi’s suitor, he charmed the easily impressionable Zoyee and Jugnu with chocolates. Sadly though he turned out to be a sleazeball, wanting to use Bibi for his own nefarious motives. Unlike her chastisement of Monty, for the way he treated her mother, Zoya remembered Baloo with a lot of affection. That his death was integrally tied in with events that led to the end of their time at Talkhiyan meant that that Zoya’s recollections about Baloo’s affair with her mother were hazy at best.

tky ep 15 6

Whether the children ever fully comprehended what had gone on that fateful night is anybody’s guess, but what we do know is that the twins did share a lot of things that we as adults and outsiders were never privy to. It was only though a slip of Zoyee’s tongue did we realize that Jugnu had confided his deepest darkest secret in her. How many other secrets did these children share? What all did they remember? Did they remember Paul abusing their mother? How much did all these wisps of long forgotten incidents impact the way the children remembered their mother the way do now?

The final episode showcased everything that made Talkhiyan so special. Acting wise, you could not ask for anything more. Shamim Hilali, Khalid Ahmad, Sanam Saeed, Hina Bayat, Adnan Jaffar, Mehak Khan, Sarmed Mirza, Nargis Rasheed, Summer Nicks, Sabina, and Sagar, all left their mark in this serial. Apart from the kids who were just unbelievable, it would be unjust to pick one over the other. Lost among all these shining lights, though, was Hassan Niazi, who remained unconvincing as Baloo. Khalid Ahmad deserves a huge round of applause for his aesthetics and story telling skills. I hope we get see more from him in the days to come. Naveed Malik’s cinematography was superb, and played a huge role in making Talkhiyan the gem it has turned out be. The producers, Seema Razi, Raziuddin Ahmed, and Pivot Productions deserve a huge round of applause for having the courage to bring us something different and unique.

Though Talkhiyan was not an original story, Bee Gul’s adaptation was strong enough to stand on its own merit. A dark, somber story, it was nonetheless written with plenty of lighter moments skillfully woven in to the narrative. Written from a child’s point of view, it often presented a very tongue-in-cheek look at the self-important way we adults view ourselves. Many of our adult concerns seemed very unimportant when seen through their eyes, but then trivial matters for adults became important causes for concern for these children. I loved how Bee Gul managed to create characters so exquisitely nuanced that they seemed as real as can be. Week after week, I tried to do some iota of justice to her words, but don’t think I ever managed to succeed. I am now a huge fan, and can hardly wait for her next project.

After a long, painful journey Zoya and Jugnu did meet, and in that sense this was a happy ending, Talkhiyan style. Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.34.28 PMWe know Jugnu has had a very troubled past and Zoya alluded to her difficulties as well. Jugnu freeing the caged birds was a beautiful allusion to all the repressed stories that were now going to be voiced. He might’ve been impassive and silent, but he knew after all these years he was finally home, with his twin. The two halves had come together to complete the whole. They had fulfilled their promise to Bibi, to love each other forever…. they had done Bibi proud.

No, Bibi, you were not a failure.

Ishq nakaaam sahi, Zindagi naakaam nahin ….

Finally, as we come to the end of a very emotional and  memorable ride that was Talkhiyan, I would like to thank all the devoted followers of this thread. Thank you all for reading my long-winded musings and taking the time to comment. Reading your insights added so much to my own viewing experience. I know I wouldn’t have appreciated and enjoyed the nuances as much if you hadn’t indulged me as generously. A huge shout out also to all the members of the Talkhiyan team who took time out of their busy schedules to join in our conversations and shared their thoughts and experiences – much appreciated!!

Talkhiyan, you will be missed!

Written by SZ~

Talkhiyan ~ The finale

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  1. Totally amazing has to be the best ever show I have watched from Pakistan. Please team come back with something new need a chanhe from the normal dross that is put out day after day. Also thanks for your reveiws they have been great speaking to like minded people.


    • Salma: i am totally with you…this team have indeed done wonders and should come back with something more powerful…and we have enough of these typical rona dhona dramas.. 🙂


    • @Salma: thanks! Yes indeed this a hugely welcome change …hopefully we wont have too long a wait before we get something else that is equally mesmerizing .. fingers crossed!


  2. I still remember when the first time i stumbled on the review of Talkihyan and it was speaking volumes about the serial that i decided to it a go and with in the next fifteen minutes i was so caught up in the beauty of this serial that till night i was totally taken aback by the experience of this phenomenal journey. Firstly a huge Thank you SZ had it not been for your review i might have missed this beautiful piece of art and a play with so much philosophical implications all together,You have captured even the smallest detail in your last review so aesthetically that i will read this piece again and again.
    Like you i also believe this is not zoye or Jugnu’s story mainly it was about Bibi’s journey and though last episode was a blend of tragic elements with a highlight of Bibi’s failures ,i for one cannot see Bibi as a pure villain.Yes she did take some some selfish decisions in her like but it was more of her losing her will to fight and stand up anymore and again her failing health the circumstantial factors which led to the the sad ending.
    The beauty in the lines of Zoyee that how she will tell Jugnu of Bibi’s death main maths main fail ho gayi,Bibi mar gayi made a lasting impression on me .Talkhiyan has to be my favorite serial and thank you to all the cast members too who often came and interacted with us in a very friendly manner, Each one has done quiet a remarkable job. Once again thank you SZ for providing us all with a platform to interact about this gem of a serial.


    • Javeria: seriously i too love that letter part…how casually zoyee wrote that letter thinking on k me kaise jugnu ko batati… absolutely brilliant! 🙂


    • @Javeria: It was so great to have you on board throughout the Talkhiyan journey .. such a great serial,… I don’t think any of us had any idea what we were in for when we first began … so glad that we all left our apprehensions to the side and took the plunge – this was totally worth it!


  3. Talkhiyan a beautiful journey of 20 weeks, despite its name; it never left me being TALKH.. in fact each passing episode made me more attracted and addicted towards it.. Thank you team Talkhiyan for such phenomenal drama series.

    And this what we call perfect last episode, every scene was just beauty in itself.. Starting scene began with some emotional monologue by Zoya and lead to witness the last moment shared by trio.. Bibi not being able to get hint of Jugnu’s sufferings till end, tried her best to control herself and motivated jugnu by temptation of their dream house…sighhh and jugnu just could only asked, ‘ but when bibi? He got the idea of things going terribly wrong and in all this Zoyee..all shattered, poor girl even forgot to smile.. I in real wanted to give her tight hug when she got so happy on Bibi getting job… just the thought of calling of Jugnu back and leaving in home with big bay windows and badminton court was so really enough to make her smile again..but she never knew what life had kept for her in store 😦 Mehr Saggar and Sabina Jabeen are most lovable and talented kiddos of this industry…rare gems 🙂

    In contrast to Jugnu-one caring brother is Janoo Baba-the one who thinks he is not at all an unreasonable person….wish could give him a tight slap..but never the less he took zoyee along with himself to Silverwood…Imagining of how Appo ji have behaved with zoyee gives me sad feeling though..

    Bibi, who almost died from inside…when lying to zoyee about her options in choosing job or to janoo baba about her promotion was heart wrenching.. Seeing her working as receptionist made me remember as her working for Monty’s property with such confidence and grace.. and here is Bibi with not left in her to feel proud for.. and last phone call to her brother was tear breaker for me… that strong headed woman have came this way.. Sanam Saeed’s portrayal of Bibi; is my favorite character of her’s so far..

    Zoya’s narration was fully loaded with such powerful emotions be it about her twin brother, her mean uncle or her beloved mother.. I found the most compelling among these was about bibi’s death.. the letter she wrote the Jugnu; my GOD! thinking of that time how he have reacted to that letter moved me to tears literally..Mehak Khan was splendid as debutant..

    And last scene, which was not at all the least one…zoya saying those beautiful lines and silent jugnu’s instant hug said it all..what made it more eye catching was the flashback of last hug they shared as kids 🙂 i actually had wide smile with moist in my eyes.. I couldn’t get enough of Talkhiyan and instantly saw the OST..loved it so much!

    And SZ a huge Thanks to you for recommending/suggesting this drama to watch else i wouldn’t have knew it anyways and for writing such brilliant and awesome reviews which made talkhiyan journey more memorable 🙂


    • @Rehmat i really wish Mehr Sagar and Sabina Jabeen get some award for child artists. They were brilliant through out.


  4. Thank you SZ – this was a very special journey, and you’ve been the perfect companion through it all… I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment, but I promise I’ll be back to comment on this thread as soon as I can get my thoughts in order 🙂

    But for the time being I just wanted to convey my deepest gratitude for you precious time, your love, unconditional support, and your beautiful words that tied this delicate and intricate story together so perfectly.

    Also, a big thank you to all the viewers, who watched talkhiyan, and gave it the same love and affection that we felt while we were making it. Thank you so much for taking part in the discussions, for feeling so strongly for each character, for listening to and understanding and sharing the struggles, dreams, failures of all these characters… And for not judging to harshly, but rather understanding their failures as humans and understanding that we all start off with the best intentions, but sometimes life throws obstacles in our paths which throw us off course and and change us so completely that we are only left with the echos of whom we once were…

    There are no good and bad people, but circumstances make us so. And as they often say, even the best laid plans go awry.

    Some of us are stronger, like Bibi, and we try and fight for as long as we can… Others like Agha ji and Mama ji crumble under the pressure. Some, like Appo, resort to other means… The important thing to remember is that no matter what life throws at you, all the obstacles, all the negativity, our only hope of getting through it all is by being the best version of ourselves that we can be…

    We will always fall short of the ideals we know to be true, but every day is a struggle to get there, and in own small way, that’s how we can change the lives of those around us as well as our own.

    I do apologize for this rant haha and thank you for putting up with it!

    Again, thank you to Khalid sb, BeeGul, and Razi sb for giving an unknown girl a chance and trusting her enough to take on this responsibility. Sanam, I told you this before, and I say it again, you inspire me to be a better actor, so thank you. Hina, what can I say, whatever I say will not be enough. So just a humble thank you for all that you’ve done for me… May you reach new heights with every new endeavour. Shamim apa, love you! Adnan and farheen, thank you for all the support. Sabina and Sagar, you guys are rockstars man!!!! Naveed Malik, thank you for making me look half decent hahaha – you made being infront of the camera so easy! A huge thank you to the crew, they were amazing. If I’ve forgotten somebody, I do apologize and I hope you’ll forgive me! Thank you to everyone who accompanied us on this journey and made it one of the most special journeys of my life so far… Thank you…

    And thank you SZ again for letting this story be heard…


    • So well put. Great job Mehak. It is hard to believe that this is your first show on screen Wow!! Zoyee and Jugnu were a pleasure to watch. Whenever Zoyee’s future parts came, I sighed because I knew that life in the past is filled with dark clouds which just won’t see any sunshine; but I continuously hoped for a brighter future. It was wonderful watching a show like this; which stands apart from the all shows on air, today.


    • Mehak: loved your thoughtful comment…and how very true. we could see all talented people coming under one roof and thus the result was this classic drama… You were outstanding as Zoya.. wish you good luck for your future 🙂


    • @Mehak: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments all throughout the play. You write so well, always looked forward to reading your comments about each episode. Those will def be missed.
      You were the perfect Zoyaa, and loved how brilliantly you told the entire story. So glad you were able find happiness in the end. 🙂
      Really looking forward to your upcoming projects. You are great asset in this drama industry for sure!! 🙂 Good Luck with everything!


      • @Mehak: If Bibi took a piece of my heart with her, I know her kids walked away hefty chunks as well… will always love you as Zoya. And now as we leave the darkness of Talkhiyan behind us, here’s wishing you the very best of luck in all your future endeavors *hugs* 🙂


    • Mehak….your narration was OUTSTANDING. It was the most beautifully written part of the script and you made it sound just prefect.


  5. …still feeling the pain !! Talkhiyan end was more talkh than talkh ….!! This is one of the classics, in Hx Pakistani drama.. everyone did a marvellous job and did full justification with their roles. Bibi’s Blank Eyes, Little Zoee’s silent expressions… Jugnu and the Zoee’s (mehak) tears !! Aah!

    This finale review is written very well by you Sz.

    I will miss talkhiyan.


    • ع’ناز: loved how u wrote ‘ Bibi’s Blank Eyes, Little Zoee’s silent expressions’ :).. talkhiyan will be definitely missed.


    • Thanks ع’ناز ! Indeed, even though there were no Khirad and Ashar and no Zaroon and Kashaf, sirf Silverwood walon ki talkhiyan hi talkhiyan theen, but still I know I will have a hard time forgetting Zoyee and Jugnu, and the rest of my crazy Silverwood gang 😥


  6. Talkhiyan was in a class by itself.I agree with you completely.I watched very first episode because of two reasons first Sanam Saeed and second your review on the trialors and then the first episode forced me to watch 2nd and I followed this beutiful serial religiosly.It is a shame that this was not publicised as it should be;had it beeen on some other channal we would be reading about it every where but i guess this is the only place where we discuss this beautiful story.

    We see two pairs of siblings here Janu baba and bibi there were hardly any moment that showed the love,care and warmth the siblings share and then we have Zoyee and Jugnu they were truly one blood.Jugnu’s deaprture left Zoyee shattered the scene when she was folding her clothes was beautifully shot and it showed how much does this little girl misses her brother.
    Khalid Ahmad was the captain of the ship and he sailed it smoothly.Every single actor gave us the best even that police officer he too was good in term of acting.
    Sanam Saeed she was perfect as bibi,much better than Kashaf .Mehak Khan her expresssions in the last episode were so realistic that it tore my heart.

    Once an evil Always an evil;appo jee her tone was still rude even after 14 years Hina khawaja bayat i guess she has never done something like this yet she did it with great conviction.Kudos.

    Thank you SZ for writing the detaiked reviews.:)


    • Ruba: i am on same board for watching this drama for similar reasons… and yes that scene of zoyee remembering jugnuu was really touching..we could see a huge difference in her..infact when waiting for bus..zoyee was one who looked literally was siblings love at best.


    • Ruba: Thank you so much for following up on my recommendation .. much appreciated! And yes sigh! indeed a shame about the serial not getting its fair share of publicity and exposure…. I think though that there are many who were watching, but we have just not heard from them, so I would request the silent readers to join us in expressing our appreciation for the cast and crew of Talkhiyan, since given the way awards show and everything else works, I doubt if ppl like Hina or Sanam or the kids or the director, writer, producers are going to be nominated for awards or any such public acknowledgment 😦


  7. Hey SZ,

    I have been a silent reader of your reviews since the time I started watching this show. I watched an episode and read your review; it was like coming to a full circle. You added that touch of finesse for me.You always nailed it woman!

    For me, it was not just the story of Zoyee, Jugnu and Bibi; but each and every character. They all were so well sketched and portrayed that it ended up being a story of each one of them. They all brought their own shade to the table.

    I agree, despite what Bibi chose to do, my heart goes out to her. Bravo bravo to Sanam Saeed and the writer for pulling off this challenging character so realistically. Her agony, pain is still haunting me even after it has been a couple of hours since I completed watching the episode.

    About Baloo, this character is still a mystery for me. Why did he come back after four years, what did he want to achieve? However I adored the way this character was pulled off. It must have been challenging to play a subdued character. His downcast eyes and mannerism made the character extremely real. It was hard to imagine him as an equal on any sorts. However their brief depiction of the bond shared between bibi and baloo spoke volumes.

    Commendable work by the entire team of Talkhiyan. Seriously guys I am extremely proud of you.

    SZ keep up the great work 🙂



    • Tahira: yes you are right…we couldn’t get answers for baloo’s comeback but as long as he made twins laugh from their heart.. i love his character.
      Sanam Saeed really gave life to Bibi.:)


    • @Tahira: Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment – your very generous words are much appreciated! Enjoyed reading your comment and yes indeed Talhiyan was the story of every character’s individual journey, all of them had clearly defined graphs, which I really appreciated, b/c too often we see only or two characters growing, whereas the rest remain relegated to the background, flatlined if you may ….
      And now that you;re here, I hope you wil continue visiting and commenting – would love to hear your thoughts on other serials as well 🙂


      • @Rehmat: I guess things were not given a definite cut; this was a deliberate move by the writer. It makes the story more special as it allows our imagination to take a flight. One possibility could be that Baloo had decided something to do in the future or he was planning to protest against Janoo baba but decided not to because his moves would have harmed the family and kids, whom he had fallen in love with. I know irrational but sigh so is love. Another topic for debate. Agreed Rehmat, his unconditional love for the kids was simply amazing 🙂

        @SZ, it has been a pleasure. You are doing a phenomenal job. Kudos to you! Yes I would certainly try and be there to read up on other shows. I am yet to catch up with the other shows. Meanwhile you keep the great work coming man.


  8. It is such a new change, new story with a different outline. I think that these serials can really do something for our industry.
    I seriously couldn’t stop crying at the last scene when Zoyee became her brother’s support although she was younger, and Jugnu suffered so much, even more than Zoyee, in their childhood he used to care for her sister and become her support but these days were totally opposite. It was good for zoyee to be sent to a boarding school or she would have to suffer the harshness of that cruel Appo Ji 😥
    Yeah i agree both the children finally met each other and now as zoyee said Jugnu was connected to her soul, he was a part of her that was separated, but now they were finally together and fulfilled Bibi’s first and the last promise which she took from them with her last meeting with Jugnu 😦
    both the children never knew that while going away would be their last meeting with their one and only, loving Bibi 😦 Their life changed in just a moment. It took no long 😦
    Appo ji was not correct, she thought that Jugnu won’t recognize her one and only sister, I wonder how could she possibly think that? Well he recognized her because they both were connected or related from their souls and were a part of each other 🙂 they reunited but after suffering so much, loosing Bibi, Baloo and even Monty, who didn’t remain for quite a time, but i guess iit wasn’t wrong to talk about his child or the the one who’d take over his property 😀
    Well I couldn’t stop crying at Bib’s death and the last scene when the siblings, unidentical twins, reunited 😀 I’m quite sure how difficult it would have been for them to stay apart for so many years and then meeting after such a long time, when Jugnu had fallen unconscious 😦
    But almost in all serials’ end I am left with a big question mark on my face 😦 In this last episode of Talkhiyan, of course in all serials they don’t reveal everything , somthings are there for us to think about. so my question from it’s last episode is Whether Zoyee will go back somewhere else leaving Jugnu, i guess no, but will jugnu be a happy Jugnu like before after getting the love and affection of her sister, who will complete the absence of Bibi for her poor brother? How will they live and where? so pls anyone who can just give me a shade of their future shown, which I’m always unable to understand 😦


    • Yes Serena, we all have questions in our minds as to what the future holds for Jugnoo and Zoyee… Although the ending is left open ended, it is clear to see that J does recognize his sis (Appoji you were wrong!) and is still affectionate towards her. And I can safely say the Zoyee will not be leaving him at all now. What will probably happen is that a long journey of healing each other’s pain would begin.You ask where would they live? 🙂 Conjecture on my part but in SIlverwood? After all it was their Nana’s and they are the surviving heirs.
      Hope this helps! Wonderful play, wasn’t it?


    • @Serena – Hehe! well i think Jugnu and Zoyaa will first go find food, bc they both must be starving and then they will figure out what to do next. But I think they should just leave silverwood for good and go settle in Islamabad or something!! 🙂
      Khair, no matter what they do I am sure they will always have each other from now on, always linked together, as it was their mothers last wish as well “Always love each other, don’t ever leave other” Bibi’s soul will finally rest in peace! 🙂


  9. Awwww… Mehak put it beautifully.. My sentiments exactly. Thank you so much SZ and everyone else for all your love and support. It really meant the world to all of us. My heart bled for the twins even as I watched the episode.. It suddenly felt very sad, much more than it did in the end of the novel. We were them in the novel! What an extrodinary journey it was.. I couldnt have asked for a better role, cast and my children. Thank you, thank you so much.. Xxx


    • Nobody else could have portrayed bibi more awesomely than you did… love you so much for giving us perfect Bibi 🙂


      • Sanam Saeed you were the reason why I watched Talkhiyan and you have totally totally taken my heart away………you were truly truly the best Bibi. 🙂


      • Sanam , I think what you have done in Talkhiyan can not be put in words … You were Bibi all the way .. I didn’t see Sanam anywhere , we came to experience an absolute divine chemistry of mother and her children ! Many many times tears came unnoticed when Bibi was asked ” you love me less now ” and Bibi’s reaction was .. Haaaaaaaa ! What to say , Only a mother can experience what I saw in Bibi’s reactions , when she was tying Zoe’s frock, when handing books to jugnu … I am overwhelmed , how can a young girl would be able to depict that ???? i have seen each episode many many times … I didn’t see Sanam or any of the other roles she did ever , I just saw Bibi … When I read in an interview where Sanam said that her personal best is Bibi’s role then Kashaf and I said to myself ” what is she talking about ! impossible ” and after that I watched it on YouTube !! And YES I agree 100% I read the novel ages ago must say that I never imagined Sanam Saeed could pull it off that well … I am totally totally sold here …. 🙂


    • oh Bibi! What a perfect Bibi, you were. Loved you as the mother and father who loved her kids double, but just couldn’t stick around to give them the happiness they deserved.
      Always have been a fan of your work, but after Talkhiyan you have proved to be one of the best around. A challenging and very cold character indeed, and you played the role to perfection, must have been one of a kind journey for sure. ..
      Looking forward to seeing you in other more challenging/ different roles! 🙂


      • Oh how well you have given words to my feelings for this wonderful young actress Sanam Saeed. Really Bibi you took my heart away!!!


    • @Sanam: I think, no I know, Bibi took a part of my heart away with her when she died … I refuse to think of her as just a character … you were just that good!


    • Sanam thanks for working in one of the most thoughtful characters in the history of television. You as bibi will be missed a lot.


  10. Your review took be back to silver wood and among the inmates of it , a very articulated review indeed , you deserve a big pat on your shoulder ! Shabash , you have a beautiful command of the language and equally commendable way of expressing your feeling and how you perceive something ! Even the reader starts to see things your way !
    I think enough of praising as I want to read many more from you .. Lol
    The episode was so good that I was lost in it totally forgot where I was sitting and what time it was , tears just kept rolling , Sanam was just super super amazing … Along with the child actors ( sorry forgot there names ) an episode which would always remain in my memory as one of the best executed last episode , just felt like saying dont do this Bibi just don’t give up …
    It made be even sadder that Bibi’s situation is very real , there are women like her around us who are going through same pain and same agony … It’s not a fiction but a harsh reality for some . I truly salute the entire team and the writer as this was not an ADAPTATION but an INSPIRED version of the novel , which I enjoyed reading a lot but did drifted away here and there as too many characters and places were going on simultaneously .. Sanam should get an award for this and so does the children and Hina Bayat … Just loved them to bits ..


      • I agree! Every single person has been amazing in their roles! I think the kids (zoyee and jugnu) should get an award before anyone else though.. HEHE


    • @Sheema – I think the fact that Bibi’s character is very real and there are plenty of women around us who go through the same things, is the main reason we felt for her towards the end. There was only so much she could do before collapsing. She also had to suffer and go through a lot yet she still tried to protect her kids.


    • @Sheema: Thank you ever so much — much appreciated. Its a pleasure to have you here with us, joining in our convos and your insights and comments add so much to our discussions … looking forward to countless more exchanges with you 🙂
      And yes, the final episode was indeed worthy of being called a finale as it lowered the curtains ever so gently on such an emotional serial. Loved it!


  11. SZ, thanks for this final review of a a super super play! Loved your reviews of SeZ and now of Talkhiyan. And thanks for letting me know about this when it was to start.
    Now this is called great story telling! Kya maza aaya. From the writing to the direction to the photography to the acting- all superb. Take a bow, you all! And thanks for a great journey.
    As far as the episode goes, loved so many scenes- most of all Zoya (Mehak) finally crying out for her lost Bibi and her lost life, Jugnoo’s entry- when he opens the cage and when the OST plays loudly in the background- love that song. And yes, Mehak, saw the cool tattoo you have ! My daughters might just get inspired 🙂
    Sabina and Sagar, you were magnificent!


    • Afia.. that particular sequence of Jugnoo finally showing his presence was indeed beautiful and background score added more life to it 🙂


    • @Afia: My pleasure! Yes, both SeZ were indeed very close to my heart and I guess my writing reflects the connection I felt with both of these … Waisey kyon ZGH ke saath tumhen mera “special” bond nahin feel ho raha kya? 😉
      No, but seriously thank you for trusting my recommendation and giving this one a shot – much appreciated! 🙂


  12. I really don’t don’t know how to put my thoughts about how I’m feeling after watching this. I don’t know if I am happy or sad but just very very reflective.
    I am happy that that I was able to watch such a wonderful, unique, mesmerizing play, I dont think I have ever watched anything like this…just the whole way it was shot and narrated was simply awesome!
    The sadness stems from how this could be so true, children are so innocent and their childhood experiences are what molds them into who they are.
    These kids literally went through hell and had to suffer at the hands of selfish and cruel so called called family.
    Bibi Jo maa bhi thi or baap bhi finally could not deal with it anymore….it makes you wonder what was it that finally broke her…Janoo babas harsh words, the fact that she was labelled a killer or the dawning realization that she from the aristocratic family of silverwood was now working as a receptionist in a seedy hotel??
    Maybe we shouldn’t judge her, as we don’t know how any of us would act, but do we have the right to seperate children from their mother and siblings from each other…in my opinion I feel that that was her biggest mistake, even more so than having a dangerous affair with Baloo.
    I guess she did what she thought was best, but was it?? Obviously not, the seperation is what literally destroyed jugnu and zoya, they probably could have dealt with anything if they had all just stayed together:(
    Children are beautiful blessings, and their childhood will never come back. They are scarred for life:(
    The ending left hope though and I am happy they found eachorher and are now of one blood again.

    Absolutely loved jugnu opening the cage, how beautiful that scene was and then when he rests his head on zoyee…perfect!!

    Oh and Appo ji obviously stayed the same, still cruel and hurtful, did she not ever feel any remorse for how she treated them??… so sad that even her life is miserable living alone with Ayee but she could not reflect. Just shows how people are so narrow minded and will always think they are right. The hypocritical society we were shown in very subtle ways was spot on.

    Thank You to all the team for this fabulous serial!!
    Everyone was outstanding and we have said so many times before that the kids were just amazing and deserve awards, they breathed life into zoyee and jugnu!/ …I have not seen kids act like that before!!

    Mehak for her debut was simply outstanding, she set me off bawling when she talked about how to tell jugnu bibi died …I loved every scene of hers, her voice was just dripping with emotion.

    Hina and Sanam were absolutely fantastic…great job for doing something different!!

    SZ thanks for all the beautiful reviews…you captured everything perfectly …your way with words is just brilliant! I used to cry when watching the drama especially these last few and then cry again reading your reviews….Thank You:)


    • Sk apka comment and apke khyalaat parh ke maza aagaya… 🙂 the separation was against all three…it made some disastrous changes to twin lives and fatal strike for bibi 😦


    • @SK – I am not much a crier but this last ep def got me going as well!! It was just so amazing!

      Yes agree Hina B was also magnificent in this very different role that she took a chance with!!
      Btw what was Appo’s obsession with WWF at old age. ?!?! 😐


  13. Thank you once again for all the lovely comments, wishes, prayers… Even the most fragrant flower requires the help of a breeze in order to spread its scent… Thank you for being that breeze. Without you all, Talkhiyan might have been lost… Thank you


  14. The epic journey of Talkhiyan has come to an end. A sad sunday indeed. Such a heartbreaking yet complete final episode.
    Watching Zoyee sitting there shivering, getting ready to to watch her twin brother go away brings tears to my eyes. How sad she was to come live in that new house without her brother being there, her missing him while putting her stuff away.

    Watching Jugnu, beg his mother to let him know when she will call him back. Little did he know that was the last time he would ever see his mother. =( Little Jugnu, my favorite character in the entire play! Kudos to Mehr!

    How can Bibi be so harsh on her children to send one away and let the other one go back to Silverwood, a place that gave her nothing but betrayal, and woh bhi in the hands of Jaanu baba, the epitome of an ass. He blamed her and her children for the death of his daughter. How did she ever give in to that?? how??

    A family where every single character had their baggage and dropped it on the poor kids, who carried that weight around for the rest of their lives, in such a scenario you cannot hate anyone, well all except Jaanu baba!
    Love the realistic feel, and how each character in this play was neither good or bad but people who all seem so familiar.
    We blame Appo for being the cruelest, but she is the one who stayed in touch with Zoyee while she was off to boarding, and i am sure she kept in touch with her after that as well. Jugnu came back to Silverwood bc he knew that was the only place he can come back to in hopes to find his mother and sister.

    Although i thoroughly enjoyed the entire drama, the last episode has been my favorite. The scenes with Bibi and innocent Zoyee, where she is talkin about “hum rich ho jayenge, Jugnu ko wapis bhula lenge”, and when she says “Am i your sweetheart” were so heartwarming. Children are so innocent and the only people they know at that age, the only people they depend on for everything are their parents (mom), and these kids lost it all, way too soon . =\
    The scene where Jugnu is leaving Silverwood breaks my heart and when Bibi finally gives up on life..
    And of course the best scene of them all, when Jugnu and Zoyee finally reunite and he finds comfort in his sister! Loved it all!

    This is the kind of stories, dramas, the pakistani drama industry should work on making.
    One of the best I’ve seen in a very long time, its too bad the channel, people behind the scenes didn’t promote this masterpiece.

    I think you (SZ) deserve a lot of credit for reviewing episode after episode and making us the viewers aware of such a great play!
    You have done more then justice in all your reviews to each episode. Your reviews have always brought each episode together perfectly. This review being the best of them all. A huge thank you. A perfect way to end this drama, a classic!


    • @Ash: Thank you! And absolutely, I agree that Talkhiyan has raised the bar for our TV serials, and I hope that other channels/producers will take heed and work on raising the standard of their offerings as well. hopefully this is not a one off, but rather a sign of better things to come our way — fingers crossed!


    • @Khalid Sb: A pleasure as always to hear from you and I am flattered and humbled that you have been following my reviews – much appreciated! And we, the viewers, should be thanking you and your team, not the other way around!


  15. Dear Sz aur “aap sab”…Thank you is such an incompetent word to express my gratitude to all of you for supporting Talkhian….i am eternally grateful for the encouraging comments!


    • Beegul…..i cannot praise you enough for attempting to dramatize one of the most complex novels in recent times….just one question….why did you not end it in Bibi’s bedroom? Would have been too much for Pakistani screen I know…but the kids’ happy ending was everything but happy. They were scarred for life and the end of the novel only highlighted that misery. So why give it a seemingly happy ending?


  16. Thanks SZ for introducing me to this wonderful world of silver wood……I came to know about talkhyian through ur reviews and that was its 15th and 16th epi review was so captivating that I watched the entire series in two days only … For me talkhyian is the story of bibi and what an awesome portrayal of rebellious woman by sanam saeed ..a woman who refuses to bow down to all the cruel and dual men in her lives in form of her father,brother ,husband and to be hubby ..and yes she was not a failure not in any role ….she stood by what she thought was right no matter how difficult the circumstances were ..for me her search for love which she was not able to find ever let her to get into this painful situation which eventually turned the lives of everyone upside down ..I however could not for a second feel that she’s doing wrong or is being selfish …I could feel her pain and agony ….awesome job !! Sanam …I am just disappointed that very few ppl watched this brilliant piece of work and might never be able to know what they missed !!! Wish v see more of these kind of work on prime channels and audience get a taste of such dramas …it’s one of the best I’ve seen so far ..well done !!!


  17. Talkhiyan was the best coming from the pakistani drama industry. loved it to bits! n the song was equally haunting ! beauiful ,beautiful work!


  18. Hi,
    My parents, Raziuddin Ahmad and Seema Razi, wanted to let you know that they have been regularly reading your articles on Talkhiyan, and they enjoyed all of them. We came into this business 2 years ago, and believe me, Talkhiyan is just the beginning.
    Thank you.

    Shahzeb Ahmad


    • @Shahzeb: Hello! Thank you for conveying your parents’ comments. I am gratified that they took the time to read my reviews – much appreciated. Talkhiyan was a fantastic product, one that definitely left its mark on all those who watched it.

      Will look forward to bigger and better projects from your parents; production company – here’s wishing them the best of luck with all their future projects!


  19. First of all, thanks YOU SZ for recommending this drama and for writing all these stellar reviews AND for keeping the thread open for late comers like me. I wasn’t too intrigued till the words “inspired by God of Small Things” made me curious. Honestly, I thought no way! This will be a phenyl-wrung, middle-brow washed-out version but I was happy to be proven (partially) wrong.

    BeeGul has reworked the book in a really poetic way that still is a nod to the original. Khalid Ahmad has such a strong directorial presence and the ability to evoke amazing performances from the entire cast. A shout out of course, to the stars of the show – Sagar and Sabina- in very childlike but grownup mesmerizing performances. Any director who can work that well with children deserves applause.

    Shameem H, Hina B and Adnan J were all stellar. Shameem H’s body language and her visible-invisible presence was so life like and Hina B – please stop wasting this talented and beautiful woman as a saas stand in! She just sunk her teeth into this role and was so evident that she had so much fun doing this! But what a revelation of an actor Adnan Jaffer is! He literally went under the skin of Jaanu Baba’s character and owned him. Someone please please create a Wikipedia page for him so I can stalk – I mean track all his work! Beyond brilliant – colour me awed.

    Even minor characters – Aayi (who could say so much with an arch of her eyebrow or turn of the corner of her lips), Kamo, Baloo (though I really wish his scenes with Bibi were better) were a pleasure to watch. Hard to believe that this was silver-tongued nawab Sarmad M debut – he was perfectly cast. Mehak too was a good casting choice but I have some reservations about her acting ability (one look at ek kasak….verifies that unfortunately)

    The camerawork was also extremely well thought out with a child’s perspective to long shots that created an adult distance from the past. The dappled lighting, light, dark compositions had me sighing at times.

    The pitfalls for me were that the whole worker party angle seemed contrived. I do wish BeeGul had explored the caste issue instead because it would be more localized and just by reading some of the comments it seemed it would have ignited a fuse. And, maybe it’s just me but I am disturbed by the use of the “poor” as a plot point and then abandoned. Also Sanam S’s performance totally felt flat lined to me, and I really truly like her! Also too much justifying of her character’s actions seemed unnecessary. And other than a few production gaffs (Gap? Orhan Pamuk? Really?) it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride.


    • @Amusingmuslim: Glad you enjoyed Talkhiyan 🙂
      Adnan Jaffer is primarily a theater actor.. off hand I can remember him in that one scene in Behadd (god alone knows why he did that ) and the beyond awful Kadoorat, and then a cameo in the very fun Coke Kahani … If you havent managed to catch up with it you should def check it out … 13 eps 20 mins each.. I reviewed the first 7-8 episodes before I got caught up with work related stuff.

      Btw, it will come as no surprise to you that like Talkhiyan and Numm, CK too did not do well with the masses… I guess I have a penchant for liking/enjoying loser serials 😉


      • Hey, don’t say that – you have high standards that’s all. =)
        And if that is the case, most of us commentators on your site, fall in the same basket. Bless you for taking the time to review all of these dramas!

        As for Adnan Jaffer, I gathered that he is mostly a theater actor because he’s so good! It’s no wonder I like him as fauji sahib in AZ. Off to catch Coke Kahani.


  20. SZ – I recently stumbled on your site, and have been reading silently for a few weeks. I came upon Talkhiyan due to your recommendations in the year-in-review thread. A huge thank you to you for recommending this amazing gem of a drama. Everything about this play, each detail, is in a class of it’s own. Amazing star cast. Khalid Ahmad, and Bee Gul have another fan, and I will surely be looking forward to your future projects. Thank you for such high quality entertainment.


    • @Sammo: Hello! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews and following up on my recommendation. I loved loved Talkhiyan so am thrilled to know you enjoyed it as much as I did. A gem is indeed what this one was as everything came together just so. Like you, I too am now eagerly looking forward to Bee Gul and Khalid Sahab’s next project together – lets hope it happens sooner rather than later.
      And now that you’re here I hope we will meet you on other threads as well. I look forward to hearing more from you. Welcome aboard 🙂


  21. @SZ, Im watching Talkhiyaan now-a-days.. its flawless and perfect serial.. Oh what a performance by everyone, especially hina Bayat.. loving her..!! I’ll be here for response after completing it..! Thank u for recommending it..!! Appo ji, bibi, mama, Aayi, jugnu, zoyii..!! All are perfect..!


    • @Ayesha: Thank you for watching this one on my recommendation. I am so glad you are enjoying it as well. Will look forward to your thoughts once you’re done with the serial 🙂


  22. Im really becoming a fan of your blog, and on your recommendation I tuned into this drama. Im so glad I did. It truly is a piece of work apart from the rest. I love stories that truly transport me into another world, and thats exactly what Talkhiyan did. The setting, the actors, the storyline, just amazing! Being that you have such attention to detail, I didnt see you mention anything about the tattoo on Zoya’s back?! I couldnt make it what it said.


    • @Masooma: Hey! Welcome back – glad you’re still with us 🙂 Magar what’s up with the silent reader business .. we would all love to hear more from you 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed Talkhiyan, I totally loved it and for some odd reason it is very close to my heart and anytime somebody says they enjoyed it I feel so happy ke as if main ne hi banaya hai LOL!

      And if I may take the liberty of suggesting another drama, check out Pehchan … it is from the same time, but diff actors and a very diff theme … but like Talkhiyan this one too exists in a time thats all its own .. I am reviewing it currently, and the 9th ep just aired yesterday. Do check it out, and I will wait to hear your take on it .. good bad or ugly sab chalega 🙂

      Re: Zoya/Mehak’s tattoo .. you can read abt it in her words in the comments under the review for ep 14:


      • very cool, will check out Pehchan on your recommendation. I would love to be a more interactive reader but unfortunately I discover the dramas WAY past you have reviewed them. Just wanted to ask since we discussed dramas set in another time, did you watch/review Durr e Shahwar with Sanam Baloch and Sameena Peerzada? I really enjoyed that one too. The location was beautiful, the lighting, the story’s ability to go thru past and present. Mikhail Zulfiqar, who Im not that big of a fan of as of yet, was unrecognizable! What were your thoughts if you have seen it?


        • @Masooma: Funny you should bring up DeS.. we’ve actually been talking abt it a lot in our discussions of Pehchan ,… and if you liked that, then you will enjoy this one as well.

          Re: my views on DeS..for me it was more of a showcase for Haissam Hussain’s talent for story-telling. I loved the ambiance, the mood it evoked, the way he was able to intertwine the past with the present ever so smoothly, and the performances that he was able to get out of all his actors. As you rightly said, MZ looked and acted like never before. Apart from HH, I loved how Ilyas Kashmiri the DOPs visuals, the haze that surrounded DeS’ house in Muree, i can never forget that openong sequence of Des waking up, the close up of her hands,her going out and looking up at the sky .. just stunning!
          The story itself, unfortunately was a no-go for me… I had way too many questions (not the thought provoking kind) and the end was less than satisfactory … again if you look through our detailed discussions of Pehchan you will read a lot of talk abt DeS and the way it compares to Pehchan … Ab bas start catching up with Pehchan and I would absolutely love to hear what you think abt it and how if at all you see in comparison with DeS ..
          One imp thing, watch Pehchan in HD .. anything less and you will miss out on the details, which are what sets Pehchan apart from the rest of stuff out there ..

          If you prefer YT, then you can check them out here .


    • @Masooma: Hey!

      Re: Watching something else like Talkhiyan, did you happen to read Khalid Ahmad Sb’s comment on the final ep review thread of Pehchan? Read it and be sad, as sad as I was, at the reason why serials like Talkhiyan and Pehchan dont happen very often ..

      And on that note, did you watch Pehchan? It just ended a week or so ago, from the same team .. I loved it just as much if not more so than Talkhiyan .. It has a very different feel than Talkhiyan so be warned ,, but stick with it for an ep or two and see if it grabs your attention ..

      Among others.. have you watched SeZ, Jalpari, Nanhi, Bilqees Kaur, Mora Piya, Daam ..these are all serials which are very different from each other but all ones that I have really enjoyed … some ffwding here and there, but all in all good watches …

      Among episodic plays .. I would highly recommend Tamasha Ghar … its a series of 9/10 indiv plays all present a study of human behaviour .. these are uploaded on my YT channel …

      Abhi Ive started reviewing Firaaq, which looks promising and Jackson heights which also looks promising ..

      Let me know if any of these choices work for you .. otherwise Il try to dig up some more names .. 🙂


      • thanks so much for the recommendations! i have a good feeling about pehchan and was thinking about starting that now, so maybe that will be the one. btw, what is SeZ? Shar e Zaat perhaps? if so, yes, seen that and enjoyed it.


  23. Assalaamoalaikum everyone. I am from India and was totally unaware of Pak tv industry until lately. Thanks to channel “Zindagi” which airs Pak dramas here in India. I happen to watch “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” on it and totally loved it. So much so that I watched it 10 times more on net and I have fallen in love with the lead actress Sanam Saeed. Thus, to devour more on her work I searched on net and found “Talkhiyan”. Initially I found it little slow and dry but after 2 episodes I was totally addicted to it. It is so inspiring and wonderful from every perspective such as acting, music, dialogues, story, narrative and so on. It is such a powerful adaptation of Arundhati Roy’s novel. I loved each and every bit of it. Not just the main characters but even the supporting characters like Paul, Baloo’s father and brother, Margaret, Lizzy have done a mind blowing job. Narrative through adult Zoya was awesome. Story of a woman who fights again all odds till the last strand of strength left in her but not in a very melodramatic manner but in a more real world with real people. I totally loved or hated or I really don’t know how to put my feelings in words for Appo Ji’s character played by Hina Bayat. I bow in front of you Hina ma’am for portraying it so convincingly and truthfully. Janu baba’s character played by Adnan Jaffer was another treat to watch and feel. Sanam Saeed, what can I say for her. She is the reason why I have developed so much interest in Pak dramas. She was just perfect as Bibi. Child artists have done such a surprising job as young jugnu and zoyee. I wish in India also people could have made such dramas.

    Last episode of Talkhiyan has taken my heart away. The departure of Jugnu and his questions to Bibi, the silence of Zoya while watching her twin brother leaving for indefinite time, the agony and pain of a helpless Bibi who wanted to give her children everything best and love them double and of course their unfulfilled dream of own house with big bay windows and badminton court- each and everything was heart wrenching. That poster which was mocking Bibi in that dingy cottage, that spoiled dinner Zoya was trying to eat, the way Bibi tried to convince Zoya about her so many options of job, Bibi’s last pone call to Janu baba and then finally her death and the way it was conveyed to Jugnu by Zoya. Oh! There are so many things about which I want to write in so many ways. I am just overwhelmed by each and every frame of this drama. And here I have to give a special mention to the music. I know it is Sahir Ludhiyanwi’s poetry but it has been so beautifully composed and sung and made by the entire team that I have to stand up and applause. I have heard it almost 1000 times and still can’t get enough of it.

    I want to congratulate the whole team of Talkhiyan, behind the camera and in front of the camera for this wonderful, ever lasting, powerful drama. Whole team deserves a huge round of applause and a standing ovation. The meeting of Jugnu and Zoya in the end was a happy ending in Talkhiyan style.

    I would like to conclude by saying “Ishq nakaam sahi, Zindagi nakaam nahi…”.


  24. fromIndia@watched Talkhiyan alias “Kisi ki Khatir” on Zindagi channel….I got hooked to it like crazy. loved every bit of it…the characters were so appropriate and involving….excellent performances and direction, keep it up – amazing!!


  25. After watching Talkhiyan I had written a summarized take on it. So posting it here. 🙂

    Talkhiyan is the story about the Silverwood residents told through the eyes of Zoya, who was also part, but never really a part of Silverwood, just like her mother Bibi and her fraternal twin Jugnu.The residents of Silverwood are family, but as far removed as a family can be. Dey are one of the most dysfunctional family tht I have come across with no emotional bonding with one another and no wonder it gives rise to so much of talkhiyan (bitterness) that they harbor for one another, especially bibi and her twins who are treated as persona non grata and on- lookers and never welcomed within the folds.
    Agha ji is the patriarch of the family who is a cruel man who physical abuses his almost blind wife, Mama ji, but presents an intellectual facade of a respected scientist to the world and had physically abused Bibi as a child, that had made her run away at the very first opportunity and marry the first guy who came her way, who happened to be an Englishman. She ends up as the black sheep of the family by default, when she returns to Silverwood with her 2 kids, divorced from her husband who turned out to be no better than Agha ji, but in fact worse. She gets a cold welcome from the people of Silverwood, especially Apoo ji who inexplicably resents her and her children and they become the recipients of her sharp tongue and hurtful barbs. Mama ji is an indifferent mother and grandmother to Bibi and her kids. She is in fact the one financially supporting the family by making and selling pickles, but is totally dominated by her abusive husband and her taunting sister-in-law Apoo ji. Apoo ji is the holier-than-thou spinster, who has one great love for Father Albert who’s physical presence has long ago been done with, but who’s thoughts are all consuming for Apoo ji. She religiously writes him letters and puts it in the drawers of the table in the Church that was once used by father Albert. Though the letters remain untouched, Apoo ji never falters in her ritual. Ironically her unrequited love for father Albert makes her have that holier-than-thou attitude and makes her harsh towards Bibi and her kids and since Bibi is an adult, she gives it back to her, but Jugnu and Zoyee end up at the receiving end of Apoo ji’s rabid hatred. Then there is Janu Baba, the apple of Mama ji’s eyes the Oxfordian Marxist Comrade who just like his sister Bibi had left Silverwood for greener pastures, had married an Englishwoman and had a daughter, but was now similarly divorced and had returned to Silverwood sans his daughter. The prodigal son unlike the prodigal daughter was given a rousing welcome back into the family folds and the self-righteous Oxfordian Marxist was ready to take over Silverwood and their residents to greater heights. And then there is the housekeeper, who, though being a mere servant thinks highly of herself just like the residents of Silverwood, who r too feudal in their mindset to embrace the changing times, though Janu Babu gives the impression of being an enlightened aristocrat all for Marxist ideas and workers’ right, but in reality exploiting the poor labourers by giving them less than the minimum wages and seeking sexual favors.
    Bibi with nowhere else to go to returns to Silverwood, the very place she had run away from, with her twins. She tries her best to be both a mother and father to them and love them double, but the best of intentions can come to a naught when there are way to many things stacked against you and that’s the case with Bibi. Also at one point of time she just seems tired with it all, even her twins, and often drifted away into her own world of illusion. It was Jugnu and Zoyee who end up suffering the most from the indifference and bitterness of a mother who has faced too many trails and are surrounded by adults who at their best ignore them and at their worst taunt and belittle them. In this midst they befriend Baloo, a low caste and a total taboo for the snobs and hypocrites of Silverwood, whose ubiquitous presence the residents of silverwood bear for their own selfish reasons. The love between Baloo and the kids grabs Bibi’s attention and she is drawn towards him and finally succumbs to the forbidden love which leads to fatal consequences and the separation of Bibi, Zoyee and Jugnu forever.
    It is a bittersweet story that touches you and your heart goes out to the innocent Zoyee and Jugnu who are dealt with such a cruel hand of fate at such a young age and for the helpless Bibi who had hoped for a better tomorrow for her kids and herself and who gave false reassurance to her kids about having lots of choices, when she had none.
    Performance wise, everyone was topnotch. Especially the kids playing Zoya and Jugnu and Hina Bayat playing Apoo ji. Loved d young Zoya reminiscing about the past and narrating the story. Perfect voice and right dose of emotions infused in her narration. And finally Sanam Saeed, who was the reason for my watching this show. She was simply superb as Bibi and towards the end the broken and defeated Bibi tears at your heart and the best part about Sanam is that when she is playing a character you forget it’s Sanam and start thinking her as the character she is playing. She’s a very exciting actor to watch.


    • @Radiant: Hey! Hello hello! Thank you for sharing your take on Talkhiyan .. it was truly a gem of a serial. Indeed this was one of those rare projects where everything – from writing to dierction to acting to production to cinematography to editing – everything came together just so and it is really hard to find a false note anywhere – now lets see when another such project comes our way #waiting!


  26. Hi my Desi friends! Eid Mubarak to all.
    Good discussion about Kisi-ki-khatir( Talkhiyan) . It is a haunting tale, well directed and first notch acting by Sanam Saeed and Madam Hina Bayat and the two precocious kids.
    Storytelling is such a powerful medium. The original story (The God of Small Things) set in Kerala ( the southernmost tip of India), written by a truly liberal marxist film-maker who comes from a fiercely matriarchal society, set in a matrilineal society (the woman is the head of the household and the girl child inherits the family name and property) with far more liberal values than any part of India– what would it have in common with Pakistani sensibilities. ? yet the dysfunctional family, the societal expectations look quite genuine. That is the hallmark of a great story.


    • @Molly: Aww! Thankyou! Khair Mubarak from all of us here at DRNR! So sweet of you to remember us and wish! We’ve missed hearing from you – ab try and find something that we can all watch together and discuss 🙂


  27. I have never, ever, seen anything as beautiful as Talkhiyan. Sahir Ludhianvi’s poetry is just icing on top of a brilliantly executed and superbly acted serial with some very, very sharp writing. Absolutely out of this world.


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