Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 20 Review

zgh ep20 collage 2Zaroon: Kuch kaho tum
Kashaf: Kyon?
Kashaf: Kis qisam ki bataein karte ho tum
Zaroon: Jis tarah ki tum sun rahi ho
Kashaf: Bari bacchon jaisi harkatein karte ho tum
Zaroon: Haiii…. Kafi ziyada der ke baad ja kar pataa chala

This opening exchange between our two protagonists set the theme for the rest of the episode. It was like watching two new dancers in the process of 
adjustment, accommodating each other idiosyncrasies and insecurities, as they learned how to Tango, a fascinating, very intricate and not to forget sensual dance, which requires the partners to trust each other completely and absolutely. Who ends up leading whom in this very complex partnership is something yet to determined. Or is it really about leading and being led? Looks like Zaroon and Kashaf both have their work cut for them in the coming weeks. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 5.30.59 PMThough Zaroon made his stance clear last week, the man was the head of the household and as such deserved a special protocol, what he is doing in actuality belies the firmness of that very bald pronouncement. Throughout this latest installment we saw him continually bending to accommodate Kashaf’s continuous main na maanoon gi attitude. For a man who is a self confessed chauvinist and flirt, a conservative at heart, I must say I find this softness, this willingness to bend a little hard to swallow, but going with the flow I am happy to see that Zaroon is a lot more flexible than he gives himself credit for. Unlike Kashaf, who does not appear to value this incredibly warm and generous gem of a guy, I, on the other hand, am fully aware of the rarity of such a species – where do I stand in line to order up a Zaroon for moi?!   

image (4)Kashaf, while I am annoyed with her for continually spurning Zaroon’s advances, I have to say, is the one character for whom I have felt throughout this serial. Forced to take on the mantle of responsibility at a very early age, in many ways she never had the luxury of allowing herself to be a girlie-girl for even a second. Having grown  up hearing the constant refrain of mehngai, tangi, tooti hui chapal, abba ke dukhray – a lifetime of insecurities and unfulfilled desires – how is she expected to put all that behind her and move on to a happily ever after with Zaroon.  She has been so hurt in the past; abba’s broken promises and Rafia’s tears of helplessness are not going to be easy to forget in the span of a few days. It will take time, and all of Zaroon’s love and understanding to help her move past her complexes. For now, even though she looks on lovingly at her sleeping husband in the darkness of the night, by day she is back to being the prickly Kashaf we all are so familiar with.

image (6)The only time we see a breach in Kashaf’s taciturn facade is when Zaroon offers her money. An exquisitely sensitive moment, beautifully, written, directed and acted, this short and sweet scene was the pick of the episode for me. Rather than rings and roses, and endless conversations about the moon and stars, it is these thoughtful gestures that make and sustain a relationship. That Zaroon cares enough to go beyond his me-myself-and-I attitude, and look out for his wife’s financial well-being, speaks volumes about his maturity, and that Kashaf breaks down at this gesture says so much about all her pent-up fears. Whether Zaroon has the patience and the fortitude to hang in and break down each and every barrier of Kashaf’s defenses is something I am eagerly looking forward to.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 5.09.36 PMNeedless to say this episode offered a much more realistic look at what a marital relationship is all about – going beyond the cheesy lines and the fluffy moments, we saw the newly married couple actually taking the time to listen to each other. Much as they might claim to know what makes for an ideal spouse, both are gradually learning to look beyond the obvious. And, this to me is what makes this serial special. Far more than the heavy handed lecturers and the constant repetitions we were subjected to earlier on, the subtlety of this latest episode spoke far louder in terms of getting the message across – yes marriages are much more than the I-love-yous and khidmats, they are based on mutual trust and respect.

While Zaroon and Kashaf still have a long way to go, Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed are so fabulous in their portrayals that you cannot help but root for this couple. Their chemistry is smoldering, so much so that even the longest of scenes (the jhoola scene went on forever!) is forgiven. The heat generated is enough to almost make you overlook the bloopers: Err.. where did Zaroon get an overnight bag from? Wasn’t his stay at Rafia’s house an unplanned one? Also, did anybody else wonder as to why Rafia’s advice never includes anything about how Kashaf should behave towards her in-laws? Why didn’t Kashaf leave with Zaroon when he went home?


Despite bloopers, questions, my irritation with Rafia and her lectures, and the horribly loud bagpipes in the background, I did enjoy this episode. My joy was all that much more when Sidra FINALLY announced that she was returning to the US. I loved how, with an imminent reunion with hubby in sight, she primly went on to add a bhai after Zaroon’s name – wonder how much her trip to her in-laws, and the finally confirmed return trip to the US, had to do with that reality check!

image (5)Overall, this was another engaging episode, made much more so by the continued absence of Abba, Hammad n Co. But even as we celebrate their exit, seems like Asmara, the other fly in the ointment, is all set to make her return next week. Given the haphazard manner in which she was cut out from the narrative some weeks ago, I wonder how her return in Zaroon’s life will be justified now. Aunty Ghazala too seems to be ready and willing to stir the pot. Will Zaroon and Kashaf’s romance extend beyond the two week vacation and withstand the pressures of real life is something we will have to wait to see …

Looking forward to reading your take on this episode!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Aaj Meri dil ki baat keh di tumhe…pretty much everything I thought!!
    Pick of the episode was exact same scene….so sweet, sensitive and deep!
    All the roses and rings, and chand ki baatein havent done as much as saving her from a chay ka cup and now giving her money have affected her.
    She has never had a father who has protected her from hurt, and been responsible for her. Those two things are what she really needs and why they affected her so deeply. It was beautifully acted by her, and Zaroon thought she would miss him, so sweet!
    But yeah enjoyed the episode!!
    Do you really think asmara is back?? It seems like something she would have said when breaking up..nahin?
    Lol at Rafia not giving advice about inlaws…I thought same thing!! Annoying is the word for sure about all the other things she keeps going on about!
    Interesting about Zaroon bending, remember he said a guy should uttao his wifes nakhre too and that he uttaos so much of hers lol. So yeah don’t know where the chauvanist part is gonna come in.
    Great review!!!…thanks SZ! ! Looking forward to the conflict!

      • Agree with you ladies, but I think apna Zaroon is going to get tired of all this very soon …remember all his life he’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter, even women, as we saw with Asmara, so he’s probably enjoying the chase for now, but Kashaf shouldn’t really be testing him so much … I see her insecurities, but still…. thats where they will leave the door open for misunderstandings to creep in … I think thats what Zaroon was trying to tell her in the precap.. lets see how far he succeeds…

  2. SZ: Great review! I have to admit that I was anxiously awaiting your thoughts so that we could begin this week’s discussion! I too loved the money scene…at the beginning of it, I thought she was going to get angry at him for giving her money…but the way the scene was handled, and the twist of events which were revealed as “allah ki nemat” was simply beautiful. I could truly feel the tears she shed, and was happy that Zaroon got to see this…since 99 % of her attitude is stand offish, I am beginning to feel a little bad for Zaroon…he really is doing everything he can, or yeh Kashaf jo hai, ussay daanti rehti hai…kab tak Zaroon bardaasht karega in sub harkatein, yehi to sawal hai! Mujhe Kashaf ka ikraar ka betaabi se inthezaar hai! And i hope it is done in a verbal way, with a conversation, rather then Zaroon reading her diary, which would be a major cop out.

    My other favorite scene, is where she admits to herself that there isnt anything she doesnt like about zaroon…wow! This is a major step for her…now hopefully she can tell him!

    I do agree with you that Zaroon is being a lot more flexible then anyone has given him credit for….the questio is if these little victories (like the admitted sadness at the end of the money scene) will be enough to continue to encourage this accomodating behavior, or will the impatience kick in?

    I am sure we will have some great discussion this week. BTW…i thought that Kashaf was leaving soon after Z, and that is why she didnt return home with him….

    Great thoughts….now back to waiting another week!

    • @ bsk I don’t think she will be telling him any time soon from what we heard in her diary thoughts. I think this will be a big issue for zaroon that she has not vocally told him she loves him or shown any affection towards him and will probably play a part in their problems, as he will be insecure and unsure of her feelings. He may also find out about osama making things worse.

    • Hey BSK! Sorry! Yaar, what to do .. Fridays are bad work wise .. and even if I watch it early still cant sit to write till later 😦 But yeah, now that its up, lets sit down and discuss every bit 🙂

      Re: Kashaf leaving: Yes, she was leaving soon after, but she could’ve left from her in-laws house, or rather her house now… she would have a car drive her to Badin anyway .. so they could’ve picked her up from anywhere … What seems strange that even in the case of Sidra, Rafia never has anything to say to her about spending time with in-laws …. are we to extrapolate that a successful marriage is just about doing khidmat of the husband and leaving the inlaws out of the equation all together?

      • Yep works this case! All about husband and no responsibility of inlaws keeps the marriage going 😊 plus Zaroon was never chauvinist in reality (definition from merriam webstar that thinking women are inferior) it was what others like Asmara and Sara has given him this title because of their egos. Rather zaroon was puzzled at womens stubborn liberalism of making men follow their rules- just a dislike Does Not make one a chauvinist. Reality is this species do exist and they are very flexible quite often and conservative at the correct principles.
        It’s sad how mass thinks otherwise but the actual correct behavior of husband is zaroon’s. I love this character more than Asher because asher got a wife incidentally later he discovered so many qualities. But Zaroon actually searched for those qualities in a girl and worked hard to get married to…
        When there’s weak bond between husband and wife – in laws khidmat will have little or no effect to the marriage.
        Want to reiterate that I love Rafia’s advices – sensible though annoying to many! (However, I’m not fond of cooking but yes doing together or for him extra creates sparkle sometimes :))
        My point- what Zaroon wants from the beginning is never a women’s inferiority, khidmets etc. Full time attention and lovely conservative principles which I observed in Sara’s discussions in old episodes. Loved his viewpoints and still loving them. Everyone just don’t get him even sir Abrar mentioned shoe polish. Zaroon has a bigger perspective – one that makes a beautiful family 😊

    • @BSK – loved the “Allah ki naimat” line and her surprise “kay yay naimat mujhay milsakti hai?”

      I was very “mutaasir” 😉 with her tear-filled eyes too! Finally a crack in the hard exterior. Can’t she give Zaroon a little more of that??!! Honestly, I think that if she would reciprocate just a little bit, Zaroon khushi say paagal hojaeyga!!! Can you imagine how he would shower her with love then Ufff, is larki ko koi kaisay samjhaey!

    • I was totally expecting to see Asmara soon… her presence doesn’t bother me as much as the look on his face when he is sitting across from her. It’s really going to hurt Kashaf if she finds out about it. Did you see notice how much it bothered her when he said he loves Julia Roberts?

        • That makes sense – I figured the ring scene (her in pink) was a flashback but I was wondering if her standing next to the car was the present that triggers the flashback.

  3. Fabulous review like always SZ. You covered the entire episode so beautifully….even the bloopers.

    Absolutely loved the paise dene walla scene and K’s reaction to it. I keep thinking about how as working women (even if we are leading a fairly comfortable lives as compared to K), find difficult to accept money or other favors from men in our lives.

    In K’s case, I am not sure if Z actually know why she became so emotional afterwards. He so full of himself to think/analyse on ‘daddy issues’ etc. Same goes to K’s not so warm attitude towards him throughout. Do you wish that Sidra (before leaving for home) should leave K’s diary as a one last favor for Zaroon “Bahi” to read.

    I am not going to say much on Rafia, seriously, she is just plain annoying with all OTT sermons…. I felt the last scene of the drama was a total waste….and I agree with you that K should have gone back with Z ……and have a cup tea with mil and sara instead before going back to work.

    • @Saima: yup totally with you on the Rafia bit and K’s insecurities and her breakdown post the money bit .. but yeah I think abhi tau Z is deluding himself ke Kashaf’s breakdown was because of his leaving, but I dont think he will be a happy camper once he starts putting two and two together ….She should begin trusting him and open up a bit atleast …. I would hate to be in K’s shoes when that happens, b/c Z has a lot of self-pride and he has already unbent so much, and he might just blame K for making a fool out of him … lets see!

    • @Saima. I don’t think he fully understands the daddy issues. The family’s khuddaari would prevent them from airing their dirty laundry, e probably thinks they accept it and he doesn’t know that the father neglected them.

      I think her breakdown was about the money, but at the end she was probably overwhelmed by everything. If Zaroon thought it was because of him, she didn’t correct him, because she *was* going to miss him – she said so much – kya main udaaas nahin ho sakti. I think the tears just started flowing – I hope she has more vulnerable moments like that.

    • completely with you Saima on the money part. I find it totally awkward asking my husband for money and even when I do, I can’t wait to return it. I could totally understand K’s sentiments there.

        • Don’t most married couples have joint accounts? I think the part where the husband actually gives you money is old fashioned, well I guess maybe in Pakistan they do that a lot. However having said there is no issue for me to take money from my husband, at least for me if God has made him the one who is responsible for his wife and family needs, then I’m totally cool with it. If I choose to work, I can keep my own money and use his…..love it!
          I think Kashaf was more overwhelmed by the fact her father had never done that for her, so it was a shock to her system.

        • Aish you are not alone 😉 i too take money vo bhi bindass tareeqe se :

          @SK: totally agreed… whether wife is earning or not..husband giving money by his own k ur my responsibility..its indeed beautiful feeling

          • Lolol @ this discussion!!

            I understand in somewhat arranged/arranged marriages its probably awkward taking money in the beginning but when they do take care of you , you feel very cherished and thats indeed a wonderful feeling.
            Sk, we all have joint accounts too, My husband insisted on that. And we also believe in its ours, not yours or mine. But I agree with you, the whole experience is so new that she was overwhelmed and moved to tears. She never thought it would happen to her.

            Annie, agree with Saima..weird is cool 🙂

      • I think the dynamics of every relationship is different, especially with single and dual income households. I still think it is a wonderful and thoughtful gesture when a husband gives a wife money – so she doesn’t have to ask for it/”haath pehlaa” everytime she needs something. We have joint accounts and usually use ATM cards but every now and then my husband wil hand me some money, even all these years later, I like the symbolism of him doing that. In our situation it is a running joke that I am just his money holder and will end up returning the money to him everytime something comes up.

        My ammi (rightfully/wrongfully?) instilled a lot of khuddaari in me so I am very conscious about spending money, and rarely spend it on myself. But in that situation, I think a husband should recognize that and really step up and treat his wife with a gift, a vacation, a token occasionally to show his appreciation.

        • I am the same and my Ammi may Allah grant her Jannat said the same thing ” phad likh kar kuch ban jao taakay shohar say hur baat Kay liyee haath na phailana paday ” …. And I just held to these words !!

          • @Sheema: Your mom’s (Allah unhay jawaar-e-rehmat mein jagaa ataa karay) words sound like the exact words out of my mother’s mouth. All of her daughters were raised to value education and be ambitious career women too. My mother always worked and took care of so many expenses. She is truly an inspiration for us.

            What sets her apart from a lot of moms these days though, is that she also taught us a lot of ghardaari. We were taught to cook and sew, and take care of our homes. I am a great cook, and it’s really a credit to my mother. That’s probably why I can tolerate Rafia’s lectures more than others can.

            All of my sisters and I hold post graduate professional degrees, but we can also cook and entertain, and quite frankly I enjoy doing it too!

            Now, in this day and age I do value a husband stepping up and helping whether it be to cook the occasional meal, or vacuum or do the dishes – and I am lucky because my dh will do those things (rarely cooking though). In our home we don’t have specific chores/duties but whoever sees something takes care of it.

    • @Saima, re: Rafia – of all her lectures, that one annoyed me the most – she didn’t need to drone on and on about cooking. I do think Zaroon would love to eat her cooking and would appreciate it, but the cliche’s were giving me indigestion.

      Also, I agree that she could have gone back and spent time with mil and Sara, but honestly I don’t know if Ghazala is open-minded enough to give Kashaf any level of understanding – look at the look on her face in the OST when Kashaf brings her chai – she has a lot of resentment on her face. I think Rafia and Kashaf will bring up a different type of insecurity in Ghazala, especially since Zaroon has said he has issues with his upbringing and Junaid and Ghazala’s relationship.

      Being removed from Pakistan and the more visible class struggles, I used to think that the upper class was more accepting of the middle class, but although this drama does engage in stereotypes, I do think it’s depiction of Ghazala’s rejection of Kashaf may be the norm. Actually, regardless of whether it’s the east or the west, it is difficult for people to cross those class lines.

      • @Nur, your analysis on Ghazala and her treatment to K and her social class is spot-on!! Yes, I also agree with you on the stereotypes….but this is how Ms. Umera Ahmed rolls!

        Ironically, both the ‘dysfunctional’ G and ‘Perfect’ Rafia are unhappy/insecure women…..one rejected by a ‘chauvinistic’ son and other by ‘douchebag’ husband yet UA is hell-bent over transforming K into that “perfect” prototype woman (working cum gharelo cum accommodating cum everything).

        I just hope the show ends on a realistic note, which is suitable to the sensibilities of working couples of today…a little gender-bending of roles is not harmful. If K is lectured constantly to ‘baby’ her man…..Mr. Z can also cook a meal or two his dear wife, next time goes to visits him in Islamabad….Giving her money as a ‘zimadari’ and singing songs under the moon-light is not enough for women of out times…Sorry!

  4. Whataayy review,enjoyed reading and totally agree with your thoughts !

    I literally liked the whole episode mainly because along with cheesy romance going on.. there were some interesting thoughts coming from Kashaf and Zaroon..
    Zaroon expressing his family view of not continuing the marriage for so long..showed how much he needs that affirmation of proving his family wrong, but kashaf being in usual state gives a boring reply 😀 i liked how he touched her hairs asking to uthawo his nakhrae.. Fawad Khan’s natural acting doesn’t surprises me any more

    Jhoola scene was indeed prolonged one..but getting to see kashaf blush, made it all worth..knowing kashaf thoughts about Z were such treat.. i loved small natural touches in that scene with her being without much makeup!

    and ofcourse scene of the episode.. everything was just perfect from dialogues to acting to direction…and this feeling is indeed beautiful in knowing that someone is there to back me, care for me.. and thus the tears…Sanam was fabulous well she was great in whole episode but talking about this particular scene..she stole it!

    it was good to see more comfort level growing up between them.. just need the trust factor too to grown up..and for this next episode is not so far!

    now i need some Rafia-Sidra less episodes..and by seeing from precap seems i am asking something impossible :S..

    • @Rehmat: so true! about time, Kashaf unbends just a tad bit and starts trusting Z .. after all he is bending over backwards to accommodate her ..
      And yes, loved Sanam’s natural look .. thank God that horrible shiny eye makeup was gone and even clothes were normal as well!

    • Rehmat, I too loved the scene where he talks about his family not hoping for the best . He is joking about it but you can tell he worries too.

    • Yes, loved the scene when he talks about his family’s expectations – again FK was awesome! His tone of voice during that convo was soooo perfect and different then other lines. He is such a natural actor, I forget I am watching TV.

      I’ve gotten my preteen hooked on watching it, and she’s still very maasoom and in that phase of her life where romance is still yuck, but she really likes Zaroon and feels bad when Kashaf mistreats him. I love that she is watching this too (she’s 5 episodes behind) and we have amazing discussions.

      Thank you HUMTV, MD, SSiddiqui and the actors for giving me this opportunity to share this wonderful urdu serial with my daughter!!!

      • Aww that’s very sweet… Its great to see any drama with some company and what better than daughter or mother:)

        • thats so cute. I force my mom into watching it. But its not that much fun coz her Urdu is worse than mine and she is over romance. But she did the hero looks very good 😛

      • @Nur, that is amazing, I too am watching this serial with my 13 yr old daughter, she DOES NOT watch hindi serials, but since she has seen me hooked on to HUMSAFAR and now ZGH, she too watches it with me….its an awesome feeling 🙂

  5. Btw, did you all notice Sanam’s fumble when she says that if we do separate it will be b/c of Zaroon’s betarbayati ! It should’ve been Zaroon ki baytarteebi LOL!!
    Also, did anybody else wonder why Z was wearing shoes in the middle of the night when in the jhoola?

    • LOL yes…it was hilarious and i am waiting for her mahwara to come ‘khasme jahan pak’ something like that.. as Sanam literally got stuck in pronouncing it 🙂

      • Rehmat, she already did say “Khas kam Jahan Pak” without fumbling or an accent while announcing Z and A engagement to Sidra.

        • @ Saima: Oh right, thankyou for telling.. i didn’t watched that episode.. no i meant behind the scene.. she was telling in some show that she tried hard to say that phrase..but ofcourse she successed 🙂

        • Hey nur… Yaar mahwara you can call it as proverb kinda… The one i was talking about has really difficult words so wanted to hear how SS pronounced it… But Saima just told that episode have already come 🙂

    • I was also wondering why he was so formally dressed while coming to Rafia’s house? with blazer and everything..job interview:P

        • @SK – yeah – exactly. And I just thought it was the opposite of “achi tarbiyat” which Rafia has already said – which I think means “good upbringing” (I am just understanding out of context) – so I thought “betarbiyat” was “without upbringing” or bad upbringing :-), but since I am not the greatest Urdu speaker, if you all say it’s not a word, I believe you, because I would never know 🙂

    • SZ, the shoes could be coz he didn’t bring any clothing/fave chappals along? he wasn’t supposed to spend the night na?

    • I spotted it too !!! And laughed out loud as this is Sanam’s weakness ….language !!! But hey she came a long way ..

  6. loved your review!
    and yes i am totally enjoying the Z and K filled episodes, with no amma abba, and the whole nine yards!

    I feel like Kashaf (SS) is really uncomfortable in the romantic scenes. And her urdu accent is horrible.

    If Kashaf was planning on leaving an hour after Zaroon left,why the heck didnt she just go back with him?? Isn’t Karachi really far away? how was she planing on going back?

    Why does Rafia’s lectures not end!!! God she’s so annoying. I dk why Zaroon admires her soo much… are they tryna show ke how hard working a middle class woman is and the rich get it easy so we (viewers) should be impressed?
    not impressed .. move on, because you are not doing anyone a favor except yourself!

    Anyways , FK makes it all soo much more bearable! He and SS look great together.

      • no but he went back to Karachi, bc he was gonna catch a flight to ISL.

        And yes she is amazing in this role, but i dk, it looks as if she feels uncomfortable in the romantic scenes. Just my opinion! 🙂

        • But Ash, I think she is supposed to be uncomfortable. She is not comfortable expressing her emotions. The only emotion she has no inhibitions with is anger.

          Are you talking SS as a person not comfortable with romance as part of the job? I guess you might be onto something there :P. Now and then it looks like that I can easily ignore it 😛

      • His home is in DHA, her mom lives in Nazimabad, he works in Islamabad and she works in Badin… I am not familiar with Karachi geograhpical differences, but they keep implying that it is a long drive from DHA to Nazimabad. I googled Badin (had to know:) ) and found it was 3 hours from Nazimabad. So, I guess he’ll catch a flight from Karachi airport to Islamabad and she’ll drive from Nazimabad to Badin.

        • Distances in Karachi are marked by traffic jams. You may get to Nazimabad from DHA in 30 min or it could take you 2 hours…..depending upon the situation on the road.

            • @Rehmat, can’t you people not see how tired Zaroon gets every time he is driving there and in this episode he actually tells Rafia “Aaj raste mein traffic nahi thaa is liye jaldi pachanch gae”. Take it from a former Karachi resident (aka me)…it is no fun driving around in that city ….ab kya kahain hamara Zaroon lives by his “Mard tu sarbarah hota hai” mantra and wont teach/let K to drive 😛

    • Ash, I don’t find her Urdu accent horrible – it’s not perfect, but after watching the ZGH cast’s interview on JagoPakistanJago, I was expecting a lot worse. She gets her khay’s wrong sometime, and I think the younger Pakistani generation simply doesn’t know how to pronouce Q(qaaf), bcuz Fawad doesn’t even say it right, but I can easily overlook such minor mistakes because the dialogue delivery is excellent for both FK and SS.

      Yes I noticed her misuse of baytarbiati instead of baytarteebi – meh, Ilaughed at the blooper. I’ll excuse it, probably because as a 1st gen American, I make such mistakes with my urdu. I always have trouble with the whole feminine/masculine thing 😉

  7. SZ, love the review!! but thats nothing new 🙂

    I felt todays episode was more complete than last week. Not just because the editing was way better but because in between the cheese they talked about nothing and everything. He was Zaroon in full form and she was Kashaf completely and they were blending together. And let me just get if off my chest….Good lord in heaven….What was that??? FK just brought the heat on today….He was wreaking havoc on me..:)

    In the beginning at the beach when he says jahan suraj paani se milti hain..and she says no one can go there at least not together..and he says we can go together…I thought they were both alluding to old age and death..but pata nahi what they really meant. 😛

    I think you all make a valid point about how her lack of communication is going to open the door to problems but for now I’m really enjoying it. I think for someone like Kashaf anything else would not have looked normal.

    My favorite scene too was the money scene…Its really coming a full circle now.

    And no matter how independent Kashaf is she really wants someone to look out for her and it means the world to her. Understandably.And they both are so similar in that aspect because thats exactly what Zaroon wants too..aside from the 15th century ideas about some stuff 😛

    Rafia…same advice for the last few weeks..ab please stop…Its so strange how she has never asked Kashaf once if she is happy..not one’ Tum khush ho beta?” line and considering that she was mom and dad both to the girls and raised them alone I would imagine that would worry her a lot..esp where Kashaf is concerned.

    Why why why is Asmara coming back?? yikes!!

    And how do you all know Osama is coming back too? with problems no less? Is it in the book?

    so much more to say but lucky for you all I forgot everything 😛

      • SZ lol…I’m trying…but this is puraani bemaari for me 🙂

        Btw, what was that song Zaroon sang on the jhula? and what does he say after ‘you have a beautiful voice?’

        • No clue! Actually if anybody could hear over those horrible bagpipes and violins and who knows what else, please do share!!!
          Btw, for a very desi drama, with a middle class protagonist, whats up with all the western instruments and Hollywood movie scores in the bgs.. kabhi sitar aur bansuri bhi try kar lena chahiye HUM walon ko… I’m sure Rafia would approve!!!

          • SZ…lol…I cant stand those violins in the background too. Instead of being comical it just starts hurting my ears so much that I want to hit mute immediately. Its terrible!!

        • Yaad karo…your commemts are hilarious!
          Actually I can’t get over the way FK says “safai Walee sochegee tumhara shohar kitna khoobsoorat hai Aur hamara jodi bhi after k gives him a killer look and then mashallah mashallah in towel scene….brilliantly done!

            • @Annie – I loved that “mashallah, mashallah” too…so funny, I laughed out loud as I watched by myself!

          • I loved that scene too SK!! And the way he nods his head while saying “mashallah mashallah” ..it was the cutest!!

            I loved how he leaned in towards her too..while trying to listen to Khamoshi at the beach..hehe..even the lightly brushing her hair when they are sitting on the bench…he has excellent intuition in romantic scenes!!

            Btw, I was a little surprised he says “Ms Kashaf Murtaza, please come back here” I thought he would be the happiest of all to say ” Mrs Kashaf Zaroon Junaid ” or something along those lines.

            • Yes Aish – I was surprised too…it reminded me of the scene in Humsafar when Khirad is getting ready for Sara’s party, and he calls her “Mrs. Asher Hussain” – but I think you are right – he should have called her by her married name 🙂

          • @ Rehmat.I love his gestures too…they were so much more like a regular couple in this episode. I love how he gives her his phone flashlight when power goes out…He cares for her so much…if he is like this who cares if he is conservative or not?

            • So true… It brings more reality in scenes:) yeah exactly in novel too i wasn’t really bothered about his conservative nature as he was damnn caring..n loving too 😉

            • speaking of little gestures, I loved Kashaf’s little giggle when Z leaned in to hear “khamoshi ki awaaz”…it was almost like the giggle of a child being tickled!

          • Loved that whole scene!! especially “mashallah, mashallah” that’s exactly how people say it like an important tag-on ending, so as not to tempt bad fate/buree nazar. The only problem I had with that scene was Kashaf working and ignoring Zaroon.

            I wanted to say: Array yaar zarra mian kay saamnay baitho, ankhon mein aankhein daalkar, waqt kyoon zaaya kar rahi ho!!!!” The thought is enough to make my heart maum…

        • Z is singing something like…..”Haat Se Haat” to K’s ears (No clue what song is that). I also want to know her reply after “you have a beautiful voice” and why the hell is laughing after the electricity comes back.

            • Saima and Ash, thanks!!

              Saima, I think she laughs because he tries every trick in the book and finally the light comes on he takes his hand back and the whole situation is comical because he doesnt really succeed in spite of all his lines cheesy or not 😛

              Shaluu….I hope you are right…but why would he be thinking of her now? There is scene in the OST where right after the ring scene he looks really distraught sitting on the bed. I think it really hurts him when everyone calls him conservative. Poor guy!

            • Shalu Mehra – I think flashback is a wonderful thought. Didn’t think of that! Just thought that scene was in the OST but edited out of the serial – but flashback makes perfect sense.

    • Osama is just a wild guess!! Z didn’t know about him proposing so am thinking he might find out and then there maybe issues, also due to the fact k refuses to tell z how she feels about him….you dont think he may get jealous or insecure?

      • Lol Rehmat, I cant remember but I’m spamming to compensate for my short term memory loss problems 😛

        Sk, I think youre right . If she continues like this and Osama and his boring proposal come to light its going to bother him that he was second choice. But I hope Zaroon is stronger than that…lets see

      • Sk, you know I was thinking about this last night ,I think as of now he is not insecure. Because he says khafa ho jao because you dont like to be grateful anyway..even the yek ladki nahi maanegi” ..I think he knows she likes him (even though he drew the conclusion at the wrong moment) I think he is beginning to understand her

        But doubts might creep if Osama’s proposal comes to light.

        But I hope that doesnt happen. Osama please go find another show

  8. So he is going to suggest she change jobs or something and she will flip out? nahin…I’m not looking forward to that

    And why have they separated so quick…just two episodes of them together and already separation???Not fair

    • @Aish: so maybe he tries to get her work assignment changed to Islamabad, and she makes some kind of comment that he is treating her like a puppet…which then causes him to remember the whole exchange with Asmara….which we saw in the precap….

      • BSK, you might be right. I dont think this job change will go down well with Kashaf but there is hope, she might just surprise us. Another thought I had is Asmara might pay Kashaf a visit and she might tell Zaroon who is forced to explain what happened. who knows. 🙂

        I just hope they arent separated for too long 😛

        • In the novel, they aren’t separated for long – Zaroon quickly realizes his fault and brings her back home. I do expect it to be longer in the serial to create drama – which I hope doesn’t mean that we see less of them on our screens – I hope it is an opportunity to get into their psyches and explore Z & K’s insecurities, with flashbacks and reflections on their relationship.

  9. Though I loved the whole banter between Kashaf and Zaroon, their chemistry, their interaction, the highlight for me was Kashaf acknowledging- albeit to herself, that she is falling for Zaroon, he is extremely imp to her and that she is scared of her feelings! And the scene when Z hands money to K…..tremendous perf by Kashaf!!!
    But, I think that they should try and show some interaction between Zaroon’s family and Kashaf!!! They have not covered any ground there…
    Also, pls pls keep Asmara out of Z and K’s life…..cannot deal with her! I am so looking forward to how and when will Kashaf start being open about her feelings to Zaroon….All in all, a great episode.
    BTW, how many episodes are LEFT????

  10. O man, where to start. What a beautiful drama. First and formost hats off FK and SS, they are beyond fab, amaze!!!!!

    Every second of the episode was worth the week long wait.

    I just love how she writes every bit of her heart out in her dairy, Zaroon’s every action, she notices everything he does and is in love with his every movement, but is still too scared, afraid if she lets herself completely go she might fall face first, and completely break into tiny piece. But she wants to completely let herelf go within him, and thats what I love. The way she cried when he gave her the money at the end, priceless!!!!! And I love love love that Z saw it. ALSO, I loved loved Zaroon’s conversation with Kashaf’s mother, he just wants a family, someone who will do, and want to do the little things for him, like cook him a meal. He wants a family, he wants love. I also, loved the swing scene, Kashaf got jealous of JR, it was so cute how he notices it. Another thing I noticed, and loved was that Zaroon is very aware of Kashaf’s fears to express her emotions openly, and he says it. I can go on and on but…

    But they talked about dooriyan too much that wasnt a good sign.

    I have a lot to say about the percap, but I will wait until we start the discussion for that in the next episode discussion thread. But one thing a want to say is that, if Zaroon gets sucked into the cheap remark his mother made about giving Kashaf money, I will lose a lot respect for him.

    • @rose: I agree….yeh sab dooriyan ki baatein were too much…on the swing especially…when Z says, tum mujhe akele chod ke ek din chale jaana…tumse koi umeed nahin hai…broke my heart the way he said it…and then K with her comeback…tum to mere intehai wafadar ho na…mujhe kabhi bhi chod ke nahin jaaongay…i think they were foreshadowing more than the separation due to their jobs, but lets see….

      • @BSK, yes when Zaroon says “tumsay koi baeed nahin…” his voice had so much dard in it. This is where a so-so story has been elevated, the actors have played their roles so well in terms of delivery, timing, chemistry. Kashaf stated her fear of bewafaai, albeit in a trite/confrontational manner, and if Zaroon, tried to understand he would realize that that is the pathological factor of her behavior. “Chorr kay chalay jaana” is her greatest fear, especially now that she is invested in this relationship.

          • ‘Tum se koi baeed nahin’ loosely translated would mean ‘nothing is beyond you’, though must say that I don’t remember the context well, saw it just once…

          • @BSK: I always take it to mean “I wouldn’t put it past you” which is basically what Afia said too! I remember when I was younger I knew what it meant, but I always forgot how to phrase it, I couldn’t remember if you said “tum say koi baeed nahin” or “tumsay yahee baeed hai”. In any case, I’ve always heard it used as a phrase so I don’t know the direct translation of the word and couldn’t find one online.

  11. Ladies, it was a long week, but FK and SS rocked it!! At first, I thought it was a little slow, but towards the end it came full circle, minus the last scene with Rafia and Kashaf – blah, and in the past I have been more tolerant of Rafia’s lectures.

    SZ, awesome review, I think I agree with it all!

    My initial reaction to Kashaf’s ice queen attitude – it’s getting old – I know she is insecure, cautious, hurt, but it doesn’t justify how she treats her husband, especially since he wears his heart on his sleeve. I have loved SS/Kashaf from the very start and find her to be the best-written and most consistent character, but I have trouble believing that anyone can be that cold to their husband who professes his love so often and in so many ways. I can almost “hazam” her being aloof, but I don’t like her being rude! Although she did state earlier on in the serial, that “pichhlay 7-8 saalon say itnay dhakay khaaen hein kay ikhlaq naam kee cheez mein bhool hi gayeen hoon”. Phirbhi, it doesn’t justify how she acts with Zaroon.

    I was quite miffed all the way upto her diary entry – that made me melt a little and excuse her behavior somewhat. The writing by Umera Ahmed is awesome – her entire diary entry was beautiful – she laid it all out in there, her feelings, her fears – I mean we clearly know now that she is in love with her husband and for all the right reasons. This is no infatuation, she loves him for how he loves her, woos her, respects her parents, accepts her mother’s circumstances (the house, the water, the soap).

    “Mujhpay jhaan chiraknay waala woh har andaaz…” WOW!!!! she sees and feels everything he expresses to her, but, then she will continue to be “sang-e-marmar” infront of him, lest he realize she could crumble at his slightest “thokar”. I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her… but then I remind myself that if she wasn’t this way and she accepted him and his love, we wouldn’t have this drama on our screens – we need conflict, issues, story… so I sigh deeply and stay glued!

    Yes, the most poignant scene for their relationship was definitely the money scene. FK and SS were awesome, her eyes welling with tears, showed him her vulnerability. His gazing at her in amazement. I really think Zaroon does know she cares for him, but he is desperately trying to get her to admit it. The way he said, “tum kab khulkay apnay feelings ka izhaar karogi?” basically means I know you feel something for me but when will you actually express it??!! It goes hand in hand with last week’s phone convo, about not being able to ignore him – “tumhara mujhsay laaparvaah hona mumkin hi nahin”.

    I can totally see him getting frustrated – one can only have so much patience. And I predict that she will not admit any of her feelings before they are separated – her lack of emotion and refusal to express her love will create doubts in his mind and catapult them towards parting ways, amongst other misunderstandings. The thought of which makes me very, very sad 😦

    Anyway, I will sign off for now – can’t wait to discuss more and respond to some of the other threads. Here’s to duas that Allah unki jodi salamat rakhay!!! 😉

    • @Nur – you are too much! I love all your comments. I totally agree that Zaroon knows somewhere deep down that this girl is in love with him – but I am afraid too that without the verbal izhaar, it is going to be difficult for him.

  12. SZ, review is great as always .
    Uff , that background music is sooo irritating , whoevers in charge of that should be fired !
    K is acting so hard to get , Z might get fed up soon or maybe it’s the chase that keeps him going .
    Kashaf , pls show some love, girl , some tenderness !!!!!
    Just a thought, imagine if K would plant a kiss on his cheek in the last scene , wouldn’t that just be soo romantic 😉

    • @Deeba, Or Z could have just hugged K to console her…remember how tender he was to his sister when she was crying :*(

      • @ saima , i know , a bit of hugging never hurt anyone but i dont know why our dramas never show any displays of affection .

        • deeba: i know what you mean…i feel like there was more affectionate behavior between Hasan and Bano in Dastaan…and that was a period piece…of course in the year 2013, surely hugging should be ok!

          • As happy as it would make me to see them hug each other, I can’t imagine Kashaf all huggy and stuff. If you notice on scenes where they are sitting together and he gets closer or leans in she shifts over. I could see him pull her in towards him and wrap his arms around her waist, but I can’t see a full on hug. 😦 which is a shame. Kashaf is so cold, she won’t even let him hold hands. I wonder eventually when they have a conflict and are reunited, that could really present a great opportunity for him to sweep a crying Kashaf into an embrace. at least I can dream.

  13. Much better episode this week because it seemed more like Umera Ahmed’s style than last week. I seriously think Momina wrote some of the sappy scenes from last week’s episode. I have to give it to FK and SS that they don’t make the lengthy scenes seem long and torturous at all rather quite the opposite. Enjoyed the jhoola scene, the diary writing scene (#2) and the money giving scene. Umera Ahmed was back in her element today.
    Zaroon did call Kashaf K2 so he should be prepared to climb it. Let’s see how long his patience and climbing gear lasts. Varna lambay lambay saans laina paday gai oxygen ki kaami ki vaja se.
    Why does Sidra wear the same tan chaddar with all her clothes? She dressed so well in SeZ that I am wondering what happened to her clothes here.

    • hey! long time!!
      Yes i noticed that too with Sidra! bechari ke paas aik hi shawl hai. Maybe she should borrow some from kashaf baji.

      • hey Ash! long time indeed.
        I was thinking her husband has stopped sending her money because she stayed for too long in Pakistan. Now she has to make do with one chaddar and char-devaari

          • Aray yaar! She is so cute . why this sudden bezari? I still think Sidra is wonderful.. I love the way she is is always so calm and cool. BIndaas! Such a contrast to Kashaf. Makes Kashaf ‘s character so understandable. UA has done wonderful characterization.

    • @Annie: Hey!!! Kiya yaar .. Zaroon ke sehrey ke phool khiltay hi tum MIA ho gayi?! tell you unki shaadi ki khushi tumharey baghair adhoori thi… so glad you’re back and ready to tell us all that is wrong and right about Z and K’s lives!

      • Hey I had all plans on attending the post wedding party but kya karun Nigar aunty raste mein mil gaaye with a tokri full of shaadi ke laadoos and told me she was on her way to Rafia’s house to deliver them. I had to take extreme measures to stop her so i got a hold of the mitnhai shop owner and come to find out the ladoos were zehreelay – evil aunty na Hui tow. The full story was revealed later on that she had plans on drugging the newly married couple and getting Zaroon to marry her two unnamed and unfaced daughters. Baadi mushkil se jaan chudayi. Why do you think she has been missing for the past couple of weeks 🙂 aik paan walay ka rishta tow mil gaya dosri ki talaash jaari hai.

        • @Annie – Nigaar aunty aur paan waley damaad ki khoob jamay gi. They can gossip and eat fruits/snacks/paan all day. And i am sure he has chanay chaat wala dost he can suggest to Nigaar aunty for her other unfaced daughter! Phir to sab masley hal ho jayenge! 🙂

          • @Ash – oh thanks yaar for suggesting the chanay chaat wala. Must go find that eligible bachelor for Daughter #2!

  14. Love the review,the bloopers part was hilarious and so right :D. For me too the stand out scene in the episode was where Zaroon gave Kashaf the money it was done in a touching manner.

  15. When one of you has a chance, can someone write the dialogues from the diary scene, where she is describing all the things she loves about Z? The version I was watching was a little hard to follow, and not being a native Urdu speaker, some of the “higher” words are often lost on me! LOL.

    The promo for next week is intriguing. What do you think Z’s answer will be to Ghazala’s money advice? I think he’s going to let her have it! (At least, I hope so!)

    • @BSK: Here it is
      “Mein miss karongi? miss tou shayad ek chota lafz hai in ahsaasat (feelings) ke liye jo mein tumhare liye rakhne lagi hoon, aur ab mein, apne app se darne lagi hoon. kisi se mohabat, insaan ko bohat kamzoor kardeti hai; bohat bebas, majboor, mahkoom aur mujhe in teeno cheezon se nafrat hai Lekin us ke bawajood tum meri zindagi ka markaz bante jarahe ho. Tum mujh se pochte ho ke mujhe tumari kya baat achi lagti hai? Mein tum se ye kaise kahoon ke mujhe tumari kaun si baat achi Nahin lagti…

      apne ird gird tumhara ghoomna, mere wajood se na hatne wali tumhari gehri nazrain, tumhari har waqt ki tawajo, tumhara jaan chirkhne wala har andaz, Har baar jab tum here maa baap ke liye Ahtaraman khare hote ho tou mein tumhare saamne jhukne lagti hoon, Aur Kiya Kuch Nahin; jo mujhe tumhare saamne maum nahin karta. Ek chothe se ghar ke is pankhe wale kamre mein, tumhari ye gheri neend, mineral water bottle ko dhoondne ke bajae, nalke ka paani pee lena, handwash chor khe ek saste saabun se haath dhoona; Apni plate ko meri maa ke hath ke pake khane se bar bar bharna. Par mein ye sab tumko kabhi nahin bataongi, tumhare har waade per hanso gi, tumhari har baat ka mazaq uraoongi, tum mujhe sang-e-marmar samjhte ho, tou samjhte raho. Mein tumhare saamne, rait ki deewar nahin bansakti, Mujhe toott jaane se khauf aata hai, ”

      such amazing lines they were 🙂

    • @BSK, I too think that Zaroon will completely give it to his mother for thinking that Kashaf gives the money given by him to her family….God! I hope he does, else I will lose my respect for Zaroon Junaid as Kashaf’s SHOHAR!!!!

      • I don’t know… wasn’t it kind of weird that he said something like “to kyaa mujhay nahin dayna chahiyay?” Why would he ask her at all? He is an adult who makes his own decisions so it’s inconsistent with his personality and his philosophy of being the sarbaraah. I think it’s a plot point to plant a seed of doubt in his mind, or create trouble, as well as reveal Ghazala’s dislike for her bahu, despite her superficial smiles.

        • Nur – I think it’s going to be in a sarcastic tone..like “yeh meri BIWI hai, ussay paise nahin dunga, to kisko dunga?” – or something along those lines.

  16. spot on review, good episode
    you guys again said it all 😛 hehe bbut yeah that money scene was by far the best one, and oh yes! julia roberts wala too , haha

  17. @Nur: Agree with u, Nur. I think the tears started flowing because of the money given and everything that meant to her, but it then led to tears over everything…we know how once the tears start falling, they don’t keep.falling for the same reasons 🙂 Also, at this point, I think just showing emotion is important to Z..

    Also, one thing I came to terms with in this episode is the long, sometimes repetitive journey it took to get to this episode. When K is telling herself, “har cheez ke liye dhakkey nahin khannay parengay…” I could feel and understand that because we lived thru it with her…for 17 episodes..lol.

  18. I am very late, but better late than never when it comes to this^ awesome discussion on Zindagi Gulzar hai.
    SZ, a wonderful review but the first paragraph is just tooooo good. Love it!

    For me the scene that stood out was indeed the last one. The Anxiety we went through thinking that Kashaf perhaps got angry because he offered her money or she really expected a huge amount, was very well-built. Sanam Saeed really took us to experience all her feelings in that scene. great stuff!

    FK, FK FK!! How naturally can he play out such difficult scenes? I seldom like drama heros (current ones) in romantic scenes. They just seem misfit but with Fawad Khan, I become a fan of ‘cheesy’ lines /scenes. The garden scene was just too good.

    Anticipating the next episode when Asmara COMES back. I know she had to make a comeback but weren’t we all having a great time in her absence:p

    Thanks for taking out time from your tough schedule and always reviewing ZGH, which eventually makes our weekend FUN:D

    • @Heela:LOL! Yeh apni Madamara itni jaldi jaan nahin chornay wali … abhi to Osama bhai jan bhi hain 😉
      Btw, did you see the Geo documentary? Even in those three four quick snippets I was having flashbacks of Ashar and Zaroon rolled into one!

        • @BSK: Yaar, they are remaking six of the most popular Pakistani films from the 1960s and 70s into telefilms. These are supposed to air every Fri, probably within a week or two, The interest here for many is that Fawad Khan is the hero in one of the films – Armaan. The documentary introduces the entire project and has snippets of FK’s first outing as a full on filmy hero. I have posted the documentary here:


          and for the teasers of these films see:


          Looking fwd to reading your impressions 🙂

          • @SZ: Thanks, yaar. Went to the sites…something to look forward to once ZGH is over. Heard FK is doing another serial, Bandhan? Is that true? Can’t seem to find any info anywhere….I too, want to watch Talkhiyan…have not read your reviews because want to watch with a clean slate, but will come back to them. I have to wait until ZGH is over, though…don’t want to get my SS roles confused 😉

            • @BSK- hey! The serial that was supposed to be called bandhan was renamed to Ashk. Don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but it totally sucked. 🙂

            • @Ash- Oh! Thanks. I did watch Ashk (b/c was so infatuated with FK after Humsafar). Totally agree…sucked! Hated it. The whole thing. (even FK…sadly enough).

            • WHAAAAAAAAAT? Bandhan was Ashk?????? noooooo I was so looking forward to it…thought we wont be deprived after this show is over 😦

              Ashk, was beyond bakwas. there was no saving it in any way

  19. There has been a lot of annoyance with Rafia’s over the top lectures – however, while I agree on some level – I look at her as the “middle-man” in this – Zaroon has already told Kashaf that he sees many qualities in her that he thinks would make her a good wife – but now he won’t enumerate those qualities, because “biwi ka dimaag kharab ho jaata hai” – but he tells these qualities to Rafia, who in turn reassures Kashaf that Zaroon “insaan ko pehchaanta hai” – so for the moment, at least Zaroon has a well-wisher in the form of his MIL – because by his own admission, his own family is not so optimistic about his abilities to make his marriage work….Thinking of it this way makes me able to tolerate Rafia…although I do wish that they would have ended the episode with something else…hardly seems like a good “cliffhanger” 🙂

    • @BSK: I agree with you that Rafia’s purpose in all this is to be a middle man. The go between. I don’t think Zaroon expects her to cook the meals, but would be very appreciative if she did as a treat once in a while. Just like he didn’t want her to clean up because the safaai-wali was going to come. He doesn’t expect a servant, but I think he appreciates it when Kashaf takes care of things. It’s such a contrast to his own upbringing.

      I think Rafia is trying to tell Kashaf that doing the little things will earn his love and appreciation. The problem with the last lecture was she just went on and on and on. The funny thing is that as stubborn/resistant as Kashaf is she does seem to take her mother’s advice to heart. She is adaptable.

      Lastly, in all those lectures there really should be a talk about spending time with the inlaws and building that relationship. Maybe that’s the next lecture. I would love to see her get close to Sara.

      • @Nur: Yes, I think u are right. Kashaf is listening…she sewed his button, she packed his bag (with care, nonethless…did you see how she straightened his collar before putting the lacoste shirt in the bag 🙂 khidmat is in the details 🙂

  20. Oh – and of course – I LOVE THE BUTTON SCENE, even before the money. Liked how it came full circle in reminding us that his own sister couldn’t sew a button on for him years back….remember that from an earlier episode?

    • BSK, I agree with you. I think Rafia’s stuck record advice is to wear down Kashaf slowly. Its the same as my son asking to watch some cartoon hundred times and then I give in 😛

      So true about the button scene..that smile he has before following Kashaf into the room..its like ‘finally I will have an aurat in my house who can use a sui dhaaga and fix my buttons ‘ and I’m sure Zaroon was also excited at the thought of impending pampering from Kashaf!! lol..He was really cute there…heck he was cute throughout

      • Yes, he was sooo cute throughout and so gracious too! He didn’t complain about being at their Nazimabad, kiraayey ka ghar. He has shown no superiority or prentensions, or nakhras at all! I know many guys who have problems staying over at their susraal, and I can’t even imagine one that is so different than their own upper class home. When Zaroon comes out of his room in the morning trying to close his buttons, he’s smiling and so comfortable – considering he spent all night in a small room with no airconditioning he could have been grumpy and miserable.

  21. Very mature and well expressed review ! I am very impressed with the way you Put your thoughts in words.My take is bit different , I am with Kashaf in not telling Zaroon at the moment that how deeply , madly and totally she is falling in for him as Zaroon is USE to of this treatment , Kashaf is a mystery for him, a puzzle which he wants to solve.
    I have seen many girls in my family who just go over the top in the first few weeks of mairrage in praising there husbands in family and telling the husband EVERYTHING about themselves , there family , there feelings and then God knows what happens that the same husband all of a sudden becomes the enemy after the honeymoon period !!!! My observation may be wrong but my experience tells me that don’t put all your cards on the tables, let your partner keep guessing what you hold!!! Zaroon can see that Kashaf doesn’t dislike her, he can see that she doesn’t open up easily , and if he can’t be patient enough then he married the wrong girl and should have married one of his other girl friends. But I think this Zaroon is different then the one in novel, in the book Zaroon never came out of me , myself and I …..
    I agree with all the other points you raised and yes blooper are getting more ad more but as the rest of the story and the acting is so deep and intense that one is willing to forgive BUT it shouldn’t happen as it is Momina Duraid production and Sultana Siddique direction , we are not watching a B grade serial after all.
    Sanam is just too good ! I was quite annoyed with her in Mera Naseeb that why is she in such a hurry, why does she deliver the dialogues in such a rush ? Must say she was a surprise for me and now I am in total aww for this girl …. Masha Allah ( totally mind blowing in Talkhiyan as well )

    • @Sheema: i literally agree with you on Sanam being such fabulous actor.. i very first liked her in Daam.. she became my favorite after that 🙂

    • I can explain away the overnight bag without calling it a blooper – he was hopeful and packed for the best case scenario!

  22. BSK, I think we are on the same wavelenght:) I didnt understand the same words either!

    Rehmat, you and Afia are too nice and excellent with your translations!! Thanks so much!! 🙂

    Also whats Ahtaraman and rait ki deewar?

  23. Wow….. I don’t know what to say…. Everyone already said everything. I simply can’t wait to see their intense scene together.

  24. Any predictions on what their disagreement will be about in the promo for next week? Both of them are smiling so they obviously get over it. Kashaf’s smile in that scene is so sweet, and shows so much love… actually all her smiles when she talks to him show a sweet innocence and even a little bit of that girly-shy thing – the problem is that Zaroon is NEVER there to see them.

    • I think its something to do with anonymous letters to Z regarding K… Thats where conflict begins…. As i saw K having some letters in her hands… Lets see..interesting events are following:)

      • I personally am waiting for the OST scene where they are both sitting against a wall (looks like on the floor), talking to each other….that looks like it could be a revealing conversation….

  25. I think I am spending way too much time here, but ZGH is like an addiction 😉

    I know many of us like to share some of our memorable sappy moments, and I don’t think anyone has mentioned this one.

    When Kashaf puts her diary away and looks at Zaroon , in his sleep he reaches out and grabs her hand. She removes her hand from his but in the next moment she lays down next to him and is staring at him sleeping and then places her own hand on his. I thought that was so romantic.

    Kashaf Murtaza would never initiate hand holding while Zaroon was awake, but in this moment when he is unaware, she reaches out and lays her hand on top of his and falls asleep. I think about the emotions she’s feeling, and I feel that she is fighting her own feelings so much, and there is probably a big part of her that just wants to give in to him, to let herself be swept away. As Kashaf, she feels these emotions swelling inside of her, she must wonder how much more intense it would feel if she let herself go.

    It’s a truly euphoric feeling to trust and love someone so much that you let go of your doubts and inhibitions and really give in to that love. Those moments are electric and all consuming. Love is truly like a nashaa. And my own conservatism, loves that they are exploring all these feelings after marriage – there is something to be said when love grows out of a commitment.

      • Yaar, I was thinking the same, I would have even been ok, if he pretended to sleep and then opened his eyes after she closed hers… just something to tell Zaroon that she cares!

        • Nur, I’m in the same boat as you. completely addicted to this place.

          I loved that she put her hand on his too. I was little annoyed when she pulled away but she put it back on his after she settled down 🙂

          Happy to see she is swept over by their whirlwind romance the same way Zaroon is though she expresses it differently!!

    • @Nur: LOL. I too am addicted to this place! I feel like I know all of you already! I think it’s so fun to sit and chat about ZGH with such a great group! I loved when she takes his hand…I too wished he would have woken up to see her hand there.

      More than anything – I don’t know anyone around me, or any of my friends, who watch this serial – so no one to talk to! Talking to you all makes the week go by faster and also reassures me that if there are words I don’t understand (because although I can get the gist even if I don’t understand all the words, I WANT to know all the words in this beautiful dialogue exchange), I have a place to turn, with great people who will answer all my questions and be just as infatuated with ZJ and KM as I am!

  26. ok, guys, I didn’t realize but it actually posted the pic 😦 I hope nobody minds). SZ, please feel free to take it off if you want.

    • I think most people have seen this pic, so I wouldn’t worry about it..but yeah you may just have ruined it for someody Lol!!!
      This was circulating from the days of shootings and we were all so excited back in june as we thought it would air….but alas it didnt happen.
      Come to think of it we have had to do a lot of waiting for this drama, sabr ka imtihan tha!!! Now a year later we are getting what we were so excited about!!!

        • Shirt ko chodo he’s been wearing the same pjs in his dramas and ads! Someone go to the store and buy him a new set of pjs before Armaan airs!

          • According to Ghazala aunty woh saray paise Kashaf ko de deta hai, so he doesn’t have much left to shop for himself.
            And Kashaf the coldblooded creature would never shop for her husband bc woh to uske asoolon ki khilaf hai na.
            Poor guy… =\

            • Ghazalla Auntie too needs to buy new sarees, I see a lot of repetition in her attire….just saying you know 🙂

            • @Ash – LOL! maybe Aamina Sheikh will buy him a new pair for Armaan. Seriously though Sadaf Bhabhi take note 🙂

  27. Rehmat, can you also translate markhaz? 🙂

    SZ: your review was fabulous as usual…you didn’t leave anything out and said everything perfectly.

    I think everyone said great things about this wonderful episode. I hope they show in the next episode him reflecting on the packing she did for him, sewing his button, and tears forming in the last scene. Its true that she shouldn’t push his buttons and start expressing herself verbally, but I hope he realizes action speaks louder than words.

    I HOPE HOPE HOPE he gets a hand on her diary when they’re on GOOD terms, and he throws back a dialogue in her face that she has written in it 🙂 The reason I say good terms is because if its bad terms that diary will patch the relationship up and the diary won’t be brought up again. However since the diary was such an important symbol to the drama, it should be brought up in a positive manner.

    can’t wait until next week!

      • @Rehmat: How about “khwaar?” She says it in the first diary scene…”har cheez ke liye dhakkey nahin khanay parenge, balkay khwaar honay ke liye koi mojood hoga” or something like that….

        • Hmmm khwaar means to feel shame or to hurt pride…khwaar nh hona parega…as in now she won’t have to lower herself or degrade herself…:)

  28. Enjoyed the review and all the 147 comments 🙂
    I like romance and I liked all the lovey dovey scenes you guys mention but I can’t say that I was swept away by it all…..I think the makers are giving an overdose of the romance just to keep audiences happy – when so much of it is not required. The jhoola scene was endless- the other scenes were repetitive….too much emphasis on hand holding. I mean aik dafa cute lagta hai par itna bhi kiya? Theek hai we know they’re married etc but let’s not OD on permissible physical contact.

    Another issue for me is that try as I do, I can’t like Kashaf :\ (though SS is fine) just not ‘main lead’ type- too dry, too bitter, too cold….maza nahin aata. Zaroon I do like aur sone pe suhaga jab FK plays him. Waise I don’t think any man would have as much patience with a wife as Z has with K.

    Also K needs to spend more time at her sasural. Ooper se Sidra asks Z to stay over too- now how would that make Ghazala feel? If you ask me K is asking for trouble. And yes, thank God Sidra is going home and not staying on for the other sis’ wedding :p

    • Afia, you are not alone. Many of my friends say the same thing about her…that this serial would be way more fun if she wasnt so cold, but I like her 🙂
      Although her whining sometimes gets on my nerves for the most part I think she is different from the leading ladies on other shows. :)..

    • @ Afia..I actually feel the romance was more in full force last week, this was much more meaningful for me as they were adjusting to each other and actand Zaroon is desperately trying to get confirmation from k that she loves him. It is perfectly set up for problems to start, as she has no intention of doing so even though she does love him. Do agree though the hand holding was a tad too much!

      • hmm guess, you are right but all that desperation for hand holding did it for me. jhoola scene toooo long- ooper se aadhe dialogue logon ko samajh nahin aarahe :\

    • I think this week’s epi was much better content wise than last week’s. My main issue is that I really don’t feel for the characters. Due to the yawn worthy 15+ weeks at this point in time everything is too little too late for me. And I frankly don’t care if Z and K break up or stay together because I never really empathized with them in the first place.

      • TOTALLY agree with you!! Thats exactly how i feel! I just dont care anymore. pehle 15 wks they wasted so much time that I’ve completely lost interest in this drama, couple , characters, story except FK! 🙂
        Dont care if they break or make it.

      • @Annie: Agree ….This one had the potential to be a truly memorable serial, if only they could’ve decided whether to make this Rafia’s story or K’s story (both would’ve worked well on their own merit), or if they had to do both, then should’ve worked a little harder at intertwining and balancing the two tracks….Alas!

        • Haii ladkiyon itnee behrehmee( is that even a word?) na dikhao:( Zaroon Aur kashaf ka kya kasoor ki murtaza saab hero bana ta…they have rocked their scenes from the beginning and that is why we are still watching… Yes it could have been a masterpiece but its not…however their acting alone has made me feel for them and I am for sure rooting for them!!
          Yaar ashk toh nahin hai na Jo rohail Aur zaibu ka Bakwas love story tha…that was definitely a nobody cares moment!!!!

    • The STORY is about Kashaf , her insecurities , her coldness , her complexes, her negativity about life … That’s her character … Deep down she is NOT all of the above .. Her circumstances made her bitter , that is Kashaf whose bitter life would become Gulzaar in due course , very relatable character , very middle class and struggling character in this day and age …. This drama is not Iss pyar ko Kiya naam doon or any star plus serial ! I am totally biased with Kashaf’s character ! Her coldness and bitterness helped her in a way to achieve what she archived in life . I agree with you about over doze of romance but so far so good , they should not repeat the same again and again. I know a lot of young girls are Fawad’s die hard fan but this serial is not entirely about lovey dovey romance , there is a very deep and meaningful message to it ! I hope you didn’t mind my reply as I like the CIVILISED commenting here unlike some forum ( i wont name the forum but fery popular ) where people willing to murder if one negative comment on there fav show or actor ( It’s an insult to call them lot actors )

      • I agree Sheema. This story is not only about romance. Each character has been put in to relate an unforgettable story and that is how I watch this unforgettable series.

  29. Because I’m a little mental I was watching humsafar scenes again for the billionth time I suppose. I think one of the biggest drawbacks of this show is background music. The OST is nice (the girls version) but they rarely use it. There are very few scenes where the background music is nice. Humsafar had fantabulous music..it was an entity on its own…such a powerful force that it breathed life into every scene and made infinitely more special, the rain scene, the beach scene towards the end every single scene from start to finish. Cant say the same for the music here unfortunately. At least I cant.
    I want a cure for my humsafar bemaari 😦

    • @Aish: LOL – ZGH has been the cure for my humsafar bemaari! Can’t tell you kitni dafa yeh humsafar ke sab scenes dakhey hai…another cure for the humsafar bemaari as you call it, are the dastaan scenes…and that one has really good background music too 🙂

        • @Aish, I don’t see why you are still suffering from Hamsafar-induced PTSD, I found Ashar and Khird’s universe quite boring….that jealous Ivy league grad and his bichari Mathematics mein BSc pass biwi had zero sense of fun.

          • Saima it’s post disorder something but I would hardly call it traumatic. It’s very enjoyable for me that’s why I keep going back. Each to their own but I don’t find Ashars mature brand of quiet romance boring at all 🙂 Im hard pressed to choose between Zaroon and Ashar each is charming in their own way . A few years ago it would be Zaroon but now I can’t choose.

            It’s not the romantic scenes like I just want go away somewhere jahan sirf main ho aur tum ho bas or the way he he keeps untying her hair but its the classy portrayal of mundane every day things that I thought made this run of the mill story stand out.

            Stuff Khirad says like mein uske pyaar mein dhal jaana chahti hoon (so similar to kashafs monologue), the inner monologue about if she should be the first one to reach out after they fight the mein kyun baat karo. ( It happens to me a lot), how she wants to take care of him etc which I felt was very realistic of newly in love couples. I like his non flowery confession in the couch. I guess you could say I love the starkness and the simplicity of their love story. It’s quiet and is always present through good and bad times.

            But more than all that I love how he wants to take her back without knowing about her innocence. He wants to take her back just as she is cold and flawed.. At least to him that is how she appears to him at that point. It’s easy to love someone pure and principled but harder to love someone you perceive as flawed .

            And what she says at the end, that its not that I don’t love you but it’s slots somewhere, felt very real to me

            I’m not sure how to put it in words exactly but I hope you see why I like that show

    • @Aish – Trust me there is no cure for the Humsafar bemaari! Humsafar is in it’s own league, on the wall of great dramas! and no ZGH can ever come close to it. Actually i always need to watch some HS after ZGH to make me feel better, bc ZGH just does not do it for me.
      Yep the BGS really really sucks in ZGH. Its like watching a cartoon show, Tom chasing Jerry ….

      • Ash, I can only agree with you! Humsafar was a class apart. I can never tire of it 🙂 ZGH had a lot of potential but it only picked up recently in my opinion. They wasted way too much time in the beginning.
        Lol @ Tom and Jerry!!

        • Totally agree…Humsafar was Humsafar and unmatchable in my opinion. The feelings I used to have watching that were just so different. Every scene was so perfectly directed with beautiful use of the ost. I used to count the hours and minutes, I have still not done that for ZGH, well maybe the last few episodes I have had excitement but nothing like how I used to wait for HS.

  30. *Lost not slots:p

    BSK lol I have watched that scene so many times now !!

    Did you all notice ? The beach scene and the bedroom towel scene is different from the ost. I wonder if they are different scenes or the same scenes shot in different ways. The beach scene in the ost has her hair in the ponytail

    Even the money scene is shown from a different angle in the ost

      • yaar agar flaws hain toh phir hain na! 🙂 But you know what, everything has flaws in it no matter how good it is. So if we talk about the goods in something, why leave the flaws out! 🙂 Does not mean that one isn’t enjoying it, just voicing their opinion! 🙂

    • @Aish: yes, those scenes are done differently .. they usually do each scene a few diff ways and then pick the angles that work best for the ep/OST etc

  31. This is the beauty of Pakistani dramas that we can watch such a romantic dama with our family easily. Well done, simple clothes, clean lines nothing fahash.This episode goes to Kashaf, beautiful dialogues.

  32. I love your analysis, have been reading them for a while now 🙂
    I was just wondering about what you said about Kashaf not going back to Zaroon’s home with him before leaving for her work. Probably, she came with the intention of staying with her mom before leaving for work, but since we get to see the edited versions, we are supposed to make out the connectivity ourselves. 🙂

    But yes, you do have a point, although I just love how Rafia gives her pearls of wisdom, there should be some talk about how to fit in well with in laws also.

    I have a Qn, do we have any idea how many more episodes to this series?

    • @Ishrat: Hey! Nice to hear from one of our silent readers – glad you took the plunge 🙂 Yes Sk is right, originally written as a 16/17 ep script, it was completed as 26 (I think that’s what Sultana S said in the Zgh launch show) and then when the complaints started about the slow pace, they re-edited it twice, and now with the increase in ratings, we are hearing 29 … I for one sincerely hope that the story wraps up in a respectable period of time!

      • Thanks for answering, SZ, I started watching this show pretty recently, and have managed to cover ground at break neck speed. 🙂 Your review got my attention when I was looking for episode reviews. And I loved them. 🙂

        So we have till episode 29. Thats cool. I have gotten so used to this show now. Fawad is getting my undivided attention. 🙂

  33. really heart winning play…i love it…the senti moments aahhhh very real…all r doing great job…cngrats to sultana siddique…great effort..

  34. 201 comments and counting!!!As much as I’d like to add to this discussion , I don’t think anything I say will be new or different, everyone’s covered all the key points for me, Thanks guys 🙂

    Loved the money scene , so heart warming. I was crying along with Kashaf and the diary scene as she recounts all the ways in which she is beginning to fall for him. My biggest take away from this episode, yes even bigger than the money, diary and jhoola scenes is where in heaven’s name do you find a guy like Zaroon? What girl wouldn’t fall for his charm. I’m lining right up in that queue with you @SZ ….

    For now, I will just go watch episode 20 again, as you do!

  35. Who is following Samina Peerzada’s instruction and taking extra care of their husband? ( apnay hattoon say khana pakana aur chotay chotay kaam kerna)

  36. So in the endless jhoola scene, I can’t catch a couple of dialogues…he asks K to sings, says she has a beautiful voice, then K says something, then Z says something…anyone catch it?

    • @BSK, I’ve watched that scene over and over and can’t understand what he’s saying. He says she has a beautiful voice and she gives him a one word answer while giggling, but I don’t know what she says or what he responds with.

      In the OST, when she is drinking her chai, while holding those letters, which house is she in? Is she at Zaroon’s Karachi house or do you think that’s his Islamabad house? I love the idea that she might visit him in Islamabad 🙂

      Also, in the OST, when he comes up behind her while she is fixing her hair, she says something and walks away and he doesn’t look happy – it really has me wondering what happened. He looks happy as he approaches her, but then upset after she leaves. I have a feeling it’s Kashaf being cold/rude again…

      • @Nur: I am not sure which house she is in when she is reading those letters…isn’t it possible that she is in her house in Badin? Also, I too noticed that there was that famous FK face switch, in which it goes from smiling to gloomy based on her reaction when she is fixing her hair…can’t wait to find out what that is about 🙂 Aah, so few episodes left, but so many OST scenes left…we are in for a treat for the next few weeks!

        • Thanks Shalu, that makes sense now, and her smile at the time means it did have an affect on her.

          She does want to know what he likes/thinks about her. In the park scene, when he says he thought she had all the qualities of a good wife, she asked like what?

  37. Hey All: Thoroughly enjoying the discussion and the insights and the different POVs on the various characters’ motivations.
    I for one am now looking forward to seeing how this money thing becomes an issue b/w Z, K and his family. Waisey, didnt you think it a little odd, that considering Z has always complained that his mother has no time for the family etc, he still has enough of a close relationship with her that he casually tells her that his monthly budget is blown… Also what is he spending money on? Apart from buying her a LV bag, Kashaf ko acche kaprey tak to le kar nahin diye, and she’s still writing her diary in a notebook… .Hmmm… dekhte hain kiya hota hai ..

      • Lol Afia…so true..thats why that whole thing seemed so off. For someone who has lived the good life almost everyday “budget” sounds so weird. I would have thought they all have accounts that are automatically replenished without anyone really giving it a second thought 😛

        I thought that was the half the point of him being a rich hero?

      • @afia, that’s exactly what I was thinking. They are on obviously the elitest of the elite, so the word budget just doesn’t fit the bill.

        I would think marrying a Zaroon-type should pretty much take care of a person’s money concerns. Especially since Zaroon does work. There are many rich boys out there who are living off of their parents’ wealth.

  38. @SZ: LOL! I was so sure it was an LV bag too, but then I thought naah my eyes are playing tricks on me after all it’s really not consistent with the rest of the attire! She’s always wearing churidaar, I wish sometimes she would wear culottes/trousers like Sara – keep the conservative long sleeves, but a more stylish outfit would be wonderful. The outfit Sara wore when she visited him in Islamabad was gorgeous and Kashaf would look really nice it that silhouette, especially since she is so slender.

    And I agree that mentioning the budget to Mama didn’t make sense at all – they didn’t even go on a honeymoon!! I hardly think Kashaf is spending his money, that’s probably why the money scene meant so much to her.

    Oh well, like most of you we will see how this unfolds – I hope they give us some good story and great dialogues, I have no problem with them having 29 epi’s. It means I can keep my ZGH fix going longer, but I don’t want them to extend it at the expense of good drama/storyline. I am perplexed a little by how they can edit it after the fact to extend it. Do they really have that much material on the proverbial “editing room floor” that they can put together 3 more episodes?

    I was reading an article about Talkhiyan (thinking of starting that serial soon), and in her interview, SS said that she enjoyed working with FK because of their chemistry:

    “However, if she had to choose to work opposite either Fawad Khan or Adnan Jafar (who plays the lead male role in “Talkhiyan”), Sanam says it would have to be Fawad. “I feel I bounce off with Fawad Khan. Adnan is a very private actor, he acts in himself,” she says. “There is some kind of chemistry between Fawad and I on screen — so definitely him.” – Express Tribune

    It’s nice to hear that the actors can also pick up on the chemistry with their pairings and it’s not simply something we are projecting on them as viewers.

    • @Nur: You MUST watch Talkhiyan .. I have been reviewing it since the get go and Sanam, Hina, Mehak and many others from the cast have commented on various threads as to how special a project this was for them. You should definitely give this one a shot … I have posted almost all the YT videos along with the reviews … do check it out and let me know how you like it .. I’ll look forward to your comments 🙂

      • I will definitely start it soon. I have read a lot about the novel and Bee Gul’s adaptation so I am curious how I will respond to it – definitely doesn’t seem like a light-hearted romance, which is fine by me. I think SS is very talented and I hope she gets the accolades she deserves. I know she doesn’t fit the typical mold of Eastern beauty (which I personally have problems with anyway, but that’s another discussion altogether), but I think she is a great actress and attractive.

        I love that the Talkhiyan team (Mehak, SS, BGul…) was following your reviews and commenting along with the fans. How amazing is it that they care and expressed their appreciation to you and the fans. I think it’s a positive reflection on how an artist/actor should keep up with what the fans/consumers want/like/appreciate. I can see that kind of interest and involvement as a catalyst to making them better at their craft as well as helping them identify what appeals to the public.

        Obvioulsy Talkhiyan is not a mainstream commercial project, so I can see why the team would appreciate the feedback.

        SZ, I am so happy to have found your blog, as it seems like so many of the readers are like-minded and appreciate the same things. And when we don’t we can respectfully disagree without fear of ire and insult.

        • @Nur: Yes, do give Talkhiyan a shot .. but dont go on in with any expectations .. b/c I think thats what kills a serial if there’s to much hype or you hear too much from ppl … we all fell in love b/c we had no clue what awaited us, even though a majority had read the book… so dont read the reviews, but just go watch, then come back and read the reviews and comments and add in your opinion 🙂 RE: the Talkhiyan team following and commenting, yes, we’ve been pretty blessed that we’ve had a number of ppl related to the various serials who read, drop by and comment .. be it Talkhiyan, SeZ, Silvatein, or even ZGH….
          and yeah overall we’re a friendly bunch and love to discuss dramas with a passion, baqi agree ya disagree, who is say who’s right and who’s wrong, we do get heated at times, but overall have fun .. after all a drama is nothing more than art which is open to all interpretations 🙂

  39. Hey my eyesight isnt that great but I think thats a knock off. Zaroon spent all his money on fake bags 😛

    I’m curious about Talkhiyan too. But the original ending in the book is so controversial. They didnt do that here right?

    I’m really curious about SS and her acting in that show. Summer project for me 🙂

    • @aish- hey! There is an entire thread dedicated to the talkhiyan finale which btw was really good! Would love to hear your take on it and what you thought of sanam Saeed in that role!! :).

      • Hi Ash, I saw the thread but I was wary of spoilers so didnt open it. Is Bibi SS?
        Are you still not a fan of SS?:P 😛

        I know what happens in God of small things. I think the fact that its so depressing with everyone being who they are because of circumstances etc..is a very heavy topic and thats why I havent started. But I think now I will. Thanks:)

        • @aish – yes Bibi is SS! And hehe I’ve always been a fan of SS. She is a wonderful actress. Just felt she wasn’t too comfortable in the romantic scenes. But other then that I think she is great. :).

          And yes depressing indeed but not the type of depressing you see on these everyday dramas. A very different kind of depressing that most people can actually relate to. The drama was awesome! You should definitely check it out. Would love to know how you like it. :).

          • Ash, I took the plunge. I started watching it. Dont know how fast I can go through it as the next few weeks are hectic but I started. Love the music in the first episode 🙂

            I wish SS would comment here too. But oh well, whatever works for her 🙂

            • @Aish: Shabash! I think thats what we all started off saying … dekhen,,, too much already on our plates .. too depressing etc … but have to say Silverwood ppl are kinda addictive 🙂 and warning – this wil lsoil you for everything else out there!
              Now you have to start commenting on those reviews as well 🙂 you have to have the complete experience .. and dont miss comments from our very own ghazala/appo as well 🙂 Isnt she just magnificent there!!!

  40. @SZ My bad, didn’t want that documentary. Light jo nahi thi, and then I was too lazy to catch up with it on Internet:p iA will be watching it soon and will definitely share my views. I am excited for Armaan:D

  41. @SZ: just wanted to let u know, my dear, that I went back and read all your ZGH reviews today…because I only happened upon you at Episode 18, but I wanted to commend you….shabaash! the reviews were awesome and I agreed with your viewpoint…and it is amazing to see how much more discussion we are getting now…i think this episode has outdone itself…you have 280 comments or so…tumhara shukriya ada karna chahti hoon…ke tum har haftay time nikaal kar itnay saray reviews likhti ho…yeh koi asaan kaam nahin hai, lekin phir bhi, you make it look effortless:-) bahut bahut shukriya!

    • @BSK: Aww ..my pleasure! Its so sweet of you to have gone back to read the earlier reviews …. did you read the first two as well? the first look and the launch review ? If not you should and read the comments as well … kitna anticipation tha aur hum ne kiya kiya socha tha LOL.
      If you read the comments on the reviews, the brickbats n all then you get a sense of what a fun ride this one’s been so far – hahaha! Lets see how this pans out from hereon now 🙂

  42. Hello Everyone,

    I enjoyed reading the review. But here is what I would suggest, I hate improving my vocabulary so can you pl use simple words instead =)

    Secondly I couldn’t read the comments. There are so many. But I was thinking why did Kashaf write the following in her journal: “Muhabbat insaan ko kamzor bna deti hai”. I am in love with my mangayter. Well its not like a 10/10 love but I’d say that I’m 6 out of 10 in love and I feel the same. She spoke my mind. I feel weaker. I shared this with my mangayter but he asked for a reason and I couldn’t explain. Can someone pl give me a reason. Looks like you guys here know alot abt love =p

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