Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 19 Review

zgh epi 19 collage

Zindagi main sirf bura waqt nahin hota
aur buri cheezain nahin hotein
Burey dinon ke baad acha waqt bhi aata hai
aur rehta bhi hai…..

This sage advice from Sidra to Kashaf might as well have been directed at all of us, the entire section of the female audience who had been eagerly waiting for the Zaroon and Kashaf magic to set our screens on fire, and WOW! Did we get a conflagration! Someone please call the fire engines to hose down our still smoldering screens…

Let’s cut to the chase and not waste time beating around the bush on this one. Zindagi is very gulzar and Fawad Khan is indeed a superstar. The way he’s made us all fall hopelessly in love with the very flawed Zaroon is something very few could’ve accomplished with so much finesse. We’ve felt his irritation with Kashaf – how dare she not call him and check on his khairiyat, after all kuch bhi ho sakta hai (Easy Zaroon sahab, hosla rakhen – ghar hi jaa rahe hain na, kisi mahaz paye nahin jaa rahe aap), how dare she ignore him when he comes to pick her up, and most of all how dare she NOT respond immediately to his deceptively simple: Do you love me??

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 2.07.14 PM

Cheesefest indeed (feed me gum, seriously?!), but awww!!! Come on now, which living breathing female can resist this brand of filmy romance? At least I can’t! Intellectually, I have several issues with this serial – but for now, I am happily luxuriating in the afterglow of Zaroon’s never ending charm – his killer smile and Shahzad Kashmiri’s to-die-for tight closeups – yes, I am a sap – I admit it!

And no, this was not just the Zaroon show, Kashaf was right alongside with him, more than matching him every step of the way. Though her mehndi has been playing hide and seek since the last episode, and the über chic Ghazala needs to take her new bahu shopping asap, Sanam Saeed was fabulous as the reluctantly falling in love Kashaf. Her stern expressions and the stiff body language gradually giving way to a softer, more relaxed Kashaf. Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 7.23.05 PMMuch like the coconut she sips from, Kashaf’s hard exterior hides a very soft untouched interior. Never having known what it feels like to be cherished, the way Zaroon is making her feel now, Kashaf is gradually melting. Hey! he even managed to coax a first ever heartfelt smile from her – sadly he was not there to witness it, happened while he was at the other end of town, but it was a happy beginning to their life together. Yes, she might be a harder sell than the rest of us female population put together, magar lage raho, kyonke yeh mitti bohot zarkhaiz hai Zaroon!

Even as I watched this episode like a besotted idiot, I did appreciate that it was not just about the candyfloss hearts and flowers moments, but embedded in there were also some insights into how Zaroon and Kashaf are going to approach their new relationship – what role will they assign to their spouse? The dinner conversation highlighted their very differing points of view; more than that though, it was really nice to see both of them begin their relationship on a serious note – yes, the roses and texts are all hot and heavy for now, but once the blinkers are off, it does take a little more than heat to sustain a relationship in the long term. For me, to see a chauvinist like Zaroon and a headstrong girl like Kashaf sit there and listen attentively to each other is what real romance is all about -respecting the other as an intellectually equal partner.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.37.13 AMWhere they go from here, and how long will Zaroon and Kashaf keep their patience with each other’s idiosyncrasies is what will be interesting from this point on. For now I’m happy watching them stroll around hand in hand.

Mansha Pasha was fabulous once again as the extremely patient and loving sister, but really Sidra, yaar you need to let Kashaf baaji fumble through this one on her own, and go take care of your own husband. Rafia offers so much advice to Kashaf, why not take a minute out and tell Sidra ke betaa, jao go back to the US? Also, how old is Shehnila again? Watching her excitement at the thought of new clothes on her own shaadi, I was hard-pressed to believe that this girl was on her way to becoming an engineer.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 2.39.39 PMAdding to my overall joy was the realization that this was the first truly Abba and Hammad free episode. Just that, by itself would have made me a happy camper today, but couple that with the heavy duty dose of Zaroon-Kashaf romance and my zindagi was beyond gulzar. Thank you team ZGH!

Aap sunayein, aap ki zindagi gulzar hui ya nahin? 

Written by SZ~


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  1. Absolutely, loved your comment on this episode of ZGH. I too have a trillion issues with the UA perceptions on socio-economic class and gender….UA must give the issue ……the rich kids not knowing their Islam and NGO women not knowing how to cook….. a rest!!!

    I agree with your detailed analysis on the last scene. It is interesting to see how the two opinionated protagonists are back at their usual ways (yes, Kashaf got her voice back!!). The relationship is difficult to execute and up till now they are both civilized to each other (listening and analyzing before jumping on conclusion)…but not for long I think. Mr. Chauvinist facial expression at the dinner table at Port Grand discussing gender roles said it all. He is clearly not on the same wavelength with Ms. Headstrong. I am so looking forward for the showdown!!!

    On this episode’s bloopers….Indeed the mehandi keeps coming and going….but what’s with the ring that Kashaf was talking about. I clearly remember it was a different one. Also, did anybody noticed the date on the text that Zaroon sent to Kashaf when he came to pick her up?! It dated 19 January or something. However, an episode back, Asmara sent him the congratulation text….it was MAY!!! Khair…timeline was never important in the case of this serial.

    • @Saima: LOL @ the timeline — so true … Also, Zaroon’s blue shirt and the rayban s were from an earlier time in college. It did take them almost a year to complete this one, and I guess by the time it was all said n done, they’d all forgotten where it all began!
      As for the rest, absolutely, I wholeheartedly agree with you and yes!! looking forward to that showdown 🙂

      • I noticed it too…. infect, too many times, Z kept wearing his shirts from college days right into his life as a foreign officer. Interesting same happened in HS. Remember Ashar’s laptop, car and a same wardrobe for four years.

        Btw, are you not glad the TV version is different and much relate-able compared to the original plot. I really like the Rom Com effect with the social message.

        • I like the change in theory, was not a huge fan of the novel to begin with, but I feel the serial has been was dragged too much. My problems throughout have been with the repetition, the uneven focus on Kashaf and Zaroon’s families, the reiteration of problematic stereotypes, and of course the by now famous absent timeline. If they had presented a tightly narrated balanced story, with the lighter notes interjected throughout, I would have called this one a classic, because it did have the potential to be one… but oh well, for now Im happy with the way the story’s progressing since the last two three episodes 🙂

        • Did you notice too that when Kashaf is hanging up her yellow salwar, first she has one hanger, then the scene cuts and all of a sudden she has two? Oops!

  2. I love you ….Thank you , wasn’t that what Muju said to Danees in Kuch pyaaar ka pagalpan? khair nice episode and a lovely review. Only Fawad could make us like Zaroon who seems like the worst kind of chauvanist. He likes Rafia because he thinks she is not as assertive as his own Mother. I think he may well be surprised to find out that Rafia maybe just as strong willed and her daughter even more so .I am still holding out hope that ZGH will not completely succumb to these class stereotypes . Perhaps Rafia and Kashaf will teach Zaroon to respect his mother more.

    • @Sadaf: LOL! Yes, KPKP was indeed memorable 🙂
      As for that thank you, for me, that made sense there Muju was so confused, all of a sudden that came out of nowhere, that he just blurted it out, and then later beat himself up about that .. here Kashaf, a CSS officer saying that to her husband was funny in a different way – but yeah love both instances equally – you can see the common denominator there 😉

    • soo true dafa, was reminded of that. Even FK must have been like- yeh scene mein kar chukha hoon pehle kabhi…

  3. Ok done watching! My Zindagi has suddenly become gulzaar hi gulzaar and I may or may not be watching this episode a few times until next Friday! How good looking is Fawad Khan. Like seriously , did they not consider the fragile hearts of the Pakistani female population when they did those close ups !?!? He is all shades of heart melting and the way he brings forth her softer interior…Even as a petulant husband feeling ignored, Fawad is totally adorable….and all that texting…sigh… I am sold. I don’t think I was this sold on Humsafar.

    I agree, Sanam Saeed is a powerful actor, she pulls off all her scenes amazingly well. A girl hardened by circumstances, un trusting, unfeeling , almost unable to fathom that this man can love her. The way she is slowly beginning to fall for him despite her ego is a treat to watch. That just goes to show how much we love a good chase and ZGH has been a completely watch worthy one.

    Along with all the sweet romance, it was also great to see them communicating better and interacting like equals. Both are smart and intellectual in their individual characters and the director extracts that well.

    Mansha Pasha, always always beaming, such a delight to watch!

    Great review ofcourse 🙂

  4. The best thing about this show is the caste. Whoever did the casting deserves a big round of applause. Everyone is so perfect in thier roles that it is hard to imagine anyone else in their places be it Rafia, Murtaza, Nigar, Ghazala, Sidra or Sara. Everyone is performing so well. And where to start about Fawad and Sanam……. These two are a revelation together. They are great in their individual scenes but in combined scenes, they bring out the best of each others performance. Remember the fight scene….then the whole wooing phase and then the newly wed romance…. Bothe are such great actors that they make even ordinary romance scenes seem like oohhhhh……their chemistry and their expressions……….i can’t gush enough. I am mentioning this because there were so many people who were unhappy with sanam’ s casting and kept copmparing her to Mahira. Well in my opinion Fawad and Sanam are way better together than Fawad and Mahira. You are free to disagree. This is just from what i have seen so far.

    • @Ume azhaan: You make very valid point about the casting – indeed very well done – and a round of applause to whoever chose the lead roles, Osama and Asmara, Im not too sold on, but yeah overall yes, definitely!
      Re: pairings, I thinks its the magic of the characters and they way they come alive that makes for a hit pairing. I personally loved Sanam and Fawad in Dastaan, but they could not recreate the same chemistry in Akbari Asghari and KPKP. Fawad and Mahira too were magic, but we have to see them again in a different setting, and same goes for this pair as well … That said, I can’t imagine anybody else playing Kashaf and Zaroon to such perfection – I’m joining you in the gushing 🙂

      • I was making a general point. Asamara to me was okay but Osama….. Somehow his voice killed every line he spoke. Yeah i agree with you on seeing them in a different setting. Well i am rooting for this couple……

        • i totally agree wid u Ume azhaan.. sanam is really great actor n fawad-sanam make the best couple as as compared to mahira .. sanam gives every expression so welll.. n the chem b/w sanam baloch n fawad is always awesome.. in AA the script was not so romantic so thats y we missed the chem.. otherwise their funny scenes were fab as usual.. 🙂

      • I did not like Mahira and Fawad together….find mahira very aritificial not a natural like sanam….sanam has an air of vulnerability and sincerity to her……even watched mahira’s interviews as an anchor……very aritificial….something about her is not right….a put on and sanam comes across as a sober and serious and very graceful person….

  5. Mein kya kahoon? Time hi nahin milta anymore….so busy this week. You said it all in your review….let’s just keep gushing shall we:))
    Have to say loved the dinner convo…very well done!
    Texting was also o cute…but Can Kashaf please buy a new phone ? Asst commissioner needs a smartphone don’t you think?
    Oh and how long has Sidra been in pak now…so true it’s a never ending vacation!, ab ghar bhi jao or she will start having marital problems with hubbie! Zaroon ka peecha ab chore do!
    Great episode though….team ZGH were indeed brilliant;)

    • @Sk- yes seriously, what is up with kashafs phone. Konse zamanay Ka hai? Does her job not give her a phone ??
      And as for Sidra I think woh kashaf ke bachon ke paidesh ke baad hi jayegi. She’s so annoying now.

  6. Loved this episode and your review:D

    I would term this episode as ‘Cute’. Zaroon and Kashf were adorable. The phone call scenes, the car scene( though it was spoiled for Kashaf by a flashback, never mind) EVERYTHING was so well-done. My love for this couple is mushrooming!

    FK OH FK! I can’t stop smiling goofily when he’s on screen. Honestly, How does he do it? These very cheesy lines could only be executed like ‘this’ by him. I can go n and on about him. Not just the romance part, his expressions at dinner-time were poignant. It seemed like he didn’t want a miss a single word she said. Hence, the spectacular show of expressions. During this scene, after they had exchanged their views, I would have liked to listen to Zaroon’s common line, ‘Point of Contradiction, AGAIN!’ Missed that in the latest episode:p

    Sanam was brilliant. I liked her stern expressions giving room to some smiles and some blushes. She was cute when pondering over the act of opening the gate. Bechara Zaroon! Kitna khush hota? :p

    Ghazala Aunty is so not a favourite with me. She’s highly educated and well-heeled but has poor thoughts. Saas keh qaseedey? Cook na Hona? Not impressed!

    @ sabeen, wow ! Hadn’t noticed the time line. Wakai mein:p
    Though, After the dinner scene,I thought the next episode will show their contradictions in practical life but no (Yay for us!) next episode will be just as happy/ easy on our heart as this one:D
    Waiting anxiously for the next episode/review!

    • @Heela: Girl! I was dying of laughter and thinking of you when Z changed K’s name from Churail Murtaza to My Wife!!! REmember our last week’s guftagoo on this topic? 😉

      • @Heela and SZ: Seriously i too of you both.. k kitni hushyar hain ye dono.. dimag khoob chalta hai tum logon ka:D

  7. @SZ, Congratulations on the Churail part. You were proved right:p
    He edited the name from Churail Murtaza to My wife:D

  8. I was hoping Zaroon had played footsie with Kashaf during lunch ! 😉
    Adorable romancing , zaroon is so charming, very classy and Kashafs bashfulness is endearing !

    • Deeba-lol footsie? yaar abhi itna smoldering scene chal raha (remember the wedding night?), phir toh censors would have been needed! maybe we can leave the rest to our fertile imaginations 😉

    • Awww! @Deeba, what a thought, its pleases the MillsnBoon reader in me 😉 who knows table ke neechey kya ho raha tha… let your imagination run wild here ! 😉

  9. Wow! What a review… 🙂
    Seriously after watching this episode we cant deny that yes ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and for some freaks like me ‘Zindagi Fawad Hai’ LOL 😀
    Hahahhaha i dont know how i’ll be able to control myself in the next episode..
    Fawad Khan is a superstar and he is proving that yeah!
    Zaroon Kashaf Romance Has Surely Taken Over Asher khirad’s 😉

    • @Maryam :Thanks! LOL! I agree that Z and K are hot, magar Ashar and Khirad had such an innocence, bara hi masoomana qisam ka romance tha un ka … I am hard pressed to pick on over the other 😉

      • Agreed. Zaroon and kashaf are definitely awesome together…but watching Ashar and khirad was so beautiful and innocent even in the scenes where they hated each other…they were mesmerizing.

  10. SFK, please apne miyan ki nazar utar lo and kuch din usko ghar par hi rakho- kahin koi accident waghaira na ho jaaye- is poori qom ki nazar ussi pe hai 🙂
    Super review SZ, agreed with everything (though Sidra continues to irritate). Needless to say , like you all I love the romance; specially when Fawad is there to make each scene special……but at times it’s almost as if the makers are trying to give us such a huge doze of romance- ke hum sub chup kar ke khushi se baith jain. Agreed, we all wanted it to happen but I feel cheated that it took them 19ep to make things interesting for us. They should have had more Z-K scenes from the 1st ep, fighting and all and then switched modes around ep 10, finished the drama by 16th ep or so.
    The romance in Humsafar was seemlessly blended in, with other scenes coming in too – but this seems as if “FK mil gaya hai, full on romance dikhao”….or am I being too cynical?
    Fawad, we love you playing a romantic hero, but plz keep doing other ‘hatke’ roles as well….pleeeease!

    • @Afia – I think Kashaf is also irriteated from Sidra. She asks such personal questions ke had nahi. “what he say when he put the ring, do you miss him, did you call him” .. matlab ke get out of her grill and mind your business woman..

      I think FK makes the perfect chocolate hero , ke ab humay koi aur pasand bhi nahi aayega.

            • Its actually pretty common .. I know so many of my friends, male and female, who continue to refer to their moms and dads in-law as aunty and uncle, particularly if they’ve been calling them that since before their marriage into the family.. More interesting to see what K calls Ghazala?

  11. “Romance is all around ”

    Your reviews are cherry on top !

    Fk k baray mai tu sab nay kah diya aur kahtay rehtay hain, he’s a charming killer ….:) !!but my comment is exclusively for SS.. is one of genuinely marvellous actor, her expressions n timings are simply awsome …. very right on time. after talkhiyan and Zgh im her fan! Not sure, probably its too early to say but she’s Khalida Riyasat or Rohi banu kinda actress. .. acting is all about the expressions -and she got the talent.

    • I totally agree with you. I first spotted her in daam. And since then both amina and sanam saeed are climbing up my favourites chart. It is also because sometimes both these actresses are judged unfairly on the basis of their looks. Both of these actresses are genuine actors but they don’t get the same hype as some actresses who are mediocre in talent but get a lot hype bacause they conventionally pretty!

  12. ZGH has made me an official fan of FK he really carried his charm on the screen successfully . It was so cute when Kashaf offered her chewing gum he was blushing from ear to ear and his face went so red. Your review is so much fun . Zindagi waqii gulzar hai 🙂

  13. Great episode! Zindagi gulzar he gulzar hai 😀
    here again, nothign more left to say, u guys have already said it all, but seriously one of the very sweet episode of the show, and the romance was just too cute n sweet and so novelish!
    Fawad Khan is our Pakistani version of Mc Dreamy ! i dont thinki need to praise him again , everywhere, be it younf girls, mothers, granny’s they are all losing it over his charms, the man creates magic on screen! ufff. and those lashes !! and the close ups. maar daala waqai 😀
    sanam saeed is also doing a great job, the softness that is coming onto her is potrayed very nicely. kudos to her
    looking forward to the next couple of episodes, till trouble comes at the gulzaaar zindagi of kashan and zaroon!!
    keep it up Fawad Khan. WE LOVE YOU !!!

  14. @SZ haha ! I know , I was waiting for that particular scene to as to see whether he edited it from Churail too. He did! He did! And you were proved right:p

    @Afia, I agree with ‘ FK mil Gaya hai, full on romance dikhao’ very true!

    • I laughed when I saw “Leechar” as his contact name, and **loved** both their expressions when they edited their contact info and changed it to husband and my wife. Her smile is so innocent amd beautiful on those moments. And Fawad’s tone of voice and inflections are always perfect for his lines – they match the dialogue so well. When he said “my wife”, his voice conveyed amazement, love, surprise – as if he was still trying to come to terms with the fact that Kashaf Murtaza agreed to marry him. Was their a scene in the past that they showed churail Murtaza on his phone??

      • @Nur: first of all welcome, fabulous to have you join is our crazy convos 🙂
        No there was no real scene as such, but last week when they had shown the promos and K changing Z’s name, we had started discussing if Z was also gonna do the same, and if so, what would he have named her, and we came to conclusion that he would have her down as Churail, considering that that name was a part of their turbulent history, and Z had also referred to her as Churail when he calls her on the phone as well … so it was pretty fun to see that we had been right!

        • @SZ: thank you, shukriya for the welcome!! I love this page and your insights. I like reading other people’s perspectives. And I am excited about the upcoming episodes but also sad that its going to be over soon. Anyway, love hanging with you guys and analyzing (to the point of obsession, sometimes 😉

          And yes, although I thoroughly enjoy the discussion, psychoanalysis (as you can see from my long posts – sorry!) I also like that I can come here and gush about the romance and the chemistry, and FK and SS. Hidden deep down under all the analysis and rationality is a sappy romantic who melts at the Zaroon-Kashaf romance 😉

        • if you have noticed he replaces churail murstaza by My wife while Kashaf replaces leechar by just Husband ….no my to it…..she is still unsure….

  15. Epic episode filled eith romance which of course we all loved …..Fk and SS were awesome!!! but I also felt it gave us a very insightful view into kashafs mind about her role as a wife and what marriage was for her!
    Indeed she is no pao ki jooti and zaroon serms to understand that so what exactly is his view??? He kows she is strong , has her own opinions, working and not kamzor so Im confused as to what his stance was at end. Men should have final say?? I am also excited for this convo to come up again…. I loved kashafs dialogues both at that dinner and with her mom!!
    Ok so I loved the phonecall scenes even I got butterflies…is this guy for real???
    Any gitls getting married this year after watching this….what will they be expectin???
    Those new husbands better step up!!!
    Oh and yes rafias house again was one of the best scenes…brilliantly done, the texting and glances….beautiful!!!
    I’m wondering though will kashaf tell him about murtaza and how she grew up…interested to see how Zaroon deals with all that??
    So excited for next epi…more love flowing out and .some more gulzarness for us….yipee can’t wait!

    • To be honest, in normal circumstances these two would never be in a relationship. Having said that, I think Zaroon thinks of Kashaf as somewhat more accommodating compared to his mum, sister and ex. Again this is something I don’t get from UA….why must women from lower class (whether educated, working or not) portrayed to compromise and behave as ‘good’ wives.

      I have always believed that womanhood must be cherished but in out society it becomes an overwhelming task no matter which class you belong to. Look at how Z and dad treats Ghazala. Surely, she has not neglected the children entirely. Sadly, Sarah/Asmara track was not treated properly because that could justify the her reasons of being so ‘headstrong’ or whatever Z think or her. Heck the poor mum was always there at time with her family, right from episode 1.

      Coming back to the dinner at Port Grand, and judging from Z’s uncomfortable expressions, I am also in opinion that he has to learn more about Kashaf and her personality. His reasons for the marriage are based on her ‘good’ character and not so ‘liberal’ lifestyle (she had no bf at school and comes home by midnight)…needs to be checked. Certainly, the idea that a man is the head of the house is not digestible to Kashaf and as you have rightfully mentioned story of the deadbeat dad must be told in a true light.

      • I don’t think that all middle class women are portrayed as accomodating. let’s take Nigaar for example.

        I guess so far I have taken the drama at face value, and think that Kashaf and her mother represent one type of middle class family. If UA, wanted to sanctify the middle class she wouldn’t have showed Kashaf’s father as a rishwat-khor and Nigaar as a scheming second wife.

        In the same way, I don’t think Ghazala’s character represents all upper class women either. As a successful NGO career woman, she is quite different than the upper-crust,SAHM socialites that many people aspire to be. Quite frankly, in her exchange with Zaroon about “saas kay qasiday”, I sensed a little bit of insecurity or jealousy, because she already knows that Zaroon has issues with their own household.

        The wuzu-namaz scene was unnecessary since I really don’t think they need to take that anywhere. There are plenty of non-practicing Muslims from all walks of life. I figured she was trying to inject humor, or perhaps, show how confident Zaroon was also uncomfortable in their world.

        • @Nur. Good point. I have issues with Rafia accommodating nature and how she accepts her husbands’s 2nd marriage, stepson Hammad, father’s irresponsible and callous behavior towards the daughters that I overlooked Nigar’s characterization.

          • @Saima: yes, I totally don’t agree with Rafia’s blind acceptance of Murtaza’s behavior (which btw, is entirely repulsive, his late found love for his daughters reeks of his own desire to ride on the coattails of their successes). Thank goodness Rafia has stood up for her daughters every time it mattered – kashaf’s university, sajjad’s proposal, Sidra’s wedding.

            I, like Kashaf, don’t accept in blind acceptance of a husband’s actions, by the mere justification that he is majaazi khuda. I don’t disagree that a husband might be the sabraraah, but part of that is seeing your wife as a valuable counterpart.

            I think men do want to lead and protect, but the sign of a good leader is the ability to surround himself with strong people who contribute, advise and support. The best person to be that advisor, support is an intelligent, compassionate wife. Kashaf was 100% right on the fact that men and women may never balance two sides of a scale, after all gender differences have too many different dimensions, to expect total equity. However, respect should be same, the expectation of fidelity should be the same, the importance of the husband/wife role should be the same.

            Do I think that a liberated woman should regularly be out at 2 am by herself or with a casual acquaintance? Personally, no. Nothing good happens at that hour. It’s just simply not a smart decision – it makes you vulnerable.

            Just my two cents… 🙂

            • @Nur Agreed…you have put it very well. I am guessing there will be fireworks soon, looking forward to how they deal with them!

            • Nur – 100% agree with you. I am a doctor/working mother of 2, happily married, but feel that there are still things that are appropriate/inappropriate. I think Zaroon was willing to listen because Kashaf was not interested in being his complete equal – “is tarah ke barabari mein mujhe koi dil jaspi hi nahin hai”, but she also made it very clear that she would not be his “paon ki jhuti”. Big difference.

  16. You made me laugh !!! I said the same thing to Sidra … Baita Kia visa expire ho Gaya Kay you are not going back ! Is she going back after Hammad’s wedding .. Ha ha ha ..
    A good episode , loved Sanam all the way … For me she is truly awesome as Kashaf , she brought Kashaf’s character to life . FK is FK after all .
    I agreed with what Kashaf said about that you can’t balance wife and husbands roles equally on a scale and she is not even interested in balancing either . Looking forward to Umera’s take on that in next few episodes as I really want the young girls to learn something as well that its not all roses , rings and romance .
    Keep it up , enjoyed your review as usual .

    • LOL @Sheema: I guess shaadi ke baad betiyaan waqai apne gharon main hi acchi lagti hain 😉 And, Rafia should tell this to Kashaf as well… as it is they have only two weeks off and us main se bhi shes already spent 2 days at her mom’s alone and now they’re back again at mom’s in the next ep! Why couldn’t they go away for ten days to understand each other better, especially since they’re going to be apart again?!

      • I agree…. they could have at least gone to Murree (Northern Pakistan) if not Malaysia for a short honeymoon.

      • Kiya karain SZ … Hum ladkiyan are very chalaak !! We HAVE to go to AMMI KAY GHAR … even if its for an hour or a day !!! This is very natural and we are all guilty of that !!! may be this way Kashaf would realise that Zaroon may be a chauvinist but he is not a snob , and Zaroon would see how remarkable Kashaf and her family is , despite all the difficulties in there lives , they worked hard to make something out of there lives . For me this is the best part and lesson for all the struggling middle class families that not to give up , keep trying with all the sincerity and belief in God .

  17. Enjoyed ur review..but thats nothing unusual 🙂 very well written!

    For me.. best part of episode was last scene.. the way both interacted maturely and and with poise.. and most importantly listening to each other with patience.. i think both were right in their own perspective…while Kashaf’s point was fair enough, i thought Zaroon’s part was equally justified..but how they understand and respect each other points will be interesting to watch.. so looking forward to that!

    Coming to phone call and texting scene..urmmm i found it seriously ‘OK’.. didn’t had goosebumps or that X- effect but yes their chemistry was brilliant.. FK was killer as always and SS was marvelous in portraying different shades…’i love you’ and ‘thankyou’ was epic 😀 i didn’t saw KPKP, thats why found interesting and new!

    Rafia was seriously headache.. gosh can we move on from this house..next episode again K’s maayka..but precap seems good and it better be same.. don’t want dhoka happening again!

    Next week 20th episode.. WOW and now something ‘happening’ has started 😀

  18. LOVE the drama and I’m so happy to have found the blog, because heaven knows I can’t get enough of ZGH!!!! I’ve read your last three reviews and they are so well written. I am enjoying delving into the characters and the scenes. Can’t wait for the next few weeks!

  19. Hola ladies!

    I’m chiming in a bit late because I didnt want to be a buzzkill. Honestly I wasnt really bowled over by this episode.Yes, FK made me feel weak in the knees, the same affect he has 90% of female population but the whole episode was so choppy to me that half the time I was checking links to make sure I didnt miss anything.

    First the should I call, should I not…finally who called? I’m guessing it was Kashaf at Rafia’s insistence.
    Then he is miffed at her for not replying to his ‘do you love me’? and the very next scene he is gooey eyed and asking for a sip of chai. What the heck happened in the car? I was waiting to see him badger her into telling him something. (but FK looked so sinfully hot there :P) I’m blaming it all the edited ‘iss aadmi ki ajeeb si aadat hai’. that must have happened that night.
    Then the whole conversation by the water…..I mean I loved it but it ended so abruptly and what was the point? and next week they are all gooey eyed again. What in the world is going on? this whole episode felt like it went nowhere. They are both a bit old fashioned but I dont see what love and tolerance cant overcome.

    I loved loved loved the actual interaction between them, the hesitance, the dizziness of first love, the disbelief that its actually happening…the covert glances etc…all were beautiful and had my heart melting but it felt so off because of the editing or lack of it.:( I can watch it for the romance but not to see the story progress.

    And why is Kashaf so shocked or surprised or anything by his lack of praying skills? Its not like she is such a big fan of it anyway?

    So Zaroon has gotten married to a stranger. Funny, how the values he adores are going to haunt him too. Zaroon is a stranger to Kashaf too.

    SZ, thanks for the review, loved it, loved the scenes, but not feeling the love for this episode.

    FK, you need to come with a warning label!!! You are an assault on my senses!! 😛

    • Aish, watch Dastaan and your senses will be run over and crushed! (but don’t let the politics bother you!)

      • Hi Afia!! Hehe funny you should mention Dastaan…Because I cant get enough of FK, I recently went on a marathon and watched KPKPBT and AshK and his movie aaj kuch na kaho or something…I didnt like both the shows or the movie…So I decided to overlook politics and watch Dastaan..It was difficult for me to watch initially and I would FF the politics part of it but I got used to it slowly and it just became a story about Bano’s journey . At least thats how I chose to look at it because I dont want to get into India/Pakistan politics and it could have happened to any woman anywhere. I watched till episode 19 and I’m gathering courage to watch the rest because I know the ending. Her story is just incredibly heartbreaking. Makes you cry so often.
        ..people thinking they will find utopia and that longing they have to go back home. I cant imagine that feeling. I cant imagine never being able to go back home and it happened to so many people on either side.

        Anyway coming to the more important topic of FK …haiyeeeeeeeeeeee he is soo sooo I dont know what I cannot describe him….As romantic Hassan…..uff I need a fan 😛
        Later on though I have a love-hate relationship with Hassan. But Fawad…holy moly…He is mind blowing ..I watched those romantic scenes over and over again..and I wont tire of them 🙂 esp that tree scene…”chahe woh tumse kitne hi kyun na pyaar karta ho”…I love that scene 🙂

        I better stop gushing now 🙂

        • Don’t get us started on Hassan Bano scenes now….:p
          How about ” Mujh se shadi karogi”
          So many more too that are just brilliant!

          • SK, that terrace scene was magical. The leads, their chemistry, his incredible eyes and voice, photography …it was goosebumpilicious

            Ash, I can only agree. its not debatable at all 🙂

            FK, has an amazing ability to create scorching chemistry with anyone. Even a sack of potatoes. With both , Bano and Rabia..he is fantastic. 😛

        • Love him as Hassan- more so with Rabia!
          “Kya yeh meri khudgharzi ho gi agar mein kahoon keh na jaao?”
          “Aapki khudgharzi peh meri jaan qurbaan”.

      • Oh my – just finished watching Dastan. I think this is the only serial in which I have actually liked Mehreen Raheal! FK was of course AWESOME. The OST is haunting. Am humming it in my head….I cannot fathom that FK could play the role of the torn Romeo so flawlessly. Amazing.

        • Afia, as much as I was drooling over the smitten Hassan wooing Rabia ( I mean who can resist that?) I could not enjoy it whole heartedly because some part of me wanted him to wait for Bano..and she was almost there. But life is never so simple. But yes as a woman its impossible to resist him :P..I think thats half my reason for not loving Hassan fully, faithfully, blindly like I do his other characters 🙂

          BSK…the OST ..its so so melodious and haunting . I keep listening to that one and the one from Daam.

  20. @SZ, loved your review!
    Aish, totally agree with you….the scenes were not linked at many places…very annoying!! Especially the lunch scene at Rafia’s place, where Zaroon is sulking at Kashaf, and then the next scene has Kashaf siffping chai the next morning, staring out of a CLOSED window?? What can she see that I could not??
    @Sabeen, its not just the Pakistani women who have fragile hearts….SIGH!!!!!

  21. I love ZGZ- It’s an engaging,  well directed story with solid actors . The story has managed to engage us all despite the glaring flaws . Having said that, I think the attempted romance in the last two episodes was very unconvincing and khawateen digest inspired. A guy like zaroon, who has freely mixed with the other gender and is experienced with relationships  would never ever ever ask his fiancé to look at the freakin moon or deliver the cliched sappy dialogues he delivered in the last teo episodes. ( even my hubby commented how i should be thankful he isn’t a paindoo chichora like zaroon- amen to that). The sequences between the two wouldve been believable if the story happened in the 1940s or if zaroon had never mixed with the other gender due to being shy, a nerd, religious, or sheltered. but we know that he isn’t any of those. I am actually not even convinced that such a guy would ever chase around a girl like her and insist on marriage without 

    Watching their ‘romance’ made me wonder how this was the same writer who created the very believable chemistry between the two leads in doraha( before the in laws ruined everything). This seems very farhat Ishtaq inspired romance. Even zaroon’s mom reminds me of attiqa odho’s character from humsafar.

    Umera I beg you to take a break from writing until you come up with something more novel and believable!

    • I agree with you , the story is completely crap. In fact, story toh koi hai hi nahi. its Fawad Khan ka jadoo jo dramay ko chala raha hai! 😉

      • I disagree with you ash. This is a very nice story. Fawad khan is not running the show. The truth is this role is made for him. If fawad khan could run a show then all his dramas would have been a hit. The truth is it is a nice story about how two completely different people make a successful marriage. The performances are really good of nearly all the actors in the show. In fact in my opinion it is the performance of the lead characters that is running the show. This show is a complete package of good story, strong characters and great performances. Yes it has its flaws but we should stop nit picking and over criticising evrything.

        • You can disagree, thats okay! 🙂 We all have our opinions and mine is that this story is problematic and full of flaws.
          but because FK is so gorgeous we tend to miss out on all that! 🙂
          I also think the editors did a bad job with it as well, How did they end up back to KHI and having chai?
          Why can’t Rafia give it up on her lecture. I mean no offense but she should be the last person to give marital advice to anyone. I know as a mother its her duty and what not , which is fine but every darn time gets really annoying.
          Itni advice dena ka shauk hai toh, tell Sidra to go back home and stop budding into Kashaf’s business.
          Its really annoying when she asks her all these personal questions about their married life…. Woman get your own life.

          And not really sure how successful this marriage is going to be, because whatever Zaroon is looking for, is not Kashaf! 🙂

          • Well, as far as chai ka scene is concerned, she is back with zaroon at his place. May be nothing happened after they returned from rafia’s house. I mean they also have to move the story forward and they can’t keep on showing their every move. As far as rafia’s marital advices are concerned, i think she is the perfect person to give marital advice as she has a failed relationship behind her and after so many years, she is probably very much aware how and when can a relationship go wrong. This os just my perspective. It’s a very glass half full half empty situation.

          • Ash lol…. I get your frustration and agree with what you said. It’s a lovely story and all but mostly because of good dialogues and marvelous actors. Otherwise the flaws are glaring and the problems quite cliched Unless they really do have new types of marital problems. I know what you mean about rafia. I usually love her talks but this time it was rinse repeat. Just last week she said the same things. Party pooper 😦 maybe this week whatever she said was just foreboding of what is to come . Communication gaps Coupled Z’s sky high expectations .

            Ume Azhaan, I think everyone was upset by the chai scene because at the table Zaroon was annoyed and then the very next scene he is so happy with no explanation . And I was double upset because they edited out the Ajeeb aadat scene:(

            • Aah – it only takes a bit of an active imagination to conjure up a reason why FK would be happier in the morning then we was at lunch the previous day…a night has intervened my friends 😉

          • @Ash: totally agree with you… This is neither a good depiction of novel nor a well formed different story.. And only saving grace is fk n ss chemistry which seems more hot after marriage;) rafia lectures have crossed their limits… After one point u start getting annoyed seriously…

      • Ash yaar I’m going to disagree. Now Ashk was crap and we were definitely only watching that for Fk. But even the character of Rohail wasnt memorable I mean even the leading ladies were useless in that. I do not remember any memorable scenes or dialogues!!!Sanam saeed is fab in this and they have great chemistry. An actor can only do so much. You definitely need a good enough story with good dialogues, yes it can be slightly weak and I admit there are lots of flaws but there are also lots of amazing scenes we have watched too. It also keeps the interest alive as in what will happen after marriage. Some of the dialogues have been brilliant, and thats what have made Zaroon kashaf exchanges memorable.

        • @SK- I completely agree with you. Love sanam Saeed as kashaf. They both have amazing on screen chemistry. Story achi ho na ho but I am totally enjoying all their scenes together!! :). They look fab.
          Also really looking forward to post marital tension between the couple.

    • I seemed to have left a sentence incomplete. I meant to say that it’s strange that a mature adult like zaroon who had prior relationships would practically hound a girl to marry him without being friends or at least discussion his views. He knows how stubborn she is , so any person with half a brain would at least discuss major issues before getting married to her. Also I found it pretty khawateen digest that zaroon only noticed kashaf’s features AFTER they got married…. RIGHT

      • Who else cringes every time samina peerzada says BETA( at te sart and en of every sentence) . It sounds so fake

      • I don’t think Zaroon has married Kashaf because he loves her. No he does not love her. He married her because she was unlike any other girl he ever met and he admired her and thought they can have a successful marriage together because he is not happy with the kind of lifestyle his parents had. The romance is just to show how they both are falling for each other after marriage and what changes they bring about in each other’s life.

    • I think the point of these sort of romances is suddenly looking at someone in new light and then falling in love with them. Its not exactly gradual though they try hard to portray it like that at times. Thats somewhat the premise of most mill and boon stories too. Clumsy heroine and then that clumsiness is so endearing and then she dresses up and voila…madly in love 🙂

      The same thing happens in Humsafar too. He doesnt really notice her till he overhears her talking to his dad. And then she dresses up :). Even Khirad starts looking at him differently when he starts treating her well , same as Kashaf. Till then she is indifferent to him, hurt too.
      Again second time around he only rethinks his decision when he overhears her talking to her friend and rejecting him. Suddenly its a whole new perspective. At least thats the feeling I get because I cant think of too many explanations about why he suddenly realizes he still loves her:)

      Otherwise I agree with you, its impossible for a guy like Zaroon to be like this. Much less say ‘lakdkiyon se baat karna kitna mushkil hota hain’ on his wedding night. Thats probably why cynical Kashaf is analyzing everything in her head while we get the voice over.

      • So, there are a few people who take issue with Zaroon’s particular brand of romance…

        Simply put, this drama is a romance first and foremost, I think it is pointless to argue that they wouldn’t be together in the real world – which could very well be true. Dramas for the most part are escapism and we often have to suspend reality in order to enjoy them.

        Zaroon could have had any girl on the campus, but there was always one who eluded him, who was unattainable. I’m sure there were girls of various means and different statuses on the campus, but at the end of the day he was the object of most of their desires and thus did not hold much of a challenge. Marrying within his social circle, example: Asmara, would have been easy and expected, but he clearly expresses that he doesn’t like her attitude and the way she lives her life.

        I think he chooses Kashaf because she is so different from the other women in his life. She is strong and she has unwavering principles that seem to be grounded in virtue and self-preservation. I don’t think he knows how to deal with her. She doesn’t even fit into the typical middle class mold – many lower/middle class girls in her situation would welcome the advances and attention from a man like Zaroon. And even if they didn’t they might be afraid to challenge him or rebuke him like she did the first day of classes.

        When Zaroon said “Kitnaa ajeeb lagtaa hai larkiyon say baat karna, mushkil”, I think he was being sarcastic/tongue-in-cheek. I think he was making fun of himself and trying to make Kashaf feel more at ease. Her body language/expressions to that sentence seem to say, “Yeah right!”. And then he followed up with his comment about “Khaas taur pay aik aisi larki say, jo aap ko bohat pasand ho”. I think he’s trying to really break the ice between them, with a little bit of humor, some honesty.

        She’s unlike any other girl he knows so he is cautiously trying to figure her out. I really think he is feeling insecure too, because he has revealed how he feels and she is not reciprocating those feelings. He is falling/has fallen in love with her and she still can’t say she loves him. Even in the real world, that is a very difficult situation, that makes you feel vulnerable to hurt and disappointment.

        All in all, I love their interaction and how they are navigating this romance. I look forward to the next few episodes, for the sappy/cheesy/melt-your-heart parts ❤ and also the intellectual debates/discussions of their principles too! FAK and SS are absolutely perfect with their dialogues, expressions, voices, body language – and credit must be given to the director for that, she has brought out the best in both of them. There are a lot of Humsafar fans who don’t like SS, I think she is perfect for the role, and the two actors have amazing chemistry!!

        • True, it’s suspended reality for all the reasons you mentioned but I don’t think Z was being sarcastic when he said that. It’s the plain truth just said with a touch of humor. With K he does feel comfortable laughing at himself .but in the voice over he says I have nothing much to say other than tareef but too much tareef might go to her head . Even in the car ride he reflects upon how they have nothing to talk about. So I don’t think he was sarcastic, I think he really was lamenting on how difficult it is to make conversation. Which many have said is going to be the reason for their marital problems.

          • I don’t disagree with you, but something tells me in that scene as he sits next to her and looks at her that he is being tongue-in-cheek, because she knows him well and knows that he is a flirt – it’s a hard sentence to “hazam”, knowing that. That’s why it looks like she’s rolling her eyes. I really think he is trying to get a response from her, any response. And the followup comment is him admitting that in her case, he does frind it mushkil, because he cares about her, with the other girls he was just flirting, this girl (Kashaf) matters and he cares how she perceives him.

            In another conversation he teases her about the fact that she can stop him from anything except talking to girls, he is not denying his past or his habit of flirting with girls, and she actually reacts to that: “tum ab bhi larkion say baat karogay”, I think that’s what he wanted her to say, usually she is so indifferent, he wants her to show that he cares.

            I agree that he does find it hard to talk to her, that’s why he says “khaas kar kay aisi larki say jo aap ko bohat pasand hai”. Kashaf is so closed off and aloof – I think this is a means of self-preservation and points to her own insecurities and trust issues, but it has to make it so much harder for Zaroon. Despite all his apologies, they have bad history and mistrust between them – how do you get beyond hate and transform it to love.? He started that transformation process subconsciously years ago and especially after his conversation with Osama.

            She has only despised him through these years, it’s a long road she has to go down – although her latest diary entry (at her mom’s house) implies that she is falling in love: “Aur main ussay nafrat karnay kay qaabil hi nahin rahi… jahan main dekhti hoon woh maujood hota hai…” which btw, is my favorite-est 😉 romantic scene so far.

            My favorite Zaroon line: “Kyoonkay ab tumharay mujhsay laaparvaah hona mumkin hee nahin”. My heart flutters every time I see that scene. There are so many layers under that statement – he knows he is getting to her, despite the “khafgi” and pulling the hand away, she is melting and he knows it – he’s probably happy, proud of himself, relieved… Oh well, I hope Friday comes soon!!!

            • Nur – this is my favorite scene too! I love how Kashaf gets all flustered after Zaroon says that to her! Then the following lines give me goosebumps!

              “Bataon, aajoo tumhare pas abhi?”

              “Itni raat ko?”

              “Kyun? Ek shohr apni biwi ke paas itni raat ko nahin aasakta kya?”

              His voice is mesmerizing 🙂

            • Nur, I love your comment….I think we are saying the same thing, it was tongue in cheek, you can see the self-deprecating humor in his eyes but it does hold an element of truth in it. I think he knows that too and thats what he is trying to find a way around it.

              Anyway, coming to the scene you mentioned, I am a huge fan of that scene too. My friend and I keep talking about it and I must have watched it 10 times till now. Like BSK mentioned it was good to see her getting hot and bothered because it confirmed that he hit bullseye. He put in words everything she is struggling to admit. And he says it with such quiet confidence. I’m glad he knows what she feels. At least suspects it. I love how she never denies wanting to be with him. She doesnt admit it but doesnt deny it either.

              I do think he is already in love with her. He may not know her completely but heck we discover new things about our spouses everyday but have loved them anyway. Its just a test of how tolerant and non-judgmental their love for each other will be.

  22. Love Rafia’s advices and trust in God. Good to have UA putting some sense in girls that caring cooking or helping doesn’t make u servant. Just like mothers cook n help children out of love doesn’t make them servants…
    Love the concept portrayed that has to do more on principles and good family foundation than what most ppl assume it to be difference in classes. This is about all families , rich or poor, western or eastern, educated or not educated… It’s about king (husband) and queen (wife)…. Yes the final say should belong to a leader after consultation n respect for a “right” advice not desirous crappy want of socialising.
    I’m happy that this drama is at least sending the message that’s it not about fighting for freedom…. It’s about respect, love n compromise n yes mothers need to be GUIDES n good mentors…. There is more to a role of mother than just having tea/breakfast with family… It’s not raising confused children with unclear direction. Like her daughter Sara said being a mom she should guide what’s correct rather than just give in to tantrum of a child.
    Hope everyone takes good lesson from Rafia’s advices :)! N well zaroon is definitely not chauvinist!!! Conservative is good otherwise society goes to dogs like west r going – broken homes , ego issues and many factors…. What he doesn’t like I also don’t like n I’m a girl n I’m definitely not chauvinist…! It’s about principles – whether ppl get it wrong from drama. One more point, it’s not 1940s… These love gestures still exist – n good for it to exist before ppl act like robots.

    • @Future: Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts so beautifully.. enjoyed reading your well -thought out comment. Whether we agree or disagree with the characters or the story, I have to say the discussions that follow have so much meaning, because we all learn so much from each other’s perspectives….. looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

      • Glad to know your feedback on my comment. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and thanks for 19yr old FK video post…didnt know he acted that way too :)!
        ZGH is such an addiction – worth watching multiple times…

  23. Awesome review – I am totally in love with this serial!

    I do have a question…can anyone tell me what Zaroon asks Kashaf at the beginning of the Grand Port scene, before they sit down (before the chewing gum scene?) He asks her if she does something, and she says yes, and then chuckles…what does he ask her?

    Thanks so much!

      • Thanks – I tried to go back and listen to it…but the audio doesn’t sound right – but I think you are right, Nur! Shukriya 🙂

          • thanks, SZ. What do you think he said? If this is because of choppy editing and we are somehow being referred back to the shared chai in the morning and the hot spilled “chai ka cup” that led to Kashaf’s acceptance of Zaroon’s proposal, then I guess the question makes sense….

            • @BSK: Nur was right, he did say kiya tum chai thandi kar ke peeti ho .. and I have clue what this referring to… not sure how that spilled chai ka cup fits in to this … but lets see …

            • I think its cause they had chai before the popcorn! 😉
              Too much chai in this drama. Pehle the cup that almost spilled on Kashaf, then she feeds him chai, then they talk about chai, last but not least lots of chai drinking in Rafia’s house..

          • Lol its not just at Rafias house man!! Didn’t you guys notice everytime z is sitting with mom or dad…its chai time!!

            • Karachi-walay are famous for their chai-drinking 😉 – it’s like they always have a cup at hand.

            • True ,
              Also chai is a must in every drama , no matteahappening .
              Tea seems to be an integral part of our daily routine .
              In every drama , khushi ya ghum , chai lazmi hai 🙂

  24. Also – another question for anyone out there. Why does Kashaf keep going back to her mother’s house? Is this customary?

    • @BSK: I think it is pretty typical for girls to come back to stay at their parents house for a day or two right after they get married .. but again it depends from family to family and on their particular circumstances. What do all of you guys say? customary?

  25. @SZ: thanks…I was just wondering if ZGH was doing this to further delineate the class differences, and maybe give Zaroon a chance to prove to Kashaf that he is not as spoiled as she might think….like the broken fan and power outage in the promo for episode 20….

    • True.. I think this is al a part of that… although I have to say power outages and water shortages affect and annoy the rixh as well… just not to the extent they would bother someone not as fortunate. I know I have had the tap run dry on many occasions while I’ve been in Karachi, and the power outages are very annoying when you are working on the internet and the cable goes off suddenly … but again this is a drama, so I guess we give them margin for dramatic license 🙂

      • Dramatic license, indeed! FK and thoose gorgeous eyelashes of his can have all the dramatic license he wants 🙂

        • LOL true that !! FK ko sab gunah maaf! and yes, lovely to have you on board as well .. Its fab to have so many new friends join in .. all the more discussions and so many more viewpoints – maza aayega 😀

          • @SZ – it is nice to be part of a forum where everyone is so interested in ZGH. It makes the week go by faster!

            • I completely agree. I have so many things to do, but all I am thinking about is this Friday. Friday kab aayegaa?!! Kashaf Zaroon say kucch to izhaar karay. Hai, issi sochh mein mubtila hein, aur waqt hai kay guzartaa hi nahin 😉

  26. Ok, so, not diverting attention away from our ZGH discussion, but was just watching this on YT and thought Id share it here with friends who’ve recently gotten introduced to FK.. this is a clip from his Jutt and Bond – his very first acting gig, way back when in 2000, when he was 19….

  27. I disagree with you ash. This is a very nice story. Fawad khan is not running the show. The truth is this role is made for him. If fawad khan could run a show then all his dramas would have been a hit. The truth is it is a nice story about how two completely different people make a successful marriage. The performances are really good of nearly all the actors in the show. In fact in my opinion it is the performance of the lead characters that is running the show. This show is a complete package of good story, strong characters and great performances. Yes it has its flaws but we should stop nit picking and over criticising evrything.

    • Agree with you Zoya. I watched Ashk and thought it was terrible – and I really wanted to like it because Fawad was in it, but I didn’t!

  28. @Aish and @BSK:

    Happy to know it wasn’t just my heart that was set aflutter by the second late-night phone convo! 🙂 Most people say the chai-sharing scene is their favorite, and I enjoyed that too, but for me it doesn’t even come close to this exchange between Kashaf and Zaroon.

    Aish, I agree 100% with your take on that scene, his quiet confidence, her not denying it (which I think should speak volumes to him) – that’s why it’s my favorite. Look at their body language, his husky, smoldering voice, who wouldn’t melt???

    Kashaf, sitting on her bed, writing her diary, looking around, because she sees him everywhere. When she answers the phone, her voice is quiet, sweet, expectant. I don’t think she knows what to do about her growing feelings – she just listens and is falling deeper. Her jawab of “jee…” to his question, is just so innocent, yet loaded with so much more – she doesn’t deny it, she doesn’t argue with him, she doesn’t give him a witty/sarcastic reply – it’s like she wants to hear those words, after all like Aish said he hit it on the bullseye.

    And to me what makes this so special is that they are across town, not in the same room, yet they are conveying so much emotion. They are newlyweds, still figuring out their feelings, but their is no denying that they do want to be together. I love the fact that he is trying so hard to coax out these emotions from her, just like he promised on their wedding night: “Aur yay jo tum itnee unemotional rehti ho na, chand dinon mein yay bhi badal doonga tumharay baaray mein”. I can’t wait to see that on our screens!

    She is reserved, shy, and has been hurt, she’s not like most girls who fantasize about their wedding and their husbands, she didn’t even want to get married at all. This is uncharted territory for her, and yet from her smiles, her blushes and her emerging softness and vulnerability you see that she can’t resist Zaroon. He is so getting under her skin.

    I guess it’s obvious from my post that I have watched that scene a few times 😉

    • @Nur: I have watched that scene so many times! Others might think I am totally crazy – but at least we can be crazy together! I love how when he’s talking she touches her chin, then her lip – wow!The soft way she answers the phone…how she listens, but then at the end, she still comes back to a little of her hardened exterior – not fully surrendering….at least not yet 🙂

      Z: “Toh tumhe meri parwa hai?”
      K: “Toh kya, nahin honi chaiye?”
      Z: “Yer mere sawaal ka jawab nahin”
      K” “To yehi samajhle yehii jawab hai”

    • Nur, what can I say?? you have said it all and explained it so well in great detail….I agree whole heartedly 🙂

      Like you said I cant wait to see him fulfill his wedding night promises too :P..now you have me all excited….I had gotten used to watching this show with no expectations :)..Haiyee now I’m dying slowing 😛

      FK FK FK FK FK!!!

      • Lol to dying slowly!!! I’m right there with you!! Main bhi bohat baytaabi say intizar kar rahi hoon, aur jumah hai kay aakay nahin data. 🙂

  29. Is it me ladies, or do any of you find Kashaf’s makeup a bit much. The pink lipstick and nails were too dark, and then in Port Grand scenes her turquoise eyeshadow was also so conspicuous with her dark pink/magenta lipstick. And I couldn’t stand her mehndi design either. I have seen some gorgeous Pakistani brides/makeup, so I don’t get it.

    • Yes, i too find her look very jhatak .. couple the OTT makeup with the overly bright clothes and you see someone who does not look like Aunty Ghazala’s bahu….I wonder why K is shown like that .. Sidra dresses so much more normally …

      • I just hope that as we near the end, more of Kashaf’s softer exterior comes to the surface. Zaroon has been putting up with her, but he may start to get frustrated if he doesn’t get the affirmation he needs – at first a little is okay (the tears after being given the money) – but it’s going to take more committment from her.

  30. Hi I am from India and this show is now aired here. Watched a few episodes and couldnt resist to watch the entire serial in one go. I am completely bowled by the matured advises given by Khashaf’s mother. There is so much to learn from it. Typically I am lucky enough to view this serial during a low phase in my life. Fawad is irresistible from the time I saw Behaad telefilm. He is a great actor with convincing personality.
    On a whole want to thank the production house to come up with such amazing story line of 26 episodes. This is one serial which is so true in terms of relationship hardships and mutual understanding one faces. Not making the serial much complicated the story line is very natural.

    I know i am writing in after a year may be…as i had the opportunity to watch this this year.

    Thank you!!

  31. Hi, I am from India….just loved this show…..having spent my childhood in border areas due to my father’s nature of job, i grew up watching pakistani serials like tanhaaiyan n dhoop kinaare….thankful to Zindagi channel for making our lives Gulzaar once again by bringing these wonderful shows to us
    I’ve already watched ZGH 4 times including thrice on youtube….n again started watching it on Zindagi channel as it is being aired again on public demand….
    Today I was going through my 10 year old daughter’s list of favourites n she had mentionedFawad Khan n Sanam Saeed as her favourite actors…this shows how much people of all age groups are loving this show…
    We have even stopped watching any channel other than Zindagi coz of the beautiful dramas they r showing….all of a suddenwe can see the rise in interest in the lives across the border n decrease in animosity towards each other …Art really “jodey dilon ko”..
    Would like to wish Fawad Khan a very successful career in Bollywood n wish to see Sanam Saeed too in bollywood soon
    Sz, just love ur reviews….very detailed….also glad to know that you don’t allow any kind of politics being played through this forum…it has already done enough harm on both sides

    • Hi Samrita! welcome to our discussions 🙂 Your comment reminded me of the days (30 yrs ago?) we used to come to Lahore and look forward to seeing Doordarshan on tv (v grainy pic but the excitement of it used to be immense). There used to be a show with film songs that we’d like to catch….Ofcouse Lahore is near the border and hence the tv reception.

      • Hi Afia! Thanks for this warm welcome..
        The show with film songs you mentioned was “Chitrahaar”….even we used to wait eagerly for that show….
        Fifty fifty, neelamghar etc were some of our favourite shows….quality of Pakistani shows during those days was also quite high….really missed Pakistani shows once satellite channels were launched..
        Besides ZGH, which has become my all time favourite, I also liked Maat, Mere Qatil mere dildaar though not really fond of Kaash Main Teri Beti Naa Hoti…
        Have also watched Dastan (though being a die hard romantic, didn’t like d end as wanted desperately for Fawad to be with Sanam), Akbari Asghari (couldn’t stop laughing throughout) and Kuch Pyaar Ka Paagalpan….can you all plz suggest some other good dramas like these

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