Silvatein ~ Episode 9 Review


Aage Khatra Hai!! 
Proceed At Your Own Risk!!!

I’m not kidding when I say that somebody should’ve posted this sign outside Zaib and Natasha’s house, forewarning Muneeze about the mess she was about to step in to! Little did she know that coming to check out a girl for Bilal would lead to such complications. For that matter, even Mikaal…. Becharay! Sab  acche khaasey shareef log kahan phans gaye in do behnon, aur unki diwani maa ke beech main!   

This latest episode highlighted the serious repercussions of Zaib’s unthinking comment about Raayan’s impending divorce. That Zaib!! Allah jaane kiya baney ga us ka! She’s always so busy one upping Natasha ke na aage dekhti hai na peechey ... ab, somebody should sit her down and tell her ke bibi tum bari behen ho .. kuch tau khayal karo…

And of course, its not just one sister … yahan tau ek sair hai tau doosri sawa sair … Natasha is also in the running for a gold foot-in-the-mouth cup… just had to blurt it all out… yeh bhi nahin socha ke apne Chotoo key liye kitni mushkil khari ho jaye gi?! Yaar, Natasha, you deserve the most-useless-biwi-of-the-year award!

So of course now that Chotoo has given his sar in the okhli what else can he do other than look adorably downcast and try to get the rightly upset Raayan bhaijan to listen to him. The scenes between Adeel Husain (Finally! The guy had more than two lines!) and Daniyal Raheal were very well done. So yes, the dunderhead Zaib did unwittingly hit the nail on the head, and hamare hero sahab is in the process of untangling himself from an apparently unhappy shaadi, thus paving the way for Zaib to become an integral part of their lives and stir up things even more, in an official capacity as the bari bhabhi. I do wonder though about Zaib and Raayan’s future relationship –  Zaib actually might adapt, but Raayan doesn’t really seem like a forgiving sort – you know what they say about still waters running deep n all … khair, aage aage dekhten hain hota hai kiyai! 

As for madam Muneeze, what can one say about her… khud hi nazar laga di apni family ko … Now I wonder if she would still claim that we siblings are all so close… Also, she must now be rethinking her love affair with Zaib … I have a sneaking feeling she doesn’t think Zaib is all that cool any more… lets see how her feelings undergo even more of a turnaround as Zaib starts to become more than an occasional fun friend.

Finally Mikaal, poor, poor guy, so much in love with the aankhon andhi kaanon behri Zaib, ke even the chokra from the goth can see how much he loves her .. but Zaib is just so oblivious to the whole thing. photo 4And it is not just Mikaal she is blind to, she is also idiotically unaware of all the risks she runs every time she hops in a car and takes off for her social work whenever it strikes her fancy. Judging by the way she lectures these poor folks, I can see why the don’t want her coming around any more. Arrey chacha ka tau bahana hai, I personally think they are just tired of hearing her preachiness – I know I was! Arrey bibi, koi tau practical mashwara do, obviously they cannot just up and change their lives overnight!

The most fun part of the episode was Shehrazade’s shout out to her mentor Mehreen, and the drama they both worked on together – Neeyat. What made the scene even more adorable was the rapt attention with which Shamim Hilali was watching it – sorry Shehrazade, but Neeyat truly was boring! None of your hard work could save that sinking ship!

OK, so these were the fun parts, but there were boring parts as well … The whole goth track … it just needs to finish. I am guessing it has something to do with the way Mikaal exits Zaib’s life, but still there could have been better situations built in for Mikaal  and Zaib. As for Zaib in the goth, apart from the unbelievably illogical scenario that any sane woman would wander off alone, there are way too many lectures about social justice, which are fine in and of themselves, but are really out of place here, and not in keeping with Zaib’s overall character. Another sequence that stuck out was Zaib’s long conversation with Dilawar, about her relationship with Mikaal, seemed way too sophisticated, and sounded more like a one on one with a professional therapist. Also, Zaib and Natasha’s mother needs a good shot or two of caffeine to wake her up. She is unbelievably clueless!!!

Overall, this was an entertaining episode. The actors are all doing a great job and the story continues to engage, but some parts need a serious trimming; my attention wandered quite a bit during Zaib’s never-ending lecture. Also, the two sisters’ saga needs to get a move on… after all yahan bechare mardon ney kiya kasoor kiya hai … Abba, Mikaal, Raayan, Bilal, four fabulous characters and we barely get to see any of them?? Kiya yaar? Can we get going, please!

Written by SZ~

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  1. that was quick SZ!
    as usuall well written you executed (more or less) my thoughts so easily.I had a feeling that Adeel Hussain is in for guest apperance I mean come on it is in episode 9 we got to see of him but then may be we will get to see more of him in coming epiosed and Daniyal he is so cute as a bechara husband he has no idea kahan phans gaya hai.Mera sethi is good addition and aamina she was good as always.


    • @Ruba: I try! 🙂
      I know!! Like you I too want this guest appearance business to end already! Kiya yaar, trying our patience to the limit! And yes, I had not thought I would Daniyal would be such a great fit as Bilal – If there ever was a candidate for a teddy hug, Bilal is it! 🙂


  2. Lol , true , the Mom is really clueless , well the 2 daughters have frazzled her to no end .
    Their constant bickering is annoying but funny too .
    How come the mominlaw knew abt the visa and Natasha didn’t ?


    • @Deeba: An apt question indeed! I was also thinking later abt this visa issue and wondered how could shre just apply in a snap like thus … doesnt she need to get her name changed, a new NIC card made, and if Bilal has already applied for her, then how does she get a tourist visa? Should we file these queries under dramatic license?


  3. loved your review. Agree with all you have said.
    This drama , in my opinion is kind of slow but still okay. The parts of Goth really put me to sleep and i don’t understand that story line and its point at all.

    I wait for Daniyal Raheal and Adeel Hussain to show up but unfortunately both guys hardly have any scenes at all and we are in episode 9 . This is a women plus Mikaal drama. And all the women are totally mad.

    Speaking of caffeine, their mom drinks chai 24/7, yet she is still so clueless is kind of annoying. She is another character that puts me to sleep cause she’s so boring …

    I don’t understand how Zeb knew about the divorce or was it just a really good guess? Well jo bhi tha, Riyaan really hates her now!! So she better watch out..

    Please lets move the drama on to something more interesting. Send Natasha far away to USA thaa ke kuch toh chain aaye. That woman is such trouble!


  4. I’m so glad you posted quick today- I’ve been waiting to read your take on it ever since I watched the episode.
    Thank you for the apt review, SZ. This was an eventful yet slightly dragged episode. I really, really want the goth scenes to end. Zaib’s dialogues there seem more like a monologue, to be honest, and I get the message that they’re trying to put across, but at this point it’s more repetitive than anything.
    SO glad to see Rayaan and Bilal for more than five seconds, and I loved their conversation. Personally, the way both Zaib and Rayaan expressed their dislike for each other was one of my favorite bits of the episode. They’re so opposed to each other right now, I cannot wait to see how that works itself out in the future. 😀
    And I don’t know why, but I feel like the stuff happening at the goth will be one of the factors leading up to her going to America/into Rayaan’s life, but ah, can’t wait for their scenes. Adeel/Aamina have fantastic chemistry.

    Can’t wait for the next installment. 🙂


    • @Nikki: Hey! Sorry for making you wait other times – I’ll try to do this as fast as I can the next time around 🙂
      Yes, amazing nahin?! Zaib and Raayan have so much chemistry even with the seven seas between them! Their thoughts about each other were really fun to watch and I too cant wait to see the circumstances under which they get married!
      I too think the goth track will somehow be the reason for Mikaal’s exit and Zaib and Rayaan’s getting together, but yeah, the goth track is annoying now.


  5. I am dying to see adeel and amina together. The story is good in parts. I agree the whole social work of zaib is getting a little boring now. I wonder how this track will afeect the story. Couldn’t help but hate natasha today. God this girl is crazy in caps lock! I also have a problem with natasha’s saas. The way she has just given up her home and seems so unconcerned. She should have been the one sorting out issues between her children and daughter in law. All she seems to do is watch t.v and surf internet. Hopefully we will see more of Adil and Amina in upcoming episodes. Good job by the actors.


    • @Ume azhaan: LOL! @ crazy with a caps lock – love that analogy … might have use that one of these days, agar Natasha bibi aisi hi rate par kaam kharab karti rahi!!
      Yes, it is indeed strange abt the mother-in-law, on one hand, I like that she does not interfere in the typical saas manner, but then on the other, I do wonder how she deals with the household when she’s alone …


      • What i mean about saas is she claims she has given up on worldly affairs like who said what and who did what and she always sees things in refernce with her death but she manages to be so active on fb and twitter??? I mean come on……… Wouldn’t it make much more sense if she spend some time sorting out her children’s issues rather than wasting time on fb?


  6. do hell with natasha !!! i am dying to see the scenes between zaib and rayaan…. poor bilal he definately diserves someone better thn natasha n mikaal is such a sweetheart !!


    • @Zoya: I agree! Poor Bilal indeed! The two sisters need to calm down for a few and let the guys get some screen time now… had hi ho gayi hai!


  7. Argh!!! Just caught up on episode 9, these sisters are doing my head in! Totally loved the boys today. Natasha needs to have her mature hat on for goodness sake if she wants to see her marriage through and Zeb, what a grand old mess you’ve created. Lots to clean up there.

    Looking forward to how the Adeel-Amina pair unfolds now that they completely hate each other but for now, silvatein please move to the side and make way for our one and only Zaroon 😛

    Btw, are you watching Mirat-ul-uroos ?


  8. Hey SZ, yes I also recognized the Neeyat referance 🙂 Yaar, I know it wasn’t great but I still liked it. Mahira I find v likable, Humayum Saeed is always easy on the eye, Ahsan Khan’s cute – story was real and contemporary so I enjoyed the whole journey- slow as it was. I liked the last scene too, mellow but sweet. Love the ost- listened to it a thousand times.
    Now to Silvatein- you said it all, enjoyed the ep but things need to move now. Not liking the ‘goth’- as u put it- track, needs to change. The best scene was between the two brothers, poor Bilal acha phansa hai.
    Why did Natasha call Mikal so that he could listen to Zeb’s going to the goth’s house? Is it coz she does care for Zeb? Enough to not want her dead?


      • Chalen ji .. I’m sure the Neeyat team, if they ever happen to read these comments, would be very happy with you guys 🙂
        On my end, I dedicate this new section of OSTs to both of you for inspiring me to go looking for the Neeyat one and then I thought of sharing our other faves with everybody… Not sure if everybody can view YT, but I have put up OSTs of Neeyat, Daam, SeZ, Humsafar, MeJ, AA, MZZB, TNS, KPKP and Dastaan – aur kuch reh gaya to batana… we can change these every so often 🙂
        PS. Tried to do DM videos, but couldn’t, my apologies to those who are missing out on these!


  9. Why the dramas are so slow in early episodes 😦 !!

    Enjoy watching bilal… poor guy! Churail sisters maii phans gya bay chara… and please Adeel Husain… ab tu guest app bandh kr do its already 9th epi… hes is one the reason I starred watching this show.


    • I agree!!! Enough already, foot needs to be the accelerator now!
      Btw, are you watching Jiya Na Jaye, on Hum, same day as Silvatein, also starring Adeel H? He’s just made his now typical 2 min entry in the third episode! I wonder if this is the new trend ..the hero barely getting any screen time in the first 10-11 episodes?


  10. so i started watching Silvaten yesterday, and can’t wait to finish it ASAP..
    SZ apki information ka bhi jawab nahi hai.. since beginning i m thinking k mujhe MJ k vibes aa rahay hain is dramay ki direction sey, and here i get my answer. MJ and shehrzade worked together in Neeyat


    • Bas ji dekh lo .. kabhi ghuroor nahin kiya 😉
      No but seriously, what a fun fun drama, no? Natasha is soo mad and watch out for craziness to come. I think this was the last of Samira F’s shows that was written in this typical style of hers .. I had a blast watching and reviewing it. Glad you’re enjoying it too 😀


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