Talkhiyan ~ Episode 17 Review

Talkhiyan Cover

Yeh sab tum donon ki wajah se hai!
Main yahan sirf tum donon ki wajah se qaid hoon!
Please mere galay ke tauq khatam karo!
Tum na hotey to main aaj azad hoti!
Azab ki tarah chimat gaye tum mujh se!
Please darwaza kholo!
Chaley jao tum yahan se!
Main bhi tumhare baap ki tarah azad hoti
Apni marzi ki zindagi jeeti, jo chahey karti main
Chaley jao! chaley jao yahan se tum dono!
Chaley jao! ….

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.53.50 AMAs Bibi sobbed her heart out that night, weeping at the unfairness of it all and bemoaning the talkhis that life had handed her, little did she realize that swept away by the force of her agonized wails were Zoyee and Jugnu’s happy dreams, them living together with Bibi in a little house, with bay windows and a badminton court. 

And Bibi loved them a little less …. very less actually…

Just the thought that children should have to even question their parents’ unconditional love is very disturbing, Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.53.55 AMbut for a parent to berate their offspring, holding them responsible for all that has gone awry in their own lives, is beyond cruel. And Bibi did just that; forgetting in her anguish that she was venting her frustrations in the wrong direction. Unable to say anything to others, she channeled all of her years’ worth of pent up hatred towards the most innocent of all the Silverwood residents – Zoyee and Jugnu.

Lizzie, another unfortunate victim of her parents’ on-off-now-perhaps-on- but-maybe-off relationship, joined hands with her runaway cousins to became an unexpected third fellow traveler on the quest to go as far away as possible from Silverwood, away from parents who were not yet emotionally ready to become parents. Then there were twoGiving birth to children might make one a parent but to actually BE a parent, take on the responsibility of another human being, requires a level of emotional commitment which neither Bibi nor Jaanu, or for that matter even Margaret, were capable of making at this point in their lives. To be fair to her, Bibi did try, but in the end the talkhis of Silverwood got to her as well. While the parents flailed around, among the other adults,  Appo though hawk-eyed, could not bring herself to own the neeli-peeli angrez ki aulad, and Mamaji was too lost in her own mind to be effective – collectively, all of the adults failed the children.

Then there were two …

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.28.33 AMLeft to their own devices, the three children soon found themselves swimming in deep waters. The ensuing tragedy was sad, but not entirely unexpected. These were children after all – how could they be expected to think through things? We have yet to see any of the adults step up to the plate and accept responsibility, then why this unwarranted expectation from the children? After all weren’t they doing just what they had seen and observed around them. Actually in many ways, Zoyee and Jugnu were more mature than Bibi, Jaanu, Margaret, Mamaji and Ayee put together – they loved each other selflessly and looked out for each other. They were the linked twins… so far …  

She was a very good planner
Because she knew it was always best to be prepared

And how well Appo prepared! Marshaling her thoughts together, this woman was not going to let grass under her feet while she sipped tea and contemplated her options. Nope, Appo was a woman on a mission. With crocodile tears that would have done any Lollywood heroine proud, she spilled out her tale of woe to the sympathetic policeman, detailing the slur that Baloo had brought on to the family honor. Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.30.52 AMSarmad Khoosat need look no further than Appoji when casting for a drama queen in his film. I am seriously impressed by her acting skills – the woman’s talent is being wasted in useless gharelu politics!

Unlike our erstwhile film actresses though, this woman is nobody’s fool. The quicksilver manner in which her demeanor changed when she was alone with the children, threatened them rather, was just awe-inspiring. All of a sudden she was the judge and jury both combined. With poison dripping from every her every word, she put the fear of God in the already scared children, thus ensuring she got the desired results from them. Nobody or nothing was important in her mad quest to protect the family name. Be it Baloo being brutalized or the children being traumatized, for Appo the end justified the means.

A pickled life that could not be shared
Wrinkled youth and pickled futures ….

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.51.59 AMPassage of time has not helped fade the bone-deep scars left behind by these traumatic events. The past is very much present in Zoya’s life. The pain is evident in every word she speaks. Even today, her eyes get clouded as she looks back to that night, when Bibi had banished her and Jugnu from her life. With so much emotional damage is it even possible for Zoya to heal? It is a testament to the strength of her mental makeup that she has come this far, but perhaps this journey from the the present to the past and then back again has been more draining than she thought it would be … can one then blame Zoya for wanting to escape this pain by seeking release in death? At thus point, the idea of eternal sleep must look very seductive indeed. Perhaps it is now time for Jugnu to make his much anticipated entry.

In a serial where each episode has surpassed the last one, this one was head and shoulders above the rest. I have no more words left to praise Bee Gul’s writing and Khalid sahab’s direction. Naveed Malik’s cinematography has been as important a character as any others in the serial. The gradual buildup to more closeup shots of the older Zoya, are an excellent way of moving the narrative forward, from the past to the present, from Zoyee to Zoya. Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.37.47 AMI loved how creatively Lizzie’s death was shown and we were spared all the rona-dhona and the gory close-ups of the dead body. The shot of Zoya curled up on the charpayee, followed later by the shots of water dripping from Lizzie’s dress sent chills up my spine. And yes, speaking of chills, Hina Bayat is in a whole other league in this serial. She is magnificent! Bibi’s helpless cries, her angry rants, her defeated silence and finally the furious smashing of the vase, a whole range of emotions was beautifully essayed by Sanam Saeed. Mehak keeps impressing with every episode as the focus is slowly shifting from young high spirited Zoyee to the almost defeated, very tired Zoya. Over and above all, though, Talkhiyan is a story about children as seen through the eyes of children, and as such it was important for the kids to perform well. And WOW! Have they performed well!!! Sabina and Sagar, you guys are brilliant! 

Written by SZ~

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 17


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  1. You have a way with words.Say blessed.The direction of Talkiyan,how they make every scene stand out is beautiful.
    .The song in the background when Bibi goes to meet Balu mujh say ab meri muhabbat kay fasanay na kaho was sucha beautiful track.Can anyone tell me if it is an original Talkhiyan track?.The way bibi was locked in the room by Aye it depicted feelings of suffocation and agony.The way Zoye clearly relate to that night still today clealy showed how that had a lasting effect on her memory as a kid growing up till date.Bibi in anger taking all her frustraion all aout on Zoye and Jungo i agree with you that it was an uncalled thing on any parent part but again Talkiyan raise some hard hitting questions . But as Zoyee says as bibi loved us a little less that with in itself provides the answer.
    Talkihiyan’s story is so fell of entanglements that the have woven intricately in the story that if i try to catch one thread other one get’s lose .Apo has to be the most evil women The last scene was like being we were bing dragged through the mud when appo tells the children now they have to take the responibilty of lizy’s the death. But the play keeps me so hooked that i can’t wait for the next serving.It just pains me a little ever time a little of their innocent childhood infringements are gone as the little children tried to go on the boat ride to Africa and then were being questioned if they were now the conspiratorores behind Lizzie’s death, The direction of Talkiyan,how they make every scene stand out is beautiful. The way Lizie death was portrayed it left a haunting dark effect .This serial is far apart in direction and writing.All the people associated with it are doing a wonderful job . Thank you for writing amazing reviews and taking us on this journey ,


  2. “My favorite and best-est episode” i am saying this same from last three episodes.. and yet again this latest installment was truly app-laudable!

    Flashback of Bibi showing her confusion whether to deck on boat or not was great with awesome ost being played, that bubble of happiness just burst with her being locked in room..Sanam Saeed was fanta-bulous in portraying the frustrated and looser woman, specially when she was venting out her anger on kids.. I was seriously shocked,:O Can personal desires makes you this selfish?? Of all the years, Bibi actually thought Zoyee and Jugnu as her biggest roadblock 😦

    Never knew, being ‘Talkh’ can destroy you and your surrounding people. A lesson well learned from today’s episode!

    Those 2 poor and innocent souls.. not being crying babies..they thought to run away to Africa with their stuff packed in cartons..didn’t knew what life is bringing up for them..their selfless love for lizzie paid them heavily..the way they said with their heavy heart ‘ bibi loves us little less,actually very less’.. oh i could seriously feel the pain 😦 Their expressions were tremendous in Police Station and when Appo was making them feel terrible.. Sabina and Sagar were truly remarkable in every scene..

    Lizzie death was so disturbing.. thank goodness they didn’t showed her face..

    Hina Bayat was classic throughout, her fake tears,false story was actually looking so real.. She has it All.. Appo ji when said she wanted to talk to kids in alone,it gave me shivers down my spine that what was she up to… she stroked to very right place on right time…It was all Brilliant and Brilliant!

    Without Mehak Khan and her monologues, Talkhiyan wouldn’t be such treat to watch.. Zoya’s disturbed facial expressions were freaking awesome, the way she said ‘ wrinkled youth and prickled future’ was simply amazing! and i love that line…

    SZ… only one word for yours reviews – ‘MashaaAllah’ 🙂


  3. What can I say that you guys haven’t already said?
    This episode was totally heart wrenching for me ….. from the first kids scene to their last- heart wrenching all the way.
    The entire team’s awesome and HB ‘a little more awesome’ in this ep. Chilling awesome….
    Can’t wait for more but please my heart can’t take any more wrenching!


  4. What an emotional overdrive. This episode of Talkhiyan exposed the elements of shame, sorrow and ferocity. No matter how I try to justify Appo’s vicious behaviour to Bibi and the kids- she is wounded and deeply circumscribed by her social class- I hate her!! How conveniently she imposed the socially constructed norms of “femininity” to the advantage of her own class and gender against Baalo when blaming him for “sexually” abusing her niece.

    Unlike most, I felt really sorry for bibi. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she felt liberated from the “ideal” image of womanhood. Why must she be punished for that? Honestly speaking, motherhood/womanhood is an overwhelming experience because our society defines it in terms of “purity”. That stormy night, Bibi, in distress, anger and helplessness questioned the obsession with the model aristocratic women.


  5. When i read God of small things, the first thing i said to my friends was, this book is impossible to be adapted for screen. Its nice to see i have been proved wrong and with the great reviews i am reading, it seems they have done a great job of it. But for some reason i can’t bring myself to watch it. The book was probably the best written book i have ever read. It was poetry in prose…… If anyone here can get hold of this book please read it. You will never regret it.


    • @Ume azhaan: I, along with many others, was totally in the same boat as you, and thought ok promos look intriguing and all, but the book cant be adapted… but, I did promise myself that I would give the serial one shot and then leave it … and I know many other commentators here also felt exactly the same way … but as you can see we are all still here 🙂
      I would ask you to watch the first ten/fifteen minutes of the first ep and then walk away if you want to … Ever since the first ep I have never looked back and thought of the book… this one stands on its own merit…


  6. I don’t think I ve cried till now as I did in this episode:( Afia said it perfectly …heartwrenching!
    No kids should hear those words from their mother, no matter what she is going through!
    I did feel bad for her up till now but are her kids at fault for being born??
    You are so right SZ …as usual another wonderful review!
    They are all parents but do not know how to parent!
    Brilliant acting from evryone and yes HB is
    Mehak just made me cry a little more as the oh so tortured zoya who has been through so much and now they will be labelled murderers as if being called angrez ki aulad was not enough…poor poor kids!
    Funny how Janu bana was away having fun in the city without a care in the world with lizzies mother…what kind of parents are they?? He should get locked up too!!!
    The ost is so beautiful and has been placed so well, you become lost in the silverwood family woes! Superb drama and I really dont know what is going to happen next….I just hope no more tragedy:(


  7. Zoyee and Jugnoo are beyond brilliant. Bibi makes my eyes well up here and everything else falls perfectly in place…but alas….Hassan Niazi is the least impressive as our god of small things :S So not the Velutha he should have been.Could have used a less handsome more impressive actor :/


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