Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 18 Review

collage 5aShukar Alhamdullilah! Aap ko sab ko bohot bohot mubarak ho! Munh meetha kar lijeye – Zaroon ki Kashaf se shaadi ho hi gayee aakhir-e kaar!  After this latest episode zindagi is indeed gulzar, not just for Zaroon and Kashaf, though she is loathe to admit it as of now, but for all of us as well who’ve hung on to this serial through quite a few trying moments. Hopefully happy days are here to stay!

Call me a sappy fool if you will, but I for one was smiling throughout as Zaroon wed Kashaf – this was the romance we had been promised and this was the story we had been waiting for since the past eighteen weeks. Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 5.50.15 PMNow that we’re  done chalking out the black and white background, its high time we begin filling in the central characters, using some more vivid colors and breathe some life into this story, as we sit back and watch Zaroon’s gulzar zindagi begin to impact Kashaf’s so far barren one. Beginning with the last episode, the seeds have been planted, now lets see how long it takes for the guls to start making Kashaf’s zindagi gulzar as well. For now I was quite happy to awww away as Zaroon resorted to the cheesiest tactic ever – Prince Charming presenting the rose to his Malika Aaliya yaar Kashaf, ab bas bhi kar do! 

Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed were fabulous today as they got a little bit more than a few choppy scenes to interact and showcase their sizzling chemistry – they are smoking hot together! Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 6.02.59 PMAll their scenes were so much fun to watch, even the prolonged wedding night. The car ride was superbly done, as was the whispered conversation at Rafia’s house. The phone call interaction at the beginning of the episode was fun as well. The water running out scene was very poignant. The peeling paint in the bathroom contrasted starkly with the uber refined Zaroon, and Kashaf’s unease seemed  justified. For a second there was a Shehr-e Zaat deja vu moment, with the wuzu scene, but Fawad was as brilliant as Mahira had been in conveying the confusion. As for the Shehr-e Zaat flashback, I could not help but smile as I thought of Ghazala aka Mehrunnisa… Mummy yeh aap kya kar rahi hain? Pehle beti and ab beta? No, but seriously, I do wish that class differences were not reinforced in such problematic ways; the tap going dry was enough to make the point very clear. 

Even as Ghazala has been much maligned in this story, I have to say since the past few episodes she has emerged as a pretty level headed person. Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.10.32 PMMost of her advice has been what any concerned parent would offer. She asked Zaroon to reconsider and be very sure, because there would be no point in regretting after the wedding. Once the marriage happened, however, the family welcomed the new daughter in law with a lot of affection. It was lovely to see all of the them together at the table, interacting with Kashaf so naturally. Clearly, this upper class family is not as bad as it is made out to be. Even Rafia acknowledged that Zaroon had been taught well by his parents – good job guys!

While the groom’s parents passed with flying colors, his ex-fiancee and ex(?) best-friend failed to make the grade. Asmara’s text was weird and funny and strangely out of sync since we have not heard a peep from/about her in the last couple of episodes. Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 6.45.03 PMAs for Osama, he deserves a gold medal for his split personality. Last week he couldn’t stop smiling as he was jumping for joy while telling Kashaf about his engagement, and today he was crestfallen – say what??? And why was he berating Zaroon for not telling him anything? Did we ever hear Osama tell Zaroon that he had proposed to Kashaf? Kiya yaar, kiya ulta zamana hai – talk about the kettle calling the pot black!

Also unimpressive were Mr Murtaza and his second wife Nigar. They’ve been so busy interfering in Rafia’s life that they’ve lost track of their own children. Thank God Kashaf got married to a rich guy and in turn reminded Nigar of her own daughters. Here, I’ve been screaming myself hoarse asking about the MIA daughters, but nahin Nigar begum ko tau Rafia ki betiyon ki parwah se hi fursat nahin thi! Dekha, isiliye I was telling Nigar madam ke keep track of your daughters – where are they and who are they?? No wonder even Murtaza’s forgotten about their existence!Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.28.48 PM

Wherever the MIA daughters might be, Hammad sahab was very much present and in full form as he bonded with his new brother-in-law. Bechara Hammad, the less said about him the better it is. Though I must say, even if he’s not the brightest bulb around, at least he seems to be making progress in his studies. I wonder if Shehnila is done yet. And speaking of wondering, where was Sidra’s husband? He missed out on how lovely his wife looked at the wedding. Just love Mansha Pasha as Sidra, she truly is the heart of the show.

This has to be one of the most fun episodes of this serial so far – I thoroughly enjoyed it, even the Nigar-Murtaza scene, since the MIA daughters finally made their presence known, albeit in abstentia. Over an above all, in an episode where every actor left their mark, this was the Zaroon and Kashaf show and they delivered big time. Fawad in particular deserves special pat on the back for taking an unlikable character, infusing him with so much charm, and showing his growth in such a way that we are all completely taken in by Zaroon’s sincerity. I don’t know how many people can turn around like that, but Zaroon certainly has and Fawad has me rooting for Zaroon now – so much so that for the first time in eighteen weeks, I am anxiously waiting to see the next chapter in Zaroon and Kashaf’s married life. How long will it take for Kashaf to melt and give in to that killer smile?

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 6.07.26 PM

Written by SZ~

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  1. Don’t get me starte on the killer smile….I feel like I have no words to describe what an amazing episode it was. The whole team was in full form from writer to director to actors. Zaroon and kashaf are indeed sizzling hot! Those scenes will be watched over and over again. Wedding night was brilliantly acted!
    Absolutely loved the tap.scene…beautifully written!!
    Car scene also excellent …agar tab mein age bet jatee toh aah mein age nahin hotee…loved it!!!
    Actually all their inner thoughts were superb and well.delivered….next week kab ayega, kashaf will melt …the promo looks to die for yet again!!


  2. This wedding night has to be one of the best wedding nights I’ve seen in desi shows. It was nothing cliched or the usual. I loved every bit of it. Fawad and Sanam were both so good with their expressions and kudos to Umera for doing it all differently, and making it memorable. Otherwise, I was dreading the same usual romance we see in every other wedding night scene.

    Everything was perfect in this episode to say the very least. Although I had some issues with Shehryar’s acting, but that was always the case. You do feel for Osama but then he never went out of his way for Kashaf like Zaroon so oh well. Though I’d love to know what Zaroon has to say about Osama proposing Kashaf..that would be very interesting.

    I love this show, and at this rate I feel every episode is just surpasses the last. Next week’s episode looks better than this week’s. My Fridays are looking quite gulzar! lol


  3. Is this the same zindagee gulzar hai we are watching since last 17 weeks?? Felt like, Sirf Kashaf ke he nahe humaree bhe zindagee 17 weeks say ‘khar khar’ the and now al sudden humaree tu gulzaar ho gae 🙂 !!!
    Each n everything was flawless , well written, well directed , well acted …. outstanding chemistry …. talking abt this episode means only talking abt kashaf n zaroon scenes !!! the phone call scene & That extra long wed night scene …simply WoW… and I bet your not the only smiling Sz, aadhi nahe tu 1/4th viewers tu smile kr he rahay hoonn gay 😀
    & Just wondering Umera itna acha romance bhe likh sakteen hain…


  4. Lets just say at one stage I was outwardly sighing while watching this one.The chemistry between them is outstanding! From aggressive stand-offs to last week’s softened Kashaf with the chaai ka cup to this week’s awkward befuddled romance, these guys oull it off like naturals.

    I will comment on how Ghazala in spite of her earlier reservations about the match, has taken to Kashaf very warmly. Well done.

    I have no doubt that Zaroon will win Kashaf over with that gorgeous smile and his charming ways.

    Here’s to Fawad Khan, raising the bar and expectations of Pakistani women across the board….not that there is anything wrong with that.

    The episode was a total delight to watch in all its cheesiness.


  5. Loved Loved loved the episode!! Well every scene that had the leads in it…I dont care much for the others.

    SZ, lovely review, you pretty much have said it all. Not much to add to what you said but just going to agree with you:)

    My favorite scenes were the chand scene ,…gol hai…hahahaha..
    She has beautiful eyes…ya makeup acchi ki hai…LMAO ..I love how skeptical they are of each other…I hope they will show all the skepticism disappear beautifully..this show has a habit of showing promising previews and the episodes are a dud…Hopefully from here there will be no more duds.

    I just loved the wedding night..so not cheesy and yet so sweet. They were both so nervous and yet so comfortable with each other. Ajeeb hai inke rishte. I liked the cheesy bit…dil kar raha tha…haiyeeeeeeee Fawad what you do to me!!! they did a really good job with the voiceover. I loved hearing their thoughts!Not one bit filmi but so grounded and well written!

    I loved the car convo too, like SK mentioned that line was awesome! and the ‘hum baat kyun nahin kar pate?’

    I liked his Kashaf aur romance…:) to Sidra!!

    The whispering to Kashaf before prayer…his expression at the mosque..FK was simply superb today as was Sanam and their chemistry is palpable!! never thought I would see that again after humsafar. BTW, what did he whisper to her? I couldnt quite catch that!

    And the wave at the end…so cute!!

    So how come Zaroon is cold and needs a sweater when no one else needs one..but I’m not complaining FK looked super hot!!

    Isnt it odd how Zaroon never noticed how annoyed Osama was at the mention of his engagement? He is so in love!!

    I loved the dining room scene, he is so good…his little gestures…like the way he raises his eyebrows at her!! He cant take his eyes off of her, he totally plays the newly in love to the hilt!!

    I really loved the conversation between Rafia and Kashaf the night before the wedding!! Her advice was spot on, the scene was so well written, touching and realistic.

    I have so much to say and yet I dont know what to say. I havent stopped thinking about the episode!!

    Zaroon will compete with you on stage..Sidra…so funny!! 🙂

    Well he promised she wont be so unfeeling for long, I cant wait to see him fulfill that!!


      • Ash, I was so thinking of you when Sidra said Zaroon will give you competition and she is admiring of her brother in law’s amazing looks!! :):)

        You had it right!! 😛

        And thank you! I wasnt quite sure I heard it right!! 🙂

        I cant stop smiling man!!


  6. Isn’t that amazing that so far nobody including SZ commented on Kashaf’s bridal dress and how she looked. In my opinion, that was a very nice and unique color combination and she looked fabulous. Being the lead role she deserves that much applause to the least, rather than talking about Sidra’s beauty all the time.


    • Yes she looked gorgeous.. It is talked about always. In my opinion she has been looking lovely for most of the episodes and more so since she started working and wearing pink 🙂 It is taken for granted that she will look lovely almost all the time!


    • @Wellwisher – didn’t really like the wedding dress and all the colors in it but Kashaf did look really pretty as a bride and after the wedding as well! 🙂


    • @Well Wisher: Thanks for reading and commenting I have been team Sanam and team Kashaf from day one…as for her looks, I think Sanam acts really well and looks beautiful regardless of what she wears, and have said that on numerous occasions.. so for me her look here was immaterial, her acting I have applauded here as well. 🙂


    • I think Kashaf looked far more prettier with her hair let down like in that scene when they’re talking about chaand/taare etc. Sanam Saeed looked very lovely. Also in that scene where her mom and her having a chat about marriage life. She looked pretty overall there too.This girl has to have the best hair out of this female lot of actresses. It’s gorgeous, masha Allah!


    • I’m happy you liked her dress and you have the right to say it. Everyone doesn’t have the same taste, maybe ome people didnt like it or forgot to mention it. We really shouldn’t force people to say what you want, I’m sure if people like it they will say it. Everyone has the choice to say what they like:)


      • I dont know why, I was ok with it in the beginning, now its jarring 🙂

        Ok I have spammed so much on SZ’z wall, I will shut up now 😛


          • hahaha….but hopefully no one else is getting annoyed…ok last one before I go! 🙂

            Well just something I want to say, nothing great…I love how he keeps asking her to talk…such a contrast to most husbands who tune out when wives start talking 😛


            • @Aish: I feel mehnat wasool when we get a fun discussion going – after all mujhe bhi parhney ke liye kuch to miley 😉 keep commenting away – this is great fun 😀


            • haha! doubt anyone gets annoyed!

              Zaroon was so awesome in the entire episode! Yep he says that to her about three times. Once on the phone before shaadi, phir on the wedding night and then he just kind of gives up …
              Hopefully Kashaf ko next ep thak apni zubaan mll jaye! 😀


  7. Khair Mubarak SZ! Mun meetha karna tou banta hai:D
    This epiosode was a perfect package. With the important advises of Rafia, the cheesy-romance of Zaroon and Kashaf, the indication if class difference and some (thankfully) of Kashaf’s complains; this new instalment of ZGH had all the perfect ingredients and in the right quantaties.

    Like you said, the chand conversation on the phone was so cute and I found Kashaf’s remark very funny too.
    Coming to the Big day, how cute did Zaroon and Kashaf look together? Kashaf’s wedding dress was not just another red and golden jora, it was something tastefully selected. Loved it! It was the second time in a drama serial( th first one being MK’s lehenga in SeZ) that the lead actress was made to wear a dress which really is in vogue and not something from the pre-historic times.
    I am all praises for FK’ s acting this time. Rarely do we see ‘such’ goodlooking actors playing their roles to perfection. His nervousness and his anxiety aft ‘almost’ losing the ring and then his exasperation at the masjid. Man, He has a perfect pitch for acting!

    As you mentioned the car scene, I remembered a line from Kashaf which really sums up his choice of her good charcater’Agar tab bethti tou ab na bethi hoti’ Though from Zaroon’s side it was funny when he was reflecting on his bezti but she really made an impact here with that line.

    Thanks a lot for the lovely review, SZ! You completed the Ep 18 Package :Dlooking forward to the next review of ZGH when in Kashaf’s mobile his name is edited from ‘leechar” to My husband. I rewound the video to see if it really was leechar after espying it once;)

    Champing at the bit to get to watch the next episode earlier than Friday! Six days to go…..


  8. “”Roses or No Roses…. Rings or No Rings !!!””

    I dont know why but this line touched ….. !!

    Umaira And Sanam Saeed if you read this anyhow… beatifully written anf beautifully delivered !!!


    • Yes, it’s a nice line but I got the feeling that SS said it in an accent which doesn’t match Kashf’s desi upbringing- kind of like coming from a person who’s more comfortable speaking in English than Urdu (which SS is but not K).


      • U r right… but usi accent mai ziada acha laga, no? 🙂

        Btw watching again in repeat telecast i noticed… right after roses or no roses, zaroon was like ” agar ye Bolay nahe tu kitne achee lagtee hai… !!” Haha this cracked me up… eik tu us bay charee nay itnaa sab bola aur zaroon saheb k dimagh mai kuch aur he chal raha tha 😀


  9. Beychara Zaroon ,Kashaf sey da rgaya ….kind of cute and something new. Sanam did look rather pretty but Kashaf kahan abhi mai hai she was still fighting with Zaroon in her head ! I really liked the scenes afterward when they drove to Kashaf’s old house. With Zaroon on his best manners with Kashaf’s family. I think by next week Kashaf will finally listen to her heart and poor old Zaroon will catch a break.
    As usual I had to see Nigaar aunty and Uncle Murtaza on a bed and was annoyed to death by Murtaza’s smugness at his daughter’s success.


    • Murtaza is so terrible! He says dua karo to Nigar, and then she is like ‘I have to do the praying too”!! Seriously he does nothing !!hehe


  10. First class review , SZ!
    This episode was just too good , Kashaf & Zaroon , finally together , looking adorable !
    Kashaf needs to relax and just melt in Zaroon s arms , just let go , girl , u r too tense !
    I just loved the next day bfast scene and the masjid scene.


  11. Looooooved the episode! Finally Zindagi is Gulzar, I hope it remains so. Kashaf ab tu shukar kerlo khuda ka. Thank god she’s not grumpy anymore. Skeptical but not grumpy. I liked Zaroon’s honesty in conveying his thoughts and feelings. I think girls take a little more time to open up so Kashafs quietness is justified, yet she’s still holding on to past memories. Loved the scene where Kashaf was returning home in car and thinks to herself “us waqt sath beht jati tu aaj sath nahi bethi huti”. And the washroom scene, honestly acha hua tha jo pani khatam hu gaya, he was wasting it like he has water production facilities! If I were in palce of Kashaf, I would have turned off the tap myself during the prep.
    I hope there are more good things to come ahead! 🙂 Thanks for a great review SZ!


    • @Aeman: Yaar, your comments always crack me up! ROFL @ wasting water like he has water production facilities!! True! Btw, why was he washing his face. aur woh bhi itna ragar ragar ke? Hadn’t he aked for handwash earlier? Bechara Zaroon! Shaadi ke baad bokhla gaya hai 😉


      • Awww you are too kind. 🙂 Honestly, I didn’t get the point of his prolonged fresh up regime myself. May be he was feeling uncomfortable in Karachi ki chip chip wali garmi since he was out of his air-conditioned home and car. It can definitely be an excuse to avoid the awkward silences in front of susral.


    • @Aeman – haha! yes that water scene was funny. He decided to open the faucet 5 minutes before actually washing his hands, i guess he wanted to make sure gharam paani araha hai. I am surprised Kashaf didn’t turn it off , bc its something she would totally do, But she was too busy freaking out about, uske moo doney se pehle hi paani khatam ho jaye ga.
      He had asked for handwash but ended up washing his face! O.o
      How HOT did he look after washing it though?!?!


  12. Khair Mubarak Ji.. Apko bhi bohat mubarak 😀
    WOW! i can see so much excitement going on here..oh yes episode was really nice..chemistry was droollicious between the two..

    Sanam was looking fabulous in her wedding attire, i so loved her dress, very unique and as Zaroon said.. makeup was good too specially eye makeup 😉 wonder why such an image of Sanam is being taken as girl with ordinary looks…she is really pretty!

    Fawad Khan is indeed blessed with package of good looks, great acting..i so agree with you SZ that how effortlessly he made us to change our teams from Kashaf to Zaroon 🙂

    Wedding night scene was really prolonged one.. it was cute though, specially the monologues of both..they were hilarious.. i simple loved the car scene..and it reminded me the novel part where after marriage, K says to Z, that wish i was ur friend in university, such great notes you have, i could have easily gained first division; to which Z says ” agar us waqt tum meri dost hoti tou aj meri biwi na banti” kinda role reversal dialogues… but Kashaf bibi kuch to bolo..

    Asking about which prayer.. that was such a cute moment yet so embarrassing..but i won’t rant about it! 😛

    And i would love to see them interacting in next episode 😀


  13. Oh maann! i forgot to write about our darling Sidra… you are so right she is heart of the show… a cute catalyst, who always brings happiness and smiles on our face.. humare dil ki awaz,Sidra Murtaza 😀


  14. U know i can safely say that i had re-winded EVERY romantic scene of this episode and watched it twice b/c it was so cute and heartwarming, that i just HAD to watch it twice! Thumbs up for an AMAZING well written episode. makes a girl want to dream of a similar wedding for herself 🙂


  15. SZ…SZ…SZ…Hum ne aapko kaha tha na humara Zaroon itna bura nahin hai- Dekhen kitna acha nikal aaya and aur aapki Kashf – bechari ka abhi tak kuch mood off hi hai….umeed hai ke jald mood ‘on’ ho jaaega…Humara Zaroon hai hi aisa lajwaab 😉
    Aur lajwaab toh yeh episode aur aapka review bhi tha…But seriously agree with you in most places – loved all the cute scenes, I’m a sucker for romance and this gave us a huge dose of that. Thanks to all concerned! FK….you made girls, moms and nanis all go weak at knees….Mubarak ho!
    I liked Kashf’s look at the engagement last week, and in the yellow dress this week, even in the phone call scene but the wedding bit could have been better- makeup wise and dress-wise….Did any of you notice the little silver gota balls hanging from the edge of her dupatta? One of those was loose and kept dangling, later it was cut off.
    For some reason Umera Ahmad loves portraying the upper classes as irreligious and the lower/middle classes as pious people whereas this is not the case. All kinds of people exist in all kinds of classes. Waise bhi what good is Murtaza’s namaz if he’s taken bribes all his life :\ And I think Rafia need not suggest to Zaroon ‘keh ghar par namaz parh lo’. Generally people do not suggest anything to new sons-in-law at all. Bus unki haan mein haan milate hain. But oh well…


    • I didnt notice the gota balls but I feel the ring they showed in the promo is different from the ring he put on her finger 🙂

      Another line I liked of his was ‘ zyaada tareefein karoon toh yeh sar pe chad jaayegi’ :P…

      why does Zaroon need hand wash to wash his face? 😦

      Mein phir se spamming kar rahi hoon 🙂


  16. SZ, thoroughly enjoyed reading your review…..it was as entertaining as the episode 🙂 Looking forward to their next chapter…..yes don’t they sizzle on screen!!!


    • @Neeru: Hey! Lovely to see you here – welcome! Yes, indeed, after taking our sabar ka imtehan for 16 weeks, finally eps 17 and 18 have delivered! Lets hope his continues… looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂


      • Now that I have your blog on my reader I won’t miss your reviews 🙂

        Oh yeah Thank God, we have been very patient with the show and have done so much of hand waving so we absolutely deserved this episode. Since their chemistry is excellent, am sure the show will be great from now on considering they will be together in most scenes….am hoping they are 🙂


  17. OMG ….. you took out the time to write so much about absolutely nothing ….. please get out of this lala land of urdu dramas that you devote so much of your time to and get out and make friends! Seriously!!


    • well thats rude of you to say. As you can see, everyone else on here is enjoying the drama just as much, so if you don’t like it you are more then welcome not to watch it, but don’t ruin it for others! 🙂


  18. Amazing episode! But don’t rejoice yet. Asal pareshaniyan to ab shuroo hone waali hain. Yahi to is story ka theme hai. How do two people who have nothing in common make a successful and happlily married life. I enjoyed this episode but i am looking forward to their differences and how they sort it out. Another thing that i must mention is the whole episode of college was written better in the novel but after college life is depicted better in the serial. Sanam saeed is delight to watch and fawad khan is droolworthy. I don’t know why people were coplaining about sanam’s casting. The role of kashaf is taylor made for her. And after today we all can agree she has sizzling chemistry with fawad.


    • @Ume azhaan: Agree 🙂 yes a lot more to come .. magar itney hafton ke baad kuch mazedar dekhne ko mila, so we’er all just a tad bit happy 😉 As for this being the story ka theme, lets hope it stays that way … took a very long time to get here! Fingers crossed!
      And welcome to the blog ,,, ab don’t be a stranger and do join in our conversations 🙂

      PS: @Umme azhaan: Love your name – reminds me of Khirad calling herself Umme Hareem in Humsafar, when she goes to meet Ashar to ask for money … you all know the rest 😉


  19. fantastic review sz!
    after reading your views and everyones comments, nothing more is left to say, All in all i absolutely loved this installment of zindagi gulzar hai, this is what we have been waiting for, and now after so many weeks the show’s craze has really started, be it facebook twitter or other blogs.
    kashaf and zaroon’s scenes were a treat to watch, and i am so glad this was not the same stereotypical wedding night scenes we have to watch in every other show on tv. though i did want them to keep glued to the actual book scene, nevertheless!
    Fawad Khan, ahh, what to say! you are a STAR, one FANTABULOUS ACTOR, i for one couldnt stop sighing throughout the whole episode.
    my favourite scene has to be the car scene and the face wash scene. and ohh ohh that particular scene where he pulls the suitcase out of the car and say * atay way kis nay rakha tha saman, aur ab nikalayga kaun * and she says about no servant and zaroon says * hai tou sahe apkay pass mulazim * oh myyy, i so loveddd fawad khan in it, the man is so natural, his gestures, while wearing sweater and those facial expressions, he is too good! too epic! ❤ okay maybe i shud stop drolling, hehe
    cant wait for the next episode! kashaf you better soften up to our zaroon asap!
    team zaroon all the way :D!


    • Saraah I also absolutely loved that car scene and him taking our suitcase and thank you so much for saying exactly what he said coz I couldn’t catch the whole thing…such a natural actor he is…what to say???


    • count me too @Saraah.. i loved that scene the most..hayee i was thuddd..watched only that scene more than twice.. killer man!!:D


      • yes! same here , loved it to bits, maybe cause it was veryy natural,
        like one of the common tareen sentence husbands say to their wife ;p


  20. Hi, excellent review of the episode and loved all comments. I am from India and love watching ZGH drama.Since i cannot read Urdu, I have not read the novel. Can someone pls tell me briefly, what happens in the novel after Z and K’s marriage? Do they have marital problems? PLS PLS tell me they live happily ever after after the shaddi? Much thanks…..


    • Hello shalu! Yes they face marital problems after their marriage because of their different personalities and not enough communication but eventually they adjust with each other. They both make compromises to make the marriage work and it takes some time but they do get a happy end!


    • @Shalu- I don’t want to spoil the fun for you and others so won’t give out the story but I can tell you that the wedding night scene was better done in the tv show. In the book (egoistic) Zaroon enters the room, pays no attention to K who’s sitting on the bed and goes to change his clothes. Then opens the fridge and gets a Pepsi for himself and a piece of chocolate. Consumes all this and then finally walks over to the bed to acknowledge K. Bit strange na?


    • @Shalu: Hope you got your answer from our lovely friends here – thanks ladies!
      Also, just to reassure you, dont feel bad, even if you had read the novel you would still be guessing at this point b/c theyve made quite a few changes … so we’re all pretty much in the same boat here 🙂


  21. Shaddi apko bhi mubarik ho mithati kahyee SZ it was a lovely episode and what a lovely review you have given it, You and the comments above have covered all that i wanted to say.Thanks for highlighting the episode with pics in the review it gives it such an eye catching feel and the and reminds me of the fav scenes in the episode. Kashaf and Zaroon”s initial tussel on that chand ko dekho gol hai was hilarious and the wedding night confused scene was really cute too. Thanks a lot for writing these reviews it is such a delight reading them and the comments .


    • @Javeria: Hey!! Hope you had a restful break and are back for good.. missed you 🙂
      Hahaha so you’re still watching?! Waisey honestly agar shaadi main aur der karte ya phir mangniu ki tarah yahan bhi dandi maar jate tou I would’vde definitely quit … bara intezar karwaya to see some gulzari here!
      Chalo ab dont be a stranger and I look forward to hearing from you on the Talkhiyan thread .. and have you had a chance to watch Silvatein? Uske baare main kya khayal hai?


      • Yes i am back and i missed you too.will join all the threads 🙂 .Finally Shadi ho gayi hai mujhey bhi kafii kushi howi hai howi hai and finally Zindagi gulzar hai . I won’t ever be a stranger i love your blog. 🙂 Silvatin ko dekh kar ukay baray main rai qaim karon ki jald hi 😀 and will be soon with you guys.


  22. Enjoying the discussion. @SZ, Rehmat and SK Thank you! I just loved it, she might have saved the name when he had come to Badin, Waha par she seemed most annoyed with him. Poor Zaroon!
    @SZ True! He must be re-editing it from Churail to ‘My Wife’! :p


  23. the episode truly was super awesome.. the way fawad khan has brought zaroon to life is really commendable.. the drama version of zaroon is so much likeable as compared to the novel version, tht we all have so madly fallen for zaroon lol… i dun now how much more theyhave changed the story, but i truly wish they have taken a 360 turn as far as zaroon’s character is concerned.. we really dun wanna see the novel version of zaroon .. :p

    inreally felt the absense of shehneela at the wedding.. i mean where were she? not. a single glimpse of her..

    love sidra to bits.. really like u said, she is the heart of the story.. n has stolen a million hearts.. how i wish i had a sister like her 😦

    we always praise the main actors but i must say nigar, shehneela. hamaad, have done a tremendous job.. despite being such a loathed character, nigaar has shown her great acting skills… superb stuff.. honestly speaking, hamaad is way way better than ossama as far as acting skills are concerned.. i love the scenes between hamaad nad shehneela.. they look so so cute..

    job well done team zgh


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