Silvatein ~ Episode 8 Review

SilvateinBechara Bilal!!! Kahan aur kis ke saath phans gaya! Watching him trying to keep pace with his darling wife’s pal main tola pal main maasha behavior was the most fun part of this latest episode for me. Just as he thought he had calmed her down after her endless complaints about his behenke Natasha started off again with questions about whether bhabhi liked her gifts or not. And barely had dust settled down on her tales of woe to me, she called again. This time to tell him, or convince herself more likely, that she loved him and would stay with him no matter what. Abhi he hardly had enough time to digest this, ke she called him again. Now to hurl accusations that his family has been keeping secrets from her. Ab, what is a guy to do with such a wife? Then to make matters worse, big brother Rayaan overhears that he is getting divorced – ab whether bhaijaan is having marital problems or not, or if he wants to share them with the rest of the family, sadly the choice is  no longer his to make. Thanks to foot-in-her-mouth Natasha, and her I’ll do-anything-to-have-the last-word sister Zaib, poor Rayaan’s life is now open to familial speculation and public gossip. No wonder Bilal’s hair was sticking up and he kept turning the TV off and on throughout. Ab dekhte hain aage chal kar Rayaan sahab ke balon ka kiya hashar hota hai! Life, as Bilal & Co knew it, is never going to be the same again!

Much as Muneeze is surprised at this turn of events, she really is a major cause of all these problems. To begin with there was the whole confusion with names and her publicly vocal preference for Zaib. Then, just when Chotoo sahab had finally managed to convince his runaway bride, ke nahin bibi, you are my one and only true love, Muneeze madam starts the whole lunching ladies tamasha with Zaib. But naturally Natasha’s mental gears start working overtime. And then Muneeze has the temerity to go around saying we siblings are very close – really?? Is this how one shows closeness? By making your beloved younger brother’s newly wedded wife feel like a third wheel, a glorified maid for the admittedly hip amma? Sorry, Muneeze, you lost my vote there!

While Natasha and Muneeze are responsible for making the men in their family miserable, Ms. Zaib is equally implicated in compounding the mess. Knowing her sister as well as she does, she still goes and blabs about Natasha to her new sister-in-law, who by the way is so in love with Zaib ke she finds even her lame comments hilarious. Then there is the whole Mikaal story. What a sweetheart that guy is! I don’t know photo 4why he is still putting up with Zaib… what a pain this girl is?! First, she unceremoniously rejects his proposal, on the pretext that she wants to remain friends. Then takes off for her social work without informing her colleague and friend. Who in their right mind goes off alone to some mid of nowhere goth, and in this day and age with all the security concerns? I have to say her parents deserve a medal for sitting there so calmly while their daughter jaunts off all over the city. Yes, they were concerned, but not enough to give her a piece of their mind, which she so richly deserved. Judging by the parents’ behavior, and the way they are so ineffective in handling their two daughters, once can see why the siblings have the relationship they do.

At the end of the day, this was another fun episode. Shehrazade and Samira are doing a great job keeping us engaged and interested in the going-ons here. That said, I would now like to see some movement in the story. The issues between the sisters have been pretty well established by now, so a lot of what was said today seemed reiterative. I don’t know if it is just me, but this episode also seemed really wordy. Though the lines were witty, there were way too many of them. Also, was that a continuity issue with Aamina’s clothes? She was wearing the same blue outfit throughout, apart from the lunch scene which was a carryover from the last episode. In terms of acting, once again Aamina Sheikh stole the show, with Vasay Chaudhry and Daniyal Raheal chipping in with great performances. Daniyal in particular is very convincing as the originally bedazzled-then-besotted-and-now-befuddled Bilal. Maheen Rizvi is very good as well as the meddling sister-in-law. Mira Sethi is good in the shorter scenes, but her inexperience shows in scenes with too many lines. Eight episodes in and so far Adeel Husain has barely had more than ten to fifteen minutes of screen time. I hope we get to see more of him as the serial progresses.

Will Mikaal bow out gracefully or will he man up and fight for Zaib’s hand? Was Zaib’s clairvoyance spot on and is Rayaan really having marital problems? Will Natasha get over herself? Will Bilal ever get the last word in any conversation with Natasha or will he remain a Chotoo forever? Looking forward to some answers in the next episode!

Written by SZ~

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  1. “Tum log order par larke banatay ho?!!” – Favorite line of the episode.

    And Zeb’s Timeline of the entire guy, shaadi, bacha all seemed so true. Isn’t that how it is.

    Natasha still as immature as ever, does not even let her poor husband work. Har waqt complain karti rehti hai. Bilal mai bohut honsla hai to put up with that brat.
    Kaafi annoying larki hai. Also har doosre ghante apne ghar wapis aajati hai. Why does she not stay at her in laws for a while!

    So is phupo gone for good?? As annoying as she was, I think i miss her now.. She needs to come back and set these people straight.

    and Btw what is the issue if Zeb and Muneeze go shopping together.. i mean what is the big deal?. One sister is married yet the rivalries do not end..

    Mikaal is such a sweet and caring guy, seems very genuine and he is FUNNY! [a very important quality]; don’t get why Zeb is being stubborn in saying yes! No wonder she is still single, she probably rejects every single guy for no reason at all. He looked like such a bechara in that park scene! =\

    Isn’t Adeel Hussain one of the main actors in the cast? Why is he doing a guest role here. The dude comes for barely a scene an episode…when do we see more of him and is this divorce for real??

    Everyone truly rocks in here, Aamina Sheikh, Vasey, Daniyal ,Adeel [if he ever shows up]. Maheen is still not that great of an actress but khair jo bhi.
    “zeb you are soo funny!” , ten times and i am still trying to figure out what is so funny about her?

    SZ, loved your review! Smiled /lol-ed throughout while reading!! 😀


    • hahahah good one Ash 😀 i too thought what was so funny in what zaib said.. lattu hogaye he zaib ke peeche tau 😛


  2. What a fun episode. One drama where with all the seriousness, you can’t stop laughing. The sister rivalry is so bad that they don’t care about others around them. People keep getting hurt but Zeb and Natasha have their own issues to handle. And what careless parents do they have! The ever loving and sympathetic, aankhon pe patti bandh ker baityon ko lerney marnay do. I wish I had parents like these. But my mom’s reaction to most of the sibling rivalry used to be: Churi uthao or mar do ek dosray ko, which would eventually put an end to all of it! ( Don’t get me wrong, nobody was homicidal, just a mom’s way to trump all the drama 😛 )
    All the fun aside , I reallllllllly want Adeel Hussain to have a little more role in the drama. Jaldi se agay barhay drama! And I do hope that we get to see the consequences of the sister rivalry and their callousness, because nobody should be allowed to behave like that.
    Great review SZ! 🙂


    • @Aeman: Lol! Your mom’s drama dialogs remind me of how my mother said the exact same thing whenever we siblings went at it … clearly all moms are alike! 🙂
      I know!!! Adeel H needs to step in – enough already!


  3. I think the real neychara is going to be Mikaal who says he is in love with Zaib but Zaib just does not appreciate him 😦


  4. loooooooooooooooooooooooooovely dramaaa ❤ ❤
    fall in love with all the characterz
    well the writer is owsome ………………


    • @Mahrukh: Hey! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Yes indeed, as @Sadaf rightly said bechara Mikaal — agree wit heverybody here … Vasay Ch’s done an amazing job with this character … wonder why we don’t see much of him on TV?


  5. Great review!
    btw do you get the sense that zaib will end up with the older (divorced ) brother? I certainly do and it makes me wonder what happens to mekaal. I almost fear his character will be killed off ( at the hands of the pyscho student?) what are your thoughts there? also don’t you think amina looked completely orange in this episode???


    • @Sara: Thanks 🙂 Sadly the OST and the bts FB pics did let that cat out of the bag before the serial began 😦 So now their shaadi is a foregone conclusion, how they get to that point is the interesting thing here now .. lets see how many more twists before that blessed day arrives 🙂
      LOL! Didn’t notice the orange skin tone, I guess i was too busy trying to figure out the passage of time, since she wore that blue kameez throughout!


  6. That one was hilarious review 😀 specially that ‘Bilal’s hair was sticking up and he kept turning the TV off and on throughout ‘ tooo good… 😀 😀

    I am so disliking muneezae here… natasha is sorry for her behavior and have moved on but she is stuck on that point and have maintained her rigid point of view against her…ladies time out with zaib, maza us ke saath and you sit with amaa and take care of her.. so mean of her! Natasha is seriously on heights of immaturity…when she dont know how to deal with Zaib.. then let it be na.. but na bhayee muqabla karna hai and mun ki khaani he.. 😛

    Zaib is such a chalako masi…good going.. khud he kaheen na kaheen phase gi 😉 heros of this drama are so awwww… one with cuteness, one with intelligence and third one i never expected Vasay Chourdry could be so good in romantic scenes.. v.well done!

    I am so with you all.. Adeel Hussain looks like having guest appearance.. his entry was late also.. i so need to watch his scenes… looking forward for that!

    This dilawer thingy story is so boring and i dont see any purpose of that…. plus that dilawer is such a bad actor like yawar :D.. lets see how it helps in progressing the story!


  7. Okay! My heart is totally going out to Mikaal at the moment because we all know ke uss ka patta katne waala hai. He surprised me in this episode with his sensitivity and clear feelings for Zeb. Zeb is quite clearly never going to reciprocate so that angle will probably drop off in the next few episodes.

    Natasha is a complete psycho, hats off to Bilal for keeping his cool, he must really love this chick. Even teenagers are not that erratic these days.

    You’re right, the rivalry between the two sisters has been well established and the plot needs to move on – we need to see more of Adeel and how the poor chap deals with what is looking like a very public divorce.

    Great review !


    • @Sabeen: hahaha so true about Natasha being a psycho chick …. although Zaib is also not far behind, and Muneeze is also showing herself to be worthy of that title LOL! This is one crazy ride for sure!

      @Samira Fazal: Thanks for making our Thursdays so much fun 🙂


  8. You are welcome SZ 🙂 BTW the saas character is written for all the dear reviewers like you who take out time and write about them. meri imagination tm log waisi hi cool ho jaisi woh aunty 🙂


      • Ameen!

        Uff Natasha is really going to drive Bilal crazy ! I’m surprised he hasn’t snapped yet!
        Mikaal is a darling , Zaib will regret not hooking up with him !
        Btw I’m missing Phoopo!!!!


    • @Samira fazal: LOL! And did you think Mikaal would be such a hit?? When we saw him in the first couple of episode, didn’t seem like the character would garner such a response, but Vasay Ch does make it come alive and he and Aamina are so good together … looking fwd to seeing how and why Zaib is attracted to Rayaan…. Any insider info on when Adeel makes his proper full time entry in the story? 🙂


  9. So enjoyed the review SZ (finally)!
    Samira Fazal, thank you so much for writing out such cool crazy everyday characters- love them all. But specially Shamim Hilay’s. And I’m missing phupo too, like some of the other commentators.
    Poor Bilal has his hands full with such a crazy wife- life before marriage would seem so uncomplicated now. Aur bechara toh Mikaal bhi hai- hope he doesn’t get a raw deal at the end.


  10. Absolutely agree with your review.
    I feel like something’s oddly interesting about the relationship that Zaib and Natasha share – it feels a little too real, the way the go about with their little game of action and reaction. Personally, I felt like while their dispute and opposing personalities have been well established at this point, some of the bits in the episode were brilliant additions to understanding just how much and how far they can go to have the last word.
    Although I genuinely find Natasha annoying, I see where she’s coming from, at least in this episode. Although I applaud Bilal for being so calm and collected when talking to her. She really doesn’t know how to think for herself – whatever Zaib says is suddenly haavi on her mind, and all she can think is to prove her wrong, but mostly ends up proving her right. -_-
    And also, I felt terribly sorry for Mikaal. I’d kinda seen this coming from the very beginning, but something about how terribly insensitive Zaib was really broke my heart for him. 😦 Bechaara. What I don’t understand is if Zaib’s really not into money, or if she pretends to be? Personally, I do feel like she’d be the kind to go for the personality before the money, just another way in which she sharply contrasts with Natasha. But I don’t quite know for sure, cause these two end up being much too similar in some ways.

    Anyway, thank you for the brilliant review! Can’t wait to watch Rayaan/Zaib! ❤ Adeel Hussain, PLEASE! 😀


    • @Nikki: Hey! Great to hear from you 🙂 Glad to have another person board the Silvatein ride – what a fun drama this is! True, the characters are easily relatable as we’ve all been and seen many Zaibs and Natashas around us!
      Looking forward to having you as a regular on this thread as we continue on our journey with this crazy gang!


  11. Hey everyone,
    Firstly i am really glad that you guys are liking the play and secondly thank you SO much.You all are very generous with your words. I have always believed that “an actor is only as good as the script he gets” .All the credit goes to Samira Fazal for wriing it and Shehrzad for casting me . Some one asked why i am not seen more,well i am glad that you noticed it because its very deliberate as i am not a fan of over exposure 🙂 (atleast till now) .
    Once and thank you and enjoy the play
    Vasay Ch

    P.S Thanks to six sigma for going for such an off beat cast and Aamnah sheikh for being such a great and positive Co actor .


    • @Vasay Ch. Loving your work here but I just had to tell you how much we enjoyed your turn as Bobby D. My kids and I at times talk in your lingo- great to make one feel better. They couldn’t believe it that Bobby D’s the same guy as Mikaal.


    • @Vasay Ch: Hey! Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment – much appreciated!
      LOL! Yes! your absence has definitely been noticed … I hope you stayed away because you were busy working on other equally interesting projects! Would love to know what we can expect from you in the near future 🙂


    • My God !! Vasay u were amazing…. I love u as timmy g but what u did with mikaal’s character, u just changed my mind… u r sooooo sweeet n cute as mikaal, i had no idea u would turn to be soo good in romantic scenes as well… best of luck for ej !!


  12. Hey Vasay!! i was just thinking of sending you the link when i say your comment 🙂
    You are so right about six sigma.. honestly speaking we cant do much if we dont have a good production company 🙂


  13. Zaib is so much meaner to Natasha in my opinion and I actually felt bad for her. Natasha is immature but zaub seems to slwys get her way in everything being the ladlee and what she says goes, and what she does is always right, so I get how Natasha must have grown up- always in her shadow and 2nd fiddle. She ptrobsbly has to then create attention to get noticed otherwise its all about Zaib!!

    Zaib needs to grow up- she’s 29 act it!! She blatantly lies about Rayyan!! Say what!! She’s backbiting about her sister to her inlaws and acting like shes so perfect! Muneeza is just all drama and was totally wrong to just leave natasha and bugger off with zaib …trouble alert!
    I hope the story speeds up now and rayyan has more than one scene!! Sisterly drama is a tad too much now!!
    Oh and agree with everyone, vasay is fab and so sweet as mikaal…another blunder by Zaib!! Yes you can tell she’s not in my good books…really annoyed me!!!


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