Talkhiyan ~ Episodes 15 n 16 Review

tky ss n kidsCan parents love their children less? Do parents have to love their own children the most? Are there rules as to whether parents can love others’ children more than their own? Bechari Zoyee! Ever since Bibi’s unthinking threat, that things would change if Zoyee didn’t behave, I doubt if the poor child has stopped thinking about the what-ifs for even a second. tky ep 15 9Bibi might’ve said it in jest, but from Zoyee’s perspective this was as real as it could get. After all, it was her beloved mother who’d said this. Later, when she questioned her again, Bibi did not offer an unequivocal affirmation of her love. That a child has to spend sleepless nights worrying about whether her only parent, that too a double one, loves her a little less, is something no child should ever have to go through.

Jugnu  on the other hand has his own private demons to fight. Sadly, a childhood that should have been filled with unconditional love, infinite joy and an unquestioned sense of security was instead spent thinking and worrying about these concepts – what did these words even mean for this neeli peeli angrez ki aulad? Standing on the periphery of the family circle, as they watch Lizzie celebrate her birthday, these twins have seen it all.  They’ve been separated from their father, harshly treated by their grand-aunt, generally ignored by their mostly absent tky ep 15 7grandmother, looked on bemusedly by their uncle, molested by a pedophile, and now threatened to be loved a little less by their mother. What were Zoyee and Jugnu to do? Other than depend upon each other and plan for a quick getaway in case of an emergency, what other options did they have? There was nobody else around for them…

Mehr Sagar and Sabina are simply superb here. The range of emotions they portray is simply amazing: Jugnu’s troubled nightmare, Zoyee’s fretting, their playful moments with Lizzie, their teasing Baloo, Jugnu calling him pickled Baloo and Zoyee asking him to bow to Queen Elizabeth aka Lizzie. Conveying so much requires a huge amount of effort from these two youngsters, and it is to their credit that they give it their all, following their director’s lead like seasoned performers. These two naughty demons are truly superstars in the making.  

Mehak Khan, another star in the making, is impressing here as Zoya. Her soliloquy aptly conveys Zoyee’s pain and anguish. All those previously unvoiced feelings of anger, rejection, hopelessness, bewilderment, betrayal, stand out in rich relief as we see the past come alive through her eyes. tky ep 15 3While we still don’t know what drove the once joined twins apart, there is no anger in her description of Jugnu. Jugnu is someone she protected more fiercely than a tigress protects her cubs. The way she never tells anyone Jugnu’s secret is so telling – and this from a girl who earlier could not but blurt out to her mother about the origins of the mysterious chocolates, even though Monty had told her to keep quiet about them. What is clear though is that no matter what drove the twins’ apart, Zoya has now decided that its time for them to meet. From the tantalizing glimpses we got in the  previous episode, it seems like Jugnu is not unaware of his sister’s presence at Silverwood. Looking forward to when they meet up!

In her narration, as a grown woman Zoya seems to empathize and sympathize with Bibi, but as a daughter there is a definite censure in her otherwise loving portrayal of a brave woman who had thirsted for even a drop of love in her life. SSIt is perhaps the barrenness of her life and the betrayals, she feels she has suffered at the hands of those she thought she could depend on, that compel Bibi to momentarily put aside the aristocratic values she is so fond of instilling in her kids, and consort with somebody from the very class she abhors. Interestingly enough, though she has lowered her standards, seeing the two together it is very clear as to who calls the shots in this relationship, if one may call it so. While there was zip, zilch, zero chemistry between Sanam and Hassan Niazi, the scene with Bibi studying her reflection in the mirror, replicating her lover’s touch was sizzling hot – Sanam was magnificent in that scene!

And yes, speaking of magnificent, how can I not mention Appo in her full fuming glory. Just loved the way she responded to Kamoo’s shocker. There was a whole gamut of expressions that ran across her face as she heard, comprehended and later responded to news of this scandalous affair. image (6)The quiet menace with which she warned Kamoo to keep it zipped up made it crystal clear that this woman was not kidding. Baloo to marey ga hi, magar ab lagta hai Bibi ki bhi khair nahin…
Her furious conversation with Mama ji was just brilliant. While Appo was infuriated with Bibi for putting the khandan ki izzat at stake, Mama ji was lost in her own confused world, trying to comprehend the very real possibility that she might lose Jaanu once again to Margaret. Watching Hina Bayat and Shami Hilali match each other every step of the way was like watching a beautifully choreographed dance. Add in to the mix the fabulous Nargis Rasheed, who conveys so much with just a smirk and a lift of an eyebrow and you have a classic sequence. Loved this one!

Talkhiyan just keeps getting stronger and stronger with every episode. There is not one line of dialog that seems extraneous, nor a scene that seems like a filler. Now, with three more episodes to go, it seems like the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place and a hazy picture is beginning to emerge. Despite the very dark story and the variety of taboo subjects addressed, the narrative has never faltered and the aesthetic sensibility never wavered. Kudos to the writer/director combo of Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmad. Looking forward to seeing how the story winds up. What happened to Bibi and how did Zoyee and Jugnu separate?    

Written by SZ~


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  1. Thankyou SZ for truly reading between the lines!!

    Much as Appo hates the kids on screen, my heart goes out to them in every successive episode – no child should have to suffer so, especially not at the hands of their own mother and other realtives. Sabeena and Saagar are rockstars and Mehak’s portrayal of the hurting, anguished Zoya brings tears to my eyes just imagining the pain Zoyee / Zoya has had to endure, all alone!

    As for Bibi’s rendezvous – Appo would have choked on her own venom if she had seen Bibi in the mirror scene 🙂 Sanam was fabulous!! And my darling Mamaji – what a sheer pleasure she is to work with! The scenes with Kamoo spilling the beans and Appo’s furious conversation with Mamaji was perhaps one of the most difficult sequences in the serial – a range of such strong emotions that both the characters had to go through. I must confess – I truly hated Appo in all her venemous rage!!!! Thankyou Shameem apa for being my dance partner 😉

    Thankyou Beegul and Khalid sb for conceiving and executing such a brilliant sequence – and for me an unforgettable one!


    • @Hina: LOL @ Appo choking on her own venom.. so true! But then was she any less with her diary filled with I love yous?!
      Thank you so much for bring Apppo to life in such a 3D manner! After having watched her go through so many phases, I find it hard to believe that this woman is just a figment of imagination! You and Bee Gul and Khalid Sahab have imbued her with so much personality ke I am convinced that she’ll still be rocking in her chair at Silverwood when I visit Bhurban this summer. I just hope she and Ayee are done with watching the wrestling match by the time I get there! Amazing stuff this!!


  2. Brilliant work by Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat and Nargis Rasheed in that one epic scene. Appo takes over the control of the family and how! loved it.
    Just the feeling of being locked in a room for Bibi, sends chills down my spine…Longing to know what happens.
    Both the kids have been marvellous, thank God this is just make believe and not their real story….as sadly it is for some.
    I missed some of Mehak Khan’s scenes in the beginning- will catch them as soon as the net heals itself.
    Is that Bee Gul in the pic with Khalid saab? Kudos to them both for this masterpiece.
    Aur aapka likha review toh lajwaab hai hee 🙂


    • @Afia: Ji, thats Bee Gul with Khalid Sahab.. thought it was high time we all put a face to the person who’s work we’ve all been savoring for the past 17 odd weeks!


  3. Thank you for taking out time for yet another brilliant piece of writing. Your review is now just as important as the episode that precedes it.


    • @Mehak: Thank you for the very generous compliment – truly humbled and very flattered! Working on the latest one now. Yaar, dont know how you all are doing it, but every episode just keeps raising the bar higher – fabulous job guys!


  4. An excellent balance of last week missing review..loved reading it!!

    This was best of the best episode of Talkhiyan so far.. so powerful right from start till end..Zoyee still stuck on ‘love little less’ and asking her innocent questions from Janoo Baba was so touching..infinite joy was something they totally lacked in their lives… Zoyee and Jugnu making plans to escape was kiddish but very disturbing..Sabina and Sagar… powerhouse of talent!

    I agree Sanam Saeed was terrific in mirror scene, i was feeling the sensations the way she was doing it! Mamaji, Appo and Aayee owned the last scene..(ufff aise dramas kam kyn bante hain…) Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat and Nargis Rasheed.. were brilliant in their acts.

    Mehak Khan have done wonders in emoting beautifully without much verbal dialogues..her telling the past makes it more worth..

    What, just 3 more..i am so geared up to see what happens to bibi and baloo’s tragic lovestory and why the lovable twins split up….


  5. This show feels more like a tv series that will continue on to another season.
    Brilliant brilliant stuff by the entire team.

    Heartbreaking to see Zoyee and Jugnu, deal with such cold behavior, dark moments and a childhood no one would want to reminisce.

    For Bibi, to say to Zoyee about loving her less at the moment of the act was fine but for her not to reassure her daughter and let her know that she loves her very much when she asked again made me want to punch the woman for being so hard on her kid even after so many days have passed.
    She does not look after them and they go about doing whatever they feel around town, all day. Bibi has become a very selfish mother in the past few weeks and that’s hard to digest being that she was a very caring and understanding mother when it all began. Has it really come down to her looking for her happiness and neglecting the children. And that to in the arms of a sweeper class, Baloo??
    Their childhood has been taken away from them but good ol Bibi is a happy camper in her life who is totally clueless. It has come down to her even having happy dreams…
    Def did crack up when Zoyee goes “Bibi mar gai hai???” The kids totally rock!

    I feel for these kids as they have seen way too much before their time and there is not one person who can understand, not even their own mother. For everyone else they are just a burden as it is but now even the mother neglects.
    Fourteen years later, no real sign of Jugnu and Zoya is torn apart from all the hardships she has dealt with.

    Appo as evil as she may be, always looks out for the better and she proved that by taking a stand, taking charge when Kamoo spilled the beans about Baloo and Bibi, to protect her family name. Someone mind explaining what kind of father actually comes up and blows his own son’s cover!! A bit unreal ..
    But that was a magnificent scene; a confused Mamaji , a furious Appo and Ayee mocking the people of Silverwood with her constant smirks.

    It’s hard to believe that Bibi has distanced herself from her kids, but it def sets up the premise for what to expect in the forthcoming episodes… Bibi will be out of the picture and the kids will somehow be separated. Cannot wait to see what leads to that..

    Would love to hear Bibi’s (Sanam’s) take on this character and how / what led to becoming so bitter with her own children, granted she’d been through a lot but i’ve always heard that when it comes to children there is no compromising, so how can she become so careless and cold hearted all of a sudden?

    Mehak Khan / Zoyaa / Zoyee has been fabulous throughout. I wondered, how she was able to recognize her brother after all these years, but they are twins after all, how could she not? Glad to see her explore the place and find people , and food. However, who was that guy she met outside the mazaar , hiding under a shawl? Was it the pedophile or that guy from the pickle factory?? That guy was so creepy, ke had nahi!

    SZ, i honestly believe there are no words in the dictionary good enough to praise how well you write! This drama experience would have not been the same, had it not been for your reviews! Your reviews complete each episode!
    I read each of them at least 3 – 4 times and still want to go back and keep reading!


  6. The last episode was brilliant, finally caught up with the last few. Withoutt your awesome reviews, couldnt even find the links lol!
    Agree with mist of you, still compelling and great story telling!
    More hypocrisy unveiled, I loved the contrast of the scenes bibi and baloo having the night time rendezvous with Janoo baba doing night time tafri with his ex wife and no lizzy in sight!
    Essentially the same thing na? But bibi looked way worse, as she is a woman and baloo belongs to the sweepstakes class! Women can not afford to do that, but men can get away with murder!

    Mama ji did bring that up,but appo obviously cannot ever compare janoo baba and bibi, even though she herself is the last one I would call decent, Father Albert was not exactly the most desirable candidate for a woman from the great khandan of agha ji!!
    But then mama ji also annoys the heck out of me, she sees exactly what janoo baba is but still treats lizzy like a queen and poor jugnoo and zoyee get no attention….they are left all alone …so heartbreaking!

    Dont even get me started on bibi, she is their mother and worse than all the others put together!
    She has no clue what is going on in their heads, but all she cares about is how they look and eat!
    So excited for the next epi!! What happens now…very eager to know like all of you!


  7. Thanks for reviewing SZ. This is my first ever comment on a TV serial. I have just started to watch Talhkiyan, probably because this is an only narrative told to audience in any Pakistan channel from the perspective of young children. What makes story appealing is the narrator gives us bits and pieces of information about each of the character at Silverwoods, which is unknown to others. The dialogues are sharp, witty and are used brilliantly to convey serious information in a discreet tone, particularly, how the two young protagonists are forced to deal with social taboos in society. Heads off to the writer, director and all the actors!!


    • @Saima: Hello! Welcome – glad you decided to comment ..its great to hear from another fan of this serial – I’m sure the Talkhiyan team is very glad to hear from you! honestly this a masterpiece – and indeed unique in that it tells the story from a chold’s perspective and Mehak is so very effective in conveying all the pent up feelings so beautifully.
      Please continue visiting and now that you’ve commented once dont be a stranger. I will post the review of the latest ep in a bit and hope to hear from you there!


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