Tarang Housefull ~ Music Launch


The music launch for the up-coming mega project Tarang Housefull took place in Karachi today. According to the Saima Saleem, the PR Consultant for Engro, the soundtracks for these films will be widely released and available for purchase throughout Pakistan starting Friday. Providing more information, Saima noted that this innovative undertaking, a collaborative effort between Engro Foods and Geo Entertainment, will showcase  ‘Anjuman’, ‘Aaina’, ‘Armaan’, ‘Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri’, ‘Devar Bhabhi’ and ‘Abhi Tou Mein Jawan Hoon’ with a modern twist, making them relevant to today’s audiences.

The project involves senior and young directors like Syed Noor, Yasir Nawaz, Nadeem Baig, Mehreen Jabbar, Anjum Shehzad, and some of the best writers and cinematographers from the cinema and TV industry. Actors like Shaan, Saima, Fawad Khan, Amina Sheikh, Bushra Ansari, Atiqa Odho, Saba Hameed, Sara Loren (Mona Lisa), Imran Abbas, Sanam Saeed, Sarwat Gillani and other popular faces of the film and drama industry will work to recreate the magic of yester years.

To breathe new life into these classic songs, Tarang put together a collaborative effort including artists like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Amir Zaki from Pakistan alongside talented vocalists from across the border such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. Apart from this, the young winners of the show ‘Sur Keshtra’, Nabeel and Sarah, were also involved in the project. The songs themselves were remixed, so that the flavor of the past was presented with a contemporary touch. Here are some details about the re-worked songs.




Ko Ko Koreena


Akelay Na Jaana Rahat Fateh Ali Armaan
Akelay Na Jaana (Modern) Rahat Fateh Ali & Amir Zaki Armaan
Jab Piyar Main Do Dil Shaan Armaan
Hip Hip Hurray Nabeel Shaukat Devar Bhabi
Yeh Kaghazi Phool Jaysay Chehray Nabeel Shaukat Devar Bhabi
Aap Dil Ki Anjuman Mein Sunidhi Chauhan Anjuman
Dil Dharkay Sunidhi Chauhan Anjuman
Kiya Hai Jo Piyar Shaan Dil Mera Dharkan Teri
Juda Juda Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Dil Mera Dharkan Teri
Abhi Tou Main Jawan Hoon Ritu Pathak Abhi Tou Main Jawan Hoon

The main leads for these films are as follows

Starting in April, these films are slated to be aired every Friday on PTV home, Geo Entertainment &  AAG TV.

What do you think of the music so far? Looking forward to reading your thoughts 🙂

Details provided by Engro PR

Written by SZ ~ 



1. Ko Ko Korina by Neeraj


2. Akele Na Jana by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


3. Akele Na Jana by Shreya Ghoshal


4. Jab Pyar Men Do Dil by Shaan



1. Dil Dharkay by Sunidhi Chauhan


2. Aap Dil Ki Anjuman Main by Sunidhi Chauhan


Abhi Tau Main Jawan Hoon:

1. Abhi Tau Main Jawan Hoon by Ritu Pathak


Dil Mera Dharkan Teri:

1. Kiya Hai Jo Pyar by Shaan


Devar Bhabhi:

1. Hip Hip Hurray by Nabeel Shaukat


Documentary About the Making of the Tarang Housefull Telefilms

Part 1:


Part 2:

52 replies

  1. Thank you so much for all the detailed information on music and casts. i was wondering who are the other two supporting actors in Armaan as seen in the promo?
    p.s. i am looking forward most actually to DMDM and Sami Khan’s performance in Dewar Bhabhi


  2. Can’t wait for these telefilms to be aired! The only thing I’m skeptical about are the ad breaks. Its great that some classics are being remade, or us the younger generation might never know where all the good songs came from and that Pakistani cinema was alive once. Looking forward to great songs and performances and of course your reviews SZ! 🙂


  3. this looks so good . I love Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ….this sounds fabulous Thanks SZ 🙂
    So excited for Fawad and Amina but have to agree with MIsty to my complete surprise the Sami Khan one looks fantastic …wonders will never cease


    • @Shubnum; I agree .. the others look equally if not more so interesting than Armaan .. I personally am most excited for Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri 🙂


  4. Thankyou SZ for this insight information:) i simply loved ‘ kya he jo pyar’ and knowing its sung by Shaan… Made me sooper excited as i like his voice..waiting for full song to release…. Didn’t liked Sunidhi ‘s anjuman… Koko koreena was ok ok.. Let’s see how the full version is..


  5. Amazing review like always SZ. Thanku for providing the full details of the songs and cast. The only film im excited to watch is without a doubt ‘Armaan’
    Fawad & Amina’s pairing is something new and refreshing!


  6. i just wish they wud ve used more pakistani singers…we hve a lot of talent in Pakistan n we reallu need to use it…..tht peeve n anjuman aside… evrythng luks fab


  7. A great effort, with excellent casting & playback singers… I am anxiously awaiting the First Friday of April, and the one after…

    Thanks Geo & Engro for such a great effort… Armaan & Aina being my all time favorites…

    Sarwat Gilani!!! Humaima Malik!!! & Amna Sheikh!!!… and Imran Abbas, Fawad & Shaan… woah!!! It’s a casting coup… Kudos to the whole team…


  8. awww thats soo good …. thanks alots for infomation … wow rahat sir … tussi great sir … and my fav song akele nahi jana … ufff thanks alots for singing this song 🙂 love ya and really very cant wait for april 🙂
    – S a n a –


  9. @All: Just to let you all know, the songs have been released and I will add the songs as and when i get them … Enjoy!!!
    And dont forget to share your thoughts on what you think!! 🙂


  10. Honestly speaking ko ko korina is very badly remixed…i mean they have just destroyed the whole simplicity of the song …poora GOLA GANDA bana diya he…uske baad Akele na jaana….sorry not impressed…Rahat jee se ziada i would blame the composer or should i say music editor..bcuz i have zero knowledge abt it keh song kesa banta he…….but uske baad Dil Dharkeh was really a breath of fresh air after ko ko korina and akele na jana…unexpectedly..Sunidi U ROCKED IT LADY..and esp the way she says “oye hoye” …uff!!!!!! m addicted to it right now….


      • Kia he jo pyar ya dil dharkeh??? both r diff tracks..mein to dil dharkeh mein tumse yeh kaise kahon…ki baat ker rahi hoon …kia he jo pyar…i loved its promo..even song ki starting keh 1 mint to i lvd it bt then i felt keh something is missing..patah nahi…..


  11. Wondering y they didnt use Pakistani Singers…Kia he jo pyar, starting is good but then it loses its essence…Shan is not the right choice i think…unko Nabeel (winner of Sur ka Shetra) ko lena chahiye tha….or even if they wanted to use Bollywood’s TRAINED SINGERS tabb bhi Shaan is not the right choice…esp song keh beech mein jab woh kehta he..”kar lo jee kar lo”…Allah Allah!! itni gandi feeling aai..patah nahi jaise koi sarak chaap aashik keh raha ho “kar lo jee kar lo”…………highly disappointed…but chalo lets wait films kaise hoti hain…and 1 thing more “Abhi to mein jawan hoon” mein Ayesha Khan and Mekaal lead pair hain wondering why didnt they showed even a single promo of them…mera to koi irada bhi nahi tha iss film ko dekhne ka (promos hi itne fuzool the) but then humko patah chala Ayesha and Mekaal is lead warna toh…..


    • i dont think they remake best shan was good choosie antara or mukhra bilkol new style may tha nabeel ki leanght ithni achi nhi or ap dil ki anjuman wo to best music tha


  12. BTW ab Dil Dharkeh ko romantic mood mein bhi suna ja sakta he..pehle sirf shadiyon mein sunte or gaate the ab to raat mein chaand uncle keh sath sunne keh liye ek aur song mil gaya……..


  13. BTW ab Dil dharkey ko ab raat main Chand uncle ki mojudgi mein bhi suna ja sakta he pehle sirf shadion main sunte they……original ki terhaan nahi may b thts y i m loving it…cuz original ki copy kerte to akele na jana etc jaisa haal ho jata…just loving this romantic transformation of Dil Dharkeh…..


  14. very easy to download all these songs
    sab sy phely facebook wall par share karain phir wahan sy download kar lain idm sy


    • Oh thanku so much..mjhe kahin se mil hi nahi raha tha download karne ka link…but finally i read ur comment and thn……….thanku so much!!


  15. Thanks for uploading the MP3 versions of the songs with your review SZ. I have a question? Will you be reviewing the telefilms as well?


    • @Saima: I had fully intended to review all, but the kutti phitti video and the poor quality totally put me off. The second one too had a poor quality video, the tune pk links kept getting hung up and the YT version kept stopping n starting, something weird was going on, and I ultimately ran out of patience… IA hoping this week’s film has a better quality video out and I have better luck with links.. fingers crossed!


      • Hmmm…..I still think you should review them all. Right now watching Abhi tu mein Jawan hoon on youtube and I acutally like it…..it’s a comedy with good dialogues by Vasay Ch. ….so I thought SZ would have written an awesome review on….Khair…good luck for the next one!!


        • @Saima: Are the links on YT good ones, without any cuts? can you post the one youre watching? I’ll try to play catch up and if you promise to come back and write a detailed comment, I’ll write up for this one 😉


  16. The link I am watching is not High Definition. It is posted below. I hope it is not cut because I am not even half way through the film. Just have a look, maybe you would not like and find it unworthy to review but I still think it is funny. I will defiantly comment. 🙂


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