Tarang Housefull ~ First Look at Telefilms


We’ve been hearing quite a bit about the remakes of hit Pakistani films, and there have been many questions and confusions regarding the nature of these remakes: Are these going to be full length feature films, will they be screened in a movie theater, when will they be released, which films will be remade…

Here are some answers from the blurb on their official FB page, “Tarang Housefull will present classics such as ‘Anjuman’, ‘Aaina’, ‘Armaan’, ‘Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri’, ‘Devar Bhabhi’ and ‘Abhi Tou Mein Jawan Hoon’ with a modern twist, making them relevant to today’s audiences.

The films were selected based on the popularity of their songs and story, both of which we recall even today. Additionally each film deals with unique themes and provides variety.

Tarang has collaborated with the biggest and leading media network of Pakistan, GEO network as exclusive media and content partner for this project.”

Here are the five song teasers out so far …

Devar Bhabhi

Abhi Tau Main Jawan Hun

Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri


The Much Awaited Fawad Khan and Aamina Sheikh In….


Written by SZ~


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  1. I will have to tune in and watch Geo TV because I am getting really excited. Today I just heard a few headlines on Geo News about the Tarang Houseful. OH my God! I am so excited for Armaan 😀


    • I know na! Fawad Khan… Waheed Murad… Ko ko korina. Its too good to be true! I love the rest of them as well, especially Sami Khan’s tribute.
      But, yeah. Arman’s going to be something else! Too freaking excited!


  2. sigh I have not seen the armaan trailer ….please for the love of GOD someone somewhere have pity ….. I need o see it …@Sherry aap tho Janathi hogaaey ….


    • Haha! Jee Sadaf! I’m in self induced FK Jannat as I type. ❤ No need for overdosing on drugs or anything of that sort.
      On a side note, Aamina Sheikh looked beautiful. Though my main focus was on Fawad and his loud tarangi basanti outfit. 😛 Iss banday mein tarang hi tarang hai!


      • I know , if only he could have worn navy blue or something …aik film ho gaaeey tho Salman Bhai ka aser ho gaaya…. I am so glad Amina looked good I knew she would . She is one beautiful woman and perfect for the big screen. not all drama actors or actresses can translate to a movie it requires just that bit of extra sparkle or STAR presence.Thanks for the description it will keep me going till I can get my eyes on the good stuff


  3. So SZ you’ve got us all excited now 🙂
    Will have to watch Geo for FK’s dance (!). I liked Ahsan Khan’s clip from the ones above.
    Saima and Sami khan? Now that’s a new jori!


    • In the pic at the top, I don’t like FK’s look though- it might look good in the dance but this particular pic, I don’t care for at all. The smile is too ‘tarang’.
      Mona Liza aka Sara Loren (?) is starting to look like Priyanka Chopra- specially after the fuller lips.


  4. All excited for these coming up re-makes… i really liked ‘dil mera dhadkan teri’ the most… everything is so beautiful in that.. MJ leaves her mark to great extent.. now looking forward to the most awaited Armaan!!


  5. Thanks SZ for this informative post! Armaan toh rehgiya Armaan ka teaser ka but I guess have to be patient just like always….I think they just like to delay anything with FK in it!
    But yeah please anyone who sees the promo online…please post like @ sadaf said…hum peh rehm kaalo!!!
    Anyways the MJ film teaser looks pretty good…liking it a lot the girls look fab!


  6. @All: I checked with the Tarang people and according to them the Armaan teaser has not yet been released. They are expecting to put it out by the end of the month.


    • Acha? I saw it twice today on Aag and Geo News. Maybe they were talking about releasing it online. And they can’t possibly delay it ’til the end of the month, since all other trailers have been released and the premiers are gonna be in March.


      • LOL! Im as confused as you are .. lets see if they are on air then I’m sure we’ll find them online soon as well 🙂
        Is it the song they are showing? How is it looking?


        • Swoon worthy. 🙂
          They did a rendition of Ko ko koreena and it was a bit longer than the trailers that have already been released. Both Aamina and Fawad wore the outfits they had in the picture. Usually,its pretty awkward (for me) to watch FK dance, like in Tarang ad, since I still have that image of him headbanging to an e.P. song. 😀 But this was pretty cute! They did that clapping step jo Koko koreena mein hota hai. And there seemed to be two other leads that I haven’t seen before.
          Oh, and FK raised his eyebrow and smirked at Aamina like he does in the Servis shoes ad (call me obsessed!) xD


  7. Ok the big surprise is Sami Khan actually looks kind of cute doing that whole Devar thing …. darn I decided to hate him but may have to change my mind ….


  8. Thanks a lot Sherry for giving us the description, then SK for providing us with the link to the video and SZ for adding it to the post. It is too good! I am waiting eargerly:)

    @Sherry, I totally agree with you on the fact that when he dances I feel awkward. We all have that rockstar image of him 😛 Fawad Khan really has ‘THOSE’ looks because seldom do actors look good in such clothes.

    Until the telefilm is out, I will take out ‘the kachoomar’ of this trailer 😀


  9. Kinda looks like FK is trying to hide in the entire promo.. hard to spot him.. orange and green is a weird combo..

    Loving SS’s look in the DMDT promo.. and the promo looks really nice for that one!


  10. There’s a reason why the original’s always better …. but hopefully this version of ko ko koreena will grow on me. Plus FK’s hand movements weren’t the best so let’s see…though I loved his first few shots 🙂


    • It is a hundred times better tha n that strange picturisation for Chambeli … I think they did a pretty good job .. and look how many song and dance movies have they done ? obviously it is not going to be perfect but I say 20 out of 10 for Fawad that is it end of story


  11. Does ny1 know who sang this new version of ko ko koreena???….. The jheel se gehri ankhein sounds soooooooo amazing!!!!!…. At first I dnt like the new version at all… Bt within a few hours it has grown on like anything =D


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