Silvatein ~ Episode 6 Review


Before I begin, let me just put out a warning for any of you who might just be unlucky enough to ever run into Romana phupho: People, stay away from her!! The woman is dangerous with a capital D. Once she gets going, phupho does not pause even for a second to take a breath. Nope, this woman just goes on and on … no commas, colons or periods are allowed to come in her way. RomanaJust ask Durdana … no, wait, forget about her … woh khud bhi kisi se kam nahin hain... just ask Mikaal. Bechara kahan phans gaya!!! He knows first hand what it is to be steamrolled! Haye! What a grilling! Vasay Chaudhry was great as the badhawaas Mikaal. Can’t wait to see where and how his relationship with Zaib goes from here on! I totally felt for Zaib, and for once saw her as 100% mazloom in this situation… Allah har ek ko aisi pyaar karne wali phupho say bachaye!! Yes, phupho jaan, you should write dramas – I think there’s a whole other career waiting for you.  Do I need to say Parveen Akbar is doing more than enough justice to her character – she is fantastic!

By now we know that phupho is a loony toon, but what’s brilliant here is that its not just her.. the crazy gene is very much a part of the entire family’s genetic makeup, be it the whacko Natasha or the slightly more mature, but equally kooky Zaib. Lets begin with Natasha. Not only does she walk out on her beyond adorable husband, Bilal, but then compounds her idiocy by deciding that she wants to go back to her purana Romeo Yawar – don’t ask why! She’s certifiable is all I can say. Thank God, her awaara aashiq has a brain, pea-sized as it may be, and he decides to bid farewell to Natasha. I hadn’t expected this level of maturity from him, but then I guess Natasha’s immaturity has set the bar so low that even Yawar seems like an Aristotle ki aulad  in comparison. Normally, I would find such a behavior from a grown woman beyond ridiculous and pan it harshly, but there is something about the way Natasha’s character is written that makes it delightful to watch. Even though she allows it to flirt with boundaries, Shehrazade keeps the character skillfully reigned in for the most part. Mira, I think, continues to play the brat-in-need-of-a-serious-smack really well.

From Natasha to Zaib… while Zaib might come off looking better as compared to her younger sister, she is equally mad. two sistersHer issues with her sister are always at the front and center of her mind. Yes, I feel for her, that as an only child for a while, the world must’ve been her oyster. But come on, how old is Natasha now? Surely, you can’t still be harping on about how your younger sis upset your apple cart?! Zaib, my friend, you’re a grown woman, just build a bridge and get over it … and please stop sharing the story of your “painful” childhood with every aira ghaira nathoo khaira! Aamina Sheikh is so much fun to watch here!

While I make light of this issue, it is nonetheless a very real problem in our societal setup with over indulgent parents and extended family members, all of whom unwittingly participate in the development of such rivalries between siblings. Not sensitized to the damage they are inflicting on children, I have come across many a parent/aunt/grandparent playing favorites and then laughingly brushing off concern with barey ho kar theek ho jaynge, shaadi hogi tau theek ho jayenge… over exaggerated as this scenario might be, between the two sisters, methinks there is a lesson or two skilfully woven throughout the narrative.

Moving on from the insane to Bilal’s so very sane family, let me just say I love the stark contrast. After watching a crazy Natasha arguing with her sister, its feels like one is stepping in to a peaceful oasis. To see the three siblings, Raayan, Muneeza and Bilal, actually, actually discussing things rationally, like adults, is a joy to behold. Loved the way Raayan, a very understated Adeel Husain, unassumingly takes over his role as the protective older brother; a raised eyebrow and a slight nod of the head is enough of a signal to a fully attuned Muneeza, her words are disturbing Bilal and she needs to quit ASAP. What a lovely way of showing the deep bond between these siblings. Thank you for sparing us long dialogues and never-ending scenes to establish the very different relationship these three share. That this closeness is not formed out of the blue is beautifully illustrated when the very hip tech-savvy mom gently rebukes Muneeza, to stop being a zaroorat se ziyada nand! What a samajhdaar mother she is! Uff!! I shudder to even think ke abhi sirf ek ke aaney se Chotoo ka yeh haal hai tau what will happen with both sisters move in lock stock and barrel!! God help them all!

Yes, this was another fun-filled episode. The intelligent story, sparkling lines, crisp direction and great acting make this my pick for what is now turning out to be a jam-packed Thursday.


The one big peeve I have here is that the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not sure if it was just the videos I was watching, but I had to really strain to hear the dialogues in the first half of this episode. What I did hear well and clear were the dialogues in the end … and those lines, beautifully delivered by Daniyal Raheal, made up for all my earlier aggravation with the sound quality. Daniyal has played Bilal so well… somehow Chotoo, even though he’s ever so bechara, seems to have such a sense of dignity and presence about him, ke I cannot help hating Natasha just that much more. Larki qadar karo and cut the guy some slack!!!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Your review is as wacky as the drama! I can tell you had a blast writing it! I cracked up at the Aristotle ki aulad comparison and that to with Yawar! Aab next week Adeel ko Socrates na bana Daina 😉 lol @ build a bridge and get over it Zaib!!
    Will have to catch the episode araam se but the review is fantabulous !


  2. You’re right , the audio was terrible , I tried 3 different uploads , same result .
    Such a funny drama , phoopo is a nut case !
    Zebs another nutcase , she overanalyses her relationship with N , the poor boy who almost committed suicide also got fed up of her blah blah , LOL
    Bilal is the such a darling , I hope Natasha realizes that.
    Bilals mom was supercool , I wish all MILs were like her !


    • Yes even on TV the audio quality sucks , on the plus side isn’t it delightful not to have your ears assaulted by a dischordant and too loud sound track ala ZGH.Loved your review SZ, Allah hum sab ko aisi fitni and phapay- kutni phuppi say bachay(ameen) with blood relatives like these who needs enemies? Its criminal the way the way she messes with immmature Natasha’s head,I agree with Sadaf’s observation last week, unfortunately have come across many such young brides who go into marriage with little or no counseling and end up complicating their own and others’ lives as well.
      I really like Vasay Chaudry’s undrstated character and his latent chemistry with Amina ,would be interesting to see how this track pans out? Maheen too is being a nand to the hilt ,love Shamim Hilali as the chilled out MIL and Chotu as you christened him is very good as the earnest and beeba bacha who is ill-equpped to deal with his tantrum-prone new dulahan.
      Silvaten is like a random book you just start to read because there is nothing else on hand but it turns out to be so engrossing you cant put it down.


      • So true Fariha – completely agree with you about the “random book”! Went in with no real expectations and so far it’s been such a fun ride!


      • Me too I love that random book analogy. SZ has it just right about the happy “chotu ” Beeba Bucha too. This was such a fun review 🙂


  3. Loved the episode and the review.
    Samira Fazal’s characters are so real and wacky but still adorable- how difficult must it be to get this combination right? But she does it effortlessly it seems.
    Phupo is a classic and I am truly sorry to see her go- hope she returns soon. Bilal was so adorable in the last scene- shukar hai Natasha ne aik moqaa de diya otherwise poor guy would have died of sadness.
    Vasay Ch is perfect in his role. My kids couldn’t believe he’s our fav Bobby D!
    And yes, I love the sisters (bravo AS and MS) (- it almost as if I know them very well 😉


    • Fabulous job Samira!! We’re only 6 episodes in and you have captured all the characters SO WELL and they are all so real – people that we see around us and sad to say a little of those characteristics in ourselves too 🙂


      • Yes, all the characters are so well etched. I think thats what makes the drama so much more fun to watch, def realistic! 🙂


  4. Samira Fazal I am in awe of the keen eye of your observation here as well as in Bari Apa,the nuances and the little gestures that make up the characters, so very well etched and essayed by the actors too, like Natasha’s hesitation before confiding in her zehreeli phuppo, you can see her giving in against her better judgement.Well done!


  5. Indeed one funny review 😀
    Goodness this phopoo is master in doing dance on every single chance she gets 😀 but shows her love for her darling bhatiji…Parveen Akbar is definitely one of the finest actors in our drama industry.. way she was interviewing Mikaal, one epic moment it was..Vasay Choudhary is brilliant..

    I like how character of Rayyan is portrayed as sensible and secure older brother..both times he was so calm in dealing situations, specially when all 3 siblings were discussing on Natasha’s hidden truth, and he very logically explained the whole scenario and gave Bilal something to ponder on, saw that scene twice and just loved it!

    Coming to Bilal, maaan how can anyone be that cute and lovable..i so agree with you SZ.. k kadar karo is bande ke 😀 i was so going awww when he was persuading Natasha to come inside home, This family is so good from Amaa to Bilal.. just muneezae is bit tairi 😉 Shamim Hilali portrays techo mom so amazingly 🙂

    Natasha… seriously no limits of doing blunders,thinking to go back to Yawar..:O and Yawar of all the things surprising us and behaving so maturely..LOL.. I am so keen to know how Bilal-Natasha relationship shapes.. they make such a good pair 🙂

    Last but not the least, Zaib..itni high-headed phopii ko ghar se he nikal ch..but jo be hai im so loving Aamina shaikh as multi-shaded zaib..

    Its getting so interesting!!!


  6. God loving this drama already :* mind blasting review yawr n bilal baby feel so bad for you yawr but felt bad for bechara mikaal kahan phass gaya phupho ke sath ?? n zaib i was laughing like anything when she throws her phupho out of the house !! How can mikaal talk with her mom about zaib i mean zaib is with bilal’s big bro right ??? Jo bhe ho main to iss dramey ki fan ban gaye n natasha really needs a doctor !!


    • @Wajia – i felt for Bilal as well! how can Natasha do that to such a loving caring and good looking husband! Clearly she isn’t normal!


  7. Phupho inquiring mikaal was best scene of this episode…. i watched it 3 times, my god zeb what u did with phupho was a wise move but also without evil-naughty-funny phupho the drama will be incomplete… I’ll miss her surely !!


    • @Diya – oh i am sure she will not gone for long! She is probably stirring up a new scheme and will be back in no time! 😀


  8. Lovely fun filled episode! Yes Bilal is just so adorable! How can natasha be so mean ?? I think she is just too immature and in a complex that he lined Zaib…hopefully now she grows up after those beauriful dialogues Bilal told her:) I love their family bond though, so natural and yeah the mil was the best!!!

    You all already mentioned the phupo scene…agree it was the highlight, poor meekal! A hilarious attack on him at a speed of 100mph….ky boltee hai!! Funny when zain kicks her out, she is amazed ki how can my favorite niece do this to me lol…her expressions were priceless!!
    Anyways looking forward to rayyan and zain story to start…let’s see where it goes from here!!
    It’s wacky to say the least, your review was pretty crazy too…enjoyed reading it!!


  9. Natasha is on some serious crack! The woman runs out the house at the crack of dawn, and expects that Yawar will accept her the day after her wedding. Shukar hai the guy actually has a working brain. Turned out to be a lot smarter then i thought.

    I dont understand what Natasha’s problem is. Matlab ke okay fine the girl on the phone was not her but every other time it was Natasha that Bilal spoke / met with and she is the one he wanted to marry. How can she be confused.
    Thank the lord they talked it out and had a mature conversation warna if it were up to Natasha, well anything can be expected from her. Grow up larki, go enjoyed married life with your oh so cute hubby , especially after he spent so much time tryna explain it all to you. so so sweet!

    Thank goodness Zeb kicked out the pathologically lying phupho… That scene was hilarious.. The phupho was in shock! but i mean come on how can that woman lie so much and jump to conclusions about everything….
    She asked so many questions so fast, the poor guy had no time to even think of an answer…
    The entire fam needs some professional help.. I think the dad decided to hide in a corner for all this .. he couldn’t handle the madness anymore..

    Bilal’s family is so calm and normal. And his mother is so freaking chill! about everything! Kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai, the sister is the mother in law.. she is so concerned about everything, that the mom has to tell her to take it easy!

    Why does Adeel H get no screen time!! :O

    Despite all the craziness the drama is really fab! 🙂


  10. OoOoOoMmMmMgGgGzz pooor Timmy g :p but it was the best scene, when phupo asked him “rishta kab bhej rahe ho ????”
    he was like ” zaib kahan hai or (somthin like that)”
    chalak phupho “usko meiney ek kaam diya hai ” ahahahahehehehoho
    and poor boy zaib ne tou actual mein becharey bache ka BHEJA FRY ker diya tha ehehehehe…


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