Talkhiyan ~ Episode 14 Review

ZJThroughout, as I’ve been watching Talkhiyan, my feelings have wavered here and there about any number of characters, but never in a million years did I think that I would ever, ever, ever, walk away hating Bibi!!  She was my hero – a victim of parental and spousal abuse, a divorcee who rises above the mazloom aurat syndrome so prevalent in our society, and a woman who empowers herself and sets out to be a double parent to her two beautiful and intelligent children. But, alas …

….. my hero had feet of clay. Bibi, Bibi, how could you?! Just how could you leave Jugnu alone? Ek tau the poor child was waisey hi not feeling well, oopar se Appo had been complaining about this thing and that throughout during the car ride, and then you leave him and walk away??!! That guy was such an obvious a creep! Agar Mamaji ka violin string was ever so necessary then you should’ve at least let the feisty Zoyee behind… she’s such a mother tigress.. she could’ve taken care of him?! Then when you return, you’re so out if it ke you don’t even notice Jugnu’s downcast demeanor?! Tum se tau Zoyee acchi nikli, she picked up on Jugnu’s vibe right away.

Later, as if all this was not enough, you give poor Zoyee a lecture and scare the life out of her. Bibi, you’ve seriously disappointed me today. You hate Jaanu and go on about his hypocrisies and double standards, but today you proved yourself to be a certified member of the Silverwood clan. You give such highfalutin lectures about  people’s feelings and how precious they are, but look at you… are you any different? You are so caught up in your own world, which has undoubtedly received several huge blows in the past few weeks, that you are totally blind to the havoc that Lizzie’s arrival has caused in Zoyee and Jugnu’s already complicated lives? At that moment, when you were merrily scolding Zoyee, I wish you’d recorded yourself – you sounded just as cold and mean as Appo – clearly the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree!

Bibi n bachasBibi loves me a little less now ….

With the once happy family portrait now so sadly messed up, its no surprise to see Zoyee looking to those beyond the high walls of Silverwood for comfort and solace. She finds an unlikely friend in Baloo. While their bonding is very sweet, I loved the aatey ki bori scene, the mother in me cringed at the physical proximity between this man from the sweeper class and the girl from the lah-di-da Silverwood clan. What surprised me here was that Bibi appeared oblivious yet again. Rather than chiding Zoyee for playing touchy-feely games with a grown man, she scolds her for playing with someone from the other side of the tracks. Aah Bibi, you are such a product of the Silverwood clan! Does it even begin to occur to you that this friendship could be a breeding ground for other real problems, none of which have anything to do with class difference?!

So caught up is Bibi in her own private pain-filled world that she seems unaware of the impact her harsh words, and seemingly indifferent behavior, are leaving on the mk jr ep14 2children. Jugnu has retreated into his own private hell, and Zoyee is left to wander these Silverwood grounds, perhaps forever alone.

While Zoya’s family is teetering on the edge of a precipice, Lizzie baby’s family is coming closer. But like the other two kids, Lizzie too has seen more than her fair share of life’s talkhiyan. Unlike Zoyee and Jugnu, though, who have always been made to feel unwelcome, Lizzie is accorded a red-carpet welcome; the greeting party led by none other than the formidable Appo. In sharp contrast to Bibi’s kids, however, Lizzie is not into family bonding and spending quality time. She’s a mean, hurtful child (Appo ki jaa nashin!) who doesn’t look beyond her haughty nose to see how her behavior might reflect on her mother’s upbringing. Zoyee and Jugnu on the other hand are being constantly reprimanded, not just by others, but this time around, their mother too has joined in the chorus. Bibi, tum ko bhi goron ko impress karney ki beemari lag gayi??

Needless to say this latest episode was the darkest of all that we’ve seen so far. Even the few moments of sweetness, between Zoyee and Baloo, had darker underpinnings. Given its shocking content, the writer and director deserve a huge round of applause for their very mature and classy handing of a very sensitive and taboo topic in our serials. The fact that I hated Bibi today is again a testament to the quality of writing, directing and acting. The children once again were the true heroes of this episode. Zoyee, Jugnu and Zoya, the trio makes me want to spirit them away to some farway safe place, away from all of life’s talkhis. Kudos to the entire team for telling a compelling tale so movingly!

Looking forward to the next chapter in Zoya’s story!

Written by SZ~

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 14

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  1. brilliant review and brilliant episode loved how the abuse was handled gives enough to make you understand what will/is happening without being crude. I like how the story unfolds slowly and you start to understand grown up Zoya and jugnoos life. I missed a few episodes as I was very busy but this is the only show where I watched all the episodes as there are no fillers in this great show.


    • @Mehak: Thank you! This was a really emotional episode, and like SK I too was tearing up as I watched Zoyee, Jugnu and Zoya’s suffering. I was so angry with Bibi, even after the episode ended that I think for a while i totally forgot that this was a serial and all these were just fictional characters LOL! Actually, we the viewers should be thanking you all for bringing us an unforgettable serial!


  2. Something inside me (HKB) says that had Appo not trotted off to the Church to mourn her love, Jugnu may have been spared. As much as she tortures the poor children, she has her eye on them – never oblivious to their whereabouts or who they are hanging around. Her snapping at Zoyee for being “to familiar” with that man would have taken on yet another meaning if she had encountered the cold drink man. This and the previous episode hurt – despite playing Appo, Hina wanted to reach out and hug Zoyee, Jugnu and Zoya – something that we shared a lot of, off set! On that happy note – let’s look forward to how things unfold!


    • @Hina: Hi! Lovely to hear from our very own Appo-ji 🙂 I agree with you that Appo ji might be a curmudgeon, but she would never let any harm befall the children. I did notice that even though she ranted at poor Jugnu during the car ride over to the market, on the way back she was holding his hand as they walked back home. Sigh, if only!!! Now, I’m angry at Bibi all over again!! 😦

      Brilliantly done Team Talkhiyan!


    • Is Appo ever gonna get over father Albert?? Its time she starts living her life! 😀
      And good looking out for the kids since the mother is is doing a terrible job doing that… =\


  3. How could you indeed Bibi!! I wanted to shout out nooo! Bibi just seems way too careless, we always tell our kids don’t trust or talk to strangers and she goes and plops a sick jugnu there and walks off!!
    SZ I totally agree with you regarding bibi and her hypocrisies, more than anyone else she is ruining their self esteem and confidence. While Lizzie gets to play the spoilt bad mannered brat to a tee, bibi finds it imperative to scold zoyee for everything and anything ….doesn’t she get enough from appo ji!!

    @ Hina Bayat You are doing amazing as Appo ji! so different from your usual roles!
    I kinda agree with you regarding appo, she always stops them from hanging out with baloo which I think is correct, her mother doesn’t seem to care at all!
    Like SZ said it’s not the class difference that is the issue, there are many other things I would be scared about, as poor jugnu found out!
    I feel so bad for those kids,so innocent and all they need is some love and affection. This is such a lesson for how we treat our kids and the things we say to them, what a profound effect they can have on their thinking….
    I will love you a little less is still remembered by Zoya 14 years later:(


  4. Brilliant review! Talkhiyan is also incomplete without your reviews! agreed to each and single word!

    i was holding my breath till the the end of episode, only the thoughts of upcoming darkness is making me so low…the way bib dragged out jugnu from that room, i wanted to punch her really hard, of all the things..can anyone be that insecure and complex 😦 our darling jugnu and zoyee.. they definitely don’t deserve all this!

    cold-drink man scene was terrible, and to make us more feel about jugnu’s condition was Zoya’s painful gestures.. her saying bibi loves me less now…was so heart wrenching..these double standard people made their kids life suffer like anything 😦

    and little zoyee.. least she expected those harsh words from bibi…and her anger burst was beautifully shown by ruining the moment between appo ji, aayee and liziee!
    thank goodness still zoyee and jugnu are for each other, the way she held jugnu’s hand and became his savior was beautifully shown.. and their mother.. ahhh an awesome example of ‘who cares’ 😦

    Mehak,Sagar and Sabina… absolutely out of class! they nailed it 🙂

    im loving the direction… week by week its going superbly that i can’t notice any slow pace if it has any!

    It has to be one of my favorites!


  5. Loved Zoyees tattoo !
    SZ, u nailed it , how could Bibi be blind to the inappropriate climbing on Balus back ?
    It gave me the creeps , and poor Jugnu , my blood ran cold when that creepy shop wala
    lowered the shutter 😦
    And Bibi saying what a nice man he was , ughhhhh ! Wake up u stupid woman ! I hate Bibi too !!!!!


      • Hahahaha thank you, the tattoo is a sufi tughra (winged heart) which says ishq inside it – it means if you have love in your heart, you have god in your heart and vice versa… Felt it was apt since it foreshadowed what is about to transpire in the following episodes… Thank you all so much for your kind words and appreciation… It is truly humbling…


  6. A heartbreaking episode indeed. What starts off as annoying with the welcoming of Lizzie and Margaret who do not even seem to care ends with leaving us feeling angry and hurt for little Jugnu.
    He is my favorite character and to see him go through this trauma is very heartbreaking. How can Bibi be such a careless mother? Do people have a habit of leaving their kids at a corner store while running around all the other stores? It was very odd of her to do that, if anything she could have left him in the car. That guy was soo creepy; don’t know how Bibi couldn’t read his facial creepy expressions. Zoyee turns out to be smarter then her mother. i wonder why Jugnu never brings it up. Afterall his is a kid and that too full of innocence so I’d assume he’d tell someone about it.
    He must now live with that for the rest of his life and that is what starts his depressing life journey.
    Even Appo seems to care more about the kids in her own way by scolding them about what’s right and wrong. It’s the mother’s responsibility but the mother is so careless. How can she have her daughter play with the servant all day and not have an issue with after she goes on about this aristocrat lifestyle. Well they don’t play with the “sweeper class” either…

    Those silent eye contact exchanges between Baloo and Bibi say a whole lot without even saying anything preparing us for the future episodes. Maybe this will be the main reason that drives the three apart….

    Lizzie is a horrible actress first of all. And very annoying. Everyone is showering her with love and she is just so rude. I don’t understand why Aaye is all over her.. What is she getting out of this?

    Another very lovely review!!
    The trio were awesome and Bibi sucks! Left Jugnu in the hands of a creep and gave her own daughter a lecture of hurting people and getting loved a little less when she is no better herself. Some things, you just never seem to let go, and that very dialogue still hurts Zoya today as much as it did when she was eight.


  7. after the episode when I say something to my son I do think will he feel like Zoya (mind you he is not even 2 but for the the first time it has played on my mind)!


  8. I think its a tad unfair to blame Bibi about what happened to Jugnu. Sure, she’s a mom but she’s not perfect. She left Jugnu behind because it was hot and he was already feeling ill. The best part of the story is that our ‘heroine’ is just as screwed up as the rest of her family!
    I think most women in our country do not even think about boys’ molestation. It was brilliant how they highlighted it, neatly done!


  9. hi @Sz
    ye review i swear abhi padha
    because immediately after watching this episode i wanted to reply you on episode 4 review !
    but jst now when i read it i realised i have shared same feelings there regarding the episode !! :-p
    yess Bibi disappointed alot !


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