Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 15 Review


This latest episode brought us one step closer to what is now shaping up to the showdown of the decade: Kashaf’s explosive response to Zaroon’s proposal. The final scene, where Zaroon was sitting in Sir Ibrar’s library, admitting to his past mistakes and finally acknowledging his attraction to Kashaf was very well executed. Behroze Sabzwari and Fawad Khan are so good together. The camaraderie between Zaroon and Sir Ibrar was beautifully essayed with Zaroon’s respectful but casual usage of yaar uncle, and his frank reasons for why he wanted to marry Kashaf. Clearly he’s given it a good deal of thought and knows that winning Kashaf’s hand (forget about her heart!), is going to be no easy task. His likening her to K2 rather than Everest indicates that this is a man who knows the almost impossible task he’s set out for himself. After all how many among us are even aware that K-2 is the harder of the two peaks to scale and conquer! Ja beta tera Allah nigahbaan!! 

This latest episode brought us the stunning news that Sara’s divorce was not only finalized, but that somewhere in the last two weeks, Farhan’s life had moved along at the speed of light. Not only was he married, but also the proud father of a baby?! Along with Sara’s broken marriage, Zaroon too seemed to have gotten himself un-engaged at some point. While I’m not too sad to see Madamara’s exit, I would’ve liked to have seen at least one reference to the broken engagement somewhere in the last episode.  But oh well, in the interest of keeping the narrative moving along, we met a very depressed and introspective Sara. Repenting her previous mistakes, she seems to have found an all too easy out by blaming Ghazala for everything that has gone wrong in her life.

While I didn’t care much for scenes of Sara’s never-ending depression, I did enjoy watching Ayesha Omar relishing her more fleshed out role. She was very effective in essaying Sara’s jumbled state of mind, as she struggled to come to terms with the mess she had made of her relatively easy and comfortable life. It was also good to see more Zaroon and Sara moments. Fawad and Ayesha have great chemistry and they gel well together as siblings. The scene where Zaroon opened up to share his choice for a wife, with his sister, and earlier when he consoled her were very well done. The fact that he brought Sara to Islamabad with him, to alleviate her depression, and the bond he shares with his mother, they discussed his career moves and were genuinely concerned for Sara, shows up in these small gestures. Even though he complains about having being brought up in a sterile household,one which is devoid of love, I think it is not as bad he makes it out to be. At least he’s had two parents who have always been concerned about him and his sister.

Unlike Zaroon, however, Kashaf’s never enjoyed the sense of security that a two-parent family can bring. This insecurity has impacted her life and her thought processes  to the extent that she is now dead set against marriage. Her reaction to Osama’s proposal is an outcome of her decision to never marry. After all, she’s never had a good male role model placed in front of her. Yes, Sidra’s happy, but then to Kashaf’s way of thinking, how can anyone guarantee that her marriage would not turn out to be like her mother’s. No matter what Rafia or Sidra say, Kashaf is so far pretty stubborn and set in her stance against marriage. Samina Peerzada, Sanam Saeed and Mansha Pasha are such a joy to watch. The warmth between the three ladies is very real and heart warming.

In Murtaza’s household, we saw Murtaza now accepting that his second marriage was a wrong idea. Not sure, what this acknowledgement does for Rafia and her family, but khair, dair aayad durust aayad. At least Rafia finally gets some acknowledgment of her hard work, and honest effort she put into raising her daughters to be good and productive human beings.

In terms of balancing the story line, I think this episode did a much better job of giving equal time to Zaroon and Kashaf’s side of the story. However, while time seemed to fly in Zaroon’s household, it moved at snail’s pace in Kashaf’s family. Its been around 4-5 years, but Shehnila is still in college. Hammad’s admission is still an issue… surely Nigar and Murtaza have not been having the same conversation for at least a year (going by Sara’s divorce and Farhan’s baby)?

Next week’s episode holds out the promise of real fireworks between Kashaf and Zaroon. It was easy for Kashaf to walk out on bechara Osamna’s proposal, but its not going to be as easy for her to reject the determined wannabe K-2 conqueror Zaroon’s proposal. Looking forward!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Oh my goodness !! I’m the first to comment!!
    Loved the review SZ!! So funny..knows that winning Kashaf’s head…forget about her head….hahahaha….so true!!

    I really liked this episode….maybe more because of the promise it holds for the next episode. I admit that I was bored in the beginning…Sara’s depression just came out of nowhere…why was she not depressed when he got married again? why now? It hit her so late…and how convenient to blame mommy for everything…Anyway they took so long to show Fawad (well into the 2nd part) I was growing really restless!

    But the second half sure made up for it…Sara – Zaroon, Zaroon- Sir Abrar, Zaroon and his mom…loved all of them!! Even Zaroon -Kashaf!!

    Kashaf and household scenes were good too!!

    When is Usama going to tell Zaroon he proposed to her? I want to see the fireworks…Possessive Zaroon and all…And him telling him ..yaar..I proposed to her too 😛

    Murtaza…why not take some of the blame for spoiling your son silly? First half of his life he blamed the first wife , second half of his life he blames second wife…what the?? This man is so confused…but I’m glad he acknowledged how wrong he was about everything!!

    Coming to Zaroon’s break up, when did this happen? How come we didnt see that scene in the OST where he returns the ring to Asmara? Did I miss something?

    Really loved the K2, Mt Everest comparison…K2 is harder, more treacherous and has claimed more lives…Kashaf will eat him up 🙂

    I cant wait for next week…tum mujhe chudail lagti ho…and his expression after she warns him to not bring out the chudail in her ..just priceless and hilarious!!

    Cant . wait!! OMG!! He sure brought out the thirteen year old in me!!


    • @Aish: OMG ROFL!!! I was reading your comment and couldn’t understand the head reference … lol!!! arrgh me n my typos! I wanted to write win Kashaf’s hand!!! I’m gonna edit that right now.. lol!!


      • Omg Lol! I also loved the head part, why you change it, that was hilarious!! I read it last night but was too tired to comment !


  2. I think this would be a good show to watch once its over…we can FF through the boring scenes and we wont be as restless waiting for them to fall in love!!

    I watched Humsafar in one shot.Well I discovered it after 22 episodes. I cannot imagine waiting like this. I would have DIED!!


    • @Aish – i think your right. This show would work best with the convenience of the FWD button.. Phir the drama would go down to about 10 episodes and we’d be spared the rest of the useless 14-15 eps.
      How lucky of you to find out about HS after the drama was pretty much over. Trust me the wait time was a little worse then torture.


      • Ash, as much as i whine about this show, I think it has some really nice moments. May not go back and watch like I do with Humsafar(thats an obsession:P) but will definitely go back to watch just Kashaf-Zaroon moments and some with the professor
        like last week ” pata nahin but you know whats weird in chan mahino mein jabhi mein shaadi ke baarey mein sochta hoon toh mujhe Kashaf ka hi khayal aata hain”

        haiyeeeee….maar daala. 🙂

        and the scene with Sara…’yeh ek buraaye mujhe ab baarreen padhne waala hain’..so cute!!

        youre right he looked extra hot this week!!


  3. Zaroon’s scenes…a piece of me died and went to heaven….waiting for it to return…. so that I can write something intelligent……might never happen….good to exist in the Sadaf’s FK induced haze….


    • We are in it together Afia …aaj tho kuch khaas nasha tha ..I keep wondering how his wife manages perhaps she has developed some immunity?


      • Lol tumhein seedhi apni humnaam yaad aayee! She probably experiences the real fk- vices et al hence the nasha might be diluted..? Or maybe not 😉


        • It is so funny maybe I am really shallow but I sometimes have to not look at my own husband because he just looks so good (which is most of the time) and then I am thinking Nazar lagjaaygi etc… and I look away .It must be even worse for people in the media …all husbands do some dumb stuff but then so do we got to love them so long as they are not that Dreadful Murad from Daagh everything else is ok


    • Zaroon looked soooooo freaking hot in this episode! I swear to you the rest of the episode was putting me to sleep but as soon as Zaroon was on screen i felt like a kid at the circus! 😀
      This is the cutest he’s looked in the entire drama. Something about that flawless skin!


      • Ash, must share my friend’s (read die-hard fawad fan) idea of sending his pic/video to The Social Network team who are scouting for an actor to play Christian Grey!hmmmmm…….


        • OMG ! That is such a legit idea! Imagine they cast him. Okay but I think FK is too conservative to play Christian Grey! :-/. But please do share!! 🙂


        • Christian… Grey? Fawad? OMG, I dont know whether to laugh or cry. How amazingly weird would that be?!
          Worth a try! Go ahead! 😀
          One day he’ll get a message from the Fifty Shades of Grey people inviting him to audition, and he’ll be like “Wut?! :S”


  4. The best scene was the sir Abrar and Z scene. Enjoyed the k2 reference 🙂 rest of the epi I just thanked YT for having the Ffwd button.


    • Lol Annie..you and the fwd button:p. I also thought it got a bit much..and did fwd one scene i think. But i did catch farhan had a kid…hes a fast worker!!
      But her scenes with zaroon were very good, I found the last couple of scenes between them so sweet, such a natural supporting bro sis bond.


  5. Is it me or is that sake Murtaza slithering back into Rafia’s life. Nigar Aunty seemed to mention he was seeing a lot of her and praising her children or is it just her jealous imagination.


  6. Loved loved that final scene bw sir Ibrar and Zaroon! Great grilling of Zaroon by Sir Ibrar” Kya Tum mein woh saray character qualities hai jo kashaf chahaegi”? Haha K2 reference was too good! Zaroon knows he’s been an idiot, what will he do now??
    So excited for next episode! Zaroon ka khair nahin:p The rest of the episode had some good scenes too, especially with Sidra returning…those scenes were lovely to watch as always.
    Saras depression waa a bit too much scene wise…one scene could have been enough but she did show some strong acting and her and zaroon were brilliant in the bedroom scene…it was so sweet and touching.
    I also liked the scene in garden where he tells her about Kashaf…that was funny:p
    Yes I think its best to just ignore timelines…its just too confusing lol.

    Poor osama, rude kashaf just walks out on him…hasn’t she learned any manners or communication skills as an officer lol. I think she is also scared about people finding put about her fathers situation, as she told sidra, she is just way too insecure inside even though she puts on a tough front.
    Zindagi gulzar hogayee….excited for next epi:)


    • SK so right about Kashaf and her insecurities ! Wonder how she will tell Zaroon about that. I saw photos on FB. It looks like Zaroon does come to their house at some point. Maybe when she accepts . From the first day I have really hoped that she will confide in her husband how hurt she is over what their dad did to them, it will be a big burden off her shoulder .

      And yes really rude how she walked out. I was so relieved she picked up the phone when he called. Poor Osama is going to dumped in favor of Zaroon. Bad boys always win 🙂


      • I have a feeling that she will accept the proposal after Z comes and talks to Rafia because one of issues K has is her lower middle class background. Maybe she will see Z in a different light once he acknowledges and doesn’t have a problem with her status.


    • Omg, Kashf’s exit from the date was so abrupt – atleast she replies when Zaroon says something, Osama ko toh yeh sharf bhi haasil na hua :p


  7. Lovely Review!

    I really enjoyed this episode. We saw Ghazala aunty brooding over her behaviour. Wow! Something that we really wanted her to do. Yay for us!

    Since, they have re-edited the play, they must have cut out the scene when Zaroon returns the engagement ring to Asmara as shown in the OST. Too bad, I was waiting for that scene:p

    I really enjoyed Sidra’s arrival, it was just too good to see her Fresh and glowing!

    Zaroon’s confessions to both, Sarah and Sir. Abrar were very simply adorable.
    FK was remarkable as the confused Zaroon today! Loved all his scenes.
    How touching was it to see Zaroon hug his sister and assure her of all his support and love:’)

    Next episode is going to be a ‘dhamaka’! Waiting for nest week’s episode /review:D

    p.S Did you hear, Humsafar will be airing in India as their projects are aired here( though their work is rotten and ours is a masterpiece) I am happy about it!


    • @Heela.. Humsafar is indeed a masterpiece but your comment about Indian dramas is unfair because like Pakistani movies stink! There are good and not so good productions of drama and movies in both countries but it is for us to not differentiate and probably keep such comments to ourselves as this stimulates more differences among the individuals of 2 nations…come on let’s remember we are all human beings at the end of the day. I don’t expect a pleasant response from this forum considering most of you may bash this Indian fan of Pakistani plays..


      • @Arti – Hey! Good to hear from you. I agree one shouldn’t bash the others weaknesses. Yes pakistani movies are crappy but hey we all have the good and bad right..
        Khair, it is unfair for you think you will not expect a pleasant response from this forum because if you read other reviews and comments there are tons of people from the other side of the border who are enjoying Pakistani dramas and comment as well!
        Most people here are not even in Pakistan so please do not expect any negativity here. We are all just a bunch of drama lovers who come under one platform to discuss the serials! You are more then welcome so share your views as well!
        Hope to see you around. Happy reading! 🙂


      • Hey Arti, good to have you here. Even though you’re not expecting a pleasant response- I have no intentions of ‘bashing’ you at all 🙂 Infact it’s great to get your comment.
        I think Heela did not mean to be judgmental. It’s just that the way Indian movies are far superior to Pakistani movies, Pakistani drama on tv may be better than Indian drama. That’s my opinion and may be Heela’s too from what I gather? No intention of hurting anyone…at all.


    • @Heela: Yeah .. like you and everybody else, I too missed the engagement toring ceremony..
      What do you all think of the possibility that Farhan married Asmara on the rebound? After all donon ke dukh ek hi khandaan se jurey huey they! 😉


  8. I have to second Arti. It really hurts to read such comments. Be it Bollywood/Hollywood/ Pakistani entertainment there is good and bad in everywhere. I’m constantly sending links to my parents back in India of all good Pakistani shows and we all really appreciate and enjoy them ! Lets leave politics to our politicians and appreciate art without boundaries 🙂


  9. @Arti, I am extremely sorry if that offended you but I didn’t mean to bash you at all, neither did I even think about the two nations’ thing. Being a drama lover, I appreciate anything that is good. You’ll not be surpirized to hear that for quite a few years , after Indian soaps starting airing in Pakistan many of us did follow them( including me) but then maybe with some audiences, they just didn’t click. The fact that we Pakistanis or Movie lovers (that will be a better term to avoid any diffrences) give a apporbatory response to all your movies which are remarkably good.
    If my words seemed like snide remarks to you and were in any way offensive, I take them back. Honestly, I had no intentions of pointing out your dramas in particular. I can openly admit that any intelligent entertainment will be appreciated by me and any nebulous story-line or awkward acting will not attract me; Regardless of which country’s product it is.

    And yes, please never expect any negative reaction from our side. Like yourself, we all respect Art and the freedom of opinion no matter who harbours it. Thanks!


    • Hey Heela! Thanks for your kind response. Maybe I got carried away as I no longer live in India and quiet honestly have had family friends in Pakistan and have been an old dan since dhoop- kinarey days and love your dramas!! But I hope you agree we are generation next and do our but to make world a more peaceful planet:-) so thanks for responding and not just you but everyone who did. Quiet honestly was not sure if I should sign in and check:-), but this shows we all enjoy good entertainment. Be anywhere in the world. Thanks again and see you around!


  10. @All: Just to echo the remarks in response to @Arti’s comments …. please please keep politics out of entertainment, and lets not take comments out of context. The idea is to share and discuss our thoughts about things we mutually enjoy. Yes, we should all be respectful when expressing our views, but at the same time lets not blow things out of proportion either. Nobody’s allowed to bash anybody… the only exception being me, who everybody can bash, because I put myself and my views out there LOL!!
    Lets just let politics and politicking be for the politicians … not that they seem to know what they’re doing either 😉 and now to get back to the big question … how many eps before the SHAADI … Can hardly wait to see if Kashaf ever comes around to calling Zaroon Guddu/Munni ke abba!!!


    • Agreed!…discussing the drama and characters are way more fun!!
      I am still rooting for episode 17 but maybe 18 now seeing as Kashaf is comparable to K2 !!! Next episode or maybe two will be all about convincing Kashaf …I wonder if they will show engagement or just straight shaadi..as I had seen a spoiler about them being engaged and a scene from novel with kashaf still fighting with him lol even when engaged but then that would push it to 19!!!
      Friday jaldi aao!!


    • hayee me aur meri ’16 episode mein Z-K wedding ‘ ke khwaab 😀
      HUM tv should have advertised k those who only want Zaroon-Kashaf scenes better watch from episode 15 😉 and those who want family masala, drama is all yours…lol

      I at-least could have waited 15 weeks with patience and no complains:) anyways i think episode 18 k end me kashaf will say YES…

      @SK: meri awaz bhi tumare saath.. Friday waqai jaldi aao 😀


  11. ahhh ZGH when will you stop putting me to sleep!! I read a funny tweet on twitter, something along the lines of “if a mother is trying to put her kid to sleep, she should put on zgh and the kid will fall asleep in five minutes”
    Well thats kinda how i feel about this drama. Thank God for the fwd button is all i gotta say! 🙂

    Yes i feel bad for Sara, (wait do I really??). I mean okay fine she feels bad for the choices she made and is now regretting but jeez woman move the heck on. She said the word compatibility 25 times when her and Zaroon were talking in the evening. Jesus woman we get it, its all about compatibility, maaf karo aur agay barho….
    I do love their brother and sister chemistry though, and Zaroon is such a great support even though she took nothing he said into consideration when he tried to talk her out of the divorce.

    Can we please take a minute to talk about Sara and the blame game. She is blaming her mother for the entire thing? Hello woman! You are a grown up , mature, individual who can differentiate what you think is right or wrong for your own life. You were so stubborn and all you could talk about was finding a way out (Divorce) that you refused to listen to anyone so to blame your mother for it to all go wrong is unfair.
    In fact i dont quite get this concept. Reminds me of another drama written by the same writer who decided to blame the mom for not raising their child with the “correct” values (read Shehrezaat). kinda felt like a de javu for a second but are we seriously gonna blame the mother for everything that goes wrong in one’s life.

    Loved seeing a very happy and content Sidra and their family reunion. The only person in this entire drama that can bring a smile to Kashaf’s face, Kudos to Sidra. Great to see the three of them back together after so long….

    Eagerly waiting to see next week’s episode and Kashaf’s reaction to this match made in heaven proposal and how Zaroon will finally convince her!! 😀

    oh and Zaroon looked SMOKING HOT in this episode!!!! The only good thing about this episode , oh and seeing a happy Sidra was not too bad either! 🙂


  12. @SZ wow! That didn’t come to my mind. It is a very sure possibility that they migh have married each other. Lol @ aik hi khandaan sey jourey. Haha
    I can’t wait for her acceptance if the proposal too, the next episode’s preview does not convey any such reaction. She calls him ‘ulo ka patha’ LOL ! Bichara! I guess Episode 18 will do?


  13. I loved the K2 reference! Haha! And the way he says it: “uh ah, K-2 hai, utni hi mushkil!”

    Cant wait for Zaroon’s ascent and his subsequent attempt to make his mark at the peak and declare it as his own.

    Haha, I have a very comical image of Z in my head, in mountain gear, yelling “I did it!” and pumping his fist in the air in triumph on top of a huge mountain. I’m sorry for my over the top imagination xD

    But boy, Zaroon, you’re gonna need anchors, many of them. Your partner in climb already fell into a crag and lost his way. But be not afraid Zaroon, for Plot is behind you at every step. Plot made you what you are today, an experienced ranger, one who has scaled many peaks in his lifetime. Now your final and the most intrepid challenge awaits you. It is likely that your limits will be tested, and you will feel like giving up and abandoning your mission. But Plot rewards chivalrous people. And Plot shall reward you as well. Be not afraid, brave Ranger.


    • LOL!!!! when you mentioned Zaroon yelling off of K2 I could totally see a tarzan type scenario – chest beating and all so yeah your imagination is not weird 😉

      your last para is HILARIOUS!! thank you Sherry for the good laugh 😀


  14. Brave ranger Zaroon..LMAO!!

    Did you all notice how Kashaf happily sits next to the driver now? and Zaroon sits at the back? hehehe


  15. Nothing to say about the 15th episode, apart from the final 10 min. of the drama. Slightly disagree every track in this drama is going thru snail’s pace, especially the main track of Zarun-Kashf track, we’re nearing 20 episodes and they r still not married and r still fighting, which going by the drama’s pace would continue for another few episodes. The more late u’ve started to follow this drama the more lucky u r, and if the earlier u r the more disappointed u’ll feel. Luckily I got 2 know abt. Humsafar after it finished, but it was a better drama. This drama’s adaptation has gone haywire, silly tracks [futile Sara and wasted Abba murtaza] plus few minutes of argument b/w Kashf-Zarun maketh the episode. Not one reviewer has asked that if Sara’s breakup was so important why did’nt they show much abt. the marriage upon which they centered all the hue and cry. This amounts to bad direction, where proper storytelling is missing. Loosely connected scenes spoil even further. Originally a story about 2 ppl, has been made into a story about 2 families, where the latter is boring and dull.


  16. Rerun of this ep coming on tv: Kashaf’s oh-so-angry face staring right at me from the tv at each break…. Woh bhi in b&w …shudder! Zaroon bach ke raho :/


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