Silvatein ~ Episode 5 Review

SilvateinAfter this latest episode Samira and Shehrazade’s Silvatein has me hooked and booked for every Thursday. This one is so much fun! A perfect blend of humor, romance, emotions, sibling rivalry, gharelu tensions, social issues, this serial is one to be savored and enjoyed. There are no clear cut heroes, but then villains are not as easily identifiable either. Is Zaib really nasty or is Natasha more immature than she should be? Is Romana phupo a difficult person or is Durdana bhabhi just not dealing well with her nand? Is Durdana really an oblivious mother or is it that her daughters are really strong-headed? Is Bilal as much a laloo as Natasha makes him out to be or is he just a shareef guy jis ko us ki nayee naweli biwi samjhna hi nahin chahti? Are Raayan & Co. deliberately lording it out over Bilal or is it just that for them he is still a chotoo, hence at the lowest rung of the hierarchical setup? I love that answers to all these questions are not spelled out in back and white. Thoroughly enjoying all these characters, generously colored as they are in varying shades of grey.

Moving along at a rapid pace, this latest episode revolved around Natasha’s marriage to Bilal. Though earlier they seem to like each other well enough, this is clearly not a marriage made in heaven. Even before the I-dos were said Natasha was having second thoughts. She, who had had enough of being the second best in her family, had initially thought that her marriage to Bilal would be her ticket out. However, as events unfolded, it became clear that Bilal was not the person she had mistakenly imagined him to be. He was the youngest in the family and worked for his brother, to make a long story short he was not the prize she thought he was. Manipulated by her older sister, Natasha, who had earlier been so eager to marry Bilal, tried her level best to back out, but by then it was too late and she was caught in a trap of her own making. Based as this hasty marriage was on a rocky foundation of half-truths, misinformation, and who said what to whom, it was not a huge surprise then to see Natasha back home the very next morning, dramatically informing her stunned parents that she’d had enough and was ready to call it quits.

While the younger sister is gradually emerging as sharp but immature, hasty to judge and quick to jump to conclusions, the older Zaib is coming across as a level-headed, mature and sensitive, overall a more thoughtful person. Interestingly though, all these admirable qualities seem to fly out the window the moment she is with her younger sister – everything then is turned into a contest. That this competition between siblings has been fed and nurtured through the years by overindulgent relatives and not so attuned parents is a sobering reality, one that has been beautifully illustrated here.

This bare bones synopsis does not do justice to this fun-filled episode. Natasha’s reasons for why she left Bilal were beyond insane. Mira was really funny as she seriously listed her grievances against the poor Bilal. As for the bechara Bilal, all the beeba baccha qualities that make him an ideal son and brother are coming back to haunt him in his capacity as a good husband. Clearly his newly-wed wife has already deemed him as a loser. I felt so sorry for him as he was left holding on to the grossly ugly and humongous red jewelry box. Daniyal Raheal is fabulous as Bilal. 

Aamina Sheikh continues to impress as the multi-faceted Zaib. Its so hard to discern where Zaib is spinning a yarn and when she’s genuinely telling the truth.  What were very real though were her hurt feelings when Natasha refused to hug at her rukhsati – loved Aamina’s expressions there. The quicksilver change in Zaib’s demeanor when her mother confides her feelings of disquiet was very well done. Here there was no faulting Zaib as the very mature older daughter. Zaib’s first encounter with Raayan was interesting to say the least. Can’t wait to see how this couple gets together. So far, Raayan seems to be happily settled with his family, while Zaib is merrily coasting along with Mikaal, a great cameo by Vasay Chaudhry. Adeel Husain hasn’t had much to do so far, but looking forward to seeing how his character pans out in later episodes.  

I like that Silvatein is not just focused on the two lead pairs. The rest of the characters are equally fleshed out and knitted beautifully into the main narrative such that we see bits and pieces of their quirky personalities peek out as well. The Romana-Farhan-Durdana sequences are always funny and I love the chemistry between the three. Here too, as Natasha was going on and on about her day-old sour marriage, all Durdana could think about was Romana and her gossip. Romana’s interpretation of Zaib’s disappearance and how Durdana was directly responsible for a 29 year old’s behavior was very funny. Mohammed Ahmed, Parveen Akbar and Rabia Naureen are very good together. Maheen Rizvi too makes her presence felt as the dominating older sister. Her reaction, when Natasha refused the kheer, was very well done. Muneeza does not seem like she is the kind who would forget such a big diss so easily – looking forward to seeing how Natasha and her nand get along. 

Yes, this one is crazy and convoluted, but I’m enjoying it so far!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Loved your review!!

    You are so right, this drama is so fun!! How can Natasha be such an immature brat. Kinda looks like she is in this competitive race all by herself bc she makes Zeb look like an angel. Zeb is the one who wanted to marry Bilal but Bilal chose Natasha and she backed off.. .Natasha kinda fell in her own trap and now she is looking for an escape.
    Her list of reasons were so childish, ke for a second I thought i missed the real reason and so went back to see she had said. Turns out all her reasons were pretty much irrelevant and she was just looking for an escape.
    Poor Bilal is so lost and does not understand what he is doing wrong, or what he is supposed to do. I mean isn’t it common for a dulha to come in later and then all the people who couldn’t attend the wedding want to make sure to catch it all via skype? So why is Natasha acting up?
    and on top of that it was really rude of her to not have a spoon of kheer, when Muneeza was trying feed her, although it would have made more sense if it was Bilal who was the one feeding. Anyways she should have shown some courtesy.
    I think what really made me angry at her was the fact that she left Zeb hanging at the rukhsati. Zeb was expecting a goodbye hug and the brat just walked off.
    As a newcomer Mira Sethi is totally owning this role!

    How in lord’s name did the Phupho find out about bechara Yawar. Now all of a sudden she approves of him just because he is traveling abroad. How does she know Nairobi bohut achi jaga hai?? lol

    Loved the wedding scene and Amina and Adeel’s encounter… magar whaaaaat!!! this guy is already married??? Great twist in the story! It’ll be interesting to watch how they end up together even though i am kinda rooting for Mikaal and Zeb! 😀
    Wish Adeel had a more scruffy look. Not liking him clean shaved! =\
    looovveeddd Amina Sheikh’s outfit she wore at the wedding!! Color combo, sab kuch , it was lovely!

    This drama is def the best midweek serial. I totally love it!! 🙂


    • yes that outfit and color combo was lovely. I was thinking the same thing….laina paday ga this color combo lol whoever the designer was got a lot of screen time there.


  2. Sz….great review,,,, good episode with some great dialogs! Yes durdan and NAND are hilarious…couldn’t stop laughing but what killed me was when Natasha was listing her reasons to leave bilal!!
    The thing that was funny was she was dead serious about it, is she like 12 years old?!?
    @aAsh totally agree about her stupid reasons! How rude not to taste the kheer and yeah dulhas do usually come late… Doesn’t she know that?
    I think bilal and family are very close knit and because she has such issues with her sister, she can’t relate being so selfish and way too immature and so there will be problems galore!
    Interesting about rayyan…maybe his wife dies or something!
    Still can’t get past sisters so against each other, but yeah now zeb seems more level headed and sensible than Natasha for sure but then both are very chalak too!
    Let’s see what happens next, feel sorry for poor bilal! But who doesn’t ask what their son in law does before accepting rishta… Seriously did they not do any investigations…that was just very unreal! Natasha had to find out herself?.
    Anyways it’s fun to watch…enjoyed it a lot today!


    • Agree SK I was totally picturing my 11 year old cousin when Natasha was going on about how the child sat on Bilal’s lap and how the diaper could have leaked and someone showed her the iPad blah blah…oh mamma!


    • @SK – yes it was weird they didnt try to find out what he does…but they did know ke MBA kiya wah hai and he works over there? It was just not too clear and that’s what Natasha found out..phir she flipped.
      It also threw Adeel H off guard when Aamina S was asking him if N and B will live with them or on their own…he was pretty offended..

      @Annie – it would have been funny if the kid did pee on him. phir kya Natasha karti??
      I couldn’t believe she was actually complaining about having to go off the stage to take pics with his paralyzed mom, expecting her to come on stage. She’s so beyond self centered but hilarious. Bilal is in for a ride!


  3. Sadly I have met several Natasha types and that whole wedding day scenario reminds me of a few people I know.The entire family is gushing and welcoming a bored , annoyed bride who is trying to make sure they all know she really does not want any part of them from day one. This is why I love Samira Fazal she really knows human behavior so well . I just loved this episode 🙂


  4. Man what a crazy episode!! That phuppo is something – she lies so easily it is UNREAL!!
    Natasha needed to be whacked on the head by something hard! What an 11 year old like @SK said. All she was missing was the OMG mom that guy was like so annoying lingo! I am surprised her parents did not whack her hard on the head with her stupid comments – how very rude not to taste the kheer all because your husband is not a millionaire! Mira is TOTALLY FABULOUS HERE. It doesn’t even look like it’s her first time acting. She’s playing the annoying bratty 11 year old to the tee!
    I liked how Zeb had that look of arrogance and satisfaction when her mom was going on and on about how people loved her and not Natasha etc. Very well acted by Amina Sheikh. wish they could have edited that scene – it was too long.
    Another fab episode. I felt so bad for Chooto – yeh tow ghalti se maara gaya bhai!


    • @Annie – the mother had no time to whack Natasha…all she could worry about was “oh no your phupho will tell the entire khandan, phir humara kya banega” wohi rhona, don’t really care about the daughters unrealistic concerns whatsoever; It’s all about the family rep! 😉


  5. Ash,you are right , Adeel doesn’t look so good
    with that clean shave , too chikna for my liking.
    Natasha looked pretty as a bride but her rude behaviour was too much , bechara Bilal.
    Not tasting the kheer was soooo rude.
    SZ , aap ka review was awesome as always !


  6. Great review SZ, par yeh koi nayee baat nahin.
    Enjoying the discussion- needless to say I love this show and everything that it encompasses. If anyone’s a villain it’s the phuppo!


  7. Awesome review janab!
    i totally agree with you being Thursday a worth waiting day 🙂 weekdays too need some kinda entertainment. this episode left me with such sympathetic feelings for Zaib,Natasha and Chotu (i love this word 😀 )

    Zaib as Aamina Sheikh, truly a phenomenal actor, portraying so many shades from being mature to cunning to professional to insecure. Its the society that never let you live freely..this age bounded thing is torture for sure…seeing such real character on screens makes us hooked to drama. I found her rude when she didn’t congratulate Natasha on her hugs to phopee and amaa and then walking away but when saw Natasha ignoring her while Rukhsati, i equally felt bad, her expressions were outstanding that time.. 🙂 Interaction with Rayyan was really nice..and i am so with you all Adeel Hussain looks arrrggg in clean shave!

    Natasha, my goodness is there any boundary of being her immature, i was laughing out loud as well as wanted to ‘jhinjorna her really bad’ k what are you upto larki.. i felt sorry for her when she was telling k Muneezae bhi zaib zaib karahi thi…it will be interesting to see her growing all mature 🙂

    Chotuuuu…tooo cute, saying sorry million times and unable to understand why is natasha behaving like that,as @Annie said ye toh waqai galti ye maraa gayaa 😀


  8. Hey all! thanks for all the comments .. so glad we’re all enjoying this very funny but intelligent drama. So, I wanted to share these Adeel H pics with you guys. thats the grey suit with the maroon shirt had been bugging me since yesterday, since I knew I had seen it somewhere .. well here it is!

    In 2013:

    In 2012:

    Agree with all of you .. the scruffy look is so much better 🙂


  9. Great review! Just watched all 5 episodes of silvatein, perks of being sick I suppose. Look forward to Adeel and Aamina getting together, should be interesting 🙂


  10. The first two espisodes were soooo confusing that i still can’t wrap my head around the whole natasha/zeb confusion. typical samira fazal overly confusing and complicated script. reminds me of her other ‘gem’ Kuch Pyar ka Pagal pun bhi tha


    • we actually LOVED that confusion!! that’s what is forming the basis to the rest of the drama 🙂 If you missed that part then you probably won’t enjoy the drama as much.


      • yea maybe if you watch all five episodes that have aired so far it will start making sense. You will def enjoy the drama a lot more. It gets better! 🙂


  11. Without any doubts silvatien is the most fun n mysterious drama at present times… I watched its 1st episode accidently n now i get glued to tv at thusday night just to watch it :p i am loving this serial :*


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