Talkhiyan ~Episode 12 Review

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It is a testament to Bee Gul’s excellent writing, Khalid Ahmad’s directorial skill and the actors’ superb performances, that our sympathy and empathy for various characters has shifted with every episode. Over the course of the past twelve weeks we’ve loved and hated the suave Nawab Monty, have been alternatively charmed and repelled by the silver-tongued Jaanu baba, and have felt Mama ji’s pain but then also questioned her blind devotion to her son. While we might have vacillated in our affection for all other characters, Appo ji’s is one character we’ve all universally hated. But after this latest episode, I will confess to being teary eyed as I watched Appo literally crumbling under the weight of the news of Father Albert’s death. I might be reading her all wrong, but I think I finally get a bit of why Appo is as acidic as she is, particularly towards Bibi and her kids.

TKYAppo, as beautiful as a woman can be, made one big mistake in her life, if it can called that, to fall in love with the wrong man. Father Albert, a man who had take a vow of celibacy, was her choice, a man she could never marry. Her beauty, family background, social graces, education, all counted for naught as the man she wanted was already committed elsewhere. In sharp contrast to Appo’s bad luck, as she probably sees it, Bibi, her niece, got it all. Despite her average looks, she fell in love and was fortunate enough to marry the man of her choice. So what if Bibi had it rough later and her marriage failed, initially she did have the complete package – a husband of her choice and two beautiful children, joys that would forever elude Appo. It was perhaps easier for Appo to deal with her sterile life when she lived with just Agha ji and Mama ji.

With Bibi’s return to Silverwood, however, Appo’s unfulfilled life comes back to taunt her as Talkhiyanshe now can no longer fantasize that all is right in her world. Zoyee and Jugnu’s childish games seem to mock her. The only way she can deal with all these unwanted reminders of her empty life is to lash out at the neelay peelay “dirty demons.” Her constant jibes at Bibi too seem to be a product of her jealousy. Wile the gorgeous Appo remains unmarried and pines for her unrequited love, the average looking Bibi manages to get not one, but two men to propose marriage to her – first Paul then Monty. What would she not give to have Bibi and her children out of Silverwod.

This latest episode trained the spotlight on Appo as she learned of Father Albert’s death. Now, her fantasies, where Father Albert might one day be so moved by her letters that he might reconsider priesthood, will remain just that- fantasies. Father Albert will now never be hers. Hina Bayat was simply magnificent in conveying Appo’s feelings as she received the shocking news. The range of emotions that flitted across her face, and her body language as she wilted under the heavy weight of emotion was fabulous. Seems like this was the last appearance of our colorful Apo, I wonder if from hereon we will see her in her unmarried widow avatar. The entire sequence, revolving around Father Albert’s death was handled really well.

While this was Hina’s episode to shine, the children, Sabina and Sagar, were outstanding in their confrontation with the highly upset and angry Appo ji. I love Sabina and Sagar’s chemistry with Sanam. All those moments, when Bibi reads to the kids, are so tender. Its funny though to see how Bibi is always reading the classics of English literature to her children, it was Treasure Island this time around. I guess no Dastaan-i Amir Hamza or other Urdu literary greats for these kids! By now we know Bibi is as elitist as the rest of her family, but it was interesting to see her very cold and uncaring reaction to Appo’s distress and grief, reminded me so of Jaanu baba’s uncaring dismissal.

Though he dismissed Appo’s anguish easily enough, it is going to be harder for Jaanu baba to ignore the declining revenues, turn a blind eye to Azad inciting his factory workers, and overlook Baloo’s all too conveniently timed return to Silverwood. Even as the Silverwood people might want to maintain a distance between their ashraaf personages and the latrine cleaner Kaamo ka beta Baloo, the two groups seem likely to have a face off in the coming episodes. Zoyee and Jugnu are already enamored by Baloo and it seems like Bibi will be next in line. Hassan Niazi has made his presence felt among the truly talented ensemble cast. My big problem with him as Baloo is that he does not look the part. Everything about his getup looks affected. In a group where everyone is living their roles, he is the only one who seems to be acting out his character.

Whether Baloo impressed me or not is a whole other matter, but the older Zoya’s reminiscing seems to indicate that he does manage to impact their tightly knit family unit in more ways than one. By now we know that there are not too many happy moments in the lives of the Silverwood people, but for the sake of the kids, I hope they have a few more precious moments together as a family before they are torn apart forever. Looking forward to what happens next!

Written by SZ~

P.S. Seems like Express forgot to upload the latest episode of Talkhiyan on their YouTube channel, so I’m adding a link for DailyMotion Video. It is not of a great quality but the best I could find. If anybody has a better quality link, please do share…
Talkhiyan ~ Episode 12

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  1. I must confess, every time a new episode of talkhiyan airs, I anxiously await the next installment of “SZ’s review” regarding the serial! Not because you’ve been so kind with your praises, which of course doesn’t hurt haha, but more so because I can’t wait to read your take on the events transpiring on-screen. Even though we’ve all been so closely linked to the drama, after reading your review, I always find myself looking and reassessing it in a completely different light. And I feel like I learn something new, where I’d earlier believed I’d covered each and every angle thoroughly, I now find myself exploring new territories, all thanks to your words….


    • @Deeba – The episode has not been posted on youtube yet but SZ has shared a dailymotion link where you can watch the episode. Its at the bottom of the review. 🙂


  2. Yet again a fantastic review 🙂 I was literally waiting for ur post..
    Surely Hina Bayat was show stealer this week, from her expressions to body language everything was amazing! The scene where she literally yell out at children, i too got freaked out…such real feeling it came to me…indeed the death of Father Albert sequence was shown beautifully!

    People of Silverhood are such meanie…their emotions only turn out when it come to themselves otherwise its only blank and void humans living there.. 😦

    Bibi with her children scenes were such treat to see, so likable 🙂 their chemistry is awesome! Baloo has something to do with Bibi, but what?? that is something i am so keen to know about it!

    And finally coming the third child..Janoo Baba’s daughter 🙂 it getting bigger and more better 😀


    • @Rehmat: LOL, yeah that yell from Appo was realy a sight to see, with her nostrils flaring, I thought aaj to bachon ki khair nahin hai.. that whole scene was brilliant!


  3. I’m sorry Appo ji is the biggest hypocrite and I did not feel sorry for her…she freaked me out with the scary yell ..I felt sorry for those poor kids, they are the innocent victims in all of this house full of hypocrisy. She gets to constantly taunt bibi about running off and marrying an angrez, humiliate her kids every chance she get , yet she herself wanted to do the same thing but could not because father Albert was a priest, so if he had accepted her advances, would she have cared that she was a muslim and it is not allowed in our religion or what society would say? I doubt it as she is so totally and hopelessly in love with him, even wearing a white widow outfit!!
    I’m sorry I think she is a match for Mr Zaroon for hypocrite of the year award but oh yeah there’s Janu baba in the running too…. My head is spinning with this true reflection of hypocrisy in our society in all these current characters.
    The kids deserve an award for their performance, amazing!
    Older zoyee delivers her dialogues so beautifully with so much soul…just love it when mehak cones on screen, but when will jignu finally come home??
    Looking forward to next epi and seeing lizzy! Also baloo will be involved with bibi??? Questions and lots!!
    Thanks SZ, liked your review a lot:)


    • @SK: LOL! You’re hardcore! pehle Paul and now Appo ji … choro yaar bechare they are dukhi, lets be kind to them 😉 But yeah, Appo was/is seriously mean, no doubt abt that at all! hahaha @ Appo and Zaroon being the match of the year. Waisey I would love to see Hina B and Fawad together in a non maa-beta pairing. Now that would be really fun to watch!
      Yes, the kids are just amazing. I hope we see them in other plays after this as well!


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