Silvatein ~ Episode 4 Review


Silvatein is really funny, and I mean seriously funny, as in not OTT funny, but in a very dry, dark kind of a way funny. From abba to amma to phupo to Zaib to Natasha, all are ek doosrey e barh kar… Apart from the bechary [not so] masoom abba, who is more often than not relegated to playing referee, everybody in this crazy family wants to not only have the last word, but also be the winner in this craziness of one-upmanship. Come what may, the nand and bhabhi are not going to quit their petty fights – how dare she give her itna sa kabab and itni si roti! Haww!!! Even though are well into their middle ages, these two women are not going to give up on their now routine arguments about kis ne kis ke be-izzati ki… I was chuckling as I watched Rabia Naureen and Parveen Akbar go at it with full gusto as the aggrieved bhabhi and nand. Muhammad Ahmed is fabulous as the abba, who’s otherwise useless and easily ignored interjections are beautifully utilized by the writer and director to underscore the inanity of the ladies’ arguments.

With the older generation being so whacky, it is no surprise then that the ladies of the younger generation are also a bit off their rocker. The way in which Natasha sweet-talked herself out of a potentially dangerous situation with the crazy Yawar was absolutely hilarious. Clearly this girl has gumption and tons and tons of it! Not only did she protect her naam and izzat, but somehow also managed to walk away from this whole scenario smelling like a rose… wah! Mira Sethi is excellent as Natasha, and its really hard to believe this is her maiden outing as an actor. Her costar, the actor playing Yawar, didn’t impress as much with his acting skills, but the sincerity with which he played his part was very endearing. Shehrazade Sheikh deserves a lot of applause for her handling of that confrontation scene, which although very far-fetched was made very believable by the way it was executed. Samira’s witty lines took on a life all their own as Natasha spun the story so fast ke becharey Yawar ko tau ghuma hi diya!

While Natasha might have succeeded in making poor Yawar’s head spin, her own head is not on so straight either. Just look at the all garbar ghotala surrounding her rishta with Bilal.  Poor, shareef Bilal is very happily engaged to Natasha, and thinks himself in love with her, Natasha likes him well enough as well, but what to do ke her lifelong habit competitiveness with her older sister will not allow Natasha to enjoy this very romantic time in her life chain araam se … no, she just HAS to know why is it that Zaib turned Bilal down, or rather who turned whom down! Poor Bilal – the guy has absolutely no clue what he’s signing up for – yeh rishta bohot mehnga parega is becharey masoom ko !!! Daniyal Raheal is perfectly cast as the very charming, romantic and low key chotoo, who seems to be happily reconciled to his place in the family hierarchy, and has no problem living under the shadow of his more accomplished older brother, Raayan. Yes! Finally Adeel Husain has made his much awaited entry! Given that there is so much latent chemistry between Mikaal and Zaib, I cannot help but wonder how Raayan will fit into this family portrait, and who are Mahjabeen and Shamroz? Can hardly wait to see what happens next week!

With Silvatein we have Samira Fazal back in full form, with a very well-knit story populated with complicated but very real characters. So far most of what we’ve seen here has been instantly recognizable and inherently relatable. Shehrazade has done a great job with narrating this convoluted story, which turns a routine formula on its head, and bringing these complex characters to life, without losing any of their subtlety and nuance. Her actors are doing a great job; the veterans are all performing well, but its the newcomer Mira and the relatively new Daniyal who are stealing the show so far. Overall, Silvatein has been a really fun ride so far, and here’s to hoping it stays its course.

Written by SZ~

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  1. I loved the nand /Bhabi scene , chota sa kabab,lol. ! It reminded me of my nands who also had similar shikayats always ke humme poocha nahin !!!!
    Bobby D is very funny too !!!


  2. Well I guess we dontt miss Tabhaiyyan now 🙂 Silvatein has taken its place though they both have completely different stories yet have comic elemnts.Finally we get to see Adeel though for like 5 minutes yet he managed to impress.Bechari Natasha yawar k paas ek ghr aur job to hai whereas Belal lives with bade bhai lol.I am sure this will get better and funnier.


  3. So agreed with you SZ that hope it continues to be the same interesting one 🙂 lovely review!

    Adha Kabab and Roti – this one was hilariously funny.. goodness! seriously nand-bhabhi relation will never change 😀 I for once liked that no matter how much Zaib isn’t liking Natasha’s wedding, she is still covering up Natasha’s affair infront of her phopoo.. whatever the differences are between them, let not the world knows not atleast phophee 🙂 Aamina Shaikh was brilliant in class room scene, and it was such thing to show that we shouldn’t let the bad thing grow in ourselves and every one is bad for a reason..:)

    Meera as Natasha is absolutely great.. the way she tackled Yawar was too good! coming out with pride what else she wanted.. her scenes with Bilal are literally cute and last scene was epic…poor her 😀

    Here comes our Zaib’s hero… so looking forward to Rayyan and Zaib interactions 🙂 I really can’t understand was that 5 minute talk really that impressive for Bilal :O Drama going on good pace.. hoping that next week is wedding 😉


    • @Rehmat: Yes, didn’t mention Aamina specifically in this review, but she is doing a great job as Zaib. The classroom scene was interesting indeed.


  4. Yes a good episode! Still am dubfounded by how aggressive the sisters are to each other…they do have soft spots for eacgorher but seem to hide it from each other. But both very chalak!
    Nataasa was great in yaawar scene…loved how she tricked him!
    Also waiting for rayaan to land, him and zaib should be interesting. Like the fact we don’t know what happens next, thank god no novel no expectations and comparisons!


  5. tell you what I am just so excited about Adeel Hassan coming in …. He nad Amna are going to sparkle ..uh oh did that sound weird ?


  6. I am really loving this one! Credit goes to Samira Fazal and her insanely funny one-liners and Shehrzade for bringing out the best in everyone. Gosh I am so sick of Parveen Akbar generally speaking but I actually watch her scenes here. I CANNOT STAND Rabia Noreen – uff – but I actually sat through the “mera muun na khulvaao kebab and roti scene” and laughed out loud at it because I know people like that too!! LOL
    Mira is doing great! What a surprise package – she totally holds her own in front of a seasoned actress like Aamina and Chotoo (I like that name SZ :)) and the bumbling Yawar. The scene with Yawar I was totally like OMG something bad is about to happen but kudos to Samira Fazal and the cast they actually turned that into a completely different and fun scene to watch 🙂 Natasha is such a chalakoo maasi along with her sister. Aik se baadh ker aik. A total riot to watch!
    Agree with you about the Yawar guy – he is not at all good at delivering his lines -in fact quite horrible 😉 thanks to Natasha for saving those scenes.
    It does look like the older son already has a wife and son (Shamroz reminded me of Shamraiz) so let’s see how the 2nd marriage thing works out (??)
    Enjoyed reading your whacky review. 🙂


  7. Totally enjoy this show and the whacky sisters! Great to see such true-to-life characters – yes, even the phupi 🙂 Amazing the way she can make a mountain out of a molehill but I am glad to see the mom fighting back now….otherwise it would have looked like zulm.
    The boys are cute and so looking forward to the coupling.


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