Dil E Muzter ~ Episode 1 Review

DeM3Dil-e Muzter, the distressed heart, is the latest offering from Momina Duraid’s MD Productions. Directed by debutante director Shahzad Kashmiri and written by well-known writer Aliya Bukhari, Dil-e Muztar heralds the return of Imran Abbas to Pakistani TV screens, and reunites him with Sarwat Gilani – looking forward to seeing this charismatic pair together again. Along with these two experienced hands, this serials also marks the entry of a fresh new face in Sanam Jung. I enjoyed seeing her here with Imran Abbas, they are stunning together!

Dil-Muzter is the story of Adeel, a fatherless young man living in his uncle Zaman’s house along with his mother Zehra. As clichés go, yes, Zaman’s is the quiet, almost absentee, presence in the house. We see him at meal times and watching TV etc, but beyond that he does not appear to have much say in the running of the household. His second wife, Safina, is the queen of the realm. Safina takes special pleasure in lording it out over the bechari, overworked Zehra bhabhi, reminding her 24/7 of all the ehsaanat they are doing on her, bearing the expenses of Zehra and her son. Its no wonder then that Adeel has grown up to be a very sensitive and khuddar man, very much aware that they are living on door parey ke chacha key reham-o karam pe, and that his mother is no better than a servant in this otherwise very well-off household.

Adding in the masala factor to the story is Sila. She is Zaman’s daughter and Safina’s step daughter. Playing the rehamdil shehzaadi role to the hilt, Sila is very sensitive to the tension in the household and fully aware of the way Safina treats Zehra. What is interesting here is that even though Safina has no love in her heart for Zehra and Adil, she seems to have a soft corner for Sila. She not only treats Sila well, but also wants to get her married to her sister Shaista’s foreign-returned son Munib. Sila on the other hand, makes no secret of her affection for Zehra and her son.

As far as stories go, this was a pretty average opening chapter, with no aha moments or shocking twists. What did surprise me though was the cliffhanger. Throughout, Zaman and Safina had been discussing Sila’s rishta, but there was no sense of urgency in their conversation, why did they then put Sila in such an awkward situation? Illogical and far-fetched, the final scene made a hash of an otherwise pretty even episode.

My peeve with the story aside, I must say this was one of the most visually stunning episodes ever. Every frame was beautiful. Imran Abbas is very good looking, yes, we know that, but I doubt if he’s looked better. The opening sequence, Adil getting dressed juxtaposed against Sila walking outside, was so well-shot and put together that it seemed like we were watching a film. Like Imran, Sanam too looked stunning. Every nuance on her face was lovingly captured. Shots of Imran, dwarfed by the towering Zaman mansion, as he contemplated his life while sitting alone at night in the garden, showed quite clearly that yes, this was Shahzad Kahmiri’s vision coming to life under the skillful hands of his DOP Irfan Resham. Whether the story manages to rise above the clichés is something we will wait to see, but I do know that we are definitely in for a visual delight… heck, even mundane everyday carrots and cucumbers look extra appetizing under Shahzad’s direction!

All in all, this was a pretty good first episode. Shahzad Kashmiri has shown himself to be an interesting story teller, lets just hope the story does not let him down. The one good thing here is that I understand that this is an original script, so I’m happy that we are spared the constant comparisons. Lets hope this is an indicator that we are over the adaptations craze, because I know I’m finding it all too overdone now. On the technical side, the production facilities and editing were great. My one request, is to the sound editors, could we please lower the volume on the background music? And, on the issue of music, a round of applause to Waqar Ali for the OST. Alycia Dias’ soulful voice does full justice to Imdad Hussain Imdad’s lovely lyrics.

The cast gave a good account of themselves, and it was great to see Imran Abbas back after a long time. Sanam Jung was impressive in her maiden outing. Among the seniors, I wish we could see Saba Hamid in roles other than these same old roles, where even her dialogues sound the same. Mohsin Gilani is another one who seems to be quickly getting typecast. Looking forward to seeing how Sarwat and Aijaz Aslam fit into the story. Waiting to seeing how this one unfolds!

Written by SZ~

Dil E Muzter ~ OST

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  1. Hi ,lovely review !
    I watched this episode today and I really liked the new girl , she’s cute and can act !
    You are right about Saba hameed , same look,same dialogue deliveryy style


    • @nokiax5: yeh novel pay based nahin hai … original script hai aur Aliya Bukhari ne likha hai .. agar aap is ka plot parhna chahti hain ta Hum TV ke site par parh sakti hain ….

      How did you like the first ep? Do come back and share your thoughts


  2. Hey SZ! How do you keep up with so many dramas and getting time to write their reviews so fabulously?
    I loved this first ep. It was such a beautifully photographed one ke maza aagaya! The lead pair was fresh looking and the new girl SJ surprised me 🙂 Yes IA looked great and he plays the ‘bechara lover’ well. Saba H must have developed frown lines after playing a meany over and over again.
    The last scene. The step mom was so flabbergasted, gotten worked up and demanded to know if there was someone else. But yes, it was a bit dramatic. But it did its job. My sis is already ooohing and aahing after IA (“Mujhe yaad aagaya woh mujhe pasand tha pehle”) 😉


  3. @Deeba and @Afia: Thanks for the comments 🙂 Seems like we all enjoyed watching a fresh new face … yes, Sanam is very pretty and held her own in the first episode. Lets hope she can continue this way and that the story stays its track.

    @Afia: since you love spoilers so much ;), you would be thrilled to know that HUM TV has a detailed synopsis of at least the next 8-10 eps up on its site!!! Why?? Why?? Why??? AArgh!


  4. As much as I like to pretend that I don’t like Imran Abbas, I was going gaga over him. I have to agree with you SZ, this episode was so visually appealing! *dreamy sigh*


  5. And thank you humtv for ensuring that they wrote the whole plot on the website. What confused me most was that the step momma can be soo loving to her step daughter but has a cynical and malicious attitude towards her sister in law. For a moment I thought the sister in law (IB’s mom ) was really the nokar.
    Ok now that I have gotten this off my chest, let me begin by saying how impressed I am by the newcomer Sanam Jang. I had great doubts about her acting. However I think she did really well and Imran Ibass is super cute and they both fit into the roles really well. I had no doubt about the fact that the cinematography will be fine but the first episode, the framing, the angles, it blew me away and as I am so proud to say that we have wonderful talent like that of Shezad Kashmiri sahib and his DOP in our country who gave us such breathtaking visuals that even a tired old story didn’t look that bad 😀

    what can i say, i am still looking forward to more eyecandy 😉 😀


  6. Yes it was a very good and visually appealing opening episode. Liked the new girl, she acted well. Nice to see Imran after a long time. Looks like it will be a cliche, but direction and camera work will keep it interesting as it is S.Kashmiri. But what was with the ending Omg so agree SZ, Saba just jumped down her throat and went crazy! Poor Adeel doesn’t know what’s gonna hit him!


  7. 100% agreed with you on the direction being beautiful, starting scene was indeed one classic, the way half-fry egg and toasts were shown, it tempted me badly 😛 though i don’t like IA personally, but because of such pretty faces like Sanam and Sarwat and outstanding visuals, it will be easy to follow drama only if remains below 20 episodes 😀

    You are so right SZ on cucumbers and carrots 🙂 i love the scene between son and mother in night, finally getting their personal time to talk.. Zaman bhaisahab is so henpecked… ‘tum maa ho uski,zor zabardasti karo’ aaarrrgg truly a dumb one! Saba as Safeena, nothing new to see her in evil role..it was only good to see her in Baraat series 😛 and im sorry to say but Zahra do liked nokrani…at first i thought wow they have taken such nice actors for playing servants…

    OST is amazing!! 🙂


  8. this is the same writer as for Mere qatil Mere Dildaar and you will see Saba Hameed’s character deteriorate just like we saw the Bhabi in MQMD I am guessing . The Bhabhi had pretty reasonable complaints in the beginning but a time went on she revealed her evil side and no surprise if this step mother will too .


    • @Ruba: It was an interesting start to be sure .. as I noted above, and many others commented as well, the story has started off quite predictably and a lot of the plot has already been put out by Hum, but if you are looking for a good time pass then this is a beautiful product …
      Do come back and share what you thought 🙂
      PS.. Missed you on Talkhiyan last week… what did you think of Mr Monty’s loser harkats …


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