Silvatein ~ Episode 3 Review

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

It all started off with Romana phupho’s well meaning attempt to find a rishta for her beloved niece – bohot pyar se itna accha rishta dhoondha tha … so what if she had to fib a little here and there.. her heart was in the right place … after all Zaib was not growing any younger … a little push was all that phupho was providing … aaage us ki qismatmagar haye bechari Zaib!

The best laid plans of mice and men …

Ab phupho nay to apna part play kar diya, found ek adad Amreeka ka larka, complete with a gora maali and a Mexican bathroom saaf karney waali, magar, but what to do… hamari Zaib bhi tau ek alag sample hai … just couldn’t leave well enough alone… she just had to go and give the pot an extra stir… a little too much as it turned out! Her thinking and over-thinking churned up a little too much emotion in the otherwise very placid Bilal who decided ke ab come what may, chulbuli magar samjhdar Natasha se milna hi hai, aur shaadi bhi us hi say karni hai … now, Zaib is in a stew… ek taraf she has to deal with the fact that she has been rejected due to her own over-smartness, and doosri taraf she has to now find a way to save face… aakhir ko izzat-i nafs bhi koi cheez hoti hai!

On the other end, Natasha is no seedhi saadhi sharmeeli larki either, she has her own funda going… a muhallay ka Romeo is ready to slit his wrists for her… the poor thing, not only does she have to worry about her aashiq awaara, she also has a ton of unresolved issues with her sister… both of them are still arguing about a bhoola bisra bacchpan ka birthday cake and who dropped it why… and then oopar se, to add to an already full plate, Natasha also has to figure out what’s going on with this Bilal ka rishta that’s fallen into her lap… Should she be excited or not? Is she the lucky one or not? Sab se bari baat.. Is Bilal a great catch or not? After all, she has to one up her sister here, sab agle picchle hisaab barabar karne hain... indeed for Natasha the stakes are very high! A psychiatrist would have field day with these absolutely whacky sisters.

Six Sigma, Samira Fazal and Shehrazade Sheikh, the three S’s, deserve a huge round of applause for providing us a much needed respite from the moralizing and mazloom sagas. Silvatein is cohesive, intelligent and funny. The script is vintage Samira, and Shehrazade continues to impress, particularly in the performances that she draws out from her new actors. Mira and Daniyal are very impressive and so cute together. Aamina is excellent as Zaib, and I am loving her look for this character. Maheen Rizvi is great as the confused older sister. I enjoyed the scene where Bilal and Muneeza were telling their mom about their evening with Natasha and Zaib – it was all so real and relatable. This is where Silvatein shines, these characters are drawn from among and around us, flawed and contradictory. This whole comedy of errors, about the names etc, would have sounded implausible and far-fetched if I had read it on paper, but Shehrazade and her actors make it come alive with so much conviction that one can easily give the grey cells a rest… and, I like that!

Yes, I’m on board for the ride!

Written by SZ~

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    • @Sadaf: thanks for being the first one to comment! For a while I thought you and I were the only ones watching and enjoying this one 😉 Yes, waiting for Adeel H to show up .. going by the BTS pics floating around, seems like he’ll definitely be at the shaadi, if not earlier, lets see when that happens!


  1. Loved this episode! and drama!
    Both sisters are so crazy and funny at the same time, by the time the drama is over my jaws are in pain from laughing so much.
    love love the dialogues and the story.

    While watching i had so many questions, ke wont he recognize her voice, or why won’t Zeb tell that she was the one who was rejected not her rejecting them, thankfully all questions were answered, but wow talk about a hot mess!

    And now instead of looking at the good things in the rishta, Natasha will forever wonder ke Zaib gave it up kyun ke koi kami ho gi, and what must that be. …..

    What an interesting turn of events, but wait where is Adeel??? 3 eps in, and still no sign of the guy.

    Also why does Zaib not marry her co worker. Saamne itna acha rishta, so why the need to look around? Clearly they both understand each other and are around the same age so whats the issue?

    Thanks for the great review! Indeed a good drama.


    • @Ash: You know, I too thought of the same thing re: Mikaal … seems like he’s single, but then I guess they are “just good friends” .. lets see!


  2. hahaha! I know when I was watching the last scene between Zeb and Natasha, I was like wow these people are so real! Because they are both jealous of each other, both too clever for their own good, and both think they deserve the moon! It is so much fun to watch when there aren’t any goody two-shoes extra noble characters in the story – you cannot take anyone’s side here. As you rightly mentioned it is a Comedy of Errors to the nth degree lol! You gotta wonder what’s up with the ‘saaroo’ older brother – akhir Adeel Hussain ne apni shave kyun baanai?? 😉
    I feel bad for poor Muneeza and Bilal and the mama. They seem so shareef and these ladies are going to take’em for a ride like Thelma and Louise! 🙂
    I hope like Sadaf that it stays this way because I am enjoying the ride and the complex characters – otherwise I am just not sure if I can sit through 23 episodes.


  3. Everything about this show is so well done and you guys have mentioned it all- loving the experience – specially the complicated relationship between the sisters and Zaib’s confusing ways which had my mind in a twist let alone Natasha’s!


  4. This drama is actually different from typical sisterly tales.. and so very much enjoying the insecurities and complexities of both sisters… and as @Annie said you can’t take anyone’s side.. this is best part! till now going so good! wonder when will zaib’s hero entry maaring 😀


  5. Intriguing,captivating and so so real , from the relatable characters to dialogues spoken in every day language- so with you SZ that its such a refreshing change from the multiple daughters/ no son ,doosri shadi, ghareeb/ ameer family formula ridden dramas.
    I cannot help but marvel at Samira Fazal’s observation and understanding of the complexities of human nature.Love the bemused-looking abba and even Rabia Noreen seems to have ditched her usual constipated expression, such amazing chemistry between Amina and Mira and their twisted relationship , but don’t understand how such sensible looking parents could not see the resentments seething beneath the surface of their two daughters interactions for this long? Am keeping fingers crossed as well like everyone else that it doesn’t disappoint in the future.


    • enjoyed your comment Fariha regarding Samira’s observation of how complex human nature is. These mad cap sisters reminded me of the crazy bunch from Kuch Pyar ka pagalpan.
      LOL @ Rabia Noreen’s look. I know what you mean -she’s tolerable here!
      I think the parents seem a little distant from their daughters. For example if I compare this Abba to Durr-e-Shehwar’s Abba, I can clearly see that abba here is not really involved with the day-to-day of their daughters’ activities and the mom seems a little distant too even though she has a favorite in Natasha but she’s absolutely clueless about the muhallay ka ladka fling despite being a housewife.


      • Rabia Noreen’s expressions when Bilal and Natasha went up were priceless. The father couldn’t decide whether to take the sisters side or his daughter’s.
        The mother seems to be so involved in both daughters’ lives so it’s really weird to see she is so clueless about their behavior towards each other. The woman needs to spend less time bickering with her sister in law and more time understanding her crazy conniving daughters.


    • I think it is just too late for the parents to do anything. Wiser parents would have seen this way back and headed this kind of competition off at the pass so to speak


      • True, but I also feel many parents ignore such issues in the beginning, when these incipient rivalries should be nipped in the bud, thinking once the kids grow older they’ll grow out of this childishness as well. I have seen friends saying similar things about their young children and dismissing everything with a simplistic bare honge to theek ho jaye ga … .


  6. It was good, witty and interesting but I still don’t get how sisters can be so selfish towards eachother. If you are a schemer, and for me Zaib was more so than Natasha, you still are supportive of your siblings and show some bonding or getting along, however they are constantly trying to one up each other, its not relatable at all.


    • @SK: I know, seems over exaggerated, but for once I’m just enjoying how they’re both equally good and bad ..hoping they continued being as nuanced as they are .. Im quite tired of the holier than thou heroines or the equally unpalatable vamps .. dekhte hain aage kya hota hai.. fingers crossed! 🙂


  7. The Muneeza- Bilal scene was the best! These are the things that mothers and sisters notice the confidence level of the girl and the traditional tray or trolley serving. And very guys are like Bilal but I go through these things and I feel guys should come so that if they like a girl, they can convince their family. And Amina Shaikh, loving her and he parents and phuppo thumbs up! Good Luck Team Silvatain! 🙂


  8. This whole serial is based on Stephen Covey’s metaphor of the Emotional Bank Account. According to him we maintain a personal “emotional” bank account with people around us whether it be our co workers, family or friends. And just as with any bank account, we can make deposits and withdrawals. However, instead of dealing with units of monetary value, we deal with emotional units.
    I hope you guys can now understand what’s going on between the two sisters 🙂


    • @Samira Fazal: Hi! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thanks for explaining the working theory behind this story…. lets so how this interesting concept plays out in the context of the story .. so far really enjoying this one!!
      Looking forward to hearing more from you as we continue our Silvatein journey 🙂


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