Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 12 Review

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Good things come to those who wait … an old adage, but so true in Rafia’s case. Finally us ke din phir gaye. Kashaf cleared her CSS exams, and is now all set to climb up the ladder of success. Sidra is happily married and settled in Virginia, and Shehnila is apparently still studying to be an engineer. Rafia is now sitting pretty and reaping the fruits of her hard work all these years. What makes this moment all the more sweeter is that Murtaza is back in the family portrait, ready to claim his spot as the head of this family, teen betiyaan n all. All in all, a gulzar episode in terms of Rafia’s family.

On Zaroon’s end though, things are not as gul o gulzar. Ghazala remains a cliche, and even when she tries to behave like a real person, her son shoots her down. Junaid barely makes his presence felt, either on his family or the viewers. Sara is on the verge of a divorce. Her high handedness driving her long suffering husband to the very end of his tether. His conversation with Zaroon is not handled very well by Ghazala and Sara, who see it as an insult, that he had the temerity to discuss what should be a private affair between a husband a wife. Apart from all my problems with Zaroon and his family’s characterizations, I was very confused though when Zaroon referred to his sister as a working woman – say what??

Things also seem rocky on the Asmara and Zaroon front. Asmara’s impromptu trip to Dubai does not augur well for her relationship with Zaroon, since he is none too pleased with her behavior. On the professional front, Zaroon has apparently finished his training in Lahore, since he seems to be just hanging around the house, strumming a guitar. So I’m guessing its been about a year, since the last episode, and at least three years since the serial began. Why does it then seem like the whole Zaroon/Asmara and Farhan/Sara track has not moved an inch since the first couple of episodes.

On to Murtaza’s family front, clearly an important angle in this triangulation of households, Nigar too seems be stuck with the same lines and same questions since the first few episodes. The daughters are still MIA, and Hammad is still like an overgrown baby. What has changed though, no real surprise here, is abba’s attitude towards Kashaf. All of a sudden he is the prime contender for the abba of the year award, and Rafia seems quite happy with the change. I think I am more of a Kashaf here, and would prefer to have abba kept at an arm’s length.

The best scene of the episode, for me, was Kashaf’s phone call to her mother. Sanam and Samina were fabulous in that scene. Also, the earlier conversation between the mother and daughter was very sweet, when Kashaf was once again being a Kashaf and talking about how one needs a sifarish and money to get things done in Pakistan. While the scene was well done, I couldn’t help wondering why was Kashaf now complaining about the system of sifarish and references, when she herself had benefited from this system, and gotten her first job through a reference?

From the precap it seems like we are in for yet another leap in time. Kashaf’s training will fly by at warp speed and her din phir jaayenge. Zaroon too will have stopped strumming the guitar and gotten down to joining the foreign service. While these two are shown to be moving ahead, Sara’s track seems to still where it was.. Lets see how it pans out!

What did you all think? Looking forward to reading everybody’s thought on this episode!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Will add more later…in a rush!
    but different style of review from you lol!
    Yes Why is Kashaf complaining still?? True she also used sifarish which proves her point. But Didn’t she get into one of the best universities on merit, doesn’t she remember she thought the same thing back then and was proved wrong? The eternal pessismist…would have liked at least one thank you to God, as Rafia rightly kept telling her. She has so much and still doesn’t acknowledge it…argh!


    • @SK – at least she’s consistent 😉 She hasn’t been thankful before, no reason for her to start now when we still have around 10 more episodes to go. Sabr karo she’ll start being thankful around epi 19-20 😉


      • Lol Annie!! We will have to.wait for a lot of things till epi 19, maybe even their marriage!!. Then she will be so thankful, hai mujhe FK mila…shukar hai Allah ka:)


        • LOL let’s hope so or she might sing that old Indian song “mein kya karoon raam mujhe FK mil gaya”
          And as long as he doesn’t show his striped PJs again warna shayad woh phir se na-shukri ho jaaye 😉


            • hahaha!! this was the first time I noticed them but then Afia pointed out that they have shown up in different places as well! I don’t recall them from Humsafar.


            • I’ve seen them in ZGH only, not any other show. It seems Ashar used to wear (haaiiii drool-worthy ) white shalwar kurta at night sometimes but Zaroon Shalwar kurta nahin pehenta :p


            • Nahi Zaroon had it on when he called his mother in law looking for Asmara! 🙂 . He looked hot in that scene with his hair pulled back


            • haan I have seen him in the white shalwar kurta when he was calling mom-in-law and when talking to Madamara a few times. But agree with you Afia that the Humsafar white kurta was worn a 100 times better – could be the cinematography and lighting 😉


            • @Annie: LOL! Not THAT good! I dont think he’s wearing striped pjs here, just wanted to share another instance where he was wearing pajamas 🙂 Maybe he likes them!


      • @Annie – I agree. At least she is consistent. If she was thanking God or being a bit more appreciative i dont think i’d like her much. But i love the fact that she’s so negative about everything! lol

        and unlike her mother, she didn’t become nice and sweet with her jerk father just because he came to congratulate her.


  2. Yes the timing is an issue for me too. I don’t know when someone is coming or going from college, to Lahore, to passing their CSS exams, to coming back from training. Whoa! while as you rightly mentioned Madamara is still engaged and doing same ol’ same ol’ and Sara is still married to her 1950s husband. And then next week, Z&K are shown to be working as a CSS officers. Wish someone would have pulled out a calculator and done some math! 🙂

    Anyways that issue aside, overall I really enjoyed the episode. The mom-K scene you mentioned was very well done so was the K-M-Rafia scene was acted out really well by the 3. Enjoyed the dialogues like “kis ke abba?” lol and Kashaf’s persistence that she doesn’t want anything to do w/ her father and rightly so.
    Zaroon continues to be some crazy egomaniac, male chauvinist. I could not figure out if he was on a break from training or what was going on? One day he’s complaining to mother about how tough his studies are, the next night he’s strumming his guitar. Confusion confusion 🙂

    Hoping the Sara-Farhan bhai track and the Madamara tracks end soon as they are being dragged for no reason. Even though I do like Sara’s upfront attitude. She tells it like it is so have to give her props for that.

    All in all, we are zipping right along these zindagis!


    • @Annie – I am not sure if we are zipping right through. Abhi toh only Rafia’s life has turned around FINALLY!
      But Zaroon, Sara, Asmara, abhi sab wahan ke wahan hi karen hain..


      • I was thinking from the episodes that have aired so far the first 9 or so were devoted to Rafia’s bills, Murtaza’s evilness, and Z and K going to college. Then in the past 2 episodes, they have had Kashaf change 2 jobs, gotten Sidra married, done her CSS exam, and sent off to Lahore – phew! that’s a lot to cover in 70 minutes!


        • so now can we hope for the drama to be dedicated to Z and K in their respective careers and falling in love??!?! 😀

          Btw talk about a deceiving OST video. Entire song is all of of the scenes that have yet to come, so they have clearly tricked us. =\. Now we will all see all these scenes shown at the same time.. so clever i must say


  3. Nice review
    I loved today’s episode..Sanam Saeed just gets better and better with every episode. Thus far, Samina and Sanam have carried the drama on their shoulders with such brilliant performances. I agree ..that phone call scene was my favorite as well!..as well as the conversion btwn Kashaf and her mom where her mom tells her to have faith. And, you really need a reference for every professional career these days..but you must be competent enough yourself on top of that in order for such good references to help you out..otherwise it’s a sifarish as you weren’t as deserving yet got your way in over others who were more deserving..and from what I recall, Kashaf was speaking about sifarishh..her situation doesnt apply to what she was talking about.
    Can’t wait till next week…Kashaf and Zaroon meet and from the mere half a minute of what we saw btwn them..it seems it’ll be a worthwhile episode for sure! Sanam and Fawad look hot together!


    • @S.A: Amen to your last para! Lets hope that @Afia’s daughter’s prediction does not come true and that they do not meet in the last 5 secs! 😉


  4. Enjoyed this episode more than the last…reason being the ‘badalte halaat’ of K and family- less whining- better viewing.
    Agree with you on the sifarish issue and the strange timeline. I thought that Zaroon was in Karachi for a break coz they didn’t mention an end to the training or the start of a regular job. But then, in choti choti baaton ki kis ne parwah ki hai? Writer/Director ne toh bilkul nahin- bus hum sub hi ko fikar hai :p
    The Sara-Farhan track and the Asmara-Zaroon track is sooo similar, it’s strange that the writer would write up two couples with the same issues- kuch toh faraq ho sakta tha?
    Looking forward to the K-Z meeting 🙂 but it’ll probably be the last scene of the episode….as my daughter said “Ab toh kuch 2 weeks baad hi hoga :)”


    • @Afia: hahaha.. clearly your daughters are becoming experts at interpreting the formula of two eps for this, the next two for that,and the following two for the other things! Sigh! just goes to show how predictable our dramas have become!


    • @Afia – LOL, your daughter is so smart. Two episodes for sure. Bechare people are getting excited for no reason. =\. The next episode will end at that smiling scene.

      Really wish they had a banner at the bottom telling us how much time has passed in between scenes bc it is so confusing….


  5. Look at the Dad feeling all proud for Kashaf,
    A complete reversal from his earlier cruel and selfish attitude ! Creep !
    Asmaara and Sara , 2 peas in a pod ! Spoilt brats ! Thanks to both their respective Moms for nurturing their lack of tameez!
    I’m just glad Rafias life has changed for the better , she deserves it !


    • @Deeba: LOL! you’re clearly anti-Murtaza! Now think of what Rafia would say to you .. betaaa.. aisey nahin kehtey, woh baap hain Kashaf key, un se ikhlaq ke saath pesh aao!
      No, but seriously, that turnaround is sadly all too common, but I wish that Rafia had been slightly harder with him, but I guess she’s too good a person. Yes,Rafia certainly deserves this better life.. she’s definitely struggled very very hard for all this!


    • @Deeba – LOL! Good one.
      Murtaza should go die somewhere. Ab agaya baap banay.. Thank God Kashaf has some akal since her mother doesn’t know what that means….


  6. Hey all!! Loved the review and everyones comments!!

    I agree with all. I liked the episode but I wasnt bowled over by it. A lot of dragging. Did they fire the editor?

    Samina…was right about the world…They always flock when things are going well..but I do think that the hidden dad somewhere deep inside Murtaza couldnt help feeling proud…he felt important in society…he is proud and happy in his own selfish way and its his daughter who brought him happiness. For all that he says I doubt he is a happy man. none of them are.Its these small things. Samina truly understands what makes every person tick and she doesnt judge them. she is hurt but doesnt judge and its why I feel she keeps letting Murtaza back into their lives. But I’m with Kashaf here..esp after he didnt show up to the wedding. He can keep fatherly affections to himself. 😦

    I loved the conversation on the phone between Samina and Sanam. I had tears in my eyes. For really this family has suffered. Now it must feel like new life has been infused into them.

    As much as I like FK, (dont beat me up for this ) I have to say this show is completely Samina’s and Sanam’s. I dont know how it ended up like this but their performances are stellar and unmatched and leaves you moved almost every time. I feel like I’m watching a real life mother and daughter. And the mom and daughter in me is completely in sync with them.

    I wonder what Kashaf will say when she finds out it was Zaroon’s dad who gave her a reference. Esp she since she hates asking for help. Zaroon doesnt know either..hehe…:P

    I think the problem between Sara-Farhan , Zaroon-Asmara is that no one really loves their better half. They dont makes compromises, they dont do nothing.Its always about ‘me’ winning not ‘us’ winning.

    Remember Khirad said ‘mein unke pyaar mein dhal jaana chahti hoon’..I want to make him happy…They both felt that way about each other.

    Here each one is fighting for themselves. Nobody thinks for one second of making the other one happy. Where is the love? Its a relationship of convenience and its always hard to keep that going when you dont give the other space. If you want convenience then you need to get out of the way too.

    And Zaroon doesnt he trust Asmara? What is the big deal about her having friends? She has the right to decide for herself who is a good friend and who is not. You can tell her but you cant force her.


    • So true..I love Fawad but Sanam and Samina are above everyone else in this show. I have read comments here saying had Fawad not been a part of this show, they would have probably given this show a miss which is beyond me honestly speaking. Thus far the show has been revolving around Kashaf and her life..and it would have sucked to see someone portray it so awfully yet Sanam Saeed gives me no chance to complain..and I am so glad for her as she has really come a long way as a performer. Credit where it’s due..Sanam has outclassed Fawad in this show in several scenes and this comes from an ardent Fawad fanatic.


      • I agree with you @S.A and @Aish, this is undoubtedly Sanam Saeed and Samina P’s show, no doubting that one bit. In fact Fawad said it himself in the launch show, that it was their story.

        I think to be fair to everybody else, their comments, as far as I can see, are coming from a different place .. the show was marketed on Fawad’s name … Sanam has been the surprise package. I liked her in Daam and Mera Naseeb and MeJ, but this year she’s grown tremendously (watch her in Talkhiyan and you will be amazed). Samina P is always excellent, but there is no doubt the pre-drama publicity and hype, which lasted for almost a year, revolved around the fact that ZGH was the next Humsafar. In the OST, there is a distinct attempt to cash in on the Humsafar aura … hence most people started watching for FK and the next big romance… it has now become clear that that was merely a marketing strategy and this is Rafia and Kashaf ki kahani, where even Murtaza has a bigger role than Zaroon up till this point ( and to think they were calling it a significant guest role!). If the show had not been marketed on Fawad’s name, and the appeal of university life, and the Humsafar kind of romance, I think it would have attracted a very different audience.

        I don’t think after what we’ve seen so far, anybody is doubting Sanam and Samina’s performance, the complaints have been more about repetition and the imbalance between the screen time devoted to the two families … Like @Aish said, a lot of dragging 😦


        • I think I might just copy paste this response to everyone wondering why I was not in love with the show …and why I was complaining …well said


        • The show was never marketed on Fawads name solely. Fawad’s possibly the best actor in Pakistan currently but to say he is the sole reason why most people are watching this show is injustice. The story, the writer, the director’s comeback and possibly Sanam Saeed’s attempt as a female lead were all huge factors as well. And after Ashk, I’m sure everyone knows that having Fawad alone won’t sell your work. I agree certain things like the OST reminded us of scenes from Humsafar but at the end it’s all about how we look at it individually. Some may have been looking at this as the next Humsafar while others like me wanted this to be better than Humsafar and in my opinion it really is, but that’s a different topic. Though.. Humsafar had so much to do with Fawad and Mahira’s chemistry but thus far in this show there hasnt been many scenes between Fawad & Sanam anyway..so the expected comparison can’t even be made at this point.
          I have small issues with this show but not showing enough of Fawad till now isn’t one of them. The story has little to do with him right now, besides the OST clearly shows scenes between the leads once theyre married and I am sure we will see more of him then.


          • @S.A: Agree with you on that Humsafar and ZGH are two very diff serials. And yes, you’re right Sultana Siddiqui’s return was talked about a lot as well, which also raised expectations that this was going to be something extraordinary.

            To clarify, I was not talking about how the serial actually is turning out to be, and not taking anything away from everybody’s performances, which have been outstanding, I was talking more about about how it was promoted earlier, and the expectations before it aired, Also, yes, Ashk was a disaster, but I was talking about the publicity and hype way before … Ashk and ZGH were shot simultaneously,and both drew freely on the Humsafar boom which was playing through is final episodes at the time. in fact the now infamous university scenes and the concert were shot before Fawad left for Turkey to shoot Ashk. ZGH was supposed to air before SeZ, Apparently there were some issues, otherwise we would’ve seen Ashk and ZGH air roughly around the same time… Hence people’s expectations …

            Baqi to I think we’re both on the same page as far as ZGH being a stronger story than Humsafar…


    • @Aish: Loved the analogy with Khirad … sigh! if only one of the four would bend! Amongst all these I think Farhan came the closest to being the one most-able-to-reform.. but I think he’s pretty much done for by the next episode or so… lets see how the other three pan out…


  7. Loved the review. Today’s episode had a mellower pace but I would have liked it more if the story would have paced-up on Zaroon’s side too. With so much happening in Rafia’s house, seeing Sarah run around with her baggage was a drag.

    Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. Since I share Kashaf’s idea about her father, I would like him to stay away and not enjoy this halcyon period of Rafia’s life when he could not stand by them through their dark days. I disagree with you, Rafia Aunty!

    Along with that phone call scene which had me smiling , the scene where Kashaf simply refuses to accept Abba Jan was excellently done too. Could not agree more with Kashaf.

    After the promo for the Library episode, this promo has intrigued me the most. They’ll finally meet again. And like someone had commented on Facebook, we’ll see them ‘Smiling’. Strange! I am very excited to see how they’ll hang around in one office. I would appreciate if Madamara doesn’t interfere.

    Looking forward to the next episode/review:D


  8. I have been a silent reader of reviews, and have really been enjoying Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Its the 1st Pakistani TV drama that I am watching, recommended by a friend.
    The story is very engaging and I really like Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed.
    I enjoy all the reviews which follow the episodes too.
    BTW, are all these sites linked to each other as I find a lot of common names interacting in these places?
    Have been hesitant in writing, because I’m not sure, and I thought maybe its only friends circle. But decided to take the plunge here. Thanks for a good review.


    • Hi Geetika, good you took the plunge! Some people go pub-hopping, we go review-hopping hence the common names on sites. All virtual friends here and more are welcome 🙂
      SZ, Maria aka Misty, Sadaf, Fatima are all super and always magnanimous.


    • @Geetika – nice to see you here and glad you are enjoying Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Just incase you’d like to try another one, do check out Humsafar! 🙂
      Like Afia said, all are friends here so no one should be afraid to leave a comment! 🙂
      Lookin forward to hearing more from you as the drama (gets better)..


        • @Geetika: Hey! Welcome to my blog — lovely to meet another of our silent readers 🙂 So glad you decided to jump in! As @Afia and @Ash already said once you here,, you’re one of us .. agree or disagree… thats all fine .. we are clearly very much into the dramas and argue about these characters as if they are real! Would love to hear more from you re: ZGH, how are you finding the characterizations, the story, the pace, acting, etc…As you can see, some of us are very much into it, whereas the rest of us are still on the fence .. what team are you on? gulzar or not!

          Re: your question abt the three sites, we are different entities, the other two are bigger, well-established drama review sites, with several writers, whereas mine is a personal blog.. and yes, there is an overlap in terms of readers, but that’s all the more fun, b/c clearly we can’t discuss these dramas enough!


          • Thank you for the welcome. Am enjoying the story so far, just as a story. There are many discrepancies and questions that come to mind as the episodes roll out. Many of which you all have addressed in your previous discussions. Like the character sketch of the male protagonist. He seems to have many layers, and it could have been brought out more effectively, than just coming out as contradicting. I find this in many of the other characters as well. I guess since it is my 1st TV show I’m watching on your channels, I’m taking it at pure viewing value and keeping the critical thoughts away.


  9. a humsafar it is not. enjoyable it certainly is. the emotional connect that was HS is yet not seeped into this show but then, both are diff genres. so to compare would be unfair.

    the lead female actor and her mom are fantastic and together make the show for me. that phone call scene was fabulously done!

    FK still isnt gelling coz personally, i feel his character has shown little depth until now and when he has expressed views they have been fairly chauvinistic and regressive. so he cant be made the selling point of this show.

    however, future episodes will be interesting to watch as both kashaf and zaroon are now on equal footing having entered the same service. Lets see how they mould themselves and each other.


    • @indepgal: Hey! good to see you after a long absence 🙂 Yeah, agree with you abt FK and his problematic character, and the completely different story from Humsafar .. and thats precisely the point where we were all mad abt earlier, at being willfully mislead by Hum TV .. but oh well, all water under the bridge .. lets just enjoy Kashaf and her mom;s happier life and see what other things does Kashaf complains about! Yes, looking fwd to the K and Z encounter .. lets hope this part of the story too is not dragged so much that it loses its charm!


  10. Nice review… What I felt is they should have shown more scenes of kashaf and zaroon at univ time and at least a scene from a farewell party so that the viewers have known that their univ life ends up here… it was all so abrupt..I like Hamsafar, Durr-e-shahwar , Daastaan because these dramas maintained a balance between hero heroine scenes and social issues scenes however one lackness in this drama is more emphasis on social issues and less importance given towards chemistry between zaroon and kashaf… Thanks


    • @A girl: Hi! great to hear from you .. I hope we see you joining us weekly and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂 I completely agree with you about the lack of balance in story-telling .. and your examples of other dramas that have accomplished this in a better way are spot on!


  11. nice preview.
    I agree with your view on kashaf’s thought. Jub usse university mein merit pe scholarship mili tou ub use complaign nai karna chahye.
    Mere kahyal se Pakistan ka haal politicians ke ilawa humlog ki waja se bhi hae. kuon ke hamen sirf complaign hi karna aata hae,kuch karna nai aata ya shayad karna chahte nahi haen.
    I mean stop complaining and start doing only than you can make a change!


    • @amna jawed: Hello! Thank you for joining in and sharing your thoughts .. agreed, that as country we do complain a lot .. but then I guess, it is really a hard situation these days, with every sector of the society collapsing inwards .. that said, I do agree with you that Kashaf’s complaints are a OTT … I;m not sure how many read a latest interview of Sanam’s where she too said that she wished Kashaf complained a bit less! LOL!


  12. SIGH of Relief , I waited extra long to watch this episode despite reading your wonderful review SZ and yes I am very happy At last at last this is what I was hoping for.I really enjoyed this episode and yes the best part was the telephone conversation.between mother and Daughter. I loved Kashaf and Sanam did her complete justice .:)this week 🙂 Fawad was super as usual and i loved the narzagi with Asmara serves her right but it does serve Zaroon right too,he chose her.
    BTW what career does Ms Sara have ???
    Now if only they would cut down on the swelling background music it would be perfect. I really enjoyed the sharmindagi of Mutaza and his brother , cannot wait for kashaf to slap them down again… Kashaf is right Mr Murtaza should do something for his poor wife Rafia rather than chasing after Kashaf but I guess that would mean being a decent person …tough job for Murtaza…


  13. its good they are not telling all the back ground stories, Kashaf,s sister went to america. Hope she comes with her baby in next episode.
    In next episode preview, they showed Kashaf as a Civil Officer without covering her head…? means.. only when you are poor you should cover your head?
    if there was no scene between zaroon and Kashaf in this episode, at least they should have shown Zaroon over his Guitar with some memories of his college life with Kashaf……


      • It’s not just ZGH, they tend to show that in most dramas. Covering their head when they are poor and once they get into the elite circles they suddenly stop. Khirad did that in HS too. I think it does depict cultural values though, the people who do it for religion would never take it off. However culture is a huge factor why many girls wear it there. I have seen people wear it in small towns and villages but the minute they get to Islamabad or attend functions it comes off, so not surprised.


  14. Lol SZ don’t remember that!! But why are you skeptical? I have seen many of my extented family members do the exact same thing or only wear it in certain areas where “people talk” or just in schools etc, and then other places go without.


    • @SK: precisely, that’s why I would expect her to wear it in a government office, a very public place where there are all sorts of people. More so because she was also wearing it in her sister’s shaadi at home and she wore it throughout her university career, and also at Sir Ibrar’s house, and while moving in to her new house, as per the precap …


        • Lets not forget how in ShehreZaat Falak never wore a duputta until she became “religious” and stopped caring about materialistic things . So are they saying that people who don’t wear a duputta dont know squat about religion, or religion and materialistic things cant go together?


  15. Has everyone seen the list for HUmTv choice awards is there a pattern here or is it me as in HUmsafar keeps getting Subbed … what is wrong with these people ???? what is going on at HUMTV ?????? Merey qatil Merey dildaar is nominated then why not my cat Thomas …it makes just as much sens???


    • I did not even know they had hum tv choice awards!! Must be the first year initiating it and they voluntarily left out Humsafar so that people don’t pick it for everything? Kind of like the reviewers choice at DP.


      • Yes its the first year they are doing it. I’m peeved, the most successful drama does not get the chance to be recognized? At the oscars do they leave out the most successful movie of the year, even though it gets nominated for a million categories?


      • @Annie we left out Humsafar because it swept the boards for the peoples choice and it would have meant no one would have got any recognition for their work apart from HS .the reasoning was great work like DES And SEZ etc.. Would be ignored. Let me also add it was not my decision to do that . I am not sure what this is about .it is all over the web yet no conformation from HumTv themselves


        • I don’t agree with them but was just giving them the benefit of doubt. Humsafar is already a winner from a people’s choice and no silly award show can take that away from it. I am sure it will be nominated for the Lux Style Awards later this year unless they feel the same way so don’t worry Sadaf, SK and Afia. Some new award show not recognizing it doesn’t belittle the fact that Humsafar put Hum TV on the global map.
          These award shows are pretty silly anyways and hold no real merit in my eyes.


          • Like someone said earlier, if they think Humsafar will swipe all of the awards so just not include it then I guess the oscars should do the same with all the movies that are nominated in each category.
            Stupid idiots. And the nominees are ridiculous if they are true, who the heck even watched Roshan Sitara etc etc.


  16. I think it has something to do with the rift Sarmad had with momina-umera at the end of SeZ. But sub log hum tv ko hi bura kahen ge if they don’t include HS- huge faux pa.. And FK not nominated? Go to hell Hum tv!


    • But HS is Mominas own production and shown on Hum …it is a separate issue from Sez…if that is the case that would be laughable. Just like ahsan being nominated for MQMD but no FK as Ashar…


      • can someone please share the link for these awards?

        and lol @ Afia re:go to hell humtv!

        Their excuse last year was most of the drama aired in 2012…what the hell is their excuse now????!!!?!?


  17. I cannot find the link try as I might and its not on the official HUM Tv site but its all over the web ……. hopefully it will be a rumor no more


  18. This is the list of 7 viewers choice nominations out of 32 categories

    Best Onscreen Couple

    Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan For Humsafar

    Mikaal Zulfiqar & Mahira Khan For Shehrzaat

    Ahsan Khan & Mehwish Hayat For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

    Best Drama



    Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

    Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai

    Roshan Sitara

    Bari Apa

    Best Actor Female

    Mehwish Hayat For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

    Saba Qamar For Maat

    Mahira Khan For Shehrzaat

    Sania Saaed For Zard Mousam

    Sanam Baloch For Roshan Sitara

    Sawera Nadeem For Bari Apa

    Best Actor Male

    Ahsan Khan For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

    Adnan Siddiqui For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

    Noman Ejaz For Bari Apa

    Mikaal Zulfiqar For Shehrzaat

    Imran Aslam For Sanjha

    Faisal Rehmaan For Zard Mausam

    Best Female Model


    Mehreen Syed

    Rubia Butt

    Fauzia Aman

    Amna Ilyas


    Nadia Ali

    Best Male Model


    Iffi Zafar


    Ather Amin

    Abbas Jaffri

    Best Solo Artist

    Abbas Ali Khan


    Farhan Saeed

    Shehzad Roy

    Hadiqa Kiyani


    • @Hoorean: Hey! Great to hear from you! how’ve you been? 🙂
      Thanks for sharing these nominations… I just wish that the site which reported these had provided a name for their source …


      • These are from tvkahani. Don’t know how authentic these nominations are 😛 I am perfectly alright and follow ur each n every review plus very interesting discussions:)


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