Silvatein ~ Episode 2 Review

Silvatein 2

Silvatein — of all the two sisters sagas, this is the one I am really liking! The highly entertaining second episode proved that director Shehrazade Sheikh’s narrative skills were no flash in the pan. Samira Fazal’s story is cohesive and well-knitted, and her lines as witty as ever. The lead pair, the two sisters, Zaib and Natasha are so much fun. Both are deliciously useless, its hard to find anything “perfect” about them, and perhaps that is where the charm lies. Given the surfeit of the ideal larki/bahu/beti models shown on the TV, I am thoroughly enjoying these two paragons of imperfection. Sassy and sharp, with neither willing to budge an inch, Aamina and Mira are fabulous together!

The second episode revolved around the too-good-to-be-true rishta from Amreeka that phupho brought for her beloved Zaib. What ensued was hilarious.. without being OTT funny. Thank you Samira and Shehrazade for keeping the narrative meaningful but lighthearted. I loved how it was enough for phupho that her beloved niece would be happy with a family which was rich enough to afford a gora mali and a maid who came from Mexico to clean their bathrooms. It is clear that there is something off with Bilal, but phupho is so gung ho about her laaya hua rishta, that every objection raised by Durdana, the girls’ mother, is swept away with a wave of her hand and her ab main yahan hamesha ke liye aa gayi hoon is liye meri baat nahin maante attitude. As for Durdana, while she promises Zaib she would do the best by her, it is evident that despite her protestations to the contrary, this woman is no seedhi saadhi sati savitri. Wonder how long before she loses it with phupho and her high-handed ways. Rabia Naureen is doing well as the harried mother, I just wish her hair didn’t look as frazzled as her character.

Looking somewhat lost among all these strong-willed ladies is becharay Farhan Sahab – the girls’ dad. Though he has hardly any lines, Mohammed Ahmed Sahab is hilarious with his deadpan expressions. The way he pointed to himself, when Aapa ordered him and Durdana to get the trolley ready, was too good. That whole sequence, where Bilal comes to see Natasha was very well executed.

Even as the Amreeka waley larkey ka rishta aaya hai scenario was unfolding, we got a glimpse of some of the darker parts of the story. While talking to her time-pass boyfriend, Natasha mentioned how Zaib always got the best of everything and the manner in which she exploited her position as the eldest. These by-the-way lines hint at a long standing sibling rivalry which in time will take on ominous tones. Given that this rishta has started off with a confusion of names, I wonder how Natasha will later deal with the knowledge that it was Zaib not her, the real Natasha, that had initially intrigued Bilal. Speaking of which, no matter how they eventually get to that point, I am so annoyed with the promo editors for giving away the fact that Natasha will marry Bilal… Why?? Why give out so much of the initial story?? Although I enjoyed this episode, I do wish that the suspense, which has been so successfully built up by the writer and director, had been left intact. Now, all this buildup to the third, and probably the fourth episode as well, as has been pretty much rendered ineffective.

This huge peeve aside, I am enjoying Silvatein so far. I am intrigued by the Meekal, Vasay Chaudhry, track. I wonder how he fits into this scenario. Shamim Hilali is such a classy actress and it always a pleasure to see her on screen. I loved her here as the Facebooking senior citizen mom. Daniyal Raheel was very good as Bilal. I am looking forward to seeing how this seemingly quiet guy gets along with the sharp-tongued and willful Natasha. Maheen Rizvi was effective as Muneeza, the indulgent older sister bent on getting her younger brother married. She is so much better here, in a more subdued role, as compared to her hyper Maria in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. I wonder why Muneeza doesn’t seem as concerned about her older brother… hmmm … I like that there is much to anticipate here.

Finally, on the issue of anticipating, how much longer before Adeel Husain makes his entrance?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Enjoying this drama. So well written! The discussion about the ideal Umreekan rishta was so true- rang many bells. Also reminded me of another succesful shadi to a Umreeka mein settled larka- the one that took place in ZGH. Jitne Pakistan mein halaat kharab ho rahen hain, utni Umreeka walon ki guddi charh rahi hai 🙂


    • @Afia – haha yep Umreeka walay better watch out, cause everyone from Pak is looking for a way out clearly. …
      but Zeb a “US national” ko Umreekey rishta ka kya faida…..


  2. More than 1st episode,i enjoyed this gripping episode! I was amazed to see to that i have been with people like Zaib and Durdana, so their character portrayal till now to me is very realistic,and thus more enjoying it 🙂

    Mira Sethi and Daniyal Raheel are excellent as new comers…so looking forward to see them more! Muneeza and Amaa scenes were fab, this family looks so cool 😉 and like you said SZ, it was indeed one lol moment when Farhan gave that epic expressions.. Mohammad Ahmed Sir is classic actor 😀

    I just couldn’t understand one thing, why zaib took Natasha’s name? she obviously didnt knew about the confusion :S or did she?? someone help please 🙂

    and SZ as usual brilliant review 🙂

    Thursdays seems like are making their place for me to keep one hour free 😛


      • Daee taali… Then 😀
        As far as wht i got from SZ its cuz she wanted to check out first how the guy is and to b on safe side took natasha’s name… I guess more clear she will tell us;)


  3. Really enjoying this one. Have to agree with Deeba it’s such a funny drama so far. I am just not looking forward to when everyone will start fighting …ugh…can we keep things light hearted please!
    Maheen Rizvi is a decent actress. I don’t know what they fed her while she was filming ZGH! that shall remain a mystery.
    Did Daniyal also play DeS’s bro-in-law? I know he played Bano’s bro in Dastaan and had a very small role there. he looks like a complete cutie here with this hairdo and crisply starched shirts 🙂 And I also like how he is using his eyes to act which very very few actors know how to do – use their body language. Great job!
    LOL @ Phuppo’s chalaki on presenting Zeb as Natasha. Oh she’s a sly one 🙂
    And Natasha is definitely not as docile as she looked in epi 1. The girl is a clever airhead and a jealous one at that! I hate to see Daniyal getting hooked up with her. He seems like such a sensible fella.
    LOL also at the trolley scene and the sisters on the patio scene where they are exchanging phone numbers.
    Some great natural ‘ber-jista’ dialogues and acting. Loving it so far. I hope the sob story doesn’t start any time soon.


    • @Annie: DeS’ brother-in-law was played by Umar Naru, and he is in Mirat-ul-Uroos, playing Aamina and Mehwish’s brother, and will eventually end up marrying Momal Shaikh’s character. Daniyal, btw, is our very own Madamara’s brother and Seemi Raheel’s son. Yeah, I am really liking him here! Looking forward to seeing more of him 🙂


      • oh acha yeh Madamara ka brother hai!!! Gosh I have seen their family pics before and it didn’t click. They have cleaned him up really well here lol
        But he was playing Bano’s bro in Dastaan, right?


      • Sz behen thanku for telling me that umer naru marries moomal sheikh (!) I had no clue. Also I had no idea that natasha marries bilal but now I do (!!) Tussi chaa gaaye ho 😉


        • OOps Aafia behen (LOL! love that!) So so sorry!!! it is all over in the MU promos and I think the OST as well, and the Natasha Bilal story is in the OST and the promos as well! Ok, no more spoilers, inadvertent as these were!!


          • Yes, i guessed as much that they were in the ost/promos but I hadn’t seen those on tv. Actually they’ve hardly run these osts or I would have seen them by now.


            • Ah, got you! I guess that’s the difference between actually watching on TV and relying on FB…b/c on FB it seems like the OST and promos were everywhere .. btw, if you want even more spoilers, the behind the scene pics are up as well, happily giving away the parts that were left out in the OST .. go figure!


        • @Afia – LOL, wow i am surprised you had no clue since thanks to social media you cannot hide anything anymore. But they should really be careful with their promos and osts because thats gives everything away. Phir kya fiada drama dekhne ka.


  4. Nice review!
    Silvatein has been a pretty okay so far in terms of other weekly dramas. I like the fact that the story is completely different , well okay maybe not completely different but one cannot really tell that its a sister rivalry.
    Both sisters are equally well way too into themselves except for Natasha feels that Zeb always gets the best of everything. She doesn’t come off as someone who would really care about such stuff, being thats she on her phone 24/7, has a boyfriend, or well just someone she talks to for her own amusement so it was weird to see her thinking along those lines. .. Also what was the point of her standing there listening to the phupho and Zeb talk, especially since she had no input in anything. They were done talkin and she just walked away….
    I mean fine she wants her sister to get married and leave, but im guessing bc maybe she wants her room back, but to envy her does not go well with her carefree immature personality.
    But i guess we will be shown the bigger picture in the forthcoming episodes.
    I just dont understand what the reason for the name swapping was. Could they not use her real name and go with the fact that is the “younger” one. And was Bilal not able to recognize her from her voice? I mean they did speak for a good 5 minutes or so and she did most of the talking. ….


  5. BTW: i used to really enjoy reading your reviews on drama pakistani, i wondered many times where you were but I’m glad I found you 🙂 totally bookmarking this page!


    • @swirvey road: Hello! Lovely to hear from an old friend 🙂 Glad you found us and decided to join in 🙂 Now that you’re here I hope we will get detailed comments from you on the next ep of Silvatein … I didn’t have high expectations and was initially put off by the formula of two sisters, but yeah like you, totally enjoying this one! Lets hope it stays the course!


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