Talkhiyan ~ Episode 10 Review

tky kids playing 1

Cuff links! To link cuffs together, to link the already linked twins together!
Magar Paul ki diye huey cufflinks mujhe aur Jugnu ko jor na sakey…
Na Jaane kab ye link toot gaya
Aur main aur Jugnu aik doosre se judaa ho gaye,
Aaj se theek chaudah baras pehle
Jab Paul hum se mile beghair chupke se chala gaya tha,
Aur Bibi Monty ke intezar mai saari saari raat jaagti rehte thi
Tab main aur Jugnu aik saath thay cuff links ke pair ki tarha,
Bibi ki zindagi se jurey hue…

By now its no secret that I’m in love with Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmad’s crazy Silverwood gang – be it the thaka hua Jaanu baba, who’s seemingly such a great boss ke female factory workers want to visit with him after hours as well, or the gorgeous but crazy Appo ji, who torments her grand niece and nephew for being neelay peelay, but still writes love letters to Father Albert, or the betay ke pyaar mein  paagal Mama ji, who doesn’t seem to realize that she is being led down up the proverbial garden path by her beloved son, or the seemingly stoic Bibi, who perhaps unbeknownst even to herself, has inherited her family’s trademark vicious streak, and is now unconsciously passing on to her children the very value system she detests her family for subscribing to: don’t behave like clerks, this is not how aristocrats behave, sit like this, eat like this – Oh, Bibi! you are as much of an elitist as Appo, Mama ji and Jaanu are! In short, each and every member of the Silverwood gang is a bundle of contradictions. Much like peeling an onion, week after week, we pull back one layer to discover yet another one. Whether there are answers buried in there somewhere remains to be seen. Conversely, perhaps rather than being about Zoya’s quest to find answers in the present, Talkhiyan is more about Zoya’s look back in to her shadowy past … Why and how did the linked twins get un-linked? Mehak Khan is lovely as our interlocutor, her narration setting up seamless segueways between Zoyas memories and her present day search for her lost link.

And when the shooting star sparkles through my night sky,
let me not feel the ache of a lost wish
And when the colors of rainbow fade in the blink of an eye,
let me not feel the fire that my tears unleash
And when the moment to be cherished poisoned my vein
let me not feel the void that you left behind
And when battling my agony I resent the summer rains,
let me not hear the melody that the song birds find…

It is a testament to Bee Gul’s writing that by the time Bibi finished reading Paul’s letter, my heart was aching for this man’s unfulfilled desire to see his children one last time. Up until last week I hated Paul for being the drunk, abusive and neglectful husband and father that he was, but despite all that, his anguish here was real and his repentance so heart wrenching. I hated Bibi for bad-mouthing Paul to his children. Yes, she was doing it out of insecurity: What if the children chose Paul over her? What if he managed to take them away from her? Would she be able to live without them? All valid fears, and she was justified in her behavior towards him – he had treated her abysmally during their years together – but, seeing him here as a frail, sick person, it was hard to reconcile that evil, creepy guy with this bechara-looking man. The shots of him walking around the old school building, running his hands along the walls, and then seeking the elderly Kamoo’s help, to negotiate the hilly terrain were beautifully done. That superb play of shadows and lights, when Paul covered a sleeping Kamoo with his shawl, was simply stunning. Abdul Rasheed, the actor playing Kamoo, is perfectly cast and very effective in his part as Silverwood ka namak-khawar mulazimSummer Nicks was simply amazing as Paul. Never thought it was ever even possible, but for once my sympathies lay with an abusive ex-husband!?!

Monty baaraat le kar agaya magar shadi kab hai?!

Nawab Monty, the shining knight – the bright headlights bathing him in an otherworldly glow – returned to make good on his promise to marry Bibi. Given that he is such a catch, as Appo keeps reminding all and sundry, one cannot help but wonder why he puts up with Bibi’s quick silver moods. On the other hand, Bibi too is a bundle of contradictions, misses him when he’s not there, but when he is around she gives him the cold shoulder. Whether Paul’s surprise visit had something to do with this change in Bibi is something that remains to be seen. Meanwhile Monty remains unfazed in his single-minded pursuit – be it charming Appo ji to the point where she is reduced to blushing and giggling like a silly schoolgirl, or giving in to Mama’s request that he listen to her play the violin, or astutely tapping in to Zoyee and Jugnu’s loneliness, becoming their best buddy and taking them out for late night ice-cream parties – nothing and no one will be allowed to stand in his way. Why do I keep thinking that our Luckhnavi charmer has an extra card hidden up his sleeve? Sarmed Mirza is effortlessly suave as Nawab Monty.

While Monty forges on in his mission to marry Bibi, the storm clouds gathering on the far horizons seem to signal that an already complicated situation may become murkier in the coming weeks. Baloo’s entry has been beautifully set up, via Kamoo’s by now annoying reiteration of his do bete, ek beemar doosra shehr main…With Baloo’s pictures in the newspapers, and Azad riling up the villagers against the factory owner Jaanu baba, its seems like the scene is being set for a Marxist style peasant uprising.  The homegrown hero Baloo leading the charge against the money-hungry, exploitative capitalist. How is the red saree clad Bibi (love the double-edged significance of the color) convinced to break her own rules, about the differences between social classes, is something that I am really looking forward to in the coming episode!

Yes, this was yet another one out of the park by the Talkhiyan team. From the most senior to the youngest, this ensemble cast is simply stellar. The writing and direction continues to raise the bar with every episode. Naveed Malik’s camerawork is just stunning – no other way to describe it. The behind the scenes technical crew, the production team, all deserve acknowledgement. A special shout out to the person responsible for Sanam’s look and makeup. I don’t think Sanam’s ever looked prettier – and to think she’s constantly being cast as the girl with average looks!

Thanks to what I’ve seen in Talkhiyan, Bhurban is a definite stop on my next visit to Pakistan. How I wish that Express had arranged for a chat show to introduce the project and the Talkhiyan team to the general public. I, for instance, would’ve wanted to know more of the challenges faced by the writer in adapting this story to fit Pakistani sensibilities. I would’ve also liked to know more about the places shown here, are they easily accessible? What were some of the challenges of shooting in such a small town, etc…  All is not lost however. Express still has plenty of time to stir public interest and drum up publicity for this superb serial, drawing attention to the quality work being produced in our country, even in these days of formulaic, assembly-line dramas…

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 10

Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ, ab tou saare adjectives meri vocab me se khatam hogaye he to praise your reviews.. aise kaise chale ga 😉

    This was yet an other gripping episode like u said… and till now one of my favorites..I too had sympathy feelings for Paul.. the way he shared his feelings with Kamoo and kamoo not being able to understand but listening with so much attention,telling Paul about his children and then how scene ended with kind gesture was indeed beautifully done.. Loved that scene.. Paul as an actor was classic!

    Bibi has literally inherited all that aristocratic genes from Agha Ji :D.. a true grey character.. It was good to hear the on of letters by Appo ji to Father.. how this lady is madly in love.. so want to know more about her..

    And yes finally all gates are open to welcome Baloo..who made bibi to break all rules…now its seriously getting more interesting 🙂

    Last but not the least.. Mehak Khan was absolutely great narrating those cuff lings


    • opps! it entered by mistake… 😦

      and i so like the dialogues.. thank you SZ for sharing those and yes such a beautiful cover picture 🙂


  2. Shukriya… Ab toh even a simple thank you doesn’t cover it – week after week, you’ve been so generous with your words and time that ab toh samajh bhi nahi aata ke aap ka shukriya ada kaise karein…


    • @Mehak: Aww… nahin bhai shukriye ki koi zaroorat nahin .. I love the serial and you crazy Silverwood people are my favorite-est dysfunctional family ever (if such a category even exists!) so its an absolute pleasure to write and share my excitement about every episode.
      There is so much stuff going, visually, narratively and intellectually, in each and every episode that its really hard to do justice to everything. For instance, in this episode’s review, I totally forgot to mention the stunning scene, where, after the cuff links part, Zoya was walking away from the bungalow, towards the road, and the camera was placed behind the balcony railings, providing a child’s perspective … was that a reference to the younger Zoyee, who had perhaps left Silverwood physically, but emotionally and spiritually she was still there, waiting for her family to come home, for Jugnu to return, so that un-linked pair could be linked once again… LOVED it!


  3. I had forgot to mention the cufflinks analogy – LOVED IT!!! 🙂 Thanks for bringing it back and reminding me about it.
    And Amen to your last paragraph – this is such a non-assembly line drama – maybe that’s why nobody is really watching it – iss mein tow saas bahu ka koi jaghrah bhi nahi hai yaar – no jaado tona rona dhona – what a bore drama w/out these necessary ingredients :p
    thanks for highlighting Bibi’s contradictions – that one did escape me 🙂 And yeah I am getting a weird vibe from Monty – he’s too good to be true for a Pakistani drama male lead lol


    • @Annie – yep too good, so I will not be surprised if he walks out on her, ,because its clearly what we have been trained to expect from our pakistani dramas! 🙂


      • LOL! going by his harkats, I think Nawab Monty must’ve definitely been influenced by the Star-Plus sagas that his mother and wife watched in Lucknow all the time.


  4. SZ … thank you so much for keeping the interest in the serial alive with your reviews. I look forward to the reviews as much as the serial. Being my first serial I have a little bit extra excitement attached the this project. Please keep it up. Gives us a lot of heart 🙂 xxx


    • Thanks @Sarmed! Now if only you could share some insider info about Nawab Monty! Will he or won’t he marry Bibi?
      Btw, has nawab Monty told his first wife about his second shaadi ka plan? Wonder if his first biwi will show up in the next ep saying nahiiiin ye shaadi nahiin ho sakti!!!


  5. SZ your reviews give true justice to each episode! All the missed parts and comparisons start to make sense once I read your review. Thanks for giving us this week after week on such a masterpiece of a drama!

    Took ten episodes of this drama to finally give us an actual name of a character. Miss Kohinoor, who betters fits as Appo. She is something I must say. A 20 year old stuck in a 50 year old body. (ok I don’t know her age, its not been mentioned but just saying….) .
    I guess the gatekeeper of the church is now well aware that this woman shows up all the time leaving the same letter. He had that “this crazy lady” look on his face.
    And when she is out of that phase, she’s back to nitpicking with the kids and/or self obsessed passing comments of how beautiful she would look in a certain saari and her most beautiful feet.
    I didn’t like the fact that she is still passing comments of how lighter skin people have it better and Bibi got all the average looks and color bc of her mothers side of the family.
    The double standards remain: boys are superior and skin color matters!

    For some reason I could not sympathize with Paul. Poor guy is dying, wanting to see his kids for the last time and helped an old man who fell asleep in the cold. But why did he leave? Bibi said she’d bring the kids to visit him and although she badmouthed Paul in front of the kids for her own insecurity reasons she still held up her end of the promise, so why did he just leave like that? Was it because it was too hard for him to say goodbye, and that glimpse he saw of them playing was good enough for him?
    Got to see them or not, but his cufflinks sure had a longer effect on their lives then he probably would have ever had….
    I am still wondering what is it that separated the three and does Bibi marry Monty or is he just leading her on for his own revenge. Even the kids are not that white so Monty def has some hidden motives. That innocent face of yours can only fool people like Appo.. 😉

    I am loving the mystery in each aspect of this drama! It keeps you glued to the screen waiting for the next episode..The credit goes to the amazing cast and storyline. Everything is so well done.

    Older Zoyee (Mehak Khan) has pain written all over her face, her eyes popping out, and that limp in her walk clearly depicts the troubles she has faced throughout her life. Her last hope to find her brother and find some peace after such a long, tiring journey. . What a great story teller and loving her accent….

    Still waiting to see what drives them apart and what could have happened to make a person like Bibi break her own written rules which she is so firm on???

    Express Ent – If you are reading this , PLEASEEE upload the youtube version of the episode the same day or the latest , next day! There is no body else that posts the episode so you are our only hope. Seriously, no one really cares about Manahil aur Khalil, but we wait for the Youtube for Talkhiyan, so if you can please upload them on time or get someone else to stream it, that would be great!! Thanks!! 🙂


    • same here – I did not feel bad for Paul either. He never took care of the kids when he had them for 10+ years. He comes back and tells us he’s a changed man now because he’s dying and we should believe him so quickly. He really didn’t have my sympathies and ODDLY enough the kids NEVER mention him either. They lived with him for a lot of their growing up years so it is surprising that they never ask Bibi when they will see their father. Guess they are too grown up for that 🙂


      • @Annie and @Ash: Wow! you ladies are tough! I was so sad for bechara Paul 😦 Yes, he was an awful husband and spouse, but ab to mar raha tha na..Bibi should’ve not been bad-mouting him. I wonder how often she’s said those things in the past as well…
        I’m also wondering about the children… there are so many things we hear them talking about with each other, or hear references to things that they’ve discussed earlier, but they never bring up those things in front of their mother.. probably after having seen so much in their very young lives, they have an innate sense f what needs to be said where… I love how well Bee Gul’s written the children’s characters!


        • Felt a bit bad for Paul but not much….and yes, he was still a bit creepy. It was cute the way he was conversing with the old guy. And sad that they kids didn’t get to see him. This serial always gives me a very melancholy feel- somewhat disconcerting.


          • Yes It makes me sad too since we know that things won’t end well at all but I have chosen to put that aside to enjoy the intriguing characters and a smooth flow of the narrative. I am sure I’ll be depressed after the last epi airs.


    • It will be so great…i wanted to hear about Talkhiyan too…
      but first one hour too was enjoyable.. u have great sense of humor 😀


      • Oh @Rehmat – you missed out! 😛 .. well maybe Sarmed can share the audio here.

        @Sarmed – totally enjoyed hearing about your experience in Talkhiyan and your forthcoming projects! Achey actor to hain hi, but so many other talents as well. singing and writing to add to the list!! 🙂
        Lots to look fwd to! Good Luck with everything!


  6. The mystery deepens…As Zoyee aptly puts it woh kaun tha?? obviously not monty, I am also dying to know who makes her break her rules??
    Loving the intrigue and beautiful way this has been shot and narrated.
    Agree Sanam looking so pretty, her make up really suits her!
    I am also going to Bhurban IA next time I visit!!…been to Muree which was gorgeous too but this just looks stunning and I’ve heard as much too from relatives that its divine!


  7. Guys guys guys do you really expect me to betray my Silverwood clan by telling you what happens … not so easy to sway me. lol OK I will say one thing though … ooops just changed my mind, I won’t 😉

    Right, I will try my best to get the audio from the radio peeps and put it up for you all.


    • I was waiting for you to give some spoiler alerts on the radio show!!!, but no luck! =( .

      I hope this episode is it!! Does monty tie the knot or not…..?!?!


      • I don’t want any spoilers! 🙂 I am enjoying the fact that for once I cannot correctly predict what will happen in a drama – woohoo! 2 thumbs up for intelligent writing!


  8. I like that Annie. Good on you. Can anyone tell me why they want to spoil the maza of the story by knowing what happens? 🙂

    I am waiting for the interview file to be sent to me and will post it as soon as I have it for you all 🙂


    • Thank you so much Sarmed for posting the recording for us! I didn’t realize you are ‘herr-fun-maula’ and a writer and director too! I enjoyed your shaista Urdu. And you made me listen to “tere mere milan ki yeh raina” again – a def. favorite!
      Man these radio hosts are so much better than our Pak morning show hosts 😉

      for everyone else, you would need to forward to around the 30 minute mark to listen to the interview portion.


  9. Hi SZ , lovely review as always .
    I’m really enjoying this drama
    Appo is so cruel and hurtful in her remarks and so vain about her beauty.
    But she looks stunning and the saris she has worn are gorgeous.
    Brilliant acting , esp the twins !
    Paul looked like Voldermort in some shots.
    Dying to know Father Alberts mystery … And of course why zoe and jugnu got separated.


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