Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 11 Review



This latest installment of Zindagi Gulzar Hai marked the beginning of Kashaf’s shikwey se shukar tak ka safar. With the trials and tribulations of her academic journet behind her, her encounters with Zaroon and Asmara no more than a hazy memory, and with the confidence that a well-paying job can impart, the Kashaf we saw today was a much stronger and less bitter person – finally our girl is beginning to smile more than once an episode! Thank the lord! Sanam Saeed continues to shine as Kashaf. 

Along with Kashaf, Zaroon too started his journey towards adulthood, complete with all its attendant responsibilities. No longer the college Romeo, the man we saw today was someone serious about a career in the Civil Services and willing to work hard to get there. What is interesting here is that while the professional aspect of Zaroon’s life seemed all set and gulzar, his personal life continued along the same wishy-washy, confused path that it has been going along since the very beginning. I really wish that somebody had sat down and worked on Zaroon’s characterization. Even though I get that its a female oriented drama, and Zaroon is there as a supporting figure rather a central character, I continue to be disappointed in the way this man comes across. Since the very beginning, Zaroon’s been very reluctant to answer Asmara’s phone calls, cuts short the conversations, etc, in fact he did that today as well, hung up on her saying he was busy with his studies. Why then is it that he acts all huffy when Asmara says she was busy and couldn’t respond to his calls? Does he seriously expect her to hang around for his phone calls? Earlier, before their engagement, Zaroon and Asmara were together all the time, but now that she’s out with other guys, he has a problem? Why is he surprised at her going out with her friends? Did Asmara spring out of nowhere? Weren’t they bffs before they got engaged? Zaroon sahab, I am so waiting for the moment when somebody comes and takes a sharp pin to your ego and deflates it … Kashaf, jaldi aa jao Zaroon ko tumhari madad ki zaroorat hai! It is to Fawad Khan’s credit that he breathes life into an otherwise lackadaisically etched out character.

On the home front, Kashaf’s side of the story chugged along the same abba, paise, betiyaan, naukri, parhai, Nigar, track. We saw Waseem Abbas blustering in his by now familiar manner, and surprise, surprise, he refused to contribute towards the shaadi expenses. I am surprised that even after all that she’s put up with, Rafia continues to expect some goodness from him, wanting him to be concerned about his daughters’ lives. Why can’t she see the psychological damage Murtaza’s continuous rejection is doing to her daughters, whose attitudes towards men are completely skewed because of a lifetime of negative interactions with their father. How does Rafia ever expect her daughters to lead well-adjusted married lives? I wish we had been shown Rafia standing up for her daughters’ rights more than just once. My peeves with the characterizations aside, I have to say Samina Peerzada is very effective as Rafia and her interactions with the girls’ is very warm and real. Mansha Pasha made a lovely bride, and I loved that grey/lilac (?) color on her. Where was the shaandar dulha though?

While the whole shaadi ki taaiyari sequence was very nicely shown, Khalid Ahmad was hilarious as the uncouth bare bhaiyya as he merrily chomped away on his biscuit and talked non stop at the same time, the whole shaadi ke card saada honay chahiyen conversation was off-putting to say the least. We just saw the exact same scenario, with pretty much the same dialogues, in yesterday’s episode of Mirat-ul Uroos. Considering that Zindagi Gulzar Hai was promoted as a “masterpiece” of a project, I am disappointed to see these overlaps with other serials written by the same writer. The never-ending conversation between Nigar and the neighborhood lady was also long and tedious. Yes, I agree that all these issues are socially relevant and important, but hitting viewers over the head with overtly obvious points makes all these issues lose their significance.

On to Zaroon’s end of the narrative, where the cold and callous Ghazala is the exact opposite of the warm and nurturing Rafia, it was interesting to see Ghazala’s interactions with her son. Even as Zaroon was yet again pointing out his mom’s shortcomings, we see her packing his stuff… wonder how much of Zaroon’s attitude towards his mother has been shaped by what his father might have been saying all along about her, while she was gone for her conferences and trips. Does Zaroon get his chauvinism from his dad, who now appears as a benign, middle-aged gentleman? We have virtually no insight into Junaid and Ghazala’s relationship. Why we are expected to unquestioningly accept Ghazala as a callous woman, one who brings up a carbon-copy of a daughter, Sara. Just this one scene today, makes me hold out hope that perhaps the writer will surprise us, and maybe, just maybe, allow Ghazala to come alive as a living breathing character rather than continuing on as a cardboard cliché.

Unlike the previous episodes, there was appreciable movement in the story today. While time continues to drag and fly at whim here, we did see the much-hyped university days come to an inglorious end. Our once feuding protagonists have now gone their separate ways, and Sidra is married. On the other hand though, Asmara is stuck in a time warp. If the rumors about editing for a tighter narrative are true, then I must say that it has helped the cause tremendously. This episode flowed better, and some judicious use of the ffwd button ensured that it was eminently more watchable than last week’s fare. So yes, while I’m still hoping against hope to be blown away, I did manage to sit through this one.

Here’s to hoping that the next step in this safar from shikwa to shukrana is a gulzar one!

Written by SZ~

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    • Absolutely true. These guys writing reviews should try to make dramas themselves and then we will see how their work is. The drama reflects the lives of majority of women in Pakistan and SZ is writing a review based on the feelings of the minorities. ZGH has been gulzaar and when compared to dramas currently running, it clearly stands out. Support is needed to give the industry confidence not criticism which can demotivate them


      • I agree…seriously i got so disapointed by these review writers on episode 10….keh its slow etc……yeh log patah nahi kion drama k ache points ko hameesha side line ker dete hain aur jst bcuz they wanna se zaroon and kashaf interacting all the time..toh bolte hain keh slow episode and disapointing episode etc…..plzz this drama is really highlighting the issues of a family jinka father zinda hote howe bhi zinda nahi hota….but nahi jee humko to buss kashaf aur zaroon ko dekhna he…feel sick sometimes by reading any such reviews……aur mirat ul uroos ki iss episode mein agar shadi card wala scene tha toh issme writer ka kosoor nahi i think donno dramas ki timing kuch aisey ho gai keh donno agey peeche on air howe iss liye aapko laga hoga keh over doze ho gai he…..and besides that patah nahi aapko zaroon k character ki samaj kio nahi aa rahi halan keh hamare haan 80% mard hazrat aise hi hote hain khud bhale hi GALI KEH GHUNDE hoon BIWI PARSA chaiye hoti he unhen………


      • Nice episode. At times reviewers get a bit carried away. We should appreciate the difference between criticism and critique. Pseudo-intellectualism leads to unnecessary criticism.
        I’m enjoying Zindagi gulzar hai. The only other drama I can stand is Fatima GUL on Urdu 1, it’s superb.


  1. Zaroon is supposed to be a hypocritical character. The moment he scolds Asmara for not picking up his calls, yet he chooses to tell her he’s busy the times she called him..depicts the kind of person he is. Your points are valid in describing what a hypocrite Zaroon actually is..yet you’re not understanding what Umera is actually trying to show. The guy has double standards and always has had them..it was shown before where he was always so concerned about his mother and sister’s whereabouts yet acted like a jerk in univ, with Kashaf..and now it’s shown as he’s married with Asmara. Umera’s showing exactly all of that..not too sure how that’s unclear? The only problem I’ve had with Zaroon’s character is that they’ve tried telling us that he’s a flirt..yet he hardly came across one..but the hypocrisy of his character is crystal clear and always has been..and it’s kind of expected post marriage too..or should I say more than expected esp with a girl like Asmara.

    And, Fawad’s awesome as Zaroon..but this show belongs to Sanam Saeed. I’ve seen a lot of people praising Fawad to the rooftops in regards to this play and being an ardent Fawad fan, I can’t disagree that he’s brilliant and makes Zaroon tolerable even when his character can be such a douche..but Sanam Saeed is the surprising package. I still remember how in Daam (her first serial) I wasn’t as impressed with her performance but saw potential..little did I know that one day, she’d possibly turn into one of my favorite actresses on Pak television. Needless to say, after this show with only 11 episodes in..as Kashaf, she’s phenomenal! Not to mention her and Fawad have amazing chemistry in the few interactions they’ve had thus far..I really hope it just grows even more with the upcoming episodes.


    • I agree with each and every word of urs…abt zaroon u r so right and about sanam saeeds acting skills…really i was also not so impressed by her acting in Daam but did forgive her for that bcuz it was her very First drama…but after daam in Mera Naseeb she really showed her class…i dont knw if u hve watched Mera Naseeb or not but jisne dekha hoga uske liye Sanam Saeed ek surprise package toh nahi hogi is drama mein…but ya she is really doing a more thn fab job as Kashaf….


  2. Great review SZ, thanks for doing a great job as usual. I too was glad to see Ghazalla’s character doing the packing and did you notice, making her husband’s chai ….er why? well she is not quite as bad as we thought ,so thank you Umera Ahmed for that effort. The Murtaza character is now indeed fascinating but in all the wrong ways. I cannot imagine such a person existing in real life..how dishonorable can you get ? Not a bad episode , in fact I enjoyed it .


  3. For all those who think such fathers don’t exist, I want to tell you that not only they do exist but they feel not an iota of guilt. My own father gave the same reply to my mom who was separated from him, when she did my Rishta ( Why did they not come to MY house to ask for her hand ? You agreed now you pay) My mom went to him again and again and in the end just wanted him to be present to give me away, but he refused to do that. However, by the time my sister was getting married my mother had learnt her lesson and did not bother to even inform him. She managed everything herself.
    So, for me this drama is very very special.
    It is not only about Zaroon and Kashaf. It is about women who have substance and grit. Who can face problems and still try to do the right thing by the norms of society. I love this serial because it is not only about romance. It is multi dimensional and I do not agree that the writer has created card board characters. On the contrary, many times I have been stuck dumb with the similarities between the story and my life. Zaroon is a typical male of south asian origin who is full of himself and has many double standards. What is so difficult to understand in this?


      • @ Sadaf: Thank you so much. I feel so good that you can understand the rejection and pain that we went through as daughters. I think because the story is so like my own that I feel frustrated when people cannot see that these ‘ card board’ characters do exist in real life. I think many people are watching this serial for Romance or for FK and SS and hence are disappointed. To me, the serial is not only about romance. It is about life’s journey of two people from different back grounds. It is about women who can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. About women who can face hardships and still try to do what society expects from them.
        Many reviewers get irritated by Rafia’s behaviour towards her husband. They question ‘ why is she still expecting something out of him’? ‘ why does she go to him and ask him to come to the marriage of her daughter’? For them this shows weakness in Rafia’s character. I saw my mom begging my father to atleast come to the wedding. This was not weakness, it was extreme strength of character! To do the right thing..So, to me Rafia is again very real. Muritza ‘s expressions, his screaming and yelling. His blame game..Believe me I get goosebumps… I am reminded of so much !!!


        • Anupama…agree with you. I also think Rafia is spot on, and sorry to hear you also went through this. You indeed have a much stronger connection with this drama as it is real for you. Thank you for sharing your experience, it must be hard to talk about.


          • @ SK : yes, it is. But I could not keep quiet when I read what people were writing about unreal situations and characters. I think this serial is being written to depict what a large majority of women face in India, Pakistan, Bangla desh etc. May be for those in US or UK it may sound far fetched and it may be easy for them to see the weakness in Rafia because of her expectations etc but for the women in our part of the world, what the society says about them and their reputation is very very important. And thanks for your empathy.


            • @Anupama: Echoing everybody’s thoughts, thank you indeed for sharing your very personal story; it takes a lot of courage to do so and and I really appreciate you bringing your own perspective to the story unfolding on screen – much appreciated!

              Just to clarify: I have never called Rafia a cardboard character — I use that term time and again for Ghazala, Asmara and Sara… I have always maintained that Kashaf’s side of the family is very well-etched out… . yes, there are parts of Rafia’s character I personally do not relate to, but again different people face and see different situations differently, but I don’t think that infers a weakness in terms of character …I have never described it as such as at all.

              My problem is that in terms of the drama, we should be shown Zaroon’s part of the family as well.. Surely, just as Kashaf is impacted by her mother’s circumstances, Zaroon is affected by his parents’ life as well. I have said above that what we are shown are all important relevant social issues, but again because its a drama, about two people and how families impact them, there should be time spent on developing the other family a well.


  4. An absolutely nice episode…. What I would have liked was if they could write “6 months later” or “1 year later” so that things would be more clear for the audience that a span of time has been passed in between Kashaf’s job and her sis’s wedding and Zaroon qualified as CSS officer.. otherwise everything was flawless and I really love the script, dialogues and story of this drama… Also i must add that besides excellent acting of samina pirzada and must and should appreciate excellent acting of Zaroon’s dad…. I just love the way wasim is acting MashaAllah..


  5. Thanks for the review SZ! For me this episode was a sleepfest zzzzzz, more so than even the last episode. Too much of the same stuff over and over again- so much so that I don’t even feel like commenting really. Bohat ziada disappointed – by Sultana Apa most of all 😦
    I’m glad some people are loving the serial- I so wanted to love it as well – but had the makers sent the same message just once or twice instead of hammering it down our throats, I’d have been happier.


  6. For me your review is always a replica of how actually the episode was…so as i read it..i was literally relieved that i didn’t watch the episode… goodness! Can’t get more agree with @Afia.. its seriously height of disappointment..well until now.. Don’t know how viewers like me will get back once Z-K get married..
    Such repetition.. and there i was saying in episode 9 that Rafia stopped thing about Murtaza for good.. sighh
    Only thing which is appealing me to see in episode is Kashaf’s smile and Sidra as a bride 😉 saw on fb k there are 26 to 27 episodes…:O


  7. Hi All 🙂 Enjoyed reading all your comments on this latest episode. I’m glad that my bakwas review has generated quite a discussion 🙂 As I’ve said before, we all watch with our own personal viewpoints so we all see and read the drama in different ways, so there are no right or wrong answers or a correct or incorrect perspective, in that regard we are all right and all wrong in the way we are enjoying ZGH 🙂 Please do keep sharing your thoughts.. its always nice to read different points of view 🙂

    Its great to see so many Sanam fans here.. are you all following Talkhiyan? She is absolutely fabulous as Bibi! Would love to know what you guys think of that one…


  8. For me this drama is just any other drama on air, no matter what channel you flip through. The same three to four occurrences happen through out the entire episode. In this case have been happening for the past eleven episodes.

    Hadn’t even realized the college scenes were over until i read your review. Goes to show how memorable they were [or not].

    I fail to understand what kind of person Rafia is. If she is so khudhar and was able to raise her daughters on her own, knows what a jerk her husband Murtaza is then why in lords name was she expecting him to help her in any way when it came to marriage.

    I cannot blame Murtuza as much as I believe its Rafia’s fault for even asking.
    If that was not enough we had to listen to them go on about wedding expenses for the rest of the half the episode.
    Look I really sympathize with them and others who are in such situations but my problem is that if you are going to show it in every other scene i will just become annoyed. Its so easy to complain but to do something , now that is where the effort lies.
    She has been raising them on her own all along, and with a little bit more she would be able to afford the wedding without having to resort to the useless Murtaza, which she did but why complain about every little expense, khanay se lekh kar hall thak, and in the end shadi to ho gai na.
    I also watch MiratUlAroos unfortunately and it was a deja vu with the dialogues of wedding cards and other expenses.
    They spend so much time discussing and put in the hard work of making Sidra a dulhan then why leave out the shaadi. I was really looking forward to seeing the dulha.. =\.

    I feel like Fawad Khan has a guest appearance in the drama. He comes every 15 minutes for 2-3 minutes giving him less then fifteen minutes of screen time. Yesterday he had three scenes and none so different from the previous ones. Glad to see he is prioritizing his career and has moved to a different city to prepare for his CSS. This tells us the story is slowly but surely moving forward but the problems from episode one are still there.
    I am pretty sure if we took out Fawad Khan from this serial it would lose 90% of its viewers.
    The story is problematic bc it shows people with these everyday issues but it does not go to show how they can come out of them without have that pity look on their face asking people to feel bad for them because they are in such a situation.

    “baap shaadi par nahi aaeyega, log kya kehenge” .. I think its time people stop worrying about what other people will say and only worry about themselves, do things in a way they feel its right, not what others will approve of.
    The father does not go but the thaaya ends up there??

    In the past eleven episodes we have been given a great insight into both families and their problems. Its high time we move on and and not have to go through repeated scenes in the entire 40 minutes.
    No the drama is not all about Kashaf and Zaroon’s relationship but it is central to the story isn’t it? Havent we seen enough of Rafia’s problems, Murtaza’s assholeness, his crazy physco wife, and the weirdo Ghazala?

    Good to see people are loving it, I sure hope to love it in the coming episodes.


  9. Totally agree about how the episode flowed better, much more smooth and it moved fwd. I actually didn’t think it was a bad episode, much better now I have literally decided to have zero expectations. I have now just got used to murtazas rants , totally in character and Rafia going to him is still in character. She has already told us she cannot do that final cut off and I’m sorry to say it is a big deal in Pakistan, sh e said she has no family to lean back on and she wanted him there just to give her away because it is a important there about what relatives and people say. Even though they are supporting themselves, and he is a jerk , it is just a sad fact. Here in the usa it is,easier to cut ties, but I don’t think it is so much there. I feel so bad for Rafia and its not like she begged him to come to the wedding, it was funny though how he was feeling so guilty and making stupid excuses about why he didn’t go!
    I guess Z and K are just a part of the big picture that has been added, the focus is on her struggles from shikwa to shukar, and they surely did show Kashafs struggles beautifully and how strong she has become, loved her today.
    It is actually thought provoking how the writer has shown both z and k going for css but look at how their paths are so different of getting there. For z its literally a piece of cake, he just had to buckle down and study and off he went , no family responsibilities, no money issues, no siblings to support. Kashaf becharee had to get job, delay exam, get sister married. Up till now I have actually loved the way UA has contrasted their lives, so good job there!

    I also loved sidra today, mansha pasha was fab! Her convo with kashaf had me tearing, they have just been great throughout. She looked so pretty too getting married!
    SZ I think you do understand zaroons character but you want him to be changing already…lol sabr ka pal meetha! He absolutely is a typical male , although plotting a woman’s downfall was a little too extreme even for the chauvanistic man, so I would call him lafanga! I m a man and can do anything but my wife has to be totally pure, but didn’t he know how asmara is, she hung out with him before engagement!!! so no I totally get where you coming from …his character is weird!!
    Anyways enjoyed his and his moms scene, liked her motherly personality in the packing scene. Thank god!@

    Ok gone on way too long!! I am predicting episode 13 for k and z to meet again!!


  10. @All: I dont know how many of you were able to catch this latest interview of Hina Dilpazir on the Nadia Khan Show … I thought of sharing this here, because it is relevant to the discussion on hand, about the challenges of single parenting, women left to fend for themselves and their young children… I found her story very empowering and look forward to reading your thoughts 🙂

    the dailymotion link: FFwd the first 10 mins or so to get to the interview …



  11. Heela: Apologies! Your comment was deleted in error so I’ve copy pasted it again …. sorry!! SZ


    Comment from Heela:

    A lovely review! Missed you review last week.

    The episodes had a lot of going on but I didn’t ‘feel’ all that. I know it seems odd that I AMA saying it but with many episodes of this drama serial I have ‘felt’ the progress of the story while in this one nothing made me anxious or perhaps excited. Though I am glad that this episode marked the beginning of the professional lives of the two protagonists, I will miss their brief-bitter interactions in the university. FL was always brilliant as the attention-seeker Zaroon and SS was always marvellous as the angry young woman. I hope that I am not the only one wanting for more of the university scenes. At least the ones we had liked the most penned down by UA in the novel. As far as I remember the cast and crew had said that this play will be different from the rest owing it to the university sequence. I agree, this concept did attract many students/younger audience but yeh kiya? Itney kam mazey keh scenes Huey they tou graduate hi hogaye?! 😦

    I agree with you that Sidra looked really pretty. Honestly, I was rather satisfied that the pest Abba didn’t make it to the wedding. We have had enough of him keh shaddi bhi kharaab Karney aajatey. :p

    I simply loved the last paragraph of your reviews. It sums up our expectations and wishes.

    Looking forward to the next episode. It seems like Sarah-Farhaan saga will be dominating it. Let’ s see how our chauvinist Zaroon will react to it. Fingers crossed!


  12. As I had said in my comments to Fatima’s review, I have zero expectations going into an episode (thanks to the previews as well) so more of the hypocrisy as Afia said being thrown at us for more than 1/2 the episode over and over again is a convenient way for me to hit the ffwd button. I would have expected much crisper editing from Sultana Siddiqui and the story to be wrapped up in 16-17 episodes but the repetition is killing it for me. We know that the story is about women empowerment. I was hoping some of that empowerment had been lent to the editor sahab as well. Chalo khair hota hai jaab magnum opuses bantay hain – veteran directors se expectations increase ho jaatay hain but we forget that it is a team effort. A tighter grip on the narrative during script evaluation and editing would have been better.
    On a side note, my husband really enjoyed this episode esp. the way Murtaza switched the blame around to escape from his responsibilities.

    My curious question: who acts as the daughter’s “wali” if the father is not there? I wish we could have seen that during Sidra’s nikaah rather than the post-mortem scenes we got which I ffwd. (not sure if they mentioned that in one of the ffwd’ed scenes). Also Rafia had said time and again that she doesn’t have any support from her family either so it got me thinking….


      • hahaha!!!! oh Afia you crack me up 🙂 The only dulha we’ll see is Zaroon and Sara’s 2nd hubby. They probably did phone nikaah for Sidra since the dulha was supposed to be going to the States for his residency – he might have already left.


          • LOL I had thought about it when the whole father not being at the wedding discussion was going on in the episode. And I was surprised that the question of who will be the wali was not raised at all. Yeah I know I was thinking that Umera would have raised that question somewhere. Wishful me 😉


  13. Oh no worries. By the way loving the discussion.
    @ Afia, true that Dulha bhi cast nahi hua :p Hamad’s sisters aur dulhey ko bhool Gaye:p

    I heard about this new movie ‘Armaan’ that day. Waiting for it desperately. I remember Sarwat Gillani telling Ahsan Khan on the 8th Anniversary Celebrations of Hum TV , that some old movies will be re-made by renowned production banners in Pakistan. The Fawad Khan-Amina Sheikh on-screen couple seems very interesting to me. They are great actors , now all we have to see is how their chemistry works. Waiting….. !


    • @Heela: so true! kaafi saarey characters are missing 🙂

      Armaan ka discussion is going on on the Humsafar thread – maybe should re-name it FK thread 😉


  14. Does anyone else find it strange that Kashf, a topper from the country’s best univ has to find a job via a sifarish and a fake reference letter? Things might be bad in my country but they are not this bad! Surely they could have shown her getting a job on her own merit…


  15. No Afia its not strange..infact after tht scene i was like thank God they showed Kashaf getting a job through reference…bcuz in Pakistan merit per job 1000 mein se 1 ko milti he woh bhi pehle hi interview mein…..warna jotay chatkhane parhte hain job keh liye….aam tor per humare dramas mein yehi dikhate hain keh mehenti insan ko uski mehnat ka sila mil gaya…jo keh hoona to chihye aur hota bhi he humare haan but bht kam logo keh sath…i m happy keh unho ne 1000 me se 1 ko nahi balkeh un 999 logo ko jinke liye sirf merit kaafi nahi hota job keh liye un me se ek mein shamil kia he kashaf ko……


  16. Yes, Aiman Paracha, you are right there’s a lot of nepotism in Pakistan and it is common practice to find jobs through connections. However, in this case we are looking at a topper from one of the best univ. of the country. I’ve lived in Pak all my life and have seen many- read countless- young people graduate from the likes of LUMS and IBA, even Quaid-e-Azam univ Islamabad. The toppers get picked up by the A-list companies/banks even before they graduate and a lot of the rest get good jobs once they apply. Yes, the ones coming from slightly lower profile colleges have a harder time finding jobs.

    Another aspect which doesn’t gel here is that Kashf is shown to be a very upright and honest person. A person of her character would first try to get a job via the proper channel and secondly she would not never agree on taking a fake reference letter (which is shown here when Sir Abrar call’s Zaroon’s father for one). Surely she has more confidence in herself than that? I wonder why was Kashf shortchanged here?


    • Maybe they were in a hurry to get Sidra married? 😉 She had 6-8 months to get the money necessary to get her sis sent to Amreeka so no time for going through the proper channel. And I guess that lectureship position she got in the last episode wasn’t paying her much?


      • @Annie – good point! what was that lecturer job all about?

        And i agree if Kashaf was so smart and had the best merit why did she resort to a reference? what happened to her ego, the size of Texas, then??


        • I think she needed a full time job very quickly that is why she went to Sir Ibrar, or it may have taken too long and Sidra becharee ka amreeka jana kaise hota?? otherwise she wasn’t planning on working full time yet. She was still studying and the lecturer position was just to help with expenses.


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