Silvatein ~ Episode 1 Review


Silvatein, the latest offering from Six Sigma Entertainment, initially caught my attention because it was written by Samira Fazal, boasted the return of the hot pair of Aamina Shaikh and Adeel Husain, from Mora Piya, and brought back one of my favorite TV abbas, Mohammad Ahmed. Along with these personal favorites, Silvatein also held out the promise of bringing something fresh to our TV screens in the form of debutante director Shehrazade Sheikh, who has worked with Mehreen Jabbar in the past, the seldom seen Daniyal Raheel, and the introduction of a new face, Mira Sethi. This blend of something old something new, along with a beautifully penned and very well-sung OST, was enough to ensure that I would at least check out the first episode.

Frankly speaking, I sat down with little or no expectations from the first installment. After all, there has to be a limit to the ways in which one can spin the same formula of two feuding sisters. Aamina Shaikh is on her third two-sister saga, one of which, Mirat-ul Uroos, is airing simultaneously with this one. Samira Fazal’s Bari Apa also follows the same trend. So, yes, while I was/am disappointed that rather than breaking new ground, producers and channel heads chose to back yet another version of the same, old same old, I have to say that to my surprise I enjoyed the first episode. Despite my apprehensions, I found myself sucked into the story because of the witty, intelligent lines, well-etched characters, the snappy pace of the narrative, and good acting – very nicely done by director Shehrazade Sheikh!

Zaib and Natasha are two sisters who live their lives constantly trying to one up the other. Aamina Sheikh and Mira Sethi have great camaraderie and chemistry with each other. Mira was very good in her first outing today and Aamina was impeccable as always. What I liked here was that rather than being stark opposites, both sisters are equally bad or good, depending on which team you choose to back. Samira’s ability to write interesting and relatable characters really shines through here. I was smiling at the breakfast table scene where the maan-na-maan-main-teri-mehman phupo was insulting her bhabhi with carefully worded compliments – I guess this is is what classical writers meant when they wrote of makhmal main lapait kar jootey maarna. The fact that the husband appeared clueless, perhaps willfully so, of his wife’s ire at her tareef and izzat afzai was really funny.  Parveen Akbar as the now-permanent-house-guest phupho, Rabia Naureen as the beleaguered wife and Mohammad Ahmed as the aankh-kaan-band shohar are all in great form here.

Overall this was an entertaining and engaging first episode. We got a look into the lives of a fairly comfortable middle-class family of two daughters and their indulgent parents. Zaib the older daughter is working, whereas the younger Natasha has apparently finished her studies and is hanging around trying to look for some direction in her life. Both sisters have their share of complexes and insecurities, and both are equally lovable with their own quirks and nuances. Natasha has a boyfriend, whereas Zaib seems unattached at the moment, although her coworker, Vasay Chaudhry, a far cry from his Bobby Dee character, seems to be interested in her. The episode ended with the prospect of an overseas rishta for Zaib.

While I do not expect Silvatein to be the next best thing after sliced bread, I do think this one has the potential to be an engaging mid-week serial. The fact that Silvatein actually has an interesting story, rather than merely being an endless lecture about how to be an ideal bahu and beti, means that it gets my vote for now. Here’s to hoping that it stays on track and does not devolve into yet another aansoo-on bhari dukhi dastaan. Looking forward to the second installment and Adeel Husain’s entry!


Written by SZ~

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  1. I think your last paragraph sums it up . good way to pass the time mid week but I don’t think it will set the world on fir yet … but I hope it surprises us . I think a lot of people have worked hard on this so you never know…


  2. Thanks for the review SZ, wasn’t expecting one….reasonably engaging first episode…let’s see how things pan out. My sis googled ‘Mira Sethi’ and gave me the news that she’s Najam Sethi’s daughter (she says she wanted to find out something drama related before me ( we have our own sister saga going here 😉
    Thankfully the sisters in this play will not be black and white but grey!


  3. Amen to your wish at the end. I hadn’t watched any of the promos , just happened to catch the first epi by chance and was pleasantly surprised considering its an ARY serial and am not really a fan of their fares.The first episode was eye-catching agree with what you said , liked Mira Sethi am a fan of her parents and she does look like a younger version of her mom, her chemistry with AS is also good.The sparring between the sisters over who was going to share the room with phuppo is reminiscent of what happens at our house when dadi-amma comes for a visit!
    It is a bit disorienting to see Amina not playing a heavy-duty emotional role but she does it with seeming ease.Bobby Dee looks good, so do the parents.
    I hope this stays on course and does not go belly- up few episodes down the road.


    • @Fariha: Hey! how’ve you been? Hope all’s going well with your juggling act 🙂 Indeed, Mira does look like her mom, I just hadn’t realized how much till I saw her on tv…. she is a welcome addition to the younger lot of our actresses and hopefully will be selective in her future projects,
      LOL! I too enjoyed the whole drama surrounding phupho’s visit, that’s now become permanent.. bechari Zaib ki saari chaploosi backfire ho gayi 😉 And yes, its refreshing to see Aamina in a different kind of role.
      Yes,lets hope this one stays the course.. fingers crossed!


      • Feeling dizzy lately ! Have taken on a lighter load this semester, so things should get better.Love the languid tone of the OST btw, could listen to it again and again.


  4. Thank you so much for reviewing this one too. I also didn’t expect thsi reviwo knowing how busy you are and then bundles of dramas to look after. But MA you never seem to be running out of beautiful phrases and words which add to the overall essence of the drama serial. Thank you!

    Silvatein had me waiting for it since its promos had aired. Samira Fazal’s name had vaught my attention and then like you mentioned Amina Sheikh and Adeel Hussain reminded me of our very kind Aimen from Maat and Abi from MeJ respectively. I really liked the first instalment for its simplicity and home home type feeling that it showed. I really liked Zaib, Amina Sheikh was brilliant as the the very chirpy Zaib 🙂

    Looking forward to next episode. Eagerly!


    • @Heela: Glad to see you enjoyed this one 🙂 To be very honest, I wasnt planning on reviewing it, but I was so pleasantly surprised by it, that I wanted to share my enjoyment of the first ep and see if others liked it as well. Samira is fabulous in the way her stories are all so socially relevant, but done so light-heartedly ke its a lot of fun to watch. Ab, lets keep our fingers crossed ke it stays that way!

      Btw, is it still cold in Isamabad?


  5. And i was expecting review from your side 🙂 This indeed was a good one, a very gripping first episode..Zaib and Natasha being nicely played by Aamina and Meera.. i personally liked the fact that they showed acceptable age of zaib as 29.. nothing like 23 or 24.. thumbs up for this honest showing! baqi looking forward for Adeel’s entry.. and hopefully this drama becomes a good weekday entertainment:)


    • @Rehmat: Agreed! loved that Samira kept it real and we are hopefully moving away from the perpetually 18 yr old heroine. yes, looking forward to the two guys’ entry 🙂


  6. I would like to start off by praising the OST. I am in love with it!!
    Syed Mohammad Ahmed’s lyrics hit home and Arooj Aftab has sung it beautifully. Her voice is so apt for such lyrics. I just wish the song was a bit longer.. =\

    Before i started watching the drama, I happened to read some comments online and they all went on about how this was a sister saga drama. Been there, done that so was not interested in watching. But how could i not, I love Adeel Hussain and he has been MIA for a while, and also the new faces, even though to be honost I did not like the fact that aamina sheikh is in it, since her character in MiratUlAroos is a bit annoying.

    The first episode of Silvatein did not disappoint. Its a long cry from a sister saga because the sisters have a very healthy relationship. There is love, jealousy, and the usual nok-jok. Its all normal behavior. And on top of that they share great chemistry.
    And usually good sister / bad sister the love is never there or just one sided.
    Mira Sethi , although debutant, has been great throughout the episode. Really looking forward to see her in other plays.

    The dialogues are really well written. Sameera Fazal’s writing is usually a treat to watch but the wittiness in the dialogues just adds so much more to the drama/story.

    Looking forward to Adeel Hussain and Daniyal Raheel making their entries hopefully in the next episode.
    I miss Adeel Hussain’s scruff look. Promos and OST show that he is clean shaved throughout =(

    Thank for you the review! Completely agree with all you’ve said! 🙂


    • @Ash; Yes!!! I loved the OST as well.. I hadn’t heard this singer before so was pleasantly surprised. Loved the lyrics, the melody and her raw voice!


  7. I agree with you on that. Apart from being very simple it is a very ‘light-on-heart’ serial. I feel we have been overdosed on gham. I hope it continues to impress us. As we miss TNS and CK, something like Silvatein might make a place in our hearts soon. Fresh fresh Bichrey hain na light light dramas sey:p

    Yes, Islamabad is cold. Thankfully not as much as it was last week because it rained cats and dogs then. I just hope the winter stretches. I despise the summer season here. It’s terrible and the electricity problems add to it. Spring’s nice here but not for our family because we all suffer from the severe kind of pollen allergy:( can’t enjoy that…Hope the weather is bearable in US now? Take care!


    • LOL@ “Fresh fresh Bichrey hain na light light dramas sey:p” so true!!

      Yeah, pollen allergies are the pits 😦 We had a lot of snow over here the last couple of days, but thankfully no power related issues, is liye not so bad.. that’s why was thinking of you all in Pk who’ve had to deal with bijli, gas, petrol issues… stay well and stay warm 🙂


  8. The first episode with the sibling rivalry was really nice! Although there was too much of a Phuppo overdose. Phuppo reminded me of some of the people I know or have met in my life (lol) but also a bit of a modified version of Bari Aapa at times.
    Enjoyed both Aamina and the Sethi’s daughter. They share good chemistry.

    From the OST it looks like things will become ghamgeen over time. Like Heela I was hoping for a ‘halka phulka’ drama with the characters not carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.
    Shehrzade Sheikh’s direction and the camera work was nice and simple. You could tell she has the MJ touch 🙂


    • @Annie: Glad o know you enjoyed it as well 🙂 Yes, though its a cliche but the first episode did have a “fresh” look… Ordinarily I would’ve been praising it more generously, but we’ve been bitten by so many similarly promising starts to be sorely disappointed later… so trying to be pragmatic here lol!

      Yes, it does look like it will have the usual dose of tensions etc, but I’m okay with drama, as long as it doesn’t turn into melo-drama .. fingers crossed!


  9. You ,too ,take care. I head about the snowfall in the news and now from you. The entire belt of US and Canada are suffering from severe winter conditions. Winters seem to be staying this time. Stay safe:)


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