Talkhiyan ~ Episode 9 Review

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By now I know I probably sound like a broken record with all my tareefs … but what to do?! Talkhiyan keeps getting better and better as Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmad ratchet up the tension with every episode. Just as we thought that Bibi was ready to begin a new, and hopefully happy, phase of her life, her charismatic, main tumhen bachpan se pyar karta hoon, suitor upped and left her. Not only did Mr. oh-so-charming-but-ultimately-full-of-hot-air Monty just leave her, but in his hurry to get back to his susral, he forgot to shut the metaphoric door behind him – enter Bibi’s loser ex-husband, Paul.

Despite the very loud background music, the opening confrontation between Bibi and Paul was simply superb in its execution. I loved the scenes after as well, with Bibi walking among the ruins. An apt analogy for her own ruined marriage, these dilapidated structures too had been unable stand up to vagaries of time. Just like the moss covered stone walls, Bibi’s life too had stagnated to a point where it was well nigh impossible to start afresh. Monty’s entry in her life might have added a temporary splash of color, a ray of hope, but, just like that lone wildflower that Bibi picked, such relationships are ephemeral at best. Bibi’s sardonic smile then and her later weary walk up the lonely stairs said it all – the talkhiyan in her life were not coming to an end any time soon. Sanam owned the first 7 or so minutes of the 9th episode – she was fabulous!

And yes, speaking of Monty, where did our Nawab of Lucknow disappear? I hope he doesn’t vanish without saying goodbye to all of us! How cute were Zoyee and Jugnu with the box of chocolates that Monty had sneaked in to them. Loved Jugnu’s expressions as Zoyee spilled the beans to Bibi. Later too, Zoyee was brilliant when she whispered to Jugnu that Monty had given them the chocolates as a part of a nefarious scheme to make them sick. Monty you’d better come back to defend yourself against all these slurs on your neeyat! Sarmed Mirza was missed this week, but Sabina and Sagar are such superstars that they more than make up for anybody’s absence.

Any mention of Zoyee and Jugnu is incomplete without talking about their nemesis, Appo. Wow! this woman is beyond evil! The way she goes on and on about how the children will be abandoned by their mother is just beyond belief.  Normally, I should have absolutely no issues absolutely hating this woman, but how can I? She is so unwittingly funny! A part of me wants to be re-incarnated and have the delusional Appo’s life, where kaam is all about massaging and painting one’s hands and feet! Can somebody give this woman a reality check?! I thought Hina Bayat was great before this, but here she is truly magnificent as Appo De Ville.

From the evil Appo, to the equally vicious, but infinitely more suave, and oh yeah, lets not forget thaka hua, Jaanu baba, it is like watching a pendulum swing, from one extreme to another – no wonder Mama-ji looks dazed most of the time. Just as Jaanu baba had ensconced himself at the top of my most hated characters’ list, particularly after last week, when he propositioned the unsuspecting female workers in his factory, the man showed some heart! The longing in his voice, as he talked about men missing their children too, was really touching. Adnan Jaffar has been brilliant in essaying the various shades of his very complex character.

The one thing I am appreciating more with every passing episode is Bee-Gul’s even-handed approach to all her characters, be they male or female. There are no clearly designated zaalims or mazlooms.  After having seen glimpses of Paul in earlier episodes, I was fully prepared to dislike him on sight, and I did just that when I first saw him in this episode! I was compelled to change my mind, however, when I saw him trudging through the graveyard, making his way slowly up the hilly path and then come to a stop outside of Silverwood. The entire sequence was beautifully visualized. The shots of him outside, while the kids played merrily inside was heartbreaking – all he had to was just call out their names, but the effort with which he willed himself to turn away and not look back was very sensitively essayed. Summer Nicks is excellent as the once creepy but now somewhat-rehabbed Paul.

Last, but not the least – a collective cheer for Zoya! Yayyyyyy!!!! Finally the red shirt has been retired, and hopefully buried with full honors. So glad the poor girl got some sleep! I guess it would be expecting too much from those two crazy women to have fed her breakfast as well. For now, I’m just enjoying a more-rested Zoya.  I love how seamlessly the narrative flows temporally, from Bibi to Zoya, from Zoyee’s bachpan to Zoya’s adulthood. Zoya’s narration has left me very intrigued, and I am looking forward to knowing more of what happened to the once close family unit of Bibi, Zoya and Jugnu. What happened to Bibi? How did Zoyee and Jugnu separate? When, if at all, is Monty returning? How does Baloo fit in to this already complicated scenario? Jugnu, you’d better be coming home soon – you’re sister’s been waiting long enough!

Though I’ve rambled on enough, it would be unfair to end without a special shout out to Naveed Malik, the DOP for Talkhiyan – fantastic work this!

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 9

Written by SZ~

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  1. As always the pleasure of reading your review of Talkhian is almost as enjoyable as the episode itself. Over the last 8 eps a lot has been said about the performers, from little Zoyi right upto the late Agha Ji and all the others sandwiched in between. The DOP has painted a beautiful picture, but what grabs me the most is great understanding that each actor had of the multilayered characters that they are portraying, and like the peeling off of the onion layers, every layer unveiled by the characters bring a tear to the the viewers heart. What justice they have done to an amazingly beautiful narrative by BeeGul, and how can one stop from the unrestrained praise that bubbles up for Khalid Sahab, for bringing these words to life, not only for each character, but for us, the viewers as well. It would be so unfair to miss out on any one name, so here’s to every single individual of Talkhian, from the spot boy right upto Zoya and Mama Ji. And a special word of thanks to BeeGul for sticking to her guns and writing Talkhian and to Khalid Sahab for being at the helm, directing a serial after almost two decades! Appo Ji, you are my most loved hated person in the world…. And a big round of thanks to you all… And to the viewers who have and are appreciating Talkhian, may you be the reason for bringing about the winds of change….


  2. Thanks filling me in into what happned in this ep. I had to switch it off this time ( not just on mute like before) coz Paul was positively scary and my little one who I put to sleep after 8 pm would have had nightmares if she’d seen him 😦
    Btw I love the OST!


  3. Another great review 🙂 i like u pointed out bibi picking that flower it shows how closely you follow the show with full attention and yes the chidren stole the show again especially jugnu his expressions were tooo cute.and yes i agree about paul we all hated him initially but after this he has our sympathies.Kudos too bee gul and khalid saheb and yes Sanam she indeed is greata actress


    • @Ruba: hey! glad to see you as a regular on the Talkhiyan thread 🙂 Its great to see this lovely serial getting the attention and appreciation it deserves! Thanks for enjoying my review – much appreciated!

      Aah, you felt sorry for Paul as well .. glad I wasn’t the only weirdo! What did you think of him in this latest episode? Do you think he should’ve walked away without meeting the kids? Looking forward to your comments on the 10th episode 🙂


  4. loved your review! your attention to detail is praiseworthy for sure because while watching there are a lot of things i usually overlook, and your review never leaves anything out! 🙂

    Another great episode. Kind of disheartening to know that a drama like this is being missed just because its not airing on one of the “primetime” channels but like you say, its others loss!

    I have a feeling Monty is no longer coming back to save Bibi. There was just something in the narrative that gives it away Unless he does come back but decides he does not want to keep the kids??. But Bibi would never go with him and leave the kids behind, ?? Eh!
    So what does Older Zoyee mean when she says “aur phir hum teeno aik doosre se judaa ho gai” after they hugged. What happend to them ?!?!!
    I guess me hoping the three stick together till the end or at least a little longer is wishful thinking =\

    Yes i feel bad Paul is dying and all, but man he is so creepy looking. Creeps me out, maybe if he had some hair hed look a bit decent but yikes. I wonder why he turned away when he had finally reached the top and saw the kids playing? Guess he shoulda had some self control and aj woh zinda hota. Khair the creepiness aside I think he makes a pretty good Paul.

    Jaanu baba has a heart after all? well of course he does, i am sure he misses his kid but will never admit. It pisses me off that mamaji sides w him and uski haan mai haan milati hai for everything. His arrogance is annoying. BUT something tells me he better watch out! That factory worker of his looks like he is up to no good! He seems so loyal upfront but behind closed doors looks like he is planning something and is out to get the people of Silverwood. As if these guys dont have enough of their own issues.

    Why is it that the poor little kiddies were soaked from the rain and didn’t even bother to change their clothes? Bibi, why are you trying to get the poor kids sick! They need to be well taken care of at all times. After all its no easy task dealing with Cruella {Appo}. She is one cruel lady but then again she cracks me up every time so I just cannot hate her.

    Older Zoyee, naye subah mubarak ho! 🙂 Looks like you were finally able to get some sleep and a change of clothes! hehe. Loving the solid subtle look of your wardrobe.

    Looking forward to the next episode… does Paul die? , will Monty return?, Will Bibi and the kids really separate?? =\


  5. A wonderful episode yet again and quite a twist with Paul returning…freaked me out…scary indeed!
    @ ash…haha loved your closing questions! All of us waiting for these answers, loving it in the meantime!
    @ mehak…so so glad the red shirt of zoyee gone, but now how long will she be in the blue one??


    • @sk hahahahahahahahahahahahaha bechari ek backpack laayi thi ab aap hi bataayein kitne kapre rakh sakti thi uss chote se bag mein?!


      • @Mehak, chalo kaprey nahin tau at least I hope she had the foresight to pack some granola bars! The mother in me is all aghast. Everytime I watch I keep thinking bechari bacchi kab se bhatak rahi hai .. thak gayi hogi… bhook lagi hogi.. beemar par jayegi…. and other similar thoughts 😉


  6. Your reviews truly do justice to episode 🙂 another super cool episode with great performances…its getting really interesting!
    Confrontation scene between Bibi and Paul was beautifully shot.. Sanam looked equally beautiful in her western attire as much as she looks in saree.. i loved how zoyee was frustrated on Appo’s interference so realistically handled.. Sabeena was awesome there.. little Jugne was such a sweetheart when trying to stop zoyee from splitting beans to bibi 😀

    Got to see Father Albert too.. and the flashback was heart went for Appo ji.. the background narration was superb.. Hina Bayat have simply nailed it!

    where Jaanu baba took my sympathies at one side, on other side when talking to that worker, i was like ahh this maan will he ever change :O Adnan Jaffer is doing amazing job..

    I don’t know why but i believe monty will not deceive bibi.. he can’t do that 😦 lets hope for best.. 🙂 and im so waiting for Baloo’s entry.. wonder what he has to do with bibi and silverwood!

    And cheers from my side too.. Older Zoyee is lovely blue top looking so fresh and beautiful 🙂


  7. Finally caught on the last few epis. Did Episode 10 not air on Sunday? I couldn’t find it while browsing Youtube..

    This serial just keeps getting better and better. I forget to mention this every time but I really like how they have done Sanam’s hair and makeup here. She looks very different than her usual self. I have a feeling that by the time Monty comes back all will be lost since Zoyee’s ominous narrative told us that something bad is about to happen. Monty like the desi-police might arrive at the situation a little too late.
    I am glad they actually took a gora person to play the role of Paul. Initially during the flashbacks I had thought it was some desi guy with really bad hair and makeup. .
    Enjoyed older Zoyee’s “comrade comrade” dialogue. I get the feeling that maybe Paul took her away and thus the Englified Urdu accent 🙂
    Jaanu Baba is such a Amitabh ki movie ka villain lol telling everyone how they should run their lives and the worker girl to visit him after hours.
    it was sweet to see the kids and Bibi thinking about having their own home where none of the annoying people will come and bother them. Sadly that will never happen.
    What a great ensemble cast! Bee Gul’s dialogues are so Good! Really enjoyed Jugnu’s line “Bibi is in her transistor mood” 😀


    • @Annie: For some unexplained reason, Express sits on the Talkhiyan video and does it not release it on YT till Tuesday! I too wait for the YT links to watch in HD quality, hence the delayed reviews on my end :/
      The video for ep 10 was uploaded this am ..


      • Ah makes sense now since I was always an epi behind and this week when I am actually caught found the epi missing yesterday. Aab Dekh Li 🙂 ok I was seriously thinking the trio would separate this week Lekin picture abhi baaqi hai mere dost! Dulha bhai made a fairly grand entrance and it was sweet to see Bibi all blushing for a change 🙂 maybeonty is taking her for a ride?? But it was good to see everyone breaking the rules for a change! Appoji’s comment about her pretty feet and anklets was so funny and Monty buttering her up. Enjoyed those light hearted moments with the family. Appo is such a meanie my goodness calling mama and Bibi avg lookers and all. This woman seriously demented she is. A good episode minus the unnecessary flashbacks.


    • This is my issue every week! express ent channel on youtube is so slow and no one else uploads the episodes either?? baaki har dramay ki teen chaar videos hoti hain but no Talkhiyan til like mid week!

      Express Ent, get on it please! they are so quick to post manahil khalil.. [whatever the heck that is]


  8. Hi ! I dont know what ws orginaly there in 9th episode as what we saw in 8th episode of zindagi was this plus some of 10th as well !
    Whatever it is todays episode was beyond fantastic ! I’m in after episode hangover literally n specialy because of brilliant use of ost lines during scenes making it more emotional ! what a song it is ❤
    for the first time i feel sorry for appo as well when she says muje to yahi rehna hai ! she was also victim of her lost love (irrespective that it ws one sided n seems crazy to us many times but it means alot to her) n when ost lines were narrated along with that scene i loved it !
    another scene of sanam saeed when she remember interactipns with monty along with ost was heart touching!
    paul an aggressive alcoholic father who has now realised his mistakes when death time is near by – all i feel is pitty for him !
    i hope people watch this drama in india !
    N why even bibi is ignoring the fact that his brother is exploiting factory workers !
    n bibi is smoker ?
    shocking !!
    i knew only when zoya said that !


  9. @SZ sorry for this typing errors n incohernt language but feelings itni overload ho jati hai na after watching episode ki i type whatever comes in my mind withut rechecking it :p
    thanks for bearing with that !


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