Humsafar ~ Kuch Yaadein, Kuch Baatein


Aap sab ki purzor farmaish par … 

Here’s a new thread – a place where everybody can hang out and chat about Humsafar as much or as little as they want!

I’m kicking this one off with the OST and a You Tube link to all the Khirad/Ashar scenes! Feel free to add your favorite pictures,  videos or VMs in the thread below. Looking forward to the conversations …


Humsafar OST:

Khirad & Ashar … The Memories 

Started by SZ~

P.S. In the spirit of keeping all related memories in one place, I’m adding in the pics of the two Humsafar cakes. Thanks once again to our two dear friends for sharing these 🙂 




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  1. Oh My GOD! This post blew me away.I am so happy you launched this thread. Now, we’ll all have a great time talking about this record-breaking play.

    Talking about the favourite scenes, every scene is my favourite from Humsafar but most of the scenes in Episodes 5,6 and 7 are a collection of those sweet moments which had us all bearing goofy-smiles on our faces. At least I am one! Every time I get sad, or after my exams and even after my ongoing monthly assessments end I go back and watch them to unwind myself. It works wonders!

    Some things I noticed after watching HS for around 7 to 10 times are as follows:
    We can catch quite a few glimpses of Sarmad Khoosat. I do not know if you all have discussed this earlier because I am one of those unlucky few who could not take part in your discussions about Humsafar. Since I didn’t know about your reviews back then. Hard luck!

    Now yeah , getting to those scenes, In episode 6, the first part , we see FK and MK entering an ice-cream parlour. When you look at the extreme right corner you’ll espy Sarmad Khoosat himself with a girl whom I suppose to be Nina Kashif.(most probably.Not sure though)
    Then the next time we see him, is in an Art Gallery where Sarah goes to check out paintings. Just when Sarah and Khizer are having a conversation, a man wearing a back-pack and shorts comes into the camera view. It is Sarmad Khoosat.I find it very cool to see the directors making appearances themselves in the plays. It interests me :p

    The ‘hand feeling the raindrops in the OST’ is Sarmad’s hand again. Humsafar brings back such wonderful memories.
    Thank you so much for this post SZ!

    • Yes Heela, Sarmad likes to make those appearances but the hand one, I find a li’l disconcerting. I mean it kills the magic knowing it’s not Khirad’s hand but SK’s. Mahira should have protested!

        • Yes he told that in a morning show the day ep 5 was to air. Also said that a few people will for sure fall in love that day after watching the ep (thousands did I think)!

          • Yeah I remember that, it was because mahira had slipped and got injured. They said the scene took forever to do , and kept having issues so they just had to shoot it with his hand. Yeah its weird but seriously if we didn’t know, would anyone notice even lol??

  2. SZ, Thank you for this little Humsafar corner!
    Aish, some paras for you to read…

    Page 22
    (Soon after the nikah Khirad’s mom passes away and 25 days later Baseerat Hussain hosts a lavish walima dinner which is like a rukhsati as well. )

    Walime ki is bharpur aur shandaar taqreeb ke baad dulhan bani Khirad Ihsaan ko uske kamre mein laya gaya tha. Is rishte se pehle and is rishta ke baad, usne Khirad ko tawajjo se nahin dekha tha. Woh is rishte ko ab tak qabool hi nahin kar paya tha. Aik bilkul unjani larki jis ke naam ke siwa woh uske baare mein kuch bhi nahin jaanta tha, uske kamre main uski biwi ki hasiat se la kar bitha di gayee thi. Lekin khud ko samjha kar usne is unjaan aur nawaqif larki ko apne haath se diamond ring pahnaai thi. Aik shohar ke apni biwi ke zimme jo haqooq wajib hote hain woh ada kiye the. Aur dil mein socha tha keh shaid iski zindagi younhi haqooq aur faraiz ki adaigi karte guzre gi.

    Page 32-3
    (Ashar is getting tired of Khirad’s silences around him but does notice her beautiful black hair)

    Agar sirf uski zahir ki baat ki jaati toh woh achi khasi khush shakal larki thi. Halanke bilkul saada raha karti thi. Uske gehre siah baal jin ki woh choti goondhe rakhthi thi, bohat lambe aur bohat ghane the. Un baalon ki narmahut usne mehsoos ki thi and jab kabhi woh naha kar nikalti tab unhein khula hua bhi dekhta tha. Kamuzkum apne janne walon mein itne lambe aur khoobsurat baal usne kissi larki ke nahin deke the. Uske kadh daraaz aur sirapa intaayee mutnasib tha magar yeh chizaen insaan ko waqti taur par toh aasudah karsakti hain, unke sahare zindagi toh nahin guzari jasakti.
    Mitti ki maadhu bani, gum sum bilkul chum woh aise bethi rehti keh usse uski is mazloomana si chup se shadeed chir hone lagti. Usne chir kar kamre ki light kisi na kisi bemaqsad kaam ko tul de kar mazeed der tak jilaaye rakhna shuroo kardi. Yah tak keh aik raat jab usne yeh dekha keh woh letter pad aur qalam haath mein liye shaid kisi ko khath likh rahi hai, tab sirf usse bolne peh uksaane keliye, usne intahaayee badtameezi ka saboot dete huye khataak se light band ki aur beniazi se bed par aakar lait gaya. Tab bjaaye uski badtameezi par us se kuch kehne ke, us ne khamoshi se letter pad aur qalam side table par rakh diye the aur khud bhi foran hi sonay keliye lait gayee thi. Aur us raat usse haqiqatan is larki par shadeed ghussa aaya tha.

    Page 35
    (After Ashar over hears Khirad’s heart-to-heart with his father)

    Kuch der baad jab woh kamre mein aayee toh roz ki tarha bilkul khamosh thi. Woh us par kuch bhi zahir kiye beghair TV dekhta raha tha. Magar unki dedh mahine ki is shadhishudah zindagi mein yeh pehla moqah tha jab uski tawajja TV par ya aur kisi bhi cheez par nahin balke poori tarha is par markooz thi. Uski nigahen bzahir TV screen par theen magar woh kun akhion se usko dekh raha tha.

    • Afia Thx!!! Hey the part about the hair, is that what they were trying to show in the drama when Khirad is writing in bed and Ashar looking at her after using laptop and then he goes to sleep ?

      • Yes, I think we can concur that coz they do sort of show the hair…And he’s trying to catch her attention but she kills the efforts….there’s a line in the novel which sums it up – chalo pura para hi likh deti hoon…

        page 33

        Uski apni koi marzi, koi khwahish jaise thi hi nahin. Woh raat mein uski taraf matwajjo ho toh theek, woh lait-teh hi karwat doosri taraf kar ke so jaaye toh bi theek. Uske barhe haath ko usne kabhi jhutka nahin tha aur khud se kabhi uski taraf haath barhaya nahin tha. Woh apni biwi koh apne saath barabri ke darje par rakhta, barabri ki satah par khara karta magar saamne wala us barabri ki khwahish toh zahir karta.

        • Afia you’re a complete sweetheart for writing out so many excerpts from the novel. Brought back memories of when I had read it and re-read it in 2011 and 2012.
          One of my all time favorite scenes was the bridge scene it was just masterfully handled and acted. My favorite romantic dialogues ‘zarday ki daig’ ; Asher dropping Khirad off at the party and going ok I will sit here and wait and you come back in a few minutes ( or something like that :)) ; Asher snatching Khirad’s notebook and her trying to take it back and the scene fading letting my imagination go on a roller coaster ride ; and the addition “barish se Mein ne tum ko naraz kiya hai” *sigh* only in fairy tales do guys talk like that *heart melting*

          Ok back to the real world.

          • @Annie – Thanks a lot! I am supposed to be sleeping but now i want to go back and watch all these scenes again! the last scene was magical indeed! 😀

            yep okay , back to the real world…….sigh

          • Lol at imagination going wild ! I know the feeling ;)….”tum ne aur kitab parhni hai ya mein light off kar doon?” haaiiiii…

            • hahaha ladies yes our escapist ‘cinema’ at its best 🙂 what yaadein what baatein – thanks SZ for reviving Mr. A and Mrs. K again for us 🙂 I was crazy busy with work and home so didn’t get a chance to sit down and write anything down in the ZGH thread. Last week ki episode bhi watched it while running around pretty much so missed all the stuff you guys mentioned in the comments.

  3. Ok just died and went to heaven. The writing is so good . It catches your attenion ..Thank you so much Afia for translating that. Thanks SZ for opening this thread but when was it ever closed ..I mean no thread is complete with out some mention of the blessed play That explains a lot , the obsession with the hair etc… I have to say from the excerpt you have given Mahirah did manage to capture the essence of Khirad’s intensely proud and in a way unyielding character. Boy was I mad at her at several points. Explain yourself woman.Now I see it was all part of her character. That Alaa zarfi wala dialogue had me banging my head on the nearest wall… tell to him.. she seemed unable to forgive him for not believing her and who could blame her.

  4. Can someone tell me where I can get Khirad’s juhmkas , the one’s she wears with the white dress.. ?they don’t look like any of the ones I see in stores

    • Sadaf, in pakistan they are found near wagha border in lahore. we have many many indian stores here and they have very similar jhumkas style. If i find very similar one close to the same one that Khirad was wearing, i will buy them and send them to u 😀
      p.s. i have exact same ones (well 95% close :p) that Khirad wears to the engagement 😀

      thanks for the good old memories SZ. I just want to say that one huge success behind humsafar was FK and MK’s chemistry. Some of their romantic scenes were so well shot that you felt you were intruding on their personal intimate moments e.g. when Ashar calls Khirad “Mrs. Ashar Hussain” or when Khirad dresses up for the engagement. But my favourite one had to the be the black dress scene. cant help but sharing it 🙂

      🙂 Happy discussions everyone!

      • Thank you dear but I dont want to put you to any trouble . I think I have found them on line . 🙂 Misty that is in essence the beauty and appeal of Humsafar it felt so real, do sincere . Ok and the two leads were drop dead , heart stoppingly beautiful .

  5. What a great idea for starting this thread!! 🙂

    Afia – thanks for these translations!

    A Humsafar thread cannot be complete without the infamous dialogue “Mummy ye aap kya keh raheen hain” times 100!!

    • Thanks SZ for starting this thread. I love this parody as much as I love Humsafar.
      I’ve now reached a point where I love both FK & OKB equally, lol.

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! You started a thread SZ!! Thanks so much!!!

    Afia….you have my eternal gratitude!! I hope you love doing this because it seems quite time consuming!! I’m so so enjoying these parts!! Suddenly the show seems even more classy and sensible than it already was!!

    gahhhhhh assignments…real life….if not I would watched a couple of episodes again!!

    weekly ritual….just love this show so much!!

    @Ash…that parody funny

    I agree with you ladies…the last scene and the black dress scene,notebook scene , party scene….haiyeeeeeeee dying all over again!!

    Heela..ditto here those were some of my favorite episodes too!!

    This show really had it all…it was so right!! Cant believe Farhat was only 27 when she wrote this book…that too about love with an older man…She did a great job..the lines are so nice to read…

    • oh wow didn’t realize Farhat was just 27 when she wrote it since despite being all ‘digesty’ it did have a more mature theme attached to it.

  7. I have read and re-read all the comments of this post to enjoy everyone’s favourite parts from Humsafar and reflecting upon them gives me PLEASURE!

    I adore this on-screen couple and all their praise-worthy scenes. Humsafar was a classic that happens once in a long time. The novel was a very interesting one too, it can be judged by the fact that person like me ,who can’t even stand the short chapters of Urdu included in my school’s study pack because of the difficult words and all, read a novel with 300+ pages in Urdu:D

    Snatching the book walla scene and the one in which Asher drops Khirad to that engagement are one of the TOP FAVOURITES too. And yes, how can we ever forget the last scene?! I hardly ever cry after watching emotional movies let alone drama serials which spam longer but the last few episodes always left me teary eyed. The last episode had me crying rivers!

    thanks for the excerpts from the novel,@ Afia! They are wonderful! Enjoyed them…..

    Hayee Humsafar!!!!!

    • LOL @ not reading your Urdu school books but reading Humsafar! You crack me up 😉 How will you become a smart student like Khirad? 😉 haha

    • @Heela – so you can also translate parts for us who suck at reading urdu! since you used up all your urdu reading energy on that novel! 😛

  8. @sz ok so I saw this post and I couldn’t keep myself from commenting!!!

    Well… It’s HUMSAFAR after all, right?! I must be completely honest here and say that prior to humsafar I had almost had no exposure to pakistani drama. And then, everywhere I went, people were just raving about it, going on and on and on… And I was just like, kya hai yaar?! Then I deliberately didn’t watch it for a while because I was so tired from just hearing about it all the time!

    Then one day, I finally decided to go to the dvd store, picked up the “humsafar” dvd from off the shelf, and walked over to the counter… And so the humsafar journey began…

    And what a journey it was too! Yes, cliched and formulaic to the core, but oh so beautiful! And at the end of the day, is that what we long for anyway? We live in a world surrounded by so many harsh realities and ugliness, and all we really want at the end of the day is to be reminded of why life is still worth living. With all it’s disillusions and disappointments, it’s still beautiful. And that’s what Humsafar does – it reinstores our faith in beauty, in love, and most importantly, in life…

    The cast, of course, are all brilliant in their respective roles and play their characters to perfection. Fawad Khan is gorgeous and dreamy. Sarmad Khoosat’s direction is par excellence. However, for me personally, the real person that stands out even amongst this group of immensely talented people, is Mahirah Khan.

    Humsafar, in my opinion, could not have been “Humsafar” had it not been for her.

    I’d never seen her work before, yes a glimpse here and there in “Bol” and I thought, sure, pretty face, but whatever… And then I got the chance to see Humsafar, and my initial thought was, why did they waste this talent in “Bol?” Why didn’t they utilize this girl’s potential?! But that’s a whole other story haha

    Anyway, I watched humsafar a second time round just to see if I would feel the same way, and sure enough; Each and every frame that has MK is in it takes on a completely different hue… Other scenes, where she is absent, well executed and lovely scenes on their own, but when compared to her aura on screen, somehow dim in comparison.

    Fawad’s “Asher,” also, owes a major amount of his credibility to Khirad. Taken separately, here’s a man who’s insecure, unsure of himself, unreasonable, and immature at times also. Well, I guess he’s like any other man then, huh?! But then bring in Khirad and her handling of Asher, and you suddenly have a man the entire nation falls in love with.

    I can’t say it works vice versa, because Khirad is someone you’d fall in love with, with or without Asher. She’s soft yet strong, fragile yet resilient, progressive yet restrained, unsure yet secure, proud yet humble…

    To play a character with so many complexities and actually be able to convey all of them is a mammoth task for any actor. And here, Mahirah Khan doesn’t disappoint. In fact, she takes the undertaking with such ease and effortlessness that it is a treat just watching her. The subtle smiles, the unsure glances, a slight tilt of the head… It was perfection in one word.

    Across the board, we come across certain movies, dramas, where one plays a character to such perfection that they end up owning it. Kareena did that in Jab We Met. Everyone else might have been brilliant, but she was magic. For Humsafar, that was Mahirah. Everyone was beyond excellent, but Mahirah’s “Khirad” was magic.

    • Het Mehak good to see you here too, HS is still unforgettable for everyone!! Love your analysis of Mahira as Khirad!! I also believe she was perfect, she portrayed her so well, the shyness,the proudness…all beatifully done. I had never seen her act before, and she blew me away and made me cry a billion times with her excellent voice overs on the letters. However Fawad as Ashar was also perfect…his every expression was so well done that it didnt need dialogue!!! Even when he said Tum mere liye mar chukee ho, I still couldn’t hate him even though I wanted to throw something at him!!
      I believe when they were both together, you just got goosebumps and this level of excitement that I have not felt between any lead couple in a drama, they were just magic and that is why we still discuss the drama till now!!

    • @Mehak – Loved reading your detailed analysis of the drama and the two characters!!

      its true once someone hears of Humsafar how can they stay away. A lot of people had no idea what Pakistani dramas were before Humsafar came along, and well then that pretty much changed everything! However we will have to wait along time to see something along the lines of this classic!

      I have to agree with you about Khirad/Mahirah. Prior to Humsafar had not seen her in any other drama except here and there in her debut Neeyat which i quit watching because well it sucked! 🙂 But I totally loved her in Humsafar. I remember a lot of people had issues with her acting and expressions but I thought she was a perfect Khirad. If these characters were played by anyone other then FK and MK the drama would never leave such a mark with the audience. It is their on screen chemistry that creates all the magic.
      But yes even Khirad’s scenes without Ashar are just as great, whereas most of Ashar’s scenes without Khirad are him either with Sarah or sitting in his own ball of anger, thanks to his communication problems with his wife.

      One can go and on when it comes to Humsafar and thats when you know a drama has def left its mark.

      No matter how down or depressed one maybe, a few minutes of Humsafar, changes it all. A drama that always leaves you smiling! 🙂

      @SK – LOL at wanting to throw something at him. Yes he pissed me off in that scene and then again when she comes to his office. That expression of his , which he carried in all of Ashk.

    • @Mehak – I loved what you said about Khirad:
      She’s soft yet strong, fragile yet resilient, progressive yet restrained, unsure yet secure, proud yet humble…

      I didn’t go ga-ga in a few places the first time I watched her acting, but the 2nd time I watched her, it was like wow! she played Khirad so well!

    • Oh wow , Mehak you have put into words my deepest feelings about Khirad. Yes we all love and adore Asher but really Khirad is what brought him out in such strong relief. I loved khirad ,who never let money , social status or anything else decide her worthiness.I will always be a Mahirah Khan fan because of the way she held her own in front of a powerhouse of talent like Fawad Khan. Mahirah made Khirad into an iconic role not just a character we watch and forget. I love those romantic scenes where Asher is overwhelming Khirad with his charm and affection but you can see in Mahira’s acting that hesitance; that “I just cannot quite believe this much love can be true”. And how right she was . That scene where Asher is dropping her off for the friend’s engagement party in a matter of a few minutes he turns from caring , loving husband to suspicious and angry, not even picking her up from the party without any explanation..

  9. Just by the way- Last year I met the lady whose house was shown as Sara’s in HS. She’s a friend of Momina Duraid and lent her house as a special favour. She was saying that their family had to be cooped up in the living room while the rest of the house was used for shooting. And that everytime they thought that finally the shooting was over, MD would call again to shoot some more. Waise she wasn’t interested in the drama at all and hadn’t even seen it :/
    My sister and I were gushing over her ‘luck’ but she seemed totally chilled.

    Aur if any of you want to transliterate the book here, plz do so!
    I’ll copy paste some of the bits I wrote in another thread so that it’s all in one place.

  10. There were some scenes in the book which weren’t in the play which showed how much he cared for her secretly even though ooper se nahin.
    When they are going to the hospital for hareem’s surgery, Khirad goes into a store to get something some boys are looking at her and Ashar can’t stand it and tells them off (if I remember correctly he wanted to hit them).
    Again when Hareem was in hospital, Ashar goes home to change and gets fried fish made for Khirad coz he knows she likes it (she doesn’t eat any thought), he then gets some clothes for her from her closet, (notices that her clothes are in a bag whereas hareem’s are set in the closet).

    Then in the book, the writer writes during this time how Ashar starts thinking that it doesn’t seem probable that Khirad would’ve had an affair given her circumstances now. He rewinds his thoughts to those critical days and figures that there’s something amiss- then he remembers the letter he threw away in a rage etc.

    SK, haan I too thought that they should have given a scene or two of Ashar figuring out the jigsaw- coz then it was a natural progression to him frantically searching his room for the letter and finally finding it in an old briefcase. Loved the tension ridden pages…Ash, at this time Khirad is in hospital with hareem. She’s planned to leave once hareem comes home but the need doesn’t arise coz the showdown between Ashar ‘n mom takes place the day they get home. Beautifully written!

    You might already know that Ashar takes hareem and khirad to an apartment to love in, not his own house. His mom is away for charitable work following Pak’s 2005 earthquake. But Ashar doesn’t want to take them to the house coz the servants are still around. He lives with them in apt. but keeps visiting the house too. When he remembers the letter khirad had left he goes home and searches everywhere for it. On finding it he starts reading it-basically the same letter that we hear on tv. Around this same time Farida returns to the house but is unaware of Ashar’s presence. She’s been told about khirad’s return by Zarina and is in a bad, nervous and conniving state -which was so well portrayed by Atiqa Odho onscreen.
    While Ashar is reading the letter, Khirad is in hospital with hareem wondering what is taking Ashar so long. She called their apt. but the maid Zeenat has no idea where Sahb is.
    After reading the letter, Ashar walks to his mom’s room and overhears her conversation with Zarina (In the book, Khizar never returns from the US). In a state of shock he goes to the servant quarters and asks Noor Afza about that fateful night. She then divulges all. After that :
    “Woh na haspital gya tha na kahin aur, saari raat sarkon pe sar patakhtey, rotey, deewangi ke aalam mein idhar se udhar phirtey woh akhir kaar apne apartment aa gya tha”.
    This is at 4am, Zeenat informs him that Khirad’s been calling for him. He calls Khirad but doesn’t know what to say on the phone. She tells him how hareem had been waiting for him and where was he:
    Woh kal tamaam raat kahan tha? Khirad ki baat ke jawaab mein usney yaad karne ki koshish ki. Usey yaad aagaya. Woh kal raat muhabbat ki adalat mein mujrim ke kethehrey mein khara raha tha. Kal rat usne mohabbat ki adalat se, uma bhar aik ehsaase jurm, aik kasak aur aik kabhi na mitne wali khalish ke saath zinda rehne ki saza paee hai. Woh kuch bolne ke qabil nahin tha. Uski ankhon se toot toot kar kuch ashk uske chehray ko phir bhighone lagay the…”Mein Aa raha hoon ” and he puts the phone down.
    When he goes to the hospital, he doesn’t look at Khirad at all, just hangs his head v low but is aware of her every move. She wonders why he’s looking so broken, then decides to tell him about her decison to leave hareem with him. On hearing all this Ashar doesn’t say a word:
    “Tandh lafzon ki is kari waar ne uske jhuke sar ko takleef ki shiddat se kuch aur bhi jhuka diya tha. Uska dil chaha woh apne dono kanon par haath rakh le, khirad ke saamne haath jor kar kahe, khuda keliye lafzon ki yeh beraham talwar mujh par na chalao.”
    Khirad is left confused by his silence but says nothing. They get dischaged from hospital that morning. Ashar remains quiet but interacts with hareem as much as needed. In the afternoon, he’s sitting on his bed alone when he hears the door bell. It’s Farida. She finds khirad in the lounge and starts badmouthing her. Ashar enters the living room and (finally) starts defending Khirad (same dialogues as seen on tv). Farida leaves in a slightly mental state. They’re both left in the apt now but nothing’s said immediately. Khirad puts hareem to bed. She goes and stands by the window, looking outward. Ashar who is shown to be broken down, quietly crying all evening, comes to her and gets down on his knees. He says all the things he says in the tv play (patio wala), his hands clasped. Khirad unclasps his hands and takes in her own. She is shown to forgive him there and then. She puts her head on his shoulder and they both have a good cry (some beautiful lines here about how ashar tells khirad never to love him again, but love comes and stands between them- wanting to be acknowleged, wanting to have its presence felt as if it had never left. And then the final words:
    “Aik doosre ke wajood mein panah dhoondte, woh tanha tay kiye safar ki saari thakan utaar rahe the.”

  11. One of my fave scenes, love how ashar comes home so eagerly and is stunned to see Khirad asleep…love all the cute things he does to wake her up:)

  12. Yes this is my fave scene too . They are just too adorable .I think Khirad is just pretending to sleep because he is so late. Who can compete with this perfection … scenes you want to watch over and over again?

  13. Page 35-6

    The scene where Ashar finds Khirad crying by the swimming pool, is set in the bedroom in the novel. The day after Khirad’s conversation with Baseerat, Ashar overhears Khirad crying in bed, like he’s done a few times before. But unlike the last times, this time he …

    Lekin aaj jaise hi woh bed par se uthne lagi usne uska haath pakar kar uthne se rok lia. Usse jaga hua dekh kar woh buri tarah ghabra gaee. Apne doosre haath se usne jaldi jaldi aansoo saaf karne ki koshish ki…
    “Kya hua?”
    “Kuch nahin.”
    “Kuch nahin hua? To kya aadhi raat ko shoqia ro rahi ho?”- woh uski bilawajah baat ko chupane par junjhulaya tha. “Maine kuch kaha hai? Meri koi baat buri lagi hai?”
    “Mujhe meri ammi yaad aarahi hain. Maine unhain abhi khwab mein dekha tha.” Uski ankhon se phir aanso girne lage the.
    Uska dayaan haath jo usne thama hua tha, usse zara sor se khech kar us ne aik jhatke se usse bed par apne barabar lataa lia.
    “Phupo ko yaad kar ke rona aaraha tha isliye kamre se uth kar jaa rahi theen?” Dil mein chahe humdardi thi magar lehja uska ghuseela tha.
    “Aapki neend kharab hoti…”
    “Meri neend kharab hoti he ya nahin, Aaenda raat mein aapko rona ho ya hasna ho, sona ho ya jaagna ho, aap kamre se uth kar kahin nahin jaengi.”
    Ghusse se kehte usne bedihani mein uske chehre peh bikhre aansuon ko apni apni unglion se saaf kiya. Uske ghusse se bhare lehje ke saath uska yeh andaaz bari apnayiat liye hue tha.

    • 🙂 I feel your pain!
      Like Heela, Humsafar was the first urdu novel I read, ZGH the second- so much for utilizing the ability to read urdu :p My sister, on finding out that I’m reading H, said “Yeh Fawad Khan ko saath saath imagine kar rahi hai, isi liye parh rahi hai”. Guily as charged!

  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Afia I’m just simply enjoying reading your translation..probably way too much!!
    I really love the book scene a lot more now than the pool scene…actually I cant decide…they both are awesome!!! 🙂 Keep em coming please…shamelessly requesting you :)…So much insight into Ashar….book asher seems so much more lovable..:P

    @ Mehek….Loved reading your analysis…I too felt the same…that Mahira was quite awesome …but she had an amazingly written character to help her…Khirad is so unrealistically real and so unreal but still real at the same time. She has the loftiest ideals, a much stronger personality than Asher…she was almost unrealistic and yet when we see her as a mother that would do anything for her was so easy to identlfy with that..

    I think the reason most women love Humsafar is the pairing to two amazing people..Asher who will make you go weak at the kneed and Khirad…who is written in a such a manner that its hard for any woman to ignore her pain…we feel for her with her…just like Kashaf… We are never jealous of her…sometimes we dont feel for the woman as much as we do for the hero in romantic novels..The reason I feel its different from the usual run of the mill M&Bs in some ways is the crazy strength of character she possesses. I just cant imagine leaving your child behind..I would have swallowed my pride done whatever it took for me to never be separated from my child..but Khirad made those decisions that many women would shy away from ….unrealistic in my opinion but done so well that it seems possible..because in the end she cant stay away but you have to commend her for trying to stay true to herself. Anyway I’m muddling up what I’m trying to say. Its in my mind but not on paper..or e-paper.

  15. Hey Guys! Enjoyed reading all the analyses and conversations; clearly Humsafar fever is alive and well!
    I don’t have anything new to add, but today, while going through some folders I came across a couple of old Humsafar related posts of mine that might be of interest to those of you who’ve not read these before…The first is my take on the Humsafar finale and the second one is a chaleesvaan post … Enjoy 🙂

    Finale Review

    Whoa! Wow! OK! Where do I begin? How do I sum up the finale and not end up sounding like a blithering idiot?! Can I do it justice? I ran out of superlatives a while ago and now my thesaurus has given up on me as well…. So, bear with me and here we go …..

    The uncharted safar we all embarked on way back when in September finally reached its destination today … and Wow! What a safar it’s been …

    I initially began watching Humsafar thinking it would be a good time-pass. I had read the story a while back and enjoyed it. On hearing that it would be turned into a drama I thought to myself, alright, I am a huge fan of Sarmad’s work, I have drooled over Fawad Khan in the past, and am used to giving plays by MD Productions at least one serious “dekho,” so all in all not bad – I remember telling myself that if nothing else at least one of these factors would come through, and that one Saturday would not be a complete waste… MAN, was I wrong!!!

    Rather than one element or another working, Humsafar was a complete package in that EVERYTHING came together, and HOW! For me, the final episode epitomized everything that was exceptional about this serial. Direction, dialogues, camerawork, acting, editing, all surpassed the benchmarks set by the previous episodes. FINALLY Khirad’s character endeared itself to me. I loved the way she showed maternal concern and began to doubt the wisdom of her emotional decision to leave Hareem in Karachi. The way she hurriedly brushed past Ashar in her concern to get to her daughter as soon as possible was beautifully done. The heart-to-heart between Ashar and Khirad was just what the doctor ordered; both of them finally vocalizing feelings, thoughts and questions that had previously remained unsaid, even in happier times. Finally they had learnt the value of communicating; egos were put aside and souls were bared.

    The long-awaited confrontation between Ashar and Fareeda was nothing less than explosive. All those dialogues I had read long ago took on a life of their own– every line from Ashar felt like a whiplash. After the novel, I had always wondered about what had happened to Fareeda, and the tender moment between the mother and son was a perfect wrap up to that thread. He knew her reality but, being the dutiful son he was, he couldn’t turn his back on his now mentally ill mother. Another extension to the original story, Khizar and Zareena’s cameo, didn’t add much to the story, but I liked the way it brought closure to Zareena’s character. Last night I had wondered what the last scene would look like – would it be worthy of drawing the curtains on this epic serial? And, YES! what a scene it was – Ashar and Khirad, still clearly adjusting to their renewed relationship, watching their daughter play in the rain; Ashar tacitly asking if he’d been forgiven and at Khirad’s subtle acknowledgment taking the pin out of her hair; a much happier Ashar dragging a now smiling Khirad to join their daughter and rejoice in the rain. All ghosts of the past had finally been laid to rest – a new safar had begun.

    This was one of the very few final episodes where I did not walk away thinking, oh this question was not answered, or that didn’t one thing didn’t make sense. Story-wise, all loose ends were beautifully tied up. Every shot was meaningful and justified its being there in the finale. The editing was very crisply done and the OST placement was beautifully accomplished. The final scene, for me, has to be one of the best last scenes in Pakistan TV drama history. The juxtapositioning of the past and the present was absolutely inspired. Kudos to Sarmad Khoosat.

    Any review of Humsafar would be incomplete without acknowledging all the people that contributed to its success; the final product is indeed a rich tribute to their talents. Farhat Ishtiaq’s fantastic story, Sarmad Khoosat’s cinematic vision and his keen understanding of the characters and their motivations, Shahzad Kashmiri’s exceptional lighting and camerawork, the haunting OST, Fawad Khan’s beyond brilliant acting, Atiqa Odho’s superb performance in the final confrontation and her later appearance as a lost soul, Naveen Waqar’s excellent portrayal of the lovelorn Sarah, Hina Bayat as the heartbroken Zareena, Mahira Khan as the stoic Khirad, and finally Behroze Sabzwari as the man responsible for kicking off the drama, all chipped in equally to make Humsafar a masterpiece.

    Thank you Momina Duraid, MD Productions and HUM TV for inviting us along on this epic safar. I, for one, am certainly glad that I became a humsafar …

    Written by SZ~

  16. Humsafar ka Chaleesvaan….

    Today, while I was working on something totally unrelated and far removed from the drama world, my mind wandered, and I ended up somehow thinking about Humsafar. It occurred to me that it had been about forty days since it had ended, a kind of a chaleesvaan, if you will. So, as they say rasm-e duniya bhi hai, mauqa bhi hai, dastoor bhi hai … let’s reminisce … lets muse over why we continue to miss Humsafar. Why is it that most of have watched the serial more than once in its entirety? Why are Ashar and Khirad still as dear, and just as real to us as our family members? Why do we invariably end up comparing almost all new dramas to this dearly departed serial? Why, Why, WHY Humsafar?

    Needless to say I have no answers – these are not the kinds of questions that can be addressed by either logic or rationale. Rather, the answers are unquantifiable, related to that something extra, something indefinable, something which elevates the mundane and the ordinary to a whole other realm. Yes, we all know the story was, in the memorable words of a beloved Walt Disney character, a tale as old as time/a song as old as rhyme. The formulaic love triangle, with a conniving mother-in-law thrown in for good measure, has been done to death before. Nonetheless, Farhat Ishtiaq’s superb weaving of the Ashar-Khirad-Sarah-Fareeda-Baseerat-Khizar saga still managed to mesmerize a jaded audience. We fell for the purity of emotion – Ashar’s passion and pain; Khirad’s naïveté and strength; Sarah’s love and despair; and Fareeda’s manipulation and retribution. We felt every nuance of their emotional graph, and the credit for making the audience empathize with each and every character belongs to Sarmad Khoosat. His keen understanding of human psychology coupled with his aesthetic sensibility made for a winning combination. Shehzad Kashmiri’s excellent cinematography, Quratulain Baloch’s haunting rendition of the OST, and excellent editing by Kashif Ahmed and his team, breathed life into Sarmad’s cinematic vision, making the screenplay come alive and take on a life all its own.

    Beautifully written and brilliantly translated as it was on to the screen, none of it would have worked if it wasn’t for the superb acting by the whole cast and the explosive chemistry between the Fawad-Mahira-Navin triumvirate. While we applauded their acting, and talked about the chemistry while the serial was on air, I don’t think we fully realized the potency of their lethal combination. The heat generated by this triad made us overlook so many of the fault lines in this wafer-thin story.

    Even as socio-cultural stereotypes were being reinforced, we willed ourselves into ignoring the obvious incongruities: Ashar, a foreign-educated, successful businessman easily gives into his father’s emotional blackmail; the ladies in the family have planned his marriage but he remains blissfully ignorant; he is easily led astray by his mother’s nefarious plans; and even in this day and age, Khirad is unable to communicate with Ashar and tell him her side of the story. I could go on and on, but I think we are well aware of these shortcomings. Moreover, while we criticize the excessive smoking and inappropriate language shown on TV these days, we were treated to a healthy dose of these here as well – Ashar smoked liked a chimney, and slurs like begahairat, behaya, besharam, and kamina were repeated ad nauseam. Though we complained about these issues then too, the overall impact was such that these appeared to be minor grievances. Simply put, we bought the whole package. Brilliantly executed as it was by Momina Duraid, Sarmad Khoosat, Farhat Ishtiaq, Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Navin Waqar, Atiqa Odho, Behroze Sabzwari, Hina Bayat, and the rest of the cast and crew, we fell for Humsafar hook, line and sinker – way to go guys!

    While I am not one to look back and say the best is behind us, I will confess to being just a tad bit sentimental about Humsafar. Almost certainly there will be another stellar romance soon on our TV screens, but it will have to be something beyond special to fill the void left by Humsafar.

    Written by SZ~

    • Remember Mohubbat kabhie marti nahin hai so please no talk of Challeeswey etc… 😉 you are quite right there were a few cliches here and there but they were far out weighed by the all the positives. Humsafar gave us a window into our own worlds . Look at us in this forum we may all be connected by the subcontinent but I am sure we are pretty diverse in our opinions , personalities and backgrounds yet we all seem to find some scene to like. we can all seem to find something familiar in all those sweet little interactions between Asher and Khirad . what was amazing is despite the intimacy of some scenes( the one above about not letting Khirad sleep is a prime example ) there was nothing vulgar or outrageous .
      It made married love look cool rather than the Bollywood image of : lets accept liberal western values without questioning them . I was sick of watching Bollywood movies in which women were supposedly liberated but actually objectified even more. Think of the binge drinkling heroines of Mere brother ki Dulhan , Tanu weds Manu and Love AAj Kal etc… etc…So Khirad was let down by Asher and after an appropriate time of venting against him she stopped. She personified the woman of honour, who does not stoop to the level of her detracters but is not a mazloom aurat either. She never turned her daughter against Asher and she never tried to compete with Fareeda Aunty to win Asher , how could I not love her?

      • I so agree with you about Khirad. Back when Humsafar was on, there were quite a few plays on where the scorned woman turns toward some manipulative technique or is in need of money so turns to prostitution, and I was like what are these guys showing on tv?? That there are no respectable jobs left for women to seek if they need help?!? It was beyond gross and unbelievable for me. In that sense, I am glad Humsafar achieved the success it did because it highlighted that a woman can be strong, can stand on her own 2 feet without getting drunk and ‘losing it’.

  17. I simply loved these posts back then too when I had freshly started following your reviews, SZ!

    Even now I feel they are the most wonderfully written pieces. Humsafar being a favourite is very very close to my heart and your reviews make it all the more special. The way you have written down everything keeping all the little details of the play , I simply love it!

    thanks a lot for re-posting them, it has brought back so many sweet memories.

  18. I may be the minority here, but I find this drama to be highly overrated. It’s as if this drama is the benchmark for every drama these days. Seriously? I’ve seen way better dramas and I certainly hope we can go past Humsafar one day. I liked certain things within the serial..whereas certain things were just been there, seen that kind of thing for me..Not too sure how easily digested the second half of the show was? That was nothing new or unseen..the whole typical saas bahu thing kicked in and I literally started forwarding scene after scene while watching episodes. The first half was good more so because I liked the whole chemistry between Mahira & Fawad even though Mahira was monotonous in many places..but sorry to say, the second half was nothing extraordinary. Farhat Ishtiaq was so disappointing with Mata e Jaan for me. I don’t see anything impressive in her writing which is why in terms of Humsafar’s success she didn’t get as much og recognition as say Mahira or Fawad’s pair? or even the theme song? The story was nothing special and I still till this day fail to see why Humsafar is sort of the best thing since sliced bread in Pakistan.

  19. Dear All:
    Just wanted to share the sad news that QB was involved in a car accident in Lahore, and has apparently suffered some serious spinal cord injuries. Lets all wish her the best and pray that she gets back on her feet very soon and continue to mesmerize us with her soulful singing.

  20. Challo Mil key dua karein Movie bhee aajayee gee… Remember my prayer a few months back well Allah moves in mysterious ways not quite what I wanted but I will take what I can get.

    • @Sadaf, since your TV/drama related prayers come true, please be careful in what/who you wish for! 😉 No more mention of certain ahem, cough, ahem, people plz!

    • Sadaf, what was your prayer? My one prayer for FK is that he come in a decent drama/movie/telefilm – kuch aisa kamaal ka kaam kare ke hum wah wah karte rah jain…
      SZ, I’m so confused with all these initials you guys use – NH took me a while 🙂

      • sorry Afia My prayer was for a movie but it was supposed to be “the Humsafar Movie ” of our dreams directed by Sarmad Khoosat and starring Fk and Mk ….etc..but jo rab dey uss pey shukr gazar hoon 🙂 that time will come too . I want to see our talented actors and directors recognised all over the world too just as we see Salman Khan and My fave Shah Rukh Kan etc in Pakistan , UK and USA …its not that crazy jab Allah deyney pe aaey tho kuch bhi mil sakta hai

  21. Ha HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ……. yes we must indeed use this great so called power with responsibility 🙂 Thanks for that clip …sigh too good

  22. Oh it’s a telefilm? I feel so stupid right now. I thought it would release on the big screen. Challo Jee!

    Wakai mein why do they have to publicise it as a movie?! Amen to all the prayers:)

        • @Afia – see the thing is, a movie takes longer to release, aur ab itna wait kaun kare FK ke liye. is se behtar toh telefilm hi theek jo tv par aaye aur phir har jaga youtube par hoti hai and not a pirated version either! 🙂

          • and you don’t even have to buy a ticket for it! so later on you cannot say paisay zaya ho gaaye movie per and popcorn per. Now you can just pop the corn in the microwave and watch it on tv. Double maza woh bhi saasta!

  23. Love the pics! So want to go to murree and gate crash the shootings par zindagi ki majboorian….It’s awesome to see FK climbing up on Brightland’s railings 🙂 I love this hotel and the fun holidays we’ve spent there!
    Btw , everybody’s wearing boots in Pak now (since a couple of years) though not with eastern wear!

    • ok so if they left out Humsafar because maybe they will give it some “grand” award of its own (probably not) it still doesn’t make sense to leave out Fawad Khan from the best actor category. They are seriously smoking the same thing Zaroon smokes because they are totally full of themselves.

  24. This is the worst idea that Humtv’s ever had 😦
    I also thought that they might give the whole HS team some mega prize but this isn’t fair and it sucks 😦

  25. Apparently their highest standard is Mere Qatil mere Dildar and ek tamana lahasil si ? well Fatima Gul is more popular than ZGH

  26. Thank for the pictures SZ! I wanted to go to Muree too but unfortuantely I had my monthly tests in those days. Love the pictures!

    I am jumping in the Conversation but could not help by complain about HUM TV’s new ‘shosha’ ! Yeh kiya hai? Why would they have to exclude FK from the actors list, or mahira or the whole team from the nominatios. One grand prize would not be enough. As far as my mind can go, one should be appreciated for his/her individual effort too. This is very mean of them. So sorry can’t understand the logic behind this new idea of humTV. Do they fear that Humsafar might bag all the awards and the others would be left with nothing?! Just pointless.

  27. Allah Khair karey …sadaa hamarey dilon mein zinda rahey gai 🙂 goofy grin I was so happy that day 🙂 sigh

  28. um, haven’t had a chance to read all the comments, but I think it’s great that somehow this show and its following still live on despite it being over.

    Also, I cannot believe how creative folks got with cakes? who would have thought Humsafar would inspire cakes:)

  29. Hey! Another birthday for Humsafar 🙂
    Writing something from the novel that a friend had requested:

    Page 37
    (Ashar comes home early from office to find Khirad out with his father. This is after he overhears her convo with his dad and the scene where he finds her crying.)

    Us roz bhi woh office se kahin aur jaane ki bajae seedha ghar aagaya tha. Baseerat Hussain toh kuch bhi ho jae toh sham char, sarhe chaar bajay daftar se uth jaya karte the. Wahan se unhein apni bhanji ke pass ghar wapsi ki jaldi hoti thi. Woh khair jaldi toh uth nahin saka tha, haan apne mamool ke barkhilaaf woh office se seedha ghar zaroor aagaya tha. Lekin ghar aate hee yeh dekh kar uske mood buri tarah off hogaya tha keh wahan uske istaqbaal ko naukron ke siwa koi mojood nahin tha.

    Unki mulaazma Noor Afza ne usso bataya keh Farida kisi seminar mein shirkat ke sabub dair se ghar aaeingi aur uske Daddy aur Khirad kahin baahir gaye huey hain. Bohat kharab mood ke saath woh lounge mein baith gaya tha. Paun ghante baad woh dono wapis aaye the. Lounge ka darwaza khol kar woh andar aate wo nahin jaanti thi ke woh wahan baitha hai. Isiliye kisi baat par khoob zor zor se boltay aur haste huey andar daakhil hui thi. Magar andar ghuste hi jo us par nazar pari toh lub bhainch kar foran youn sunjeeda ho gaee jaise woh koi ajnaabi hai jo uske ghar mein aaya baitha hai.

    “Arey wah, aaj toh bohat baray baray aur bohat masroof log bhi jaldi ghar wapis aagaye hain”.

    Baseerat Hussain ne yeh baat mazaqun kahee thi magar usse youn laga jaise woh uske woh roz dair se aane par tanz kar rahe hain. Woh uske saath hee sofe par baith gaye they magar Khirad bjai lounge mein un logon ke saath baithne ke sirion ki taraf ghalibun bedroom mein jaane lagi thee. Uske mood mazeed kharab hogaya. Halankeh aik hee nazar mein woh yeh dekh chuka tha keh aaj apni mashhoor-e-zamana daqeanoosi tarz ki choti banane ki bjai usne baalon ko band laga kar aik dheeli dhaali si pony ki shakal de rakhi hai. Woh pulti toh uski pushth par bikhre woh siah reshmi baal bohat khoobsurat lage they.

    “Tum kahan chali? Humein achi si chai pilao. Kyoun Ashar? Khirad ke haath ki bani chai peeni hai? Woh chai waqai bohat mazay ki banati hai.”

    Woh kuch bhi kahe beghair khamosh baitha raha. Khirad foran hi chai banane kitchen mein chali gayee thi. Usse kya baat buri lag rahi hai, woh khud nahin samajh pa raha tha.
    Woh chai ki tray lekar aayee toh usse nazar andaz kiye Baseerat Hussain se business ki baatcheeth mein masroof raha. Khirad ne chai mein shakkar mila kar pehla cup Baseerat Hussain ki taraf barhaya. Unho ne cup thaam liya toh doosre mein bghair shakkar milae cup uske saamne maiz par rakh diya. Yaani woh jaanti thi keh woh kis kism ki chai coffee peetha hai. Lekin usne uska cup haath mein kyoun nahin pakraya. Maiz par kyoun rakha. Woh kya koi jin bhooth hai jo woh youn usse koson dur bhaagti hai. Uski aadaton ki khabar hai, woh uski sub baaton ka dhyaan rakhti hai. Is baat par khush hone ke bjai chai ka cup apne haath mein na pakrane par jhunjhulaya tha.

    • ahhhh! the good old Humsafar days!! Thanks for this bit. I can picture the entire scene in my head while reading! 😀
      Now i just wanna escape work and run home to watch Humsafar! Its been a while , and well since its HS’s birthday, i guesss aik-do episodes dekhna to banta hai! 😉

    • thank you Afia so much! 🙂 I can totally picture Behroz Sabzwari saying those dialogues and FK and MK ignoring each other with their “theerchi nazrein” lol They had def. made Asher a lot warmer in the drama than written here.

    • Thankyou so much Afia… I love the novel and yes the drama too but reading novel takes me literally another world… I’m actually thinking to read those beautiful parts again….

    • Afiaaaaaaaaaaa hhhaaaaaaaaaaaiyeeeeee you made my day! no week!!

      I’m always dying to read these translations you write for us!!

      Thanks so so so much!!

      And hope you had a wonderful birthday!! May the coming year be the best yet for you!!

      going to definitely watch an episode tonight for my nightcap. Just recently watched the last 3 🙂

      Happy humsafar anniversary to all the fans here!!

      Wonder if the makers and team celebrates and relive the memorable episodes as much as we do 🙂

  30. @Afia: Happy Birthday indeed! Ab agli qist ke liye please barsi tak intezaar mat karwana 😉 All kidding aside, thanks a ton for taking the time to do this for all of us -we’re all very grateful! Yes, aaj raat HS marathon karni hi paregi 🙂 🙂

  31. @Afia . Thank you so much honey! It was brilliant.When ever you have time please do so more! You are so talented to be able to write in roman urdu. I am going to watch episode 5 again and how apt that you did this is for the birthday!

  32. Guys, its not just Humsafar’s birthday, but also our very dear friend Afia’s birthday as well (check out the pics of her Humsafar cake above). Please join me in wishing her a very happy birthday! 😀

    Afia: Sorry yaar, couldn’t get you a Humsafar cake, magar yeh gift chalega? 😉

    • Thankyouuuu SZ! – best present ever, chalega nahin- doray ga 🙂
      Glad you all enjoyed the excerpt. Your love and appreciation makes it more than worth the effort. And thank you Ash, SZ, Shazch, Rehmat, Deeba for your kind wishes! Btw I also watched ep 5 🙂 Wanted to watch more but no time- ab ahista ahista dekhoon gi. Humsafar is like being addicted once to a drug, even if I try to stay away, I can’t

  33. hello everyone !! I am so behind times, almost 2 years,…
    I just finished watching Humsafar and wow , what a treat it was !! Fantabulous serial,awesome and brilliant acting!! i was so sad when i was nearing the end , i so thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode.
    Khirad & Asher rock !!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Afia !!!! Enjoy your special day !!! 🙂

    • @Deeba I only watched Humsafar a few months ago so I am also playing catch up!I But it has got me back into Pakistani dramas the last ones I watched were as a child.It’s also great to read SZ’s reviews and other people’s comments as you feel you are the only one something who picks up the complexities of the characters but on this site you know you are not alone.

      • Hey Shazch , its good to know that I’m not the only one who is lagging behind ! Lol !
        I also started watching Pakistani dramas last year only .
        SZ has been a great help and an excellent guide as to what to watch and what to avoid !
        SZ s reviews are the best , other sites have lousy reviews so Desi Rants and Raves is the best !!!!

  34. Thank you @Afia for this lovely bit of Humsafar! 😀 I can vividly picture Asher and Khirad through this. This couple was truly awesome- and they played it to perfection. Even though it’s been more than a year since the drama ended but I can see that the craze is still there amongst every one of us. I love to watch humsafar again and I have to resist at times because I know sitting through whole episode is quite time-consuming when I loads to study 😛 but when an Asher’s dialogue slips my mind, no power in the world can stop me from watching it again. For me, the best episodes have to be from 5-9 and then from 19 to 23 ❤ Asher and Khirad are just love- one cannot get enough of their scenes.

  35. Can anyone please tell me the link to the PDF version of the COMPLETE novel. I downloaded the novel last year but to my gripe, it had several pages missing. I gave up on the novel. But now after reading this excerpt, I want a good link, please help 😛

  36. Page 40-41

    (Following the day when Ashar takes Khirad for icecream post dinner, he is exercising in his lawn the next morning and senses that someone is watching him):

    Wapis seedha hota hua woh yukdum bari saret se mura aur sar utha ke ooper dekha. Apne kamre ki balcony mein railing se baazu tikaae usse Khirad khari nazar aaee. Isse murta dekh kar is ne apni nazreain foran youn hata leen theen jaise woh yahan sirf aur sirf subah ke is khoobsurat manzar aur tar-o-taaza hawa ka maza lene khari ho. Kal raat is ke ilaawa dunya ki baqi har cheez ko dekhne wali is waqt usse dekh rahi thee. Chupke se. Isse suba subah yeh khushgawar sa inkishaaf bohat acha laga.

    Subah ki is khushgawari ka asr hi abhi kam nahi hua tha ke lunch ke baad faraghat ke alam mein bohat dinon baad jab woh aur Baseerat Hussein cards khel rahe the. Tub usse aik doosri bohat khushgwaar baat patah chali. Woh donon baap beta shatrunj cards waghaira aik doosre ko harane ka challenge de kar khela karte they.

    Aaj unka yeh muqabla lounge mein horaha tha. Fareeda bhi dining table se uth kar in donon ke saath hi baith gai theen. Woh muskarate huey in donon ko khelte hue dekh rahi theen. Aur beech beech mein koi na koi tabsra inke khel ke hawale se bhi karti jaa rahee theen. Baseerat Hussein ki farmaish par Khirad in logon ke liye coffee bana rahee thee. Woh coffee bana kar le aaee aur sub ko cup dene lagi. Tub Baseerat Hussein is se bole .

    “Jana mat Khirad! Baitho yahan. Zara dekho aaj mein isse kaisa haraata hoon.” Fareeda ne apne barabar sofey par Khrad ke liye jaga bana li thee. Woh khamoshi aur sunjeedgi se inke barabar mein baith gai thee. Apne patton par tawajo markooz rakhte isne sarsari nigahon se usse dekha tha toh ahsaas hua woh Baseerat Hussein ke nahin, iske patton ko b’ghor dekh rahi hai. Coffee ke sip leti woh bazahir sunjeedgi aur khamoshi se in donon ko khelte huey dekh rahi thee magar zara tawajo se usne isse thori thori der baad dekhna shuru kiya toh uske chehray peh mojood tasuraat dekh kar yeh ahsaas hua ke woh uske Daddy ko nahin, isse jitwana chahti hai. Inke is khel ki yeh donon tamashaaee khwateen iske hamaitee hain. Yeh jaanna usse behad acha laga. Shutranj mein agar Baseerat Hussein aksar auqaat isse hara diya karte they toh cads mein ziyada tar woh jeeta karta tha. So issi riwayat ko barqarar rakhte isne aaj bhi inhen hara diya tha. Inhen harate hi isne foran inhen nahin balke isse dekha tha. Aur iske chehray par isse apni jeet ki besakhta si khushi nazar aaee thee.

    Yahni woh Ashar Hussein uske liye ahem toh tha.

    Besakhta muskarate huey woh sofe par se uth gaya tha.

    [Within a day these two happy instances were followed by the third one- when Ashar is trying to do some math and Khirad gives him the answer. That scene is basically the same in the novel as we saw on tv apart from the numbers- instead of 2.5 x 950,000- the book says 2.5 x 9500 🙂 ]

    • Hayee now this is surrealistic! This drama and this couple… Thank you Afia for this refreshing bit of novel! These excerpts make me feel like having more of Asher Khirad scenes in the drama! I want the cropped out scenes too, that weren’t aired but were actually shot. 😦 because I can recall Mahira Khan said we actually shot for like 600 scenes out of which only 100 are in the drama. SO SAD!
      Besides, the exercise part reminds me of the way they dramatized it! in episode 6, when we see Asher trimming the leaves that Sunday morning and he feels someone staring at him and it’s Khirad, he looks at her and she hesitantly walks away. I so want Asher Khirad back! 😦

  37. Gosh! Lovely to read the translated excerpts from the original novel….thanks a lot , afia! I wish I knew Urdu just so I cud read this novel as the language used is so beautiful! Am hoping afia will take pity on us n bit by bit translate all the khirad asher scenes 🙂

    I got introduced to pak dramas thru humsafar n it was love at first sight( or viewing, in this case). I am not a fan of hindi/ urdu tv dramas n have seen all of 2 shows in my life so humsafar was like a breath of fresh air. Yes it was formulaic, stereotypical n all that but the show itself was perfection! A stellar cast, superb direction, taut editing, fabulous ost n BG score n excellent production values made for great drama viewing! But to me, it was the chemistry between mahirah n fawad that was the USP of the show which turned it into a phenomenon. Her shy, hesitant yet resolute n proud khirad was a perfect foil to his sophisticated, soft spoken, sensitive at times obtuse ashar. And their physical beauty! Ahhhhh! She- soft, utterly feminine with an inner radiance. He- tall , goodlooking, masculine n yet sensitive. Together, they lit up the screen……. absolutely mouth wateringly sexy!!

    Fawad was bang on as ashar no doubt. but my personal fav has to be Mahirah. She was luminous! I thought she brought a lot of herself to khirad which is why i fell hopelessly in love with her. Mahirah has that same shy, hesitant yet confident quality that epitomises khirad to she has a very interesting face. Soft features that change under diff light n makeup… Very appealing. Versatile.

    Coming back to the show, HS has such tremendous repeat value… Just reading the posts here made me nostalgic n i went watched it once again!! ..n enjoyed it as much if not more than the first time! Thats what makes it a classic. One just doesn’t get tired of it. And yes, it is the benchmark for all pak dramas henceforth. Didnt like zgh, ashk n fks subsequent outings. Mahirah was good in sez but I cudnt relate to the show so dropped out midway. Still waiting for a good show to hit me like HS did…tall order but I live in hope.

    • Hi imemylsef! You are so right…Humsafar was perfect and it’ll be a long while before we see anything like that again. Fawad played the perfect Ashar, we all agreed then. But I liked Mahira too- even when some people used to criticize her acting- I for one like her throughout.
      Glad you liked the HS excerpts 🙂

  38. @Afia what a lovely Eid present!!I was feeling really tired after cooking and cleaning for Eid and I have a cold but your translation made me feel so much better. It so sweet as you can see through translation that they are falling in love but you can see that the drama added the finishing touches. Thank you so much Afia. Hope you had a good Eid.I think you are going to get a big fan following from here.With me your biggest fan!

  39. For all the Fawad’s die-hard fans out there (like me :p), it’s his latest interview on British radio this Eid! And really, it is so over-whelming to see the huge fan following he has enabled to gather in a couple of years. When people from Saudi Arabia, South Africa and India show their love for for OUR star, for OUR Fawad Afzal Khan it is just too heartening! :’) A proud moment for his true fans, and I feel proud to have met him personally (Yes I am bragging :D) Here’s the link, do check this out.

    • @Fizza: Thanks for sharing the daily motion link 🙂 And you know now that you’ve said you’ve met FK, you have to share the deets! Out with it girl! 🙂

      • My pleasure! 😀 Well, I actually met him at a wedding. And I was just so high- over the moon! 😀 no one can even imagine it! The feeling. It’s completely inexplicable! :O All I can say is that it came to me as a really pleasant shock, because I don’t even reside in Lahore. And having met him in Pindi… And that too bumping into him accidentally is really surprsing! 😛 I’m still in a daze even after months of having met him. He was there with his family, Sadaf and Aayaan, and considering that he wasn’t a guest of honour there but just someone like any other person seated beside you in a wedding- ah! It’s surreal. 😛 all I could see was one second he was there on the stage having pictures with the goom’s family ( btw people were more interested in having pictures with him than the real couple itself. :-P) and the other second he was running after Aayaan trying to catch him because his son was all over the hall playing with kids and jumping on the stage. Seeing this facet of his personality was really cute waisay. ❤ Later when the dinner was served he had the liberty to roam around in the hall freely after his son because our awaam was too busy gorging the food. And I had mine stuck in the food pipe because he was seated in an extreme corner of the place out of everyone's attention- which was too far to catch a glimpse of 😦 Hanging around him for two hours is exotic :') He's a true charmer, and when you see him LIVE you feel demented. At least this is my case and I felt myself going numb when I met him. He's surely the best. I know this might be too much on one plate for many of the people out there reading this, but trust me the way he was treating his fans- without any pride or ego. He wasn't carried away by his stardom, neither was it getting to his head. He was there with all humility. He was not someone different from our type. His looks are generally appreciated everywhere, and he it is the case- he is the most good-looking person who exists in my world; however I feel his fans need to love him unconditionally for what he is with all his foibles rather than just his looks! This makes you fall for him even more. I'll always cherish the day I met him. Finally, Fawad ki tareef mein itna lamba khatt parhnay ka shulriya 🙂

        • *groom’s
          *shukriya 😛
          I guess I was blown away with this emotional speech, made so many mistakes while writing. Sorry guys. :S

  40. @Fizza, loved reading your account- thanks for giving me something that made me smile and laugh. I saw some pics on fb of that wedding in Pindi.
    @Fizza and Shazch- glad you enjoyed the humsafar excerpt.

    • Awww good to know my surprising encounter made someone smile 🙂 I can go on and on and on on him, but respecting everyone’s toleration level here I try to control myself. :-p Yes, the pictures are all over Facebook especially the dance video. Anyways, it’s got to be one of the best moments of my life, and I hope life keeps on giving me such surprises 😀

  41. Page 43 (following the three happy instances)

    Is roz ke baad unke beech hayel takalufaat ki bohat si deewarein gir gayee theen. Dostana qism ki betakalufi toh usse har giz nahin kaha jasaskta tha magar mohtaat ho kar hi sahee, kum az kum ab woh us se baat karne toh lagi thee. Ab raat sone se pehle woh koi aisee dilchaspi dhoondhta jis mein usse bhi apne saath shareek kar sake. Aksar woh mushtarka dilchaspi TV hee tehertee. Woh us se chai ya coffee banwane ko kehta aur phir usse apne saath bitha letha.

    Agar sports, news ya issi noyeeat ka koi aur bezarar channel ho toh theek, lekin agar koi movie channel laga ho aur us mein hero heroine ke beech zara bhi koi bold scene aata toh screen par adakari karti hui woh heroine toh nahin, haan uske barabar mein baithee woh sharminda si ho kar nazrein chura rahi hoti. Aur usse woh film aur woh scene nahin balke uska blush karta woh andaaz dilchasp laga karta. Pehli baar hansi aane ke saath usse hairat bhi hui thee keh usne apne halqa-e-ahbaab mein shamil kisi larki ko itni mamooli baaton par toh kya bari bari baaton par bhi sharmaate kabhi na dekha tha. Aur agli baar us cheez ka aadi hone ke baad phir woh sirf hansa karta tha.

    Kayee baar woh usse outing ke liye ya dinner karane apne saath baahir le gaya tha. Agar woh uske ankhon mein ankhein daal kar parh parh baatein nahin karti thee toh ab kahin jaa kar itna toh ho hi gaya tha keh woh us se khud bhi mukhatib hone lagi thee. Us se mukhtalif mozooaat par baatein karne lagi thee aur sub se barh kar yeh keh ab kum az kum woh us se dur nahin bhagti thee. Usse dekhte hi woh sunjeedgi aur khamoshi ke khol mein khud ko bund nahin kar liya karti thee.

  42. Awww this is lovely Afia! I’ve finally read the novel from the link you sent. Thank you so much 😀 It was like taking a walk down the Humsafar memory lane all over again. But when you finish it in 3 days it’s a brisk one :p I’m still obsessing over the beautiful Ashar-Khirad moments… :’)
    Anyways, though, the novel has been dramatised so well, there were just few scenes I still wish should have been there in the drama- like the ones you’ve mentioned and especially the 20th episode scenes. From the time when hareem is hospitalised and Ashar Khirad are looking after her together in the hospital, then when she undergoes surgery, later when Ashar consoles Khirad and finally the famous confession Ashar makes- mjhay nae pata tum ne jo kia kyun kia lekin aik baat sach hai khirad main tum se nafrat karnay mein bilkul haar gaya hun 😀 Novel has much more delicacy here for the readers. And despite the fact that these scenes were picturesquely portrayed I still want more of the details from the novel here :p

  43. Just watched Humsafar episode 4 in Arabic! Trust me guys, the video quality is SO awesome. I’m sure it would be even better than the MD labelled Humsafar DVDs available in the market. It’s really good. And as soon as the episode struck off with Fawad’s red shirt waala scene it made the video seem even more exotic. GOD! my sleep just vanished. Everyone needs to watch it, if not for Fawad then just to check out the resolution. it’s amazing! :-p
    Apart from that, when you’re watching it in a language totally alien to you, you’d realise even more that Fawad has such expressive eyes, aur pyaara tou woh waisay hi hai mashaaALLAH mashaaALLAH 😀
    They kept the OST in Urdu btw :/

    • @Fizza lol at pyaara tou woh waisay hi hai…i swear the things i also get away with saying on this forum. Thank you SZ. So glad i rediscovered Pakistani dramas and found this forum.

      Btw Fizza, your mashaAllah mashaAllah reminded me of a similar mashaAllah mashaAllah by FK in ZGH….he is too good!

      • Hahaha yup if I’m not wrong this came in ZGH when Zaroon and Kashaf were sitting on the bed then talking about safai-walis and what they’d say about him- it was somewhere there! 😛 uss ki toothpaste k dhakan khulay chornay ki aadat per 😛 LOL

          • Haha yaar becharay ko bohut bura bed laga tha uss mein during the shoot! Aur uss ne ‘bhaaluon jaisi cheekhain’ bhi maari theen- as quoted by him. 😛

            • Haan i saw that. But the ultimate was Sanam Jung “tu kiya huwa tha bed par”…and FK laughed out and very smartly pointed out “yeh question hi bahut bara blooper hai” lol

    • @Ash: Thanks for sharing this 🙂 Btw, don’t know if many made the connection but Sohail Hashmi, the interviewer, played Mikaal father in SeZ!

      @Fizza: You mentioned the interview you saw was longer .. so is this an edited version?

  44. Thank you Ash for sharing it 🙂 Mahira looked lovely here. 😀 I did watch this video few months back and it’s quite long :-p Well I wanted her to say something about Humsafar or Fawad too but she didn’t as such ( because she normally does that in most of her interviews) 😦 But still the interview is good! 😀
    Seems like I’m the only one active on this thread nowadays, baaki sub humsafar ko bhool gaye kya? Ya numm zyada passand aa gaya? :-/ And yes, today is Fawad’s wedding anniversary too so
    Hahahaha This thread has a ritual of virtually celebrating humsafar related days so I thought why not his wedding anniversary this time :-p

    • @Fizza lol at numm ziyada pasand aagaya. I still enjoy a laugh or two at the thappar blooper scene… Do chaar aur kasnay thay ( sorry FK I am against abuse but KW really tests my patience).

      i have been a very late humsafar on your humsafar bandwagon….but have watched it several times now….for FK and for the brilliant script etc. Haapy anniversary to them both. Isn’t his bday coming up too?

      • Yeah! His birthday is 29th this month inshaaALLAH 🙂 Pakistan mein tou everyone went crazy on Humsafar evenings so there was no chance of missing the show when it was aired originally. I still love those days! When we had to wait for one WHOLE week to see Asher Khirad and in the mean while appease ourselves with the repeats. 😛 And everyone kept on chanting- Khirad kitni masoom lagti hai, kaprey kitnay achay pehnti hai… Asher bhi bohut pyaara hai! Hahaha you know if someone came to our home at 7 30 they would stay here till 9 10 just in case they wont miss the episode! :O All the other chores came to a halt 😛 Apart from the praise it garnered from the viewers abroad- the response here too was UNBELIEVABLE actually quite shocking. It was humongous! :O Khair I hooked on to the show from the time I had watched the promos, they made me glued to the show from the very beginning. 😛 hayeee kya yaad kara dia, humsafar days were awesome :’)

        • haha I can see. Actually I was in the middle of a move to South Africa and in my last trimester with my 3rd child (i am only a couple of yrs older than FK so can still drool over him 😉 lol) so just couldn’t watch it and by the time i saw updates on FB, i just didn’t want to watch it from the middle. Anyway, I am glad I did a couple of months ago though the 1st of the plays I watched after years was ZGH and it hit home on many levels. I actually ended up watching it with my husband who hasn’t seen a play since maybe early 90s (if that). It was a good experience to watch it with him and helped us bond even more 🙂 That in turn made me watch Humsafar which I absolutely loved for all the million reasons it should be loved for 🙂 And then Dastaan helped provide much needed emotional catharsis. Have been missing home like crazy since 😦 I grew up in a house similar to the one shown in the play and where my grandparents moved in in 1947. My dadi and bua (nanny) who came from India fed us stories from India every day and I can almost visualize them and their life through this play. Very nostalgic. I am in love with Pakistani dramas again. Add to the brilliant script of the above plays FK , some good actors in SB and SS (Sanam) and amazing direction and what’s not to love. Having missed all the hoopla is sad but I enjoy reading all the reviews and comments 🙂

          • Dastaan was definitely a powerful play too! It’s quite relatable for the families who migrated either from India to Pakistan or vice versa. My dada’s family migrated from Indian Punjab so we too have been brought up listening to those stories. It nurtures a sense of patriotism. 🙂
            Btw I liked Mahira Khan in Humsafar too 😉

  45. @Fizza: Nahin yaar, you’re not alone on this thread 🙂 Thank you for sharing FK and SFK’s wedding anniversary date .. hum sab ki taraf se un donon ko buhut mubarak ho!

    Btw, I was reminded of your earlier comment about enjoying the Arabic version of Humsafar when I came across latest teaser of Humsafar in Arabic, with all its climax scenes and it looks like so much fun. Here it is for those who’ve not seen it floating around

    @ash: Alongwith you, as one of those who had commented my heart out when Humsafar originally aired and have watched it to death now, I too cannot get excited over indiv episodes and the nitty gritty details. That said, I am sure the rewatch parties must be a fun for those who missed out on the original convos 🙂

      • @Annie: ROFL !!! Raqeeb?!?!?! Hahaha you just make this all about Sara and Khizar?!?! Now that would have been something nahin?!Wonder how we would have responded to Ashar and Khirad if seen through S and K’s eyes rather than vice versa!!! Need a possible storyline from you now Annie! 😉

  46. Also, now that we have an MK video up, its only fair we should also have an FK video 😉 So here’s a video of FK, from his latest fundraising trip to London.. Enjoy!

  47. @Ash I actually find your comment regarding the lame aspect hilarious and contradictory why would would you be revisiting this thread if you felt that people should move on . I am confused! No offence intended.

  48. hiiiiiiiiiiii,am frm India.i 1st read this novel in a delhi based urdu magazine.once i search this on net and saw that there isa drama on this story in pak.and i saw it all episode in youtube.i’m so glad to see this serial.just luv it.khirad character is so beautiful.asher is a also gud looking guy:)i’m stranged to see that pakistani’s are very beautiful,b’coz i saw them first time..

  49. So guys It’s finally 29th November and a big day for the MAN himself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAWAD! 😀 May ALLAH TA’ALA bless him with all the happiness in this world and life Hereafter. Ameen 🙂

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