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With the thapar that almost was, Zindagi Gulzar Hai seems to have shaken off its stupor, and the much awaited Kashaf and Zaroon track has finally taken off. Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan were fabulous in the library scene. Their confrontation was intense and held out the promise of other similar explosive interactions in the future. Apart from this big scene, there were other very sweet moments between Kashaf and Sidra, Zaroon and Sara, and even a noteworthy confrontation between Asmara and Zaroon, but apart from a stringing together of these noteworthy moments, there was no appreciable progress in the story.

This latest episode opened with Zaroon consistently creeping up on Kashaf and insisting on zabardasti talking to her. An important social comment, it is interesting to see this kind of public harassment and the fact that not once does Kashaf thinks of complaining to the responsible personnel. Why is this kind of unacceptable behavior tolerated by a strong girl like Kashaf? Why is this being continually referred to as flirtation? Even if this is the norm, I find it very disturbing that not once did the writer or director think of adding in a line or two where either Maria or Osama ever advises Kashaf to go file a complaint. Even one single line to this effect would’ve redeemed this whole disturbing scenario, and could have served as a valuable teaching tool.

Given that Fawad is playing Zaroon, and he has explosive chemistry with Sanam, we are all gaga and going along for the ride. But, if we move the blinkers away then the problems become very clear. During the library confrontation, there were a whole bunch of students milling around, but these “educated” future leaders of our society were just standing around, nobody bothered to call an official. For that matter, there seemed to be no librarian there either. Is this how the “elite” educational institutions function in Pakistan? If I were a mother in Pakistan watching this, I would be having second and third thoughts after watching this particular episode. Clearly, wearing a chadar and minding her own business is not helping Kashaf at all.

Back home, a neighborhood gossip visits Rafia, and upsets her with the latest doings of Nigar and Murtaza. Much like Sidra, I too couldn’t understand why Rafia got so worked up after hearing about the planned renovations in Murtaza’s house. Sidra was absolutely right in saying that all this was nothing new, so why was Rafia now waking up to the unfairness. Even though I couldn’t understand the logic of that scene, after so much that Rafia had already gone through, I couldn’t help but enjoy the interaction between Mansha and Samina. They were both great and their bonding is so warm. While Rafia was being all dukhi. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Kashaf. Clearly the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree!

From Kashaf’s family dynamics to Zaroon’s convoluted thought processes, it was interesting to see his discomfort when he heard of Asmara’s impending proposal. Sara and Asmara were both right in calling Zaroon out for his hypocrisy. I am really enjoying Ayesha Omar as Sara here. And speaking of Sara, why did we never see the poor girl’s shaadi? It was really weird how her wedding was passed over so glibly. Considering the amount of attention lavished on every aspects of Kashaf’s family, down to a whole scene about Murtaza buying Hammad a new phone, I cannot help but continue to be puzzled by the skewed story-line.

Zaroon’s reprehensible behavior has shaken Kashaf to the very core of her being. Sanam has done a fabulous job portraying Kashaf’s despondency. After such a big public showdown how does one find the strength to go back and face these same people, even though she is not the one at fault here. Once again, loved the Sidra Kashaf scenes. Mansha is very good as the sweet natured Sidra.

The episode wound up with Zaroon throwing a hissy fit after being scolded by Sir Ibrar. Here, I cannot help but wonder once again why Osama hangs out with Zaroon and Asmara. He seems so out of place and I have yet to see them agree on anything. Another half-baked character, Osama seems to be frustrated by his inability to get his point across, but lacks the will to walk away from the narcissistic Zaroon-Asmara pair. Moving the narrative to the other side of the metaphorical tracks, the episode ended with Kashaf still trying to make sense of Zaroon and his ilk… hope its not too long before she finds the answers to all her shikwas

All in all an engaging episode if one were to watch just for the Zaroon and Kashaf pair, beyond that the guls are still waiting to become gulzar!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Agree to everything you said. Apart from the library scene nothing worth-watching happened in this episode.

    The library scene was done splendidly. I simple loved the way Kashaf’s anger was built up and finally it’s explosion. Hated Zaroon there but loved Fk’s acting. Thank GOD! At least Osmama came and stopped Zaroon. All the other students in the library along with Asmara could gladly stare at the two fighting for hours.

    I again have a problem with Asmara here, she can’t keep her word. She is shown to be 20years old who completely acts like a 13 years old child but apparently that doesn’t bother anyone. How’s that possible?! In the Zaroon’s ghussa sequence, right after they leave the library, when Osama tells Zaroon that it was his mistake, Asmara reacts hysterically telling him to go to Kashaf or I don’t know what but something related to himself being a huge Kashaf Murtaza , but just after a few moments when Osmama points out that Zaroon might get expelled she quickly supports him in saying ‘bilkul theek keh rahey ho’. She was just ‘very’ angry at him a moment ago and in this scene she sounded completely normal.

    I simply adore Sidra and her very reasonable advises. She is such a loving sister. Mansha (Sidra) has to get the ‘Perfect Sister’ and the ‘Perfect Daughter’ awards for this year.

    Wakai mein , I thought the same about Sarah’s wedding ceremony. We should have been invited too :p

    Hayee, next episode seems very interesting. Hope it is Gulzar!!


    • @Heela: I’m with you and hope it gets gulzar soon enough now .. kab se intezar kar rahe hain 😦
      Agree with you on Asmara.. she was right when she called him a hypocrite, but other than that yeah she was/is a Zaroon ki chaili. Also, could not understand, how a woman, even one as idiotic as Asmara could keep saying to a guy ke ek do thapar laga deney chahiye thay Kashaf ko! I just Zaroon does not end up using Asmara just to satisfy his male ego after his rejection from Kashaf … and yippee seems like Aunty Ghazala is going to come into action next week!


  2. I loved the review .Last night I found the whole thappar jo mara na gaya quiet annoying in what university fights escalates to such level and how could a guy even threat a strong independent women of physical abuse. If they are going to make think this scenario is going to lead to love how am i to digest the idea. I was really fuming during the whole scene had they way Zarron was about to hit her and they keep telling me it is about women empowerment. In jago Pakistan jago the ZGH team was so proud of the fact kay thapar marnay nahi diya but koi kami to nahar nahi ayi .Kashaf stood up in front of him but could mirror be shown to such people who like to “flirt” take women out as bets and Asmara what kind of a women is she going so gaga over the idea over trapping another women. The character of Zaroon is so filled with flaws thinking middle class girls can’t think beyond seven course meals, lingering Asmara on .
    While people might love this scene I found it witless. Zaroon almost jumping on Kashaf while she was just telling him the right thing and people smirking or watching like by standards made no sense. I am so hoping she files a complaint.


    • @Javeria: hey! great to read your thoughts about this ep. Since you have been closely involved with elite academic institutions, I would love to know how your institution would deal with such a situation and how common such behavior is .. would Zaroon be allowed to get away with such a simple reprimand in real life?
      Even if Kashaf doesn’t complain, can somebody else file a complaint on her behalf? Ironically enough, just today I sat through a mandatory course on how to recognize and deal with sexual harassment on college campuses and wow! all I can say is that Zaroon should be thanking his lucky stars that he is not a student in the US…


      • SZ Zindigi Gulzar Hai originally in novel depicts Govt.College Universty Lahore and when I read it the first time I was quiet surprised and because in all my years in GCU I have not seen guys hitting a girl or ever publicly abusing her .Proctors take very strict action on the spot even male teachers cannot insult female students they know they cannot raise their voices .In rules it is clearly stated that on any such such complaints urgent action is taken and student gets expelled. But even if a girl is victimized in front of other students and especially if Sir Abrar comes to know of it is his duty to report it to administration and a disciplinary board sits on it. It is because of all these strict rules male students know very well not to cross the limit .I only come across one incident a student once only raised a little voice in the dramatic club on the female student and his despite being the male lead was removed from the play on the spot and was temporary expelled. And this only GCU where we get crowds from all over Pakistan in private sector universities in Lahore the same situation improves even more my only concern is this should not have gone unnoticed and Kashaf should not have shown to cry as a helpless victim if they were portraying women empowerment.


    • Thank you so much Javeria for putting exactly what I thought so articulately. Thank God I did not watch the morning show or I would have been very didssappointed. Women are not cattle to be coralled and the idea that this kind of behaviour could possibly lead to affection is very troubling . Unless zaroon reflects and grows from this whole thing He is def not marriage or indeed love material.


  3. Hey SZ..beautifully written review as usual…Though I agree with the points you raised I did like the episode. Better than last week actually. And at the point we are seems like the MBA program is coming to an end already?

    Completely agree with you about Sara’s wedding. Really? What the heck was that? Why did they not show it at all? It would have been a big happy event and break from the daily sadness that always lingers on the show.

    About the library scene : I just dont understand Zaroon at all in some respects. He has the right ideas about his parents and their marriage and Sara and her Farhan but how is he so far off the mark when it comes to Kashaf? Or Asmara for that matter? Hypocrite is correctly used here. The explosive scene should have included that slap from the book in my opinion. When they are making Zaroon so despicable why hold back now? Just go all out…I really want to see what makes Kashaf forgive and forget because I for one like Osama am completely revolted by his ‘plan’. I cant imagine that would be easy for her to get over this.

    And Asmara…what kind of a woman is she? First off I dont know why never asks herself if its a good idea to marry a man who is so clearly reluctant to marry her and in so many subtle ways its obvious there are very few women he actually respects? And secondly she is totally disgusted and mad at Zaroon’s plans but cannot see why he is wrong? What the bakwaas was she saying to Osama when he was the only one with a moral compass? And how on Earth can she encourage violence against women by telling Zaroon he should have hit Kashaf? Please tell me I misunderstood that bit? If that line had come from maybe Murtaza’s second wife it might have been tolerable but that coming from someone as educated and ‘forward’ thinking as Asmara is not only unbelievable but its just a total let down. Violence against women should never be justified on TV. She even tells him to file a complaint against her, that Kashaf cant get away with ‘this’ when she previously agreed with Osama about him getting expelled for this like Heela pointed out!! Writers suffer from short term memory loss I feel 🙂

    Zarooon…really what do I say that hasnt been said already? Not only has he completely lost favor with me (not that that matters 🙂 ) but really its going to be a long hard upward journey of self-realization and change. I really hope someone helps him through it. And he denies he is wrong..really? then why bother hiding your intentions?

    Kashaf…her thoughts after the library scene really resonated with me…I almost teared up a teeny bit when she told Sidra God hates her…She really did not deserve this at all…it was really sad to watch her like that….Life made hard for her just because of one boy’s misplaced pride. Anyway I’m glad she told him off because he needed that badly.

    Sorry..bahut lambha hogaya.. but I do love talking here and was waiting for your review 🙂

    Also my apologies in advance for always spewing something negative about Zaroon. Believe I’m trying to see things from his perspective too.


    • @Aish: hey! lol! no apologies on either the detailed comment or the -ve comments abt Zaroon – I’m so glad that we are able to see beyond FK’s superlative performance and open up a serious discussion about what is being shown here.
      Yes!!! as I said in my response to Heela, I too was horrified by Asmara’s comment about how Zaroon should’ve lagao-ed Kashaf a thapar! Wha kind of a person is Asmara! Why would the writer show her to be so inhuman??
      Yes, it was a better episode than the earlier ones, b/c to begin with there were less Murtaza-Nigar scenes, and more of the Z-K scenes. But beyond that I;m still not going gaga over this or immediately re-watching it a second time as I do with my favorite dramas.
      And yeah, I guess MBA is ending before it even began! So far all they’ve been reading are Introductory texts, so don’t get that but oh well …
      Something abt ZGH continues to be off for me .. :/


    • @Aish – hehe the writer suffers a lot more then short term memory loss.

      Looks like all rich boys and girls are evil. No matter how elite you may or may not be , you will always support women harrasment. I would love to see Zaroon slap Asmara when she goes off post marriage and what her reaction would be towards that, since she really wanted him to slap Kashaf when he was entirely at fault.

      Everything else has been pretty much said. Yes Osama is the only one with half a brain but its kinda hard to take him seriously when he keeps smiling no matter how severe the issue or problem might be! 😉


  4. SZ , it seems like someone has filed a complaint anonymously. Zaroon accuses Osama but Zaroon is apparently not as popular as he imagines 🙂


    • @Aish: yes,they have, but clearly wasn’t dealt with as seriously as it should’ve been .. Zaroon called it an insult rather than a saza!


  5. Thanks for the review SZ inspite of your busy busy life. Was waiting for it!
    Yes, what Zaroon does in inexcusable and it’s good to know from Javeria’s comment that in Pak univs are still so strict about this kind of thing. (Mera waqt kuch purana tha). I was actually believing that nothing would be done nowdays but apparently there’s still hope…
    About your earlier comment about Zaroon harrasing Kashf when she doesn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t find it that bad, after all isn’t he just saying hello, notes de dain etc. If she starts complaining about such conversations wouldn’t it be making a ‘baat ka batangar’ and bringing her into the limelight which she wouldn’t want. If a girl continues to ignore, eventually the boy will disappear.
    Asmara’s evil reactions, Osama’s half baked characterization, the missing wedding, the useless Rafia scenes are all the writer ‘n director’s faults….strange that such experienced ladies couldn’t figure these out. Add to that Kashf apparently changed clothes too may times considering only a day had passed since the library scene. Fawad was in his fav red tshirt again! (Did you notice he wore that white tshirt with orange trim, that was worn in his last scene with Atiqa in Humsafar)
    But anyway I enjoyed the energy of the library scene- great performances by both. I also like the dialogue where Z asks K for her notes- nicely done!


    • @Afia – I noticed the cloths change as well but since she had came home from university she probably changed her outfit. Apparently people in pak change three times a day, well except Zaroon. He loves to wear the same clothes over and over, whether its as Ashar, Rohail or now Zaroon.

      I understand Zaroon is trying to be friendly but if Kashaf is not giving him the attention then he should take a hint and just back off , bc otherwise it does seem hes forcing himself on her which leads to scenes like the library one. He is a weirdo!


  6. well the overall episode was nice but seemed off track in some ways. no doubt the library scene was splendidly executed but it might be more refined if some more lines from the original added where kashaf clarified all zaroon’s speculations in a way to completely knocked him off. right after that the convo b/w sir abrar and zaroon was very casual instead of it zaroon must be strongly humiliated by the authorities so that a well-needed lesson might be taught to everyone like him who thought to be easily get away by doing all this.


  7. Loving the discussion. @SZ, Javeria and Aish, true such violence should not be shown at all. Like Aish said, they could have totally shown the ‘thappar ‘ itself too because through out the episode it was dealt with great ease. It is surprising to know that in the elite class domestic violence is not considered to be something odd. Let alone a heinous act. Fareeda aunty sey ley kar Asmara tak sab Sirf uper uper sey feminist hain. Aur who bhi Sirf apne liye. Along with Zaroon, Asmara is a hypocrite as well.

    @ Afia , haha yes I noticed that shirt too. In fact he had worn that shirt earlier in Humsafar too. Remember when Khirad made a cake, and everyone was sitting in the garden updating it, phir Fareeda’s Aunty’s friend from Islamabad visited…and yeah Basserat uncle asked Asher if he was happy and satisfied with his life? :p I read something on a forum that I found very funny , it went like ‘how very thoughtful of Asher, Khirad and Fareeda Aunty to use clothes for more than three years’ :p


    • Yes Heela, that shirt was worn multiple times 🙂 – it’s ok for a boy but when Fareeda wore the same suit 4 yrs later, it was a bit strange! She also carried the same handbag which generally ladies change in that much time- anyway love Humsafar hence getting into the nitty gritty of things otherwise wouldn’t bother with the likes of Ashk 😉


  8. Thanks for the review, I know you are pretty busy so appreciate it! So finally the library scene arrives. Thoroughly enjoyed it, very intense and excellent acting from Fawad and Sanam, blew me away. I cried with Kashaf as she realized the nastiness of Zaroons plan, she was just brilliant. I think she was shown to be very strong and it was overall a positive scene, how many girls would have come and confronted zaroon like that and torn his papers, maybe they would have just cried and walked away. I think her dialogues were actually very inspiring, she told him good and proper! she did not get hit and she gave the final push to Zaroon before walking away. Although this would never happen in a library as you have to be so quiet, surely they would have been kicked out…but drama hai…lots of things happen in dramas that are exaggerated, we can’t take it exactly as real, but someone obviously did complain to sir ibrar. Maybe they should have shown it on some other part of campus. But yeah Kashaf should definitely file an official complaint, that would show guys like zaroon!
    I have to disagree with you regarding complaining prior to library ,and that Maria or Osama should have. I agree with Afia, prior to that I dont see why she should have complained…we knew what zaroon was doing but she didn’t. Maria didn’t either, she thought zaroon was interested in Kashaf.. He was her class fellow, was saying hi, apologizing, asking for notes etc…he was never aggressive or rude, on what basis would she file against him?
    Also Osama didn’t know about the plan either, when he called him disgusting I believe that’s when they all found out. But Osama told him that he can get expelled for doing such a despicable thing, and he needs to apologize. Agree about Asmara, yes she is just a inhumane chamchee, and for telling z that he should have hit Kashaf, well that was out of order, not a good message at all!

    Again loved Sidra Kashaf scenes, brilliant chemistry they have. I am glad Kashaf said that she will go back, and Zaroon needs to stay out of her way…go girl!,
    I am now really dying to see how this whole thing pans out, after this cannot fathom how zaroon changes and they end up together! He has to literally do a 360 turn for sure, and redeem himself proper, but people do change so looking forward to that. Kashaf also needs to stop her unthankfulness, she’s nowhere near perfect either, but that would be heart wrenching for anyone so sympathies for her this epi for sure.

    Ok so I rambled too much, but I also wanted to see Sara ki shadi! Really you are right, spent so much time on hammed but not sara or z mum and dad…anyways it’s going much more gulzar for me, excited for next epi…looks like a lot more progress in story!


  9. Loving the discussion!! if nothing else, I have to say ZGH has been a great way of opening up a conversation about the double standards rampant in our society.

    The way I see it, there is a fine a line b/w casual chit chat b/w classmates and the kind of conversations that Z was having with K. Casual chit chats are between people who are not openly antagonistic as these two were towards each other. She had repeatedly told him that she was not interested in talking to him, but he kept on insisting on pushing himself on to her. I think Osama and Kashaf’s conversations fall more into the casual chit chat kind of category. Shouldn’t a guy respect a girl when she says I’m not interested in talking to you? At what point does a girl’s “NO” have meaning and weight? Not saying that Maria or Osama should’ve filed a complaint earlier, but K had a valid case for going to Sir Ibrar and just saying to him that Z was making her uncomfortable, and here in the US, that complaint would have been taken seriously. Also, the conversation in the library, he was doing more than chit chat, he was standing way too close to her, encroaching upon her personal space and when he asked her about her birthday, that to my mind was just beyond acceptable.

    @Afiia: I totally agree with you abt the baat ka batangar issues, and sadly I know that this kind of thinking exists, but aajkal, at least here, things are seen very differently. Again, my comments are from perspective of being in a very different society than the one shown in the drama where a girl has to put with obnoxious guys like Z.

    Yes, @SK, totally with you! Want to see how Z reforms .. the writer’s put him in such a difficult place that its almost impossible to see redemption at this point! 🙂

    LOL @ the repetition of clothes! Yes, that red T shirt needs to be trashed ASAP! And that white T-shirt also needs an honorary retirement. Looking at the limited no of clothes Z wears it is hard to believe he’s as rich as they say he is 😉


  10. Fantastic episode. Love the characterization by Umera. Zaroon is such a complex character. And so is Kashaf. She is not run-of the mill kind of satti savitri khubsoorat larki. she is angry/frustrated/bitter and cynical. Males in Pakistani Universities take a lot of liberties. What goes in Universities in US is not how it is in Pakistani Universities. In Karachi, girls deal with a lot more! Bomb blasts/ target killings and wadera behaviour. I can’t see Kashaf complaining to the authorities just because he was asking for notes or her birthday. I know most of you are in USA and so find this strange but the drama is based in Karachi and here the realities of life are very different. I think ZGH is a fantastic serial.


    • Why should pakistani schooling system be any different then the ones in USA or UK. Are they not also humans and dont they deserve the same kind of security even if they are dealing with issues like suicide bombing and such?
      It is the school’s responsibily to make sure they provide a safe environment for the students, so she has all the rights to file a complaint if she feels harrassed by Zaroon’s behavior.

      As Javeria has explained in her comment above the issue is dealt with the same rules and regs as any university in the USA and last time i checked this was a women empowerment serial so why is that “men in pakistan take a lot of liberty”


    • @yf: hey! thanks for commenting and sharing your insight about the atmosphere in colleges and universities in Pakistan .. appreciate your bringing in a different perspective to our discussion –
      Also, absolutely agree with you re: Kashaf.. I really like her character, and find it so much more relatable than so many of our mazloom heroines these days!

      looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂


  11. Great review, Sz and as usual because of the time zone I was probably among the first to read it. I waited to comment because these days I am beginning to doubt my judgement , I think I may be too critical, so wanted to hear everyone else’s thoughts first.. I guess they did not show Sara’s wedding because there is another wedding for her , we can see from the promotional stills . Zaroon land Kashaf are attending that with the requisite annoyed brother pose and Dutiful Bhabi wardrobe on Kashaf.
    This “Farhan Bhai thing ” is not going to last long.
    This was a way better episode and the library scene added some excitement like a turning point . Finally I kind of felt for Kashaf . As for Asmara, well Umera Ahmed has written this character as a card board cutout. I think she is everything people think they hate about the elite classes, Cruel, arrogant and westernized. I have seen people like Asmra but they are not screechers nor do they cheer on such events . Such women are usually indifferent rather than actively mean.I have a feeling Mehreen Raheel was told to Vamp it up a bit and sadly that’s exactly what she has done.It’s all part of making Kashaf more and more a victim and I guess the writer’s prerogative. Yes there are women who would think it amusing that someone like Kashaf was the victim of ridicule
    . Most of Umera Ahmed’s Heroes if you can call them that are either weak or Jerks of the first water. Call me old fashioned but my idea of a “hero” is very different. Unless Zaroon grows up He looks more of a villain to me.


  12. Another great review. After this episode I see that I spoke too soon when I questioned Zaroon’s rakishness in your last review. Yes, he was an absolute dog in this episode and a coward to boot. It is hard to see how something that starts this ugly (threat of physical assualt is as ugly as it can get) will ever transform into a love story. But I have to stick with the idea that Zaroon is just absolutely clueless, obviously way off the mark on Kashif’s motivations, but, also, totally not at all in touch with his own motivations. He has no clue what he wants from life. His refusal to let Asmara go is cowardly. And his “game” with Kashif is obviously “disgusting” as Osama said, but as he is playing it, Zaroon is hating himself. And he’s hating the hold that Kashif has on him because it is something beyond his control and understanding.
    I wouldn’t say that Kashif is being stalked here. Boys flirt and girls like the flirting. Sometimes. I actually found the asking her birthday and asking for her notes kind of cute. (but, you’re right, maybe we’re just blind because it’s Fawad) She’s shutting him down at every turn, but some ineffable part of her is not shutting him down enough so that he stops. I’m not saying at all that she is “asking for it”. I agree his approach to her seems overkill. But the thing is, neither of these two know what the hell is going on. They “hate” each other, yet they don’t. Zaroon’s interpretation of what will move a middle class girl was disgusting, yes, but overall it speaks to his ignorance, about class, about girls, about himself.


    • I think it kills him that unlike every other girl Kashaf does not give him the time of the day so hes trying to find new ways to lure her.

      I feel like he has feelings for her and fails to admit and he keeps Asmara on the side because of his insecurities.

      After such irrational behavior I have no idea how the two will end up together.

      What bothered me was the fact that Kashaf decided to skip university because she didnt want to face him. She put up quite a fight and she should not be scared of him or his friends. She should have gone to university.

      Btw – Didn’t it look like Asmara had filed a complaint againt Kashaf, her facial expressions were telling a different story?


    • @Iqra: Hey! LOL! Chalo, good to know Zaroon has support 😉 Lets see how this character evolves and how he gets K to agree to his proposal of marriage.. keep commenting .. looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂


  13. Well written review. I don’t understand Usama hanging around this coupple.Usama’s arguments were genunine and true but does’nt show the power. Moreover, the library scene was bit unrealistic usyally all the people would gathered around this kibd of situation and the official woukd have talked to them right away. Also Rafia being sen very sad while the youngest daughter us missing for the second time.Moreover, the story would be more atractive when shown the two absolutely different familys dynamucs and the difference between the elite and lower middle class.


    • @Bushra: Hey! Good to hear from you 🙂 I guess we all have similar questions! i agree, Osma’s role had a lot of potential, and I don’t know whether it was not developed properly by the writer/director, or if its the actors fault.. but yeah he is the sanest one of the four!


  14. Thankyou so much SZ for writing up 🙂 and of course with no surprises a great one!

    Z-K scenes were indeed worth to watch and why not the story is actually about them, before commenting anything on scenes.. my goodness background music sucks…that creepy and scary music – hate it to core…starting scene have been better if that idiotic music wasn’t there, by the time music changed when Z asked DoB..essence of scene was lost.. I literally enjoyed stair scene between Z-K.. some sensible dialogues with great acting, but Z looked terrifying when he was thinking about K in his room…

    I think the purpose of showing neighbor visiting rafia was to prove last nail in coffin in rafia’s perspective about murtaza, which is done and dusted and chapter is closed for good.. For which i really hope no more murtaza scenes in future.. 😀

    Asmara and Sara.. they talked sense to Zaroon..totally confused guy.. but i think his mind right now is all packed with how to let down kashaf.. tou chalo maaf kiya bhai sahab ko 😛

    Library scene..wohhh amazing is word! i could actually feel K’s anger and then resistant attitude in going back to university.. so relatable.. it actually takes time to gather strength… and who is so good in giving that.. none other than our lovable Sidra Murtaza.. she is such a sweet heart.. her scene with rafia was great 🙂

    I also agree with @Afia and @SK about complaining on those matters, but yes they could have shown is much more acceptable way.. like in novel.. but ok no more comparasion 😉

    Brilliant acting by Fawad,Sanam,Sameena,Mansha and Ayesha Omer 🙂

    All ready to enjoy Z’s engagement 😀


    • @R – ok that music is beyond annoying!! I couldnt understand a word of that library argument bc the music was so loud and they were mumbling. What is the need for the horror music. We can tell they are arguing, the facial expressions and dialogues give it away. The music takes away from the scene and it becomes really hard to understand what they are saying.

      and umm 30 years later i think Rafia should get over her husband and not be surprised. My GOd can this woman cry. How about getting over it??


  15. Sadaf, good to know we are going to see Zaroon and Kashaf in duftiful bhai and bhabhi role 🙂

    Also does Zaroon’s dad pass away? we never see him in the latter half of the OST. I mean we dont even see him these days

    I’m glad you said that because I agree with you, I was just not brave enough to say it. What started out as a very interesting character is turning out to be a dull single shade typical guy. And like you said he does seem more like the villain esp with the sinister background music like Rehmat said

    For what its worth I do agree with some of you in that it appears like Zaroon is stalking her. I mean he is there at every corner she turns. He knows where she lives etc 🙂
    But I think thats the director’s fault for not giving a sense of time. On some days it feels like the college just started now we know its near its end. We dont know how many days have passed between each time Zarooon talks to K. Like the gift meet, it felt like it was the next day but K said he had missed a few days. So dealing with what the director is showing it appears kinda bad. How come he sat so close to her while asking for notes? I was quite happy to see that but still surprised. I thought K would actually move away a bit 🙂

    Can someone tell me please what time period this story is set in? 90s, 2000s, when? Also does she complain to authorities in the book about the slap? If she doesnt in the book she probably wont here either. I havent read the book.

    So the same concept of writing the dairy, the director has shown it so well to highlight the class differences. She uses a pen and paper and he uses a macbook. somebody mentioned that on youtube , thought I would share it here since its a poignant observation. I never noticed it. 😦


    • @Aish – about the time period of the drama?

      hmm lets see, The macbookpro Zaroon uses is relatively new. I would say about 2 or 3 years ago.
      But colored skinnies that Asmara wears just came into fashion last summer.
      Kashaf wears chooridars which is also a pretty new fashion trend (I think).
      So i would say anywhere from 2010- 2012! 😉

      Not too sure about the novel. 🙂


    • @Aish: We have no clue abt Zaroon’s family, they appear to have no place in the narrative, specially the dad.. apparently its enough for us to know that he’s married to a very cold, evil woman 😉 No, but seriously, in the novel, his parents, and K’s parents for that matter, were mentioned in the passing.. so we have no clue how Junaid’s character will fare here.

      Re: time, as mentioned, time has not been handled well here, so there has been no effort made to date this serial in terms of clothes, accessories, music, etc,… In the novel it two yrs of college, then they meet after 7 yrs, here I have no clue … but seems like we will see some kind of a jump in the coming episode!


    • Hi Aish the novel was from my calculation set in the late 80s and early 90s. and SZ is right, the novel was all about K and Z. nothing to really extrapolate much from other characters. 🙂


  16. That awkward moment where Fawad, fuming with fury, has to deliver a fiery dialogue aur aagey khara Shehrayar Munawwar with his oh-so-dud reactions, FK ki himmat hai ke phir bhi scene acha kar liya :p
    Sultana apa- not fair!


  17. @Aish Yaay , someone agrees with me… Zaroon needs to change a lot , like a whole lot .I think this is what Umera is trying to show with little or no help from Sultana Apa. From my reading and I could be wrong , the whole concept is about when you have a college reunion after say ten years and you think wow , that couple who used to hate each other …. They are married… How , what , where??? this play is supposed to fill in the blanks of how that happens. People change and mature with time and life experiences and if put in that context I am actually going to appreciate it more.That is a very mature and realistic approach rather than marrying in college
    @ Afia I so agree. What ever happened to learning your trade .. why does everyone want to skip the prelims? I really appreciate Mansha Pasha who has been working at her craft and learning and making her mark. I hope we see her a s a heroine soon . She is so innocent and pretty


  18. @Afia , exactly! That scene was disturbing , when FK’s efforts are taken into consideration. SM should have shown some expressions, he could have stayed calm but not in such a way. It seemed like he wasn’t bothered at all. I believe his character has a lot to it, if it had been portrayed as a caring friend to Zaroon. We can take the example of Mansha for this matter. Like Sadaf said she has really worked hard and her performance shows that. Our discussions too ratify that her presence in the story isn’t just bound to being the lead woman’s sister. She is ‘Sidra’ …

    And yeah, yay! Did anyone notice that our question has been answered?The second wife’s got a name:D NIGAR AUNTY !
    wesey I could not stop laughing at Asmara’s response to ‘tafree ka saman’. LOL! The way she said ‘MERA NAMM NA LO APNI GANDI ZABAN SEY ‘ was quite funny:p


    • @HeelaL LOL yeah! after 9 weeks of Aunty Nigar its great to finally be formallly introduced to her! Now if only I could see the MIA daughters, mujhe chain aa jaye ga 😉


  19. Hey All: thanks for all the comments .. great to see that whether we agree or disagree, ZGH is definitely keeping us all engaged!

    Not sure, how many saw this making the rounds on FB yesterday, but the background music for ZGH is plagiarized from the soundtrack .. I’m deliberately using this very strong term, rather than euphemistically referring to it as borrowed b/c anything that is used without acknowledging the original sources is considered as stolen or plagiarized.. once again have to say I am beyond disappointed!!!


    • Hey SZ and dosts 🙂

      hope you are doing well. I actually just checked in my sound library I do have the track and its licence free use for us because its been sold to our school but for non-commercial use. we are free to use it and dont need to worry about credits. I am just not sure how licensing or music production works in Pakistan. if the production library has this particular sound track than they dont need to mention it in credits. Also other than DeS i have heard sherlock holmes music many times as well. so no idea if this really plagiarized this or they have access to sound tracks. strange how they have such limited amount of sound tracks to use. we have almost 2-3 million tracks in our library alone and well we never reuse any sound tracks :S

      par koi naa Zindagi gulzar hai, right? 🙂


      • Hey Misty 🙂
        My problem is not whether the production house had to pay for it or not, but that they should’ve acknowledged it, b/c unlike at your school, this is being used for commercial purposes… any time there is money involved, remuneration (or acknowledgment at the very least) should be involved as well.. at least that’s the way it works here …


  20. SZ, Misty and Ash, thanks for your responses 🙂

    Afia, I just saw your comment in the last episode discussion that we are on page 38. Thanks for the info :)…for some reason I felt like we had progressed a lot…like page 100 or something 🙂

    @ash….lolol..true that about Mac book!!

    @ Misty..its late 80s? So Zaroon was born in the 70s or late 60s..that would explain his previous century mentality 🙂

    @SZ..lolol cold evil woman in the same green sari everytime!! I have given up expecting any kind of insight into Zaroon’s family. Right now I’m hoping for a better into the workings of Zaroon’s mind 🙂

    Really looking forward to next week. The show is picking up now.

    Also found this translation on IF for people like me.


    Also found a translation of the 1st three chapters. if anyone is interested I’ll put it up

    I have a question about humsafar 🙂 What was the age gap between Asher and Khirad? Are Sara and Asher the same age? If so shouldnt Sara been married a long long time ago? Somebody fill me in . I’m dying to know 😦


    • @Aish – Hey! Yes please do share the first three chapters. Would love to check it out! :).

      RE: humsafar – interesting question. I think there was a ten year age difference between ashar and khirad but I am not sure. Hopefully someone can fill us in and about Sarah as well. :). She was waiting for ashar her entire life including the four years when he and his wife were separated. Talk about obsessed ….


    • @Aish, Ashar and Sarah were the same age coz we hear sarah reminiscing about their college days.
      Yes, the novel only focused on Z and K hence, we’re still on pg38 🙂


  21. Ok I have just fallen in love . Thanks for the links .. this is so good i the book and if this is how it will be on screen I am sold …This seems to be about learning , growing and maturing .I am looking forward to this 🙂 Thank you Aish that Link was a big help


  22. http://www.wattpad.com/story/1740257-zindagi-gulzar-hai

    Thats the link for the first three chapters. It has the part someone (afia I think ?) told us about in the beginning…Zaroon;s introduction.. 🙂

    Sara…the whole thing was just really sad…I did think in the end they will show him visit the dead body of his friend..but they never did…Thats one thing that bothered me. I felt like that whole relationship was very one sided.


    • Yes, they could have shown Ashar dealing with the horrid news of the death and the shock of knowing the extent of Sarah’s partnership with his Mum. I missed it too.


  23. @SZ , haha yeah those two should be shown too. Yay! we know their names already. Wesey I fear they might give them long scenes too. It would become unbearable then:p

    I really appreciate your concern about the soundtrack. I liked it alot before I saw this news. I was very disappointed as well. Not to mention, the repeated Humsafar’s and DeS’s background scores. Is it that difficult to find some new tracks or record some more? MD productions is a hallmark on it own. It should be cautious while promoting such things.

    @Aish, I love Humsfar, so could not resist to take a part in this discussion. In the novel, Khirad is a twenty years old and Asher was 30+ ( I guess so,not sure about his exact age). Secondly, Sarah was a well-established Fashion Designer so she might be of Asher’s age. We can deduce her age from the long period of time she had waited for Asher to marry her. Hope it helps!


    • @Heela, jump in yaar, Humsafar ke liye sab hamesha tayaar rehte hain 🙂 I am really interested in seeing how much of a shelf life ZGH has … will we be discussing it with as much passion next year?


  24. Heela, thanks . It does help very much!!Humsafar…I know what you mean. I can never tire of watching the show or talking about it 🙂

    Afia something is wrong with my laptop. Your comments just showed up for me now!!

    thanks for filling me in.

    I cant believe Sara waited so long. that just makes it even more sad. Why did they not broach the topic earlier? Why did they just not set up a wedding esp since they are cousins? They waited till Khirad arrived. Sara had no idea Asher didnt love her till Khirad and his wedding came up. And Asher has no clue about Sara either. What were the two moms waiting for? And Sara…As much as I love Asher I had many problems with his relationship with Sara. I felt he should have been more careful and considerate. At the end when he goes to ask for forgiveness…I can understand his need to do that as a mother but as a woman I felt terrible for Sara. She was pretty much a puppet of Asher and his mom. Her mom..I cant imagine watching your daughter self destruct. It was terrible.

    And such a huge gap…? I always thought it 5-7 years…wow..his insecurities…all explained now. :P..his mom completely used that.

    if anyone has more info about the novel humsafar and all these event I’m all ears 🙂

    Also there was a discussion here about the thoughts of Asher at the very end…bridge hospital etc..someone had written the Urdu in Enlgish without translating and it was beautiful to read. Can anyone remember during which episode discussion that happened? For the life of me I cant find it.


  25. SZ, thats the one thanks so much!! I loved reading what Afia has written!!

    Afia, if ever time permits please do another update on Humsafar…any part you like..even ZGH..pretty please? 🙂


  26. Afia, in that other link I saw you mentioned downton!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show!! Did you watch the new season yet?

    Have you watched North and South ? another excellent BBC show!! I just love that!!

    SZ, I keep spamming your thread..sorry…I dont know why I cant resist 😦


  27. Yes, Aish I love DA, have seen the first 4 ep of season 3, still have to got through the rest. No haven’t see North and South. Will try checking it out.
    SZ, Should I write some of humsafar here or maybe on the humsafar/KPKP anniversary page? jaise aap kahen…


    • @Afia and @Aish: Spam away 🙂 Although you know it might be best if I start off a new thread for Humsafar, that way we can keep all our Humsafar related conversations in one place, saving us the problems of trying to dig through the various threads …@Afia you can then copy paste your earlier translation in that new thread as well… Give me an hour or so and I’ll post it… Happy Humsafar-ing 🙂


    • Did someone mention Downton .??? perhaps we should start another thread for that 😛 Who thinks the new footman is not going to last long ???


  28. Saniya….welcome!! Eagerly waiting for your next update!! 🙂

    Afia…you must watch North and South…Thorton…he is an amazing character…dare I say…better than Mr Darcy in my opinion..Thanks a million for all the parts you put up!! Really appreciate it!! I cant tell you how badly I want to know whats in the book!!


  29. as per novel there was only 6-8 yrs difference b/w asher n khirad age. secondly, asher knew sara’s love for him and made his feelings towards her v clear long b/f getting married to khirad. it was totally sara’s choice to expect frm asher to change his mind. both sara and asher were around 26-27 of age. to validate this info do read the original novel. i hope your queries are satisfactorily replied.


  30. The past few episodes have been a major fail. They’ve exposed umera’s weakness as a writer, particularly at developing certain types of characters. She seems to struggle at creating characters like Zaroon and sara who in her definition are educated,liberal, and privileged. Her struggle at creating them points to her inability to understand them or relate to them. It’s something she has struggled with in the past (shehr e zaat) and continues to do so.

    Let’s start off with zaroon. He is shown to be friendly and carefree with a little bit of playboy streak. He’s also very sensitive and caring and shows alot of emotional depth. You observe this side of him when he is with his family or close ones. He’s always looking out for the well being of his sister and trying to bring his parents together. He chastises his friend asmara for dressing up inappropriately because he wouldn’t want anyone to pass any judgement on her, he’s a star MBA student so he is obviously smart
    . . … and then he is a major DOUCHE bag who toys with the emotions of girls and thinks middle class girls are easy and to prove his point tries to make kashaf fall in love with himself so he can embarrass her and achieve some weird unexplained pleasure out of it? (that part i don’t get)… WHERE DOES THAT FIT IN??????? who even THINKS like that let alone talk the way he did with his friends in the library. He demonstrated such a “neech” and ghatiya thinking that it was beyond appalling. No sensitive, emotionally depth and family loving person would ever think on those lines. no educated/liberal guy would ever exhibit such behavior. It’s such a contradiction, it’s so convoluted and it makes no sense.

    Does umera honestly believe rich kids act like that? or liberal colleges have such a strange environment. if so, she really needs to evaluate her judgement.

    I spent 4 years at lums which is the kind of college kashaf and zaroon’s are shown to attend. We had kids from all types of background, from the rich to the very poor (thanks to lums amazing scholarship and outreach program). We all got together so well, no one meddled in anyone’s business. no one EVEN KNEW who was rich or poor. I didn’t even know who came on a car or rickshaw. No one cared about what any girl wore or if she smoked or dated guys.

    My point is, umera has ZERO understanding of the rich/modern/liberal segment of society. she has zero understanding of the culture of private institutes. In her mind, ppl only attend such institutions to have fun which comprises ridiculing others, having parties and concerts.

    and zaroon’s mom is a huge contradiction too. She is a liberal independent woman but forces her son to get engaged. she is well traveled, well accomplished, but advises her daughter to give a “shut up call” to her hubby, something you would expect an uncultured person to do.

    confusion confusion confusion


    • Saba your comment gave me that de ja vu kind of feeling coz just yesterday a friend was saying that UA does not understand the upper crust of society at all well. She tries to fit them all into cliches. And yes, Zaroon’s split personality is hard to stomach- poor characterization? I think so. But SSiddiqui and MDuraid should have stepped up and taken notice of these issues. Surely they were in a position to?


    • @saba – totally agree w your comment! Umera ahmed is a horrible story teller! She doesn’t know class difference and how to differentiate between the elite and middle / poor class.

      Thanks for clarifying the life of a college student and colleges in Pakistan bc for people who live abroad, they are getting a really bad portrayal of how it might be.

      All her dramas paint a really bad picture when it comes to elite class as if they are all evil and the poor are the mazloom. How does that make any sense. She must really hate the rich or had a really bad experience but nonetheless how can it be that they are all “bad”.


    • Great post Saba! When we were discussing SeZ, we had mentioned something similar that the rich = hollow, characterless, egotistical people and the poor/middle class are oh so perfect in everything.
      For most writers, it is easier to write pure black and white characters. It is MUCH MUCH harder to write characters with grey shades and flaws, the normal human being who is good most of the time but throws a huge hissy fit sometimes when things are not going right. I don’t think our digest writers are capable of writing grey characters. And it’s a tough job so I really don’t expect it from them.


  31. @Saba Thank you, I am so glad you wrote that comment I really was getting a terrible impression of life in a Pakistani college. I agree that although Umera is a good writer I think she needs to research her upper class characters more .What concerns me the most is Ghazalla’s character .the way she is portrayed does not make sense . I know some people are shallow and arrogant but for some one who as you say works hard , has seen the world and is well educated to tell her daughter to “give a shut up ” call beggars belief. In my own life experience I have found such women to be mostly kind and very conscious of the courtesy and respect required of relationships. People of the Elite class do not sit around all day insulting people and eating chocolates . There is a lot of rukh rakhao and lihaas required to run such huge households and servants and business contacts etc.. Zaroon did not spring out of the ground full grown, there was a woman who taught him to care for and love his sister and Father.


  32. Yes I saw it and my heart dropped into my shoes …. Has anyone read the plot of Armaan it sounds like a parody of a movie (wiki it) …. challo lets hope they put it in a modern context .Anjum Shahazad has yet to impress me even if I watched Talafi …. why am I always Cassandra ??? as in prophet of impending doom ? please someone prove me wrong


    • just to clarify the “film” news for ya ladies – Sarwat was on the JPJ morning show and she talked about it a little more. They are taking 5 old Pakistani blockbuster movies and having 5 different directors make those into Telefilms. One is DMDT that Mehreen is directing. The other one is Anjuman with people I don’t care for and the 3rd one seems to be this Anjum Shehzad one with FK and Aamina. Not sure about the other 2 but I am sure their names will surface soon too 🙂 So yeah it’s more a “revival” of old movies by turning them into mini-movies for the TV screen. Sadaf you can relax a bit 😉 haha I have heard that Armaan was super popular and had excellent music attached to it but I haven’t seen any of these late 60’s early 70s movies from Pakistan so it will be ‘new’ for me.

      here is Sarwat talking about it – start watching from 20:27 on the 2nd video:


      • Thank You Annie for the info! SZ had also mentioned something on those lines about old movie remakes.I didnt know cast or any details yet, I had never watched those tellybrations lol


    • Sadaf,OMG is what my reaction was when I did wiki it.
      I had known about the famous film Armaan but had no idea of the long drawn story it involved- kabhi na khutm hone wali. LOL at my imagination- Fawad in nightclubs, Fawad drunk (ala Ashk), Fawad in love, Fawad drunk and depressed again. Chalo maza aayega. 😉


  33. The story line actually reminded me of the movie SRK was doing in OmShantiOm .. you know where he is a paraplegic and has to throw flowers on the heroine marrying some one else.. At every so called twist in the story the meant to be lover are torn apart. People had a lot more patience then, believe me after the trauma of AsHK I have none left .. I would be morally obliged to set fire to the cinema hall as an act of protest against this kind of inhuman torture.
    Kidding aside I am sure they will change up the story a bit because think about it all of that tragedy costs a lot of money to produce.



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