Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay ~ Finale Review


Tanhaiyan aur mohabbatein azal se jaari hain aur abad tak jaari rahengi
Raaston mein andherey aatey rahenge
magar chiragh bhi jalte rahenge…. 

What a perfect end to this lovely serial! Loved the sentimentality of it all – the nostalgic look back was beautifully juxtaposed against the optimistic, but resolute march towards a brighter, better future. The puraney silsilay smoothly gave way to the newer ones. Yes, our hope for a better, brighter future lies in the younger generation’s hands. Though they often lose their way and seem immature at times, but with proper guidance it is these youngsters who will bring about change in our society, and revive our sagging fortunes. Yes, Zarak’s schools will help educate our children, and Iltutmish’s film will give a new lease of life to our local film industry – bring it on guys!

As a final episode, this one was enjoyable for most part. I LOVED the final scene, but the pick of the episode, for me at least, was the scene between Iltutmish and Sania. Superbly written, directed and acted, this scene was a class act all the way. Finally, for once we are shown that not all relationships between a man and woman need to end in marriage. Also, unlike what we are generally shown, I really appreciated that Sania did not agree to get married simply because duniya kya kahegi. I am so very glad that Sania did not change her mantra at the very last moment and decide to go filmi and do a full on muhabbat ka izhar… thank you team TNS for keeping it real! This one scene illustrated beautifully why Marina is loved by one and all. Oh how I wish we could see more of Her Fabulousness on our TV screens!

Along with Marina, Behroze Sabzwari is another actor whose performance as Qabacha was like watching a master class of acting. Going from silly to serious in the blink of an eye, this seemingly simple role demanded a lot from the actor, and Behroze Sabzwari did not disappoint even for a second. I was teary-eyed as I watched him tell Faran Uncle that these days khud ko bhi khud se chhupa raha hoon… loga hanstey hain Sir… log hanstey hain tau mujhe accha lagta hai .. bohot acha lagta hai Sir! Beautiful poetic lines, delivered with just the right amount of sensitivity! How I wish our directors and producers would get more creative, think out of the box and look beyond the usual parent/uncle roles for our extremely talented senior actors.

From father to son, Shahroz has clearly inherited more than just good looks from his parents. He was fabulous today in the scene with Marina. Throughout, all his scenes with Syra have been very skweet. Earlier, the romantic dinner and the film auditions with Serena and Chandni were hilarious. He was impressive in the more serious scenes as well. Along with Shahroz, his now better half Syra was the show stealer here. Playing the chirpy Serena to perfection, with her armload of bangles, her flowy dupattas and her colorful joras, Syra was the perfect Serena. Iltutmsh and Serena made the cutest pair ever!

Along with Serena, Chandni’s was the other character that stood out for her colorful persona. Even though she seemed to hate changing clothes, she was so great with her lisp and her filmi-pana. Uff, kab baney gi Kishmish ki film?! Can hardly wait to see my girl Chandni on the silver screen, complete with all her adas and nakhras. Kaif Ghaznavi was fab! I was sad though that we hardly got to see her today. Chalo, Sania didn’t want to get married, magar Chandni ko tau shauq tha na! Uski mangni kyon nahin karai? Not fair!

We did not see much of Asif Raza Mir in this serial, but he was a standout in all his scenes. I loved how creatively and subtly we were shown the change in Zain and Sania’s relationship today; they were back to calling each other King Kong and Pink Panther, just like in the old days. I am so glad the director and writer combo did not waste time on more ma’afi talaafi in this episode.

Now, to come to what I did not care for in this episode. The whole Zarak/Zenia track fell completely flat for me. I have said enough about Shehryar’s acting, so no need to rehash it, but the the amount of time devoted to this track in the final episode just did not work for me. I liked Alishba as Zenia, and thought she did well with her subdued character. Her scenes with Syra were always fun, I just wish there had been a more mature actor paired against her. Apart from this one track, the scene at Zarak’s house seemed never-ending, I enjoyed the rest of the episode.

Overall, in these days of serials with self-conscious heavy-handed social messages, I really enjoyed the simplicity and sincerity with which this story was narrated. For me the success of Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay lay in the fact that it did not rely upon fancy locations, designer wardrobes, technical wizadry, or any other bells and whistles. Here was a straightforward story of a regular middle-class family, told in a forthright manner. A huge round of applause for Jaleel Akhtar, Marina Khan, Mohammed Ahmed, and the cast and crew of TNS. Excellently done!! I hope other producers and TV channels are taking notes and seeing that ratings sirf aurat ko rulaney say hi nahin aati. Could we please be done with endless tears, physical and verbal abuse, and vulgar dialogues?

Though I had started watching this serial with considerable trepidation, after thirteen weeks I bid farewell to Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay with a heavy heart and a smile on my face. Never thought I’d say this about our dramas, but this one could’ve gone a bit longer…. TNS you will be missed!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Thanks SZ for bringing us these reviews! Much appreciated….
    I had tears in my eyes too, in the Qabacha-Faran uncle scene and then the last scene in which Zarak and Zenia communicate the same way Zain and Zara had done so mere bachpan mein- no dialogues, just thoughts. Needless to say the senior pair had done it 10 times better!
    I loved Behroze Subzwari’s work in this. From the younger lot Shehroze and Syra were great. And yes, the scene between Marina and Shehroze was so well written and executed- it even muffled the little disappointment I had of Q not winning S’s hand. Ce la vie.


  2. Ah! yes abhi na jaao chod ker 🙂 But on the other hand I LOVE it when dramas wrap up in less than 17-18 episodes. The editing and narrative is so crisp because of it.
    I echo your comments about the simplicity and sincerity of this play. That’s what kept me coming back week after week – the people were Normal, the story was Simple, Even though there were crazy awful moments of Zarak’s bad acting and the whole track with Zenia but overall when all is said and done, it was Lovely to watch the whole thing 🙂
    I lol’ed at quite a few places today and had a tear in my eye in others. What a lovely way to end it with showing the cast and crew at the end having a good time. Qabacha once again was the highlight of the whole drama. his serious poetry had me laughing – that is first class acting! 🙂 and yes ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE KISMISH-SANIA SCENE – picture abhi baaqi hai mere dost 🙂
    What a skweet end to a skweet sequel. Thank you TNS team. Thanks SZ for writing the review so quickly – I wasn’t expecting it at all due to your schedule 🙂


  3. Oh i really liked this serial it was short and crisp and provided such a light heated approach.I am so going to miss this one .Some mind find some scenes a little over the top but i thing they roped every think so nicely with so many right after sentiment provoking scenes. It did give you a good laugh time and again through out the weeks so that is such an essential element missing from our plays and along side the touching moments like last episode Gulab ki kahaini last scene just grips me .
    Qabacha i am so glad this character lived on out screens again the such a fabolous actor that brought this whole play to life, Second most important i guess Kishimish and Sarena stole the rest of the show amongst other cast. Marina provided a lot of strength too. Only Zarak’s/Zeniya’s track of revenge mission,and jaan lay lay ga..could have been avoided it dragged too long for the final episode but rest was just amazing and they do pull us back with sweet tit bits, Thank you SZ for reviewing this for us it was such a delight reading these reviews,


    • @javeria – I have repeatedly hated on Zenia / Zarak track so I didn’t want to bring it up again but yes that was the weakest link in an otherwise perfect drama serial.
      Pehle Passport ka drama and phir intekam kaa… I guess they didn’t get the hint when their passport drama dragged on forever! 😉


  4. LOVED IT! And wish it didnt end so soon! I’ll miss Qabacha the most! Sir Behroze kia kamal acting ki hai, wah! At the beginning of the serial I always thought how’d he do it being old and with his real life son! but he carried it with sheer brilliance! LSA tu banta hai boss! Chandni was super cute lollywood actress. Didn’t feel like its the same actress who played an old lady in Dareechay. And the skweet romance between Serena and kishmish was to die for! I can go on and on, but like always, you have summarized our feelings so perfectly SZ! 🙂

    Bas, this may be the end of tanhaiyan, but the silsilay should keep going! I want to see more serials like this! I think us ladies should also plan some kind of dharna to get our demands accepted. Rona dhona band kerna huga, dharna huga dharna huga! ok that was pathetic and rikshaw poetry is better than this 😛 But you get the point 😀


    • @Aeman – haha , yes we should plan something too, ke hamare manggi puri ki jaayen. Wasai bhi aaj kal rallies kaafi hit hui wi hain, and clearly they are working! 😉


    • Completely agree with you Aeman LSA tow banta hai. I think the best ensemble cast this year 🙂 my husband is catching up on his episodes and we’re having a ball watching it all over again 🙂


  5. LOVED this drama! so short and sweet and everything comes together so well in the end, although most things did tie up last week but the finale was much needed. However i wish they showed some sort of wedding/ engagement for my fave pair Serena and KishMish.

    Although i was waiting for Saniya Khala and Qabacha to become one, I liked the way they kept it as friends and showed a different aspect to relationships.

    Thank you SZ for providing such a complete analysis of the drama and the hidden meanings to everything.
    Your reviews complete the experience of TNS.

    The last diaogue, the ones quoted in the review sum up the entire drama. Totally hit home and define life so well. I guess this is when we realize that jab tanhaiyaan aati hain, we shouldn’t drown ourselves in depression because unke saath saath mohabbat bhi is not too far away.

    This drama will be missed and I hope we get to see more of these type of warm, light hearted drama serials on our screens. where there is love, trust, honesty, friendship, and characters, one can relate to, all in one package.
    A drama where everyone is just not in it to get each other with every single evil tactic in the book!
    Kudos to TNS and thanks to the team for giving us this! 🙂


  6. Great review SZ!! Faraan uncle said that dialogue so well…very beautifully delivered. Overall a very refreshing drama, it was great seeing most of the original characters come back again, they were all amazing from Qabacha to Aani to Sania to bibi to Faraan uncle….also loved how important and significant Zara was till the end.

    Agree with all of you ,this would have been flawless except for so much focus on the zenia zarak track, I feel others did not get enough attention both in the finale and throughout. For it to have been a much more memorable sequel , I feel a better storyline for zenia and zarak and a more experienced actor would have done wonders , the inexperience of SM showed big time which we said throughout!
    I personally think the copy of the zain Zara scene in the final scene did not work for me, was really disappointed with that, as I inevitably compared it to the intensity of Zain and Zara such a long time ago. Zarak just did not have the expressions to have that no talking conversation!

    The sisters were fab , with Serena being my fave, she really fit the bubbly caring sister beautifully and yes her and kishmish were adorable! Kishmish was great in the scene with saniya, that was a great scene. So qabach does not get his khwaish, bechara but its true I really couldn’t imagine them together lol!
    All in all sad to see it finish, it was very well written and directed…thanks SZ also for giving us great reviews all the way through!


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