Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 8 Review


Now this is what I call an engrossing episode! Complementing Zaroon and Kashaf’s explosive chemistry, we had Sidra and her cool-headedness, Asmara and her badtameezis, Osama and his vacuous smiles, Maria and her sighing over Zaroon, Rafia and her naseehats, Hammad as the anokha ladla, the nameless second wife being her usual, I-want-everything-and-the-moon, self, and Murtaza playing the indulgent dad to a Tee. For once, all the threads were woven together just right – a perfect blending of the various tracks to give a smooth, balanced look to the episode. Finally!!

Today’s episode confirmed the Zaroon indeed has double standards of the worst kind – a different set of rules for women close to him and a whole other worldview for the women who fall outside that esteemed realm. As Kashaf is gradually discovering, Mr. Zaroon wants to keep his sister and girl friend covered, but all other women, even if they are fully covered are fair game. I guess the moral of the story here is that its not just about keeping your physical attributes covered, but also hide your intelligence – kiya pata kab a guy like Zaroon might take it on as a personal challenge! While Zaroon and his evilness is still bugging me and he will have to do a 720° turn to show that he is reformed, it is to Fawad’s credit that he makes a rake like Zaroon so much fun to watch. Fawad Khan is superb!

Sanam Saeed was a personal favorite before this serial, and her very strong performance here has sealed the deal. Kashaf is such a prickly character, but Sanam makes her come alive so vividly that one cannot help but fall in love with this angry young woman. Here scenes with Fawad were a joy to watch today. She is matching him, actually outshines him at times, every step of the way. Apart from Fawad, she has great chemistry with Mansha Pasha. I wait to see their scenes together. It was so much fun to watch Kashaf pacing angrily in the kitchen while Sidra tried to calm her down, after her showdown with Asmara. Similarly the scene in the swing, Kashaf chiding Sidra for her cheap harkats, was very sweet.

Asmara was slightly better in this episode  primarily because she actually said a bit more than just whine endlessly  Mehreen is doing a good job with a very annoying character. The library scene with Kashaf was interesting to watch, although in terms of scripting I couldn’t understand why was there only one copy of what sounded like an important book. Also, they way they keep raising their voices in the library seems odd, particularly for advanced graduate students. The scene that followed, Asmara going up to Zaroon and Osama, seemed out of sync with the earlier library scene. Another thing which stuck out like a sore thumb, particularly after the never ending fuss in the last couple of episodes, was Asmara’s outfit in the concert scene. It was the same watermelon combo that had roused Zaroon’s ire a couple of weeks ago. Given that the makers had spent so much time on this serial, I wish the continuity of clothes was looked at a bit more carefully. Zaroon was wearing a white-lettered T-shirt, when he gives Kashaf the present, and then the next day he has the same exact T-shirt again. Now that we all know that our guy Zaroon is not much of a shopper, I sincerely hope Sara and Aunty Ghazala will take time out from trousseau shopping and buy him some new clothes from London.

And now to the BIG scene. I had been waiting for this since it was announced they were going to shoot a concert for ZGH.  A friend and her two daughter attended this taping session so I got the blow by blow account. After having anticipated so much, I have to confess to being disappointed. Why, Why, Why?? Why dub Fawad’s rendition of Satrangi (lip synced) and Bolo Bolo (live) with Junaid Jamshed’s very dated track. All the energy and enthusiasm conveyed by Fawad and the crazy fans – yes, all that really did happen! – was washed away by the selection of a curiously vapid track. Check this video of the “real” concert!


This disappointment aside, a very fun episode – so much so that even Murtaza’s laad piyaar session with his wife and son didn’t bother me, and I actually missed seeing more of Rafia and Sara! This balance is what had been missing in the previous episodes. Keeping fingers crossed that the story continues to move forward without further hitches…

Written by SZ~


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  1. Thanks for that wonderful review SZ . I really enjoyed this episode and just hope the others will be a similar blend of the various tracks with Zaroon and Kashaf taking the lead.Sorry I did not see her outshine Fawad anywhere .. believe me I would notice. The only actress I have seen doing that is Sanam Baloch. Fawad was absolutely perfect and I have to agree it is he who brings much needed charm to this bad boy Zaroon. So he is flirting with her to eventually make fun of her ? Heinous!
    Sanam was much better in this episode but I am still not in love with her like I was in Mata e Jaan. I watched that entire serial for her I could not stand Hani & Ab. I don’t know if you remember but I wrote a comment about wanting throw Abi into the nearest river under one of your reviews. I have since reformed my character and decided ,I don’t have to like everyone and everyone does not have to agree with me 😉 . Khair I think Umera has just written Kashaf’s character like this and I will have to go with the flow on this. I am sure everyone else loves her so I shall sit in my awkward little corner and keep my whining to a minimum

    • LOL @Sadaf! I really needed this dose of your kind of dry humor after my long day – thank you! Oh no! why did you reform? Watch less of these serials with social msgs – they’re messing you up! Can we plz have the old Sadaf back! 😉

      • You’re so right Annie! btw Sadaf, I can relate to how u feel about Kashf- I don’t dislike her- but don’t love her either, think she’ll grow on us. Specially when FK (read Zaroon) falls in love with her….

        • If he loves her and she makes him happy … well then alright ,I love her too …If he is happy i am happy . Seriously , the director (?) has not let me empathize one bit with Kashaf,halla key she deserves ALL our sympathy . what kind of a person am I that I am empathizing with that bad boy Zaroon?I can see I will like her more later. To be fair I was annoyed with Khirad a couple of times too in the beginning episodes of HS , I thought she had way too many nakhras and should be grateful Asher offered her those peanuts…..;) .khair I digress.

  2. You are so right after so many “worthy” dramas my unworthy self needs a comedy or something a little lighter romance.Actually I have started watching a slightly different serial called Ghao.. It’s something I am watching despite not wanting to, so it must have something to it ? if that makes sense?

      • Afia you and me seem to watch all the same stuff:) Its light i the sens that It does not have Fawad i it and I am not obsessive about it succeeding . Despite all my complaints I really want this ZGH to do well .

        • I will plead guilty to this one too.. altho its not a must watch for me.. I like Fiza Ali in this role, but Sami Khan needs to go on a long vacation … no matter how good he is, it is hard to believe in his characters since he’s in at least 4-5 dramas simultaneously at any given time. The other one I like is Siskiyaan… again not a drop everything and watch, but still a different story with problems of real people, not the black white stereotypes ..

          • yes, I told Sadaf about Siskiyaan- realistic and gripping.
            I don’t mind Sami khan or maybe I’m only watching Ghao with him so I didn’t notice him being everywhere. He’s good at his job. My daughter noticed samina peerzada in this play and remarked that thank God she’s not doing an old role again :\.
            I’m guilty of following too many play nowdays. They’re repeated 4-5 times so one ‘catches’ them kabhi na kabhi. After the hols, I’ve started following kahi unkahi, ek tamana lahasil si, saat pardon mein, etc. Add to that the new Mirat ul Aroos. Sorry for rambling on and on- plz go back to discussing ZGH and the Fawad induced haze (copyright Sadaf) I reside in.

            • @Afia: EK tamana is beyond bizarre — I am watching it just to see how far the makers are willing to stoop in the name of ratings!! And to think this is on Hum, a supposedly woman-oriented channel, is seriously disgusted. I am fast losing respect for Hum TV 😦

          • Really , Afia mentioned it a while ago . I will take a look then (siskia)
            @Afia I hereby give away all copyrights feel free to use 😉

            • Ok then I might use “go and lay in a dark room” soon 🙂
              and SZ, yes ETLS is sooo strange- hadh hi hai but apparently moms like that do exist! But Fahad M is playing such a spineless husband again here (also in daagh)- too much ho gaya hai. Does he really not remember being with his wife or is he choosing not to tell?

  3. great review SZ 🙂 i for one totally enjoyed the entire episode. loved every minute of it 🙂
    I know i have met chipkalis like Asmara both in high school and in undergrad but never one as rude and as obnoxious as she is portrayed. according to my brother high school grade 8 teenagers sure act like that but not a MBA student for sure. itni bayhasi Allah tubaa…have any of you guys ever met an Asmara?

  4. So we do get a review…Yay…Thank You for the unexpected surprise!! Hope your hands weren’t too frozen typing:)

    Anyways Loved it from start to finish, very engrossing as you said and the perfect balance of scenes finally! Madamara was tolerable, and murtaza was lost in the love for his son, so no ranting from him!!

    Just watching the concert scene also made me think Why?? I was hoping it would be in Fawads voice…he’s such a good singer,why did they dub him? After seeing the satrangi clip am more upset…that would have been so cool! Otherwise that scene was very well shot, and directed!
    My favorite scene was Kashaf in the car ride, I so felt for her and I could totally empathize with her fear of what will people say. Our culture is very vicious and people thrive on gossip and tarnishing a woman’s character. I think she portrayed those feelings of fear brilliantly.
    Fawad was also superb with his expressions and dialogues thoughout…this guy is just amazing in his talent!!
    When will Zaroon realize Kashaf is actually following the dada aba advice he gives to Sara lol!!! His inflated ego is not letting him think straight!!
    I am excited to find out how these two strong characters will come together, they already have great chemistry and their scenes were a treat to watch!
    Kashaf sidra scenes were the other highlight…absolutely loved them….really enjoying sidra as the calm, humorous sister. Loved it when she said” Dekh to lehtee ki kya tohfa tha” haha
    Looking forward to next weeks major confrontation….hopefully its as great as this episode!

  5. i loved this show vry much .. and today’s episode was EPIC 🙂 loved all these scene !!! good luck and good going ZGH 🙂 Love ya
    – S an a –

  6. Thank God my exams are over, just caught up with this episode. What a complete package this was?! Or shall I say It was the ZGH we had expected when the first teasers came. Loved it!

    I will jot down my thoughts in a sequence, firstly the university scenes along with the gift scene were beautifully done. I like Kashaf, love her determination.a very well-written character.
    Secondly, Her argument with Asmara was a treat to watch. Ironically, Asmara was teaching her mannerisms are. No body would ( no matter in which level ) talk to a teacher like she did. Sir Abrar’s ‘bardasht’ is commendable. The way she three the book at Librarian’s desk. Chalo khair…
    Sidra-Kashaf scenes were simply wonderful. Exceptionally acted out, they had that aww-factor. Sidra’s line, ‘ Wesey gift leg Leti, hum dekhtey tha Kia?!’ Made me laugh. She is adorable.

    Coming to the concert sequence, Fawad Khan’s acting was brilliant even that scene. ( only if they had let us enjoy Fawad’s own voice) The way he espied Kashaf, I liked It. By now, something I have concluded is that Asmara is not MY FAVOURITE! NO! Not at all. I could not stop smirking when Osama tells her, ‘yar mein bhi nikalta Hun’. She deserved such a response. I agree with your adjective, ‘be hiss’ . It sums up her character.

    Fawad and Sanam were brilliant in that road scene. His ‘get into the car’ look really did scare our angry young woman:p
    I felt terribly bad for Kashaf and was equally mad at Maria for doing what she did.

    I can’t resist the urge to praise FK for his flawless acting skills one more time. He brings the character of Zaroon to life.

    Wow! The story has paced up. Next week we’ll be on the edge of our seats watching Kashaf make a ‘chor’ out of Zaroon. Henceforth sudra-dying him. Fingers crossed!

    • @Heela: Hey! Congratulations on the exams khatam! Do share your excellent results when you get them back 🙂 FK is ruling the show as is Sanam.. loving the two together! Love the sudhro-fying term – might have to steal it from you and use it in a future review 😀

  7. Hey! enjoyed reading your responses .. our discussions make the episode so much more fun 🙂

    After reading the comments all I can say is that bechari Asmara has absolutely no saving grace to her… I do wonder though why writers write such completely black characters .. after all there must be something good in her that Zaroon has kept her around for such a long time. His mother and sister like her as well, and it would be beyond silly to imagine ke they like her simply b/c she’s like them… there must be plenty of those around, so why just her? I wish Asmara had had a bit more nuance to her … Also Maria, yaar yeh kaisi best friend hai?? She goes up and messes Kashaf’s life all the time. Also, don’t get why we know nothing about Osama and Maria’s background. Considering how much Kashaf hates the “rich,” I wonder which category she places these two in? They seem to be better off than she is, and Maria does not share similar reservations about hanging out with guys or staying out late at night…

    Btw, was anybody else surprised that Asmara allowed Zaroon to go alone with Kashaf to drop her off? Considering her insecurities, she hates Zaroon even saying hi to Kashaf, I wonder why she agreed to be dropped off first? Yes, she wanted to make Kashaf uncomfortable, but still I would’ve thought her Zaroon obsession would not allow her to do so… Also, how did Zaroon know where Kashaf lived?

    • I think it was the uncomfortable factor too that Asmara let Kashaf go alone with Zaroon. Plus I think she needed to change out of her ugly green tights – the sooner the better!

    • Gre8 Review Sz 🙂

      N yes, these discussions make the drama even more fun to watch. It’s interesting to note how everyone’s perception is so unique and different and all the points that can easily escape my notice so easily are discussed here in detail and then I realise, O Man, that was important, how did I nt see that 🙂

      Love reading your point of view.

  8. Hope the results do not dissapoint! Haha why not:) I will be looking forward to seeing it in one of your eloquently written reviews. MA
    True that. . I had the same thought too when he offered to drop her when she was walking on the road. He informed her that his route was the same as Kashaf’s. That’s interesting Mr.Zaroon. You spy on people!

    Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the magician, the very talented DOP , Shahzad Kashmiri himself in the concert scene? I am always very interested in catching the crew members in the scenes of these plays. Not to mention my love for BTS videos;)

    • My guess is Zaroon found out Kashaf’s address from one of his sources and then put it into Google Maps – tada! :p I am sure he has a GPS in his Mercedes too 😉 the only problem I had was that both he and Kashaf were wearing the same clothes from the previous day. I guess Zaroon ne Dubai se koi shopping nahi kari.

      Yes I noticed the DOP too – thought it was kinda cool that they showed him swinging his camera around filming the stage.

      • Lol at Google Maps!! or maybe it was mapquest …I find that much more reliable..as he got her there pretty fast like he goes there everyday lol.
        @Heela so true…I was thinking that too when he said aapka ghar mera rasta mey parta hai hain…has he been following her lol??

      • LOL all these map apps just take you via the longest route and get you lost ten times before reaching the actual destination. I would have to say hes been stalking Kashaf, warna uska ghar Zaroon ke raaste mai kaise aah sakta hai. That one is hard to believe for sure.

        Double standards toh already hai hi tha, but is Zaroon also a creeper. He sure looked like one from the rearview mirror angle! :O

  9. This episode was a complete package. Sparks fly when the two leads interact. This keeps us glued to our tv. EVERYBODY in Karachi is watching this serial. It is a great hit and I am so glad because I want FK to have a big hit after the failure of ‘ashk’ and Sanam as the rebel is just perfect. Mansha pasha is a personal favorite so really wish her well. I love the way these two actresses ( SS and MP) have moulded their body language and are so believable as girls from lower middle class. SS in Matae Jan was so different from K and so is Sidra from Rushna. I love this versatility.The dialogue delivery is also very different.Top marks go to FK. He is just perfect as Zaroon. He has brought so much of charm and attraction to this complex character.Asmara was very fake and apart from the library scene she did not impress me, and I too could not understand how she was willing to let FK and K go alone? Maybe she just wanted to cause distress for K???

  10. Thank you SZ for taking the time out of your super busy schedule to write another great review for us 🙂
    Completely agree with you about the balanced episode today. It was just the right mix of the annoying and the good scenes where the 2nd wife scenes could be easily forwarded w/out forwarding half the episode. Yes!
    Thanks for clarifying the concert portion. I was wondering why they dubbed JJ’s song when they could have dubbed an EP song. It doesn’t make much sense. I am guessing the audio quality of the actual concert was not to the editor’s and director’s liking and they did that. Wonder if FK was embarrassed when he heard that on tv – he probably called JJ and apologized 😉 Which also answers my question that his expressions during the singing were very intense and the song was quite mellow and I was trying to figure out why that was not that it was bothersome – just odd.

    Sidra was looking absolutely adorable in the red and black suit when she was asking about the gift. I really wish Mansha Pasha gets a meaty role soon! She’s such a PERFECT foil to our ghussa phoonkti Kashaf.

    Now for my wishes – I wish they would work on the sloppy editing. The post-library scene, the audio being muted in the car when Zaroon is speaking, the weird angles with which they were shooting Zaroon’s eyes in the back view mirror and then cutting to Kashaf’s face, the two being out on the street all of a sudden, the clothes continuity issues. From a big production house like MD, I really do expect much more perfection.

    Here is hoping that the momentum continues for the next 4-5 episodes at least.

    • Thanks for saying that about the weird Car mirror scenes ,I was beginning to think I was crazy… But as you said overall good episode ..finally

        • ok so I wasn’t the only one getting creeped out by the way they were showing FK’s eyes! I mean isn’t the weirdo music when he writes his diary enough to make him look all sinister :p Editor sahab please pait bhar ke khanay ke baad editing table per baitha karay. Guzarish hai buss…

          • hey guys, i mentioned this on DP as well, the car scene with almost extreme close up shots of FK’s eyes is actually a cinematographic trick to show Kashaf’s fear as she views zaroon because he is sitting with his back to her, the only thing she can see are his eyes and well we know how Kashaf views Zaroon as…creepy!

            • @Misty: Yeah, got that part as I was watching, but rather than conveying the required effect it ended up sticking out like a sore thumb b/c of poor editing and integrating … all this sloppiness (editing, background music, continuity, dubbing) is very surprising considering this was a prize project and MD took almost a year to put the final product out. Compare ZGH to Coke Kahani, which was shot last spring/summer (while MeJ was on air) and the difference in the final products is clear for all to see…

            • Hey SZ, totally understand your dismay about the technical side of ZGH which has failed at a lot of parts. I remember Sanam Saeed coming to some show and she was talking about how Sultana Apa has not experienced the technical side of new age cinematography techniques that were employed and she was relying on her assistant director and her editor to probably keep track of these things she must have missed.

              An editor can only do so much especially when they are given sound compromised footage. And you are right they had plenty of time so why such a substandard badly edited production is a million dollar question however some who has wrestled with sound editing (A LOT), sound is a complete nightmare to begin with, to have very effective and ambient sounds, you have to record most of the sound separately and then give a sound editor time to edit them all together. I remember a few years ago, a few friends of mine did a small short film for a class project ( http://vimeo.com/17348433 ) and they dubbed every single sound (e.g. the type writer, the birds, the chimes) separately in order to create an ambiance for the 2-minute short film. It took them over two weeks to put together this two-minute film but it was worth all the efforts. I guess it just depends on what you prioritize in your production as well. Sound is usually left as the last thing and here I don’t think anybody checked for quality at all. what they needed was a good sound editor and a sense to use more different music rather than employing the over done DeS and sherlock holmes background track. – as for this particular car scene, I just wish they didnt play any background music at all and should have used the ambiance of being on the road and the car engine instead. there is a way to fix frequencies of these background noises to match the silences and pauses to when the actors are speaking their dialogues. this would have been more effective rather than coming off as very ominous and would have helped with this extreme close up of FK’s spooky eyes in the mirror.

              I also sincerely wish someone would have sat down and edited and created a proper story board as well. As much as I enjoyed the last two episode, narrative wise we are still on episode 2. They say never ever take your audience for granted and seems like they did just that!

  11. okay!! Now this is what i have been waiting for since ages. last episode was complete package in every aspect as you guys said above,
    and honesty i lovvvvedd all the zaroon -kashaf scenes, what explosive chemistry these two have, the constant bantering, haha, totally worth watching,
    oh and as you guys also noticed, how did zaroon know where kashaf lived ?
    and why exactly did maria leave kashaf woh bhi zaroon n asmara kay satth?
    anyway, here again , being a CRAZY Fawad khan Fan, man he is so epicly amazing,what a super talented guy he is, the way he has brought zaroon to life is amazing, no body could have played it better! the double standards, altered ego. hands down fawad,you r epic! also sanam, she is definitely shining like a star in this show!!
    cant wait for the next episode, the big fight! also how will these two come around to marrying each other!
    btw, why why why does hum tv not let fawad sing a song in his own voice! why jj 😦

    • @Saraah: Glad we’re all on the same page, with the same questions, LOL! I wish someone from the ZGH team could come and answer all our questions!

      Also, I have been wondering abt the MIA daughters .. they even have names – Tanzeela and Tooba! Considering that this drama is all about the girl child and her education and status in the family dynamics etc, I find their absence mystifying to say the least. Why would Umera not choose to contrast Kashaf and her sisters’ lives with that of those two.. after her first two daughters, did he treat his second wife the same way he treated Rafia….In terms of overall narrative, perhaps these are nit-picky questions, but since the director and writer chose to emphasize Murtaza’s second family (as compared to focusing on Zaroon’s family, i.e Ghazala and the reasons for her attitude problems) then the daughters’ absence is mind boggling…

  12. Salam dear friends and mubarak on the first great episode of ZGH. I think even Fawad was celebrating today-he was tweeting this morning (11am wakeup time for him), answering questions, retweeting, and no- I found out much later 🙂 Khair my sis was v happy with the retweet she got.
    Anyway, enjoyed the ep. and SZ’s review. Thanks for the link to the actual concert. It was this shooting at which FK lost his cool at the person who threw him a water bottle (to drink) and later had to apologize na?
    I expected the concert to come out looking better than what it did. For one, the song was dull and boring, FK’s expressions didn’t look like someone who’s actually singing the song with a measure of passion ( the fact that he lip synced would explain that)- he can do much better than this, the editing lacked-the screams of the girls at one point didn’t match with what was happening in the (zzzzz) song, JJ’s voice was never strong…Fawad- Khuda ke liye get over your laziness and get up and sing for yourself!

    • lol @ mubarak Afia! bohut hi mubarak ki baat since it took 8 episodes to take off. Khair better late then never i guess.

      The episode was a much better one compared to all seven previous ones. Heres to hoping it only gets better from hereon.

  13. What a beautiful review …. OMG after watch the wroth watching episode I am very happy to read your Stuff .. It’s so much in ZH favour which I really loved …. Uffff I must have to say Kya chemistry hai kya acting hai Alla <33 Just wanna say MY Hats off to Fawad and Sanam <3333333 Brilliant Actors <33333

  14. I have a question, Does that account (twitter account Fawad007 walla) really belong to FK? I just had this thought because some posts are very different from how FK usually posts/talks…help!!!

    • I asked him about the twitter account when I met him in Aug and at that time he’d said that the admin manage it but I think now he comes on himself. Some posts which are the same as FB might be by the admin though. Y’day it was probably him tweeting.

      • Yes and he was tweeting again early this morning..usa time but I keep missing it. I think its def him as it is linked to his FB. He also said he preferred playing Ashar over Zaroon in the qa from fans….lol I wonder why???

  15. Oh thank you so much Both of you! Yay! I finally know now. This question had been in my mind for quite a long time. Thanks a lot:D

    Previously, they (the posts) didn’t seem like they were from FK himself but now they do so yeah It will surely be him:D

    • Same here heela last year the tweets definetly seemed non-FK like but now with him posting more and more it is actually him. At leastist of the time. Whenever I see bad grammar I know it is his admin lol

  16. Hello all!! Absolutely loved the review!!Superb stuff!! The episode was such a welcome contrast to all the previous episodes I almost couldnt believe my eyes and ears. And it seems like we are almost upon the slap scene. If its the last scene next week Imma kill someone 🙂

    I wasnt compeltely bowled over by the episode, it did seem really choppy. Like last week all Murtaza and second family could talk about was being cheated of their money, now they have moved on to bikes and phone really fast, another one; FK still getting to know Kashaf apologizing etc, now talks to her like he has known her forever, did not expect the show to go full throttle so quickly, it all seemed quite rushed but I will still take this any day over what we had to endure in the beginning. Again this could have been done so much better if they didnt waste all that time last month.

    Anyway I’m still very glad we have finally gotten to this stage. Seems like at the speed we are going these two will be married in the next 3 episodes.

    I loved the discussion here, agree with everyone.

    One thing constantly on my mind: Zaroon telling Kashaf its ok to let her friend drop her home while a few weeks ago it was not ok for his sister to come home with her fiance..not even a friend..fiance…hehehehe..really liked how that rankled him so much!! And more is in store for him :)..I do hope he begins to see how he contradicts himself so often 🙂

    So far I’m not really impressed with Zaroon..I LOVED him in the beginning but now he seems to have many issues..not to mention him not being bothered at all by hurting an innocent girl to soothe his ego…he has a sister too …how can he be so short sighted? sigh..thats one thing thats really bothering me..a hero with a sadistic streak for no obvious reason..no traumatic childhood…just loneliness and a superiority complex..I mean I would be ok with all that if I could explain why he felt that way but we are left groping in the dark for a convincing explanation about his behavior…Zaroon there is a big difference between a flirt with innocent intentions and a man who determinedly sets out to use his charm into breaking a girls heart…..just because she doesnt care for you..anyway i think in the big picture this is a minor problem..I do think he has a really good heart that still has find a way to come out and he is going to see he is not perfect..so I’m teling myself that to feel better. I hope his journey of self discovery and growing up is satisfying for all of us and answers all the questions we have 🙂

    Sorry this became so long..love talking here!! 🙂

    • hello Aish! loved reading your comment and no was not long at all!!. Yes the drama has finally picked up ! 🙂

      As for Murtaza spending all his money on his son, the second wife does mention how they got their half in the share and now she wants to rebuild the top portion or some such. They must have gotten a pretty big amount for the house that hes so openly spending the money on his son’s stupid khawishes.

      Well the Kashaf and Zaroon interactions took long enough to come so its about time they start showing the progression of the story, but i agree it would have made more sense to show them throughout the past month and it would have made the drama a bit more enjoyable. I guess it is what it is ….

      And as everyone has mentioned that Zaroon’s character is quite complex. He weighs women in different categories and has different rules for the ones he cares about so how does he end marrying the one he just wants to “flirt” with is beyond me. How does this fit into his definition of women.

      Khair lets see how drama shapes up ! 🙂 –

    • @ Aish…love your comment!! Agree about not being impressed by Zaroon, he seems to be a very complex and hard to understand character. I still can’t seem to work him out, you could actually call him evil with all this plotting he’s doing or just a big ego and immaturity..plus the worst double standards ever….hopefully he redeemed himself later on!!!

  17. Hi Ash!! Thanks for responding!! Totally agree with you! He has different rules for different women..I think while he admires the independence and strength his mother, his sister and maybe Asmara have he also resents that because he paid a price for it ..an ignored child..and so while he has some theories on what a woman’s priorities should be and how they should balance man, family and career, he cant complete the picture because one crucial element that is missing is family bonding…he cant put it in the picture because while he longs for it he hasnt seen in in practice..he needs to meet a woman like Kashaf’s mom to see the real picture..to see how they balance family, tradition and career.. hmm…I’m not sure I’m saying this right..I cant seem to find the words but hopefully y’all can read my mind :)..I think he will figure it out after they graduate and then realize he has that in Kashaf? hmm…not sure..again I wish I could read the book!! He will only ‘fully see it’ when he sees Kashaf raising their children I feel…then maybe everything will fall into place?

    Thats just my theory but that still does not explain some his 15th century views on women? Maybe his great great grandmother was very old school and she had a big impact on him? sorry PJ 🙂

    • For me in Lahore, Zaroon’s not strange at all- he’s our typical pakistani boy. Where the sis is concerned- he feels protective about her. And where Kashf is concerned- her being a female class fellow in a bit of a pickle, he feels duty bound to help her out (At this stage he’s not being manipulative). When she doesn’t want to ride with him- he feels frustrated coz he knows that he can be trusted to give her a ride home.

      • Yes but its not so much that he felt frustrated at being not trusted. Why was he shocked about her saying that she can’t go alone with him because people will talk. He said aren’t you being too conservative? He said exacctly the same thing to his sister that even if she comes home late with her fiance, that the servants will talk? Why did he then think her values were weird in his diary thoughts? I know men have double standards, but for him to find it strange that she had those views is what I don’t understand, It would have made more sense if he was totally carefree and not had those guys harassing girls convos.

      • Zaroon reminds me of a guy someone I know met once who said that he won’t marry a doctor (physician) because they work with men side by side. Needless to say our jaws dropped when we heard that 🙂

  18. Hey Afia!! I agree that in the car he wasnt being manipulative…I understand what you mean about not being trusted and all…I was referring to the first part of the episode where he thinks his plan about gifts will work like a charm …I know boys do that a lot but I still dont like that because in my mind he is at least 24 and so should be above hormone driven thoughts and shouldnt have to scheme because he doesnt like her romantically anyway…But I do hope that the concern he showed in the car carries on in the next episode till the big showdown.

    The romantic in me wants he to believe he is already in love with her without knowing it but that would be a stretch I know 🙂

  19. Yes Aish, ‘in love’ might be stretching it- probably what Sadaf’s written above sums it up. Till page 38 or so of the book (roughly where the drama is now) there’s no mention of any feelings of love-accd to zaroon’s diary all he’s trying to do is to prove that even a girl with a supposedly good moral character can fall for him. But if we read between the lines, it probably stands true that he’s greatly intrigued by her, even attracted to her but not aware of his own feelings at the moment.

    There’s a cute scene in the book where K enters the class and Sir Abrar tells her to take a seat next to Z (Z had kept some books on the seat to keep it for Usama). K is a bit flustered, at which Sir Abrar says “Kuch nahin hota, bhai hai, Zaroon behen ko jaga do” :p

  20. Acha, ab mujhe maarna nahin but I’m going to write about Humsafar (again). Have been meaning to ask you all if you’d noticed this as well… remember the scene in which Ashar is coming down the stairs in the hospital after putting Khirad to sleep. He’s thinking and the words are “Aisa kis tarah ho sakta hai- ke jis mohabbat ki muddat ka sog maine sareh chaar saal manaya, woh marri na ho” Well- in the book the words are “jis mohabbat ki moat (i.e. death) ka sog”. Since in urdu both words, muddat and mot are written quite similarly, I think while filming they accidentaly changed the dialogue- FK se parha nahin gaya ya actually Farhat Ishtiaq altered it?

  21. Great review! I have to disagree with your interpretation of Zaroon as a rake though. In this episode we saw for the first time that he is indeed NOT a rake. He may say “mein to pukka flirt hoon” with that adorable wink, but it’s a ruse! He thinks he’s playing a game with Kashaf and he’s blatantly letting everyone know that it’s all a game to him, but what is really happening is that he is inexplicably drawn to her despite everything. (and of course Kashaf, though outwardly hateful and resistant is inexplicably drawn to him too, not because of, but, in spite of, his social status and good looks) A rake would not have insisted on giving a stranded girl a ride home. A rake would not have persistently followed a resistant girl to make sure she got home safely. This one act of kindness from him showed more about his character than all the winks he can flash. We’re seeing a love story emerge, totally blind to social status, looks, everything. Loving it!

    • Enjoyed your comments Zarqa. I have to say that with the story playing out on screen we can see that likeness developing underneath whereas when reading the novel we couldn’t really “read” that much into their inner feelings.

    • I also think he is drawn to her and is faking the whole “flirt” thing but what I don’t get is why?? Why not just be straight forward about it and he is also kinda leading Asmara on ..

  22. I think both of them are actually quite attracted to each other, but are having a hard time getting over their preconceived notions of “the right person”. so there is a lot of denial going on. All that energy spent on arguments in class (which we sadly were not allowed to visualize) and the fuming and smoldering afterwards speak to more than just intellectual rivalry …

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