Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay ~ Episode 12 Review

TNSWhat a fabulous penultimate episode! Loved it!

Unlike the norm, where writers and directors prefer to milk the suspense till the very last frame, Team TNS opted for innovation and provided answers in the second last episode, an unexpected twist bringing a tearful closure to the puraney silsilay. We had been waiting to know about the circumstances surrounding Zara’s death and hear more about her years with Zain, and today we got our questions answered. Zara had not lived the happily ever-after we had wished for her all those years ago, rather she had had a bumpy ride through life. While I was shocked at the amount of pain Zara had suffered, in a strange way her trials and travails made her more real to me. Most importantly, Zara was not shown as a lesser person for succumbing to an addiction. Kudos to the writer, Mohammad Ahmed, and director Marina Khan for handling these very important issues subtly and sensitively. 

With the reasons for Zara’s death out in the open and Zain admitting to his culpability, it was now left to Zeniya to give vent to her feelings and finally clear the air between Zain and her. I loved the way Serena cajoled her sister to apologize to their dad. The make-up scene, between Zain and his oldest daughter and the group hug that followed, was beautifully executed. The shot of Zain standing by the latticed window was stunning. While all this was great, I still couldn’t find a solid reason for the two sisters to have not communicated for ten years. Yes, Zara did not want to appear weak in front of her family, but surely in the beginning they must have talked? How come Sania never once visited her beloved older sister in the US? Serious depressions, the kind Zara had, do not happen overnight and neither do addictions… what then came in between them? Or, was the estrangement between the sisters a recent thing?

My questions notwithstanding, that whole sequence about Zara’s death was beautifully handled. The brief Chandni-Bibi kitchen interlude provided a respite from the heavy duty emotional conversation in the living room. The conversation later between Zain and Sania was done to perfection. Loved the framing of that scene with Zara’s picture between the two. Also enjoyed that Zain was shown having individual conversations with his daughters, Sania and Aani. They all had different bonds with Zara and deserved individual answers. What I thoroughly appreciated was that though this was an emotional episode, it was sans the usual OTT crying or screaming – mellow but not melodramatic. The unthinking smile on Zain’s face, as he reminisced about the time when Zara had given him the rose, had me smiling but teary-eyed.  Aah! Romance! Where art thou?

Just I was musing about the lack of romance on our TV screens, Iltutmish saved the day and threw that beautiful dinner party for Serena. Loved, loved the gorgeous setting!! How cute is this couple!!! Iltutmish finally got Serena to admit her feelings for him. This has to be one of the most romantic scenes in recent memory – Ashar, I hope you’re taking notes! Special kudos to the writer for his beautiful lines. I’m not sure how he did it, but we got a very creative proposal and acceptance without resorting to the cliched I-love-yous. Marina deserves credit for her handling of this scene; loved that even though there was no physical intimacy, not even a holding of hands, there was enough heat generated to light a roaring fire. Can’t wait for their happy ending in the finale! Syra and Shahroz are so skweet!!!

Since I’ve used the word “loved” so many times already, I guess there is no need to reiterate that I LOVED this episode! Writing, directing, acting, cinematography, all came together perfectly. We saw a lot more of Asif Raza Mir today, and it was a pleasure to see him do what he does so beautifully. Marina is absolutely fabulous. Behroze Sabzwari makes it all seem so effortless, and the younger Sabzwari is clearly staking his claim for super-stardom. Syra Yousuf is the brightest star among the younger lot of our actors, and I hope she continues being selective about her roles. Alishba was also very good today, particularly in her scenes with Syra and Qazi Wajid, when she opened up to Faran Uncle. I love how she has formed an unsaid bond with him, perhaps a case of two troubled people understanding each other better. I just wish Alishba had been paired with a more experienced co-star.

Now that mysteries of the purana silsilas have been resolved, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how the kharab mangnis of the naye silsilay will be addressed and fixed in the final episode. Will Zenia have a change of heart about Zarak Barak? Will Zain approve of Iltutmish? Will Qabacha finally win Miss Sania’s heart?

Written by SZ~

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  1. I absolutely loved today’s episode! Ahhh, there is just something about this serial that just makes you feel good after watching it.

    I wish they would told us why Sanya and Zara didn’t stay in touch for a decade when they were answering all the other questions.

    And indeed, a very skweet dinner. I was smiling ear to ear!

    Thanks for the review as always SZ!


  2. Awww such a skweet review SZ 🙂 Today’s episode had me all teary eyed and smiling – it was so beautifully done – like you said mellow but not melodramatic. While watching it, I was like why don’t we have more plays like these? Just every day normal people and conversations. It was just heart warming to see so much normalcy I can’t tell you how happy I was. Every one of the senior actors are performing so effortlessly that it doesn’t even feel like they are acting. Asif Raza Mir was great today! The scene where he and Alishba are finishing off each other’s sentences was so well done along with the group hug scene. Enjoyed the Faran Uncle-Zenia scene – there was so much wisdom in those scenes. Beautifully written by Mohd. Ahmed. People were just listening to each other and not blaming each other which again was just plain good to watch.
    The Kishmish-Serena scene was beautifully shot and acted – Skweet times 10! 🙂

    and on another note, LOVED Mahira’s cameo in CK 😀 I was laughing out loud. And I think it was Khizer’s son who was playing Nusrat’s class fellow coming between Nusrat and Mutma’in sahab. .


  3. I loved this episode too,the way they unfolded Zara’s story finally answered all my queries . Despite her not being around they have given her as realistic portrayal as possible. Ittitmish and Sarena are the cutest couple on TV. Thanks for reviewing this one you cover it so beautifully.


  4. Yes it was whole 40 mins entertaining episode, getting all answers that we have from first episode. Direction was outstanding.. and acting from such class actors never disappoint.. loved it! in between, that sweet romantic touch was sone pe suhaga.. kishmish and serena are most lovable couple 🙂 last episode seems like will bring some happy news 🙂


  5. A very apt review of the second-last episode of TNS! Another good drama about to come to an end. Its true, good things don’t last long! =(

    Loved how they dealt with the entire Zara situation and how she was dealing with depression and loneliness all throughout life. It is a serious problem and never have I ever seen them dealing with such sensitive stuff on tv so it was a good change of story.

    I don’t understand why Zenia always goes to Farhan uncle for advice, I mean out of all people why him, they share no such bond! lol
    I think she doesn’t want to marry Zarak parak because he is such a poor actor! 😀

    Serena and Kishmish, date scene was sooo soo well done, such a romantic scene and even cuter, their conversation! They are an adorable couple, the dinner was although very funny. Was it just boiled eggs?
    I really wish they show them getting married, in the next episode! 😀

    Waiting according to all these makeups, and breakups the next and final episode should just be a really huge wedding event for the 4 ladies. Sania Khala, Zenia, Serena and Chandni! 🙂

    Last episode ka intezar……


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