Nusrat and Mutma’in ~ They Do It Better


This latest episode of Coke Kahani was yet again a treat to watch. The pacing is just perfect, and the various strands of the complicated story are woven together brilliantly, so much so that till this latest episode it was very hard to pick one track over other. But after having watched this latest episode, I have to say the Nusrat and Mutma’in pair is fantabulous!

A fresh concept, the story of this elderly couple is so much fun to watch. Their retired, but active lifestyle gets quite a jhatka when Nusrat decides to go back to school.  Mutma’in Sahab is initially amused, then bemused and now confused, as  he is trying to to sort through a plethora of emotions – loneliness, boredom, envy, insecurity, jealousy, anger – you pick any one and he feels it.

What is brilliant here is that unlike younger couples, this mature couple does not believe in suffering in silence. Dedicated followers of the sab keh do school of thought they do not beat around the bush and come straight to the point. After having watched so many of our star-crossed TV pairs go through 20+ painful episodes, trying to utter one simple statement or clear up one idiotic misunderstanding, I truly appreciate their forthrightness. In fact I would go so far as to say that this pair should start giving lessons on how to manage a relationship. Actually, I already have a couple in mind, who could’ve been spared so much heartache if only they had watched this latest episode of Coke Kahani, and dealt with their situations à la Nusrat and Mutma’in. Yep, you got it, I am talking of none other than our very own Khirad and Ashar.


Lets walk through a somewhat similar scenario and observe the very different results:

Both Ashar and Mutma’in start off being annoyed by their wives’ study partners…

Ashar got angry, over reacted and stomped off…

Mutma’in Sahab on the other hand, stayed calm and collected, and connived…

If Ashar had shown such presence of mind then, we wouldn’t have had to sit through so much of drama and shayad Sara ki jaan bhi bach jaati! 

Not only Ashar, Khirad too could’ve picked up a trick or two from her senior, Nusrat …

Instead of falling at Ashar’s feet and begging for his mercy…

She should’ve confronted Ashar, just like Nusrat…

And Humsafar would have been gulzar, Coke Kahani style…. sigh!

Nusrat and Mutma’in ~ you guys are rockstars!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Haha the comparison of the two couples has reached it fate. This compare and contrast review is splendidly done . Loved it SZ!

    True! Asher and Khirad. Learn! And yeah chalo Humsafar has ended Asfand and Maya can avail the opportunity. What say?

    This episode was so cute! Mahira’s cameo was pleasantly surprising. Looking forward to the next episode / your review eagerly……


  2. Love how you sneak in scenes of Humsafar, so we get to remininsce all over again:) But yeah, a very apt comparison, Ashar and Khirad most certainly could have learned from them, but then we wouldn’t have got our ” kya barish se meney tumhe khafa kiya hai” and Ashar stares lol Now noone can compete with that!
    But Mutmain was fab in bringing the chay scaring off the guy lol! So now he just needs to find something to do also and things should be good. I love this track, and the message it showed!
    Oh and what about idiotic saad, I was cracking up …Omg this drama us too good..literally short and sweet!


  3. haha what a fun comparison. Nusrat and Mutmain saab indeed a fab couple ,they bring so much life to our screens and CK is simply a rocking serial only it ends too soon.


  4. Kya yaad kara deto ho? Dare I say I’m happy not changing a thing in Humsafar but this couple is pretty cute too! And yes, liked MK’s cameo.


  5. HERESY ….HERESY is nothing SACRED in this world????????? Sigh now I have that off my chest as in how dare anyone even think of comparing anything to Asher Khirad … you have a point . If only Asher and Khirad had communicated better.but then they were young and unsure and adorable and …ok going to go and lie down in a darkened room now …;)


  6. ROTFL!! I am glad we were all thinking of Asher and Khirad when watching the Mutamain Nusrat scenes – I loved your side by side comparison – hadn’t thought of that!! Asher could have totally pulled out his guitar and sung “she moves in me mysterious ways” and Khizer would have ran away :p Khair phir drama nahi banta and we wouldn’t have fallen head over heels for them.
    The taking off of the toupee at the chai table was gross and hilarious 😉
    I have to say Saad has an awesome texture to his voice and I love it when Maya says “mera chota baba” 🙂 it was great to see Mahira’s cameo is jalebi 😉 lol
    CK IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!


    • @ Annie: ROFL on that topi scene… it was worth LOL.. the way he did it 😀 and yes i too love when maya says chota baba 🙂 🙂


    • Maya’s “mera chota baba” is def very endearing! 🙂

      And i also felt that toupee scene while serving chai was a bit gross. But khair, Mutma’in saab makes it all seem so funny.

      Mahirah’s cameo was cool. She had the best expression after slapping bechara Saad.


  7. Hahahaha, that was one awesome post SZ.. i too thought of similar sequence, but yes our Mutma’in and Nusrat are winners.. so good to see the clips and see the difference of immature and mature couple 🙂 CK is one absolute entertainment package… i can watch it multiple times so easily.. specially M-N scenes.. i love how they both interact with Rayyan, so much of understanding… and good to show that Mutm’ain sahab wil go to Gym now.. excellent move!

    Saad and his self esteem.. hilarious 😀 he sounded so awww talking about Ruqaiyya..
    i wish CK had more than 13 episodes 🙂


  8. Lovely post! clearly You were not the only one thinking of Ashar and Khirad while watching this latest episode..
    Nusrat and Mutma’in are def the couple of the year. I imagine thats how Ashar and Khirad will live it up once they reach that age! 🙂

    The entire episode / drama is such fun. In 16 minutes you get an action packed episode.

    There are estranged relationships, new relationships blooming, relationship advices, and the already content ones. Basically a whole lot of relationships in this drama, whether its mother/daughter, daughter/father, father/son, husband/wife, senior husband/wife, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, BUT none of them conniving, none out to get each other.
    We are so not used to seeing these kinda relationships on tv but it is a good change indeed!!

    Rooting for Asfand / Maya to overcome their differences, and Saad / Rukhaya confessing their feelings: how can we forget Beydil to finally come to his senses and make more mature decisions, let Maria be the one whom he can share all his crazy shairis with! 🙂

    Now let me go back to watching my favorite young couple, Ashar and Khirad! 😀


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