Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 7 Review

ZGH - montage

Oh what a bundle of contradictions our Mr Zaroon is! On the one hand he lectures Sara and Asmara on the importance of wearing proper clothes, so as to not attract undue attention and avoid harassment, but then he goes off and plots to harass a respectably covered woman, just because she deigned to ignore him. He gives Sara unsolicited advice on her relationship with Farhan – respect, accommodate and adjust – but then goes and make a pest of himself with Kashaf even though she is obviously not interested in him. Clearly this man has different standards about how women are to be treated – those related to him are worthy of respect and protection, and the rest are all fair game. Wah Mr. Zaroon! Kiya khichri ho tum bhi! Perhaps you should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror before you go around doling out your brand of chauvinistic advice!! Fawad Khan is fabulous as Zaroon – effortlessly charming, singing and chatting away lazily with friends, a caring brother and a concerned son, but then in the next instant all that softness is left behind as he ruthlessly plots to break down Kashaf’s resistance. I do not agree with Zaroon’s characterization at all, in fact find him quite problematic, but Fawad pulls it all off so well that one cannot help but applaud. All of Zaroon’s scenes with Sara and Kashaf were beautifully essayed.

Matching Fawad, in fact better than him in many places, is Sanam Saeed as Kashaf. The pseudo apology scene was just brilliant in terms of her expressions. Kashaf’s confusion, regarding the whys and wherefores of Zaroon’s apology was beautifully emoted. Also loved her in the scene where she watches her sisters and mother tutoring students. Sanam’s body language has been perfect throughout as she has conveyed the sentiments of a girl so frustrated by her circumstances that she cannot see even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Kashaf frustrations are also reflected in her sisters’ attitudes. Though less prickly than Kashaf, they too are angered by the harsh treatment meted out by their father and his family. Sana Sarfaraz was very good as Shehnila, when she opened the gate to let in Hammad. The bonding between sisters is very sweet. Mansha Pasha is very good as Sidra and that scene, when she put aside all their day to day problems and turned girlish for a moment, asking Kashaf to bring her Zaroon’s picture, was very sweet and real. Rounding off Kashaf’s family portrait is Rafia, an absolutely brilliant Samina Peerzada.

In this latest episode we got an important insight into why Rafia puts up with her obnoxious husband, Murtaza. The understanding, that Rafia feels insecure because she has no family support, added so much more rationale to why she keeps putting up with Murtaza. I liked that she finally came clean and told her daughters why they had to continue to bardasht their abba. Her explanation of majboori ka rishta made so much more sense than her previous admonishments to her daughters to blindly respect Murtaza because he was their biological father. Just with the addition of those few lines, Rafia became so much more relatable.

Another character who became a tad bit more believable, and showed unexpected nuance, was Murtaza. I was taken aback when he showed a level of concern about where Rafia and the girls would’ve gone after leaving the house. But as soon as that moment passed he was back to his normal boorish self, blaming Rafia for all of the world’s problems. Though I liked that bit of ambiguity in Murtaza and Shazia Afgan is doing an excellent job as the paranoid, insecure second wife, I wish the director had cut down on some of their scenes. If they just had to be shown, then why not add in the MIA daughters, they would’ve brought some more interest and freshness to the Murtaza family scenes. That said, given Murtaza’s rants about nafarman wives, I wonder what he will have to say about his second wife, when she ignores him and gives a piece of her mind to the swindling Wahab bhai.

Overall, though I am still looking to be blown away, this was a much better episode in terms of pacing the narrative. I continue to have reservations about many of the implicit and explicit messages being conveyed, but am willing to wait and see how the story plays out. In terms of direction, while the Murtaza family scenes should have been trimmed, I was happy to see less of the annoying Madamara scenes and a much toned down Maria. Shehryar Munawar was unimpressive in that one scene he had with Fawad. The rest of the cast has turned in great performances and the chemistry between the Sanam-Fawad pair and the Fawad-Ayesha pair is sizzling hot. Looking forward to seeing how long this truce between Kashaf and Zaroon lasts!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Wohhh too good SZ.. 🙂 indeed a mazedar review…

    i too for once after gap of 4 episodes, liked this one seriously! Starting with the scene that made me laugh. Shazia Afgan’s character, super annoying momma.. seems like she so want her son to be in CID.. bichara parhe ga be kaise, jasoosi pe jo lagaya hua he.. and beta too is sone pe suhaga.. gives awesomes replies to amaa.. but on serious note i actually like the fact that who ever gets 2nd division is also a human being, dont treat him/her like alien, neither who gets first division are unique gems…

    and scene i loved most was Z-K apology interaction..Sanam Saeed is making kashaf more lovable episode by episode,her expressions were world class and Fawad Khan.. no matter how evil he look when he was writing in laptop, his acting makes me forget everything 😉 ohh and the background music was so creepy when he was in wonderland of kashaf..

    Siblings interaction of both Zaroon and Kashaf is applaud-able, so natural and realistic, those scenes are indeed fun to watch and always welcomed with huge smile 🙂 and yes finally Rafia split out beans and made viewers like us happy shappy.. 😀

    for some reasons, don’t know why but i like Shehryar Munawar today.. he was talking sense with Zaroon but un bhai sahab ko tou ego naami chirya ne kaat lya he 😛 Maria seems like Personal Assistant of Kashaf..

    Next episode seems better! after number 5, i like number 8 😉


    • wow 4 ep gap? Wish i had done that. Khair….

      OmG she lied about his first position! That was hilarious! Actually that entire conversation was , as pointless as it was, it was still pretty funny.


    • you’re so right Rehmat that background music when he was writing his diary gave Z’s character such a sinister feeling. Not sure why the editors like to put random BG music in this drama.


  2. Haha agree still can’t hate FK as this very confused,chauvanistic full of double standards charming Young man:p Just like we couldn’t hate Ashar when he said Tum meri pour mar chukee Ho, FK is just that good!! I actually enjoyed the episode today, hopefully this is the start of a better phase! Except for seeing murtaza second wife one too many times telling her son to go spy on Rafia, seriously does she not have a life? The rest of the scenes were really well done and the story moved along. Yes agree Zaroon is quite the Mr Double standard, definitely not my cup of tea. I will do everything I tell my sister and madamara to beware from, how cruel to take on Kashaf as a challenge to boost his bruised ego! Hopefully UA has put this in to highlight this issue of men and their doublestandards, as I know there are a ton of men like that!
    But yeah loved all the Z and K scenes, expressions were perfect from both sides! The absence of Asmara was another thing that made me enjoy it, when you have scenes sandwiched by both murtaza and asmara whining, it makes the whole meal hard to swallow…lol
    But yeah SZ glad you mentioned the tutoring scene, loved how that was shot and Kashafs thoughts afterwards was.a brilliant scene. Sidra and kashaf talking about Z was also very.good, also their diary thoughts contrasting after that apology scene was well done, reminded me of how much we enjoyed first episode! Z and Sara were also at their best, very good sibling chemistry, liked the Dubai scene…typical boys hate shopping!
    Lol I also thought murtaza had a heart and was worried about Rafia, he also did try to defend them in bedroom scene when she implied bad character, but then she has such a way of twisting words, that murtaza just becomes blind again and goes back to being evil…ugh
    I think next week also looks happening, I feel zindagi is a little more gulzar for me after two episodes of not much action.


    • Oh and how cool was Zaroon singing in that scene? forgot to mention it but loved it. Also I believe it will prob be that famous zaroon concert that we heard so much about next week, that is why Kashaf is going late home and needs a ride?? She looks like she had the same outfit on from promo!


      • yes I watched that scene twice – it’s alright it’s alright she moves in mysterious ways 🙂 and then Kashaf’s comment about musician banna hai tow business college kyun join kara was hilarious 🙂
        Yes, I think we’ll get the ZGH title song next week which should take up a good 10+ minutes of the episode. I was surprised to see that Kashaf got a ride with Zaroon. It is quite against her character portrait so far.


    • @SK – of course second wife does not have a life, if she did she would think about brushing her teeth for a change. Uff they are so black and full of cavities.

      FawadKhan can never do wrong but he should seriously take it easy on that gel / tail all over his hair. He looks so much cuter wout all that product shining his hair.

      And Murtuza needs to defend harder, I could not believe how he said the house being sold was her fault because she should not have left. Someone throw a shoe at him for godsake! .

      Agreed, Z and Sara do have great chemistry but i love how they talk about Dubai mai shopping as if its the next block over. and maybe Ghazala can do some shopping for herself and try different color saries! 🙂

      The scenes you and @SZ mention about tutoring and the dairies were pretty well done as well. Looks like the entire cities bachas come to their place for tutoring.


  3. Good review!
    I agree with most of your points. I loved Sanam in today’s episode! Her expressions as Kashaf towards Zaroon with each other their meeting was so spot on to say the least. Not to mention her dialogue delivery. She has come a long way since Daam and her hard work is totally paying off. She blows me away with every scene. As you said, her entire body language as Kashaf is just praiseworthy. I love Fawad, but I must say this girl even outclasses Fawad in so many places with her acting, thus far.

    Fawad is just class in this drama. His acting is so natural and effortless that even a hypocritical Zaroon makes sense to me at times (weird eh?). LOL. I fall in love with Fawad, the actor, a bit more with every episode.

    And, put these brilliant artists together = amazing-ness. I love their chemistry! They indeed make a hot pair..and this is being said NOW, I can’t even imagine what I’ll witness episodes later when they actually develop legit feelings for each other.

    Can I also say the guy playing Hammad is great? I loved him in today’s episode. lol OH and yes, Shehryar is such a weak actor..he needs improvement. His dialogue delivery is so meh..I can’t connect with him at all, let alone in today’s scene. However, his character of Usama is a good one, just wish it was portrayed with more ease and spontaneity.

    I think we’re finally going somewhere! Next episode seems even better.

    ohh and that teen meelo door scene = LoL. I loved it! Fawad and Sanam ❤ (I sound like such an obnoxious fangirl right now..I knowww, but this pair is going to turn out to be one of my most favs very soon)


    • Yes that teen meelo door scene was funny, loved Kashafs response. Hope she keeps killing him with her dialogues, shes fab! Matching Fawad all the way!!


    • @S.A – These are the scenes we all had been waiting for , to get the drama finally started! They have amazing chemistry indeed and i cannot wait for their scenes together either.

      Osama smiles way too much, no matter how serious hes trying to be, he starts smiling about it, and that’s what annoys me.

      Hammad is def an interesting character, it was really funny when he kept asking his half sister to make chai for him, as if they share a close bond or some such.

      Kashaf to Zaroon – “Teen meelon se hi bolne ki kya zaroorat thi” and then Maria on the side making those annoying sounds dying over him, she had to ruin the scene with her uffs and aayes..
      Zaroon does not even notice her there.. lol


      • I KNOWWW!
        why does Usama smile in every second of his scenes? even when not necessary..he needs improvement to say the least.


  4. Excellently reviewed, SZ!

    This episode proved us all right in believing that less Madamara and Murtaza-Rafia larais would make ZGH a treat.

    This episode was plain entertainment, I enjoyed it a lot. Like you said, Fawad Khan has played this complicated character to perfection. I simply loved his expressions in the scenes when he is brushed off by Kashaf. Perfectly done!

    The apology scene simply blew me away. It was ended in the right way by Kashaf’s reluctant waving of hand. Haha…
    I simply love Murtaza sahabs beztis so I felt really good that Wahab Bhai Jan cheated him and Rafia didn’t welcome him at her new place. The chai line was funny an the way she said, ‘you pair app chai nahi peengey’ was actually some thing new. I love Samina Peerzada. ( by the way when I saw Samina Peerzada folding the prayer mat , I was hit by a sudden, pleasant memory of Nani:p)

    Next Episode will be fun, believe me it’s the first time after the first episode that I am looking forward to the next Friday with utmost excitement.


    • @Heela – that wave had me cracking up. He is standing there waiting for her to say good bye and she brushes him off with a half wave.
      Fawad Khan has always been good but Kashaf is not an easy role and Sanam Saeed is superb!

      I really hope next episode is fun! 🙂


  5. It took seven episodes for us to finally figure out Zaroon saab, and what a split personality he has. Makes me wonder , are all guys really like that. Over protective about their women and try to exploit others?

    I was glad to see more of Z and K in this episode but the overdose of stepmom was too much for my liking. What is the need of so many scenes of that unnecessary storyline. Seriously people who argue about how its important to the story and it happens in real life, because I am not gonna buy any of that. It is in no way relevant to the story at all.
    The only thing relevant is the K and Z and their immediate families, no one cares about the gossiper stepmom and her son, jisko sirf khane se matlab hai, nor the thaya who robbed them. Hah – good for them!

    As you said SZ that scene of Zaroon apologizing to Kashaf was the highlight of the episode. What i enjoyed more was how after that Zaroon was so confident at the fact that Kashaf will now be following him around campus like the rest of the girls but in fact that was not the case and now Zaroon will get a run for his confidence, when Kashaf pays no mind to him at all.

    Maria , still a weirdo . I swear she irritates me more then Asmara, because at least she is real and wont change her self for anyone. but this girl tries too hard to fit in with the “cool” kids, and brings up Kashaf for no reason. Kitni achi dost hai.
    Sometimes I wonder if Asmara’s character is really as bad as its being portrayed. She’s done nothing wrong to get heat from people, except the fact that she is Mehreen Raheal playing a typecast role. But i am pretty sure if she was being played by a different actress more people would feel for her and not so much for the whiney carrying the worlds weight on her shoulder, Kashaf.
    Ab itna dukhi to koi bhi nahi hota.


  6. Itna kharab review likha hai SZ – uff ganda ganda ganda LOL

    complete agreement about Z’s character. FK is playing it so well despite it being so weird. But on the other hand, I find it interesting that he is a world of contradictions as a lot of guys usually are. I think we have all run into those types quite a bit….biwi burqa pehnay but they will go to the beach to check out the bikini clad women. So in a way Zaroon is playing the typical male 😉 But I still feel as a character portrait so far he is unfit for Kashaf. Kashaf knows what she wants from her life whereas Zaroon has no clue. They don’t deserve each other.

    those poor extra daughters are so totally absent from the second wife’s household lol it is hilarious! Apart from the annoying 2nd wifey scenes, enjoyed the rest of the episode. It was finally good! Looks like the story will start from next week as predicted earlier 😉


    • @Annie – yep a lot of guys are like that , so I hope there is a bigger message to that. They also want to go after the girl who wouldn’t even give them a second look because for them it becomes a challenge.

      And Z does know one thing, he does not want Asmara! so hes not totally clueless, he is just confused and I think he’ll realize what he really wants once they get to know each other a little better.

      and yea seriously where are those other daughters.. but then again do we really wanna see more of stepmom’s family on tv. yikes.


      • yeah I think that’s why the portrayal of Zaroon might be making us uncomfortable because he’s a lot like guys we see around us which make us go Astagfarullah 😀

        Did you all notice how Z was eating something throughout most of the episode today? must be some new cookies in the market.


        • i did not notice that but earlier my aunt goes “he kept eating in the entire episode” , so I remembered reading your comment….
          I need to go back and watch this. I do remember him stealing a handful of cookies from Sir Abrar’s office, dk why he always has a fresh batch of cookies in his office all the time.


  7. Good review SZ, ,It says it all. I wondered why I enjoyed todays’s episode ???? OH yes , minimum crazy possessive Asmara scenes. I am so glad that Zaroon and Kahsaf are FINALLY interacting…just cute and Zaroon’s confidence well we will see if it is justified. Sorry still not connecting with Sanam Saeed as Kashaf or maybe it is just the character Kashaf I cannot understand or like? When Zaroon offers his fake apology she suddenly says” excuse me” in an expensive English accent that does not sound at all like the middle class girl Kashaf is supposed to be. I think Sanam Saeed is very pretty and I loved her in Daam but here I feel she just spits out her words , there is no nuance. Everyone else is happy so I might be a crazy voice in the wilderness. . Fawad was perfect ,and yes Zaroon’s character is confused but he is twenty two so he has a lot of maturing and learning to do. It seems typical of a lot of immature young men


    • I agree Sadaf her use of English does bother me because I don’t think any lower-middle class girl would use so much English in her every day language. Even when Zaroon is talking in Urdu, she replies in English “I am fine.” which surprised me quite a bit. Wish they had paid more attention to those types of “realities” too 😉


      • Yes I also thought that, and its very proper English too, should have desified it lol is that even a word? Like when Zaroon said in teen meel door scene I’ll be careful next time and she said…”please do” in a posh accent… didn’t fit character but otherwise her dialogue delivery is marvelous!
        Also can someone tell me in final scene what Kashaf says ThankYou to Zaroon for, I didn’t catch what he said.


        • yes she’s done that many times – saying thank you to Sir Abrar in very proper English too. Zaroon speaks more Urdu than she does lol I wish they had really worked on that because it just takes you by surprise when she answers in really good English.

          Zaroon said that she won’t be upset today since he did not say Hi to her from 3 miles away this time and she was like oh yeah thank you 🙂


  8. Loved today’s episode. I think I love Kashaf’s character and her family.
    She,her mom and her sisters make such a real house hold. Dignified women, working together to make two ends meet. Asking no help from the people around them, because they know, that no one comes to help. They have to do everything themselves. In my work, I see hundreds of such households where women work and men order. Where daughters get beaten because they want to study. So I am thrilled that their story is being highlighted and they are the real heroes of this serial. Yes, the scene between Sidra and Kashaf was very sweet ( I love Mansha Pasha since SeZ) and and the step brother’s character is also very amusing. Zaroon on the other hand, is the typical male. I think he has deliberately been shown as a bag of contradictions as this is what a majority of south asian men are. They have different standards for their mothers and sisters but think nothing of trashing other women’s reputations. I think this is an amazing character which has been written flawlessly by Umera and is being played to perfection by FK. Kashaf is superb. Being a woman, I feel so proud of her and secretly pray that she gives the over confident beast a run for his money!!!


  9. Excellent review 🙂
    i completely agree with you sz! though this episode still lacked the wow factor. but it was so much better than the previous ones , esp i loved the fawad sanam interactions, these two have spark, great chemistry also as you mentioned the siblings chemistry is awesome! and could fawad get any better in terms of his acting,? man he is totally Nailing the character of zaroon,so is sanam! he is such a fine actor, it amazes me!
    and yes , please some one still cut down the second wife kay scenes, they are annoying as hell :p
    anyway looking forward for the next episode! bring more kashaf n zaroon plz!!
    no asmara n other Annoying people


  10. Shukar hai tha jis shahkaar ka intezaar woh kuch kuch toh aaya!
    Aur Sunday daily times ke cover peh Fawad bhi aaya 🙂


  11. well its that not wonder kashaf is speaking so refined english afterall she managed to get admission in highly prestige institution ruling by elite class because she excelled in everything so the common perception that mid class are nt supposed to speak engish well is pathetic as eng improves not to read in eng medium school but can b through extensive knowledge and practice. i hope myself undestood.


    • I would categorize Kashaf’s family to fall under the Lower-middle class strata. there is a difference between speaking good English and learning good English. Everyone in Pakistan learns really good English – what I call book English because that is part of their coursework but when they come to the US they have a very tough time speaking the language. It takes quite a bit of time to speak proper sentences in English and I speak for myself, the students and the professors that move here and start studying or teaching. It’s an uphill battle for most before they start feeling comfortable with the language even though they studied it for 20 years of their life in Pakistan but they never spoke the language.
      Kashaf is being shown to respond in English as her first choice which is not common at all for someone who has studied in English but does not have the environment where English is freely spoken. That’s like me responding to someone in French when they are talking to me in English or Urdu because I have studied the language.

      I know it’s a trivial matter but kind of sticks out when all of a sudden she says something in English while everyone around her is talking in Urdu :p


  12. Thank you for putting it so well Annie it is a small issue but it makes things a little in authentic. Challo apart from that it is all getting better and Now I think about it didn’t Muju have an inappropriately good American accent when he was supposed to be a new arrival in the USA ? I am excited for next week , hopefully the Rafia/Murtaz /whats her name triangle will have less time and our Zaroon will get to work his charms on Miss kashaf.


  13. I don’t thinK Kashaf’s English is that big of a deal. I have studied in Pakistan for a few yrs and I can easily say, you don’t have to be in the elite class to speak like Kashaf. Many students who have been going to English medium schools there, know how to fluently speak English and this includes anyone regardless of their class.

    Also, lets not forget Kashaf goes to possibly the best university there is in Pakistan? She is placed amongst the upper class folks, who like Zaroon probably like to speak English more than Urdu. She may have the tendency to speak in English when in school around the people she goes to school with because as far as I remember, she hardly speaks English with her mother/father/sisters, at home. I’d actually find it more hard to believe if Kashaf who gets into such an institution is shown to have a paindu English accent yet is so qualified to go to an English medium university? Now, that makes no sense to me. Lets be real, English is the second language in Pakistan after Urdu. And further, lets not underestimate our middle class. I could’ve understood your point had Kashaf gone to an Urdu medium university (if there are any left in Pakistan today?) And from my experience of schooling in Pakistan for a few yrs, Pakistan tends to follow Britain’s English and their accent. I have seen and heard many girls who are born and raised in Pakistan, from the middle class, and have gone to an English medium school from day 1 with this posh, English sort of accent.


    • Like I said SA in my comment it is a trivial issue but just kind of hits you randomly when you hear her respond in English to people’s comments in Urdu. Majority of the people who are raised on an Urdu diet usually don’t do that. I gave my example that it would be like me responding to someone in French when they talk to me in English or Urdu. It would feel kind of odd.
      From my experience, I have seen people struggle with spoken English who have received their Masters from Pakistan. So it is definitely a difference of perspective and experience talking here.


      • Your observation is not correct. My experience is that those people try using english more whose first language is not english. Its quite a normal thing to answer an urdu query in english or vice versa. I dont know why but I do feel that some reviwers baal ki khaal utar rahe hain of an otherwise the best serial on air these days. Its irritating at time for a common viewer like me who has not noticed all these things while enjoying zgh every friday.


        • @Rameen: All of these comments are by viewers like yourself. This issue about English, and Kashaf’s usage of it, has also sprung up from viewers’ comments and discussions, it was not brought up in the review at all ..


        • just to define the idea of blogging and commenting Rameen. The whole idea is to be able to freely discuss what you like or dislike. it is not the end of the world if you disagree with my POV or vice versa. In fact, having many different POVs provides for a healthy discussion where we all get to learn from each other. Diversity breeds Learning and Knowledge sharing. If we all thought the same, and said the same thing, there won’t be any progress taking place in the world.
          Let’s have an open mind and learn to live with different views. As long as we are being civil to each other, we CAN all get along and still have a difference of opinion. There is no reason to be offended because you don’t agree with what I have to say and the same applies to me.


    • RE: about the english – I had no idea it was such a big deal. honestly i didn’t pay much attention to the whole thing. Granted she comes from a lower middle class family per say, but she is one of the smartest students, and took the first position in the enrollment in quite possibly the best university in pakistan. This goes to show that she must have been a brilliant student throughout and I am sure she also took english classes in her undergraduate. They are doing MBA right, so i am sure she attended undergraduate university and was just as smart, so quite possibly picked up english over there.

      Being that pakistan follows the british system, thats where her accent comes in from.
      I ve never had such an encounter so i may be totally off, but thats how I would look at it, or maybe she’s just trying to fit in! 🙂

      I guess only someone from the drama team can address this query.


  14. Well I am so happy that everyone in Pakistan is so highly educated and advanced , its just me who is the village bumpkin after all. I am sooooo Paindoo ,I wonder if the likes of Proppah miss Kashaf will deign to speak to people what talks like me ….;0
    But seriously ,SA as you said it is a minor point not quite the end of the world :).


    • Of course it’s not the end of the world..besides, I wasn’t the one who brought up the point to begin with. I’m just giving my opinion on the point some of you raised..don’t see a problem in that.


  15. well im completely in agreement with Sk as i havnt attended posh kind of schools but still can speak well then y v wonder for kashaf becoz v will certain mindset abt ppl with regard to class they belong from.


  16. There are no prisons stronger than the ones we create in our minds, Urdu is sadly my third language after English and Punjabi and I never feel there is a certain mindset when people correct me if I mispronounce or mis-translate Urdu . I take my corrections with due humility in order to improve. I am from England ,I have a slight English accent when I speak Urdu which with practice has improved . It was a constant source of amusement to my cousins and susural but I always joined in the joke because I knew they were right. So I stick by my criticism , it is an inappropriate accent


  17. OMG!!!! Has Anyone heard???? Fk and Mk shooting for a MOVIE directed by Sarmad Khoosat!!!! I have a big grin on my face, this better be amazing!!!!


    • I am hoping its not just a rumor either,can’t be sure until either Sarmad announces it or an officiall, saw it on a ZGH forum


        • Well its on a Fb page Zaroon junaid and kashaf murtaza,m which is prob source , but cant trust fb admins either, but I kinda think there may be something as Sarmad has said in iinterviews he wants to make a movie with fk and mk as lead pair. I hope its true…


          • Sarmad is currently directing and acting in Manto so I don’t think the movie news is true. I am sure he would have posted something on his FB page.


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