Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay ~ Episode 11 Review

Sir yeh tau sir aap ki zarra nawazi hai
aap ne jaisa kaha main ne waisa kar liya.
Main to ek chota sa Qabacha tha sir 
aap ne jaisa sikhaya main waisa seekh gaya sir…

Taking a nerdy, bumbling accountant and turning him into a lovable hero is a huge undertaking, one that only a few actors could pull off successfully. Behroze Sabzwari is like a magician, waving his wand and convincing us that his goofy Qabacha is a perfect match for our national sweetheart, Miss Sania. This character was hard enough to pull the first time around, but to reprise the role so well, and not make a middle-aged man look silly when sitting atop a tree, is a huge accomplishment. Behroze Sabzwari deserves a standing ovation for this reprisal. Qutbuddin is not as much of a buffoon as he seems at first glance. Apart from the fact that he is almost blind without his glasses and bumps into every piece of furniture in sight, this man is a devoted single parent, a faithful friend, a successful man who has not forgotten his humble beginnings, and above and beyond all a sharmila saccha aashiq, who still carries the torch for his beloved Miss Sania. In this latest episode, within a span of a few minutes we saw so many shades of this man’s complex character, but the most touching of all has to be his reasoning for why he climbed the tree – mor ka par dhoondne, kabhi kawwey ke ghonsley mein, kabhi toton ke pinjron mein…

Lovely poetic lines, beautifully written, directed and delivered – this to me is the USP of Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay. Here we are re-discovering the hidden depths of so many of our senior actors, many of whom had been relegated to playing the mundane father/mother character roles. It is so refreshing to see mature relationships being essayed. Indeed, life does not end when one one goes beyond their thirties. I love that we are being shown Sania as an accomplished independent woman, one who’s living life to the fullest, not sighing and moaning about meri shaadi ab tak kyon nahi hui. Yes, Aani is anxious now to see her niece married, but not because of duniya kya kahegi, rather because she is genuinely concerned about her loneliness after they’re gone. Similarly, we are witnessing a renewal of the beautiful relationship between Aani and Faran Uncle. Much like a younger newly-married couple, they are relishing the sheer joy of making silly small talk and smile over inanities, simple pleasures that had been rudely taken away from them when Uncle Faran suffered multiple setbacks. Thanks to Qabacha’s efforts, Aani and Faran can laugh freely again. It is delightful to see these classy actors in roles that fit them like a glove – Qazi Wajid, Badar Khalil, Behroze Sabzwari and Marina Khan are just fabulous here!

Moving from seniors to juniors, I am loving Serena and Iltutmish’ very skweet romance. It was great to see the pair finally getting more screen time. Syra Yousuf continues to impress as the bubbly Serena – how cute was she as she counted out the seviayan! Shahroz is also making an impact with his nuanced portrayal. His reaction to his father’s announcement, that Qabacha had to pay his ex-wife to allow him custody, was very well-done. I must say though, even as I was moved by the scene, I could not help but wonder why he had to continue paying for his son’s custody. Iltutmish was over 21, no longer a minor, so why couldn’t he just go to court, declare himself an independent adult and choose which parent he resided with? This question aside, I enjoyed watching Syra and Shahroz and was smiling throughout their scenes.

From Serena to Zenia, I think this track worked slightly better in this episode, primarily because there were fewer Zenia-Zarak scenes.  What is interesting is that even as Zenia is back to sounding like broken record with her America waapas jaana hai, subconsciously she’s already made her choice – to stay back. Though she was not answering Zarak’s calls, she had switched from western to eastern clothes. Loved seeing her in the flowing kameez-es. I must applaud the attention to detail in Zenia and Serena’s styling. Serena’s clothes are designed with a bright palette in mind, her long gotta-ed dupattas, earings and matching chooris, all reflect her bubbly personality. Zenia’s eastern look is subdued, reflecting her more sober persona.

Throughout, I have been harsh on Zarak, aka Shehryar Munawar, and I am happy to say he was marginally better here. We finally saw some emotion from him, as he got angry with Zenia for not answering his calls. I hope Shehryar continues to improve and turns in better performances in future projects. For now, I would rather do something else while he is onscreen. While Zarak is not impressing, Chandni continues to crack me up. That whole sequence with the mailman and Faran uncle was great. Also, her scene with the almost blind Qabacha was hilarious. It was silly, but so sweetly done that I was laughing throughout. Thank you Kaif, for the much-needed weekly dose of hilarity.

Amidst all the hulla gulla, I appreciate that cultural values are being implicitly reinforced here. The scene where Aani scolds Sania for making a fool out of the simpleton Qabacha was brilliant. The respect that Sania afforded her aunt was lovely to see. Here was a grown woman being told off like a child. But the way Sania listened to her was something that we all can learn from. Likewise, the way Faran sat down Zenia and talked to her was very heartwarming. Similarly, to see domestic help being treated by the family like family is very heartening. I really like that all these little messages are being conveyed so subtly, without any lectures.

With two more episodes to go the end is in sight. While I am happy that we will finally get answers to our most pressing question – how did Zara die – I am also sad that curtains are about to be drawn on this sweet, feel-good serial. Kudos to the entire team of TNS for keeping us thoroughly entertained.

Written by SZ~

8 replies

  1. You’re so right about the genius that has become Behroze Subzwari! I love his work nowdays and in this too. Loved those lines too that u quoted. Maza aagaya. All in all- great work by one and all 🙂


  2. Lovely review as always,this is ending too soon ,i am going to miss this one. I was really touched by the scene when Zenia had a heart to heart with with Faran uncle,the dialogues there were pretty amazing . Faran Uncle and Qabacha have phenomenal screen chemistry that has not died with time Faran uncle constant satires and affections towards him still make screen alive. Qabacha has so much to offer even today ,his facial expressions ,his swinging U turns ,his big steps he makes me laugh so much .He has given this character such a unique approach.Today his dialogue daraya Karachi main hain nahi ,sumandar mare raaz sambhal na pata ,so funny. Overall this was quiet an enjoyable episode.Oh yes i am loving Sarena’s cute attire too,chorian,colours she gives such a free spirited vibe.


  3. Also enjoyed this episode. I actually really liked Zarak in the final scene, SM did well, finally saw some change in voice tone and emotions. Serena was brilliant as usual, and really holding her own amongst all the veterans, love her character. Alishba also done well as the depressed soul I guess, just way too miserable though. Hope Qabachas latest efforts have softened Saniya, she seemed affected so let’s see:). I also loved Farhan and zenias convo, lovely dialogue and well shot.
    Now just hoping Zain will be back next week to tell us the big secret !!


  4. you have said it so well and agree with everyone’s comments. I LOVED that dialogue “mor ka paar dhoondney….” and also “uss ne kaha ke chaand hai – mein ne kaha chehra tera” just made me ROTFL 🙂 Behroz Sabzwari is BRILLIANT MashAllah! What a class act!
    The Faran Uncle – Zeenia scene was FABULOUS too – the dialogues were written by a “sughar” writer 😉 Bravo! No dhoom dhamaka, screen shaking etc. Just normal conversations by every day people that still tell a wonderful heart warming story.
    It was good to see Chandni wear a different shirt for a few minutes. Why do they have the poor girl wear the same clothes in every episode??? And yes Serena counting the seviyan was sooo Scweet along with the whole “candles aur roses, eggs ke saath khaaye gi aap?” LOL Shehroz and Syra are too adorable for words – I just wanna go koochie koochi koo!
    I agree with SK – Shehryar was pretty good in his last outburst. Well done compared to his other work in the past.
    Overall a WONDERFUL episode once again. I am SO going to miss this one when it ends *sob* but I am glad they are not stretching it like chewing gum.


  5. Interesting take SZ!
    so agreed with all you wrote.. 2 best scenes from this episode had to be Qabacha’s hanging on tree and Faraan-Zeniya interaction.. indeed Faraan’s words of wisdom were treat in listening..those urdu dialects were awesome.. Altatmish – Serena scenes no matter are short but they are way gooood..brings a huge smile 😀
    Z-Z track is utterly boring.. i ma hoping next week we see some positive things happening to this couple 🙂
    2 more weeks and so looking forward how it ends 🙂


  6. The saviyaan part was the best! I love, love, love Serena! And only 2 more episodes left? Why do all the good, decent dramas end so fast?

    I am really looking forward to Qabacha and Sania getting together. At this point they have turned Zara’s story into road kill.


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