Talkhiyan ~ Episode 5 Review


talkhyan poster
Kitne ka hai yeh?

50 ka?
Nahin aap mujhe yeh kam kardein
Das mein den
Kitne ka hai yeh?
100 ka?
Nahin nahin aap mujhe 50 ka den
Peeche mujhe 50 ka keh rahe they
Please aap bas de den…

With her fashionista sunglasses, yellow shopping bag, her mother’s black crossbody bag and a ramp-ready walk, young Zoyee was ready to take on any super-model and give her a run for her money. She was absolutely fantastic as she shopped her way down the aisle of this imaginary bazaar. Stopping here, looking there, bargaining with shopkeepers, and haughtily condescending to answer the commoner Kamoo’s questions, Zoyee might be annoyed with Appo for telling her to cover her legs, but she has clearly picked up more than tip or two from her grand-aunt. Even as Bibi called out to her, Zoyee took her time, bending down to check out one last piece of merchandise before going to her mother. Similarly, the scene where the kids danced the night away with their mother, celebrating her birthday, was so moving. Given that Zoyee and Jugnu live in a very adult world, these nods to the last vestiges of childhood were very bitter-sweet. Brilliantly scripted, directed and acted, these were just two of the several fabulous scenes from yet another excellent episode.

The older Zoyee’s moving reminiscences set the tone for this fifth episode. Walking through Agha-ji’s abandoned room, going through his things, she dispassionately described how his suicide had been understood and processed by Zoyee and Jugnu’s young, inquisitive minds. Jaanu baba’s glib rationalizing – this happens to retired people, he was depressed anyways, nothing to worry about, I’ve taken care of the police inquiry, I’m here to take care of you all – could not reassure Mama-ji as she sobbed her heart out, causing Zoyee and Jugnu to compare her to a trussed-up qurbani ke jaanwar readied for skinning – not an analogy I would want to touch with a ten foot pole!

Indeed, the children are very disturbed, but how can one blame them? Appo has made it her life mission to make life a living hell for these muye ungraizon ki neeli peeli aulad. She never misses a chance to berate the talaaq ki wajah se sakht-dil Bibi for marrying an ungraiz, and sheds a ton of crocodile tears for her bechara ek hi bhai, but then the minute she’s alone she starts writing her I-love-yous to her long lost love Father Albert. Clearly what’s sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander in this case … Hypocrisy thy name is Appo!

Agha-ji’s exit marked the entry of a couple of new characters. We were formally introduced to Bibi’s mysterious, charming friend – Monty. Sarmed Mirza is doing a fabulous job here. Turns out he’s their first cousin and his mother was kicked out of Silverwood. Seems like the dearly departed Agha-ji was an equally opportunity baddie – nobody was spared his wrath. His daughter still carries the scars from his belt. However much Appo calls her hardhearted, Bibi is the one who visits her father’s grave. Here, I must applaud those responsible for scouting out the absolutely stunning locations. The graveyard, Monty’s house, the pickle factory, the family bungalow, all provide a perfect setting for the unfolding of this fascinating saga of the crazy Silverwood people.

Baloo is the other character we met, albeit in absentia. Kamoo, his father, has been with the family for ages and is completely beholden to the Silverwood people for sustenance. I thoroughly enjoyed how Kamoo’s character was subtly eased into the story, class differences firmly established, and Baloo’s name brought up as a random tangent. After seeing the kids talk about Bibi’s constant reprimands about decency and public behavior, I am really looking forward to seeing how her relationship with Baloo plays out. Wonder if he is the person Azad mentioned as being held on charges of suspicion. I was not familiar with Bee Gul’s writing before Talkhiyan, but I have to say after just five episodes I am a fan.

While Appo keeps calling Bibi a loser and blames her for all her karda va na-karda gunahs, seems like Bibi has her hands full at the moment. Not only does she have two kids to look after, but Monty, the prince of Lucknow has also made it clear that he is still carrying a torch for her. So yes, plenty of action going on here as momentum continues to build. Naveed Malik’s visuals add a whole other dimension to the narrative unfolding onscreen. The actors are all doing a marvelous job. Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat, Adnan Jaffer, Sarmed Mirza, Nargis Rasheed, Sanam Saeed, all are putting their best foot forward. The honors, though, must go to the youngest members of the cast – Sabina and Sagar. I cannot praise these two enough. They are so natural as Zoyee and Jugnu that is hard to believe these are fictional characters. Sabina was fabulous as the shopping maven and Sagar is excellent as the more subdued Jugnu. Presenting a gift to Bibi, the impromptu birthday dance (anybody noticed the nightgown blooper?), the car ride with their uncle, the prayers at the Milad, all were praiseworthy scenes. The chemistry these two kids share with Shamim, Hina and Sanam is pretty amazing. Kudos to Khalid Ahmed for extracting such natural performances from his actors, and for keeping the story moving along at a rapid pace. Looking forward to next week!

Written by SZ~ 

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  1. Beautifully written!
    Its so delightful to watch such power pack performances by all actors even the kiddos too.. the more story is unfolding, more its getting intrigued..the urdu being used is phenomenal and the way this character Youhan delivers it.. is remarkable.. i am loving the scenes between them

    It was so annoying to see mama ji crying like that but then it is a bitter fact that there are some women who after having physical abuse, just cant forget their husbands.. so kinda realistic.. last scene is going to be my favorite one.. bibi and bachas dancing… brilliant! Khalid Ahmed have indeed done wonders in this one..

    Talkhiyan– Bring it on!

    p.s i didn’t noticed the blooper 😦 what was that?


    • @Rehmat – the blooper was Bibi’s nightgown. When shes in the room with the kids it was different but when they cameout for chai and dancing it was a different one.


  2. Watched this episode in snatches with the volume down (kids had to sleep as Sunday was end of hols) so didn’t get half the dialogues but yes the kids great and Zoyee’s shopping was awesome. Thanks to ur review I know now what was happening in the visuals!


  3. The last scene left a huge smile on my face bibi and kids partying such a beautiful moment after all they have been through, the pace of this episode was so fast . Every new character they introduce has a new charm and adds so much more to the serial .The new character Youhan aka.Monty is so full of life .He is acting his part so very well he looks like such a seasoned polished actor so whoever has done the casting of this serial has done an excellent job.Agree with @Rehmat that it’s a very polished mature script.
    Bibi lines summed the Aga’s Jan death so well for me that when someone dies we start giving justification for there actions but till the time they are alive we keep thinking we only why they are acting the way they are. The point of view changes from woh hum ko samjh nahi sakay to hum unko samjh nahi sakay .Thanks for reviewing this your reviews add so much more to our TV watching experience.


    • Thanks for the kind comments. By the way the character I play is called Monty, not Yohan. When Bibi sees Monty while outdoors she says ‘You heard’ and that sounds like Yohan. But it is Monty all the way:)


  4. some fun behind the scene pics from Mehr Sagar. I did not realize he also starred in the movie Bol.
    Also did not realize Bee Gul is SO YOUNG! The name makes me think of a very old woman for some reason 🙂


    • Yeah i didn’t know either. Loved him in Bol. He is a great actor.

      And these pics are really good as well!
      Looks like a fun shoot.


  5. Each line of this drama is so well written and then equally delivered by the actors. This episode of Talkhiyan had some of the best dialogues thus far.

    My two favorite scenes:
    When Bibi shuts up Jaanu baba by telling him that no matter how good or bad a person was we try to justify them after they die, but is it really that easy.
    The conversation between Bibi and Monty after she visits her father’s grave. Bibi going on about her kismat and her sarcastic comments.
    But the favorite was Monty’s line ” Sab bat jayenge, sab fana ho jayenge, magar tumhare andar ki Talkhiyan yuheen jawan aur zinda rahengi”
    Haven’t seen Sarmad Mirza in another drama before but if this is his debut then I have to say, a really good actor indeed.

    As for the rest of the episode, I agree with everything you have written in this review. Each scene is just really good. The kids are amazing at what they do and it was nice to see Bibi and the kids finally laughing and playing together.

    But I have to say, Bibi sure does have a lot of ex lovers. Pehle woh jeep wala [wonder what happend to him] and now this cousin of hers. 😉

    Why is mama jaan ruining her very expensive pair of contacts over that abusive husband who she is finally azad from.

    Talkhiyan is awesome – and i am glad i jumped on in time to watch this one! 🙂 Anxiously waiting for the next episode.

    Another blooper or I maybe wrong, but the day before Jaanu baba tells the kids its Bibi’s birthday, they kinda celebrate it at night and the next morning again they say its her birthday? so which day was her actual bday?
    Maybe @Mehak or someone from the team can explain what was going on there??

    BTW anyone here read the book, God of Small Things?


    • @Ash I have a couple of years ago but after Talhiyan has started i been so inspired that i have started it again,it’s an excellent book.


    • @ash hey! To answer your question regarding the birthday: When jaanu takes the kids for the present, her birthday is actually on the following day, which is why jugnu tells zoyee that she can’t keep a secret when she blurts about the diary at night to bibi.

      They celebrate at night, but that’s more like a midnight celebration. I hope that answers your question 🙂


      • @ Mehak: Hey! Got ya! thanks a lot. I was a bit confused since Jaanu baba made it seem like her bday was the day of..
        And yep the kids def cannot keep a secret but thats okay they at least got to celebrate at midnight! 🙂


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