Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 6 Review


Enough already! Six episodes in and we’re still waiting for the “real” story to begin? I’m not sure about others, but I for one am getting really turned off here. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this supposed to be Zaroon and Kashaf’s story? If so, then why are we being subjected to Rafia and Murtaza’s story? Week after week, why does it seem like Murtaza is the real hero and Zaroon a side character, added in as an afterthought? Isn’t this Kashaf’s story, and her journey from shikwa to shukrana? In that case, why are we spending so much time on Rafia’s struggles? Why is it that everything seems to be going around in circles here? Why are we being subjected to the same 5-6 lines again and again? Yes! We get it! Can we just get on with it – please??!!

I should apologize for this rant, but I am really irritated now. I am fed up of watching the same thing reiterated and re-stated in different ways. Yes Samina is fab, Sanam, Mansha and Sana are doing a great job, Fawad Khan is very good as is Ayesha Omar – they are a great combination. Shazia Afghan is doing well with her beyond cliched character, but even their combined efforts cannot save this rapidly tanking serial. We are yet to see a proper Zaroon-Kashaf encounter in this serial, and honestly I fail to understand the reasons for that. Didn’t Sultana Apa say the USP of this serial was that it was one of the few that depicted university life? If so, where is university life? All we see are one or two randomly inserted scenes in each episode, talking about stuff that is not unique to a university situation. In fact, if I were watching this to see university life depicted, I would come away thinking that MBA students in Pakistan only talk about the opposite sex, forget about parhai varhai. I have yet to see Maria asking Kashaf for any kind of help with assignments, or Kashaf making notes in a library, or Zaroon, Asmara and Osama doing any kind of combined study or some such. If they were not going to show any specifically classroom/study related scenes then why even bother showing Zaroon and Kashaf as students. All that we’ve seen so far could’ve just as easily taken place in any co-ed environment, an office for instance.

Today’s episode was just more of the same – there was no appreciable development in the story, nor were we given any further insight into any of the characters. Zaroon is turning out to be one of the most half-baked heroes (if we call him that, so far his role seems like a guest appearance) that we’ve seen in recent times. Kashaf is also rapidly losing all charm and relatability. Similarly, Rafia and Sidra are becoming monotonous. Murtaza too just says the same things again and again… I had called him an Energizer bunny in one of my earlier comments, and after this episode, I think the company should ditch the bunny and pick Murtaza as their mascot. And while on Murtaza, I’m curious to know why is it that while we’ve seen so much of his second wife, their son and even his older brother, why have we never his other two daughters? Do they even exist?

There are sweet moments here and there. Zaroon and Sara have amazing chemistry together. All their scenes are great to watch, but just because its Fawad and Ayesha- the dialogues are way too problematic; the button scene being case in point. And talking of problems – Asmara! Can we please be done with this Zaroon/Asmara track already?? Do we really care whether this sorry couple gets engaged or not? I think they fully deserve each other. That whole conversation about clothes was beyond silly, particularly when Asmara has worn and continued wearing similar clothes throughout. The line about women inviting harassment on account of their apparel was way out of line and had me gritting my teeth – sorry, but not buying into that…

In short, I was neither amused nor entertained by today’s episode. Zindagi kahin say bhi gulzar nahin hai…

Written by SZ~


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  1. I think the thing that is causing all this irritation is the fact that there are too few scenes between the two main characters. A large majority watches this serial for Fawad. Having very few scenes between Fawad and Sanam has really caused a lot of heartache for them. Because of this everyone is getting irritated with other actors, who may have acted well but we can’t appreciate them because the hero and heroine are not talking to one another AT ALL.The basis of the novel was on the animosity between Kashaf and Zaroon but here Zaroon is talking to his sister, and Kashaf to her mother. But they are just not interacting with each other.Same situations are being repeated which again makes the story move very slowly. I wonder what was the reason behind not showing any confrontational class room scenes???

    • @ms: Hey! Good to hear from you after a while – hope you’ve been well 🙂
      Yes, many of us are watching for Fawad, but I am actually liking Kashaf more, and am really enjoying Sanam Saeed’s excellent performance here. Samina P is excellent as well, but they’ve dragged Rafia’s track so much that all the fabulous performances are being wasted b/c of the repetition. I empathize with Rafia, but all the repeated dialogues are making it hard to stay focused. Also, if this was a serial about Rafia and her problems, I would watch it and evaluate it on those terms, but given that its Z./K’s story, I’m at a loss, just like you, to understand where this is going. Also, even if this was just Rafia’s story, then too there has been no real movement in her story as well. I just was expecting a better knit story than this one .. this over emphasis on Rafia’s track, with zero attention to Ghazala and the sidelining of Z/K track is disappointing – here’s to hoping for a more even-keeled episode next week!

  2. Another episode which didn’t impress…I completely agree with your entire review and the rant in the beginning is justified….
    I was surprised to see how vaguely the episode started. Zaroon’s clarifications were weird and I think he’s not conservative. He’s weird. I mean, if you reflect upon his girlfriend in the last episode , his choice of friends….enough said.
    Fawad Khan has played it nicely, but in my view the character has problems. Ghazala aunty?! What’s with her rude behaviour? I mean the woman should at least smile. What exactly is her problem with her children? Poor Sarah and Zaroon!

    Putting aside the reiterative scenes at Rafia’s place, Kashaf’s dialogues after her heated argument with her father were moving. Sanam Saeed really brought that scene to life.

    The promo: I had prayed (literally) for the story to move on. Hope the next episode doesn’t disappoint.
    Thanks for reviewing the episode SZ, though I wasn’t expecting it as it was more or less the same episode like the previous one.

    • @Heela: Agreed! Yes! I too want to know what went wrong with Ghazala… cause I refuse to believe that she was just born that way .. also she;s weird, but clearly knows about her son’s friends, they dine together and she is interested in knowing about his parhai etc .. but then on the other hand she seems so clueless .. I dont really know what to make of her .. hopefully we will get some insight in this woman’s character..
      Yes, Sanam was really very good and that scene was excellent; I am really enjoying her as Kashaf .. but just wish there were fewer scenes of her continuous complaints … all the repetitive scenes tend to dilute the impact of the more important ones …

  3. oh yes ! i just cannot agree more!
    whats going on man, the show is getting really repititive, the same dialogues and scenes are shown over n over again! i mean COME ON!and then thay talk about uni scenes in which kashaf n zaroon APPARENTLY had a heated discussion, where are they ???
    and yes i am so so so bored of aasmara and her naging, its annoying!
    please someone move the story forward !!

  4. Raising all the valid points again SZ! This episode was a bit of a drag. All the scenes reinforced the same character attributes. Its the classic ‘opposite attracts’ theme. Hopefully they are done with the character formation and give us some more story.
    I am confused about one thing. Apparently Usama is drawn towards Kashaf and wants to be friends with her, then why don’t they show a little bit more about it, or am i missing something out here?

    • @Aeman – They can’t show a little more of that because they want to keep showing us Murtaza and Rafia and their entire khandan bickering back and forth for no reason. No time to go to the university.
      But yes i would love to see more of that which is probably coming up in the next episode and that is what gets Zaroon going on his plan to make her like him…hmm lets see what the next episode has in store for us
      *fingers crossed*

  5. Please don’t apologise , your rant is entirely justified. I know this serial is going to take off at some point but why have they made reaching that point such a chore?
    This is the second time someone has said that some people are watching it for Fawad Khan…Yes indeed, How dare we ??? when Waseem Abbas is sooooo much more fascinating. Look no disrespect He is a good actor and doing his job well but the story should not be mostly about him and Rafia . The lack of content means that these last three episodes were basically fillers or padding to squeeze money out of the project. Well Ok, fine then do it creatively.The same amount of money and effort goes into the acting ,scenes etc… why not make it interesting by actually showing the Zaroon /Kashaf clashes.
    Ok the promos for next week look better so I am hopeful but really what a time waste.
    Is Zaroon really going to get engaged to Asmara when there is ZERO compatibility.
    As to women’s clothing,that is sadly how people think and it is wrong . A women’s style of dress gives no man a right to mistreat her in any way PERIOD.

    • @Sadaf – I hope you felt a little better after taking it all out! LOL

      But wow you are so right about it all. I dont really care if Waseem Abbas is a great actor. the point is we dont want to see him on our screens and neither do we watch the drama for him and his ten wives!! because no body really cares!

      If they wanted to cash out on this drama they would have been smarter about it and showed the clashes and the lead pair in more scenes because that is what people want to see.
      This in no way is a money making strategy and failing terribly. Of course people will stick around because they are expecting the lead pair to take over someday but this drama will not leave a good taste in the viewers mouth at the end of the day. No one will wanna go back and watch it from the first episode and place the dvd in their collection of classics.
      Its the first few episodes that carry the entire drama and this is where Zindagi Gulzar Hai has failed.

    • @Sadaf: Glad we’re on the same page here, particularly about women’s clothes .. here’s my issue: if a woman covering herself from head to toe would resolve Zaroon’s problem re: Asmara’s dressing, then why is he eyeing a fully covered Kashaf? The way he checked her out as she was leaving Sir Ibrar’s office, or even Osama’s interest in her, shows that a woman will always be at the receiving end of a man’s gaze in Pakistan, whether she is dressed appropriately or not …

  6. I think the story is not progressing at all and also ZGH is a very short novel and a story of 20-28 episode can’t be made with it. It should have been a 15 episode drama to avoid the repetitions. Sometimes I think that I’m going through a “meri betiyan” sort of drama while watching ZGH. The Rafia-Murtuza conversation is not required now as we have gone through it several times.
    Also, Zaroon over reacts while talking to each n every woman in his life.
    The character of Zaroon’s mother shows stupidity. She is liberal n want her children to be independent in deciding what to do in their lives but forces Zaroon to get married to Asmara. Sara is doing well with her character. Both Hina Bayat n Mehreen Raheel must have done some new roles. We are tired of watching them doing the same roles in each n every drama.

    • @Erum – I agree about Zaroon’s mother. She is such a careless mom. I can totally see why Zaroon is so irritated. His mom really has no time for the family or kids unless its about her wanting him to marry Asmara. Why is she so set on that when she does not really care about anything else. But shes worried agar woh rishta haath se nikal gaya to kya banega.

      These promos give away too much so we all already know whats going to happen. I think thats another reason we cant enjoy the drama as much =\

      Btw, Hina Bayat is currently doing a completely different role in Talkhiyan. There are episode reviews available on this blog which also link each episode. You should def check that drama out, I think you will really like it! 🙂

    • @Erum: Hey! Thanks for commenting 🙂 Yes!! Ghazala is someone who is also someone I cannot understand….yaar, I would love to know what went wrong in her bachpan or jawani that she has such a bitter view of men .. perhaps a little less of Rafia and more of Ghazala would help us understand Ghazala better!

  7. Don’t know what to say, you guys have pretty much said it all. Still waiting for the story to move on like you all. I’m very miffed we didn’t get to see more of z and k clasroom scenes and discussions! I did like Kashaf in the final scene with her father though, she emoted very well, even though it was more of the same…sigh I really do hope the move to the new house is finally goobye for a little while to her father, the same dialogues are getting wearing.

    I liked the button part, that was so typical but so true, and so well acted by FK and Ayesha too, no guy I know knows how to sew a button, but thank god Im not much of a sewer and hubbie has never expected it lol!!! Zaroon has a little too many things on his farmaishi list for a wife!!! Why are Z and madamara still even considering eachother , when obviously they have so many differences!!
    As for Zaroons character, I think UA has actually got him right, we may not like it but unfortunately that’s how most men act and think. I personally would not let my son or daughter go out late or to inappropriate places. However, the double standard does exist, women are treated like they did something wrong for doing the same thing a man does. Especially in Pakistan, men do stare and harass, when in fact islamically they should be lowering their gaze. If women should dress modestly, then men should do their part too! The bunch of times I went to Pakistan, really hate the stares even if you are wearing a dupatta, its disgusting!
    Here’s hoping to betterment next week, I’m still rooting for the gulzar waqt to come!

    • @SK – these class discussion scenes are clearly talked about but why can they not show them on screen. Kya fiada about discussing and getting angry over them when we have no idea whats going on anyway.
      I think those scenes were vital to show , in order for us to understand K and Z and what led them to become close. More so, the university scenes we all want to see.

  8. honestly you’re over reacting! I think its great & as a student I find it completely relatable! yes, there are limited scenes of Zaroon & Kashaf but I haven’t given up hope, next episode promises a lot, we have to wait & see.
    P.S. Don’t spoil the fun by writing such an irritating review, I’ve been reading yours for two to three weeks & I’m frustrated, you should review the drama instead of reviewing your feelings!

    • @Anmah – Don’t you think maybe you are overreacting since the majority here totally agrees with the review and are equally annoyed with the drama?

      Its great that you can relate and loving it , but you know what 6 episodes down and we are still standing right where it started. The story really should have progressed by now, and if it did we all would be enjoying it a lot more.

      Honestly speaking the drama has spoiled the fun for us, Believe me, we’d love to have more positive discussions about the drama but if there is really nothing to talk about except the fact that the drama is going at a snail’s pace and repeating dialogues there is not much we the viewers can do except to be annoyed.

      And as far as i am concerned the reviewer does a fine job in reviewing the drama and being totally honest compared to others, who do not like it either but are hiding their feelings in long winded reviews! 😉

      Hopefully this drama gets better for all of us!! 🙂

      • @ Anmah how should a serial be reviewed ,like A to Z summary recap without opinion of reviewer. hmm that will not make sense.Frankly these are the most interesting ,honest reviews you will read so try to enjoy 🙂

      • there isn’t a majority here! Most importantly I listen the opinion of students around me & most of them are happy with the pace, yes we miss Zaroon & Kashaf’s scenes but next episode promises a lot so no frustration! I don’t think that we are still standing there, I got to see a lot of the families & their issues & its very good! The only repetitve & annoying thing I find are the scenes of Asmara just b/c of Mehreen’s poor acting, I’m sure that with any other actress, we could enjoy those scenes too! & about a review, I should say that there should be something positive too, no drama is perfect but honestly I find ZGH the best choice nowadays, it’s a family drama & everyone enjoys! I don’t think, anyone will enjoy A to Z recap, but opinion should be balanced.

        • I am also with your amnah,i do not understand why everyone is getting after you and being disrespectful after you have only said that you do not agree with the reviewer.

          I read the reviews silently and many of them do not really do justice to the episode, but what i see here is if someone says 1 word against the reviewer ,2-3 particular readers will start defending her.

          i do support you amnah i think it is not a bad drama at all,the reviewer needs to flush the novel out of her mind and review this drama as a complete new different story.what if umera ahmed wanted this drama to be a new story? what if she only used the name of the novel may be to cash the success but portray a different story?

          dear reviewer we are not against you, but we don’t like it if we are put in to a corner and asked that this is what i wrote , start praising me now, and remember the 1st line of the comment has to start with ” oh what a lovely review”

    • @Anmah Ali: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, particularly since my reviews irritate you – your effort is much appreciated 🙂
      When I write about any play//episode. I most certainly do not expect everybody to feel the same way or agree with me 100% all the time – we’re all watching and responding differently … but then isn’t that the best thing about such forums that we can all express our feelings honestly and openly. You wrote that as a student you found the characters relatable, but as somebody who lives and works in a college and is surrounded by students of this age group 24/7, I found the lack of any study-related activity/conversation/classroom scenes very odd, hence I wrote about that, and since this is my personal experience I would not call it over-reacting.
      RE: my not reviewing the drama itself, i would suggest you read my reviews of ZGH since the first episode – I did detailed in depth reviews for the first 4 episodes .. but since the story has not moved since then, l I don’t have much to analyze. I could summarize the episode, but then there is no point to it, b/c you will have already watched the drama and known what happened…
      Like you, I am waiting for the story to move forward and as you rightly mentioned it seems like it will move forward next week .. so yeah, fingers crossed lets hope that it does and give a lot more to discuss and analyze 🙂
      That said, I would love to hear about your favorite parts of the episode — what made it great for you?
      Also, yes, I’m tired of the repetition, but all those who are loving ZGH, I would love to hear from you and know more about what is it that I am missing out on!!

      • Thank you for replying so kind heartedly 🙂 I could appreciate your review in formal words but I can’t lie, I was really frustrated! 🙂 I can understand & I respect difference of opinion! everyone has a different mind but still I think, as ZGH despite its slow pace continues to be a unique & positive thought drama, it should be appreciated too! Like in this episode, the shifting of house! It was so realistic, the way Kashaf confronts her father, it was obvious that she was having a tough time, trying to say that but her father left her no choice! yes, Its progressing slowly now but these scenes provide a deep insight!

        • I agree Anmah that the scene between father-daughter was well done from Sanam Saeed’s perspective – she had that quiver in her voice which showed that she was scared but still wanted to let it all out.
          I am not a fan of the “new” Waseem Abbas – he’s being typecast as the evil father way too many times and he plays all of those evil father roles the same way lol Wish we could have the old Waseem Abbas back who was interested in improvisation.

    • @Anmah Ali i wonder how any one can not ‘over-react’ when watching same thing from past 1 month. ( if its actually called over reaction ;)… and i totally think it was fair enough review but then again every one have different opinions 🙂 so all is good and i too hope next week is better, though that hope is terribly low 😀

  9. Ditto on the disappointment aka ZGH but still hoping it becomes better. I think it’s trying hard to compete with Ashk as FK’s worst serial ever 😦 maybe even Sultana Apa’s…
    On the clothes front, I agree with Zaroon to an extent. Yes, men should not stare, lower their gaze, respect women but women also have to be conscious of their surroundings and dress accordingly. I see moms collecting kids at school wearing slim fit jeans, short tops, etc. There’s a host of drivers standing outside the school waiting for the kids and begums to come out. Now if those drivers stare at these ‘modern moms’- I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe that’s the kind of scenario that Zaroon is referring to. But all said, yes, Pakistanis stare a lot – men and women.

    • @Afia – Zaroon does piss me off when he says stuff like “mai mard hoon , i can do whatever i want” Why is the society so twisted like that, and conservative when it comes to men and women.

    • Yes I agree with you Afia, I do get where Zaroon is coming from, and girls are more subject to harassment and stares, but he shouldn’t be out at 2am either though, if you are out at that time you ate looking for trouble whether boy or girl.

      • @Afia and @SK: I agree with you guys — my problem is with Zaroon criticizing Asmara on that particular dress, and the big deal that was made about that … it was no different than what she wore everyday.. why make a big fuss about it that day? Also, yes, men eve-tease in Pakistan, and there is a huge issue with that, but why are educated “liberal” guys like Zaroon and Osama checking out Kashaf, even though she is only coming to the university during the day and covered from head to toe?

        • So both guys are only interested in the girl the girl in seven veils …hmmm kind of defeats the purpose ,in my view. Actually the real reason none of this is making sense is that the interaction between K and Z is minimum and the same goes for Usama. So we don’t see why there should be any feeling between them.

        • @SZ Yes, criticizing asmara was a goof up by the director who should have either shown the criticism much earlier on, or not at all. Usama probably likes K coz she’s different (aloof) from all others and Z is intrigued by her for the same reason and also coz she’s intelligent. But obviously this is all conjecture as we’ve not been shown any substantial interaction between them all.
          About the staring- yaar everybody stares at everybody here so maybe I’m immune to it now. Enter a restaurant and the whole restaurant checks out the people who’ve just entered :p hence I’m not surprised.

  10. Can i Just say that Maria played by Maheen Rizvi [Khalid] is the most irritating character I’ve ever seen on tv. Yes even more so then Asmara, Madiha etc etc.
    First of all, she over reacts way too much and second of all usne konse styla Asmara par khatam hote hue dekha. Just because she does not know how to dress. She is such a clown i swear and her character just annoys me.
    As if Asmara and Sara werent enough

    as far as the drama is concerned, wow this drama is so slow and repetitive. Its like going around in a circle and not getting anywhere because we hear the same dialogues over and over again, same facial expressions and pretty much the same problems. Can we please move on with all this.

    I guess they really don’t care that drama is tanking, The story could have been told at a much better pace if it had been completed in 15 or so episodes.

    Every week the promos make everyone excited but I am just gonna believe it when i see it now, since this drama is full of disappointment.

  11. Only you can come with such inserting rants 🙂 for quiet a boring episode you have given this at least an edgier review . I so share the disappointment,frustration .I can’t take Kashaf lamenting anymore constant comparisons with Asmara ,Zaroon . Zaroon’s constant judgments how every one should act , his fight with Asmara ,ugh ,Maria’s character simply irritating, this simply is poor characterization . They have not really worked on these characters. Waseem Abbas character’s is so the down fall of this series and he keeps getting more screen time and now even his brother is there.Simply give me few dimensional , relatable characters in the play these things make the audience connect.And plz when will the story start it has been six weeks already.

  12. Excellent review/ rant.
    I’ve visited your site quite often since you left DP, but it’s the first time I’m commenting. I’m so disappointed with this serial now you have no idea. If this play did not have FK, we wouldn’t be talking about it, because we wouldn’t be watching it.
    This play took forever to make, so I thought this is going to be great, the next Humsafar, Atleast that is what we were lead to believe with all the hype surrounding it.
    I completely agree with all of you about the university scenes having no intensity. I think it has been Atleast a good 50 years since Ma’am Sultana Siddiqui attended any University, so she has no idea how college students actually behave. If a younger Director was making this play the look would’ve been slick & perfect.
    I hope the story picks up next week & we get to see the lead pair interacting.

    • I would be very surprised if we get more than one scene of Z and K next week. The idiotee preview makers put all the important scenes together from the next 10 episodes just to fool the FK fans – shame on them :p

    • @Mona: Hi! Welcome, and thanks for visiting and commenting. Hoping we’ll continue hearing from you 🙂
      Agreed, it is the hype that is creating the problems .. I wish they hadn’t advertised the university shooting so much and not made such a big deal abt FK/SS as students .. then we wouldn’t have been expecting much as far as university interactions go… and approached it as yet another UA social message drama….
      Khair, lets see what the next ep brings!

  13. Oye ladki Coke (kahani) pi lo 🙂 as I wrote on Fatima”s review this for me is one of Umera’s worst after Maat. The drama makes the novel look like masterpiece lol and I did not like the novel to begin with 😉 And oh yeah you should recycle your review from week after week as Farha wrote last week. Why waste your time on this when there are better dramas to enjoy.

    • @Annie: Agree with you on this one being on the Maat level for me as well .. I know Maat had tons of followers and got the ratings, but yeah I did not get that one as well .. :/

      • Oh yeah Maat was the best thing since sliced bread! I believe you said it last week that if it is written by UA it is somehow considered sacred. If you dare criticize her work you have uttered blasphemy 😉

        • Maat got a lot of viewers only because it was aired during the Humsafar days and thats when people found their love for pakistani dramas so everyone and their mom was also watching Maat
          They all hating on it was besides the point but it managed to get a lot of followers.

    • seriously i so agree with you.. Maat was one disaster serial.. infact Maat and ZGH have 2 things in common.. 24 episodes and airs on Friday :D… people only need to watch dramas..good or bad.. na they don’t care… 😛

      • You’re probably right Rehmat. There was nothing competing against Maat so it got a lot of viewership and it apparently had good acting along with UA’s name attached to it.

  14. Has anyone noticed how MR Conservative Zaroon does not mind flirting with girls and then trying to make a fool out of Kashaf by fliring with her….that does not sound conservative to me…?

    • Zaroon’s character is very confused. The way they have portrayed him he is so unfit for Kashaf. He is being shown as a complete hypocrite while Kashaf is the modern day Quaid.

  15. The story was only supposed to be for 16-17 episodes, but Sultana Siddiqi decided to expand it to 20+ episodes…nuf said 🙂

  16. I have to put in a good word for Maat . It was not that bad. I have to say it was pretty realistic and one of UA’s better works. I hated Saman and Faysal but their characterisations and the the acting by Saba Qamar and Adnan Siddiqui was outstanding .

  17. Does anyone know what happened to Noor hassan ? He was not that bad in Humsafer( though Khizer needed more than the one slap Asher gave him), he was pretty ok in Maat too. He was at least better than Sheheryaar Munawer is at the moment .

    • From his FB page:
      Noor is doing some dramas here and there for TV1 etc. Looks like he is going to be coming together with Zahlay Serhadi.
      I personally cannot stand him 😀

  18. OMG!! This Review is sooooooooooooo Annoying…..Seriously…i was use to enjoy but now its getting on my last nerve…i thing cz u read story already..and u have different ideas and expectation…hey listen this is drama..take it as a dram not a book…u know i wait for every single episode and i watch again…i luv it…i luv kashaf and SP…Bravo!!!

  19. @Leila:

    Hi, Just found these links for the subtitled ZGH episodes – still missing the third and fourth one though, but enjoy the rest! 🙂
    Ep 1:

    Ep 2

    Ep 5

    Ep 6

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