Talkhiyan ~ Episode 4 Review


Sahi ya ghalat, mujh main kuch kar guzarne ki himmat tau hai na! 
I may be wrong, but I’m not a hypocrite! 

Without resorting to screaming or shouting, Bibi’s controlled but vicious words cut to the heart of the matter – yes, she was by no means perfect. She had taken many wrong turns in her life, and would perhaps do much more that would make her even more of an outcast, but she was not one to live a lie. Bitter as she was with her lot in life, resentful though she might be of how her parents differentiated between their children, and infuriated as she was with Appo, Bibi was unlike her other family members. She had forged her own path in life and empowered herself. Unlike Mama-ji, she was not standing by waiting to be rescued, nor was she looking to her husband and son for their validation – good or bad, she made her own choices. Unlike Appo, Bibi did not spend a lifetime pining away for a lost love; rather, she risked the ire of her family and married a man of her choosing. Unlike Jaanu baba, she did not resort to flattery and underhanded means to gain control of Mama-ji’s business. Nope, that was not Bibi. Unlike the pseudo genteel and sophisticated Silverwood people, Bibi chose to live life on her terms  – yes, she was not a hypocrite!

Living life on one’s own terms, particularly in our social setup, comes with a heavy price. Having realized that she would be a fool to look to her family for support, Bibi was getting accustomed to paying for this “privilege” in terms of familial censure. In dealing with the social pressure, giving back as good as she got it, Bibi almost seemed to have forgotten that she was not alone – she had two children. Innocent bystanders in this whole situation, Zoyee and Jugnu were unceremoniously plonked down in the middle of a conflict they could not even begin to understand. There were sweet moments, nightly chats, picnics and songs with their mother, but overall they lived in a very adult world. They read Shakespeare and talked about hypocrites, chauvinists, gender stereotypes, divorces and “wrong” marriages. They tried to win over their glamorous grand-aunt, Appo, but their innocent advances were continually rebuffed by Her Cruelness. Agha-ji was a distant figure, and their present-but-absent grandmother gave them an occasional pat on their head whenever she stepped out of her inner tormented world. There were heartwarming occasions, designing posters for the factory, and helping their grandmother get dressed, but such moments were few and far in between. Among all these crazy characters, Jaanu baba seemed larger than life. Earlier showering candies and ensuring that his mother was never again abused by Agha-ji, and later partnering with Mama-ji and helping her expand her business, he did seem larger than life. Jaanu baba could do no wrong.

Alas, Jaanu baba did not wait long before showing his true colors – yes, he was no different than the rest of the Silverwood gang. The charm with which he duped Mama-ji into signing over her pickle business had to be seen to be believed. It was heartbreaking to see Mama-ji’s hopes being dashed, one more time, as her son laughingly announced that the photographer was already done with pictures. After all, as he put it, how could a woman’s picture be used for labels and advertising. So much for his big ideas and ideals. Shamim Hilali is absolutely brilliant here as Mama-ji. Without resorting to words, her body language conveyed all that Mama-ji was feeling so very eloquently. Kudos to the writer and director in letting this scene play out as it did. Beginning with the children merrily chattering and helping their grandmother get dressed, the momentum was gradually built up with Aayee’s surprise at Mama-ji’s makeup-ed look, the scene culminated in a brilliant climax with very dejected Mama-ji left alone as her silver-tongued son walked away with the two kids – Jaanu baba was no different than his father. One tyrant had been deposed last week, and this episode saw the crowning of his equally ruthless successor.

Tyrants, even deposed ones, do not take kindly to being thwarted. We saw Agha-ji continually demanding attention, but rejecting all of Mama-ji’s placating gestures. The episode ended on a surprising note, Bibi walking into the room and being shocked at the sight of what looked like a suicide. I had not anticipated this moment so the hook worked perfectly, leaving me eager for confirmation of Agha-ji’s death. The precaps for the next episode, however, gave it all away. I wish the promo editors had been more mindful in terms of keeping the suspense alive. Nonetheless, even though that moment was ruined, there are more than enough twists and turns here to keep me waiting for the next installment. When will Zoyee’s never-ending day come to an end and when will she meet Jugnu? That one scene, Aayee humming happily as she walked out of Jaanu baba’s room has my brain working over time. I want to know more about the mysterious stranger/family friend who avoids Silverwood people, but keeps running into Bibi. Also, looking forward to seeing how Jaanu baba deals with the women of his household. Have reading at Oxford and quoting the Bard made Jaanu baba less of a male chauvinist pig?

Normally, such a dark story would have me switching channels quicker than Zoyee and Jugnu could figure out what would come out of a hole in Mama-ji’s head, but Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmed are so good with their storytelling, that I end up eagerly looking forward to the next chapter in the Silverwood Saga. Mehak Khan, Nargis Rasheed, Sanam Saeed, Adnan Jaffar, Hina Bayat, Khalid Ahmed, and Shamim Hilali, all are exceptional here, but I must give special credit to Sabina and Sagar – they are brilliant! Naveed Malik’s superb camerawork is as much a character in the story as the rest of the Silverwood gang. The producers deserve special credit for the overall rich look and feel of the serial. Yes, this was another excellent episode from Team Talkhiyan!

Written by SZ~

Episode 4 on YouTube

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  1. Episode was good, review even better. I’d missed the part of mamaji’s dejection ( too many people in one room) so that was news to me. Loved SS’s look in the green sari amongst the backdrop of the hill. My mother commented that she is one of the few young actresses who carry her saris well.
    Looking forward to more!


  2. Appo – the most evilest woman in the history of pakistani television. She’s so beyond cruel, like please tell me why she laughs at every single persons misery, yet I think she’s the most miserable of them all.

    Talk about a gripping story, and Talkhiyan is it! Yes, okay the older Zoyee kind of narrates the events before they actually come and we know in present day there is only Appo and Aayi left but still the past has so much going on ke one does not even have time to blank.

    If evil Appo is not bad enough, there is the oh so conniving Jaanu baba who walks all over his mother to get what he wants. The torn woman, very much aware of what her son is doing will fail to confront him because her son has read at Oxford, is the smartest in the house and most of all is a man after all. and well in our society the men always get their way, even if that means walking on their entire family to reach the finish line.

    The strongest of them all has to be Bibi. The way she finally spoke up and put Appo in her place was beautiful. Appo thinks she can say whatever she wants about whoever she wants and its okay because no one will say anything to her, well thanks for giving her that very much needed wake up call, Bibi, you were great!

    I wonder who that jeep guy is, either an ex love interest or someone who is currently interested in Bibi but does no care much about the others of Silverwood. And another wonder moment was Aayi singing and dancing on her way out of Jaanu Baba’s room. Now that is FIshy!!

    The cliffhanger ending was awesome except agreeing with SZ the precap gave away too much, khair i still feel there is some mystery behind that death and really looking forward the next episode.

    Loved the way you penned down the entire episode with great detail, and i think the best part of this drama is how dark it is yet still so captivating, maybe bc this darkness is a lot more relatable then the kind we are used to seeing.

    If @Mehak Khan is reading this, can you please let me know if the parts you are narrating is still the same day where it all began?


    • Hi @ash!!! Hahahaha no I just like the red top so much, I wear it every day 😉 kidding!

      To answer your question, yes, thus far, it is still the same day as the day that I arrived. Don’t worry, the never ending day does change eventually, but for the next few episodes, I’m afraid, you’ll have to bear with this day hahaha

      The story in the present unfolds over a few days only which is why quite a few episodes go by in the same outfit. I think a major reason behind it was that the writer and director did not want the narrative to take away from the story by having too many changes. Also, I think seeing the narrator in the same clothes helps breed familiarity with the narrator without confusing the audience and makes it that much easier to move between the time lines.

      Well, at least, I hope! We wouldn’t like to think zoyee is the kind of girl who gets up and puts on the same clothes each and every morning, would we hahahahahaha


  3. Another great episode! That dialogue was the best one so far, Appo ji deserved it big time. Loving this mysterious unfolding of events…keeping me glued!
    Good job to the whole team, and SZ your reviews are fab as always!


  4. Wow Loved the 3rd episode and the 4th one kept the story moving right along. The characters are so well etched out and everyone is performing fantastically well. Today while watching ZGH when Hina came on, I kept thinking of “look at my pretty feet” and now “neele peele bachay” LOL Appo Ji is such an awesome character! Can’t blame Hina Bayat at all for asking Khalid Ahmed to do the role. I am glad we got Appo’s back story and a little bit on Janu Baba too. My guess is that the new guy was Bibi’s high school sweetheart. Thankfully the story is not as depressing as it started out even though it irks me when the poor kids say I am not going to turn into an MCP – ouch! wonder if they even know what an MCP is in real life.
    Your review for episode 4 is FABULOUS. As Afia said, even better than the episode 😉


  5. I am so loving this serial.. it keeps me literally glued for good 40 minutes and your review makes it even more interesting.. keep writing beautifully SZ 🙂

    I am so amazed to see such good pace in 4 episodes, not a single time i felt now this is getting repeatitive or i should forward this sequence.. every character is so strong in its own way… best scene was the one you mentioned ‘ i may be wrong but i am hypocrite’ Bibi rocked it… such wonderfully done scene and i loved how Appo’s fingers were shaking after hearing that..

    My heart goes for Mama ji.. poor lady knows all but still is under influenced of his Oxford return Jaanu Baba.. her expressions when she got to know photographer came,took pictures and went.. ahhh Shamim Hilali is excellent actor..

    Loved the Appo-Bibi talk on keep expectations from children.. that was one hard hitting fact..but the way Hina delivers her lines.. it made me fan of hers yet again 🙂

    Agha Ji suicides…but precap shows everything is so normal which is so interesting to look forward for sunday.. and can we have a glimpse of older Jugnu 😉


  6. Well i am just too late 🙂 but just watched the play i quiet love this serial and just do a brilliant job on the reviews love reading them . The art direction of the play is just amazing the way kids and Bibi were out on the picnic and the back ground scenery it all had a serene effect .The imagery really comes across the screen . Bibi’s character has so many shades she is very different with her kids but she is very good at giving back insults too. I really liked the way she stood up too Apo . So finally cat is out of the bag it Apo writes for some Father she has had been in love with for many years .The kids talk some heavy duty stuff for there age chauvinism,hypocrisy what ever i guess there little minds take the impressions from.The way Apo smile her evil smile after every brutal incident just shows how evil she gets inside out ,she simply enjoys other’s pains.Janu baba like you said “Jaanu baba was no different than his father’ talking the talk but not walking the walk. The characters have trues depth so many variations to them and every actor has been just putting there best work forward.


  7. Thanks for all the comments guy – great to know we’re all on the same page with this one 🙂 This has to be my most fave serial this season, and its fabulous to be able to enjoy this one and discuss it with a whole bunch of friends 🙂
    @Annie: So true abt watching Ghazala and thinking Appo – what a difference between the way these two women have been written… Ghazala is a cardboard cutout, whereas Appo is a larger than life colorful woman.. I wish some of our writers could pick up some tips from Bee Gul…
    @Mehak: So sorry to know Zoyee’s day will continue for a few eps more — bechari Zoyee! She must be exhausted by now! Nobody’s fed her khana as yet and neither has Ayee asked her for any chai … I hope she stops at a neighborhood dhaba and gets some chai biscuit at least…


    • LoL I think I saw her sitting down at possibly a coffee shop drinking chai. I guess no food in the house just achar bottles which are 14 years old 😉


    • @sz oh she had chai remember – when she talks about the “power struggle” between jaanu and agha ji hehehe

      Actually, another behind the scenes story. Beegul had actually written a “dhaba” scene where I’m supposed to have chai. However, due to certain conservative parties in that area, we had to change or do some things completely differently. Hence the “dhaba” scene, therefore, did not happen 🙂


      • @Mehak: LOL! Good to know the poor girl had chai, magar ab tak to bhook bhi lag gai hogi, nahin? 😉 haha good to know Bee Gul had already anticipated our questions and had a dhaba scene .. too bad you guys couldn’t shoot it :/
        Btw, when did you shoot this? it looks like such a beautiful time of the year to be there. Bhurban is now on must-visit list for my next trip home 🙂
        Its great to have you here with us – keep reading and commenting 🙂


  8. Lovely review and very well analyzed. Yes Bibi had the guts to follow her heart, whether right or wrong.. Am not able to catch up on Talkhiyaan/ Kissi ki Khatir on Zindagi, due to Ramzaan, but having watched it a few times know exactly where the story is at this point.

    BTW Zindagi’s episodes are longer than the original ones, so episode 4 on Zindagi would actually be episode 4/5 of the original one. Guess it will get over within 15-16 episodes. 🙂


  9. @Rehamt @SZ
    hi, yeah actualy i was confused ki why episode ended at agha jan’s suicide scene because it was in first part of today’s episode!
    Muje laga kuchh miss nahi kar diya na ya fir zindagi pe edit krke to nahi dikha rahe :p
    And episode i watched 4/5 -full bibi’s talkh !!
    Disappointing is she is bitter towards her kids as well !! She is so much in her own pain that she couldn’t see their state of mind & speak words which she should nt !!


  10. thank u@Rehmat @SZ
    hi, yeah i was actually confused on reading that episode ended at agha jan’s suicide scene which was shown in initial part of episode only !! Muje laga maine kuchh miss to nahi kar diya na !! ya fir zindagi edited episodes to nahi dikha rahi :p
    N episode-4/5 : full of bibi’s talkh n hypocrisy if rest n ofc cut zoyee jugnu !! Its disappointing ki bibi is being strict towards her kids with no reason(or reasons of manners???) n she is so much in her own pain that she couln’t understand zoyee n jugnu’s state of mind ! (sry bt that again reminds of kashaf who was claimed of being bitter bt she ws not with her closed ones)
    n entry of monty in bibi’s life n marriage proposal !!


    • @heli mehta: Hey!! Lovely to hear from you.. so glad that you are enjoying thus little gem of a serial ..

      You are right, it gets very confusing with the editing ‘n all to keep track of what happened in what episode .. also in the case of certain serials – Dastaan for instance – they cut out so much stuff that the essence of the story changes. I remember you had asked me to review Dastaan but given all these issues it was very difficult to review it and still have it make some sense ..

      Re: your comparison of Bibi with Kashaf, I think its a case of comparing apples and oranges .. Kashaf was bitter because of her family situation and her perceived insecurities .. Bibi is coming from a very different place. She was physically and verbally abused as a child, got married to an alcoholic abusive husband, lived a very hard life as a single mother trying hard to make ends meet financially, and all this with a completely un-supportive family around her so yeah there is a lot of reason for her to be bitter .. and in that I think I would’ve found her very unrealistic to have been all understanding and loving with her children,… Bibi is actually very unlike any of our other heroines on TV .. she’s flawed, bitter, angry, and makes mistakes …. but then as you get to know her better you realize this is her way of being strong for her children and though she may seem indifferent and uncaring she actually loves them a lot …

      Will be looking forward to reading your thoughts as the story unfolds further and we get more insights into the saga of the silverwood people .. ..


  11. @SZ – sorry, but after watching today’s epi i disagree ! Bibi disappoints me as mother ! I can understand that she’d been through painful childhood,terrible marriage n having unsupportive family with bad love luck- but even all these can’t justify her behavior towards her kids !
    She acts more like boarding teacher- in authorative tone – eat like this,walk like this,talk like this !!! errr….why bibi deal with kids like this is my questn also !
    Bibi should have thought twice before scolding zoya ! “now bibi loves me little less ” affected zoya so much ! n when zoya asked “thanks for everything but u love me little less na !!” was so sad !
    n what bibi replied- nothing !
    again when zoyee could see something wrong wid her brother; bibi was concerned about shoelaces only !!!
    (i know this is story only but zoya-jugnu scenes were so sad today that i cant help but hated bibi for that ! )
    well its my view !
    but let me tell u serial is becoming better (and more sad) as it is about to end !
    i guess jyada lamba ho gaya ! :-p


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